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Matt Long Biden Policies Aligning with Enemies Turning America Into a Third World Country 091421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Truth Network Radio
September 15, 2021 9:39 am

Matt Long Biden Policies Aligning with Enemies Turning America Into a Third World Country 091421

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Well there is there's a lot for us to talk about in our in our segment today and and and with some great conversation yesterday evening as we always do as we as we get ready to to do this segment with our with our listening audience.

Several things going on. There is 1/3 special session and there's a whole Lotta holes in it.

Things that aren't being discussed some good things but Lotta stuff not being discussed. Redistricting is one of those things but I will will let's let's jump into this petrodollar issue and and Saudi Arabia and and Russia in our relationship with Saudi Arabia and at I know you've done some some research with regards to parts of this and I'm interested to hear what you've discovered, and then I either some things that I think we also that I'd like to share from the sources that I've talked with relative to this issue as well. So please go ahead and tell me what that what you've learned relative to Saudi's Russia and the petrodollar and and what the Biden administration is created, lack of trust in the Middle East about helping defend Saudi Arabia for many years happened between you and Russia in the last couple of weeks actually played out over the last couple weeks, and yesterday I believe are the church. What happened is that Russia grant to start military exercises together to work in kind of an actual defendant games or whatever you call it strategizing in Russia that comes from Russia and discussion beginning between Russia and trying dollar so there's little in substantial straight state numbers cannot can't cannot can't find this morning a little amount of 3% number is old, I was the two tops of the United States and Russia is the biggest part of the in Russia is about to get a bunch more between 2016 and 20 2020 numbers from the Stockholm International peace research, 24% of US arms. One out of every four manufactured in Saudi Arabia. Okay so here are some things that we need to understand and I don't know if your research can share this with you, not about Saudi Arabia. There, there are there are two competing powers in Saudi Arabia. There, there are the royals and then there is a a very hard-core element very similar to what runs I ran the, the, the imams that run Iran this Saudi oil family maintains control of Saudi Arabia impart through basically doling out oil money in order to keep certain individuals in check. Now you might not remember that the Khashoggi incident that took place few years back that that was the journalist and and and and what have you. Well, the vilification of the royals in that left out some pretty key elements and and that was that Khashoggi apparently there's ties to the potential of him being a an asset for the CIA number one number two. Khashoggi was, as I understand it from my sources selling out to Iran and Iran is an enemy of the Saudi royals.

Saudi Arabia also was where we missiles and we Those missiles. There, in order to make sure that Hamas and and and that element has well and and their weaponry as they were firing out of Yemen into Saudi Arabia that they didn't topple the royal family because of if the toppling of the royal family happen then that would create a total monopoly amongst the Iranian influence in there and it would completely isolate Israel are audience needs to remember that back during the Obama years, Israel partnered with Saudi Arabia when the Obama administration shifted policy and did with the Biden administration is doing through back channels and that is supporting early wine and supporting Iran, which are both mortal enemies of Israel. And so because of the maneuvering that Biden is done pulling out the missiles stopping sending arms to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's royals become incapable of defending themselves and they have to look somewhere else. In order to in in order for that defense and the other piece to this is, is that the Biden administration knew that they knew that Saudi Arabia would look to do that. Remember that by that Biden and Obama's promise to us was to fundamentally change the United States and if you study what they had done their goal. They saw America as this imperialistic colonizer that had to be neutered and so their goal was we've got a week in the economy, we've got a week and the dollar and Americans need to start living like Third World country people because America must be punished for all of its years of of evil and therefore that and the Biden ministration new that destroying the petrodollar was a a fast track to accomplish that. So pulling out of Saudi Arabia violating our agreements with them not providing them with defense was that was a quick way because China was the one they were counting on to make that arrangement with the Saudi's the problem in China today is is that China took over Hong Kong. Everybody knows that. But Hong Kong was the economic engine that gave China the ability to YouTube to do its roads and bridges. Plan in in lending to all of these little countries and then going in and and defaulting them in taking over when the Communist Party took over Hong Kong. They they crippled themselves because they destroyed their economic base.

That's why they're trying to get into Taiwan, down, down dollar destroys the decline of the dollar will really kill it only got one. One of the steps we have around digitizing money and believable right away. No country has ever done in the history of mankind to keep strong that we have a strong trait and people look to your military can defend us in the kind of kick in, I stick so that our dollar is starting to clean completely out of the Middle East. The Middle East is up for grabs.

Now, I used to tell it's been for a long time is another thing that gives our dollars and process respect around and that he knows you can trust in Russia signed by the way the Chinese have been looking at you and I believe it hasn't been working really well for me at times. Saudi and Russian himself in another country. That is what these guys are backing out of American currency. What's wrong with American currency should be afraid of else to the rest of what's going on, so the strength of this is going to be less and possibly what I'm trying to sell you gold or silver debt and dollar bill stages of moments where I think we can still save it, but this will know the end of this grocery store and start going (cost $15, you will know that in Revelation talks about that that that that is at some point on its way and we absolutely should be prepared for that and I and I know Matt you share this with your listeners and I share with mine as well. You know it you you need to seriously start thinking about how you're going to provide for your own energy. How you're going to provide for your own water how you're going to provide for you know some some food to get you through in and it's one of the reasons why course, you had issues like the BLM and the EPA in all saying you know were going to come in and take over your private water sources and were gonna take over your gardens and you can't get all this kind of nonsense that they were doing under the Obama administration was was getting the rules in place in preparation for being able to stop.

I say it. It is a it's a scary thing. Something else to add to this as you do your research. Germany and Russia entered into an agreement whereby Russia is using that pipeline to send oil into Europe.

Okay remember the president trunk pushed very hard to stop that and he castigated Germany for doing that. That opened up the ability for Russia to stabilize its economy and enter into this agreement with the Saudi's because Russia now becomes a channel by which the Saudi's can send oil and that oil finds its way into Europe.

All of this going and lack of gas from yes and that is directly related to the Obama administration and now the Biden policies that mirror that administration and even to some of the things that the Clintons were doing as well. Although Bill Clinton is responsible for the agreement that we entered into with the Saudi tried to secure the petrodollar. All right, folks good to be with you today.

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