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Dr. Peter McCullough reveals the real plot to exterminate as much as a third of the world's population through the vax program

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Truth Network Radio
August 15, 2022 12:27 pm

Dr. Peter McCullough reveals the real plot to exterminate as much as a third of the world's population through the vax program

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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August 15, 2022 12:27 pm

Who is behind it and how they are getting away with Forcing Americans through collusion, by releasing the virus and then having a "cure". Targeting Doctors that speak out and ruining lives.

Chosen Generation
Pastor Greg Young
Chosen Generation
Pastor Greg Young
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I know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day. Generation radio. Our number three hour number three and we are so I'm just really thrilled to be able to bring you this program today. The gentleman you see on your screen is Dr. Peter: and he is one of the leading voices in identifying this plan endemic. We had Dr. Judy, Mike Stark brought an artist Dr. Brian Hooker on doctors by Ed Hyder had a number of individuals. Dr. Peter Breggin on the program talking about this Dr. Sherry tenpenny Dr. Peter McCall has been the warrior at the tip of the spear you saw him in the video that you just with Lee Dundas and Thomas Ranch is also been on the program.

Number times and he was in the hearing was Sen. Ron Johnson. I welcome you, Dr. Peter, thank you for saying that I well let's let's let's begin.

I guess at the beginning talk to us about one thing you and when they knew it know you mentioned one of the books was on. I was impressed with the cover-up will not change social media change Google delete twitter accounts plus you so it is so striking.

Any document it all referring to is Peter and Ginger writing is block which is a chronicle over 1100 citations back there is a timeline and timeline outlines 30 pandemic preparedness planning events, so there was clearly planning and actually many pandemics to help Florida byline and military has a group called Dharma. So in order to compare America from biologic attack. There would be with you and try to come up with a solution for anthrax in a hole right size one program starts to actually see how we papers that are in the timeline. It is very is well.

Chinese doctors believe that lady from America never held all brainpower came from America to papers one with nature. The other one is actually in the literature.

2013 is known about the title of the paper is the emergence of science to human populations.

So that's pretty much historical plan to help 19 human population I was interesting. Right after Katrina. I was that it was AF asked the when they first launched as the forensic training arm for the Department of Homeland Security and I was there to interview processes but there was a Dr. Brian Stover who was there and we were talking about point about the bird flu and about how birds flew the weapon eyes and use as a biological weapon and you know that the mass number of deaths that could result.

As a result of that happening and then I spent quite a bit.

I would dance with the epic times going through talking about one thing, the number of bodies that they burned in Wuhan. Having that is finally going literally 24 hours a day seven days a week burning bodies because of how many people they killed and they knew that they killed was an accident. Recent book out called the best-selling true crime can't legally uncover a really good relationship billionaires and things now who was the CEO by reviewing diagnostics company in France commissioned by Josh rock fell by when you build the next China best things out.

He switches companies from the conglomerate enjoins a one-person company in Cambridge, Massachusetts as the CEO companies are not in 2015. Things out just building the Chinese lab start working with on and vaccine and intellectual property for the vaccine is held how right you last was involved in a operation. They were involved in an operation on the surface it may be in operation, when we were working with and working with potential solution but is obviously worldwide reality is all about eyes and saw all these players come into clearer focus is called biopharmaceutical conference. So I guess part of the question then is this would seem to have some relationship to what a lot of us referred to as the deep state.

In essence the these are individually's or globalist right who are who are using these kinds of mechanisms because you can't control 7 billion people. So somehow you've got a window that population down premeditated murder is what it sounds like to me this layout please the stakeholders, bringing us to because it actually predators.

There is the world economic forum which is being concerned with the worldwide play center, currency valuation is preoccupied with the change in human form human populations. What people do this, also in Gates foundation. Remembering former head of Microsoft was forced out of business for four forms of monopolist. The types of infractions that is that monopolistic tenancy that megalomaniac personality as well from the software industry to industry and I John Lisa's public utterances so engaged in 2010 decade of 2012 that we should use vaccination as the music population that's going to foundation in 2017 announced a new scanner: preparedness novation is breaking places on business plan and put it up on their Internet there will pandemics and we will plan for them by working with government on and the answer we only had one intervention vaccination plans through the codevelopment of mass vaccination flow.

No complex world health organization multiple government normally involve foundation of Wellcome trust Jaffe health Alliance National Institutes of Health is the right altogether on this party and what's going on when they are clear of worldwide foreign country. Emergency with which Claire and emergency. That means no accounting oversight on the bus reconciliation right any phone.

These stakeholders literally raining money. This is what's going on crime occurring at the highest level with the highest dollar of valuation flowing to these perpetrators.

It is also Dr. Judy and I were talking about the connectivity between the takeover of the health care system as well, which was very in order to make this happening you can go back to the 1980s and those of us warned about what was going to happen when HMOs took over right because that would be the beginning of them beginning to dole out who got care what kind of care how it was done managing doctors no longer no longer with a medical decision, but it would be a bureaucrat or an administrative decision, and when you think about a guy like Gates or the billionaire that you're talking about.

That's what you're talking about your not talking about medical you're talking about financial decisions, you're talking about decisions that basically have to do with controlling population operationally partnered far more powerful construct signout psychological operation. Doctors not practices that can care less. I hope is powerful and responses to I think the power was in the psychological operation and while we saw is a psychological operation through the injection of fear were doctors here being solved from responsibility. Doctors were to listen, you don't have to treat just guidelines and L and doctors because they knew they protected themselves in the clinics.

If they did operation was amazing things will be the solution.

They are, no questions asked for safe and effective and you will and you will take my seat without question doctors mind and they rolled up please let me tell you what went doctors were in trouble. You know the historical examples are atrocious first grade cocaine early hundreds or early 1900s. The community was only hooked on cocaine market Saturday August the literature.

Jim was one paper after another doctors experimenting with cocaine, cocaine, Coca-Cola TNT, my and this went on for a couple doctors drink the Kool-Aid on cocaine and it was a disaster.

Doctors are drinking the Kool-Aid on is that something that happens in medical school is that where they get a hold of their minds is that where they get a hold of them in relation to be able to twist them is and is actually in the education process. Every senior chairman of medicine and United space with no notice. Josh and Scott Cohen for a lethal disease promoting protein 11. You can't make this up 96% of doctors that is what percentage doctors any critical thinking with but doesn't raining play all week. We have educationally.

We washed critical thinking out of our education for the past 50 years, slowly at first, but in massive doses over the last 3540 years. There is no such thing.

If you're under the age right now probably of about 50. Honestly, you don't you. You were never introduced to the idea educationally of critical thinking.

We got about a minute then we gotta go into a quick break and how you know people under 50, chairman of departments, doctors all all prior education, they fell on their knees and will talk about the reasons for that kind of elation when we get back and then we also still want to talk about the impact on children why that is so critical that we protect and defend our children and the targeting of the 4% to 4% of doctors that are actually out there standing up saying wait stop, don't do this and how they are being targeted and what can we do what can we the people to help them because that is going to be. That's the difference.

The difference maker is going to be.

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Now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace radio were no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical rest. As I told you guys this for the last 11 years that I've been doing this. One of my most humbling and favorite things is the absolutely remarkably incredible people that I get an opportunity to me and this gentleman that is on with me today. It is is is a testament to those and answer that and I appreciate you Dr. Peter so much for taking the time to be with us today.

I really do think alright so let's let's let's continue to dive into how to say you know I mean because we were. I mean, I grew up in the days when you thought that you know the doctors and lawyers and judges and all you know these are the highly educated guys and went to Poland and got the degrees and they're supposed to be the smartest guys on the planet. The guys are supposed to be the smartest guys on the planet to do the dumbest things in doctors actually know and understood that my list wasn't much of a people personally and seems careful review and evaluation. Turns out that the global had about 17,000 doctors find thinking that things weren't safe and effective, certainly not for children. Doctors would be 20,020 number is in the fall of 2020.

The great Barrington declaration was signed by written by J biochar is my media group with lots Martin: also in from Harvard and Oxford was signed worldwide by about 700,000 physicians and scientists and listen to contact our seniors in high risk nursing home you living to go about their business as usual. Great Britain was right. The global coming doctors were right with respect to lockdown measures and all the things that happened yesterday late.

Basically, the CDC said no listen you quarantine anymore five days. Use your judgment is not differential matter doesn't matter basically is just gone from 8:0 mentality to a coded mentality which was a great declaration of childhood vaccination no chance of snow insurance is a long-term safety Florida Surgeon General Charlie were not supporting this is not good enough lady entire country of Denmark says no don't make the kids so were starting to see some improvements come into the general human thought is this giant psychological operation cast worldwide begins to crumble, but we have a WHO and we have the Cara is our health services director, both of whom now want within about 45 days of each other have declared this with a national emergency.

Once, in spite of what you just said about the CDC and in their quote." Awakening, I just took to the realities of this again. I guess the question that has to be asked is how do we address that what what how do we, I mean things are obviously two diametrically opposed positions. It would surface while the fracturing of opinions notable to America's just mentioned was the World Health Organization declaration for new worldwide emergency Health and Human Services US national mercy declaration for monkeypox for monkeypox be the real challenge base will people worldwide in America fall monkeypox is north of pox viruses and smallpox, skin rash is a lot of thousand cases per year in animal handlers on Congo basin and was now got gay and bisexual communities spread like wildfire with a lot of intense sexual contact of partisan race by Thornhill in college going internal medicine monkeypox the current human human transmission. 98% gay or bisexual men having sex with men and & partners are 95% of its sexual transmission.

41% have HIV disease.

I can tell you this is not something that comes into the spirit of the general public with about 9000 cases in the most doctors in case we had wanted tell Mike that I wasn't a lot of doctors. This is a skin rash. This patient had HIV is easily treated with a drug called teapot, which is safe and effective oral and IV and first reaction our government did is I see this next phase is 7000 people is never okay is only analyzed for clinical outcomes in the portfolio studies clearly causes heart damage up to 80% of those who have HIV are those small prospects so people already chat with your records. I smallpox you know my I don't do any of these days I've got to vaccine injured children.

My oldest child of my youngest child, the elder after the eldest, we slowed all of that down.

We didn't give anything to any of our kids until they were at least three years of age and then unfortunately with my very youngest place one hand on the wall they were. They gave him a quick bath and not to shot in on me and and he went from being on on the scale he was 9 1/2 on that 10 scale.

When the big horse form right. The only reason were not making in 10 out of 10 is is that his skin color isn't perfect otherwise would be a 10 out of 10 suckled the whole bit. The shot happens and immediately now go to cambium bright lights that I mean it was it was horrific.

We prayed and prayed and prayed over him, and by the grace of God.

He's doing well, but he has cerebral palsy.

He has burgers all that is directly related to the shots and I stopped getting shots after I got out of the service I just was like okay I'm done. No more shots and was I travel internationally. I hear you could be about the same age. I turned 60 this year and when I tell you we were we got three shots three and then later on record. Some of you guys when I was in the Air Force.

But here's the point.

You and I know someone came in our house when I monkeypox being in such a small huge population already protected. The question is how will people chase. This debate is being drained from the monies going to.

In order to continue seeing my teapot find the drug is safe and effective, but I can tell you I think people had their fill of this one, and precious disease emergency after another you. I look out the windows and see an emergency hospital where we cry uncle is an emergency. I tell you that this is no more emergency for monkeypox Persepolis or gonorrhea. We got to the children I had and it was actually in that Dr. strange that I'm on with you. There was a father that called into a pharmacy about the seven-year-old boy and he was calling from New Zealand then and the recorded phone call and they basically said what we don't say anything. We don't we don't give informed consent because we don't want to scare the parents but these cases of myocarditis among children. Now you've got the calls that adult drum. Now there is obviously evidence is directly related to the vaccine issues where wears justice. You summarize the information correctly is no way for his own country, and no way I want to wires then sued you at all from Bangkok and then used for the art technology and they measured cartography in MRI when needed. They use the same tools that I use my practice just before and after the second dose of Pfizer in children 13 to 18. I was on the national morning on my first comment is hard to study why did the Mayo Clinic for over a year into this and others are major. This is the same study, the FDA asked why do in order to build a biological license agreement that this was done by the University wanted to find out 301 vaccine, 29% have cardiac symptoms, chest pain, type of cardio sure so broad they feel, say, and it turns out that 7/301, have evidence of myocarditis EKG color MRI of his two kids are hospitalized for 4 to 5 days. I'm telling you 703 01 that number is nominal, astronomical papers now on. Heart damage in children and I can tell you is, some of these reports. Also, Rachel June 11, 2020, the market and yet this stuff still there and are still putting it out and they're still shooting kids up with it and and actually it seems as though there there in a hyperdrive to give this to more children. I mean there there wanting to mandate certain states to children down as young as four years old children to make their own decisions without parental oversight is a child potentially fatal decision.

You know something's wrong when there is no focus on nursing home patients and seniors are hospitalized, not children.

There's been a hyperfocus over here on children RCC in 2022%, 90% where we are now we know some of their children are completely protected against any serious risks all in the future. So the next season. Children are nonmedically not clinically safe as we reviewed and cases. There's not a single randomized double-blind file that shows reductions in any child dossier for children five years, the vaccine percent of the vaccines is actually nothing vaccine is 50% protection for at least a year and the child violated ages 12 to 17.1 with five, three weeks later shot to five months later shot greater than every six months thereafter (you know that one time thing. I think this is an commitment to every six months and that was a quick break which my back what you talk about the 4% and the targeting of the doctors what what what is happening to the targeted doctors and how we can do it and then let's talk about.

Also what this is doing you talked about the RNA mRNA we haven't really gotten into that particular as we can talk a little bit about what it is doing to just check to literally the long term impact of of health challenges that people might be facing. As a result of the injections and what is going to change their bodies will be back right after this. You're listening to Jen generation radio my very special guest Dr. Peter McCullough, my father fought.

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Today I am for marriage between a man and a woman for life from conception following the Bible. What I believe that our founders started this nation time in support of our military and believe that America should play a role in security. I believe our Constitution was intended for moral people of the Bible contains the only true moral. I believe we are all sinners and that God's grace and mercy that his son Jesus Christ died for our sins. We will concern us our sins is just and righteous and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. I believe salvation is not just accomplished a little prayer that is found in how transformation is lived out.

Jesus is the Lord of our lives and we should follow the precepts of legalism works, but a life lived out in love and honor the one who died from no faith at all.

I believe that we all you need to have God will bring us into perfect action man in progress. I believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame of the fall, but we repent and get up and move closer to Jesus. I believe that if our nation will in turn from wickedness with God will heal our land.

I believe that as a Christian I must occupy till he comes to call people with it and some warned about the part of the mandated love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront the front with the truth and hope to return because their life matters, even if it means in that moment possibly hastening it means that I must risk scorn to stand for truth and that I can finally live quality will attempt to conquer the world. God is my everything and Jesus is the love of my life is not making weak, strong and not courageous. Therefore, if you're my friend may not fully agree know that I share what I share because I care we just agree with these beliefs. They are not available for me. You can choose unfriendly things are put in love. I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to celebration and God, not just decide what is true life the way you love offering life in your computer, visit to support a chosen generation, and the contact donations now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace generation radio is off limits and everything filtered through the glass as my very special guest Dr. Peter McCullough. You can find him at Peter: Peter: M. is watching. As you can see it right there on the screen, Peter McCullough, so as you were talking about this.

I think that the next natural transition is talk about these 4%.

The doctors that are out there that are there sanding out you never talking of the break about you know yourself and a few others that are appearing on on programs I've had several that have appeared here on my program as well. Obviously not in mass numbers but let's talk about the 4%. What makes you guys different number one and then number two how do we support you and and what what targeting pressures that your percent of the climate is not well-characterized of 500 doctors who are actually screaming, 19 patients: space and they are they tend to be middle-aged or older young doctors tend to be an independent practice graduated from top schools at the top of the class I think is very many are actually members of Alpha Omega Alpha, AOA, is that it represents the top percent of medical schools in the top 7% of so myself. So many of us are actually AOA members. Dr. to help us figure this out and interest. These doctors go on, they actually build was always a duty to treat high school, Health and Human Services, on this June 27, 2020 03 from potentially fatal doctors and triggers a duty to me for care is initially a new problem. The very first doctor who tries to patient care and also there sat care coming from government agencies.

God doesn't come in the community care is not policed or managed by the doctors community care emergencies authorized God of available drugs, innovation found is working with one another. Being in my knee. Certified boards for so I may 26 myself and virtually every other hero Dr. United States. We seemed a letter from the board that we are now under professional you my letter. I'll tell you that they pointed out statements that I under owe 2021 called under oath is not to help you got your ability on the notice that if one now as a doctor or nurse and engineer of pastoring when you give your best effort under owe now in this world that subject you to professional injury and that's really easy for actually telling Ruth would be something that could actually get you in trouble with a board whose responsibility is the best practices for the best health of the public in date there. If anybody is following the Hippocratic oath. You would think it would be the board certifies the doctors to provide you with the necessary care to keep you well in the charter cardiology. I passed every test spiraling track record published first in the minefield of the world is my my papers is not important preparation material. I can tell you that in their charter statement doctors fingers the patient's first.

That's exactly what we've done, and in fact now Johnson responded to call them out.

Let's discuss this and come out. The center pothole in Texas listed home and no person has licensed over the back.

I said listen and there is no information, or simply scientific data.

Others who are more interpretation is what helps so patient does not exist are actually hunting trying to prosecute doesn't even exist.

There is no misinformation. They don't have agency or licensure over the but they don't want apparently to be spoken out there.

If the truth contradicts what appears to be. As we began this entire process today talking with you a manufactured agenda that he does have a plan that was in place years before. This actually happened perhaps being released in smaller but nonetheless it was a plan in place for this very large operation clearly was no weather was just planning them by accident.

It makes the lab there's some other lease this thing into motion. Nobody knows, but it is clear, it was great planning brain was right preplanning events 25 that generated documents that were filled clearance in the open one expected and I one myself, and I was and I was cut by supplies but I can tell you this point in time.

I've done my best to take care of each and every patient testifying under oath and only stations I always go I had everything away from me in my career that I burn we know to process no courtesy phone call no faculty Senate never been described by anybody.

Come by certified letter or by anonymous Internet attacks and was going on right now. Everyone should be concerned with my help one person. It was worth it. Bearing tens of millions of hospitalizations and you're talking about what you put in place as preventative to help people dealing with covert or to get through it if they ended up catching the disease and what you're saying is that all of your efforts. Based on all of your years of expertise and everything that you know has been hacked and assaulted and and basically they have attempted to call you some kind of a quack doctor now because you don't swallow their rules of the road and I went to one of the most celebrated physicians of all time in 2018. Now you know some anonymous twitter calling me trace a lot of fact checkers.

Most of them traced back to the Poynter Institute, which is directly more information to this office right final question. I know we need to get to the point of wrapping up here talk about these protocols because I think it's a good idea because they're still there are people who are dealing with this and obviously want to give people in on means by which to stay healthy. So talk to me about what your counsel would be for people right now. Relative to the season that wherein the most important prevention virus title nasal washes and goggles. I was on commercial products like dockside clear colloidal so they all work that is general prevention of chronic renal nasal wash. I just had somebody with red-hot coded actually red-hot coded in my house and I just watched his goggles during that time. Nothing happened. I'm perfectly fine. I can tell you that that's the most important were no longer using the nasal treatments treatment got my website: copyright sequence multi-drug approach, including the loss is six times a day for two other drugs is a range of never use a single drug alone used drugs in combination, not a policy is somewhat a moment to remember only utilize in the unvaccinated young people was never tested and old people like Mr. Pres., 5000 example of failure probably would never use according. You can find that Peter Macola Dr. Peter, thank you so much for being with that.

I greatly appreciated. God bless you will continue to keep you listed up in prayer and keep fighting his wife, and I look forward to have you back on the program. Absolutely artichokes were out of time for today will be back with you tomorrow in Washington generation radio host Pastor Greg at the end of the day, when I stand before my God do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for Rudy to fight the good fight the good news to give people a check that you shine your light to be of the truth of the darkness] here with a demand to change my message. Did you call evil good and good evil, did you forsake my love for that of another one with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you filed your cells and compromise and tolerance of that which I called abomination blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones converted in their way by evil men in their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day.

I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world evil was evil and only God is good at. Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up.

And in spite of the hate I will love and truth. God bless you all and they love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest and you'll bless you in the

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