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George Carneal Jr. discusses the perversion of the LGBTQ lifestyle / Dr. Christian Widener defending the inerrancy of scripture

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Truth Network Radio
August 1, 2022 1:02 pm

George Carneal Jr. discusses the perversion of the LGBTQ lifestyle / Dr. Christian Widener defending the inerrancy of scripture

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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August 1, 2022 1:02 pm

George Carneal Jr. author From Queer to Christ discusses the perversion of the lifestyle. Many partners and high rate of suicide can no longer be blamed on haters or society since so much of what is seen gives "acceptance" to the behavior. The church must tell the truth that Jesus Christ saves, and LGBTQ is a lie.

Dr. Christian Widener Witnessing the End and The Temple Revealed defending the inerrancy of scripture and the KJV Only by identifying the perversions in the other versions.

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Chosen generation knows you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood holy nation. People choose for the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his life and time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy chosen generation topic is off-limits.

Your house Pastor Greg generation radio were no topic is not limited everything is filtered through biblical glasses and very pleased to welcome my next guest to the program. He is the author of from quirky Christ and he is a very dear brother in Christ. Very good friend and I'm so pleased to have them. I want to welcome George corneal Junior program George welcome good daddy would be in our number 23 hour hourly on our number three. My goodness could be on absolutely, absolutely. There's a lot going on.

I didn't II have gone to bed about biblical and Alan seen this morning that my first hour, talked about Wescott IIII think you and I talked a little bit about that before, but it has to do with the argument about the King James only which I did not. I didn't used to be like in KJV only kind of a guy, but I am and have been for number of years now and and for some very specific reasons, one of which has to do with this issue of homosexuality because the moving away from that and accepting which the rest of these are built on Wescott. Are you familiar with any of that stuff. I'm little but I know that a lot of the translations are watering down the gospel and moving Scripture and like you I now King James version only Wescott but I will tell you." I remember correctly years ago when I was still in Los Angeles. I did some research and and IV I and is published by Collins and HarperCollins happens to also publish the Satanic Bible, in Cape Horn, so I really got a problem.

Why would you just stick with you James because I know there are other versions where you moving hundreds of Scripture and watering it down and twisting it so well.

Remember the Matthew binds Bible became right okay which I mean, which completely and totally decided to change the translation to basically justify you know the idea. Well, you know, God made men and women and and I mean you know I have some Baptist scholars on a number of years back and of course now the Southern Baptist convention has just come loaded but they wouldn't go there with me and in the same, but I said to them, because we were talking about how Matthew Lyons opens up Genesis in his Bible and he essentially rewords it to say that God was considering all manner of creatures to be Adam's main including animals while including PCI and I said off air and I said look, if you go where this is headed. And they said no we can't. We we we can't have that kind of conversation. And I'm thinking, of course, will wait a minute, why wouldn't you point that out as as as a furtherance to why the Matthew binds version is so bad and well you will now I understand why because there was Albert Mohler spinning at the top of that, and behind closed doors were, you know where Jim were where project Veritas hadn't quite gotten yet been gone about about the compromising word of God and that that becomes the issue, and here's the thing, and I'm sorry I'm rambling a little bit but I got a little extra time if I if I over ramble and you're able to stay will all give you all give you extra time to talk. But here's the thing were not sitting here this morning saying only wanted to beat people up over sin that's not the message we want to call out those that are callings in good because sin kills. Sin is death.

The homosexual lifestyle will ultimately lead you to absolute misery. I don't care what they tell you out in public behind closed doors in their own personal client suicide rates amongst homosexuals is enormous. And here's the thing to understand they can no longer cloak it and hide it by saying well it's because were being persecuted by whoever 65% of the church says homosexuality is normal. Come on in. God loves you and your sodomite behavior. Okay, so that's that's no longer an issue right if every television program has a sodomite or lesbian every movie has a sodomite or lesbian every commercial for God sakes almost has somebody doing something of a sexual perversion. There are hero characters. Now in children's books that are either lesbian or sodomite. Okay, so you can't say it has been as normalized as it can be and they're pushing it on children at the age of four years old to suggest that Jimmy and Johnny audit to one another so they can figure out if they like what it feels like, so it's not in business suits, notes field is just that there's side rates are because the mean people like comedian George litter saying that it then we are absolutely mind minority when it comes to who's talking on the on the on the real big public stage I of the committee. Suicide George if if if if if everybody if the media's excepting on if you've got Don lemon right is Don lemon come out for dawn limit is out there as an author Rachel and I mean I mean come on, seriously. Give me a break there. They're all out there and they're all talking about it and they're all saying it's normal and they're all saying they're happy and and and what was his name, Michael.

Whatever the guy that went on to the viewing talk about you know they said well how do you handle you know if you guys are having an affair while on one end and he's on the other boys I got you not talking about that I duplicate my goal. I want to say Michael I don't know I don't want to say the wrong name but anyway the point of it is is that this stuff and then that my wife sent me something a video of a homosexual man, saying he was quick to stomach because he felt that homosexuals were being misrepresented in their own pride parades in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas where they were on clothes, naked, having sex, which is exactly the way. By the way, which is exactly what I told you folks would be happening.

I told you that was what they were going to do. I told you that's what they do. I told you that that is the behavior I told you that stone wall from somata Stonewall which is a video that is upon my lumbar page is the truth about what actually happened at Stonewall and not the wise, they want you to believe it is a lot of complacent and LGBT community and coming-out of the community and media and you know what you say Greg has a lot of common sense and facts behind it, they will still never admitted there.

Sadness and sorrow has nothing to do with questions. It really is because they're doing something that God's word games, wickedness, and an abomination and they basically are not going to be happy until everyone to shut up and accepted and even in the still not going to be happy because the day they have nothing but sex and anyone who has been sexually active.It feels good in the moment, but after it's done and over with.

What I do now, so you become addicted to the section is to have multiple and hundreds of partners given within the alternating community, especially with Damien. I myself am guilty of that and I'm not proud of hundreds of men as well. There is a drive or need that addiction is a yes that was the point is not being men especially understand that to keep going through this cycle. At what point are you going to say this is not working to sex is not how much partying drug pornography can you do right time to wake up and realize they're getting old partner but is going to want you what is it that you are looking for in that life does nothing and you're not going to ever have any peace and joy apart from having a relationship with Christ. God loves you where condemning the behavioral conditioning including heterosexuals that will and I love the individuals and what were saying is this is the frustration to me the ultimate frustration. George is is that were not telling people that Jesus Christ actually is the answer to freedom from that right okay that's it I'm good. Okay I don't care if you want to argue while he was born that way. What I don't. There is no evidence of the oven of engaging, there is no evidence of. But that all that aside, born with a sin nature, and a skin problem that came into the life and existence of mankind through the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden. Understory were all born with it almost bend and fall short of the glory of God is not about comparing our sins is not about holding up a card and saying well I got the gold sin card which will which car did you get it doesn't matter here is the real deal man. The platinum card is the one that Jesus laid down this because I paid for all of it.

That's the card that matters.

So I you know you all well you know if you're all uppity about that the wires you all uppity about women wearing pants.

Give me a break. That's not even the argument that's not even the conversation. The conversation is this sinful behavior and Christ carrying you can flee from it. She just loved and whether or not I'm not not loving. I'm not not loving were in her file is regarded as first break I'm not not loving what I'm saying is real love is to say where you're headed. Your will be miserable. 7 to 10 years out. These people that are cutting body parts, often changing and so forth. The studies are now showing 7 to 10 years out the suicide rates are between 30 and 40% that my God we need to address that by giving them some kind of hope I hold that far George back right after this camshaft by natural health practitioner. I was indicative product. I think everyone called natural sleep available to your well… I think I filtered out over 40 years.

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It's kind of a big deal but it was a young lady who had grown up very conservative and basically she writes in her song about how when she was younger she would have condemned the girl that she is now because of her life choices now which basically are. She's come out as bisexual and an end to the point of what we were what we are talking about.

George is is you know that again were were not hating on someone, but as as you and I discussed going into the great, the ability to be able to have these candid conversations and address this and and have it not turn into well you know I don't think Jesus ever said as if Jesus ever talked about sin and Jesus never talked about this issue with Jesus being God in the flesh, he as God discussed in the Old Testament. Why does he need to rehash it again in the New Testament, specifically speak about pornography or spousal. But does that mean it's okay they will try to twisted Scriptures and theology out of it. Anything to justify this plan. I just don't understand Christians who support the agenda because really, and with regard to the transgender issue God make mistakes when you are forming this as they know God did make a mistake and we are going to corrected God's character on his name is holiness and he's perfect for the greatness of God.

They just absolutely do not stop to think about what Judgment Day is going to be like.

I don't understand Christians somebody supports the Democratic Party and their policies done out of ignorance. That's one thing go to God and ask for forgiveness.

But if you here. Our words continue to support a party that is damaging the lives of so many children going to answer to God for understand God has the final say he is the final authority and so on. So have at it. But I'm telling people to please wake up and realize their damaging lives of the children lived in lifestyle 25 years. I know the pitfalls of that life.

People are being told publicly is all a lie and I have seen the casualties of life. It's just time for people to wake up and stop this and start standing up against this agenda of the individuals but hate the agenda well and and and I I hear this guy.

I actually wrote something to that effect on on my page over the weekend. I love the lost. I love those that are living in sin, but I hate the consequences of their choices and I hate their sin and wires that assure them. Their sin is going to lead to anything but misery and death.

I hate Satan were the perfect hatred I hate his deception and lies and agendas. I hate those that have chosen to be reprobate in their minds they are wills and they are not the lost are merely the center. They are the ones committed to their God, and in full hatred toward the one true God. Romans one describes the well but John who was described as the disciple Jesus loved, and was most close to Jesus's very best friend said that my little children, these things I write in you that you send not and if any man. Then we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ the righteous, and he is the propitiation for our sins, and not ours only but also for the sins of the whole world, and hereby we do know that we know him. If we keep his commandments. II don't know how to work clear.

It could be written and or described God's love and he loves us and that never changes but you don't get a pass to salvation because because of his love you.

He loves us and so he sent his son Christ died for us so that the old nature which is leading ultimately to disruption can be destroyed and we can be given a new nature through Christ's death, shedding the blood which washes away doesn't cover but washes away our sin and leads us to righteousness, and they conveniently leave out God's love but God is also God of wrath and judgment all throughout God's word conveniently that I was well we decide to read God's word and whatever God is going to be the final authority in the world is saying one thing goes against what God's word says it was absolutely know that God is the final authority to simply report they were they would really understand that they are being lied to. Ex-wife took me so long to get out of that life because I was being said so many lies from the liberal theologians and American vines and all those other individuals. It really just ticks me off.

It wasn't until Ashley sat down and read the word.

I realize they have been lying to us is why we are so miserable because of trying to hold that thought right there. If you would think you can stay with me were going to come back.

I really want you to talk about that, about what helped you to make that change is that people need to understand that you live this lifestyle for 25 years. Okay this is you were in that lifestyle and we've asked that right after this I find out if you're over 40 years and reached the product to change my life by Bill good nutritional program before discovered by I was taken to traditional by the middle tablet was really feeling any different.

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Visit to support a chosen generation and make a tax deductible donation. Now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace program. Good to have you with me and Dr. Christian Weiner is going to join us. George will be back with us on Thursday and will will really get you all have solid really get into what we were talking about in our segment with regards to what it was that helped him to come out of that homosexual lifestyle are there you go hang out with you on the phone will make will make a connection.

Okay, so why Dr. Christian Weiner is joining us here. This second is audio is loading and there was no excellent and Sir Howdy, this may be the first time that we seen each other face-to-face. They've resumed you yeah will good to have you with me while I was talking and the last thing that I'm still glad you're able to jump on those ugly George cardio about the whole LGBT Q issue and a big part of the argument that I yet from that community is and from others that are advocates is well okay but you know what Paul was a homophobe.

The Bible is not errant, there's no such thing as absolute truth, and so on and so on and so on and so and so, as I was getting ready for the program this morning getting ready that you know how some conversation about that particular issue because all the more after the break, but let's let's limit when we get into this conversation that I wanted you either talk about that is the evidence is one of the things I did talk about why discrepancy with I, I, for I am a KJV time a guy I didn't usually when I am Texas receptors is: because I've done a lot of studying into Wescott Ward and the perversion of what that did and the Vatican.

This, and so on and so forth and and held that has opened again opened up the door for them to suggest well there's different translations different this different that so there can be different interpretations and I guess the question is, is archaeologically by studying the Dead Sea Scrolls by all the studying that you done is there evidence sufficient to prove that the Bible that there is a 1/2 of translation for Scripture, and that the Bible is true reliant in errant that we can count on Scripture. No officer I think there's the bottles on the most studied books of the world ever is most capable and so I think nothing is been prodded and poked more than Bible and tested and there. More people have wondered over certain aspects of the Bible. The argument has ingrained you know that maybe there wasn't really a pilot but every time people try to hold that stance sooner or later evidence to know got evidence for that. But every brought up the time eventually falls and and always argument against violence, things just haven't found yet, but no one wants to know around say okay so what's your standard of truth and would you hold up then is reliable and there's nothing close when you talk about the Bible take Woodbine Revelation, we are left with only man's opinion of some smart guy arguing it's not a smart guy and you know truth and that's true except man right within this world subjectively believed him because everything but the Scriptures something outside of them something completely objective and reliable every time you know everything. I looked into personally.

There's an answer, you trusted me believe God and believe God), we have the chance to know him. We have a chance to come is a relationship with them, but because of man's mercy right whatever we can figure out when we talk about, for example, you done a lot of archaeological type research and and and looked into, you know, I mean you your most recent blog, you know, deals with the the end times issues and where we are now timeline and and and and kind of working to explain what many refer to as Daniels last week and and then you've also done the research as it relates to the temple and identifying actually where the temple would be built and that the mosque that is sitting up there right now doesn't interfere with the actual positioning of the actual temple in the areas open really needs to be re-built and it is not a block like people's thoughts and a lot and so as you look at those parchments come into play. The New Testament has I believe something along the lines of light 20,000 confirmed parchments compared to, for example, usually adds homeowner that has a length 130 someone parchments. I mean, as you said, there's no book to spend more studied or criticized and therefore had a greater need to be validated that the Bible, the Old Testament seems to be more well-established because Jewish history is pretty rocksolid in the scrolls. No, even before BC 100 BC 200 BC type timeframe of the and now some say, for example, with regards to the age of documents. Some attempt to point to some of the Wescott work version and say well the Alexandrian version is older than Texas receptors, so it ought to be the one that we got a look at. But then, what we look at is as we look at accuracy and text. This is a 90 some odd percent, netting 99 9899% accurate in all of its parchments versus the Alexandrian that tends to be maybe 50%.

It's kind of a 50-50 shot one parchment to another money right and in some of those things are well. We have to look at in that time. That's also where a lot of Christian heretics were coming from and so while it's older, there is this dubious tradition. We have a state that is to be handed down from one to the next thing the disciples all the way to today's. But along the way man also invents his all his own ideas and so those has to be purified and compared back to the Scriptures themselves. That's how we judge them and we know that there are a lot of bad ideas that were starting to get there is a question about the reliability and Paul actually addresses that issue. In acts chapter 20 when he says I'm now going to Jerusalem, I won't be back. I warned you for three years but there's going to be perversion take place and that there are not only are these perversions going to come from outside, but there are even those with in right now that are trying to create a perverted idea or a different gospel. Paul warns again in second Corinthians chapter 11. Bear with me in a little folly of this.

I know that you will there are those that are going to give me will gospel that I didn't give you the only accepted.

Don't believe it. I wouldn't take a very quick break we come back. Dr. Weiner end times is the website and times

We badly Dr. Christian right after this brief break.

My passion is father fought for our country.

We are no longer fighting with God. We are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country because I am wanting John.

You bless you for having you in a big thing to ask him what product I think everyone got a call back to sleep well… I didn't think like over 40 years. One common problem and out, people can't sleep. Maybe too much stress.

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I wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation and God, not man side, what is truth life and the way I love offering life in your computer, visit to support a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation.

Now back to a chosen generation with pastor Grace generation radio were no topic is off-limits and everything filtered by very special guest Dr. Christian Weider is. So let's talk about this if you of the eight you know that the age of translation and and and the significance of that there were some things you were pointing out that you wanted to make sure that we brought in the segment.

Let me let you go ahead and take them right in and talk about those things to talk about the accuracy and reliability is two things.

One of these ancient texts preserving the Greek and in our questions over and copied if something was damaged, you know also that damage is often the case, sometimes you got through, but we have so many copies that were able to really go back and understand what the second problem is questioning whether we really know what was actually met at the time that they were written in the beautiful thing with having so many texts and also so many translations of those texts over the last 2000 years as we have this record of translations and always different. Epoque back and you can really prove that you know that word in Hebrew or Greek, means something always understood over the last 2000 years and always. And that's basically what it meant to reliability making up its now one of the issues and so some of the posts. This was God more article years you will be able to see little bit later on today but one of the issues relative to that was is you have these guys that actually decided to create their own Greek lexicon and then assign definitions to these Greek words based on their understanding of what I do know whatever wherever they pulled their information from the sink and it reminds me a lot of Wikipedia just came out and basically said that the dictionary is not reliable and the dictionary is only going to tell you a definition predicated on what the writer or the creator of that particular dictionary believes but it's actually still up for debate. Words are not words certainly have some you know that connotation and actually names right on stations how people feel about it.

And so we have that time that words have slightly and how their meaning rather use, but they follow those most in those centuries were words are used the words are used commonly in other language and understand the Greek is because we don't have the Greek Scriptures when you greet the day. In ancient times to read and study so you can see across a people group how to use language and the references are not. These are not subjective things are objective and that there is evidence for someone my take on and they want to stop and that they can make anybody of the Scriptures to believe whatever they want, which is also when we talk about historical accuracy.

You look at your goal accuracy of Scripture.

But then we look at the writings of someone like Josephus right and some of the other writers of that. That wrote about those events that are that are documented in Scripture, and what we discovered is there historical writings are are in perfect alignment or at least give the same kind of narrative if you will, as was written in the Bible is sort of retelling the story's description his own words and mixing but absolutely as follows. Clearly he believes the account and is on but in his own unique words like like Christian fiction of Christ and then the story of the resurrection of Christ. Josephus writes about both of those issues and so there's on the subject. Christ, there's also this non-scriptural was indeed a real person you died and we had the observational evidence that means carpenter from a small tiny town in 2000 is transformed the world and nobody thinks that that's not ordinary course like if God walked among men, and you know no matter where it was transformed the world and that's exactly what somebody you know nobody there are no other Nazarenes writing transformed the world just to transform the world from wherever he came, but God chose to go up and the guy for the sins of the world and so going back to again, moving up in the archaeological things and so forth of the inerrancy and the accuracy of Scripture you continue to study more and more of of those things and and you really kind of made that your life work.

At this point. As you look at those things. Dr. Christian, what would you say to someone that is unknown pondering that issue challenged with that issue or being challenged with that issue. Water works that you would share with them to help study their resolve all want one thing to start with is you know we have the same unit scholars are all geniuses and when we take you know will be scholarly opinion against the Bible and will try to weigh those two things and a lot of people's minds, scholarly opinion wins over the revelation of God which means that were calling God a liar calling man.

You know that it is telling the truth and you know and we got the wire and God will be shown to be true. And so there's this. There is a faith God for Abraham believed God and his righteousness, and there is a certain piece because no matter what like to put your faith in the scholar faith in God is not understand all the arguments of and understand everything that's revealed in Scripture. In our little mysteries are things that are revealed over time.

There are things that are too deep and personal sense.

It doesn't what you do with those gaps. And if we don't have is not a statement. We believe that God is and that he's inspired God. Useful for teaching and instruction and training in righteousness. Without that foundation have nothing to stand on and we were left with just opinion is going to tell often on any subject, opinion changes, like eggs don't need that no red meat is constant barrage of changing science is changed is the new thing that people are saying what comes out from his daily basis. So I would say that the Bible has been tested over all these years and every time it comes out. The evidence is found, how much more evidence we need an answer today is the most recent. That was my program through four weeks ago but they've actually discovered what they call a God being in other words, it is a gene of life and and and it is actually what brings a human being to life and and no matter how hard they tried in laboratories they can't duplicate that particular dodging and without that guy Jane life doesn't happen and it's just and it was in this part of the discovery that that you know leads to the understanding of the uniqueness of when life comes to be in the womb because that not being appears and and it happens you know pretty much you know right right after conception. All the sudden, here comes this gene that appears, and now you have life, and it's just it's just incredible things are jumping on today. I greatly saddened that you know I want to encourage.

I your books in the other room. Julieta doing the name of the name of the witnessing the end Daniel's 77th in the final decree everyone yet.

It's amazing things that happened to point to the fact that these are truly prophetic times and I hope it helps get ready for the return of the Lord, and you can find it in time as and then the book you wrote right before that is something revealed. I have a copy of that but it's it's about the locations used Temple hidden in plain sight and how providentially the open area on the top of Mount B has been left available for building and sort of you from the inside, but I think soon will be recognized when you take that into account with what with your most recent book, talking about, you know, again revealing that that that that final Daniel's weekend just the evidences that exist that would lead one to believe that man oh man, folks, you better you better make sure as I used to say to my congregation in California. You better get your ticket punched okay it's it's time to get your ticket punched all right and get extra oil that brother. I don't go to Christian I got a jump off, God bless you and your NCC Sunder Whitten, and that Texas fully loaded is coming up in about 58 minutes and I know a lot of you have been enjoying her program were so excited for that. Were excited to have her witness at all so excited as well to welcome another brand-new program and we are excited to welcome Serena Smith is coming to CEC MTV as well. Very soon, so we encourage you new familiar with that as well and Suzanne Malik has Constitution course that you can take as well.

It's six one-hour online classes again.

You can find all about it.

CEC continue to watch player and we encourage you to stay tune for more, not only back. Remember at the end of the day. God has given us a specific plan and purpose for our lives, and at the end of the day he's going to ask you what did you do with what I called you to do at the end of the day when I said before, my God do not want to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for D did you fight the good fight, share the good news. Give people a check. How did you start your light and beauty to the truth of the darkness] here with a demanding change my message to call evil good and good evil, did you forsake my love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you filed yourselves and compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination having innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones perverted in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know.

At the end of the day.

I want him to simply say the evidences in well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love this creation and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good at. Jesus came to save the world but no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up. And in spite of the hate I will love and truth. God bless you all and they love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest

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