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Alveda King Baby Lives Matter Young People Believe In Life Need to Hear Their Value 111821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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December 3, 2021 7:43 pm

Alveda King Baby Lives Matter Young People Believe In Life Need to Hear Their Value 111821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Now back to a chosen generation, with faster grace generation radio were no topic is off limits and everything filtered glasses and it is my sincere pleasure to welcome my next guest to the program and fix it if if you if you don't know her well then then you have to you have to probably been hiding under a rock somewhere is what I would say she is the niece of Martin Luther King Junior. She is a minister. She is an advocate for life and advocate for black Americans in the black family.

She is an advocate for Americans and the American family and a spokesperson, I believe, for God and I want to welcome to the program minister, Alvina King, I would welcome his law. Thank you thank you thank you. Well you know I had the pleasure of having a Vernon Jones on just a couple weeks ago and I know that you and he had a very impactful interview and in fact your book that you gave him has played a huge role in his faith journey. Talk to me about the importance of this message of life and pushing back against the black genocide that are our mutual friend by Rev. Childers speaks about so so eloquently.

No, we know that and one that will light the most powerful outboard light.

You will abort all that I will and making way and I ate one right. You know one and one person so critically important that we that we recognize that all of us were created in the image of God. I think of Psalm 139. We are fully and wonderfully made a lot and that all no question, no question about that and is certainly something that and and there are some cases that are coming up before the Supreme Court that hopefully are going to give an opportunity for us to you noted to to speak into that and and maybe to see America may concern Texas here while I live. We got the heartbeat bill which puts the control and the power back in the hands of people government is not the one to make this decision.

We the people have to make a decision to choose that life matters and I think it's significant. I've been talking with the woman in New Jersey, Merrill Gen. Maglio and women talking about their outreach to inner-city youth. And it's so important that young people know that that their life makes a difference that their life matters. Dr. King throw back not going late. Like hockey and I know you all about what happened and that the power Of Court without the Now Won't Much Not Available, Even Though I Want My Body like Many People Who Were Not All That out by Many Now Think Abort on but Well, the Provider of the Abort Will Likely That God but We Are on yet Got People Think and We Have To Be Very You Know Why the CRT Course That You Know Brings up the Issue of of Them Teaching Children That They Should Hate One Another or That a Particular Group of Children Hate Another Group of Children Simply Predicated on the Color Yeah Yeah Absolutely Not Think We All Know We Will Not like without or a Mob. The People Who Really Want One and We like People Not Right at That Created by People like All Capital and Okay Why You're Here Right That We Not Make. Thank You. Well, and We Why Is Because He Thanked on Something That Not One Month at Me All Night and Then We Got Five Great Language for Alabama That You Sold Now We Have Mark Riled up about That One. Right.

And They Want. Not There.

Like People, but the Human Begotten, Colorblind Books You've Written Were Not Colorblind. Healing the Racial Divide and a Course Way in Which We Do That Is You Know We We Don't Deny That America Had Slavery but I Know We Also Have To Focus on Is Everybody Makes Thomas Jefferson's Example to Be a Villain in This. When Frederick Douglass Writes in His Book That Thomas Jefferson Was One of His Abolitionist Heroes That Claimant Why Bob Go All Man like One Row and Able to Get Back to the `You Know That the One Act and Found That: the B Thank God We Can Get What You Wanted to Be Great and What You're up and They Won't Be Believe That I Would Think You Know Just A Few Months Back and Were Talking about, You Know, Our Independence Day Founder Said That We Might Create a More Perfect Union.

They Knew That It Was a Perfect Dr. King.

They Knew That They Were Working Towards It, but It Should Be Noted That Their Goal, Many of Them There Was to Abolish Slavery and American Slavery Was Brought to America through through England and through Other Now Is a Critical Time to Be Vigilant in the Defense of Our Freedom. There's No Better Way to Do so Them by Joining the Association of Mature American Citizens a Mac a Mac Is One of the Fastest Growing Conservative Organizations in America Well over 2 Million People Are Joined Now Carry the a Mac Membership Card Payment Was Built by Regular Folks Feel the Same Way You Do. You're Not Alone. A Mac Believes in and Stands up for the Values That Made America so Great Were Fighting the Good Fight against Reckless Government Spending and the Ever-Expanding Scope of Federal Government. We Believe in the Sanctity of Our Constitution. So If You're 50 or over and Hold to Traditional American Values. You No Longer Have To Feel Alone All the Association for Mature American Citizens a Mac and Get Great Discounts and Support Your Values. Call Today 855-696-7930 855-696-7930 Years Ago. Pastor Greg Get Your First Year Absolutely Free. You Find Yourself Turning on the News and Feeling Hopeless Open Borders Spending on Praising the Prospect of More Mandates Lockdowns Inflation and the List Goes on There Something You Can Do by from Companies That Believe What You and I Believe We Need to Stick Together Now More Than Ever, and There's Been One Company Willing to Stand with You since 2012 Patriot Mobile Patriot Mobile Is America's Only Christian Conservative Wireless Provider. They Offer Nationwide Coverage Using the Same Towers As All the Major Carriers Patriot Mobile Has Plans to Fit Any Budget and Discounts for Veteran and First Responder Heroes and Multiline Accounts. They Are 100% US-Based Providing Exceptional Customer Service. Most Importantly, Patriot Publishers Are Values and Support Organizations Fighting for Religious Freedom, Constitutional Rights, Sanctity of Life, First Responders and Veterans Use the Code Chosen for Free Activation Call 972.

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