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Michael Morris Newsbusters Pelosi Biden Policy on Vaccines Fake News 091521mp3

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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October 8, 2021 5:45 pm

Michael Morris Newsbusters Pelosi Biden Policy on Vaccines Fake News 091521mp3

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Thank you for tuning in to a chosen generation chosen generation is about equipping and encouraging and challenging this generation to engage culture and to fulfill God's plan and purpose for our city, County, state and nation to be the Christian influence and life been called to be pastor great is committed to seeing God's life-changing power work in you.

If you or have a question. You can reach us at 830-446-3624 830-446-3624 if your church or group would like to have Pastor Greg come and share his passion to raise up a chosen generation is available to bring that life-changing Jan anointing to your event again. That number is 830-446-3624 446-3624.

Give us a call and keep on listening chosen generation, and you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation of peculiar people, you should show forth the praises of him who is called you out of darkness into his marvelous life in time past were not a people that are now the people of God, which had not obtained mercy, but now have obtained mercy shows generation pastor grade with me. Thanks so much again. I do know you were you listening and June here to churn generation got a great program lined up for you. Bottom of our number two Jeannie Logsdon, Executive Director of save the persecuted Christians will be with us Rick Mannix cohosting with me in that segment and there's a lot to talk about. There's a lot of persecution for those that are unaware 350 million Christians are persecuted each and every day right now while I'm talking to you nearly the entire population of the United States relative to those who profess to be Christians who profess Christ are being persecuted at this moment and an ample talk with Dede about that and I really encourage you to to becoming involved to get out reach out to let's see top the next hour, day, which is still Chris is with us lots of stuff going on with Scotus and the water pressure coming on Amy Tony Barrett and Deborah Cavanagh both being put under assault because of course they really are angry about the fact that Texas is defending life will talk a bit more about that and also will talk some more with David about the vaccine mandates and some of the people that don't have to get him. We heard some of that yesterday and goth anymore. By the way, on Tuesday I will be in Virginia and were going to be broadcasting here on TEC NCV and and on other platforms. In the evening.

The CRT conference there doing exposing CRT Lotta great guests including those from the Loudoun school districts will have that coming up for you. Bottom of the sour drawing. Murdoch joins this project.

21 black leadership network and will talk about work woke corporate racism woke corporate racism how the left is basically politicizing woke corporations to take racist approaches and will talk with Roy about that but joining me now and he is us stepping in for Mr. Dan Gaynor. I want to welcome to the program, Michael Morris, Michael welcome good to have you really break it and want it good morning good morning welders that there's a whole lot.

That said, that's kind of flying under the wire if you will.

One of the things that that very few people are are are reporting on is is the FBI agent that was involved in in the arrests on the Whitmire assassination conspiracy attempt has been fired. With our I had. I had heard the wind about that, but I not not well read into it, but that are not Sure I mean you really think on it with Darrell Millie for example, I'm sure you heard about the book. When I met yes Lord Robert Dr. get the book reported to call Dale and that Millie had keep your phone call but with the Chinese government general wanted general business people liberation Army and with direct allegedly underlying the top administration in the lead up to the addition of power January 20 that's right. Think on government apparently gathers there there seems to be now, the now the FBI agent that was fired was fired after being arrested for beating his wife over a disagreement at a swingers party so so the arrest wasn't in connection to whatever his work was but there is some interesting information that is come up with regards to that as well so you can find some of that it techno fog and they've got some redacted information there.

That is been that that is been picked up and and it's it's it is it's it's quite eye-opening course you know it in the headlines is the governor Gavin Newsom and and the fact that he is going to remain as the governor of California. What isn't in the headlines is the smear campaign that they used against Larry Elder and and I mean to call him the face of white supremacy and for there to be no backlash against that from any of the you know the food without the black voices that are always out there on the left is really stunning. It cleared by everyone.

Note that by now you don't. This should be eye-opening. Larry Elder black man out in California running profit is not treated even remotely thing and as a black man running profit on the left side I had in the media.

Happy to get back to the lab and in a completely new art island when one a black and on the right now it is no need to get an egg on it that had bike like someone wearing a bag monkey or guerrilla man and and now that we got other things going on as well. It is really important to see the media not being the passionate truth that the public be in a holding holding member. The government remember they accountable and getting the truth out there that it propaganda and what you mentioned, you know, a lot of Iranians may not even be aware of that but Larry Elder and them had been visiting at and in a neighborhood doing campaigning and a and a woman on a bicycle rides up in the video and checks an egg at the back of his head. I don't think she had him but it did deflect off of one of his security people and then one of the security people went over to get between her and and you know Larry Elder. She hit him in the face and then when you know and he didn't touch her and then she started screaming.

Don't you dare touch me and then some. Some guy baldheaded guy comes up and and thrusts his chest into the security guy, you know, I mean it. It was a very violent situation and you know I mean what what would've happened if if those had been. I mean, look what happens to individuals that might wear a mega hat or you know or or or be in support of of Pres. Trump. You know it can any guinea conservative. It it it really is it's it's two standards. I think Michael is what were talking about here. Planning think about it. If it were left candidate and outcome of the right update.

I said you know the right reporting on left nowhere to be found in Outland and got a double standard all across the Dr. to let the politician there breaking their own rule with regard to COBIT quality than paying Gavin Newton being one of the most notorious for having done so. And yet I get carried in the media and yeah but yet that would on the right that we brought in yet. It's not not one not wanted a lot though. Thinking there the media going to bat for the left and it not being truthful, I mean, here's a quote from from Nancy Pelosi. She says so. So here's the thing we are. We cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That's just not what we can do. It is a matter of policy to know who is who isn't. I can't go to the capital physician and say give me the names of people who are vaccinated so I can go encourage them or make it known to others to encourage them to be vaccinated so we can we can't do that.

This is Nancy Pelosi. In the end were in response to question she was asked at a press conference back in April about mandatory vaccines and Biden this vaccine mandate excuses Congress a it.

I mean it's it's really stunning. It wanted air of executive authority at an overreach without question or even made an event, not including natural immunity in that calculation at all and you Balke Dr. copy were not in Henry about it and not being in monthly and then come on the show showed healthy, like natural immunity" better" back and "little people make bondage, in part, I don't have a anyway and it could be an argument.

The thing that I am beating back the nation, accompanied with the four leading relational all yeah why on here's here's the hello sell it.

You know someone to be vaccinated. This is not what we can get. It is a matter of privacy to know who is and who isn't there. There you have it in the Nancy Pelosi speaker the house saying sorry folks, we can't require people to get a vaccine of it. Now you have the President of the United States that is decided by executive fiat that OE on the mandate and if you have this of 100 or less employees you you you have to do what you have to do this and and you know there is some pushback on this by going then I'm seeing and and I think that's good. And there are, you know some outlets that are that are beginning to call some of this in the question, but few and far between one minute on impact the point that I like it that backing mandate that the role of federal government prevent the debt that it is not the role of federal government, the pressure, I think that we make the mention of the federal government at I mean it that they're doing 31 Avenue my body, my choice that that was that's the mantra I mean you know my body, my choice there's another thing to do, come back to you because I know that you spent a lot of time in the tech world Wall Street Journal this morning is put in an article Facebook knows Instagram is toxic 14 rules was that story. Now is a critical time to be vigilant in the defense of our freedom. There's no better way to do so them by joining the Association of mature American citizens a Mac a Mac is one of the fastest growing conservative organizations in America well over 2 million people of joined now carry the a Mac membership card. A Mac was built by regular folks feel the same way you do. You're not alone. A Mac believes in and stands up for the values that made America so great were fighting the good fight against reckless government spending and the ever-expanding scope of federal government.

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Don't forget you can get more chosen generation, at calm and will go back to June generation ready. I'm your host Pastor Greg. My guess Michael Morris news busters and media research Center and Michael you know we we just mentioned about the story about Facebook knowing about the dangers within their own documents of Instagram two young girls and and that a course I'm I'm proud of the five of you know Western or Wall Street Journal, and happy. I know Prowse right word but I'm I'm happy that Western or Wall Street Journal is putting that out another story that that is being buried is the story about the agreement between the Russians and the Saudi's, and it is a a military pact that they have signed, but there are many that are also looking into that and and believe that this is the culmination of the efforts because of the fact of the Biden administration pulling the missiles out of Saudi Arabia and violating the terms of our agreement with them to provide defense to Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi's have now made an agreement with Russia that opens the door for the elimination of the petrodollar and in the US is reserve currency. That's scary. Gary, your point about Wall Street Journal about the internal document Instagram yeah Wall Street Journal had to peek out their title toxic or young girl company documents show that that, among other things hectic during the period live-action, pregnant Lila Rose defendant Google bankroll iPad from the organization." Breaking at the request of the board connected will band all live-action like that, including those promoting important covert vertical treatment report 2500 children to date, she included a screenshot like the ad for medical bits of information and medical content. Should she get on with a later they they being Google hiding their quiet anymore. Google mentorship critical life nation to the blatant double standard in reckless disregard for human life and wanted to help Google look fairly if I don't need rhetorical iPad right now entering everyone that they agree with it to trading it got American. Quite frankly well and I need to stop and not surprising that Zach Voorhees the Google whistleblower was on last week and he was talking about who's running Google and he said it it it's atheists, and what he refers to as trans neurotics you know that so so it's not surprising one of this quotes that's in the article has to do with you know when out when a young lady is having you know negative feelings about her body image. It says 32% of teens said that when they felt bad about their bodies. Instagram made them feel worse. While you stop and think about that what is what is the trans neurotics attempting to do. They they want that girl to think that maybe she's not supposed to be a girl and and and start to question that and feel bad about that body image it.

It's this. Is there there minds of the cities of the thoughts.

This is what Google is, is that is doing it and were not making this worth hearing this from whistleblowers that have been at Google.

Zach was there for eight years. Michael he was there for eight years and when he was right and I need a senior programmer senior engineer so he was right in the middle of being able to give an account to this Michael, thanks for stepping in for Dan today.

I greatly appreciated. Always enjoy having you join me and I look forward to your next visit as well. Thank you very much Betty regularly.

You, my pleasure to Roy Murdoch joint just coming up on the other side black leadership network project 21 black leadership network, you will be talking with Roy Pelosi's hypocrisy in the radicalization of big business will have that covenant for you right after this brief break, this is Adam and always stay here and we are sponsors of chosen generation of Pastor Greg sponsoring this program has been a real blessing to our business and I want her to join me in sponsoring chosen generation contest to call him or 636243046624 visits will be blessed as arches count, ask yourself what you pay for healthcare. Are you single you pay more than $199 a month. Are you a couple DP more than $299 a month. Do you have a family you pay more than $399 a month. Yes, you can serve the entire family with health care for only $399 a month. Sign up at any time of the year. Pick your own doctor and hospital. For more information go to liberty liberty

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