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Lathan Watts SCOTUS Hearing Several Key Cases on Religious Liberty 3_3_3 Split Amongst Justices Roberts sold out 102221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 22, 2021 6:03 pm

Lathan Watts SCOTUS Hearing Several Key Cases on Religious Liberty 3_3_3 Split Amongst Justices Roberts sold out 102221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio where no topic is off limits, everything filtered through biblical glasses. You know what? My producer just remind me, it's Friday, right?

And there's a few things that I haven't done yet that I always do on Friday. Like for existence, give my salutes to Pocom China Joe. Hey, Pocom China Joe. Nice to know that you're there trying to screw up our country. We greatly appreciate you, Pocom China Joe.

Let's see, what else haven't we done? Oh yeah, we haven't called out Mark Cuban for a minute and seeing as how today might be my last opportunity to do this. Mark Cuban, you're a communist CCP Chinese pig.

Okay, Mark. Communist CCP Chinese pig. I'm not making bad references to the Chinese people, only to the CCP who are bad people. They're evil, pure evil. And guys like Mark Cuban that send their money over there and invest and give the CCP money so that they can harvest the organs of dissidents so that they can cause oppression, so that they can behind the scenes do all of the manipulating that they are doing in every sphere you can possibly imagine their evil is destroying the world and destroying America. And Mark Cuban, you and your ilk should be ashamed.

And I guess it's only going to impact you when it comes home to roost and it impacts your kids. Alright, so that's what I'm saying. Alright, let me see, let me get to my guest because there's a lot to talk about, about other things that we've got to push back against. And I want to welcome somebody who is the director of public relations for First Liberty Institute and they are fighting for religious freedom and religious liberty, our very first liberty. I want to welcome Lathan Watts.

Lathan, welcome. Sorry, you know, I had forgotten to do that in my first segment and I had to get that out of my system. Well, I appreciate the intro. I thought I'd called into the wrong show for a minute.

You thought for a second you weren't going to get to participate, huh? Is that the deal? Yeah.

Oh, man. Yeah, it frustrates me very much to see American business people giving their money to entities that are the enemy of our country. I have an aversion to that.

I find it to be wrong and especially when those entities are, you know, are as evil as the CCP. But we're not here to talk so much about that, although we certainly want to talk about what is going on relative to defending our religious liberties and there's a great deal that's happening. The Supreme Court is seeing a number of cases, Ramirez versus Collier, the Federal Bureau of Investigation versus Fazaga, Carson versus Macon. There was the Shurtleff versus City of Boston, obviously the Coach Kennedy case, very important.

And some mixed pieces. An article you guys wrote back in June of 2020 relative to a U.S. Supreme Court decision on South Bay United Pentecostal Church versus Newsom that didn't go as we would have expected or hoped. And yet a positive relative to Fulton versus the City of Philadelphia. This is that in between that you and I were talking about in the green room where it's kind of hard to make an assumption on what this court may or may not do relative to religious liberty. And now I will let you give us some legal analysis, please. Yeah, I think what you're seeing and the reason why it's maybe hard to predict, you know, how this court's going to come out on some of these things is we talk about the Supreme Court in terms of it being a 6-3 majority of conservatives. But really what you have is kind of it's really more of a 3-3-3 split. So you get the three liberals, which are never surprises with anything that they do.

They're completely outcome based. They're living document people. The Constitution just means what they want it to mean. But then amongst the six conservatives, you have kind of two blocks of three. You have Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch that are both textualist in their interpretation of the Constitution, but they're also willing, more willing to correct previous mistakes by the court. They are not shy about saying, you know, if the decision was wrong, it needs to be overturned. Then you have the other block of Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett that are for the most part textualist in the way they interpret the Constitution.

But they're, they're less likely, I would say, to overturn previous presidents. They're more institutionalists when it comes to the Supreme Court as an institution. So they're concerned about, you know, big sweeping decisions or overturning previous cases.

And so that's why I think it's, it can be difficult and sometimes we get decisions that are kind of surprising. Now you mentioned Fulton v Philadelphia from last term where that that was actually a nine zero opinion that said Catholic social services does not have to choose between contracting with the city of Philadelphia and remaining Catholic. But the surprising thing about that case was it was brought really as a vehicle. A lot of us thought this was going to be, could be a case that they used to overturn employment division versus Smith, which is really bad.

The worst decision on pre-exercise probably in 30 years. And they didn't do that. And I think what happened there is probably Justice Roberts, Kavanaugh and Barrett who are less likely willing to overturn president. Roberts was able to sort of craft an opinion that upheld, you know, Catholic social services rights to remain Catholic and still work with the city of Philadelphia, but that did not touch Smith. And that's why there's a concurrent in that case by Justice Alito that's over 50 pages long. And it reads like it was intended to be the majority opinion to overturn Smith.

Can I jump in and say something too that I think is important historically for our audience to understand as well? Because when you talk about, you know, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Roberts, and you talk about them in terms of not being willing to, quote unquote, overturn precedent, we also have to understand that a lot of precedent was set in the late 1950s, in the early 1960s, predicated on a break, a complete and total disregard for 150 years of jurisprudence and precedent that existed within the writings of the courts, and specifically the Supreme Court and justices that had maintained that ethic for, since its inception, since the inception of the Supreme Court. And so they literally cast aside precedent to start something. And now you have these three justices that are not really looking at real precedent. Am I making sense, Lathan? They're looking at an aberration in precedent.

Truly honest folks. I'm not trying to be, you know, I'm not being shaded, jaded or biased about my thought process. I'm just saying to you that if you read 150 years worth of case study and then you read those 10 to 15 years, you would think that schizophrenia ruled in the courts. Yeah, and this is why, you know, when Roberts was up for confirmation, when Barrett was up for confirmation, and Kavanaugh, I mean, if you watched any of these, the Judiciary Committee spent a lot of time asking them about their view towards precedent and the concept of stare decisis, that the decision has been made and it's been around and it's been relied upon as sort of, you know, the law of the land.

Shouldn't it be allowed to stay? And I always sort of joke that stare decisis really is Latin for if something's been wrong for a long time, you have to continue to let it be wrong. If the previous court got it wrong, then you should fix it.

That's what you're there to do. And that's really the view of Thomas and Alito and Gorsuch. And so, you know, it's going to be interesting to see, you know, this term you've got Dobbs versus Jackson, whole health was the abortion case that will be up.

And it'll be interesting because I know that there will be probably Thomas and Alito and Gorsuch who are willing to say, you know, that Roe was wrong when it was decided and it should be overturned and, you know, basically return that issue to the states where it was before. I don't, you know. And that's an important statement. That's an important statement. What you just said, that's an important statement. Roe v. Wade federalized abortion folks.

That's the issue. The issue from a constitutional perspective is just like the 17th Amendment essentially wiped out states' rights in so many ways, you have the same situation here with Roe v. Wade. Why should Roe v. Wade be overturned? Simply because the states and the people within those states should be the ones that get to decide specifically how they're going to manage that equation.

What are they going to say? And if you don't like, you know, if you're living, I mean, I lived in California for a long time, twice actually lived in California. And you know, we decided that the laws in California and the way that California governed itself and was governing itself, we just couldn't live there anymore. We couldn't deal with those laws.

We had fought, fought, fought, fought, fought. And so we moved to a state where we believe that the state better aligned with our belief system. And that's what America is supposed to be about.

That's the 50 United States. You have that option. Exactly.

Yeah. You vote with your feet. You know, if you like the way California does things and live in California, if you don't, you know, there's plenty of other places, there's Texas, there's Florida, there's Georgia, there's lots of states. Um, and so that's, I think it's going to be very interesting that Dobbs case, um, because another thing to keep in mind is that when the chief justice is in the majority, uh, on, on any case, he decides who writes the majority opinion. He can write it himself or he can assign it to one of the other justices in the majority. If he's not in the majority, then that responsibility goes to the most senior justice in the majority, which in this case would be justice Thomas. Um, and so it, it wouldn't surprise me on that Dobbs case, which is, you know, a challenge to Mississippi's law regarding abortion. Um, it wouldn't surprise me if it came out six three with, with Roberts joining the other five in order for him to be able to write the opinion. And, and he, you know, probably ties himself and not to uphold the Mississippi law, but not touch row. Uh, yep.

And, you know, but predicting what the Supreme Court's going to do is a bit of a fool's errand anyway, so we're just going to have to wait and see. Yeah. Well, and let's, we got about a minute and a half left, so let's, let's get the Kennedy case in here to discuss too, because this is, you know, I mean, this is very important. This is a really significant landmark type case.

Uh, give me in 60 seconds. Why do you agree with that? Yeah, absolutely. Um, number one, you, you should not have to choose between your faith and your job. Um, the free exercise clause needs to be strengthened. Again, employment division versus Smith needs to be overturned. And the fact that they didn't do it in Fulton V Philadelphia means coach Kennedy's case could be the case that they used to do it. Um, and if so, we will all have more religious freedom than we've had in 30, 40 years because the courts scrutiny towards government action when it comes to free exercise would be heightened back to where it used to be. The highest level of scrutiny is called strict scrutiny.

It's a very high bar that the government has to get over. And of course this situation here and, uh, you know, it really flows back to, to Roberts because if Roberts decides to jump onto a decision in coach Kennedy's favor, he could again write a, a, a decision that skirts the issue of employment division versus Smith and, and again, not touch that or, or, or leave that in place. Uh, you know, folks, this is, you know, if, if for the purpose of prayer for the purpose of praying for someone's heart to be pierced in a way that, that, that the conviction of God shows up in their bed chamber and really lays it on them, pray for this for, for chief justice, John Roberts, because somewhere along the line, this man has forgotten his principles and the purposes upon which he was placed in that position and the trust that he was given.

I don't know why there are a lot of speculation, but the bottom line is I do believe that prayer changes hearts and we need to be praying diligently for that. Thank you. Lathan for being here.

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But he suggested, his name is Roy Hawley, he's a good man, and Roy suggested to me, hey why don't you, you should go talk to these folks over here at KERV in Kerrville, Texas. So I did and did my dose of the ghost, but I did a rock and roll version for the rock and roll station and then God told me to do this show called Chosen Generation Radio and he gave me a tagline, no topic off limits, everything filtered through biblical glasses and he said there's a lot of preachers on the program, I don't want you to just do a preaching show, like a Sunday sermon kind of a thing, it needs to be more of a talk show. And he gave me three topics, Islam, the LGBTQ, homosexual agenda and secular humanism as kind of launching pads and we've been talking about those issues. There's my guest and very significant, hang on a minute, there he is, hang on a minute Al, and so I've been talking about those things now for over ten years, we've had a lot of great guests on the program, we're going to continue to do that, you'll be able to follow us at Folks, it is so important that both of you come.

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