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Horace Cooper TESLA Case a Ruse to fund leftwing Racist Narrative .Black America Waking up to Racist Lies Vaccine Danger 102021mp3

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Truth Network Radio
October 22, 2021 6:00 pm

Horace Cooper TESLA Case a Ruse to fund leftwing Racist Narrative .Black America Waking up to Racist Lies Vaccine Danger 102021mp3

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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In the case of the vaccine mandate or vaccine usage.

It would help their effort. If both pregnant by winning the candidate by pregnant, hair when she was a candidate had not encouraged people, particularly black American from you utilizing the vaccine be irony is not. My perspective is we are supposed to informing people we are supposed to educate people and we are supposed to persuade people that power. America work we don't take program will mandate them. We let adult make him about their lot.

I'm not a favorite poker.

I've never been a cigarette smoker. However, I don't believe it appropriate to strictly pack dictate no you can't smoke. I think we should encourage people not to smoke but we should recognize that it all get to make the decision. The left reject the idea and they believe that they know better, but don't do about their own body. This run the file of what is when the most innocent among the unborn are being slaughtered in abortion clinic. We don't get to hear about the importance of good faith pellets can't restrict that because the update. My body, my choice, but not your body not your choice. Hypocrites black American. Interestingly, proportionately covering the correct equipment of the vaccine mandate black American are more likely to work date, and federal government.

Black Americans are more likely to work in the front-line role whether law enforcement or EMP are in the service industry black American proportionately working the provision even in the restaurant industry and black American are being overwhelmingly laid off or fired depending on the jurisdiction even as the state government. The local government.

The federal government even a corporation should be accommodating people genuine wine they base objection, none of those are happening, and ultimately the court, the Supreme Court is going to intervene. The problem with how many people will lose their job. How many people will be foreclosed.

People ultimately at well and in addition you know you talked about, you know, invasions of of someone's privacy as well. Look at at what's happening to landlords to when you when you talk about you know property rights right I mean landlords now are being told that they can't collect rent and and yet the banks are not being told they can't foreclose on those landlords you know it right.

I am fortunate job impact right so many people on the left say that America is unfair throughout America. They say America going to lie about America. They say America. Single people well on the basis of their race took punishment, but also like and I think this not because I like to be a contrarian talking about the data when you actually look at the number of civil rights lawsuit thing complaint letter filed black Americans were following them at record well when you look at the number of people in the fee sweet or higher incorporation black American are highly and increasingly being represented not setting a decrease talk about voting black American income state are voting at higher level been the population at large and there is no evidence that you were black American torque smaller percentage of black American are voting if you compare 2010 to 2020 over that tenure. You nationwide the percentage of black American voting has increased not decrease, but we were to believe the lie about America and I think too many black Americans do believe that flight that have led a number of black American trickling men to start their own what's called economy.

They provide services to be one morning it could be plumbing. It could be delivered any number of opportunities and the Canadian economy that is being hurt the most by the left with their effort with the vaccine mandate with the regulation and beautiful you ask me before about black and Democrats alike bed. The Democrats pick black for granted. This is just another example you know that the narratives that they put forth two horses is that you know this is all part of the you know it it systemically racist to say anything about I do know IDs to vote or you know it systemically racist to say again that black America what they think about that because black America survey after survey we might be. We believe in ID limited know you where watching America, been watching over a million product may be of much is 1 1/4 million people have come into this country illegally.

Here when they settle into community. They are going to use a disproportionate share of the educational resources there's not a mastery of English-language extra resources are going to Be provided for them.

24% in del Rio were identified having COBIT symptom.

There is a high likelihood that because they've come from places where there is not the kind of health and insurance conservator for the good for America. Using the mobile community clinic and little disproportionately the people who end up paying for this are going to babysit of them who live in the community before this group arrived increasingly those are black American.

And if on election day, black Americans go in and failed all non-we need to place some restrictions and from limit on gold using the public clinic using the rehab centers.

All of a sudden the ghost boater illegal boater, in and now the boat of little actual bona fide where watching their and yet the left continues to say America that unfair to black when I look around and all I can for you. The left thumb.

Black line they're going to that would build you to do is is that then they will say that some some white racist is the reason why the black vote is being underrepresented. They won't say that the illegals came in and overwhelmed the vote, heavens no, they will again continue to try to divide us for us and they'll say that it is that there is a a racist, oppressive regime that's trying to keep black people's vote from County White has been the bogeyman.

The collective views for a number of years. The problem as I get it.

Even as the claimant being made more and more black Americans are saying to them about, particularly black American under the age of 45 or think of them felt what have we gotten bargain that we've made with the left working out for a workout for children not working out for our community. So the left responded not with hey better program.

We got a better platform. We've got a number of things that we wanted to to attract your boat instead they talk about the bogeyman. The white racist is going to get you. I am confident based on my observations of America. More and more black American are packaging them felt about. Bogeyman they can't find them in their neighborhood, they can't find them at the school campus they can't find him in the workplace. They're not able to find them anywhere except when they go to a rally and hear the left week, but the left has no option for Hispanics who were not in this country lawfully into platform for the green radical. An extensive platform for the GL BP QI community to platform the left could put up all of these measures for all of her youth group for black America. The benefit got it from the police which black Americans say they don't want in the racial bogeyman. Yeah it's it's it's really as I want to switch topics and you saw this or not but that's test law had a a lawsuit brought against them by an employee whose last name was Deas who was an elevator operator who actually wasn't working for Tesla. He was a contractor, but he had filed the suit four years ago, claiming that Tesla allowed him to be racially targeted but it turns out that he actually got into a fight with a woman who was a Filipino who also was a contractor but here's the kicker.

He was awarded $137 million horse by myself. Story did you see did you start this. You see this story. It is seat. Now here's the thing you do remember David Hogg yet.

Okay. Remember that he was the kid, you know, that was involved in. That's in and you know speaking out as as the student leader, you know, in the in the shooting at his school. What have you remember how much money he was given but I know being able to go to beriberi traffic school started up his own company and all of the project. By the way, but what my point is is that it appears that that the last you know because they're losing you you're mentioning it.

You know black Americans are saying women. There is no bogeyman that this this is all why we been lied to and now they're trying to teach our children to hate other children predicated on the color of their skin.

There are at black American parents that are that are being called domestic terrorists because they're showing up at school board meeting saying I don't want my kid taught to hate okay they're losing the fight.

My feeling is that is that this lawsuit right here is about funding the lefts movement to keep propagating the lies about systemic racism in America that make sense going to feel what I expected Circuit Court.

There are likely to your limit on the old private event familiar with focus and Michael came out laughing here about black America get a whole chapter on the time that exhibit in Americus. A lot of black American with a Mennonite state soon for us to be back with us right after this ridiculous breakthrough listening to Joe generation ready in my guest horse people will talk about that book coming back. On the other side hi this is Michael Kreider of Michaels M and P supplements. Let's talk energy do you wake up tired even after a full night sleep was keeping up with your family and or secure job leave you exhausted by noon. Do you find yourself turning way too early in the day, and too often to caffeine loaded drinks just to get you through it all. When I turned to Michael's MMPs energy factors instead our energy factors are safe, healthy and unnatural way to keep your body energized and without that caffeine crash that you get from those laden drinks. Visit us today at Michael's business Dragon I use energy factors there great order yours that's and use Pastor Greg for your special discount. That's Pastor Greg get your special discount today.

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I will generation ready as my special guest is how scooper and that you can find them by the way, at G contributors at the gym generation or a to website CG contributors click on horses picture you'll get over to the national Center for Public policy and that they have their project 21 black leadership network. He is also written a book called how Trump is making black America great again and horse. The sad, the truly truly washed atrocious thing about this is that Joe Biden in eight months has really attempted to unravel all of the good, the president, Trump was doing for black America correct my book black American men are more represented in law enforcement in the population at large happened in the last six month every month another 5 to 10% of black Americans are leaving law enforcement because denigration that is occurring. Black Americans are lagging further occurring in employment after the record-setting level of employment that occurred with corporate believable. How the economy have been pushed by all of the government shutdown and that it disproportionately affected black America you were going to come up with a plan or policy to hurt black America. I can imagine how it would look like what we've had in the last 10 months of the Biden administration. There's there's I can't think of anything either.

And again, so's you heard it here first marker words that Tesla lawsuit. That's about funding the leftists racist agenda that's that's that's a huge part of what you're doing. Get the book and a lot of what you're doing is uncovered by Horace in his book how Trump is making black America great again. It is so relevant to understanding what the left is doing to create such horrific division amongst us and folks we should not be divided. God created all of us red-brown yellow, black and white horse. Thanks for being here. I greatly appreciate served more after this power to come in, this is Adam and always here and we are sponsors listen to our business and I want her to join me chosen generation contest to call him today or once again that Saverio 46624 blesses arches found by this vast array goes to the gym generation read your shell reminding you that we have a two hour program Monday through Friday with great interviews on topics that impact you are goal is to return our country to a biblically-based constitutional republic as envisioned by our founding fathers, and what made our nation the greatest in the world for over hundred and 50 years. You are a part of that vision. So please join us a chosen generation, ready chosen generation ready and sign up for our emails today

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