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The Immutability of God

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman
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July 29, 2020 1:00 am

The Immutability of God

Beacon Baptist / Gregory N. Barkman

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July 29, 2020 1:00 am

Pastor Karns shares church news and speaks from Psalm 102.

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Good evening again to you from auditorium at beacon Baptist Church. I trust that you are well.

You are resting in the Lord Jesus Christ, that you are content in him that you are rejoicing in the provision that he's made for you and his son the Lord Jesus, despite what might be going on around us. If you're right with the Lord Jesus Christ and have been reconciled to God through him all is well in this world, at least, that ought to be for you my dear wife reminded me that I don't know if it was must've been this past Sunday that I was making reference to James come now, you who say today or tomorrow will go to such and such. Would you know what what what will happen tomorrow.

What is your life in a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

Instead, we ought to say if the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that I made reference to that in she said and then you said we are going on or going on five weeks not honestly folks in my mind. She told me that I said no, no, I said five months. It's amazing what your mind tells you you did.

And reality is a contradiction so I didn't mean five weeks. I met five months it'll be five months since March 8 was the last time we gathered has a church normal circumstances.

Everything changed after that. So it's good to have a wife to remind you of those foibles and but anyway I meant five months hard to believe that it's gone on this long we don't know how much longer it's going to go on. Still under the phase II restrictions so were continuing to meet together as a church for those who can are able to link to on Sunday morning honoring social distancing wearing our masks when were singing and I were encouraged by the good number who joined us this past Lord's day, but on Sunday night and Wednesday night were continuing to live stream our services so again, thank you for joining us this evening. Got a few announcements I want to cover John and Hannah Savage will be moving on August 1 is right around the corner in their new address will be 200 Pine Not Ln., Apt. 202 in Graham but just an update for your directory.

John and Hannah to Savage. Moving to 200 Pine Not Ln., Apt. 202 in Graham. Rob Conrad is making an inquiry he needs a certified nurse assistant for his mother to work a 24 hour shift. 1 to 2 days a week, or on an as-needed basis. So if you have an interest have skills in that area. Contact Rob Conrad's phone number 336-222-9877. That's if you know of someone who could meet this need elements Christian school is broadening their preschool to infants in one-year-old class so they need some help. Experience is preferred but not required. If you're interested in any of these positions related to the expanding of the preschool. Contact the school or the person to contact is Wendy Oakley 33657803803365780380 at the top of our sheet.

We have Hosea 14 nine printed who is wise, let him understand these things who is prudent, let him know them for the ways of the Lord are right, the righteous walk in them, but transgressors stumble in them. I would gotta lot of needs to draw your attention on the request side rejoicing with Dr. Bill Barton a new granddaughter, Molly Avenue and Lee Kephart arrived on July 23, weighing 6 pounds of routine ounces daughter to Mark and Shelby Kephart. Praise the Lord for that new addition to their family and were praising the Lord that Sarah Gilmore is doing better. This is the mother van unique Mary Petry her Petri is an aunt of Annie Nick she's doing well.

She had a brain stent implanted in May. She's so she's doing well courting dance. Glad to report that our government official.

The week is elements County Commissioner Stephen Carter, who lives in Burlington under members Sarah Cardwell recovering from recent knee surgery. She had meniscus repaired not near as extensive as the previous surgery but needed surgery. Nonetheless, she was in the service on Sunday and making proof improvement Rob Conrad at home and placed an IV port in his upper chest. He's doing IVs at home there waiting on the cardiologist to determine if the degeneration of his heart valve is from normal wear and tear or from a bacteria that he was admitted initially in the hospital recently to be treated for Gail Davis is improving from recent coven passion. The tour was in staff meeting this afternoon. He is so he's still a bit weak buddies improving recovering.

He's begun his physical therapy three days a week in our day and that he thinks that that's going to help them a lot. So continue to remember him there, adjusting his medication is cost a bit better, but his voice is a bit weak so again, just FYI concerning pastoral mature under others. Duane, Craig's mother, Janice Craig Phelan fractured vertebrae in her back is been a lot of pain taken the hospice where they can manage her pain medication. The downside of that is the family can only see her once a day. So remember Duane's mother Janice Craig in the situation. Carolann Bart made us aware of a couple of needs earlier this week and if you're in beacon in the known if or not we would encourage you to send an email and make request to be added to that. It's how we keep people updated when our needs are that arise in announcements and made but the Rihanna Schmidt granddaughter Carol and Bart's cousin is in the hospital in Ohio do your part, stopping his head brain damage and damaged her lung. She's 12 or 13 years old and it will be some time before they can determine exactly the extent of damage from her part stopping for.

They were able to obviously to revive her, but there's been some damage and also Stephanie Stratton is a cousin who lives in a nursing home in Texas has been diagnosed with covert she already has some serious health Hosea Slawson is recovering from surgery that he had on Monday in South Dakota.

He came through surgery without any complications.

Got a note here that tells me the procedure that the doctors performed plastic surgeon put into long extenders assist to help stretch the skin on his back. So when the orthopedic surgeon fuses his spine and permanently fuses a rod to his spine. He will have enough skin to close it up afterward will be in the hospital 2 to 3 days with two weeks of recovery before a once a week for before a once a week for four weeks to have fluid inserted his expanders on six sounds complicated but is pray for him and his family for Pam's been out there. She and how long she's been out there now but her plan is to be out there about 22 weeks helping with the other three children, and with Isaiah so Christie is reported to us that he slept well last night without oxygen and he's doing well considering the ordeal easement through just I have Roy son of Jeremy and Christie has an abscess in her mouth is on antibiotics doing some better which were thankful under missionaries know you been praying for Trevor Johnson family for the Paul Snyder family for Stuart Waugh, Paul Snyder and his wife Trish and their daughter Marianne are moving from Thomasville to Radford, Virginia church has organized that move their moving week from this coming Saturday, driving the U-Haul there something a 2 1/2 hour drive from Thomasville to Radford and Ken Elliott is helping on this and so thankful for Joe's initiative to organize this move for them to Paul is just physically not able to do these things. He's really struggling yet week little discouraged by all that he's been through so glad to be able to have this ministry to them. No update concerning Stuart Waugh special tour talk to Laverne on Saturday and she reports that he week that nauseous but that we have anything in addition to report concerning the progress of his liver transplant under cancer or some number of names here that we don't want lose Melanie Allison acquaintance Wendy Lynch and goad cousin to Sue Elliott, Dawn Hammond driver order married daughter Betty and Claire driver hearing maples from Providence Baptist Church as kidney cancer. David Phillips, a has training kidney cancer Sue Vestal's making us aware Tammy Reedley, Reedley, the wife of Bruce reeling from the church. Christian Bible Fellowship stop battling with cancer. Darla Hazelton's uncle can't Shropshire lung and brain lung cancer in a brain tumor. Randy Troyer. This is not sure who's making is where this is another person have been Vestal. Lori Craig's brother Sue Vestal's brother-in-law is battling cancer in Amy Freeman's mother Naomi Williams and then David Moxley friend of Nancy Verity is receiving cancer treatments. Also attracted covert's in the hospital and he is now out of the hospital. He's weak buddies improving happy to report that to so those are prayer requests tonight that a few things in relation to our missions family that I want to relate to you. Attached ministries ministry that recycles books and literature Sunday school material to other countries. He the head of the ministry rights in June were able to ship boxes of hymnals to Trinidad in a carton of reference books to the Philippines as well as some other smaller shipments and then he speaks of the greatest need that the ministry has currently in.

That is for finances to put forward to put toward shipping 12 churches that support them on a regular basis and that support pays the rent pays the insurance on the phone and those things but it's this is what we have missed during the pandemic is the occasional love offering or special missions give or random gifts toward shipping pieces. Without these, our ability to ship is limited with our monthly support we can ship about 100 pounds of material per month but last year was special gifts were able to ship closer to 200 pounds each month. So, just an update concerning that ministry, expressing their appreciation for the church as a partner with them and where one of those churches.

This is just a short update from Larry Carol Bunyan came to us on July 23 so it's a few days old. They write dear beacon friends, we trust these this finds you well and surviving all of the Cova 19 mandates. These are interesting times in which we live and is having a diverse effect on all thankfully doesn't have to be an adverse effect we been blessed by Isaiah 44, eight which says do not fear nor be afraid.

Have I not told you from that time and declared it. You are my witnesses, is there a God besides me. Indeed, there is no other rock. I know not one right. This is such a beautiful comforting description of the God we serve on Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand.

They say the summer vistas are breathtaking this year, cooler temps and lovely rain showers have produced periods of wildflowers on the green rolling prairie. Such a wonderful reprieve from our long winters for our anniversary. We took a drive into the mountains to places we have never been all along the way we were reminded of God's majesty and power splendid ministries rolling along. Although there are limitations as a result of covert praying that we will soon be able to return to our church building for our services. Currently, we are meeting in an off reservation town in their community hall through adversity. God brings new opportunities.

Our family has stayed well during the covert virus were grateful we had the pleasure being altogether around Father's Day which also gave opportunity to celebrate Larry's 64th birthday. May God's blessing be abundant as you continue to love and serve him. Your thoughts and generosity are appreciated.

Secure him. Bunyan and then I have letter here in front of me from Tony and Kathy Payne read all of it.

Just a few excerpts from it. He says, well they been under the covert restrictions there for 15 weeks at various levels but here is the latest concerning their ministry says the top three issues related to the virus for people ages 20 to 69 are diabetes, HIV and hypertension are people live in closely congested communities and many are noncompliant regarding the mandatory wearing masks and social distancing. Because of the high risks of contracting and spreading covert are churches leaders and the leaders of our sister churches have all postponed gathering worship until after the pandemics peak the continuing ministry lifestream like were doing on Sundays and on Wednesdays, but the other ministry is been interrupted drastically.

He says this is Kathy Payne's mother.

Please pray for my mother Lorraine would even with dialysis three times a week. Her kidney function is down to 7% on her blood pressure recently plummeted. She fell and broke two bones in her lower right leg at the ankle.

Pray for grace and for healing of the surgical repair of the fractures in the will of the Lord says our April tickets to travel to the US were canceled because of the coronavirus so we rescheduled for late August.

However, our airports may remain closed in an effort to curb the spread of the virus were resting in the sovereignty of God. During this pandemic. Psalm 103 verse 19 is a favorite verse in these days of uncertainty. We may not always understand what God ordains for us, but we have the assurance that we can place our firm trust in our heavenly father earning everything that befalls us in his glad service, Tony Kathy Payne and I think that's all I will tonight. Let's pray father we bow in your presence tonight to rejoice in our Lord Jesus Christ. Father truly we say with Paul the apostle. Blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who is blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ.

Father, we thank you for every blessing that has come to us through your kind purposes and we thank you for salvation in the Lord Jesus, we thank you for every temporal blessing that we know and enjoy. We thank you for protection from this coronavirus. How so very, very few of our people have been affected by it, for which we give you thanks and we pray that that would continue wouldn't be an outbreak would not further disturb and interrupt our our church ministry here anymore than it already has. Lord, we thank you that we can look to you on this Wednesday evening were needy people are God, mindful of our needs. We need to draw closer to you. We need to walk in communion and fellowship with you more consistently than what we do. We thank you for the appointed means of grace that you have ordained for our edification and growth.

We thank you for those who gathered around their computers tonight to join me as we consider a very critical and important attribute of God tonight. I pray that you will bless our consideration help us to know our daughter right home to know his life eternal here us. We pray for Jesus sake and for his glory alone.

We pray in Christ name meant like to start by asking your question. That question is are you a person who enjoys change you like change our view grown accustomed to change orders change something that not you offkilter something that you really don't like if you had your rather as you would rather things stay the same.

I was thinking about this recently in most of you are aware that our hometown aware car and I both grew up in minutes apart in northwestern Pennsylvania, Seneca Pennsylvania where we lived for the first 12 years of our married life until God called us away prepare for vocational ministry and usually once a year we make a trip to Pennsylvania to see family and when we do we have some dear friends that are used to live and still live in the home that we we owned next door to us. And so when we stopped to see Jeff and Judy would drive by our own place, there's a part of me that would like to see inside the place because there's been through four owner since we sold it just to see the changes that have been made and that yet there's another part of me that says you know what I want to remember that house the way it was when there so there's this tension that I feel. I guess that gets to this issue. I'm a person that you can't resist change or you be one frustrated person because that is the nature of our lives.

Everything is in change. Everything is in flux, the one constant is that everything apart from God is changing. I talked to a car salesman recently in was asking him this question why there are so many late-model low mileage cars sitting on so many Carla and this was his answer to me. There were several things he said. But this is what struck me along these lines. He says people like change and I said I disagree. Not everybody likes change likes change. I don't like change. Carly still driving the car that purchase for her in 2060 been driving for 14 years so but he went on to say that there's people who lease cars and when the lease comes up in three years. He turned back and get another one. So a lot of the cars you see in his car lots are lease cars.

He said people have just got accustomed and in our culture that normal life is a car payment. So when a get a car and I get that payment book when you get the car paid off, it's time to trade it in and get another car and with another car comes another car payment. So he said people are just accustomed to that. But the thing that struck me was people like change.

They like to change cars, change colors, change models well when we come together to sing in order church. We are confessing corporately truths about our God.

We are affirming together our knowledge and our confidence in God were declaring to one another were reminding one another were edifying one another in our shared knowledge of God and one of the hymns that we've not been able to sing with come together is a hymn penned by Reggie Kimbrough from Winston-Salem.

Reggie's penned this wonderful him, thou God changes never the first stanza says thou the God who changes never thou whose glory is thine own yesterday, today, forever sits in heaven upon the throne. Thine own presence even gracing walking their in cool of day. Our first head.

This bliss forsaking sins cruel rain steals all away. What's drawing your attention tonight is that first phrase of that first stands Volvo God who changes never. We sing great is thy faithfulness, oh God my father. There is no shadow of turning with the thou changes not like compassions, they fail not, as thou hast been, thou forever be been thinking good bit about the doctrine of the immutability of God. The immutability of God that is that God is constant. God changes not. He does not change in character. He does not change in his decrees. He does not change in his essence and how utterly contrary. That is to our earthly experience and existence.

I think many people tend to demean or depreciate sameness in our everyday living here. People asked the question, how are things time to time you hear this expression, same old same old. What are they communicating well perhaps, various things but think about it is just something that's comes out of people's mouths, but what I hear there is life's pretty boring life's pretty routine life's pretty predictable. Nothing to get excited about over here. Well, one of the things that I think the church of the Lord Jesus Christ needs in our day is a return to a pursuit of the knowledge of God. Jesus praying to his father in John chapter 17 says this this is eternal life here is a definition of eternal life from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ as he sprang to his father.

This is eternal life that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent eternal life is knowing God, as he has revealed himself in Scripture and knowing his son Jesus Christ. That is the heart of what eternal life is how do we reconcile that clear definition from the Lord Jesus with the attitude of so many professing Christians in our day who have such little knowledge of God, have very little interest in studying their Bible that they might know God. In fact there even a bit put off by an insistence that they must be seeking after the God as he is revealed himself in Scripture. Listen to what Sinclair Ferguson has said in his book a heart for God, he says, a man or woman may be a Christian and remain ignorant of many things, but we cannot be Christians and remain ignorant of God. While man has never had such as never had so much knowledge about the world as he possesses today.

Perhaps he has never had so little knowledge of God and then he quotes Jeremiah 9 verse 23 and 24 let not the wise man boast of his wisdom with the strong man boast of the strength of the rich man boast of his riches, but let him who boasts boast about this, that he understands and knows me that I am the Lord who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth for in these I delight, declares the Lord, then this diagnosis and commentary on the state of affairs across the board in the Church of Christ.

He says quote when we look back on what the Masters of the spiritual life have written and said it is hard to escape the conclusion that we have been the victim of a confidence trick in our century. Over the past few decades the evangelical churches been gripped by a series of issues and concerns that have been of marginal or at best of secondary importance's conferences, seminars and books on a whole series of vital concerns have dominated center stage and determine the agenda in many churches and for many individual Christian but strikingly absent has been concentration on God himself. Indeed, on the rare occasions when this absence has not been the case. We have set up to take notice as though something out of the ordinary were being said, what has happened in effect is that we have redefined the Christian life and the meaning of eternal life in terms of any number of particular issues. We have not listened to the insistent voice of Jesus Christ telling us that it means the knowledge of God. As I read to you from John chapter 17.

So tonight I want to consider with you the doctrine of the immutability of God.

To say that God is immutable is to say that he never differs from himself to be immutable is to always be the same unalterable God is unchanging and God is unchangeable, every good gift and every perfect gift. James tells us is from above, and comes down from the father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning the dictionary definition of immutability is the quality of not being subject to, or susceptible to change. God cannot change, nor can he be changed. Malachi 364 I the Lord do not change. So God is immutable and is being that is in his absence. There never was a time when he was not there and never will come a time when he shall cease to be all that he is today. He has ever been and never will be only our God can say I am that is all I am the ever present one. One of the great treasure treasure trove's of the church is a three volume set on the attributes of God written by the Puritan Stephen Charney. Three of them there but that big and they are again a treasure trove Charney says this the preacher Spurgeon began in the very first sermon he preached as pastor of new Park Street. He was 20 years of old on the immutability of God and pink AW Pink in his final little book on the attributes of God began there as well.

He says God did not owe his existence to anyone else. He cannot be put.

He cannot be, but what he is what God is today. He always was. He never began to be there never was a time when he was not in there never will be come a time when he will cease to be as were talking about his work talking about the immutability of God for about us.

In contrast, how many of us change our plans while our whole church life is been dictated. We been forced to change because of things outside of our control when something happens that we did not foresee.

We have to make new arrangements.

God never asked to change his plans. There are never unforeseen circumstances that pressure God into taking another course of action. God never has any reason this change his will, about anything that's inconsistent with the nature of God. Listen to these scriptures that_this vital doctrine. Psalm 102, verse 25 through 27 in the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth and the heavens are the work of your hands.

They will perish, but you remain, they will all wear out like a garment like clothing you will change them and they will be discarded. But you remain the same and your years will never Malachi 3 verses six and seven I the Lord do not change so you owe. Descendents of Jacob are not destroyed. Ever since the time of your forefathers. You have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them returned to me and I will return to you, says the Lord Almighty.

Hebrews 13 eight reminds us that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday today and forever. James one verses 16 through 18. Don't be to see my dear brothers every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the father of the heavenly lights does not change like shifting shadows. When Moses asked God why tell Pharaoh sent me.

God said to Moses you tell Pharaoh I am sent you. I am the point is simple.

There was never a time when God was or God will be the way he is. Now is the way he has always been. He's perfect and complete, nothing can be added to him because he lacks nothing but everything that's a part of the created order is subject to change. You and I cannot avoid that reality and everything around us is subject to change. God, however, is not a part of the created order. He is the creator he stands outside of his creation. He exists outside the realm of time he's not subject to its constraints. So we rejoice in that reality.

One of two things causes you and I to change her mind. Think about this, and then will related to our God. Two things cause us to change our mind or to alter our plans either lack of foresight or lack of power or ability to execute our plans. In other words, either the fact that we can't see ahead and anticipate everything that might be going on, or the fact that when it comes right down to it, we just do not have the ability nor the power to execute our plan.

We can do what we intended to do, but that never ever happens with God.

He never lacks foresight. He never lacks power. He never has to change his plans. He's omniscient. He's omnipotent. Therefore, he never asked to revise his plans.

That's that is just astounding to me an amazing to me that from eternity past, God has decreed what would transpire in human history and those decrees are unalterable and how could God determine all of that was because of who he is because of who he is. Listen to what two men steam men from the past of said about this matter.

AW toes are in his book the knowledge of the holy.

He says to say that God is immutable is to say that he never differs from himself. The concept of a growing or developing God is not found in the Scriptures. He says it seems to me impossible to think of God as varying from himself in any way. And here is why for a moral being. To change it would be necessary that the change be in one of three directions. He must go from bad or worse or from worst to better or granted that the moral quality remain stable. He must change within himself as from immature to mature or from one order of being to another and it should be clear that God can move in none of these directions is perfections forever rule out any such possibility.

And then AW Pink God is perpetually the same subject to no change in his being in his attributes, or in his determinations.

God has neither evolved, grown nor improved. All that he is today. He has ever been and ever will be improvement or deterioration is impossible with the most high. That's what were talking about see God lives and exists in the eternal present, there was never a time when God was or there is never a time that God will be the way he is. Now is the way he has always been, and we can add a word to help qualify this truth and that word is always whatever God is, he always is his nature is an always nature. He always is who he is. God is not only immutable in his being or his essence. But he is also immutable in his attributes of God is immutable in his essence or in his being. God is immutable, immutable in his attributes and as toes are said God is immutable in his determinations. That is his purposes or his decrease Tronics is this whatever the attributes of God were before the universe was called into existence. They are precisely the same now and will remain so forever.

They are the very perfections the essential qualities of his being. God is always the same is written across every one of his attributes, his power is unabated is wisdom is undiminished is holiness unsullied the attributes of God can no more change than deity can cease to be wow we need our lives anchored to this reality that our God immutable.

He never changes. You see, it's the immutability of God that explains why we can depend upon God and why God is worthy of our worship and our submission.

No surprises with God. He's the same.

He changes not. God is always holy, always sovereign, always good, always wise, always just always gracious. Whatever God is. He always is. And that's very incredibly important.

Let me we bring this to a conclusion.

My planning purposes to extend this consideration for some time on Wednesday nights. Considering some of the chief attributes of God. I think we can be helped a great deal here but as I bring this consideration. This introduction to a book to a close tonight. There are three things that I want to stress with you three anchors that can stabilize your life. My life in the midst of continual change.

Three things number one God's love for you. Never changes. God's love is not a fickle love side. He loves me he loves me not. He loves me he loves me not.

Your God's love for us is not dependent upon our day-to-day performance.

God's love for you never changes. Numbers 2319 God is not a man that he should lie, nor Son of Man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act does he promise and not fulfill God's love for you never changes. Number two God's word to you, never changes. God's word to you, never changes.

Isaiah 40 verse eight. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. God's word to you, never changes someone 19 verse 152 long ago I learned from your statutes that you establish them to last forever. Psalms in the number three not only God's love for you. Never changes. God's word to you, never changes. God's promises and purpose for your life will never change. God is and say you know I wanted to do this with that person. But you know I've seen him develop.

I think I made a mistake. I think I need to redirect no that is absolutely totally foreign from a correct understanding of God. God's promises and purpose for your life will never change. We are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath foreordained that we should walk in them foreordained. Sounds pretty unalterable to me sounds pretty set in cement to me so those realities try to find a him that I have here. Yes, this is this hymn is abide with me abide with me. Fast falsely Eventide the darkness deepens Lord with me abide when other helpers fail and comforts flee help of the helpless old abide with me. Swift to its close to its close ebbs out life's little day Earth's joys grow dim.

Its glories pass away.

Note notice this change and decay is all around I see all changes not abide with me. I need thy presence every passing hour.

What bought thy grace can foil the tempter's power, who, like thyself, my guidance stay can be through cloud and sunshine Lord, abide with me. I fear no foe with the at hand to bless eels have no weight and tears. No bitterness. Where is deaths staying where grave thy victory. I triumph still, if thou abide with me hold thou thy cross before my closing eyes shine through the gloom and point me to the skies heavens morning breaks and Earth's main shadows flee in life and death. Oh Lord, abide with me join me with you. Will you please as we bring our service took a close and I remember some of these requests father how thankful we are tonight that you have revealed yourself to be the immutable God you change not you are the one constant in this universe. Oh what comfort, what security that brings to the people of God, Lord, fill our hearts and minds with the knowledge of God, the truth of God, that we might be rock in this weary land Lord we want to know our daughter right. Thank you for the revelation of yourself. The sacred pages of Scripture. Thank you that your word is infallible. Thank you that it is sufficient for all of life and godliness. Lord, we rejoice tonight that we can be reminded of these realities that you are indeed this God we've spoken of tonight we pray our father as we commend these needs and these love ones to you tonight that you would draw near to them that they would desire to know you as you have revealed yourself to be. You would create a hungering and thirsting for righteousness in them and that they would see these present trials and difficulties as a sanctifying means in their lives that they would be yielded to you submitted to you that they would bear that burden that you have placed upon them. Knowing that you do all things well that you are working for their good and for your own glory say we praise you tonight for the birth of Molly heavenly Part. Thank you for Sarah Gilmore's improvement for Mary Petrie's as well. Thank you for Sarah Cardwell's successful surgery. We pray for her healing for Rob Conrad and the need for his mother. We pray that you would provide for that critical need. Pray that Gil Davis would continue to improve.

We thank you for the report that she has improved significantly for pastoral tour. We pray for his beginning of his strength and returning to a full measure of health. We pray for Duane Craig's mother who has fallen and broken vertebrae in her back and is in much pain. We pray that use the people there hospitalist industry to her physical knee's are grateful for the people at hospice in the hearts of compassion that you've given them to minister to too many of our loved ones for Carolanne Barth's cousin's granddaughter. Rihanna Schmidt for Stephanie Stratton for these needs, we commit them to you.

Thank you for seeing Isaias Lawson through surgery.

We pray that he would have a good night again tonight. Thank you to Pam's able to be there to help. Thank you that the antibiotics is helping to Siam. We pray for the addressing of this abscess that he struggling with prayer father for David Moxley and asked that you would draw near to this man open to rejoice in your kindness. It is raised them up and return them out of the hospital to his home. Father, we are mindful that there are many of our loved ones who are outside the ark of safety and we are grateful them on our hearts that were burden for the minute we are imploring the throne of grace for their salvation. We ask our God, that you would grant us opportunity to speak to them about the glorious gospel in the Lord Jesus Christ. We ask that you would if his boldness that you would give us a winsome us to know how to steer conversations into a spiritual direction that you would create an inquiry in the lives of people who are lost in our without direction in this life and are befuddled and confused and worried about the current circumstances that are facing all of us how we think you are God that we have a hope in eternal hope.

A secure hope.

I sure hope in the Lord Jesus Christ Lord create soul thirsts for you and the lives of people who are outside of Christ, Lord. This is the work of the Spirit of God, and we would pray that he would be actively involved in wooing and convicting, and drawing centers to himself or thank you for your preservation of our ministry here for our people.

We pray that you would continue to put a hedge about us were burden for the church in Zimbabwe and for the needs that are so acute there for food and for water for medicine.

We ask that you would give wisdom to those who are on the ground have full knowledge of what's going on give them ability to know where to find resources to minister to the needs that are so evident in the churches. Thank you father for preserving your church and growing your church and saving the lost what encouragement I know that has been to brother Stewart and sister Laverne Lord you you are indeed building your church strengthen our beloved pastors in the work help them not to become weary in well doing, help them to continue to hold forth the word of life and Lord preserve their health are so vulnerable week.

There lacking nutrition which adds to their vulnerability with the coronavirus or please safeguard all of our people, but particularly our pastors is the carry the responsibility to shepherd your sheep.

There are thank you that we been able to gather in this place.

In this way this evening because your word to live in us. Help us to rejoice afresh in the God we know and ask that you would cause us to know him better in the days to come for our good and for his glory. I pray


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