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Reliance on Christ

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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November 18, 2020 7:00 am

Reliance on Christ

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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November 18, 2020 7:00 am

Pastor Mike Karns updates church ministries and speaks from Deuteronomy 1 beginning at 29-00.

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Good evening again to you from the auditorium of beacon Baptist Church. Ryan Cardwell's at some Ward and I'm here behind the podium and there is no one else here fact the welcome center is dark and it's strange because the church is not brick-and-mortar and would its people and the people of God make the church so I can see you, but you can see me. So thank you for tuning in this evening at our elders meeting this afternoon.

Three elders had cause for reflecting and praying in one of the things we talked about was giving thanks to God for your faithfulness.

Your support of this ministry. During these challenging times for the blessing of God upon our congregation for meeting all of our needs for the minimal effect that covert is had on our congregation.

There been a few people who have contracted the virus, but all of recovered. That's not the way it is in some places were mindful of that so it was again caused for thanksgiving to God for the way he has provided and protected and worked in your hearts and lives in you have remained faithful. Thank you for your commitment to the ministry to our Lord to the word of God about him from John Newton, penned by John Newton and them. I've chosen this him because we're going to take a big picture overview of the subject or theme. In the Old Testament in this him has some overtures of God's dealings with his people in the Old Testament pillar of fire by Dave pillar of cloud by night and the other way around. Pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night and what those were intended to mean John Newton tries to capture some of those things in this him. So what listen for those things. But listen to the rich truth. This is words that are to be directed to God.

Worship and praise glorious things of the are spoken.

Zion city of our God.

He whose word cannot be broken formed the for his own abode on the rock of ages founded what can shake thy sure repose with salvation's walls surrounded doll made us smile at all the life photos see the streams of living waters springing from eternal love well supply thy sons and daughters and all fear of one remove who can faint, while such a river ever flows their thirst to assuage grace, which, like the Lord, the giver never fails from age to age. Round each habitation hovering see the cloud and fire appear for glory, and a covering showing that the Lord is near blessed inhabitants of Zion washed in the Redeemer's blood.

Jesus home their souls rely on makes them kings and priests to God save your if of Zion city. I through grace, a member a.m. let the world a ride or pity. I will glory in thy name. Fading is the world lings pleasure. All his boasted pomp and show solid joys and lasting treasures. None but Zions children know what a glorious hymn penned by John Newton does blessed the church through the ages join me as we asked the Lord to bless our gathering this evening. Father you are worthy of our praise. You're worthy of our worship.

You're worthy of our adoration with knowledge.

You are God apart from you. There are no others. We thank you for the grace that has subdued our hearts and brought us into glad surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ Lord, thank you for the spirit of God that dwells in us, enabling us to stay subdued and surrendered and humbled before you Lord. There something about our flesh. There something about our Adamic nature that is inclined to self-reliance and independence and that does not honor you. Thank you for the way you order our lives for the circumstances you bring into our lives to teach us humble dependence upon you, Lord, were more dependent upon you than we realize.

We say these things, that it is in you that we live and breathe and have our being. But so often we go about our days thinking that our lives in the continuation of our lives is dependent upon us.

That is not true. Our next breath. Our next day are however long you ordained for us to be on the earth is ordered by you, thank you for gathering the people of God in this way, we might quiet our hearts from a busy world and a noisy chaotic world and distill our hearts and be no end to know that you are God into focus our thoughts and minds and hearts and affections upon you. Thank you God for your word. Thank you for its veracity. Thank you for its power to birth centers into your kingdom and to sustain our lives. All the days were on this earth strengthen us in the inner person this evening. Fan the flames of our affection, deepen our love for you.

Open our understanding that we might open our understanding that we might know the word of God aright this evening. Again, ask you to draw from our hearts, believing prayers God honoring prayers prayers for ourselves for our church for our families for our nation, Lord, we desire to be intercessors. We desire to be effective intercessors. We thank you that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man, a veil of much so help us to be such men and women bless our time receive our praise and worship. We ask in Jesus name, amen couple of announcements this coming Sunday is harvest Sunday when we traditionally begin to collect faith promise cards Buster Barton will bring a message from the mission text is been chosen for this year and it is from second Timothy chapter 2 the.

The theme is that they may know the truth but let me read three verses to give you the context so that you'll have your appetite wetted for the sermon be brought on the Lord's day. Second Timothy chapter 2 verse 24 says, and a servant of the Lord must not quarrel but be gentle to all, able to teach patient in humility correcting those who are in opposition if God perhaps will grant them repentance so that they may know the truth and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will. And again, the theme is that they may know the truth so pray about your participation in our faith promise missions program and if possible plan on returning your card to the offering plates on Sunday. We are planning a Thanksgiving pray service for next Tuesday.

Been doing that the last half dozen or so years and it's so one of the highlights. I think of our church life here and we try and do it on Tuesday night to get away from the busyness of Wednesday and getting part of the ladies getting prepared for Thanksgiving. So if you have out-of-town guests bring them with you and we will enjoy a time of praise and thanksgiving to God will have testimonies as many as you render unto the Lord. We will sing.

Enjoy a time of thanksgiving to God.

That will be again on Tuesday night November 24.

If you would like to purchase a poinsettia to honor a loved one to be placed in the church auditorium during the month of December were asking you to fill out a form at the Usher station in place. The form along with nine dollars in the attached specially marked envelope and place it in the offering plate of your one of the persons who has been participating in our worship via live stream.

You have been coming to our services arose. Bradshaw says you can send her an email to our lists the name or names of those you want to remember and include the number of poinsettias that you will be purchasing may send your funds to the church through the PO Box 159, Alamance, NC 27201.

The deadline for receiving those requests is Sunday, November 30. I'm sorry. Well she needs your information email by November 30. The deadline here at the church is Sunday, November 29.

We will continue our service schedule. As we been conducting it since April that is Sunday morning April present services with social distancing and wearing masks as we sing just to minister and protect one another and will live stream only Wednesday night and Sunday night and praying to God for a return to normal. First Peter chapter 2 in verse nine says, but you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, his own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light.

But some take a look at the requests side of our per sheet this evening. Our government official of the week is a long altered member Emily Sharp. We are praising the Lord for a number of persons in God's intervention in their life. Rob Conrad ported us that he is recovered from kidney issues. His wife and mother-in-law have recovered from coven, but the caregiver that was ministering to his mother-in-law's died from coven. She was a believer currently is thanking the Lord for improvement with her mother. Her mother went to hearing specialist had an appointment and they made some changes and Artie was able to have a conversation with her on the telephone and she was able to hear better than she's been able to hear for a long time and not only did Carly think that but her mother is rejoicing in the improvement of her ability here so she's 96 years of age very good health and I truly been the only serious challenge and that she is been hearing, but if she can get some help with the hearing aid that is cause for Thanksgiving and praise Abigail reports that Webster Ross, their new son are grandson at his two week checkup in he is gaining weight and doing well. Praise the Lord for that. John Spencer is recovering from total knee replacement surgery that he had on Monday, November 2 doing well.

We Vestal got some good news he had damaged his kneecap. They were considering a knee replacement. The x-rays have shown that his kneecap, his pain is been manageable and they've decided to postpone knee replacement until things would get worse under members some needs that we want you to be aware of.

Don Burns fell last Friday broke several bones in her foot. She scheduled for surgery tomorrow.

She'll be nonweightbearing on that foot for at least six week six that's coming curtail her schedule and life work.

All the rest. Marseilles Councilman is scheduled for eye surgery on December 1. Her sister Drew Guthrie has been told by her oncologist that they could try a lower dose of ongoing chemotherapy, but he feels the benefits may not be worth the risk or another option is no treatment and down the road.

Hospice care so please pray for her to have peace and comfort in these days, weeks, months overlong. The Lord decrease for her to be with us. She might have wisdom and clarity in deciding how she wants to proceed. Alice Marley had another fall this week and is now in ICU at ARMC got an email from Rick Phillips think yesterday that there was a fire outside the back of his business and did a lot of damage to his business smoke and water damage and he said to relocate to a warehouse he's going to be disrupted with his business for several months so he's insured. Well, he thinks that is inventorying the things that his loss will be covered, but he will not have a a storefront has a lot of walk in business so his business is going to be affected so pray that the Lord will provide for him. Perhaps insurance company will have some compensation form and lost income when I don't really know about those details but just that God will provide for our brother and his family during this time of transition for him.

Let's see under others some needs that the carbon I would like you to be aware of.

We've ask you to pray for her cousin Dale Blosser.

Dale is my age, who went to high school together and he was having some challenges with memory and so on and they he's a he's a veteran, they put them in the hospital and medicated him and over medicated him and he was in a coma for a while on a ventilator that took him off the ventilator continue to live but he is a paralyzed. There a lot of needs in his family appreciate your prayers for him, the church back home in Pennsylvania, work hard, and I converted they are dealing with a pretty major outbreak of coven about 1/3 of the congregation is been affected.

One lady who taught children's church and in the church's infected with COBIT and has died so they need a lot of wisdom to know how to proceed when to reopen the church and now the church there is.

This is a small church. I think they may have maybe 60 people or so and it becomes a matter of survival. The church has its doors close for an extended period of time so no income coming in offerings and so it is the church is in a bit of a crisis. So, we'd appreciate your prayers for Seneca Evangelical Congregational church Brooke Faust daughter Johnny and Pam Faust was involved in a serious car accident several weeks ago. She's so been released from the hospital. She was Moses Cone for a while is now at home and recovering slowly, Brian Griffin, husband of Rebecca Burns. Griffin is recovering from surgery that he had on Tuesday, repair tendon in his hand couple of folks who are dealing with coven Kayden Hammon, son of Dawn driver Hammon grandson dating Claire driver is tested positive for coven Terry and Majors daughter Aaron and Wendy Lynch has coven and she has an autoimmune disease that could complicate her. Her issues and then see Vicki Pope that is the mother of Parker Pope father's name is Charles there in separate nursing homes in Spokane, Washington are separated and that way his father does not have covert, but his mother does have coven. They both need prayer. Carly's request in prayer for her aunt Sally Kaufman is having some serious health issues Roger Thompson and uncle Sue Vestal's is recovering surgery for an infected gallbladder that was very close to rupturing Caroline Whitehead that is Tony Abernathy's sister is been diagnosed with a fib. She is a believer 20 would appreciate your prayers for her an update for for you concerning Stuart Waugh.

This is a interesting story of Providence.

The. The oncologist had detected that Stewart's cancer markers had been increasing so they ran some tests to try to determine where that cancer was they had him on some chemotherapy has the trend had that off and because they were running those tests. They discovered that he has an aneurysm and very likely would have been fatal had not been detected because of the concern about cancer, they've discovered an aneurysm is been admitted to the hospital has to pass coven test and will be having surgery to deal with this aneurysm. So again, not only him but all of our lives are the Lord's hands.

But it's good to see God's providence and traces Providence in his dealings so the Vernon send a voicemail and they're thanking the Lord knowing God makes no mistakes.

They had planned to return to Zimbabwe on December 10. Those plans are up in the air so remember Stuart and Laverne prayers under cancer.

There's three names are highlighted.

Rufus Boyd is an uncle of Thad Boyd Washington North Carolina is recovering from lung lung cancer surgery is aunt Patsy will be having back surgery soon and there are spiritual needs with both of them. Lee and Mike Lannon's father, Gaylord Rempel had surgery to remove a cancerous portion of his lower right lung. On November 9. He's in a lot of pain.

Leanne flew to Wisconsin on Sunday to take care of her mother and dad him and Leanne in your prayers we've already mentioned Wilbur Whitehead know we haven't Wilbur Whitehead is Tony Abernathy's brother-in-law. He's been diagnosed with leukemia and has early signs of dementia. He is in a rehab facility. He is a believer.

So those are prayer requests just have one missionary update.

This is from Trevor Johnson and this is came yesterday and sometimes we forget what's going on in missionaries life gives a short summary of this year and I thought that might be good for you to hear and be reminded of. So here is so what he has to say summary of this year. Our visas have been blocked now but have been blocked. Now back to Indonesia for some time. I got jailed and deported trying to reenter Indonesia earlier in the year we gave over our village home to large children and orphans. I sold my library to support these kids/orphans. Most of these books were then stolen. I sold my car to pay flights for the sick. I'm selling the rest of my possessions left in Papua within the next two months to support the dorm/orphanage. I just sold my land in Missouri to get out of debt and pay for five teachers for remote villages so that 80+ jungle kids can get an education. These children are worth it. Jesus is worth it. Any earthly sacrifice we make tales in comparison to Jesus giving his life for our sin's the mission to the Kawai was a success. Even though the man me is now a physical wreck.

I am still suffering chronic pain, but I would do it all over again for both Jesus and the corrupt and the Kawai he says jump on board.

We are going we are doing good work. I will heal. These kids are worth it. We opened and unreached area for the gospel. Not only have believers but church leaders shepherding these believers. We've seen the birth of an indigenous church, something many missionaries only dream about.

And yet now I am in miserable pain, my illness is due to malaria 24 times and for parasites and organ damage. These are loans earned on the mission field so please have a little patience with me. The missionary work was a success.

Even though I am now paying a steep physical price so that it's from Trevor Johnson. I read the words of John Newton's him glorious things of the spoken and the third stanza ends with Jesus. Home. Their souls rely on makes them kings and priests to God. That's God's overarching goal to bring us into a relationship of reliance upon him, and that is in regards to bringing us to salvation. Repentance and faith and it is the way God works and intends through our life of sanctification saying our new grandson saying how absolutely, totally helpless. He is all absolutely totally dependent. He is for his very existence reminded me of fresh of what Jesus said unless you become like a little child you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven that will take time to elaborate what Jesus is making reference referring to their other than simple. What is a child able to do a child is absolutely totally dependent on others and God intends that we live a life of dependence on him that him again. The third stanza on the rock of ages founded what can shake thy sure repose with salvation's walls surrounded vowel may us smile at all the lifeboats, the confident smile by the soul to trusts in Jesus is greatly glorifying to God Almighty.

He yearns to work that in us and to have us smile at any photo that is sales.

Our souls, knowing that there is a God behind a sailing who has purposed it, who has determined it for our good and his own glory. But I want to do tonight is to a bit of a quick survey of God's dealings with the children of Israel in the Old Testament in Egypt and their deliverance out of Egypt through the Red Sea and the things that we learn about them in their struggle to trust God and rely upon him, and God's dealings with them over that whole issue. One of the central issues. One of the central lessons of the Old Testament was to teach Israel to rely on God and God alone.

In the book of Proverbs, the Lord commands his people.

Proverbs 3, five and six trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not upon your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct your paths. That Hebrew word that's translated trust speaks to the issue of security and peace and is frequently translated that way.

Listen to Leviticus 25 verses 18 and 19. For those two themes safety and peace follow my decrees and be careful to obey my laws and you will live safely in the land, then the land will yield its fruit and you will eat your fill and live there in safety. Leviticus 2518 19 the image.

There is of a peaceful countryside in which God's people live in peace and quietness of heart untroubled by danger and having all of their needs met. Not there is a exhortation and imperative. Follow my decrees and be careful to obey my laws and you will live safely in the land think too often people think that God's commandments is laws are meant to just keep us in line but they are meant to put us in a place whereby God might bless us that we might know safety and quietness and peace. Listen to these verses that speak of trust Psalm for verse eight I will lie down and sleeping peace for you alone. Our Lord may make me dwell in safety some 25 verse one into to you oh Lord I lift up my soul in you. I trust all my God. Do not let me be put to shame, nor let my enemies triumph over me. Though an army besiege me. My heart will not fear, though war break out against me. Even then will I be confident. Psalm 27 in verse three and then Isaiah 26 verse three and four.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on the 40 trust within the trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord is the rock eternal. You remember God's dealings in bringing the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage. L used the 10 plagues to bring Pharaoh to the place where he would relent and release the children of Israel, and as they fled Israel Pharaoh and his army pursued them to the Red Sea. It seemed there was no way of escape, Pharaoh had encircled them with the mightiest army on the face of the earth. God spoke to them through Moses in Exodus chapter 1413 and we have these words the Lord will fight for you. You need only to be still and how did God fight for them. Will God walled up the waters of the Red Sea and allow them to pass through the Red Sea and after they had passed through the Red Sea.

He let the waters envelop Pharaoh and his army and he drowned them notice the result of that intervention and that deliverance Exodus 14 verse 31 says and when the Israelites saw the great power the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people fear the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant. You see God delivered them and he delivered them in such a way that they might be encouraged to trust him and that's what they did but God was not through teaching them this lesson of faith. Not only would God be their Savior and deliverer but he would also be there provider as well. So what did God do God used their hunger and their thirst to teach them the central lesson that God will supply all of their needs according to his infinite bounty. He provided bread from heaven every day. He provided water from a rock daily guidance with the pillar of cloud by day and the color of fire by night and by miraculously preventing their shoes from wearing out for 40 got God taught Israel to look to him for everything they would need in life. So in the Exodus, God taught these two basic lessons of faith. He was there Savior from all danger and he was there provider for all of their needs and I would submit to you tonight that that is exactly what God intends to teach us constantly reinforce that to us over and over and over again. He is worthy of our trust to deliver us from danger from co-vented from from sin's penalty is power its presence is worthy of our trust in that regard, and he's also worthy of our trust as a part of as a provider to meet all of our need these promise to do that. He's Jehovah Gyro. But what is the enemy of faith. What is the enemy of trust. It's self-reliance see as soon as the time came for Israel to enter the promised land. What did they do, they forgot God. Moses sent 12 tribes sent 12 spies into the land one spy for each of the 12 tribes.

They were did they win in the land to explore God it already told him he would give them the land so they had this exploration of the land and when 10 of the spies came back they came back not only with the report a bad report, but they brought a disease with them. They brought the disease of unbelief.

10 of the 12 spies spread a bad report about the land there giants in the land.

We seem like grasshoppers in our own eyes, and we look the same to them numbers 13 verse 33. What affected this outfit drained courage from the hearts of the Israelites who then murmured against God and wanted to go back to each listen to what they said says they complained in their tents and they said because the Lord hates us.

He has brought us out of the land of Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites to destroy us because the Lord hates us. That's what they said and in that passage in Deuteronomy chapter 21 or Chapter 1. It's recounting this portion of their history. Verse 29 of chapter 1 says that I said you do not be terrified or afraid of them, the Lord your God who goes before you.

He will fight for you, according to all he did for you in Egypt before your eyes and in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a man carries his son in all the way that you went until you came to this place yet for all that you did not believe the Lord your God. You did not believe the Lord your God. You did not trust in the Lord your God, God responded that will God took this failure to trust him as the greatest of sins.

The punishment was extremely severe. God declared through Moses that they would wonder around in the desert for 40 years until everyone of that sinful generation who did not trust in him died. That's how much God hates self-reliance. God gave them every reason to trust him and yet they refused. I think I'm going to have to pick this back up preps is a good place to stop because I am going to show you their history of relying on alliances instead of trusting the Lord, they trusted in their alliances with other nations and God was dishonored and that they suffered consequences because of that process would be a good time for me to share a story about a missionary I met last evening's name is Bob Mack been to career missionary to the Ivory Coast been over there 26, 27 years and I sat across the table from him got to meet him a little bit I've heard about him because of Bill Hill of equipping nationals worldwide is made 10 trips to the Ivory Coast to help train his men as churches but as we were talking he told me this story the challenges and the difficulties of planning a church in think were making progress in this obstacle. In that obstacle, and we try this.

We try that in the difficulties and challenges of seeing an indigenous church established with a national pastor. One of the men in his church came to him and ask him to travel to part of the Ivory Coast through rebel territory about a 15 hour journey to conduct a funeral for his father's father died sometime earlier. He got permission from the chief of that village to come back and conduct a funeral and he had negotiated with the chief and he knew he was a believer and one of the conditions that he was willing to go conduct this funeral was that in the funeral service that he insisted that two hours be given to prayer and the preaching of the word.

So we said Bob Mack, will you be willing to go and conduct his funeral for my father, Bob Mack thought to himself. No, I don't.

I don't think that's wise I don't think that's prudent it's it's a difficult journey is through rebel territory. It's 15 hours he says but I gave the obligatory response pray about it. He says only thing is I did pray about and after a number of days. He said I became convinced that I needed to go so he went and when they got there. He said they gathered up as many cheers as they could find about 380 planned this funeral service and he said I did and I would go but he said I had a manager testimony. Another man brought out a short message and I preached and we conducted a two hour of preaching service aces and at the end he said I'd share the gospel and I said no I've been this is again is what is related to me as I told people 300 people spent two hours we spent two hours trying to communicate to you that you were born in this world and amity with God and what God is done in the person of his son Jesus Christ to reconcile you to himself, and he gave an invitation and ask who if it is anyone there was interested in talking further to come down to the front and they would continue to talk with them and he said nine people came down and Bob Max's. I was very concerned that they understood what was being said that the spirit of God was working in their hearts, and so he directed them to because he was speaking through a translator. The man who asked him to go conduct the funeral for his father was also there and he comes to him and he said they want us to do this again tomorrow night. He said really so they held another two hour prayer and preaching service.

The next night. He said were not only 300 people sitting in the chairs.

He says there were five or 600 other people standing around and he said at the end of that service.

He said something similar about the gospel in God's intention to save sinners and he said 50 people came forward wanting to learn more and talk more and no said in that culture. We were supposed to leave the next day, but he said you don't leave without the permission of the chief of the village so he said through the translator I said would you go ask him if we have permission to leave tomorrow and he said I thought to myself he's gonna have something he's got one from us run a big relief.

So man said to the chief in the native language made this request and the chief responded to him and he said what did he say this is what Bob Mack told me the chief said you have 60 converts here.

I will not let you leave unless you promise to plant a church in this village and provide a a man to care for these people.

Now he told me that story and I'm relating that story to you to emphasize here he was doing anything and everything he could to try and plan a church where he was at the Ivory Coast and finding all kinds of obstacles and difficulties this what he told me God was telling me is as God was telling me when I want to plan a church.

I will plant a church in that man whose father had died was there to help with this funeral. That's a man that Bob Mack had trained in his church.

That man is the pastor of the church. They've there's a there's a church in that village this rubble territory of the Ivory Coast. So quiet. Quite a story of God working in ways that confound is sometimes well I will return to this theme. The next time we meet. But will you join me as we remember some of these requests.

I have a him that I'm going to close with my confined's parent is pray together. Father, we are mindful that you do have these two cardinal colors that you want to build into the foundations of our lives that you are a God worthy of trust to both deliver us from every harm, and everything that would hinder us in this life.

Every besetting sin every obstacle, anything that would compete with your desire for us to trust you. You want to deliver us from that you want to deliver us from self-reliance and independence. Lord help us to be aware of that and know that when you are dealing with us many, many times, that is your in game to bring us to let go and quits driving and quit working in. Simply trust you as a little child. Lord forgive us for the way we fret and worry about our daily needs.

It's must be so dishonoring to you to see people who you've redeemed at the cost of the death of your son worrying and fretting and scrambling and acting as if the suss the sustaining of our lives is dependent upon us.

Forgive us Lord for failing to trust you with these lesser things Lord these things are there not incidental or serious things, facing people in our congregation and our families that we know and love care about, but that's still not a reason to not trust you. We praise you this evening for your evidence of working in the lives of Rob Conrad and Carly's mother, Jean Davis for this good report for organize grandson for John Spencer 90 improvement in he's known from knee surgery for Lee Vestal for the healing of his kneecap and the postponement of knee surgery Lord that's just a few appraisers we have. You have shown yourself strong on behalf of those whose hearts have been made right toward you. You have met needs above and beyond.

You have done for us what we could never ask or think. We thank you God for the daily provisions for our lives for health and strength and soundness of mind and to be able to think thoughts after you and to have a heart for you to want to love you to want to serve you to want to understand your word better. Lord, thank you for these things that you have worked in us Lord fill our hearts with thanksgiving. There's so much that we have cause to give you thanks.

We pray tonight for Elon older member Emily Sharp.

We ask that you would make her a God-fearing person should make her effective interservice to Elon that she would be a woman who promotes righteousness and justice. Encourage her in the role you've assigned to her. One. Pray for Don Burns tonight as she has surgery tomorrow that the surgery would go well and that you would encourage her hard in this Marseilles councilman's facial facing eye surgery Drew Guthrie. She is facing some hard decisions concerning this battle with cancer drawn near to her.

Encourage your heart, thank you for loving family. Thank you for hospice. These wonderful people that you've given to care for us and to know what this process looks like and how helpful that can be to us. We pray for Alice Morland who she's been isolated and alone there and I see you please draw near to her and bring peace to her comfort to her reminder Lord of your goodness and your hand of blessing upon her in this church family that knows and loves.

Pray for Greg Phillipson this disruption in his business because of the fire. Thank you that he was able to find a warehouse to be able to reload relocate his business so quickly. We pray that he will get an equitable settlement from the insurance company that they would be favorable providing for the income loss that he will have because not having storefront in and foot traffic. No Thanksgiving is a time, there is increased activity with his business. We pray that he would not lose business because of this fire. We thank you for Greg and Sue and in their incredible faithfulness to you in this ministry. Learn what to pray for Carly's cousin Dale Blosser for her aunt Sally Hochman church there in Pennsylvania dealing with covert there were please meet these needs. We thank you God that your able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask or think you know the needs with these dear loved ones give wisdom to the leaders there in the church bring healing and recovery to those who have covert protect others that they will not get it. We pray for Brooke Faust. She slowly healing at home from this car accident. Lord minister to her needs for Brian Griffin is recovering from hand surgery on Tuesday for these who are known by us through our membership. Kayden Hammond Terrien majors who have covert please Lord, because the symptoms to be minimal and the recovery to be quick for both of them for our popes, mother who has covert pray that you undertake for her minister to the needs that are present in both Charles and Vicki popes life pursue Vestal's uncle. Thank you for keeping his bladder from rupturing on have this emergency surgery bring healing to him and recovery for 20 Abernathy sister who has a fib for his brother-in-law who has leukemia minister to his needs.

Thank you, Leanne, Mike, and was able to travel to Wisconsin to be with her parents help her as she serves them in love bring relief to the pain that he is experiencing, then for Thad Boyd's uncle Rufus and aunt Patsy minister to their needs are God for store wall or thank you for his tracing the hand of Providence and rejoicing in the way you have led to discover this aneurysm.

We pray that the surgery would be successful that you would bring healing and recovery from that and that he would continue to improve be able to return to the land of Zimbabwe into not only the land of that he loves but the ministry that he's given himself to or thank you for being with us.

Thank you for this time around your word this evening for this for our people who are gathered around their Internet Lord, thank you for the family of God for beacon Baptist Church for the people that you have saved in made a part of this ministry, knit our hearts together and love for you and for one another and keep us by your grace. We pray in Jesus name, amen. Think I will save this him for later time. Good evening

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