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Charles Love Race Crazy America Not Systemically Racist And We Prove It Dems Godless Racist Behavior 102221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 22, 2021 6:05 pm

Charles Love Race Crazy America Not Systemically Racist And We Prove It Dems Godless Racist Behavior 102221

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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As Pastor Greg goes to the generation ready a show thanking you for tuning in.

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And you can't touch you and you don't know me.

I know I like to give an argument okay the country that took on quite your solution on the right bike or a cult by pot pipe so doing on weight and color wall and why you were depicted by centering on weight and color. Anyone at that question and here's here's another thing I went through this series of questions with David Johnson who is the Hasbro whistleblower who was called into a meeting at Hasbro wherein they said we are going to indoctrinate children so that they understand that white hates black white oppresses black and and and Blacks need to, you know, responded that and were to start doing this with our toys and our little kids and so I asked him a series of questions and if you if you don't mind Charles would like to ask you some of those questions as well. Let me let me begin by asking you where word is you. Where did you grow up.

I grew up in. The okay and and were you in a predominantly black neighborhood or amygdala to hundred hundreds 100 hundred percent hundred percent black neighborhood, and you and you and you went through your your your education are or a portion of your education there, what, where did you did you happen to go to college out of high school I went to Indiana University women not a hunter but not a way no way stop, wait, wait a minute. Hold on a second. I'm sorry but said you went to Indiana University did they have light was there like a little section of Indiana University that you were allowed to be a part of, or what did you get Ashley to walk on the entire campus regarding the art about them, what would happen when you did that well. Glad people who are you, I wait wait wait wait wait wait wait but but they had like that you had an ankle bracelet on and it had like a tracker on you so that way they knew where you were right ankle, but I'm assuming whiteness being entered in the country. They had to know where I was at what I do clearly but not great, but anyone coming back and going okay on time, great time looking at issue 20 pack 0000 I'm sorry thought I you so so this was before 1619 man you are you are you are I have a loyal Asian miracle yeah you really you must be severe about what 605, 600 years old. I got you I got you okay so yeah so so so so speaking of time. So what is when was this exactly.

If you don't mind my asking when I go out yeah in the late 80s early night that AA you talk about love the the 1890s and the gate is right is that is that writer 9,000,080s and 1990s and 1980s and the 1990s and you went to Indiana University and you're able to walk around there and they and and and wow, that's interesting.

So to so when you graduated was that like an all-black graduation at a separate bank for the audit. What why I I graduate all that through your house by yeah it took a while but typically, when I heard it out okay. Everything is out so you know so you can let you know that's on the radio on my program, then you did the Whiteface thing is that what happened did not graduation and when I was doing it back into time. They were it with the web graduated they went up into what they and I got it. Did you see the diploma because obviously I'm sure that on that deployment said something like, don't let these people actually get a job and said they'll make it a little yeah little bit like but likable. Okay okay I had.

I'm assuming I don't know I had a feeling that so did you end up getting a diploma from somewhere.

Or did you again when, where, and where might I asked was, was that I University. I'm sorry, what was that again University that it will be in Phoenix Arizona where there is hold on him and know you know I'm okay.

Just like the old West because so that you so you definitely definitely had issues in in in in Phoenix, Arizona. I but did they send you her question is basically you, and that's what we what we know they know that they never know you between now they're back with the portal before the great euro pre-writer the 20 now people, some in a like I feel your pain and then you have to go through it. I get it, you know, I know how hard it being black because no one ever. Why was that will because yeah because you're probably so as to how you dress these days. Did you with what's that what is that look like got it. How do I dread yeah you had a different, look to because I know the picture that I've got a view is you know fairly tame, but I'm I'm I'm I have to assume there has to be something unique to to tip to that these days because I guess you said we've we've changed our were now racist gallery could make an alcove. Certain precautions get the technology that there unfortunately I've gotten the memo.

I don't know what you make the mistake of doing things I did in the 80 to 90, and thereafter not realize like that there are certain things that can and cannot do, and that my opportunity to limit I seen so so that I could don't know exactly what the book also. So speaking to that right so you so you graduated you you got your degree and and and and then I had mentioned my audience that you ended up doing a radio show actually I so how did that work out you. How did you how did you sneak into the radio station to get on the air.

I don't know yeah you know you I got the opportunity at that I wanted to do what you had an opportunity home on the second I'm sorry there is reason America year. You're not allowed to have any of those opportunities. What was what happened there. Well I don't know how it happened. I don't know what the or all that was living it was that was a guilt and shame thing that was it was probably part of reparations that it ignited, but they probably were displaying.

We need to get them something to apply person to own and I happen to be close with Julio to the space would gonna work out. I got you and I have asked David early in the week.

I said said, did you ever did you ever work for you know any white people.

Earl there a couple of artwork for couple of companies that were won by white people will private company that happened in any of you ever had any bosses that whites. I have no how does that wait wait wait wait, you mean you mean to tell me that there are that there are black success stories in America but applicable rate all about my lamplight both wore they were 27 women the right started January 20 27 think you can count things that happened.

Okay there.

Everything that you're saying you try to use me as an example, that the whole country that way to Stewart Ct., January 20th 2010 looking at me about my like me to get that all okay alright now that's fair enough.

That's going to absolutely have to pay for. Okay, fair enough son of Charles II will I live in you that so so in and lay in 28 teen and in January 2018.

Because at this point is it is settled in right you had a little year of it to get settled in. What would you were you did, did you have a job I did that and and and were were more might you been working on their work and what did not get terminated at the Norriton gunner promoter coupled to find and and and and did you have any white bosses or any white people that you worked with it, actually back.

I had white white all email but I think aloud, but most of my coworkers were very, very diverse workplace. They were pure about the immigrant people in the way I see I said I was only a year later it was all counted for the right to point you down and had reached every credit okay okay you had meant it hadn't had been saturated sod song song. As soon as you were preparing to come as so that we could do this to where where it where were where my speaking to you at by the way I wear my physically yeah yeah I'm in all you like.

I'm in New York you're wailing here in New York City so so that they have like is like a special section in New York that you're allowed to be in over there are. That's right, went forth with electrically avid folks. I know if you tuning your light bill and what am I listening to what what is going folks, my good friend Charles love has written a book called race crazy, PLM, 16, 19 and the progressive racists and an RNR satirical look at this if you will, is to just try and show how how absolutely race crazy our world has become and and and it's it it really has become crazy you.

You titled your book looking at PLM 1619, the and the progressive racists were going to take a break and then were going to come back. But but give me a kind of a lead in or a lead out if you would as to what folks can expect when they read the book and when they went when you cannot unpack these these racist concepts with the most important thing I want people to take away Internet that I take to approach that most of the people up on the topic, don't I write down point out what I think my personal.

What I think the wall about the movement of the think of the group, but I picked up further I give them the argument that they like that you get what you want out of the country. Here at you. What if the power of the things that you are doing going to Lynn Lee to be told you want and a better country, and it does it put that out and lastly to all disinterested people on the left. A lot of liberals are not the Y crazy Lepic really care about the country.

What going to be a limited support in the 59 they don't know what you mean there were wonderfully now the conservatives are twisting what they believe with Sean Hannity or Mary be stuck there were in the now, after hearing his thinking this will you still select the organization. Are you still going to believe this time we get back. Charles love really talk about what what it what are the you know that the dangers of this where is this leading us and and and more importantly what are some real solutions to overturning this race. Craziness. You find yourself turning on the news and feeling hopeless open borders spending on crazy. The prospect of more mandates lockdowns inflation and the list goes on there something you can do by from companies that believe what you and I believe we need to stick together now more than ever, and there's been one company willing to stand with you since 2012 patriot mobile patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless provider.

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The Truth Network wishes the network that is owned by Stu Epperson, Junior, Stu is the son of Stu Epperson senior who owns Salem broadcasting and I'm excited about this move because it's going to put me on satellite and will have the opportunity to be picked up by as many as 1200 stations and that's really the main reason that I'm that I'm making this adjustment I will I will miss my my producer Christie and and I pay tribute to all of those folks in that in a previous segment including the late great Fred Weinberg, the former owner of USA radio that just recently passed and I pay tribute to him. My guest is Charles love race crazy is the name of the book the Charles is the name of the website. So Charles, you know that BLM 1619 and and the the the progressive racists. Your solutions guy there some things that I can't talk what is a beginning tell you I had Barbara from Harlem on on Monday were talking about, you know, black on black murderer talking about black abortion rights blood abortion clinics that are placed in black neighborhoods were talking about all of the businesses that were burned down just two summers ago that are still there.

Still, there's no replacement for those were talking about the crimeware. Black businesses are having to close because other members of the black community are going in knowing that they're not going to be prosecuted and stealing off the shelves and now in Chicago. You can be a mutual combatant and then and and you know kill each other and by the way hundred and 85 incidents of individuals on the Parkway being shot as their driving on the Parkway totally removed from where the actual gun fires taking place, but Charles, I can't talk about any of those things because I am a white Christian male oppressor.

Yet, that it is even the right so we can talk about that they could probably conduct, but any other problem with fine quickly with the progress the right that a faith thing about the country that they the problems that they want to pick that we can agree to Manatt that the other. The problem I wanted to be better, but in that action problem are literally proclaimed at the rate we remember from no different. Thank let's treat people like people you I focused a lot on education director for Connecticut with we are trying to focus on them and critical thinking rather than before. The matter for select tutor and get the lay flat black people are likely you made up of some sort and I think that if the port under the movie felt like people are part of the Olympic type. If you're looking for, so it will look up the movement for black lot. If the Q number four PL set forth in the Lichtman with a safety manifesto publicly for preamble and read my book is a pretty therapist guilty of race crazy is the name of the book look for the Charles or you can look for an Amazon and I would encourage you get or donate page click on Amazon smile.

I'm not a big fan of Amazon but you can use some and and then you just can do a search for race crazy and Charles love by the book today and you'll support our ministry and become educated as well. All back at the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how did you fight the good fight, share the good news. Give people a check.

How did you shine your light to be a beacon of truth in the darkness did you shrink back in fear when they demand you change my message. Did you call evil good and good evil, did you forsake my love for that of another line with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you to file yourself through compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination. Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones perverted in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day. I want him to simply say the evidence is in. Well done, thou good and faithful servant. I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world. I will never give up. And in spite of the hate I will love. In truth, God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest. Are you getting up in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night.

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