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LEAH CALL TO TAKE ACTION Gloria Puldu Dede Laugesen Pastor Greg Young CGR

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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June 15, 2022 12:41 pm

LEAH CALL TO TAKE ACTION Gloria Puldu Dede Laugesen Pastor Greg Young CGR

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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June 15, 2022 12:41 pm

Gloria Puldu, President of the Leah Foundation is joined by Dede Laugesen Executive Director od with Host Pastor Greg to discuss the Leah Foundation which was founded to bring attention and seek the release and return of Leah Sharibu who was kidnapped by Boko Haram at age 14 on May 14, 2018 and is still in captivity. She has been repeatedly raped, has been confirmed that in just four years she has had two children, is denied her freedom because she will not renounce her Christian faith and become a Muslim. Islamic doctrine condones and encourages the enslaving of minor girls and the rape, enslavement and torture to force conversion. Leah however is only one of literally thousands of girls in this situation and people like Mehmet Oz and others refuse to even acknowledge their existence or the Islamic problem. They label those who do as Islamophobic. Please call 202 224 3121 and ask your Senator to put pressure on this Administration and its UN Member to speak out about these atrocities and to condemn them. Politely demand that they take action and take a hard look at those in leadership who allow this behavior. Sanctions, political pressure and efforts to provide a path to freedom for these girls.


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She was taken by ROM in 2018 and February 2018 on the over 100 other girls from her school and that about a month later out the rest of the girls were released, but the terrorists Leah because she refused to renounce her faith in Jesus. And so it is with my great honor to introduce to you Gloria will do see advocates not only for Lance.

Sorry for but for the thousands of other girls and women who are held captive in Nigeria today. Can I just had to add to that please folks understand there are thousands of young ladies that this is this is not a Leah has become kind of the face of this, sadly the face of this, and I love by the way, I've been to Lego several times I was a guest of Bishop of Congo and the redeemed evangelical mission.

I've been to their world conference several times ministered in the Republic of Benin. I love the Nigerian people. I did my DNA test and I found out that I'm 3% Nigerian is that not crazy right I'm telling you.

So anyway I am so touched that you are here, and I'm going to stop talking now but I just want people to understand this is not a single person issue.

This is a major issue. You should've heard me going off last half hour. Actually the last hour about Mamet's and his denial that this is even happening that this is even taking place. I said, as a father if he did that in my face I would beat him until they pulled me off and as a father who has taken on a truck at 55 miles an hour to say my daughter's life. I'm not just filling the sound with hot air. I would seriously okay I'm good.

Go ahead, live, please, please, Gloria, share with us what is happening and what people need to know about what's Taking Pl. in Nigeria alternative. You are not were not getting your volume un-barrier Mike and turn up your volume because I want to hear every single word yeah but it's very distance about little better about not little better that's better that's better.

Yes, good. That's great thank you very much. Add banquettes to it. I just want to support you unless you have been clean, bustling celiac suspicion. Some of the situation.

Process as I speak to be. I sent out this matter has been to just Junior should stop Russian having sentences because repeat what I want you to repeat it because this this has to be driven up. They have been threatened that that they should do what should check.

She's rushing because I'm going to stop such simple church and state specific sermon women and children soon and certainly have simply strike this morning I woke strictness to speak to progress justly as actions to set tires is in the house. I cease and describe some system tables that assesses show displays open systems still send space to listen specific location start sent something so this is the situation weakness tell us to. Yes, no, I would like you I had a dear friend. His name was Lavinia's a Numa pastor, Lavinia, Sonoma, and he had and this was in the early 2000's. He had had for churches for churches that had been burned for churches that had been burn horrific, and I like that so it's a couple of years ago was over 900 churches had been burned to the ground in Nigeria on Pentecost Sunday, June 5 and 38 people were killed and a low Nigeria as as Gloria has said and then just this week, some 50 people were kidnapped up in staccato and another 30 were killed in a testate slider continues their Christian Christian farmers off of their lands and taking over the village is setting up a famine in Nigeria. The situation is getting worse and worse by the year so that at Leah, as you said is the face of those girls and women who have been taken up into sex slavery. Nigeria and Gloria tell us about layer on mission was sent to school. Second, this house and she was conducted on the inside to satisfy the sound. This contract is that the student does not wish this testimony means of assistance sent to us as soon as such. So she left Sjostrom's heist so that she said she was sure things will.

I'm trying to tell us just recite this justice Baxter St. this is been a good student.

It's essential. She's the face just kills which is just sort of choose to take a quick break.

Folks, this is just absolutely such a a critical story and and we've got to get this message out, so anyone that is watching us right now through the trade generation website. Please share this, we will have this audio later this afternoon. We want you to share that as well.

Gloria and Dede will be back with me after this break, but it it's we have got to get this message out and there are individuals that need to hear this, our senators have to hear about this 202-224-3121 202-224-3121.

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One of the Islamic customs is they will be the wife of whoever has stolen them for that day and then they pass them on and they rape them repeatedly throughout the day and then pass them to the next man who rapes them repeatedly throughout it. I'm telling you folks, this because you have to understand how horrific this is and how angry I get at those that would deny that it's happening. Okay, I am righteously angry because I think about these young girls as if they were my own daughters my own granddaughters because they are there are daughters in the faith and they belong to us and we have a responsibility to share this message and to get engaged and to get involved. I think you saw that both Gloria and I responded emotionally to that reality that our sisters are held as slaves for life by these jihadists who believe in their perfume according to their ideology that this is okay to treat another human being like this when it is not green. We have come so close to this growth even though minimum family members assume we don't know their names, even our faith is that we know the torch of the pain-and-suffering that they are going to all because they follow Jesus and we here in the last week and we cannot them and so difficult to speak about them into the national media and national communities because our our story inconvenient beams are jihadists who are attempting Christian girls and women and using them in real estate.

It's just unconscionable mistake in the world will not speak about it because it is inconvenient truth, and even those who call for me to movement in such that it stands for the girls and women of meant you 16 Christians are heavily persecuted these kinds of threats and spring day in the world is not for them because it's not convenient to speak about tribalism because we are called Islamic phobic.

This is the reality.

This is the fact on the ground at the top 10 countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian are Islamic republics because of serious crimes are suffering and not just not only just a Christian, but a woman, a female you you these these vocalists that are out there want to talk about women's rights and this is a big deal right now with a woman's right to choose a woman's right to kill a baby with folks. Where are the voices about these women that are being raped repeatedly in these countries and these talk about you know as modern-day slavery speak you to children just like Scott just asked to children is best. Just make sure to speak is risking interest in all but 6000 situation is just last week, so this is called the international community and the media want to say that this is climate change and that there are tensions between Christian farmers and Muslim herdsmen. That is not the case categorically that is not the case. What is happening is just violence that is forcing Christians off their traditional lands out of their villages. There literally taking them over and in my chair. This activity is supported top down bottom up by the government of Nigeria.

The Toronto herdsmen who are attacking the middle belt of Nigeria. This is the same tribe that the president president vomited. Bihari belongs to and throughout the entire structure.

The security state, the administration, the courts are are are filled with spawning Muslims and mostly else, so this is a takeover petition just said 70 thousand over 70,000 have been killed three Maryland farmers questionnaire lands and giving any support.

The government took Nigeria kind of situation when it devolves the whole world will suffer because of it.

In 2002 I was in the church of Charles soon call me over session in Nigeria ministering when I was introduced to him Aqua Pio AKP ABIO and we went into the pastor's chamber. And they were in tears because they were at the time their families lived in northern Nigeria in 2002 and they had just received a message that their village was coming under attack and we pray this case since two states just awesome to send patients and since checkout cash establishes me so I'm not just school extras top time I want to give you a plan of action. Number one I need you to go, what, what is the best website for them to go to is is is the is the best website for them to go to the Leah the day before my one second I wanted to be well once I get one second all right we we we I went off to the radio side for a second, but we're still recording and we are still broadcasting across we probably got about 50 or 60,000 people minimum.

Watching us right now. to find Dr. Gloria foundation and save the persecuted Christians that his family have a good webinar that we found with Lance mom just within the last month and a set please go there and watch that webinar as well and share it to all your networks, friends and family. Please share my story Christians are all the communications also impacts statistics words that I Gloria I'm sorry I couldn't help icon.I can't and the international committee on Nigeria. They have been incredibly instrumental in helping Gloria and Lance mom Rebecca find a place in the international community were so great, so is there that are with us and are watching right now you can see all of these incredibly precious and beautiful faces of these children. The international committee on Nigeria icon icon the other website we want you to know. Is save the persecuted

Save the persecuted and you can find links to a lot of this other this other media from their there is a great video the Pentecostal prayer for persecuted Christians by the way is on and you can watch that as well encourage you to pray along with that and then finally of course and you can see that up on your screen. What kinds of captivity are girls in today. Apart from being in physical captivity like Leah and others. Many girls are held in emotional, sexual and religious captivity in Nigeria and around the world. Some girls are afraid to go to school because of the threat of an attack. Some women are left vulnerable after their husbands have been killed in an attack in and we deal with that in India. I know it is a huge issue there in Nigeria.

Widows with children whose husbands have been murdered for their faith. Gloria thank you Jeannie thank you so very much for being with me today.

Ladies, II just can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here and sharing the story folks make the call now to go to 32102 202-224-3121 202-224-3121. That's the Capitol switchboard ask for your senator if you don't know who that is just on the state you're in. They'll send you their their office and tell them we need you to stand up for Leah and for the girls that are being persecuted and Christians that are being persecuted in Nigeria and we will appreciate it if you'll do it. God bless you all and and we just pray father Lord be with these villages, said angels around about them even right now, Lord, we know that your word tells us how the spirit of the Lord went into the camp of the enemy and caused the enemy to turn on themselves and create confusion. God, we ask your spirit to go in to the camp of the enemy and create such confusion that they would turn on themselves. We ask father God for healing for the injured. We ask God for freedom and liberty and restoration and recovery for these precious girls and for these babies as well that they all would be removed from this evil protects Gloria continue to give her a platform to speak from courage refreshing.

Spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. Thank you for my dear sister Dede thank you Lord God for all that you use her for for all that she does for your kingdom. Bless her. I pray healing over her. I pray father God, Lord, for blessing on her family and protection around them as well against every fiery dart in the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

God bless you. You shall not, and we are there we are.

We are signing off

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