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Rick Manning Arizona Audit Stop the Raisiing of the budget ceilng 092721

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 8, 2021 5:42 pm

Rick Manning Arizona Audit Stop the Raisiing of the budget ceilng 092721

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in a chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping and encouraging and challenging this generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city, County, state and nation to be the Christian influence and life that we have been called to be pastor great is committed to seeing God's life-changing power work in you. If you or have a question. You can reach us at 830-446-3624 830-446-3624 if your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that's life changing message an anointing to your event again. That number is 830-446-3624 446-3624. Give us a call and keep on listening chosen generation pastor and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy chosen generation program. Great to have you with me. Thanks much rain here. I generally have a choice where you listen each and every day. Be sure and I get to the website chosen chosen generation trade be and that tell a friend about the about the shell. Be sure and spread the word. Tell him I listen to Pastor Greg can that be sure and let folks know that Joan I got a great program lined up for your bottom of our number two will be talking with you and with John Parada so the left strategy to radically transform America through the border crisis is revealed in a new booklet that he's put together and he's got some incredible books out from shadow party to shadow government George Soros in the effort to radically change America government versus the people have the Democrats flip the government and made us believe that we are not governed by our consent.

The new shame of the cities occupy Wall Street, the communist movement reborn in Obama's war on the young. I mean, it is these are powerful books and that you can pick them up at Kindle edition on Amazon for $0.99 apiece $0.99 good reading. Alright, so he'll be with this part of our number two top of the next hour will have Ty Bollinger, the truth about cancer and will also talking about the Trinity health freedom Expo coming up in Tinley Park, Illinois this coming weekend. I will be there.

Hope you will to make plans. You can still get there get a room and and and learn about healthcare freedom from some incredible people that are going to be there to share with you and then bottom of this hour were looking at having with us joy via droid Villa I should say that right droid Villa will be with us at the bottom of the hour we I hope were able to make that connection.

She I believe is over in that Dublin so looking forward to having her on the program coming up just a little bit but generally right now the president the CEO of Americans for Limited government, Mr. Rick Manning Rick welcome good to have you. You're pregnant is always quite a quiet weekend quite a previous week since we last talked all strong reaction in talkers preshow. How was your weekend it was it was very very busy.

Unfortunately, we did not get a meeting done in India. We, quite frankly, we just didn't have the funds so we weren't able to put a meeting together for this week, but I this coming weekend. I meant to be in Tinley Park so in two weeks I am. I am hoping that we are going to be able to put a meeting together and have a meeting in India. If you'd like to help with that.

Go to CG the number four CG for that's chosen generation for India and help us out, make a contribution today will greatly appreciate it. Okay what is going to mean income together, but the now we know that God works all certain waves and radio.

Hopefully hopefully people will will get one a couple weeks and people who otherwise would be granted and say people who otherwise would hear the word and no L1 when he last last words they talk the course center was going back to cycle and this is essential to that mission.

That was the ultimate call that you provide each and every one of us and of this is an opportunity for her to actually do something about that.

Any hints about what you have to get into what those were India make disciples through your gift at the bank at the fickle thing. It's important thing. I hope people will benefit on the heart to do so that they will participate in word worthy since Dr. again. I can't remember sure so you can make the donation online and and that would be one place to do it by clicking the donate CG for or you can send check to face harvest church. That's faith harvest church at PO Box 3393, Bandera, TX 78003.

That's PO Box 3393, Bandera, TX 78003.

Make your check payable to faith, harvest church, you can put India in the memo and will make sure that those funds are applied to help. We need about $500 to do a meeting each week and I and we feed roughly 50 to 75 families with that $500 in a family consists of anywhere from 12 to 14 people. So it's it's quite a significant impact in India and as you said Rick. They don't get it any other way we are and where we are.

There is no government social service for the lower caste in pooling job or for Christians and so without our help. They they suffer just so terrible. My heart when we talk about the bad but you greg is an direct manager of the desecration and so I'm tired so I am no longer on the end of my little Michael preshow crew here when taking over the subject and what you call it a regular schedule show.

Well I Rick, I appreciate it and I appreciate the opportunity we have on Mondays to talk about this because it is critically important and it breaks my heart as well.

Not to be able to you know get together with those folks over there. I did go on with them on Friday morning. The Saturday I guess it was Saturday morning. I got on with them and they are holding daily prayer meetings and I did. You know, was able to get with them and and and pray with them but the reason we have to hand out the food in order to have the meetings is because if we don't then the government will come in and shut things down so it is the food he gives us the opportunity to share the gospel and without the food we can't go out and do the gospel meetings that we do so that's that's what that's about.

Again CG for CG for go over there make your best donation be greatly appreciated. Or you can send a check to faith, harvest church, PO Box 3393, Bandera, TX 78003 to make alright I do and ask you about this Arizona audit because I think it's really important. There's that and a lot information going out there. We have people saying, well, you know, look Biden one and anyone buying another 261 votes and and that's it. Overdone finished, you know, why are we still why are we still talking about that but there were there were three phases to that and in the in the portion that Dr. Siva did, which was that an analysis of the envelopes he found over nine just in one area. He found over 9000 discrepancies duplicate ballots. There were 16,934 to dupe to godly duplicates hundred 88. Three. Copy and for four copy duplicates, but basically what this means folks is is that things are are not nearly as you know that that the the blows that is tied up like like like the left wants us to believe when looking through people and sometimes we get all out of ourselves ongoing 100 greatest auto mayor American people wanted to start a two years to displace Joe Biden from the White House and the brain All job become president because he likely won the present.

It was almost impossible for that to occur just in reality pleasures what is on it is showing us a lot of the bond.

The problem existed with about a lot of the things that can be fixed to make certain that the next election is honest and true and that's the thing that this article do.

That's the reason why an audit even states the present one is important because we want to make certain that our elections are honest and true and the left which continually poses these audit the Dominion voting systems people who won't provide any of the information so you can actually honestly evaluate the conformance of the machines are key partners finger in there denying the people of the United States. The ability to assure themselves that the that the election that held when I go and exercise their most sacred right to vote.

That vote is being treated equally with everybody else's is being counted accurately and is not being basically usurped by the inclusion of ballots from people who either were not eligible or just made up. Some numbers I'm looking at some numbers are to come from George rather conservative HQ. Great location because a great friend and the reader to the editor, managing editor of the Richard Vickers conservative HQ and I just people look it up at your great work. But here's here's what came before.

He reports came from my cousin Tom spoke one percent Restasis IPA 10,457 book 3981 people voted in spite of being registered after the October 15 deadline, meaning, and more knowledgeable about going. We don't know how they voted. We just noted noted and they voted after the deadline after they were not registered, so they were illegal voters.

11,326 letters more than the entire margin of victory voted not on the walls. On November 7 were on the walls. On December 4 24 of these people were eligible to vote in any way shape or form and somehow registered between November 7 and November or December for and ended up at that juncture, having voted figure that one out 18,000 voted them removed from the route roles after the election, the people voted, and then again felt a 2000 people divided between the election and guarded between the election when the voters when they look at the federal equator just to put that into perspective. In California, including Burleson now is maybe more aggressive in California have clinical role in 20 years in LA County 1.5 million people in the eye candy literature with registration role with an active connector for 20 years I might like I am living 35 years. Joe Thatcher gives you a sense 18,000 voted in the remote-controlled after the election that almost impossible if finally 34,000 $243 million, with no evidence of evidence of them ever being sent to our mail and now it has no increase from being imported. I will consent is not a mail-in ballot at all. It is a it wasn't mailed out to the person that wasn't mailed into the system.

So how does about completing that's what There is on out it was time to find those things the state of Arizona can correct them.

So in 2022. We have paranoid like in Arizona file and it definitely showed how is a critical time to be vigilant in the defense of our freedom is no better way to do so them by joining the Association of mature American citizens a Mac a Mac is one of the fastest growing conservative organizations in America well over 2 million people of joined now carry the a Mac membership card.

A Mac was built by regular folks feel the same way you do.

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You are a part of that vision. So please join us a chosen generation chosen and sign up for our emails today.

This is Adam and always fair and we are sponsors of chosen generation, and Pastor Greg sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business and I want her to join me monitoring chosen generation has to say call him say 304463624 once again that Saverio 46624 know your visits will be blessed as arches count high this is Michael Kreider of Michael's MNP supplements. Let's talk energy do you wake up tired even after a full night sleep, thus keeping up with your family and or secure job leave you exhausted by noon. Do you find yourself turning way too early in the day, and too often to caffeine loaded drinks just to get you through it all. When I turned to Michael's MNP's energy factors. Instead, our energy factors are safe, healthy and unnatural way to keep your body energized and without that caffeine crash that you get from those laden drinks. Visit us today at Michael's this Pastor Greg and I use energy factors there great order yours that's and use Pastor Greg for your special discount. That's Pastor Greg get your special discount today. Now back to chosen generation with your host Pastor Greg and don't forget you can get more chosen and log my degeneration radio were no topic is off limits and everything is filtered through biblical glasses. Well Rick Manning is my guest Americans for limited government, and they got some priests area serious initiatives that are needing to be addressed and we need your help.

We need folks to take action Rick talk to me about your concerns and I know they have a lot to do with this budget reconciliation and and the and all this money that said that the it is about to go through but there's some good news relative to our sides ability to add something to this that will be beneficial.

At the very least linearly start others in the course of the building. People are talking about and little bit confusing, but I wanted tell you what to visit him to $1.2 trillion infrastructure builder Nancy Pelosi may pass through the house this week, but started out that's not what were talking about were not tightlipped $3.5 trillion additional spending bill that they send it is likely may consider this week matter. Talk about being constricted down to 2.5 $22.5 trillion and kind of tired of that bill that Bill Turberville needs be killed outright. When I tidied up the debt ceiling bill talked about a lot this week because where men are for the Democrats to spend more money to have to raise the debt ceiling and the Republicans assigned and I can help them Which I metaphorical that the bullet exit from the government and every early adopters time in a big fight where governments can close down there to have it all comes to shut down revenues cover shutdown pipes love them enough to know what that it doesn't build it back sleep on the government is going to be considered this week. Joe Biden filled with also to terrible stop.

It needs to be stripped and made clean and data taken off all the Joe Biden jumped out by one of the things that can be done without bill because there's got to be a negotiation because the Democrats need to get 10 Republican votes in the Senate to pass that I have to talk about have to negotiate.

Marco Rubio is introducing legislation tomorrow which will make it so Joe Biden doesn't get to decide whether states that have vaccine mandate are don't have vaccine mandates or closing his vaccine mandate policies can be denied monoclonal antibody treatment monoclonal anti-treatments work their successful cures for Colbert and Joe Biden doesn't want people to survive in states where they're not doing is masking and mandatory vaccination programs and he sent Sally wants to keep trying to restrict the availability of the monoclonal antibodies and other treatment in those states like Florida, Texas, that have a that are not valid in the fancy at the county and so please try to deny access to the strictest people get sick. The proverbial bell would take that power away from the middle out local hospitals to be purchased be able to purchase drugs directly from the manufacturer like they can every other drug intake Joe Biden that the table is getting her to sonic on Tuesday. Please call your senators and urge them to income to support and and cosponsor these Rubio treated that pretext PREA to call the centers of 22022243121 to 30 or centers tell the to cosponsor the Rubio trust. When a strong showing tomorrow and then went to jam the thing down Joe by the throat this week. Every go send the Rubio treats at 202-224-3121 is the switchboard ask for your representative and the and just ask of the vote yes on the Rubio treat Bill all right, folks, we are out of time with Rick, what you can find them at CG contributors on the generation page. Be sure and do that and we will have more coming up for you right after this with joy. Villa coming up here on John generation, this is Adam and always fair and we are sponsors of chosen generation of Pastor Greg sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business and I want her to join me chosen generation has to say call him say 63624 once again that Saverio will 46624 visits will be blessed as arches count, ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single DP more than $199 a month. Are you a couple DP more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with healthcare for only $399 a month. Sign up at any time of the year. Pick your own doctor and hospital. For more information go to liberty liberty

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