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#Jonathan Emord Part 2

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 2, 2021 9:33 am

#Jonathan Emord Part 2

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Rights now back to a chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg.

Don't forget you can get more chosen generation, at www.chosen generation.analog about third-generation radiometers Pastor Greg Jonathan Ian Ward is our special guest here live at the Trinity health freedom Expo and and we I was mentioning were talking in the break there about you know the the history that is part of the authoritarian right and how you walk through the history, but how we can't forget things like for example the Magna Carta right. Yeah, that the movement that began with the Magna Carta where the Lord said taken issue with the crown, was attempting to tax them and for the first time in ways that were not previously allowed that whole movement, then ultimately gave birth to the English Civil War to the Cromwell Republic and and up and then thereafter to the rise in rights and we are talking about how by the time of the end of the 17th century, even as Sir Robert Fillmore was publishing a patriarchate in defense of the divine right of kings. There was arising which would ultimately express itself in the 18th century in the publication of of Locke's two treatises on Government Algernon Sidney's work sent roof and door for numerous other philosophers of freedom. This notion of individual rights that the crown unlike what Fillmore argued the crown was not the only individual who had rights that actually rights were from God. They were not from the state and that they were not given by God to one person based on their birth but actually were birthright of all people, and this then was translated into a movement called the radical Whig movement and it was championed in England by a number of people including John Wilkes and an end. John Thomas Gordon and John trencher to row to hundred and 44 letters on liberty published in the London Gazette. From 1720 1723 and those letters and that philosophy were adopted by our founding fathers and were actually the impetus for the American Revolution, the ideology that drove roots that underlay for example common sense by Thomas Paine most popular attract in the revolutionary. And it also where ever ask of Tierney occurred in the colonies when, for example, John Peter Singer was prosecuted for seditious libel or numerous others were prosecuted throughout the colonies for services libel in those colonies, and throughout the colonies in protest to the action.

There would be put republication of Cato's letters of the particular letters on liberty that were in defense of freedom of speech and war and wasn't liberty then also supported by the great awakening.

I mean, you think about the pulpits and what they were preaching from the pulpits they were reaching were true freedom.

They were preaching liberty in and of course the author of liberty is Christ right and and the amazing thing about this is that interwoven with free agency or with a Christianity is of course free agency free agency underpins courage Christianity. Each person is allowed to send that is part of your free agency. There is no satanic plan of perfect conformity rather we are allowed to be free and we are responsible for our actions and ultimately responsible to God and that that Christian belief underlay's the entire concept of American liberty.

It also underlay us our entire criminal justice system right exactly folk if you want to get more of this. Get the book. The authoritarian is the name of the book Jonathan anymore. It is the author of that book and I really encourage you to pick up the authoritarian today can get it you can also currently get it at Amazon and if you happen to choose to use that service get smile Amazon and go and put in faith, harvest church and you'll support what were doing here as well as the ministry, we do in India which we do a huge amount of ministry in India and you can find out more about that at CG for I have more after this

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