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Kay Rubacek Who Are China's Walking Dead Escaping to Freedom 110421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 10, 2021 5:34 pm

Kay Rubacek Who Are China's Walking Dead Escaping to Freedom 110421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen generation hose and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation of peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now shows a generation program. Great to have you with me. Thanks much, Jenny and I know you have a choice where you can listen each and every day, and I think you were given June here to check generation ready are our number two. Our number two. Folks want to tell you right now if you missed any parts of our number one encourage you to get over there. I will have it up for you this afternoon and you can give it a listen, Zach Voorhees, the Google whistleblower was with us and we unpacked a lot of issues regarding big Jack and then Michael J. O'Neill landmark legal foundation we unpacked to the abortion case was heard.

The Texas heartbeat bill and then we also in addition that we unpacked portion of the second amendment arguments that are taking place right now to very critical cases. There's another abortion case coming out of Mississippi.

That's going to be hurt of the Supreme Court will get to that. Michael at a later date, but folks it very important that we understand and we understand who and how to pray. We need to be very much in prayer our Second Amendment rights. You know, I might my next segment I'll be on the tell you there is a huge connection with that because here in America we have the right on inference right. It's supposed to be to keep and bear arms, so that what has happened.

For example in China to fall in gong and to the Uighurs and to the Christians for many, many, many years. Okay, there were the first ones that was persecuted there doesn't happen here because we have the ability to defend ourselves against a Marxist government should one fully attempt to take over our nation. My next guest is the director of finding courage. She was with us earlier this week. If you missed those interviews I've got them up in podcast form before our joined together and you can listen to that today to talk about her story and I want to welcome K room a check to the program K welcome good to have you. First of all I just want to say what an honor that it is to have you. You are an internationally recognized producer of nonfiction and educational content for film, television, online digital media music and print you been on NBC, Fox News, the epic times the Australian and sunrise in Australia you have an award-winning work as your personal experience of being arrested and thrown into a basement selling China for human rights advocacy in 2001. Who are China's walking dead is the name of that book, your family members escape regimes in Russia, China and the former Czech republic. It's an honor to know you. It's an honor to have met you and I look forward to the day when we will peer at one another face-to-face K welcome again.

Let's talk about what your family, you know, because for you this fight in this battle against communism is very very real well right yesterday and talk about their terrifying. They went.

In making not find that out now and my current mode made my people. I got my family wanted anybody should not get done gone to war your hell and back.

I don't want to admit that Stan might want to meet then when I went to China might help because I couldn't believe getting a group like gong you not communicating. Very belief that there is no leak. I could not believe in doing that and I can't thank you thank and putting abatement now or what 90 even though I think I what I really know what coming want. I didn't really mind.

When Alexander was thanking me trying to talk me, directed that were forking the signed document.

I thank you, Mike. I went out 20-year-old young man to get there in the job I take my my family knew where I was and not belief up. Can you now and bail on me yet long-standing. Every country not I can't anytime I want and not inequitably think that you believe things like it now help me. Why would direct your nonevent.

Let me but I wouldn't because it wouldn't let it eat up now and I'm you did something illegal that electric compact intolerant with paralegal in China they call me met my banner and get me an knack that I can't get because they get that Mike back rampant and wrapped up. I got a point. Kind of exciting China followed from the running time it got there and then it grew from there went the LaMacchia root really when you look at Lincoln and Mary very kind. And that my bank my book electronic book will get the companion book, the movie finding courage, making the movie because I would really care what coming to mind the country and culture, nation, and I want that to happen here or anywhere. Let's talk about that particular issue relative to the influence of the CCP and communism here because it seems to me you know people talked about how the actions you know teaching hate teaching chaos introducing chaos into our indoor system as as has has been done especially in the last for five years. But even before that it was used. These are these are all tools leave the authoritarian approach mandates on vaccines, you know, the, the separation of the facts versus the on VAX to the vilification of of certain individuals and and groups.

If you are pro-American then and you're white in your Christian. It seems as though now you been placed in a category is a domestic terrorist. These seem to me to be telling signs of a nation that is being infiltrated by communist disinformation. Would you agree with that assessment and hearing your party fighting in Congo on the go party back and got what I think carrying out the back thanking fluid draining back anything depicting vibrant and reading knockouts is a light on Friday when something happened that they call it and exported it, Troy, the tradition what I dying every other country right beautiful got inherited my family and I look back at what the culture is anymore a bit direct outlook 5000 main thing vehicle to their country and make them a coat check right and here by targeting their different ethnic group reading that the white male ethnic group and an targeting dam and basically divide and conquer that but thank you.

It no MPEG-1 blackout here and replace that with communism and that mean like spirituality, like the we now America. Founded on the belief in God. The fundamental audit that found in potted and all document you know. And from that time. And I'm not one replace bad enough, but I got another country, but not very hot like applet replay will be billed at and what that that might dealt output backing mandate in any kind of think create heightened and Ethan and one group in the end everyone blew out the tradition. Why mention the 45 goals in the Communist Party which was entered into Congress in 1963 in a course that came from extensive research and undercover work done by Cleon's Gallison was former FBI and and he came out and wrote a book and it's called the naked communist and I really folks at United. I encourage you and I would there's no no renumeration for faster Dragon this, but my goodness folks if you've not read the naked communist exposing communism and restoring freedom. This is critical that was updated in 2017 and I really if you want to know and why it's so critically important and and you know it, they mention in your you mention the goals 44 of the 45 goals have been achieved by the comment you when I was a kid growing up. Okay well first of all you little he let me say this, I was a Russian linguist during the Cold War. Okay United States Air Force Russian linguist. Our teachers were all Russian defectors. We were immersed in understanding the underbelly of communism, but I had grown up from the 60s and the 70s understanding that Russia and communism were the enemy of the United States, and it blows my mind that we have now a generation that embraces Marxism as a possible answer for children rich radio coming up right after this report hi this is Michael Kreider of Michael's M and P supplements. Let's talk energy do you wake up tired even after a full night sleep was keeping up with your family and or secure job leave you exhausted by noon.

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She's the director of finding courage, but she is also as a a writer and a producer and she has written her own book about her own experience of being locked up in a basement prison cell in China who are China's walking dead, published in 2020 K and of course your family's history of being, you know, working to escape from communism first from Russia than from China than from the Czech Republic, a story that spans 1918 to 1986 research, which I assume is also found in your book talk to us about that in the end, the important message that you want folks to get out of our segment today, what would would hope for the right right right whatever that might look horrid for the one freedom to think that you delete eat every and when when I find Aaron and then I got the goal when talking about coming your way. Find me and I you and Paul McCartney coming and they called me how it worked out how the right there. I came to realize what was going on and then I really wanted to get her book before I get like my right when my family lived through the coming parent and before I could put all of my together and them and be able to share that with everything him along the way everything in Atoka they can get what I could book what I what I out what the coming is what happening and would not come into frequent equipment generate.

I want to make sure my right hand to get me what I think now that we know and you know I love America. And on Tina certainly bent the coconut but I think we need maintain get that right not Great Britain really effectively Michael.what commitment.the country night and in my and in the dating portico peak that we note that now that we and that was one of the things you know when when you think about Nazi Germany and what they did go Abel said, you know, we if we if we can capture the minds of the youth, then we can capture the heart of the country you know of folks that this is a story in elementary talking next with Raymond Arroyo about you know where Christianity is in the assault on the left and and really I keep coming back to this, the soul of our nation is what is under assault right now. What is always unified America has been the Christian faith and now we are told that Christianity is bad.

Christians are bad Christians of always been bad Christians of been the oppressors. This is that it could be that to my mind that couldn't be further from the truth of what biblical Christianity actually is gay. Biblical Christianity. You know Dr. Terry law, who recently passed away in 2020 led a group of evangelists into Poland and they ended up going. Actually, through the Polish Catholic churches at the invitation of Pope John Paul II and letter revival that led to look will suck like a lesson never would have become who he was and who he became an overthrown communism in Poland.

If it hadn't been for a Christian revival, and if we don't do that here in this country again every no one's going to be for that's my issue in my mind of what true biblical Christianity will do table recheck is our guest again. K thanks for being here again with me and I look forward to having you back

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