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Zach Vorhies Big Tech Is Dangerous Altering Results and Shodow Banning Find an Alternative 110421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 4, 2021 4:29 pm

Zach Vorhies Big Tech Is Dangerous Altering Results and Shodow Banning Find an Alternative 110421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Chosen generation host radio. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation of peculiar people think you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy now shows a generation.

There we go. I am a little more great to have you with me.

Thanks much for being here. I know you have a choice where you can listen each and every game they receive in June. Here is a chosen generation, radioman of I got a great program lined up for you today very very exciting. Stop by the way, have you missed any of our program. Yesterday we had them marked Meadows on the chief's chief great program with him day which is focus was here and we went down and talked about the Kyle Rittenhouse case very important stuff that we discussed on that yesterday Derek Hawley was with us as well.

Yesterday on the program and we expose the NAACP. That's right, the NAACP that wants to kill babies kill black babies in particular how we talked about that with their Hawley yesterday. Horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible don't support that organization.

Folks really it.

It's just they're not doing anything for the black community whatsoever.

Listen to what Derek had to say. Listen to the folks at project 21 black leadership network that come on the program here will set you straight on the on on where that stands but today Raymond Arroyo is with us. Bottom of our number two looking forward to having Raymond on the program he'll be here for the first time. Also on the program today K Ruby check his back with the she is the director of finding courage. The story of one family's fight against the CCP and the two expose the genocide that is happening against the following gong, and against the people of China by the Communist Party easier to talk about her own personal family history of fighting and fleeing from communism in multiple countries around the world. Her family will talk with you about that top the next hour, Michael J. O'Neill, Esq. is with us Scotus cases big to a case today. Folks, if you're not following that we need to be praying, praying that the justices will will serve justice it it's it's the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed shall not be infringed, died. I don't know how to be any planar in the Constitutional text but you know that free exercise right of religion that understand that free speech that don't understand that Free Press. This press is brought and owned by CCP and others.

But again, we don't have one of those the right to redress government if you're a parent, you better not because the Department of Justice is going to investigate. You and and let's see what's that last 10 yeah, the right to peacefully assemble, you know, like to support the president at the ellipse or maybe to stand outside of the L and let's not forget folks that capital building paid for our tax dollars, many moons ago but nonetheless it's the people's house that belong to those 435 guys sitting in there or the 100 senators. No no no no no, it belongs to the people we the people governed by our consents and all laws come from God and if they're not a godly law than they ought to not be in the books. My next guest is been battling against the on godly, he came out to expose them. He refers to the. The inner sanctum that the trends neurotics as that is one of the one of the entities that is that is in there and a and and absolutely godless head. I'm I'm very proud and am very pleased to welcome back to the program. A gentleman who I consider friends at 40 Zach welcome good to have you back your great honor to be back to leaks censorship expose you want to get that light out there in the front.

Whistleblowers expose of big tech censorship. You really seriously need to pick this up. Zach wrote this, along with Kent Heck and lively and that Kent is an incredible incredible guy I met him one time one time I had the pleasure of of meeting Mbytes out, but his name is they always comes up Zach when were talking about our flight for freedom and liberty. And that's just that's that's all about who he is and I'm so glad that you guys connected Google continues to play their games. Nothing has changed. I know were very excited about the Virginia victory. Glenn Young can and and and winsome Sears and we should be and and I think that we that we that we nail down the Atty. Gen. there in Virginia as well. Right did you follow that. Yeah, it looks like out.

We feel we are grace, electoral fraud that we know endemic in every election I we overcame the so-called early voting and emailing out looks like in New Jersey, though they are able to basically pull back one in the middle of the night at the counter to go home and then I had like three in the morning and ending at 90 County again all I had. You knowing you know what going on. We know that there cheating and that they don't want to beat you out with it that they're only going to cheat to win when they know that it's close enough that you get a within Virginia, it would get too much yet them and they were able to do it, and Duncan got in and I and basically represented a blowout or you eat really end up back at the end of his Bactine agenda. Auditing of hundred dollars account agenda CRC CRC that the racist agenda rail grants.Yep.with the big doctor now though backpedaling with.there trying they did. That you think but the children but let me tell you what I great the reason why parent came out or because they started looking over the shoulders of their children if they were no in their virtual classroom immediately. Yep and make what being upright Them and they got so enraged that they became activated. This is what no really, or Virginia. What the anger of our children being turned against our parent being indoctrinated with a rake ideology and break that ideology that I will update it being reported by the oligarch like Google that is filtering all the information coming through their circuit so that date point people toward a critical right reversion of information right yes absolutely like it if you do a search in your trying to discover, you know, CRT the evidences of CRT in schools. They're gonna block those sites. They're gonna knock those sites all the way to the back of the search to the point where you're not gonna actually be able to honestly research what's really going on. I I would purchase just real quick to go to my website. I go to videos good a chosen generation chosen generation and on the front page. Click on videos and scroll back to CRT Jonathan E Ward.

We did it to our event in Virginia was speakers from the Loudoun County and had folks with direct and there's also a a precursor to that with Miss Bettinger who was in it who is a New York teacher who was fired for exposing CRT in her school. She brought forward the literature of the books of the whole bit. I mean she'd exposed it and just like yourself Zach as a whistleblower. They they've ultimately moved her and they have suspended her in there giving her you know the, the, the whistleblower treatment that the left gives to those that come forward with the truth. I didn't want to find much from that.

But I think is very important to get that to get that piece of information out there.

It and I did it at Google or critical right. At the thought of by debt a critical rate. A bottle of body of legal dollars and academic movement you it will write code them in the introduction are great and you lot and to challenge me applicable to racial justice, why, why, what critical rate wide under and it weirded baby cried out at the end of the year right when the thing is that critical right. The attack you know our them and it the worst by hourly rate, that propaganda rights essentially what absolutely dictate a topic inverted line. And here's the thing you met.

I want to tell your lawn but it was you know and if you push back against it right.

If you say, if you call it out, then your racist your you're a racist fork for saying that CRT is a racist curriculum. This is just one guy I guy and it's an important one. I don't want to take away from that it is a critically important when it's one of the reasons that I think that the mama bears in suburbia came out and they were like wait a minute you know what your you're teaching our kids to hate one another. When were living next door to one another and we play soccer together and we hang out together and we love one another and we care about one another, but your teaching our children in your schools to hate each other your teaching are your trying to force my kids into bathrooms with transgender's work where our daughters are getting right okay you know your your ear, your you're forcing this this perverted sex education on our kids okay you know I mean you are not teaching reading, writing and arithmetic anymore in school. Instead you're trying to indoctrinate my child and I and and while others are saying were done here you're not. You're not doing that anymore. When a plane again and they were joined by our future network that Virginia Democratic candidate. What will name him out there that that the problem is that we got no picked at the black 8% of the pictures which are white that we need to reeducate you know them and it will more diverse acute becoming out there and thank that they meet the buyer roughly 1/3 of the third. If nothing else, and you know pictures are one of the wrong order of the lot with agenda for him to come out there and basically shot out I get really know what I like and counterproductive.

Probably no sure well and standing with the Department of Justice claiming the parents are domestic terrorist for wanting to protect their children from perversion and and hate you know I look again.

Mama bears are are woke up now and they're wound up on the right side of this situation taken was how is this. Thank you for tuning into chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping and encouraging and challenging this generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city, County, state and nation to be the Christian influence and life. We have been called to pastor Greg is committed to seeing God's life-changing power work in you. If you or have a question. You can reach us at 830-446-3620 480-304-4636 24 if your church or group would like to have pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that changing message and anointing to your event again. That number is 830-446-3620 446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening you get up in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night. Still tired.

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I'm not giving you medical advice. I'm simply saying to you ladies and gentlemen. There are some things that we can do to combat this, and I hope that you will stock your pharmacy in your house with the quercetin the vitamin D3 the sink and the vitamin C God bless you as you know you can do your tithing and love offering right from your computer. Visit to support chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation. Now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace Harold by generation radio were no topic is off-limits. My folks might. My apologies.

Apparently just discovered that the stream is down. Hello control room. This dream is down somebody in the control room could please address that issue because the stream is down okay were going to kindergarten it will continue my guest is Zach Voorhees Google whistleblower. We welcome our audience that is able to tune into the program right now. Thank you for being with us and that is Zach. Let's talk about the influence of what is happening relative to these big tech companies and you are mentioning you know how they had had basically sent one of their own as a quote unquote whistleblower right into the E in into the Congress to testify that no no no wonder this Facebook giant just you know needed to basically they needed more control over over what was going on right now control that they needed the bases arguing giving more immunity over the and what it look going to do to get that immunity to it going to open door. There essentially there closed their ranking algorithm how they judge content. How they got up and people see and what interesting at that the way that the algorithm work directly great that the full update. Thank point, according to that post that you're making and how many people are reacting to it and it will react with the data with negative, then that post goes viral and admit that the reason why a lot of controversy on because when people post controversial thing. It goes everywhere and crank the heat into like that that the bus, putting no profit over the well-being of society. Though she want to actually run the committee that the thigh and regulate they slot in the course the issue as you said, the issue is is that there's there's still content on there that the left doesn't want you were talking about your own experience recently with going on there and kind of testing to see but let you know I I mean frat house.

I'll give you an example.

I yesterday I had posted a a post relative to or not. Yesterday was actually I guess Tuesday night I had you know I had sent something up there and and in which I said you know of father Fox news and I put F a UX still has a hard issue would trump still so ridiculous to suggest the young and has no connection to drop. This is a big night for GOP trump policies tonight is about mama bears and their cubs stop security transgender vaccine mandates business shutdowns in the pandemic and Facebook said visit covert information Center for vaccine resources, and of course when a course I know that that post is shadowland right. It's a you know they've they've they've shadow Bennett even now, ladies and gentlemen, I am not able to video feed to my personal Facebook page. I'm able to do it to the ministry page, but I am not able to do it to my to my page it said that and not able to do it and and and not surprisingly right because you know they they are working on making sure that I am that I am banned in the doing that all over Internet. I met that there I'm not.

And immediately the first three coats I get And backtracking no elected politician. There backtracking people that are running for Congress in general betting and when it read with what they would go to get there corporate all the they're going to limit the spread of the individual and doesn't matter if they're popular I want I want to get to some solution here. What is the thing is that you are telling people to do to overcome this situation. What we need you alternative or a hit that up day in the digital data and what's going to happen going to get worse. But we happy you have cute pet crop farm that are controlled by the gosh darn global and we have to let people know that you're going to run that we going to your other spite and date.calm and you always regulation but yesterday the election had shattered. They are rambling. They know that popular on the ride can't turn it back to crash on truck at a met Michael Minami and so right now what we the people need to come together stop beating the click like, read by going Going better cloud cloud have is another good one. I'm on cloud have each actually I'm streaming on cloud have right now. Good CCN TV. By the way, to watch our program CEC great contents over their truth is we're going to get at a course listening to us here on the Truth Network's Accenture being with us again Google whistleblower get his book that was more to this

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