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Alex Stoval AZ Congressional Seat 9 072821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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July 28, 2021 7:22 pm

Alex Stoval AZ Congressional Seat 9 072821

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Hi this Dr. Joel Wallick found a young Judy veteran physician and I'm the guy that figure out the cause, prevention and cure of cystic fibrosis on the guy that found the conference and cure mustard history and then I figured out the cause and prevention of cinema distant from you hear about those three disease anymore because in federal lawsuits. We are able to force the manufactures baby formulas to put these nutrients in the baby for I was in those three diseases cirrhosis and mustard as they were not genetic disease.

There is a simple, nutritional deficiencies is sentiment syndrome crib death was not due to mother laying on the babies only 2% of the babies are in bed with her mother's when I died 90% were in crib.

We had that nutrient put into the baby farm as we ended crib death 20 years ago. One child died of crib death for hundred normal births.

Today is one per 3000 normal births. If everybody would give all the 90s and traditions of these kids, not them would die. Contact that's USA radio chosen generation host you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy and now shows each generation is filtered through the biblical glass pastor Greg will merge the program. Great to have you joining and I know you have a choice in where you can listen each and every day, and I think you are committed to doing here to generation radio.

We are live at sea Pat 2021 Dallas, Texas and very pleased to have my next guest with me. He is running for Congress in the Phoenix area and course.

We welcome our audience from KX TG to joining us here on generation radio.

I want to welcome to the program, Alex Sobel, Alex welcome good have Easter. Thank you. And it's a blessing and an honor to be a great banking what so tell me.

First of all to me a little bit about your background, so the audience kinda gets a feel for who you are and then that and then some of your goals for the your congressional district and the needs that you see.

Of course, thank you so I'm in Arizona my eyelid and 57 different locations in the state of Arizona so I know places by ZIP Code.

I'm very passionate about it. I went to Hamilton high school and graduated, but also with the six other high schools. In addition to that, so I'm very passionate about school choice. I went to a lot of public schools, and I didn't really learn much in the public school so I'm very very passionate about school choice to change my life. Secondly, I will talk about finishing the border because there are a lot of veterans that are in need that aren't being taken care of yet. We have a representative party that is neglecting our troops integration phase is challenging as a current service member and a veteran. I understand DD integration phase and how challenging it can be. And thirdly, I would say financial literacy. We need to take the power back from those that are appointed over us and give it back to the people they had here to the Constitution. They are appointed by the American people. They should be doing their due diligence to make sure they're connected and I look forward to being elected in bridging that gap. What are some of those financial challenges on an education level possess were really talking about here right is is making sure that people have educational opportunities so that they can then take advantage of the American dream, that's the that's the goal. So talk to me about some of the things were were your ceiling that the failing in in in the area that that were discussed. Of course, so one of the things were currently doing is fine. I'm a financial coach so I help people understand the stock market to help them understand the value of a dollar. I was taught by any would say a white supremacist from the Republican Party that taught me how to understand the stock market follow trends so coming from inner-city community growing up in section 8 housing, low income housing understand that a lot of our community. A lot of minorities not just Blacks, not just Hispanics but Asians and Caucasian as well. We struggle with understanding passive income and what it actually means people think capitalism is bad in itself but don't understand that most people have some sort of capital they just may not have a lot of capital but I started in stock market with hundred $50 some very passionate about teaching the inner-city community and kids that are my age as well. How to take power and ownership of their money. God entrusted us with this and being on a biblical talk show. I think it's important understand, don't let your talents go to waste.

And God gives wisdom freely to those who go out mass close mouse don't get fed some very big on teaching financial literacy, what would you say your opponents. His approach has been when you consider minorities because that's their message. Their message is that you know that minorities are oppressed minorities don't have opportunities and and it's all certain groups falls that that that situation exists. What would you say to those that are where you were that that you know that even I mean and I like yourself. I've done a lot of traveling that a lot of things was definitely not born with a silver spoon in my mouth but what would you say to them relative to overcoming that that mental block yet. So first and foremost being a chaplain in the Army I see do what God is called you to do if you allow what you do to define who you are missed your calling so as intentional Christ followers, we have to understand that we are who God is called us to be in God is called us to be prosperous where prosperous nation. There's unlimited prosperity around us. We just have to take ownership of it. God is given us everything we need. So I think that's first and foremost and then secondly I would say understanding getting educated.

There's a lot of knowledge on the so-called cell phones that we have so by default. We can't really make excuses saying we don't understand something if you don't understand something, we go to the source to be trying find it. We have to be more intentional and take accountability and ownership of these things. So I think those that are out there that grew up in the projects like I did grow up and and and and inner-city communities such as Cyrus Iraq or Detroit or places like that that have a little bit more challenging deficit.

If you will, understanding there is opportunity. We lack opportunity, but there is opportunity this America you have to go out and get it were not giving handouts were giving hand up so if you're willing to do some of the footwork is God is called us to do the opportunities will present themselves about that climate is Arizona is its own unique personality. If you will.

What is different in Arizona than some of those other places that you mention like Detroit and so forth. Of course, so going back to what you mentioned about the current incumbent that sitting in the seat that the Democrat not to mention his name so not to give him a political clout as well.

There yes but what I will say is he's very out of touch with the community. I've never seen him. I've never seen them in the strips of never seen them inner-city communities. But what I do see him is on the radio on TV when it's convenient.

It seems to me like the representatives that have currently been elected only one show up when it's convenient or they have something to gain. That's not being a servant to be more servants in the community so representative republic right what our founding fathers intended that we should have almost like it was too sensible to be true.

So yeah yeah no I understand I understand that you mentioned that you are in the service yourself correct and you're currently chaplain as well. Chaplain candidate by my paper. Yes I session in August. All right now, so how did you how did you make the decision to join the service and by the way, thank you for that yeah will growing up.

Like I said I grew up in a dysfunctional family very dynamic.

I think that's what also makes Arizona so unique there's a very dynamic group of people there to melting pot not going to have one cookie-cutter version of somebody that's in the inner-city community that Middle Eastern you have Africans you have Caucasians you have people that are black American, you have people that are Caucasian. Asian-American is a melting pot of people, but one thing I do know about primarily and the inner-city communities in the little pocket you do have people that are looking for opportunities to better themselves and make a better life for their families. That's really what it comes down to write by making sure the neutral generation is better equipped it so that that's a big thing. I think in me. The Arizona community versus California Detroit for everybody's kind of crap in the bucket if you will write and so you have the opportunity to join the service. Yes to that or play football or gang bang as you as you will sure a lot of my cousins and brothers went that route just by default because that's that's what we knew, but that isn't what that is in all we have to know what you know this is the problem. I think when you when you consider the difference between the two parties philosophies and ideologies as well.

You know your your pigeonholed yes when when the Democrats are in control your pigeonholed they want to pretend that they're not racist but they actually have very racist court and and and all and then they're pushing that you know what black America is, what have you minorities let's just say this. If we start to apply race and perverted if that's what that's what begets were Brad race is important.

It's not going anywhere, but if you actually look at history, race was based off of region.

It wasn't based off of color. The Democratic Party created this narrated that color was a big thing you had white supremacy. You had white superiority than you have extremists on the African-American site that believe all Blacks were the original Israelites are etc. etc. etc. I want to going all that I got lost but I think when you deter from the truth because you have your own man-made ideologies that will be get lost in the sauce being being in public school choice is paramount. Educating and empowering our next generation. That's once again, that's why I'm drawing this to home.

It's important very important people perish because a lack of knowledge right absolutely, absolutely.

Now, may I ask how old you are.


26 fantastic, fantastic and and you know I mean I think that it's critically important that our younger generation get engaged and get involved talk to me about how you're able to bring that younger generation in and I know I mean my daughter years is 21 and and so I know there's a lot of questions that she has, whether it's LGBT your way just different questions that that exists that are you know for for someone I'm going to be 60 next year right but you know for my generation.

It's a different story. Say, then it is the questions and and a lot of that has to do is you mentioned with the educational foundation right because you know if you've been indoctrinated to believe certain things then then you've got a break that paradigm open in order to receive new concepts and new ideas correct. If we keep doing the same things we've always done, we will never be anything than what we always have been.

That's what I tell people that come and interact with me. Why are you doing this one are you doing X, Y, and Z because as a man of God. You have to learn how to be submissive also be meek and adhere to what God is called you to do live my life for myself. I lived because my body is offered as a living sacrifice. Once again, this Christian radio. So you have to understand that Scripture should be applicable everything that we do well and it doesn't matter even if it's not Christian radio, even if it's secular radio. The that's the problem singly and clarifying that. I know it's just what the thing is is you know everybody wants to put Christianity in this little tiny boxes, I will. The boundaries don't up outside of them except that they forget that the earth is the fullness yes right it's God's all of this belongs to God. The very breath that each you and I and everyone listening is taking is because God allows that breath to be taken. Amen. He's the one who puts the oxygen in the air. You know he's the one that even the materials we use it while you so that shirt will know even so the shirt but every thread and everything that created that thread, God created basmati to pass a collection plan and and and so I think it's important to know, you know, because I'm sure that as both chaplain in the Christian you have people that are going to say wall you know you're ready to bring your religion with you. Why hope that you do brother because actually Christianity is the most fair of every religion that there is out there because our thing is this. Hey, we set before you life and death want you to choose life to love you no matter what you choose, but ultimately understand that were also going to tell you the truth about the choice that you make it right have a lot of friends that live in the world. I got Jesus prostitutes right he hung out with all Pharisees, but that is different discussion. When I look at those stories.

I don't see it as Jesus, looking down on them.

I see as him bringing perspective if we like you said, if we put Jesus in a box we put our God in a box that will be Lucite and I'm sorry as a Democrat I was a walk away.

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We can't make and decipher. Although I won't tell a person what to do because you mentioned that earlier what to do with their life, but I will present the truth to them and say to make that decision to do with it what you will but that for me was my my turning point.

You can't truly be a Democrat Christian, you can't because the ideologies are completely contradicted what Christ reaches us to apply and be applicable in our lives and and those kinds of thought processes are the ones that actually create people that you want to help represent yes, as you mentioned earlier in our interview the opportunity to give a hand not a handout. Yes. So now let's just take a quick we got about a minute left, give me a picture.

Alex Deauville is now the Congressional representative for District 9, of Arizona, and he goes to Washington DC first three things you do.

Yes. So I would say first and foremost finishing the wall that needs to get done. Need to have a process in America. Bill those entering. Secondly, I would say school choice is a huge thing we need to. It's the fastest growing establishment going on right now school online schooling to billion-dollar corporation if you will write it. And thirdly, creating opportunities in the inner-city communities. We've got to start occupying these vacant buildings in these vacant lots with more community activities and things to get our kids involved get them open-minded get them the right ideologies and give them a future to give them inspiration and hope hope hope Alex.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with us today.

Again Alex for FO are Congress, I'm sorry Alex for I'm already in Congress with you Alex for Alex for Be sure and check it out and I'm sure he can use some help as well.

So if you got a few extra five bucks or 10 bucks line around give a hand Alex for dispatch regular signature generation ready of life and see Pat 2021 back with more after this is Adam, and always where we are sponsors of chosen generation in sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business.

Join me in sponsoring chosen generation and call him today.

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