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Lynda Rozell Divine Appointments Garden of gethsemane Coming out of the Darkness 093021

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
The Truth Network Radio
October 8, 2021 5:54 pm

Lynda Rozell Divine Appointments Garden of gethsemane Coming out of the Darkness 093021

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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Paul today 800-662-9236 800-662-9236 know where else are you going to be able to sleep well and know that you have said starving kids use the code Pastor Greg call my pillow today 800-662-9236 800-662-9236 10000. You can support a chosen generation and make a tax-deductible donation by visiting and now back to a chosen generation with Pastor Gray generation radio were no topic is off-limits. Everything filtered through glasses. Walt my next guest. Well she she she took the hardly the idea of of of really starting a whole new life adventure. She was a longtime lawyer practicing at the Federal Trade Commission in Washington DC and about three years ago she sold her house, quit her job and began living on the road full-time in an airstream travel trailer that she chose with a ram 1500 truck the tin can Pilgrim book is the book that details this journey. She was with us just a few weeks ago back with us today and Linda welcome good to have you back quite delightful. Greg what you know I if if for help for somebody like me that spends a lot of time, shut up in my room because of the accident in the wheelchair and all that kind of stuff. Although I have to say that I've been blessed to do a little bit of traveling I got to Virginia last week. Jonathan E.

Ward had an event on CRT that critical race theory were there teaching kids to hate one another because of the color of their skin horrible, horrible, and so we were there to, you know, bring some spotlights to that a number speakers that were there. Barbara from Harlem and now folks with Loudoun County there in Virginia so you get to go to that and this weekend I'm going to be in Tinley Park, Illinois at the Trinity health freedom Expo Trinity health Freedom Expo and photos only if you're anywhere near there. You need to get there. Even if you're not make plans. It's a little bit of a drive, but she will, and that you're making that drive. Certainly somebody else could make that drive right you come in.

Why all the way from Long Island were you were just a few days ago all the way now to Michigan and and and driving in today that right, although I will carry my phone with me little bit here I weep when I'm tired.

Topic campground along the way, I've been not traveling for several days and enjoying. I always enjoy our beautiful country. You know it and and and of course you were mentioning to me.

You know that you got invited by Anna at a gathering of of other error streamers.

They got together and got an invitation to go out to Long Island and hang out with some great people out there. These are the divine encounters and I realize lazy gentleman believe me let you know. Everybody can't just quit their jobs and start you know traveling on the road. There's planning that goes into that and then there's a lot of thoughts and a lot of things he have to get in place in order to make that a possibility, but Linda what your story talks to us about and tells us is is that no matter what stage you are where you are, whether you're carrying a job or work at home mom or whatever you're doing, you know her dad.

You have the opportunity to see your world through the eyes of divine appointments in the way that God intended us to live up all the perfect one about not everyone travel travel trailer and minister to the people that he meets on the road, but we are all called to love God and love our neighbor and the people that we counter in our family line. Whatever our daily life are are all children of God, that when we can witness through our behavior through the love of God or 20. It close to him in prayer and worship the and an opportunity right you meet with people about what they believe, and in my case I often talk people about the beauty of God in nature way to start a conversation or I might offer to pray for someone that telling me about what a hard time there have another all the little things that you can do in your own life to create. How nice is it to be armed, so to speak in your quiver with that first arrow of prayer.

I know a lot of people look at them and they say well you know if you've done everything else you might as well try prayer and I'm a little it's like we hold the phone.

Prayer should be the first arrow you. You bring out when someone is sharing things men the first place you want to take him is is okay will guess who has, you know, guess you as a solution. Guess who has an answer just to guess who can help you with that problem. Yeah, God got the divine divine and one of everything that I talk in my book about my own personal mental health that I ate during my life and was able to God and I lost you.

Did you meet me hello Linda. Prayer will shiver yeah you get dropped out for seconds. I go ahead I see you were saying about your own personal experience and and how you were starting to tell us how you how you walk through that yet and I doubt but talking on the phone but I find that all that aluminum. The sites what whatever starting to say that my body will are all connected. God the ultimate healer he had a role in that healing in my book I talked about my personal mental health that I during the period of my life. It and how I Think God line great people in my life were able to help me with therapy and were able to help me with medication and by diet, but all them prayer and knowing that God love never abandoning and that I file no matter what I could feel the present for field happiness at the moment you look, there he had it and and he does have, you know.

And in spite of all the you know challenges that we are facing today. There's two things that I draw out of this to you. You know you talk about where being where you are and and living out the presence of of God in his spirit inside of you and that changes things.

You had a past run early this morning was talking about the story of the of Paul and and and how he and and to fellow believers were were on a boat that that you know was was about to be tossed over 276 other lives on that boat. Besides those three, but they began to pray and and and the storm subsided so that so that they were not killed even though the boat did reckon they got shipwrecked for a minute but those individuals that were with them. All of those lives were spared and and and certainly you could infer that a lot of it had to do with the fact that you know Paul and his two coverts were carrying the presence of God and were and were praying over that you know over that particular situation. Having that with you changes atmospheres you're going to go have breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning is going to be interesting to see what divine encounters God has for you, even even our breakfast yeah you never know the things that make life all life. But the God they become a marvel at the end. You know you talked about Paul think Paul and how he travel contract. Amazing transformation like an power where we know God and bury away and in ways that we don't even perceive it. Help and and I in combat. The one about the only help though I didn't give a presentation about Michael and finding book 1 of the things that the mayor is how people with the in the middle of traction and anxiety and fear are many look lost you again. I lost you again okay so where this is. This is one of the challenges when you're out on the road. Sometimes the signal might dip good good opportunity to mention to you. Patriot mobile hentai Linda so patriot mobile is a Christian conservative cell phone service that has great coverage patriot mobile.

You cannot call 972.

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Linda, thank you. I check I can hear you now and why we might say little prayer that the method that I'm trying to talk about account but without the ring any phone cut out) course of the enemy doesn't want that going out over the airwaves that might give people hope that way like when when you look here any wet belt eat out tomorrow or tomorrow that Mary and Martha. When laughter die raised felt that Dara and is in the agony agony in the garden he felt all the clearing.

He was sorrowful, even unto death and hell. I love this hospital I love it.

Keep going yeah oh I love it I love it I love it I love it. Go ahead and yet here they waking Pequot, but they didn't. They celebrate and by Québec and by people not but he felt sorrow abandonment and yet all all that hearing all of that with all that father here will let the cops For me, but thy will be done and that I struggle with depression, dieting here because we know it back here with that yet.

We don't want your back. We don't want to kill barely don't want deal here but then there know what it like we thought and follow him and get them for your will be done.

I you will bring good out of you know you will bring good into thousand four. I was given 3 to 6 months to live and and I've been a believer since I was 13 and fell away for a few years of my late teens or early 20s and then came back to God and I've been serving the Lord that point for 30 some odd years and I got so ill my endocrine system collapsed my adrenal gland in my pituitary gland stopped functioning grain yellow from head so and in that I was completely numb. Linda completely numb. I could feel I could see somebody smile or laugh. I knew what that emotion was mentally couldn't touch and emotionally child just shut off. I mean, my everything shut down physically and mentally, emotionally shut down and I remember the thing that God ministered to me coming through. That was, I want you to tell them about Gethsemane because yeah because so many times we get that will you know God is not given you a spirit of fear, and it's truly hasn't. But sometimes remember the Paul also said weep with those that weep and rejoice with those that rejoice. We gotta be encouraged to understand Jesus will meet you in your garden of Gethsemane.

He will not abandon you. And he won't stand there and judge you and say all you want. Get over it know he will do that he will come up alongside of you. He will wrap his arm around you and he'll sit and weep with you and he'll say you know what word it's going to be here until you're ready to get up and move to the next place, and it's going to be okay.

You're not alone. I'll be back. You find yourself turning on the news and feeling hopeless open borders spending on crazy. The prospect of more mandates lockdowns inflation and the list goes on there something you can do by from companies that believe what you and I believe we need to stick together now more than ever, and there's been one company willing to stand with you since 2012 patriot mobile patriot mobile is America's only Christian conservative wireless provider. They offer nationwide coverage using the same towers as all the major carriers patriot mobile has plans to fit any budget and discounts for veteran and first responder heroes and multiline accounts. They are 100% US-based providing exceptional customer service.

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Now back to chosen generation with pastor Grace Hamilton McGin generation ready. I'm his best folks did you not. This is really something. What triggered me to share that with you was Linda what you said about the garden of Gethsemane and and I'm like when I hear the Holy Ghost on you got you follow that track go go there, go there. You know how that goes. You're out on the road and they you know listening to that still small voice, but folks get, you know, kind of pushed aside were great with the ones that are really broken and sharing the gospel and getting them saved, but God forbid that somebody that's been saved runs into some rough waters okay because now the church wants to eat the it's like you can't do that when you can't do that what my I mean Debbie's did you see how many times Jesus ran into rough waters with the disciples however right ever read your Bible come on, go ahead, go ahead, Michael here at L about how Peter Peter.

One grant recognized that who you write by the world and then not later held by pulpit for and I Peter no I might get anything again and again.

You know the Bible you know that another other arguing about who was going to be the great and had to gently refute them by taking a small pile filed on lap thing wanting to art like that. I will be for some mouse. I mean it. It is really something else I I think a lot and and God's taking me in a lot of different directions on the story of Christ sleeping in the boat as they're making their way. First of all, he has a crown on one sure and and all kinds of cool stuff is happening in and think about it if you're in ministry right you want the crowd and yet Jesus is like. That's good but I'm outta here. When the crowd is at its Chris Sendo Jesus is like no I gotta get in the boat were going to the other side gets in the boat goes to sleep.

The storm comes the disciples having already witnessed all the things like you said, you know Peter saying you're the Christ, the Messiah, they know this about who he is and yet there panic thinking yeah now he's going to drown in the boats I mean think about that for a second what is that really great day right well that what I call all think that what we all got my body. Healing and faith so important to have health in each of those areas and to recognize how they weigh in issues of mental health. Believe me, I've got struggle with depression myself and and and it is it's it's mind body and spirit, and they all work together and it's not just enough an emotional thing that you choose to turn on and turn off it's a whole lot more dynamic than that. Linda, thanks so much for being here today. Look forward to seeing you this weekend, folks. I'll be back tomorrow to close out the week. God bless you Rick.

Rest your day at the end of the day, when I stand before my God, I do not want him to ask me what did you do with the world that I sent my son to die for and redeem how did you fight the good fight, share the good news.

Give people a check. How did you shine your light to be a beacon of truth in the darkness did you shrink back in fear when they demand you change my message. Did you call evil good and good evil to do for sake.

My love for that of another one with the adulterer and setting up a new idol in your life have you filed your sellthrough compromise and tolerance of that which I call an abomination. Have you innocent blood on your hands for the children murdered on your watch of the young ones perverted in their way by evil men seeking their own comfort in reviling me know. At the end of the day. I want him to simply say the evidence is in.

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

I love my God and I love his creation, and I will go to my grave telling the world that evil is evil and only God is good and Jesus came to save the world, that no matter the evil in the world.

I will never give up. And in spite of the hate I will love. In truth, God bless you all and may love remove the veil so you all might enter into his rest. Are you getting up in the morning feeling like you in your bed had a bad night. Still tired. It doesn't have to be that way.

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