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Does God Promise to Heal?

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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January 20, 2021 7:00 am

Does God Promise to Heal?

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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January 20, 2021 7:00 am

In these verses in James we find God's instructions for healing the illnesses of New Covenant Christians. Pastor Greg Barkman speaks to this portion of scripture beginning at 28-00.

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Greetings and welcome once again to the midweek service coming from the auditorium of beacon Baptist Church on Kirkpatrick Rd. in Burlington, NC. Thank you for joining us. It's good to hear from folks this afternoon responded to my email reminding you of the service tonight and said you will be present at 7 o'clock to join us for the service. So, thank you for being there. Thank you for being here because we are together even though we are separated by miles. We are joined together by a common love for Christ. A common relationship to this body of Christ and a desire, desire to exalt him and to petition his throne in prayer and worship him in prayer and to talk about the work of the gospel in other parts of the world and to consider together portion of God's word. All of these things we are endeavoring to do tonight, so I would like to begin by bowing and asking the Lord to be present with us. Father, we are grateful to be called the sons of the living God. How blessed we are that your spirit worked in our hearts and caused us to respond to the gospel appeal and to desire those spiritual things which are set before us in Christ. How grateful we are that we have a hunger for your word.

A desire for righteousness which comes from Christ alone, and the desire to join together with other saints of like precious faith and to praise you together and to lift our hearts together in prayer and to join together around the word of God to consider those things which you have spoken want to thank you Lord that today the inauguration of our 46th president went smoothly grateful that there was no mayhem, no rioting, no disturbing of the piece we are grieved at the disturbing of the piece that happened two weeks ago and we thank you that nothing similar happened today in our nation's capital in Washington nor, apparently, in any of the state capitals across the nation where some thought that there might be a repeat of that that rioting that occurred two weeks ago father.

All of these are manifestations of our need of your presence of your word of your spirit of your power of your grace. And so, Lord God, we pray that you will bring that to our nation.

We pray for our president. We pray for all of our elected officials word tells us to pray for kings and does who rule over us that we might lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness that is our desire to lead a quiet and peaceable life to lead our families in the paths of righteousness to gather together with the saints of God to be involved in the work of the gospel and to be able to do so without fear and without disruption. Father, you have granted those great privileges to us in these United States of America for far more than 200 years. We can see that those are gracious privileges which must not be taken for granted, which we cannot assume will always be available to us, but father, we are obedient and praying by your goodness, you might extend those blessings to us and so father relay that petition before your throne tonight in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are continuing our present schedule of church services, Sunday morning 930 people present were enjoying those times. Having reasonably good attendance considering these days of covert and at such a joy to be able to gather together with the assembly of the saints.

People who are gathered together in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. But then on Sunday night at 6 o'clock on Wednesday night at 7 o'clock we are coming to you from an empty auditorium without people present by way of lifestream and we have done that in order to be mindful and careful in regard to the covert crisis which has come to our nation. The deed around the world. Here in our church services on Sunday morning, we endeavor to practice social distancing.

We have marked off every other pew in the auditorium so we don't get too close together family units of course are invited to sit close together but otherwise to maintain a 6 foot distance. We do not shake hands. As difficult as it is for us to avoid that we do not do that. We either fist bump her elbow bump. We wear masks and we do what we can to not encourage the spread of covert it has touched the lives of a number people were grateful that here in this church that we have had a good many people who have who have experienced covert. I myself being one of them.

Nobody set up of a serious case.

Nobody's been hospital lock hospital of hospitalized that everyone seems to be doing well. I can tell you that in my case I am recovering, but I can also tell you that the lingering effects of fatigue, lack of energy, lack of stamina seem to hang on for quite a while. That's basically what I'm dealing with now I don't have the same level of energy I'm accustomed to enjoying but I have enough to be able to carry on the ministry that God has given to me and to fulfill the responsibilities of which are mine day by day. I will also mention that we are going to be conducting our annual Congregational meeting on the first Wednesday night in February in the auditorium at 715.

We regret not being able to meet in the fellowship. All that I have are wonderful catered meal that we've had every year for so many years, but because of covert.

We are meeting in the auditorium practicing the same covert protocol that we do on Sunday morning, but we do invite all beacon members to be present for that important annual Congregational meeting to let me go over some of the prayer requests that are on the other side of our sheet tonight and we begin with some praises were thankful that Cheryl Ingalls cousin Michael Philip he is recovered from covert grateful that our pope had a favorable result for his MRA. I blessing that is grateful that Brenda Blanchard's brother-in-law Mark Rife is doing well from covert. We are grateful that Geraldine Smith mother of Jerry Holt is back in her regular room at Twin Lakes and word grateful to report that missionary Stuart Ward did arrive safely in Zimbabwe reported was transported there by private airplane and he is there and is being able to spend some time with his family and with pastors, of which there are 10 who are currently recognized as pastors in the church is there, and others who are in training because the Lord is blessing and groups are springing up new churches are being planted our government official. The week is Gibson Ville alderman can pleasance we are undergirding Marcy Councilman prayer she's facing her second eye surgery in February 2 grateful to make ounces doing better from covert getting strength they by day and she continues to feel well.

I think she's going to be traveling to Florida to spend some time with her son Randy. We continue to pray for Drew Guthrie recovering from cancer and covert and for Larry Hunter, who is recovering from a recent procedure and the report is that no additional cancer was discovered with him and we thank the Lord for that, after the removal of two tumors from his bladder.

We are adding John Savage to our prayer sheet who has tested positive for covert on Monday.

We are praying for Danny Boehm was injured in a work accident. He is the husband of a lady who has worked with Carl Henshaw, a member of our church for 30+ years and Danny and his wife Edna are believers and Danny is still in ICU in critical condition, but the bleeding in his brain seems to have stopped and he seems to have stabilized. The doctors are trying to get him breathing on his own. So please pray that the Lord might grant that desire praying for Rodney man and his health issues. This request given to us by Pastor Bob hauteur, praying for Jack Petrie who is back in assisted living in Pittsboro and forging Ferris, the mother of Wendy Lynch 95 years old.

I think today or yesterday. She had her 95th birthday and had a broken hip and had surgery and is now recovering.

Praying for Keith Shar Muskie, who has a serious health need. This is a friend or acquaintance of Leslie Fanon's son Joel who lives in Canada manages a large farm. There and this man passed out at work last week and has a serious heart condition he's in the hospital. Please continue to pray for him. Pray for Pastor Mark Stevens, who is battling covert and for Lee vessel who has some health issues and took him back to the hospital last week and he's continuing to deal with those issues. We are praying for missionary Mike Webster as he's battling covert cancer and we are praying for the family of Edith Newsom linens who was an aunt of Tommy Blanchard who passed away and we are praying for Don Hammond, the daughter of Eddie and Clara driver, who is recovering from additional cancer surgery that she had a few days ago and for Kathy Rhodes cousin who is battling cancer name is K was sora and is a long-term facility were also praying for Naomi Williams, the mother of Amy Freeman and David Williams. Her father, both of whom have significant health need's we will call these needs to the attention of Almighty God. He doesn't need us to call them to his attention, for he knows all about them, but that is the nature prayer. That is what he delights in our doing and will do that at the end of the service.

Now read a few communications for missionaries, beginning with this note from Herbert Wanda Taylor of Hispanic ministries, USA Prof. Barkman to beacon family. It is with hearts of gratitude to our God that we share these brief words of thanks with you, our dear friends and partners of the ministry. We especially want to thank you for your recent Christmas financial gift of $275. Your kindness and gracious gifts and prayers have warmed our hearts and enable this work for many years. We thank you and we thank our God upon every remembrance of you.

May God bless your work of labor as you seek to serve him from missionaries Anthony and Jamie, the hollow having little trouble. This is the covert effect sluggish, having little trouble with these things coming quickly to mind anyway. The hall is right from the Czech Republic. Dear beacon Baptist Church. We thank God for your faithful prayers and your generous giving that enable us to continue to minister here in the Czech Republic, may you be filled with great hope and joy as you celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. This Christmas season. Christmas from the Hollis Anthony Jamie Hannah Rachel Sarah Joshua Isaiah Samuel and Esther. The Christmas card arrived a little late January 20 is a lot of Christmas cards did our own Christmas cards, which were mailed I'd say at least a week or more before Christmas. Some of those didn't arrive until several weeks later.

The mail seems to be running slowly these days. Very shocked, precious, precious member of our church rights dear friends, I would like to thank everyone for your many thoughts and prayers for food brought or cards sent my way. It is so nice to know that we don't go through our struggles alone. God is faithful and so are my beacon friends, I continue to recover from my October reverse total shoulder replacement surgery.

The surgeon was the exact opposite of replacement surgery performed on my left shoulder back in 2000, recovering therapy is also different than before, but I am seeing improvement.

I'm supposed to get back to normal within a years time. Lord willing I will get good use of that arm will be able to drive again within the next few months. Again, thank you for caring for me in the ways you do and for continuing to keep me in your prayers.

God is so good in him signed their shop. Josh and Amy Jensen serving Cambodia by dear pastor Barkman and the folks at beacon. Amy and I want to thank you for the generous Christmas gift in December. The timing was a blessing as we were spending time and money and for Phnom Penh in November, December, so Amy could give birth. There, thank you too for your faithful prayers and support for ministry.

Something that we do not take for granted. We hope the church had a good Christmas season and that your new year starting well as you know our holiday season was quite eventful.

Thanking God for his gift of a new baby. Mike is healthy is healthy and generally quite content. He recently started looking very attentively in our faces and even smiling, sometimes as we start the new year. Some things will stay the same. Amy will continue homeschooling the kids while caring for Micah. I'll continue working on Genesis with our translation team and hope to start moving a bit faster tomorrow. Were hoping to all be back at Gyro church together as a family. The first time since February and we hope by the end of the month to started back our neighborhood Bible club. We appreciate your prayers for us. They God's peace be with you all. Josh and Amy Jensen's letter comes to us from Randy Cornelius who operates the radio station in Nevada harbor light rights dear pastor Barkman and sainted beacon Christians greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for your broadcasts and faithful prayer support to harbor light. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness to his word into his work through his dear people I trust you are all well and continue to see God's hand protecting you and providing for you. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for us. Thank the Lord we are still able to function function normally. As any shut central service amidst the emergency powers that have been enacted to protect public health listeners on some of the other islands are much more severe situations of restriction which is causing fear and frustration. Praying that our radio programming will not only call minds and hearts, but that the word of God will find good soil to grow and produce fruit for God's glory. We are using many encouraging Scripture verses scattered throughout the programming urging listeners to know the Lord through his word and the deeper way to trustee more. They God fill us and empower us to live the Golden righteousness of Christ. Each day a blessed new year in the Lord to you in Christ signed Randy Cornelius in my final missionary letter tracking to make sure it is in fact final one that is comes to us from Armando and Sarah porcini in Rome, Italy. Letter itself is about four pages long. I will read a portion of it and then I'll probably do some skipping around rather than reading all of it, but we are privileged to have the porcini's in our missions budget part of our missions family. I think we added them the beginning of last year. Not mistaken, Sarah porcini is the daughter of Renato Giuliani who is a missionary in Rome that we have supported for many years and his daughter Sarah is now married to her. Armando may have the God raised up in the church.

She was gifted in the area of translation and is very much involved in the work of publishing and distributing good books in the Italian language. Now that in mind, I will begin reading the letter to brothers and sisters. This is our third letter of 2020, a very difficult year, but our God never changes his love for his children never alters in his sovereignty is always absolute over every event in history we can truly find comfort under his wings. We had a very busy month. Above all, because both my parents contracted covert and my mother in particular has had painful symptoms for more than a month.

Even if we could not meet them in person. We tried to make them feel our closeness by buying them groceries making phone calls, video calls, and with our daily prayers, grateful to God that both of them are no better for about a month and 1/2 I had the responsibility to lead our church services while Renato and Sheree were in the states. As I shared from the Scriptures. I felt a blessed encouragement is a church participated in pondering the truths of God's word. We focused on the main features of true faith. The meaning of walking in the spirit and there was no lack of evangelistic appeals as the one focusing on the meeting between Jesus and the Samaritan woman carried on her commitment with our little girls are Sarah rather carried on her commitment with little girls of our church and Sunday school. We are so grateful for the good fruits we are starting to see I had the responsibility to lead our Thursday meetings, during which is a church.

We shared some thoughts from Paul Tripp's book on suffering. They have been and continue to be important and blessed meetings. Then he gets a report on his work of translation pieces after working on finding God in a world fleeing from the truth by Poss call and suffering by Paul Tripp got enabled me to finish two other books.

One of them is a new book, William Carey, missionary to India. Translator of the Bible and social reformer by FD Walker translated for this first time in Italian in 1956. This book needed to be corrected and revised using the original English text and updated in the English language to enrich the book. Renato also added some beautiful Eck extracts from carries diarrhea and letters. Please pray that this book will be read by many believers and churches in Italy. Yesterday we received the printed copies of the commentary on the first letter to the Corinthians, written by Peter Marter for mingling born in 1499 died in 1562.

The most important Italian theologian of the Protestant Reformation along with Jerome Zaki us.

Our text includes all of his comments on chapters 12 through 13. Which of course deals with the question of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I work consisted in translating its Latin text into Italian based at the gifts that God gives some people to be able to do that.

Our hope and prayer is that this important book, especially retry Pentecostal brothers in Italy after Christmas. I will work together with were not on the translation and revision of the book the God it was thereby Francis Schaeffer. This book is not easy to translate and revise due to the many compounded expressions and vital concepts. In the meantime, I also continue translating the commentary of Paul's letter to the Ephesians by Italian reformer Jerome Zaki us originally written in Latin plan and publishing it in two volumes.

The first one in the summer of 2021 then he goes on to list some future projects are not going to list them here will be getting word on those as they unfold and then he writes this final word is my wife and I are very grateful to everyone of you. We are privileged to be instruments of God's hand in the field of Christian literature and coworkers in his work in Italy want to thank you for your love, encouragement in prayer.

Finally, please pray for our financial situation of the Lord move new brothers and new churches to support our publishing ministries in Italy most of the new financial support did not increase our income as it was used to alleviate the very substantial and sacrificial commitment which both the publishing house and our dear local church in Italy have been supporting us with our present monthly income of $1700 which is about 50 per 7% of the total needed our God can do all things. We are certain that in his timing he will provide for all of our necessities.

God bless you. Now one final word because of the good response to our faith promise project for 2021 we saw an ability to increase our missions budget for the new year by more than $11,000 and will be presenting a proposal in our annual Congregational meeting of the first Wednesday in February. If you remember we look for you to be here and one of the many missionaries that we will be increasing support to our the Orsini's there obviously in need of it. Grateful that we are in a position to be able to do that this year this year. Covert, that the law of the Lord would graciously enable us to increase, not decrease our missionary giving.

I read another letter today. I don't have in front of me from a missionary and I won't identify the missionary right now but who said that he knows of many missionaries whose support has been decreased because churches and Christians in these days of covert were not able to maintain their previous level of support. But he said in his case he has not had a single supporter who has dropped out or decreased their support. What a blessing.

What a testimony to the goodness of God.

Now run take up a very interesting and challenging text today. In the fifth chapter of the book of James deals with the subject of divine healing and what are God's instructions relating to healing for today because there's a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about that subject I am reading James chapter 5 verses 13 through 16 is anyone among you suffering let him pray. Is anyone cheerful let him sing songs is anyone among you sick let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.

The prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. Confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. There's the text we want to examine today, God's instructions for healing. The illnesses of new covenant believers. This is the question of divine healing is applied to the church today we know that God can heal. We know that there have been periods of time when God has poured out a great measure of miraculous healings.

Certainly some of that of the Old Testament.

More of that in the New Testament the ministry of Christ as he healed the multitudes again and again and again and again and in the early years of the spread of the church after Christ went back to heaven.

The apostles and others had the ability to heal and God used Paul and Peter and others to do exactly that and he had a purpose and that because of these records, particularly those found in the book of acts. Some have concluded that this is God's normal way of operating. For all times in all ages and if we only had enough faith, we would be saying examples of the same kind of healing today the text were looking at today I think is going to challenge that erroneous assumption because something is recorded in God's word does not necessarily mean that it's normative that is that God intends for that to be the situation at all times and all places.

If you read through the Bible with this thought in mind, you will realize that the times when God poured out miraculous healings. Upon man were relatively few times we get the idea this was going all on all the time you read the Old Testament you don't find much of that at all until you come the days of Moses and the Exodus and then we find great number of miracles being performed and some continuation of that in the in the days of Joshua though to a lesser extent. But then there is a vast. Hundreds of years. Were you find very, very little of that going on until you come to the days of Elijah the prophet during the days of Elijah, followed by Elisha. There were many such miracles performed was a great great outpouring of this kind of activity once again. But that also came to a stop after Elisha passed off the seat and you don't find much of that in the remainder of the Old Testament fact, you don't find much of that again until you come to the New Testament and ministry of Jesus, followed by the apostles. So this is not something that we read about going on continuously from Genesis to Revelation.

Through all times to all peoples.

That's really not the case at all.

If you study the Bible carefully with the question in mind when did these things occur and when did they not occur. You'll find that there actually were many periods where such miracles did not occur that were much longer, much more extended than the shorter periods when these things did occur in mine were to come back to our text in James chapter 5 because this addresses healing or the church today.

This is the only thing were you only place where we have a prescription for how to apply for divine healing. All of these records in the book of acts when the Gospels and the book of acts. Don't give any instructions.

Don't give any prescriptions, don't say if you want to be healed.

The way these people were healed by Jesus.

You want to be healed and the weight of these people were healed by Peter by Paul then all you have to do is ask and that's what will happen. We don't find anything like that until we come to James chapter 5 in this challenging text which not only answer some questions, but almost raises more questions than answers. So it needs to be looked at. Will try to be able to try to do that in the limited time that we have tonight. Well, in looking at the text by way of overview what we see we see that James talks about three different situations with three different remedies verse 13 is anyone among you suffering that's situation number one. And what's the response of that letting pray number two.

Is anyone cheerful let him sing songs that the proper response to that the number three is anyone among you sick let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him, anointing with oil in the name of the Lord, and so forth.

So three situations with three different remedies number one suffering.

The remedy is to pray, this evidently is your own private prayer. This is what you are to do if you are suffering. Suffering is not is not detailed for us as to exactly what he means by suffering. But the word that is used is the same word that is used in verse 10, my brethren, take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord is an example of suffering and patience suffering is anyone among you suffering let him pray so the first situation is suffering that can involve all kinds of suffering.

It could be persecution, it could be financial loss, but it could probably also involves physical suffering. In other words, some kinds of illness or injury that doesn't quite fit into the same category as the illness and injury that we come to in verses 14 and 15, but whether suffering of a of a multiplicity of kinds. The remedy is you pray private prayer. The second situation is, is anyone cheerful you be surprised to find that put their but you see, James is dealing here with what we would call the normal vicissitudes of life and what are vicissitudes vicissitudes of the fluctuations.

The alternating changes of life and all of us have times when we have periods of suffering of of various kinds and natures, and other times when we are filled with joy and blessing and we are cheerful and James says when you are suffering.

The remedy is to pray when you are cheerful. The response is to sign both cases you direct response to God and you worship God, but in the first case you worship God by your prayers as you are asking him to help you with the suffering certainly to relieve the suffering. Nothing wrong trying that way. But in many cases to pray for strength to pray for grace to pray for patients to pray for persevering faith and when you are cheerful because of of the physical blessings that have come into your life. The response to that is worship God in singing sing sing Psalms is the word that is used here by James and so solving singing Psalms originally meant singing to the accompaniment of a stringed instrument. It's kind of a side, but there are those who insist that in the New Testament instruments are not used in corporate worship as they were in the Old Testament, we are to sing without instruments. According to the instructions in Ephesians and Colossians 2's worship the Lord was Psalms yes Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, but I just simply remind those who think that way that very word solemn means certainly met originally a song accompanied by a stringed instrument. You can't sing Psalms in the original sense without a stringed instrument puncture. Actually you can sing Psalms without stringed instrument, you can sing them a cappella which you understand what I'm saying if you're going to do it in the way that is indicated by the word itself.

You will need a stringed instrument to do that and so I am most most Christians have concluded that though there's not a lot of mention of instrumental music and New Testament worship. It's not absent totally and certainly not God dishonored it would seem strange that instrumental music would be so honoring to God in the Old Testament. I mean it is so prominent there and would be so honoring to God. We get to heaven read the book of Revelation and what you God. If you omit it from this. This new coveted age what you've God is the Old Testament is the dispensation of musical instruments have Monday is another dispensation of musical instruments in this.

Is dispensation one musical instruments. I think that's probably a misunderstanding, but it any point. The response to blessings that bring joy to your heart is to worship God was and praying and singing are two activities of worship to God and one is as much worship to God as the other, and one is as much expected by God from us as the other God bring suffering into our life. That's a prompting to pray. Hopefully Shirley is not the only time we pray we should have regular times of prayer all throughout our life. But when their times of suffering that reminds us of our weakness, our need and reminds us to be fervent in our prayers of that honors God as we worship him and are praying.

And what we have times a special blessing. We honor God with our singing. Don't be one of these Christians who is reluctant to say I don't see many of them in our church from time to time when I see the congregation joining our hearts and voices together and saw Elsie someone who is standing silently and not joining in the singing and I would say you will be more honoring to God. If you will worship him in singing as well as worship him in pray, but there's 1/3 situation in the book of James, and that is instructions for cases of serious illness.

First, are you suffering, pray second, are you cheerful sing Psalms 3rd is anyone among you sick let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.

Confess your trespasses to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.

Effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. The application of verse 14 and 15 is that this is a serious illness in view more serious than what would be included under the word suffering. In verse 13, which could also include sickness of a milder nature, but this is more serious here the word sick is different than will the word in verse 13 is not sick anyway suffering but here the word sick carries the idea of weakness, a debilitating sickness that makes you very weak. It's a broad word in the context indicates serious, even life-threatening illness, something greater than the suffering of verse 13.

Something apparently that has left this person bed with because the instructions that follow indicate that he can't go anywhere. But he calls for the elders of the church to come to him and they pray over him in the name of the Lord. This this this picture someone in their bed and the elders praying over the top of that person lying in their bed. This indicates serious, even life-threatening illness and what are the instructions in the case of this kind of serious illness. This is real weakness. This is something that a person could die from its got them on the bed they can't get up and if God doesn't heal. They may never get up. They may very well die in the instructions here are for this sick person to call for the elders of the church is anyone among you sick let him call for the elders of the church.

Notice that the sick person takes the initiative to call for the elders that's different from many of the so-called faith healers in our day will have campaigns and crusades in which they call upon people to come to where I am come to my crusade come to my church, here and in this place you will be healed. You come here and we will deal with your illness. I have the gift of healing to heal you. Well… None of that here. Here the sick person calls for the elders of the church, every day, ordinary elders, no indication here of some of the special gift of healing, but he calls for the elders of the church to come to him. The met the elders of the church of which she is a member churches have pastors. As with the word elder is pastor and elder is 812 as pastoral responsibilities to the congregation. The sick person is a member of a congregation that has elders who have responsibility to the members of the congregation and he calls for the elders of the church.

Christians who do not belong to a local church are in a in a bind when it comes to following the privileges and promises of this text, but here the sick person calls for the elders of the church of which he is a member. Now the question is why is he instructed to call for the elders of the church. 11 various answers to that question and I will tell you of the various one somewhere of which what I think is correct some saintly calls for the elders of the church because the elders are the leaders of the representatives of the church. This is actually a way of calling upon the whole church to pray for him, but of course the elders being the leaders are the ones that communicate that need to the church where there is no reason for him to call the elders of the church for that to be done he could send a message to the elders wherever they are to announce this need it at the next meeting of the church. This really doesn't doesn't seem to meet the situation something that he calls for the elders of the church because they should be more able to heal than a regular church member. I don't accept that as I say there is no indication here that these elders have any special gift of healing. They are the elders of the church.

Why then does this person call for the elders of the church well because as the text goes on to indicate there seems to be something here. It is particularly of a pastoral nature there is something here that requires the elders the spiritual leaders of the church to become involved with this person on a level that requires their involvement and when the elders, they are to perform two tasks to pray for him over him implies his bedridden situation into anointing with oil back to verse 14 is anyone among you sick let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. It seems to be that the anointing of oil and praying are carried out simultaneously is no specific instructions given in regard to the oil. Presumably olive oil but that you do this in the name of the Lord. That is, as the representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ applies to say that for many years I had a little bottle of Ali that I bought at the grocery store and I kept at my church closet just for this occasion for those times when members of the church would call for the elders of the church to come and pray for them, anointing them with oil in all of the 47 years I've been here. I think that's only taken place to three times it's not very often the people make this request.

Probably because this passage is so ambiguous. Things are not clear and it's it's just something that people would not without having clear instructions of exactly what's going on there. Not sure if they fit into the context of the requirements into the instructions and qualifications that are given in this text, but the elders are to come in to anoint his person with oil and pray for them. The question is what is the purpose of the oil.

I think we understand, with the purpose of the Prairie as they pray for you to be healed. What's the purpose of the oil so settlements medicine will oil isn't going to be met have a medicinal value for very many sicknesses may be some occasional ones. But if you are calling for someone to come and apply medicine you better call for the doctor. Not for the elders. The elders don't have a particular skill of medical practice. So no, not a medicinal purpose. Some of several of the oil is applied to stimulate faith like Jesus put Clay on the eyes of the blind man on one occasion. To do that very often do that regularly, but I want occasion he did that so oil stimulates the faith of the person was sick like a better understanding of the oil is that it is used and I'm going to insert a word here that we Baptist don't use very often, but it is used in a sacramental way.

What I mean by that is symbolic I think is symbolic of the Holy Spirit and it is symbolic of consecration is symbolic of the Holy Spirit is a symbolic way of saying, if any, healing is not asking to be done by God. Oil is a symbol of the Holy Spirit is also a symbol of consecration kings, priests, even utensils used in the temple were consecrated by the anointing of oil and the indication seems to be this is consecrating this person of God heals him then he is wholly dedicated to God as a fresh dedication of his life is life that probably will end unless God intervenes, God extends the life, then what is the purpose of God extending their life that their life will be given in consecrated service to God and the oil was assembled with the results of this procedure in verse 15 are puzzling because when this is done. Physical healing is assured and forgiveness of sins. As promised in the two are linked together in a challenging way, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord and the prayer of faith will save the sick and the Lord will raise him up, and if he has committed since he will be forgiven. God will save the sick.he may or may not God will raise him up, not may or may not, and if he's committed since he will be forgiven now. I think this points to something that is not general but more specific in the situation which helps answer the question why the elders are called in. Also, I think, reflects upon the nature of this illness.

How do you explain this unqualified premise of healing.

Paul, who had the gift of healing was not himself healed of his infirmity in second Corinthians chapter 12 trip trough of us who was a an assistant, a coworker with Paul was not healed he was left in trust from the sick. If in fact this remedy can be applied to any and every illness and applies to all Christians who will who will institute this this passage, then the result would be that no Christian whatever guy if all employ this method and if the promise is universal in all situations. The Lord will save the sick, the Lord will raise him up, but it's obvious from Scripture that it's not always God's will to heal. So this strong promise of healing must be connected with something that is more restricted, more particular, and I think there is a relationship between healing and the forgiveness of sins. It has to be understood here sort of connecting the dots that are not clearly get connected in the passage his sins will be forgiven. This could therefore be speaking about someone who is under church discipline because of sin.

Now they confess their sins and they are restored to the fellowship of the church and the chastening of God which is the physical affliction that is come upon them, along with the discipline is now lifted. There is are other passages that relate church discipline to physical infirmities and even death. So church discipline situation where the person was sick is known to have been sins publicly been tracing for everyone can see that were situations where a person has been committing sin the may not be known by others, but it needs to be confessed. The elders are brought in the confession of sin is made to them so that they can deal with this person properly and so I think that's the situation that is in view, and probably why most more people do not employ this passage because it seems to be related to sin that has that is of a serious nature that has broken fellowship with the church board would do that if it were known, but this remedy can be applied. The elders, the pastors of the church are the ones who are to deal with this sitting brother and if he will confess his sin, and forsake it and they pray for him. The Lord will raise him up because his sickness is chastening for his sin. I think that's the explanation and so this doesn't apply to every situation does apply to some and if anyone is in that situation and you want to be healed and restored rather than continue in your affliction and perhaps eventual death. And these are the instructions you must humble yourself, you must acknowledge are guilty of sin, you must seek the forgiveness of God and restoration to the church and you must ask the leaders of the church to pray for you and when they do you will be forgiven. You will be healed now.

We pray father, we thank you for answered prayer in regard to Michael Filipino narco and Mark Rife and Geraldine Smith and Stuart whiny safe arrival to Zimbabwe.

We pray for our government officials, all of them. The president on down. We pray for president lightning and VP Kemal Harris. We also pray for Gibson Bill Ald. Ken Pleasants that you might uphold this one and give him wisdom and guidance in his place of leadership.

Pray for Marseilles counseling. She faces surgery for May counts recovery from covert Drew Guthrie battling cancer recovering from covert Larry Hunter recovering from his recent surgery.

Jahnke Savage battling with covert art told with his COPD and swollen glands.

We pray for Danny Baines had this serious work-related injury. We thank you for sustaining him through the weekend.

We pray that you might continue to minister to him and help him to breathe on his own. We pray for Rodney man we pray for Jack Petrie. We pray for Jean Ferris. We pray for Keith Saar Muskie. We pray for Pastor Mark Stevens.

We pray for Lee Vestal. We pray for the family of Edith Linton's.

We thank you the Don Hammond came to her recent surgery.

We pray for her recovery. We pray for Josh Boyd, the sun of Angela and Thad Boyd.

You might minister to him.

He has very serious needs. We pray for K was Sartre and for Naomi and David Williams. We pray for Betty Duncan and thank you for report that she is feeling better.

At this time and also for Ruth Patterson in Reidsville Lord, we pray for ourselves. Give us hearts that long for you first for your word that hunger for righteousness, for these things. We pray in Jesus name, amen

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