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LEAH CALL TO TAKE ACTION Gloria Puldu Dede Laugesen Pastor Greg Young CGR

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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June 15, 2022 12:41 pm

LEAH CALL TO TAKE ACTION Gloria Puldu Dede Laugesen Pastor Greg Young CGR

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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June 15, 2022 12:41 pm

Gloria Puldu, President of the Leah Foundation is joined by Dede Laugesen Executive Director od with Host Pastor Greg to discuss the Leah Foundation which was founded to bring attention and seek the release and return of Leah Sharibu who was kidnapped by Boko Haram at age 14 on May 14, 2018 and is still in captivity. She has been repeatedly raped, has been confirmed that in just four years she has had two children, is denied her freedom because she will not renounce her Christian faith and become a Muslim. Islamic doctrine condones and encourages the enslaving of minor girls and the rape, enslavement and torture to force conversion. Leah however is only one of literally thousands of girls in this situation and people like Mehmet Oz and others refuse to even acknowledge their existence or the Islamic problem. They label those who do as Islamophobic. Please call 202 224 3121 and ask your Senator to put pressure on this Administration and its UN Member to speak out about these atrocities and to condemn them. Politely demand that they take action and take a hard look at those in leadership who allow this behavior. Sanctions, political pressure and efforts to provide a path to freedom for these girls.


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Drop a Green Fuel Tab in your tank and start experiencing the savings. You can support Chosen Generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting And now back to Chosen Generation with Pastor Greg. Okay, there we go. All right, so there's that part. And now I need to do another little part here.

But don't worry. So I'm very, very excited to be bringing on to the program with me the president of the Leah Foundation, along with, of course, my executive director, my dear friend, Dee Dee Logison. And it's just always a joy to have Dee Dee with us.

We're able to do this on a on a monthly basis. And I'm so thrilled because I know how incredibly busy her schedule is. So I am going to ask Dee Dee if she would be so kind as to introduce the president of the Leah Foundation. Could you do that for me Dee Dee?

Dee Dee Logison Oh, it would be my joy and honor. Gloria Samdi Poldu is the president of the Leah Foundation. She was invited by the family of Leah Sharibu, who, as many of your listeners know, is a religious prisoner of conscience. She was taken by Boko Haram in 2018, in February of 2018, along with over 100 other girls from her school. And about a month later, all of the rest of the girls were released, but the terrorists kept Leah, because she refused to renounce her faith in Jesus. And so it is with my great honor to introduce to you, Gloria Poldu. She advocates not only for Leah Sharibu, but for the thousands of other girls and women who are held captive in Nigeria today. John Greenewald And can I can I just add to to add to that, please, folks understand there are 1000s of young ladies. This is this is not a John Greenewald Leah has become kind of the face of this.

Sadly, the face of this. And I love by the way, I've been to Lego several times. I was a guest of Bishop Akonko, and the redeemed evangelical mission. I've been to their World Conference several times ministered in the Republic of Benin. I love the Nigerian people.

I did my DNA test and I found out that I'm 3% Nigerian. Is that not crazy? Right? Huh?

I'm telling you. So anyway, I am so touched that you are here and I'm going to stop talking now. But I just want people to understand. This is not a single person issue.

This is a major issue. And you should have heard me going off last half hour, actually the last hour about Mehmet Oz and his denial that this is even happening, that this is even taking place. I said as a father, if he did that in my face, I would beat him until they pulled me off.

And as a father who has taken on a truck at 55 miles an hour to save my daughter's life. I'm not just filling the sound with hot air. I would seriously Okay, I'm good. Go ahead.

Please, please, please, Gloria. Share with us what is happening and what people need to know about what's taking place in Nigeria. Oh, we're not getting your volume.

Unbury your mic and turn up your volume because I want to hear every single word. Yeah, but it's very distant. A little better. What about now? A little better. That's better. That's better. Sorry.

Should I go ahead? Yes. Good. That's great. Okay. Thank you very much, Greg and Didi for having me.

It's a great pleasure to be connected here. I just want to use this opportunity to reach out to all those who have been playing along with us in Nigeria, most especially concerning the situation that the Christians are going through. And as I speak to you today, I even received a message about threats that has been given to all churches in northern Nigeria, that they should stop worshipping and having their services because repeat that I want you to repeat that I because this this has to be driven home. They have been threatened that that they should do what? That we should all lock up our churches and we should not worship because they are going to start bumping churches. And we saw that two weeks ago, a church in Northern State in Owa specifically was bumped and so many women and children are passed aside. Men were killed in that Catholic church. And so we have received this strike.

And this morning I woke up and I got a message that this threat is real. And we need to speak and tell the world that prayers need to go up and not just prayers but action needs to be taken. So just like you said, thousands of women and girls are in captivity in the hands of Boko Haram, who are ISIS and ISWAP and all forms of terrorist groups put together in Boko Haram. And all of them with their forces are ensuring that they displace all Christians or stop anything Christianity, which they call Western education, because Boko Haram simply means Western education, and Western education as far as they are concerned is Christian education. So they want to stop completely in Northern nation. And now it's not just Northern nation, not Central part and even the Southern part of it. So this is the situation that we are currently in. But if you want I can quickly tell the story of Leah, then move on.

Yes, no, I would like you to do that. I had a dear friend, his name was Levinas Anuma, Pastor Levinas Anuma. And he had, and this was in the early 2000s, he had had four churches, four churches that had been burned. Four churches that had been burned.

Horrific. Yeah, and our denomination of churches like Northern Nigeria, where I come from, you know, we're talking about hundreds of churches. Over a couple of years ago, it was over 900 churches had been burned to the ground in Nigeria. On Pentecost Sunday, June 5, more than 38 people were killed in Owo, Nigeria, as as Gloria has said. And then just this week, some 50 people were kidnapped up in Sakoto, and another 30 were killed in Pato State. The slaughter continues. They're pushing Christian farmers off of their lands and taking over the villages setting up a famine in in Nigeria.

The situation is getting worse and worse by the year. So but at Leah, as you said, is the face of those girls and women who have been taken off into sex slavery in Nigeria. And Gloria, tell us about Leah.

Yeah, thank you very much, Digi, for adding that. Leah Sharitu, for those that don't know, was 14 years old on February 19, 2018. And she was in her school.

We call it second-year school, which is like the middle and the high school here. And she was abducted alongside 110 girls from their second-year school by Boko Haram terrorists. And they were taken into the forest where they are.

And for that past four years, we have been advocating and trying to get the release of them. But the story goes like, one month after they were adopted, the Nigerian government negotiated for the release of the girls, and 104 girls were released. When they came, where are the other six girls? They said five girls died the day they were taken when they were going because they were just clumped into cars, and so those five didn't survive. But one girl, who is Leah, and unfortunately for her, she has been left in captivity.

What is the reason? They said Leah refused to renounce Christ. And so they had threatened that if she will not reside, the Kalmar Shahada, which is the Islamic group, that she will not be released, she will be left back in captivity. Her friends, who raised her and tried to tell her, just, just recite it.

When you come back, you will do. Leah, at 14 years old, boldly and courageously said, no, I'm a Christian, I can't unite Jesus. That story blew our minds up and said, this must be God's doing, so that we will be able to have a face and a name, that we will tell the world, this is what is happening to us. And that is what we are doing with the story of Leah Shehri. So Leah Shehri still remains in captivity.

But as far as we are concerned, she's a hero to us, and she stands as the face of all the persecuted Christians in Nigeria, all the persecuted girls and women, especially girls who are denied education, which is the fundamental human right, and then girls and women who are also given the opportunity to, you know, who are not given the opportunity to choose the religion. We're going to take a quick break, folks, this is just absolutely such a a critical story and critical story and and we have got to get this message out. So anyone that is watching us right now, through the website, please share this. We will have this audio up later this afternoon. We want you to share that as well.

Gloria and Didi will be back with me after this break. But it's we have got to get this message out. And there are individuals that need to hear this.

Our senators have to hear about this 202-224-3121, 202-224-3121. America is Christians last hope, and it has to stand up. My passion is the fight for freedom. My father fought for World War Two defending our country. Today we are no longer fighting with guns. Instead, we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights.

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Negro products do not treat, reduce, cure, or prevent disease. And welcome back to Gen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glasses and my very special guest, Gloria. And help me with that. Pull, pull, pull do. Oh, yes.

Pull do. Okay. Gloria Pull do live by the way from Nigeria. And we're talking whether she's the president of the Leah Foundation or not. She's not. She's not. I'm sorry.

I overstated. She would be but she's not. But she's in an undisclosed location. She's in a bunker. And we can't tell you where she is for her own protection.

And Dee Dee Logison is with us also the executive director of Save the Persecuted Christians. I've been telling folks when they take these girls, one of the Islamic customs is they will be the wife of whoever has stolen them for that day. And then they pass them on. And they rape them repeatedly throughout the day. And then pass them to the next man who rapes them repeatedly throughout the it. I'm telling you folks this because you have to understand how horrific this is and how angry I get at those that would deny that it's happening.

Okay. I am righteously angry because I think about these young girls as if they were my own daughters, my own granddaughters because they are. They're our daughters in the faith. And they belong to us. And we have a responsibility to share this message and to get engaged and to get involved. Yeah, I think you saw that both Gloria and I responded emotionally to that reality that our sisters are held as slaves for life by these jihadists who believe that it is in their purview according to their ideology that this is okay to treat another human being like this.

But it is not. We have come so close to these girls even though many of them we've never seen. We don't know their names even or their faces. But we know that the torture, the pain, the suffering that they are going through, all because they follow Jesus. And we here in the West, we cannot deny them. We cannot ignore them. And it is so difficult to speak about them into the international media and the international communities because our story is inconvenient. These are jihadists who are taking Christian girls and women and abusing them in ways that it's just unconscionable. It is horrific and the world will not speak about it because it is an inconvenient truth.

And even those who call for the Me Too movement and such, they will not stand for the girls and women of Nigeria and all over the world. 360 million Christians are heavily persecuted. They face these kinds of threats every day and the world is not standing up for them because it's not convenient to speak about jihadism because we are called Islamophobic.

But this is the reality. This is the fact on the ground of the eight of the top 10 countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian are Islamic Republics. It is because of Sharia supremacy that these women and girls are suffering.

And I don't want to catch you up but not just not only just a Christian, but a woman, a female. These vocalists that are out there want to talk about women's rights. I mean, this is a big deal right now. Oh, the woman's right to choose the woman's right to kill a baby. But folks, where are the voices about these women that are being raped repeatedly in these countries? And these talk about, you know, a slave. This is modern day slavery.

Let me even put a perspective to it. You know, currently, as I speak to you, we know that we have eyewitnesses who have come out and said, Leah has two children in captivity. This child was 14 years old when she was taken.

And just like you described, just to give a clear picture of exactly what happened. She now has two children in captivity. Today, there is a girl that has been rescued, you know, two more girls were taken eight years ago. So today, as I speak to you, one girl was rescued.

She came out and she has a baby in her hand. Google it and you will see one of the two more girls rescued, a Christian girl and all the 276 girls that were taken eight years ago by these terrorists. These are just the ones that have brought the situation to the public. But apart from that, we have thousands of these villages on a daily basis, as I speak to Gidi, you remember too, just last week. And here this village in Kaduna, southern Kaduna, again has been bombed. People have been killed. And there are reports of helicopters dropping things by these terrorists, you know, and the same women and girls taking incident, just like you described it.

So this is what they call this. They say, you know, the international community and the media want to say that this is climate change, and that there are tensions between Christian farmers and Muslim herdsmen. That is not the case.

Categorically, that is not the case. What is happening is religious violence that is forcing Christians off their traditional lands and out of their villages. They are literally taking them over. And in Nigeria, this activity is supported top down, bottom up by the government of Nigeria. The Fulani herdsmen who are attacking in the middle belt of Nigeria. This is the same tribe that the president, President Mohamedou Bahari belongs to. And throughout the entire structure, the security state, the administration, the courts are filled with Fulani Muslims and mostly nobody else. So this is a takeover.

Not to even quotation. They can argue and say it is not religious or whatever. But go and look at the statistics of the communities that are being attacked. These are all Christian communities, and the attacks are systematic. Since 2009, they have systematically been displacing Christian communities in our hundreds. But Yobe, Benweb, Taraba, Klaatu, Kaduna. Over 70,000 have been killed, 3 million farmers forced from their lands. They are not given any support by the government of Nigeria. It is a horrendous situation when it devolves.

The whole world will suffer because of it. In 2002, I was in the church of Charles Sunkonmi Obesesen in Nigeria, ministering when I was introduced to Mobutetem Akpapayo, A-K-P-A-B-I-O. And we went into the pastor's chamber. And they were in tears because they were at the time their families lived in northern Nigeria in 2002. And they had just received a message that their village was coming under attack.

And we prayed. You know, this villages, as you speak, Greg, up till now, virtually emptied the villages out. My own village in Adamawa State, just three days ago, was under attack. The governor of Adamawa said, Google it, you will see, he went to my village because the village were under attack. They give different narrations of, oh, it's just an ethnic tribal, you know, plushies, skirmishes.

Why can't people live together for years? It's still just under two long days. And so even about three weeks ago or four weeks ago, you know about Deborah, who was stoned for in her own school.

It's like a university where the educated students who, you know, took stones and stoned their Christian-collected debt and want to hide out. So we're going to run out of time. I want to give you a point of action. Number one, I need you to go. What is the best website for them to go to? For our stories? Okay. Is the best website for them to go to?

The At the end of the day, when I stand before my- Hang on one second. I do not want him to ask me- Hang on one second. All right. I went off the radio side for a second, but we are still recording and we are still broadcasting across. We've probably got about 50 or 60,000 people minimum watching us right now. is where you'll find Dr. Gloria Poldu and the Leah Foundation and is where we have a good webinar that we filmed with Leah's mom just within the last a month and a half. So please go there and watch that webinar as well and share it to all your networks, friends and family. Please share Leah's story. Documentations also, if they check icon, maybe you get that.

They will also get all those statistics in a daily basis. Where's that at, Gloria? I'm sorry., I think.

Yes. And that's the International Committee on Nigeria. They have been incredibly instrumental in helping Gloria and Leah's mom, Rebecca, find a voice in the international community.

We're so grateful. So those of you that are with us and are watching right now, you can see all of these incredibly precious and beautiful faces of these children, the International Committee on Nigeria,, The other website we want you to know, here it is, And you can find links to a lot of this other, this other media from there. There's a great video, the Pentecostal Prayer for Persecuted Christians, by the way, is on and you can watch that as well. I encourage you to pray along with that. And then finally, of course,

And you can see that up on your screen. What kinds of captivity are girls in today? Apart from being in physical captivity, like Leah and others, many girls are held in emotional, sexual and religious captivity in Nigeria and around the world. Some girls are afraid to go to school because of the threat of an attack. Some women are left vulnerable after their husbands have been killed in an attack. And we deal with that in India.

I know it is a huge issue there in Nigeria. Widows with children whose husbands have been murdered for their faith. Gloria, thank you, DeeDee, thank you so very much for being with me today.

Ladies, I just can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here and sharing this story. Folks, make the call now. 202-221, no, 202-224-3121. 202-224-3121. That's the capital switchboard. Ask for your senator.

If you don't know who that is, just tell them the state you're in. They'll send you to their office and tell them, we need you to stand up for Leah and for the girls that are being persecuted and Christians that are being persecuted in Nigeria. And we will appreciate it if you'll do it. God bless you all. And, and we just pray, Father, Lord be with these villages, set angels around about them even right now. Lord, we know that your word tells us how the spirit of the Lord went into the camp of the enemy and caused the enemy to turn on themselves and create confusion.

God, we ask your spirit to go in to the camp of the enemy and create such confusion that they would turn on themselves. We ask Father God for healing for the injured. We ask God for freedom and liberty and restoration and recovery for these precious girls and for these babies as well, that they all would be removed from this evil.

Protect Gloria. Continue to give her a platform to speak from courage, refreshing spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thank you for my dear sister, Deedee. Thank you, Lord God, for all that you use her for, for all that she does for your kingdom. Bless her. I pray healing over her.

I pray, Father God, Lord, for blessing on her family and protection around them as well against every fiery dart of the enemy. In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray. Amen.

Oh, man. God bless you, folks. God bless you all. And we are. There we are. We are signing off.
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