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Don Jans PG Facism Is Not The Right Communism They are Coming For You 081321

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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August 14, 2021 5:05 pm

Don Jans PG Facism Is Not The Right Communism They are Coming For You 081321

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in to Chosen Generation. Chosen Generation. If your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation, he is available to bring that same life changing message and anointing to your event.

Again, that number is 830-446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening because you are God's chosen generation. Welcome to Chosen Generation with your host, Pastor Greg Young. But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people that you should shoe forth the praises of him who has called you out of darkness into his marvelous light which in time past were not a people but are now the people of God which had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy. And now, Chosen Generation.

Where no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. And now, here's your host, Pastor Greg. Also, from Texas, a fifth generation Texan. We're going to talk about what's going on at our border, the border invasion, the border crisis, a lot of the things that are happening down there. I'm not sure where he stands on Governor Abbott so he and I may have some interesting thoughts back and forth on that. But there you go. We'll have him at the bottom of our number two.

Top of the next hour, Al Rasuli is with us. And I'm getting noted. Okay, so my volume levels dived. What is the deal here? I don't even know what happened.

It's like, no, let's see. We'll try that. How's that? Is that better? One, two, three. Yeah, that's better.

Okay. Wow, interesting. You know, I get on the computer here and nothing has changed. Literally, I turned it off and then I turned it back on.

And there's like something that goes in and changes the settings. So bizarre. My apologies, folks. All right. So and thank you, Christy, for letting me know.

So that's Richard. Top of the next hour, Al Rasuli is with us. We're going to continue the educational process when it comes to understanding what does it mean when someone is an adherent of Sharia law?

What does it mean when someone has read and studied the Koran to the point that they are, you know, an expert in it? We're going to break some of that down for you. So we'll have that for you coming up with our Islamic expert, Al Rasuli, and he will be coming up right at the top of the next hour. Bottom of this hour, Religious Liberty. We'll be talking with First Liberty's Lathan Watts, the director of public relations and communication will be with us and we'll be talking with him about a variety of topics. We'll be talking about the packing of the court.

We'll be talking about the denial of a tax exemption for a church in Virginia. And we'll be talking about the potential upcoming assaults on houses of worship as they try to push more closures and mask mandates. And that really kind of leads well into the conversation we're going to have this morning with my good friend and our expert on Marxism, communism, socialism and fascism. And by the way, once again, let's be very clear, fascism is on the left. OK, you know, we've got the Antifa anti-fascist. What they need to do is show up at the Democratic National Committee's headquarters and have a conversation with those guys. What they need to do is show up at the Democratic Congressional Caucus and have a conversation with Nancy Pelosi and that crew and Chuck Schumer and that crew in the center and Joe Biden in the White House. You want to stop fascism, oh Antifa, and really be true to stopping fascism?

You better start going after the Democratic Party because those are the fascists. Yes, I said it. Don Janz, welcome.

Thank you. You said it very, very, very well. They are absolutely, they are absolutely pushing that whole collectivist movement. Collectivism is simply a term that encompasses all of that evil, the evil of Marxism, communism, socialism, progressivism, fascism. It is the essence today folk of the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party today has morphed into the Communist Party of the United States. Make no mistake about that. Day in and day out, more and more proof comes that says the statement I just made is totally accurate.

And we saw much of it happening in Sioux Falls, South Dakota these last several days. It's here. It's here. It's not something that might be down the road.

It's here right now. Something that I think is important to understand too is how historically these Marxist communist regimes come in and they literally redefine terms and words. They steal the definition of words. When you think about Adolf Hitler, if you think Adolf Hitler was somehow far right, let's think for a minute about what politics would be. Number one, when you consider to the right, okay, to the right actually is talking about biblical foundation, Christian constitutional. If you want to go right and left, that's right. And why is it right? Because it's right.

It's R-I-G-H-T right. It's correct. It is the proper way to look at our country as a constitutional republic based on Christian biblical foundation. And the form of government, the words in the Constitution, the concepts in the Constitution, all of those things are predicated on a Christian Bible. That's what they're based on.

They're based on the Bible, okay? That's right. I don't know what far, far right would be really getting in line with it.

Really fully doing it the right way. That's far right. Go ahead. If you go back and go back into the late 70s, early 80s, and even up into the 90s, we had a definite transition that took place. And it really took place on a lot of talk radio shows. And in the late 70s, early 80s, the left talked about the Christians. Christians were not good people. Christians didn't love people. Christians were so judgmental. Christians were so demanding. That then transformed into right-wing Christians. Right-wing Christians.

Same people. We had the same beliefs. We did not change our beliefs one little bit. But now we went from Christian to right-wing Christians. Into the 90s. And then even up to today, we are now right-wing extreme Christians to the point where we are now the enemy of the state. That took place in a matter of about 50 years. And what we know when we take a look at these types of things and we say, well, what is right?

What is wrong? How were we founded? What are we becoming? God said this is the law.

He gave us the law. Hang on. I'm sorry. I just need to interrupt for just a second. I don't know how many of you all heard that. But there was this very loud, just a moment ago, whoosh, that happened here.

I heard it real well. It sounded like it went over air because I heard it back in my ears. We just had a fly-by over our house. Like an airplane jet fly-by.

And just as a point of reference, I'm nowhere near an airport. So I don't know what exactly they were trying to tell us, but keep going because it must be good. I guess.

I guess. And so one of the key differences, and you'll notice this, and there's so many examples of this today, is that we were founded, our nation was founded for a very specific reason. Our nation that was really founded, that was founded this way, we were founded on that principle of rule of law. We said we're going to have this constitution, this written constitution that will be the law of the land. It's not what people say the law is. It is how the law is written. This is what God did.

This is the law. I'm writing it for you. I wrote it on these stone tablets. I wrote it for Moses.

He put it down. This is the law. Arbitrary law is always a part of a tyrannical government. It defines communism rule. They make the law up as they go along.

They determine what the law will be. They don't care what's written. They don't care what's been declared. They do not care what people understand. It is what they say.

That's your difference between your left and your right. This is the law. We have to adhere to it. The left says, well, we'll make it up as we go along.

What did Biden just recently do? Biden just recently said, I don't care what the Supreme Court said. I don't care what the constitution said.

If I want to extend non-rental payment and destroy those people who own the property, I can do it because I say so. Folks, that is the definition of tyranny. What I'm saying is that the man who's in the White House right now, what FDR did, I get it.

From a historical perspective, that's fine. FDR is long dead and that was 80 years ago. I'm talking about the guy that's in the White House right now saying that the constitution is fluid.

That's a scary thought. I want to get back to the stealing of definitions because I was doing just a quick search of that term, fascism. And when you look that up, fascism, according to Wikipedia, is a form of far-right, authoritarian, ultra-nationalism.

This is what they're doing, folks, when they're rephrasing terms. So that that way they can say that if you are proud of your country, we haven't gotten into it yet, but we need to mention the fact that we have Americans right now being held as political prisoners in Washington, D.C. That Congress that oversees the jails, and I've talked about this previously on the program, can't even get in to see. Can't even get in to see. You need to hear what Louie Gohmert said about their experience trying to go in and check on those individuals. It'll blow your mind. You'll think that they're talking about visiting Russia, not America.

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Pistol Peach Tell them Pete sent you. Now back to Chosen Generation with your host Pastor Greg. And don't forget you can get more Chosen Generation at And welcome back to Chosen Generation Radio. I'm your host Pastor Greg. Thanks so much for being here.

I do know you have a choice of where you can listen each and every day. Well I'm going to be looking at my camera system to figure out exactly what kind of plane or jet that was. I wasn't able to do that in the break. Just not quite enough time. We'll definitely mark that on the clock and take a look and see if we can't figure out who did a flyby on us here.

Very interesting. Like I said, I am not anywhere near an airport. Now we have had, because down in San Antonio there's a lot of air bases, a lot of training goes on down there. So we have experience before choppers flying over and things of that nature.

Military choppers flying over doing exercises. But that was a little bit unique. Alright, Don, two things I want us to make sure that we cover as we're coming out of this.

One has to do with the posing of that question. When they come for, they've come for I believe so much already. They came for the medical under Obama and they've held it.

They've kept that and that's one of the first areas they go after. They've come for commerce and Trump tried to set commerce free. We had a great economist on yesterday. Biden is bumping back up the taxes on businesses, on those that actually produce jobs. So that they are hamstrung in being able to do that and many of them now are looking once again to go to other countries where the corporate tax rates are lower.

Yep. He's also establishing central planning when he says by 2030 50% or more of the cars are going to be electric. That is central planning.

Where the government plans the economy as opposed to the marketplace. But when we talk about other things that are happening, if I were to tell you that Putin has arrested Navalvany and many of his party members and accomplices in Russia, you would say, oh that Putin, how horrible he is. If I said Lukashenko in Belarus is arresting those people who are pointing out how he ran a truly, truly corrupt election, you would say, oh that Lukashenko, how terrible he is. And if I say, but there are also prisoners in the United States that have been arrested by Biden and the DOJ, the FBI and our government, you would say, oh no, Don, that doesn't happen in the United States. It's absolutely happening. And these prisoners that have been arrested because they oppose and they're pointing out a corrupt election, just like happened in Belarus with Lukashenko, you would say, oh no, no, that can't happen.

It's happened. And these people that have been arrested have been denied any and all constitutionally guaranteed due process. And they are being held without bail, which you are supposed to be able to have bail. So the United States has gone to that point where we now arrest our political prisoners. That is a major step towards a tyrannical government, a fascist government. And let's be clear, back in 2016, when Donald Trump won the election against Hillary Clinton, they held a rally in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day where they wore pink hats and declared that they were going to remove him because he was not a legitimate president. He didn't win the election. There was Russia, Russia, Russia. And they did that for almost three years of his presidency. Think about that.

Nobody got arrested. Back with more after this. I know your business will be blessed as ours is, and I challenge you to this blessing. Thank you. Liberty Health Share dot org forward slash.
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