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Gregg Roman #UkraineRussiaUpdate #PutinXiBidenRaisi Maureen Steele #ThePeoplesConvoy #AmericaFirst #GodFamilyCountry

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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March 4, 2022 1:20 pm

Gregg Roman #UkraineRussiaUpdate #PutinXiBidenRaisi Maureen Steele #ThePeoplesConvoy #AmericaFirst #GodFamilyCountry

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen generation knows you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation of peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now shows Pastor Greg program.

Great to have you with me. Thanks much you being here.

I know you have a choice where you can listen each and every day.

I think Ricky was a junior generation radio were no topic is off-limits and everything filtered through Google glasses.

Well folks, our number to hear Miguel and there is no more Greg good to have you, sir, I'm doing great.

I'm doing great. Well folks, our number two if you missed any part of our number one encouraging. I will have it up in the podcast.

Our first guest on Jan's we talked about Marxism communism. We talked about rhinos. We talked about why it's so important that we are engaged and involved in what's going on recognizing truth and then the course pray in Jesus name Gordon chaps cling achievement was with us. We talked about the state of the union address and Biden coming out of church on Wednesday Ash Wednesday having supported on Tuesday.

Both abortion and transgender is him which don't line up with Catholic doctrine not in any way shape or form so want to contrast their glazing on a course, there's a lot of other things that Mr. Biden is doing that are contrary to us, including sharing secrets with our enemies. Let's let's you know let's just tell China what were going to do in and have so week so we know that a country that is declared unrestricted warfare against us and released a biochemical weapon on our population.

We have wheat we should have the president of our country going and talking to their president and sharing trade secrets so that that way they can take them and give them to one of our other enemies to help us sort all of this very pleased to welcome to the program from the Middle East forum.

Greg Roman is with us. Greg welcome good to have you well so you know I mean why not right you know if you're going to be the president of one country you you should collaborate with your enemies who are trying to destroy your country and and and tell them all of your secrets, so that that way they can destroy your country and that that should be perfectly fine by Greg Morgan want you are 11 world together and country.

Her going forward. Feel well well well. Iran go on one hand, the art Ukraine on the other hand, there with Russia plotting mechanic will take it a step further and say to you know that that wall I mean this is this is kinda like it's either the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing or or there or they're just trying to pull the wool over our eyes. There there was in sheep's clothing.

Because while they're sitting there talking about only work anyway. You know we we want Russia to stop we want Russia to stop Jennifer Saki came out yesterday and said well you know we we really we really don't favor this idea of cutting off gas and oil and buying gas and oil from food and which is giving him $1 billion at day $1 billion a day to fund this war against the Ukrainians and yeah because that's gonna hurt Americans because you know we would want to start drilling here in America and make America energy independent again. God forbid we should do that right guard what I wrote back word correct our energy problem record Russia group out one market article (mobile go every car we have the opportunity to make that perhaps were not going prior art.

We should go Torell not by weapon fired your hydrocarbon report country you are. You mentioned that overtly dark going to rush copper helping of the war talk to the oligarch go out in operable time clock have lighted control applicable political structure. Poetic and what about the rate on pocket the next day hired out without. The government going on people like alkyl like like like the bright good all pop card you it going airport here. Imagine all the money right or I would be a pretty way to guarantee behavior. Europe that countries like Germany validate maker NATO entered the built liquid natural Terminal rather than rely on. I think that if Germany can you know what you get energy from the biography okay but you guys take a break between the biography rather than diving you know Jesus I'm I know Greg but it sounds to me like you are you trying to use email logic to have this conversation and and I don't know that actually fits the bill because I hear there doesn't seem to be a lot of that going around these days. I don't know if that's, that's, you know that that may be my end and uneducated opinion but it's just thinking this is though you know the use of logic is is just ridiculous.

I there are career what you call report right you got a shadow government that are individual. Report your career. All during your work and offered 23rd year work early.

Regular all the lot, US government, who know how you with Russia made a career. I'm sorry.

Have the opportunity all the hard… How opaque are failure and doing credit with a great job rally the troops and NATO lowering direct undermine policy allow Ukraine celebrate Iran apricot allowing the rock pop yesterday open and I would suggest that the rallying that he is doing now IIII was pleased with some of the things that were said by the American ambassador to the UN II listen to some what she had to say and I thought that was great but some of the rallying honestly in these early days that Biden has done has been more about the absence of American than it has been about the presence of Joe Biden.

I mean they were in the fact that America was not you know on the field and not really doing anything in an as is been suggested. You know they were using on the one hand, here they are negotiating with Russia asking Russia to be the one to negotiate with Iran and then on the other hand divulging secrets to achieve who is then running and selling those things. The Boudin and we know that we have a clearly an evil axis that has formed and informed while Trump was in the White House.

We know that she and Pruden and Warren and Rossi were all meeting together talking about how they could take advantage of the chaos on the streets of America a you know I mean it's just wow. It blows my mind. You know, but I that I agree. I think Joe Biden's done a great job of rallying NATO, but I think is been more because of his absence than it's been because of his presence anything on how well can't help but man yeah we are under our earlier operated with the go boom job at Weaverville when reported that you had a good work coming from PO. It across the board work that you hurt during Corona you're not working eventually they will crack off the port that they could you taping the White House, Department of Energy could not put the whiteboard next to the local Gardner energy because of worry that cutting artwork and oil woke but we talked a bit by bit America by encouraging Canada report the Metro get company bill fell into trouble. The wet brought the girl going to drop you uncle Bob. Good returning from cold tobacco. I think that Nicole driven country but I you will work for you, treat barbaric dockyard back to the farm out the correct part number and upon II well and and here's something it's interesting, I'm just gonna throw out okay. You know every war, and in particular world wars that have been that America's been engaged in, have been overseen by Democratic presidents and here here's what's happening in Memphis that I know this just came to me and I was 1/3 of the ring with Doug Ben-Ami. As I the break, but we have a situation now where all the sudden it's been decided, the pandemic is over. You notice that the NFL says the pandemic is over IMing all over everywhere all thereof, they're all saying the pandemic is over.

I read an article earlier this morning, I forget which group it was. But why another one of the big groups out the pandemic is over were lifting all of the restrictions it's all done. It's over. No more masks no more shot mandates. None of that going on lazy gentlemen, that's a precursor so that you can try to load up factories with people that are producing more mechanisms and war has been the Democratic Party's answer to an economic engine. In other words, when recession comes when inflation is high because the judge generation ready to show if you follow my program. You know I'm a miracle survivor of a catastrophic car accident where I say my daughter's life spent six weeks on life support died four times broke bones in my head, neck, back, ribs, arms, pelvis and both legs that was in 2017 and 2004 I was given 3 to 6 months to live as my pituitary gland, and adrenal gland shut down in both instances God and his natural cures saved and preserved my life recently, I was introduced to a product that is taken my healing to a whole another level. If you want to know more, go to CGR and sign up for an account. It's free to sign up that CGR and sign up for your free account and when you get done. Email me at that's PG Pastor Greg and I'll tell you how to get well. You find yourself turning on the news and feeling hopeless open borders spending on praising the prospect of more mandates lockdowns inflation and the list goes on there something you can do by from companies that believe what you and I believe we need to stick together now more than ever, and there's been one company willing to stand with you since 2012 patriot mobile patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless provider. They offer nationwide coverage using the same towers as all the major carriers patriot mobile has plans to fit any budget and discounts for veteran and first responder heroes and multiline accounts.

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Thousands of lives for generations. You can be a part of that today. Greg, please consider making your best donation today with God, community support, about the young doesn't in the community and is given is "because not Mica in the world and in the violent and therefore we would like to correct on all of our support for young doesn't indiscriminately that that on many villages and find out who I really having a problem of getting to look at things like new community and the body, putting a hot donate anything to do with people about that and what will it just then you can directly protect but the gig young doesn't indiscriminately and be afraid to be blessed all the people.

Those who have been doing and supporting this one about John and I just thought they've been given. If the in this community and 55 you all those not been supporting this book about young and tender sympathy. God bless you and God be with you on and out on the plane for you. Thank you Martha, you now back chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg.

Don't forget you can get more chosen and will do my degeneration radio or no topic is off limits and everything filtered through the Valassis I Greg you brought up a good point and and I and I appreciate that relative to that to the war issue. I was focusing more on that what what are one or two clearly historically identified as the world wars, World War I, World War II, but there's no question that we ended at and conflicts and have had conflicts and wars under for under presidents other than Democratic Party presidents. As you mentioned Richard Nixon we had Vietnam although the anomaly started under Lyndon Johnson and Ann Nixon. Nixon inherited the Vietnam conflict Coast Guard.

But in our okay right well it will and and and you can even go back you know to you know that in the Korean War. Because really we did, the Korean War, but the but to me, we were fighting against communism as as a former Cold War member of the military United States Air Force Russian linguist Irene we were fighting communism in those battles there was the you know that that the, the, the beginning of the manipulation of the media and and the insurgency and the change in public opinion was all predicated on the use of this information at that shape those speaks about that in his in his book that he wrote this information but I never get worried or sort of off-topic or not off-topic because in reality this is all part of this whole situation right we have we have.

We at we have a battle domestically, right here in the United States.

There are a lot of people that have huge concern for a nasty man is talking quite a bit about hey, you know, we don't want to send our guys over the Ukraine warmongers are trying to do this, and so on and so on. And I agree with them to a degree, but I think we can defend the Ukrainian people design one I'm talking to the Ukrainian people directly and document like pastors over there in the Ukraine and their sin. We don't want your American blood over here.

We don't want to be an occupied country, which is one of freedom. We want our liberty.

And if you guys can assist us by giving us the munitions necessary to repel Russia were down with that you, your Ukraine. In particular, remind that intro work will equip nation. Go with Allied. We will work make sure that you have our back.

Why would Uriel Bart going They are going metrically clear. The country.

I think that you know when the parent. I have better liberty or way of looking at like not want American on the ground.

Ukraine Ukrainian.

We don't want what you're waiting… War electrically and trying underlie set up that paper. American government better than everyone else.

American in one way based off of our strength and our ability to protect our one block. Another part okay perfect for car energy when they're down bucking Apollo. Or your political play realpolitik like alternate paper to get out talking about the information over talking about you, with humility probation work. Work economic we are like right now but would pick because the long run, Allied show that when our art. We are there to part time during the hierarchy look back. When the first week on what you crimp report ground power. We made up the port we hold of America now thought I can American under Obama Obama ideology work put what you got me up at back pragmatically hungry.

Now I replied no public down you showing the Ukraine.

Very good back it up… Getting our conversation by withdrawing, putting more pressure on everything over our great negotiation people were well and once he got Betty make a quick correction. You may be able to make up the ground that Obama walked. What I cannot help but think about man. Thank you for that analysis, I really appreciate that Greg very much and there. There's a lot to digest and will have this as a podcast as well. For those of you who know really need to listen in to a Greg suggesting because there's a lot there and what you said you put a lot of meat on the bone, my friend. What I mean on that on but you know it it's a lot to digest that it this is that this is a very complex situation that were in and and you know as believers we need to be praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Ukraine. We need to be praying for Putin to get his eyes opened and and to stop being an oppressor because that's really I think what his ultimate goal here is he wants the Ukraine. He wants to annex the Ukraine into Russia. Once again, and that the history there is horrific. Are you getting up in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night. Still tired. It doesn't have to be that way. That's why Mike Lindell started my pillow and after his success. Helping people sleep better with the pillow I decided to go all in.

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So please join us a chosen generation chosen and sign up for our emails today.

You know you can do your typing and love offering right from your computer.

Visit to support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace family by the generation ready or were no topic is off limits and everything filtered through biblical glass and we are trying to reach Maureen right now. I know she's on the road so could could be wouldn't have a challenge getting hold of her, but hopefully okay Yep she's finishing interview. Okay, let's see we are live so please call and say hi and now all right there you okay see 20938 there again and there yes or she should be calling in here momentarily and we will get some rain.

Steel line is something the recrimination to me on the on on the out as he was, as he was as signing off with me and that is by all means let's also be praying for president Zielinski. He needs wisdom. He needs protection. He survived to assassination attempts in the last two days so we needed recovering him in prayer and if you are watching.

If you're following. I had an interview of trying get a backup possibly this afternoon I get it share Jesus. I met with our by the way sign chosen and if you will get signed up there. We will get you this interview that I did with Vitali last this past Sunday and and really I'll be honest with you there. You know I mean yes there's been some changes in some updates and things are are are intensifying but overall and in general the attitude in the mood is still the same.

And as I said the Ukrainian people are are not pushing for American blood to be spilled in their country there there not asking us to send the United States military to their rescue. They are not asking for UN forces peacekeeping forces NATO forces that are not asking for that they are asking NATO to help them with supplies and and we also should understand and is something that was pointed out, I think you're safe. You get a fox nation. They've got a pretty good history that they've done relative to this, but understand that you know after the fall of the USSR.

The Ukrainians would who have been brutalized by by Russian leadership, Stalin, and 32 and 33 again in that in 39 I mean the Ukrainians of been brutalized and and and consistently, it was the Ukrainians that Russia would turn to because there there. One of the largest countries that was subjugated by the Russians but they would consistently use them as an example and and do devastating in an hurtful and harmful things to them and when it was the Ukrainians that were you know the pro-democracy sub nation, so to speak. That helped and it was that was their efforts and their voices on the street and is festering welcome to the program is Maureen Maureen I already told me on as I said she's traveling and and I you know, done a little bit of traveling myself so yeah, I completely understand were just glad to have you with us. Thank you. Have something in writing morning out there on our way. Very very cool talk to me about the journey along the way and you and your and and also I guess we really probably need to because there's a differentiation there's the people's convoy and then there's a a truckers convoy. Not that there is competition or anything but. But you guys are two different groups. Can you talk about that for just a second member of our group alarmed and cream convoy a 100 company or to people convoy had the backing argument arm fire parent backing her global COBIT Dr. Malone in our spelling, my mind call you you you can't talk about those guys because because then then will be will be thrown off a social media you know that right now I feel so so so three days ago my account with mimeo was deleted 308 videos over a years worth of product deleted off their platform because I dared to speak to Dr. Judy Markowitz several times where you now know the truth or another opinion that had talked about election fraud as well. You know I mean I had I had David just took his who actually testified with Rudy Giuliani in Pennsylvania, and his testimony which he relayed on my program was considered to be misleading and disinformation by the mimeo cabal around in our country right now. I think my depression in the playbook you know communism and coming back entering information and email if they're not accretive that you're going coming right to keep trying to crack that email and I think it matter what kind of value on everyone's yes ma'am back to the convoy just yet. Several one form and read people convoy and we are going to get better convoy. We are grouping counted Marquand weight that are joining up with how it are in. I did, I wanted and now and get back on record. The people convoy never had any intention of going into proper relief and pain that ran out of the gate.

Ultimately there smaller convoy ran on doing that people convoy that is not our intent to everyone we don't advise that we don't advocate that he might not we are going to eat the area on Emerick night and we had a lot of people that are to be joining our partner on our final day in the area and out of great character and the public met Dr. coming out, he can't on it and pick it jovial on party here, you know that whole journey country left Barstow on electric thousands of people pending on three tractor-trailers (think just leaving Mark about the incredible generosity of the American people and I think you are having an impact because I I've seen several you know the National Football League just declared the pandemic is over in a medical the medical health service at the National Football League there convoy cutting started going through the gate and I were ripping the American and no now we are having an impact.

You were a country that you know we the people the government works and you know and we didn't want to write back.

We want our freedoms back and it worked right back.

We knew and loved it. Arm you know it even Temperature and I get of the American people are now yellow and I'm I'm I'm I'm showing Eunice that you're on my screen. I'm I'm letting people see you know your website and down a similar stance and if so when you click 20 of the song. The song starts playing in the background that no man real time people have been crying hiding country. They feel relief that we can finally bring in on everywhere week on people.

I think you're going to happen early from California where we are right now were crowded with people that there wasn't people on you. Even if you would like it governed people waiting the American flag down Highway like a guy are you on a little wine waiting the American flag outline felt know by now listening and watching a cow and it appeared everyone I help people or eight at night are my favorite painter. The beauty of the human heart now and I think we identify in our back down the ladder. Couple of years the health allowing any doubt anymore. People are caliphate in the world had been knocked out, and being part of myth and wanting to live and I'll keep you can provide an mile and in the back of our operating all of letters and letter and from Karen leader nine, and children and my favorite arm kept writing letters.

One little girl she emptied out her piggy bank and she put all her money and our ability to dollar bill in Alabama now with no less in seconds he was going on now is a critical time to be vigilant in the defense of our freedom is no better way to do so them by joining the Association of mature American citizens a Mac a Mac is one of the fastest growing conservative organizations in America well over 2 million people are joined now carry the a Mac membership card payment was built by regular folks and feel the same way you do. You're not alone. A Mac believes in and stands up for the values that made America so great were fighting the good fight against reckless government spending and the ever-expanding scope of federal government. We believe in the sanctity of our Constitution. So if you're 50 or over and holds a traditional American values. You no longer have to feel alone all the Association for mature American citizens a Mac and get great discounts and support your values. Call today 855-696-7930 855-696-7930 years ago. Pastor Greg get your first year absolutely free bending. You find yourself turning on the news and feeling hopeless open borders spending on crazy.

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I'm your host Pastor Greg my very special guest is the organizer of the People's you can find a map.

The People's they are going to be getting to Hagerstown, Maryland, Hagerstown, Maryland, Hagerstown Speedway is that is where they're headed to right now coming through PA as we speak on my 70 and and and you know you can get out there get out on the overpasses and support them.

What I know you love them, let them know you appreciate what they're doing, join them. If you can, you know, you may not be able to join them for for the whole trip but maybe wear your hat you can you can spend a couple hours with them and and find out how you can help and how you can be engaged in the message and how you can be involved.

They would love to love to hear from you. The People's convoy.ward Marine.

I am sorry that because II kind of interrupted you with that.

The whole no censorship thing but so there were several convoys that began you guys have continued your mentioning some of the groups that had that are that are on board with you. You mentioned to Dr. Malone it's over them, and I have Dr. McCullough coming on the program here, probably.

I think next week yeah let's talk to me about that talk to me about some of the things that are being shared. When you guys have your rallies each night and and then we'll talk about to the the heart of the people as you're seeing it because I think that's so critical that's there's a lot of hope in that area. You know you're here longer than looking neat and the great fire freedom. The one thing in a banner all rally under on people in our rally at night wherever we are.

Rainbow black bear.

We have American black bear people from every nationality, every creed and color and everyone letting me pet her heart that explained to me we are happily unified Marinette) that we are inherently right that we are divided. Though Paul when you come out to drive the highway when the convoy going.

People are coming out of the woodwork walking out of the wood and time like the highway carrying flag and bringing her crying on the side of the road watching Conway go down the street, parked our car and what the mile-long right now it's not trucker it will either keep a mom minivan with the family dog indicated that people think Mark Beatty stand in the convoy along with and our need it what it what it called crying in your country on them being American in the fact that you now it in the 11 hour and we all know it we are we are waking up very late in the game, but I will tell you what we are waking up and people are taking action air coming out and people that can't come to the break even during the convoy Friday they are rallying in their own terrible thing. It built Eric moving there going around bear on building and County building, and they are making now and that there were effect convoy. They may not be able to drive down the road there went hard in your in your written form and on it little pride and I think it resonate the American people as well that ended the blue-collar boy in it from your hat in the ring are always having all the work we thought blue-collar America. The park jumped in to fight for our freedom and their doing it again now and it it it took a beautiful pink Beatty truck. Now armed party comfort, the mandate and all of that right there doing here fighting for our freedom and the proud man I'm proud to be part of an incredibly great people may think campaign we've been able to put together. We had zero infant on her entire journey on email. No pain. No nothing but the parking would not likely cut or get rid of people. No one is coming to the plate with any thing like that people are ready unified people are ready for their freedom back into get right back to normal and we love our country and we love each other on like everything related to anarchy of the American heart back in and on on Google rolled out for beautiful letter children little white rabbit card any hero, trucker, thanks for keeping me crazy and take a cookie at that card. Any heartwarming thing that we been over and over and over again people get hurt without a cat. They have now even read all their current $300 on help people to gap the road rolling and and thinking all about forgiving or doing people feel heard in a field mean and get movement had great carboy very loudly very clearly to Washington on an IPA world on right now we need every hand on deck right now. We have always been a beacon of light and hope for the world cannot work like allowed on our lot.

Well, you know, I think what was happening in the Ukraine and I live in touch with pastors on the ground in Ukraine and their message is a we don't want Americans over here fighting our war we don't want to be an occupied country. We want to find our own battle with just a little would help a little bit healthy so we can push back.

We need submunitions we need some you know some tools in order to be able to accomplish the victory that we need. But you know when I mean we're we're seeing with our convoy of pushback so that we don't get to the place that they are in the Ukraine and we know that there is a force that would love for that to take place here and were saying no, that's not who we are. That's not what America is about. There can be free expression of ideas. There can be individuals. There are people that are in your convoy that have different worldviews or differing perspectives. But the thing that unites them is is we want to be free and we want to be able to express our views and our opinions and to care for one another. In those moments when we need one another for that purpose and that it exactly right rallying and an incredible point and it went great and unity, lovingly earning on and what is the eye when when does it come you know you're getting to Hagerstown them in your ear, your at time at the edge sure you're at the East Coast do you do you do you now work your way back West. What where word is where does this go, what's what's the next that water action points for people going to having meeting with John writing and we had a lot of coming and having a couple of wrong little event on that I think are very compelling and creamy and turning point on that as well and I think you know getting people actively involved in engaging with the representatives I talked about this all the time. We need people who have the right ideals.

The ideals of of life, liberty, and The Pursuit of Happyness and we need those kinds of people.

We need to return ourselves to a representative constitutional Republic and and we need the administrative state to be abolished weekly that needs to stop. We need this judicial activism to stop wheat we need the that the country returned to we the people, and I do believe we live. God is the undergirding for that because we we need that godly foundation so that we know that our rights don't come from men who will take our writers but from God freely gives us our rights. Currently I hear from the ground here at the port of the American people and they want their founding document on on people at the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how did you fight the good fight, share the good news.

Give people a check. How did you shine your light to be a beacon of truth in the darkness did you shrink back in fear when they demand you change my message. Did you call evil good and good evil to do for sake. My love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you to file yourself through compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination. Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones perverted in their way by evil man seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day. I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up. And in spite of the hate I will love. In truth, God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into Israel this week on inside.

Chuck Swindoll describes how to make your family thrive. If we are willing to go so far as I children what is it that we often seem willing to help us practice. Chuck Swindoll described the biblical ingredients for family success this week on inside living. I thank God for this is one about the young Division I is by the support of the young one but it is good community that they can get what's really causing sickness but no on the thought that quote about the young doesn't do this. It was the support of the reprint for all of you that God would bless you use you begun will motorboat in the 400 need to get having it. God bless you and get busted up in Boston is the that you get in.

I believe that early in a bigoted building deposit got on on us this something you it is best to read for only $400 just for hundred American dollars. We can drill and buy the equipment to put in these life-changing wells would you consider making a donation today. Greg Greg only $400 changes.

Thousands of lives for generations. You can be a part of that today. Greg, please consider making your best donation today with God. Young and is so good because not Mica in the world. By the end of the thought we were like all about support both young doesn't understand the that that on many of the Punjab really having a problem getting the community and the net anything to do with people about that and what will you conduct to protect your own doesn't understand the kind of be the bless all the people.

Those who have been doing and supporting this one about John and I just thought been given if the community and all those not been supporting this more about young Timothy you. God be with you all and know all the more you

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