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67th Anniversary Program - Part 1 of 1

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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February 2, 2020 12:00 am

67th Anniversary Program - Part 1 of 1

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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February 2, 2020 12:00 am

Celebrating 67 years of the Baptist Bible Hour on the radio.

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The Baptist Bible Lord known comes to you under the direction of Elder Lucero Bradley Junior, pastor of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church will and this is Sherry Bradley Junior inviting you to stay tuned in front of the message of God's sovereign grace. Today we complete 67 years on the air and are bringing you a special broadcast our theme for this anniversary month give glory to God.

I read from first Chronicles 15 beginning with verse 23 sing of the Lord, all the earth show forth from day to day your salvation, declare his glory among the heathen, his marvelous works among the nations for great is the Lord and greatly to be parties is also to be feared. Above all gods for all the gods of the people are idols, but the Lord made the heavens, glory and honor are in his presence, strength and gladness are in his place given to the Lord the glory due unto his name, bring an offering, and come before him, worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. In this passage where reminded that God is glorious and we are to declare his glory. We are to sing in the Lord and to show forth his salvation. We see that because of his greatness. He is to be feared and we read in the book of Proverbs is the fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

Further, and declares he is superior to all the gods of the people about every item of of all human philosophy above the wisdom of my and it says he is the God that made the heavens and one of our messages. We emphasize this truth. Psalm 19 verse one the heavens declare the glory of God and the front of the show with his handiwork.

They on today under the speech, and night on tonight show with knowledge the heavens declare the glory of God. Anybody looked into the heavens and see the brilliance of the noonday sun and imagine these things just as no real explanation. How did the sun arrive in its place, but keeps it in that position. How does the earth continue to rotate on its axis and reviled around the sun look into the heavens at night, can you see the beauty of the movement you see the Starfield heavens I could anybody assume that the stress was accidental. No real valid explanation. I love that expression of Charles Spurgeon on this verse says in the expanse above us. God flies as it were. His starry flying to show that the king is at home so he knew the heavens and see the stars and see the brilliance of his creation could be described as the flag flying to say the king is at home, our God reigns.

Yes, the glory of God is seen in creation. He and a message on the resurrection of Lazarus, we saw that every detail with arranging that event was designed to bring glory to God. Now the son of God is going to be glorified in a unique way. In contrast to all of the things and events and all of the things is been done. Now he's going to be glorified as this great miracle which is referred to as a sign, a sign of who he is and he is no ordinary man is not just a great teacher is not just a prophet is the son of God and raising Lazarus from the dead is a clear confirmation of his deity.

Jesus then has a purpose.

When he gets this news about Lazarus being sick I was and he loved Lazarus invested in the home of Mary and Martha and their brother Lazarus numerous times. He was not inconsiderate but he had a purpose, and Jesus did. He didn't according to a purpose. He was constantly submissive to the will of his father.

It was not the will of the father that he should yet be taken captive and go to the cross that time would soon arrive. It was not the will of the father that he should hasten to this hole in Bethany and feel Lazarus violent. He was yet alive he healed many sicknesses before, but the purpose of the father, was that this would be the most outstanding of all the signs this man dead in the grave four days already in a state of decay and Jesus is going to raise him from the dead, and this great miracle is going to be performed, to the glory of God and for the benefit of his followers, his disciples to slap.

How can this be a benefit what's in their faith to know that to see Lazarus brought out of the grave after he had been dead four days is going to do more to strengthen their faith that if Jesus had just healed. The body was sick so there was a purpose. The purpose to glorify God in a purpose that would be for the benefit of his people, but so often because we can't see it at the time. We can't understand what is God doing and sometimes a little impatient, like the Lord really ought explain this type my right legacy believe me groping in the darkness, but you can rest assured that what he does is not only to bring glory to his name, but it's for the good and benefit of his people. And when you can have assurance no matter how you may be tossed about on the restlessly, no matter how dark the morning clouds overhead. You can have courage and confidence because your trust is in the living God. In Psalm 115 we see glory given to the name of God because of his mercy, his truth and his sovereignty, not unto us a Lord, not to us but unto thy name. Give glory for thy mercy and for thy truth's sake. Wherefore, should they even say where is now their God, but our God is in the heavens he hath done whatsoever he is. Please first under his name we give glory for his mercy in all 26 verses of Psalm 136 it says his mercy endures forever.

The last verse calls on us to give thanks for his mercy that endures forever.

And surely we can give thanks for the mercy that has been given us through the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, it says give him glory for his truth's sake. Psalm 119 verse 89 says forever old Lord by word is settled in heaven. The opinions of men are constantly changing. But God's word is sure that is the foundation upon which we can stand. Currently there is reference to his sovereignty.

What a wonderful truth because we worship does whatever he pleases. He works all things after the counsel of his own will is not lacking in wisdom is not lacking in power is never defeated when you put your trust in him, you can have confidence.

Confidence that he will remember his covenant keep his promises and defeat every enemy and she and she. Through the years we have introduced this program by inviting you to stay tuned for another message of God's sovereign grace this way saying God is to be glorified with error messages going to be about God that God is sovereign and that God bestows grace, according to his sovereign pleasure. When desperate need of grace because we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God. We don't deserve grace, we cannot merit. Grace, it is a gift. First Corinthians chapter 1 verse 30 says, but of him are you in Christ Jesus, whom God is made unto us wisdom, righteousness and sanctification and redemption that according exits written, he that Gloria let him glory in the Lord, how is it that you are in Christ, not by good works, not by free will, but of him through him because of him. He is our righteousness, our sanctification, and redemption. The redeemed are entirely dependent upon him. Therefore, they can only boast in him. This glory of God was seen in his son because of Jesus Christ. Of course, is God in the flesh in John chapter 1 verse 14 it says, and the Word was made flesh, and one among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth became with great glory and how beautiful those words.

He is full of grace and truth. Just a glimpse of his glory of his grace and we see our unworthiness and we cried with Isaiah, woe is me, is it not to realize he is full of grace. What we desperately need is grace asking that we be dealt with to be dealt with fairly according to our own accident own sins and own failures, we would suffer his judgment when he took the winning price any grace, if your soul to save you been saved by grace you need grace on a daily basis promised to give that we come boldly to the throne of grace will be fine. Mercy and grace to help in time of need. Everyday is a time of need.

At times, especially when we winning price need mercy and forgiveness is strength in Jesus Christ is full of grace and we bring you a special anniversary program today as we have now completed 67 years on the air.

I'm thankful the Lord has given us the opportunity to proclaim the gospel on the radio for so many years and I'm thankful for you who have supported the work and made it possible for us to continue. I meet people when I'm traveling on appointments that tell me that they have listen to the program all their life a couple of ladies told me recently that it was mandatory at their house when they were just little children for the whole family to listen. They said when we were children, we didn't have an interest in it. But as we grew older we came to love the message and since it is been an important part of our life. I encourage all of you listening to right during this anniversary month.

Please mention the call letters of the station. All of the websites where you hear the program and we will send you our anniversary packet of two CDs, one of them is a message entitled to God the glory. We look at the number of scriptures that speak of the glory of God and the biblical admonitions which guide us in giving glory to God. The other is a CD of some of the favorite hymns we've used on the broadcast. This collection of hymns by the harmony plane centers has not previously been available on CD. These hymns are under the direction of the late Sonny Lorentz. If you like the singing on our program, you want to get this collection so request the packet when you write us at Baptist Bible. Our top 17 old 37 Cincinnati, OH 45217. Now here's one of the cams that you will receive on the CD and descriptors abound with reference to the glory of God. We know that we cannot, and to use essential glory, but we are to declare his glory, and you may wonder how can I do that, that you might ask the question if we are just to ascribe greatness and glory to God. How could I have one so insignificant one so poor and needy and myself so unworthy. How could I give glory to God. First of all, my confession Jesus Christ is the son of God and confessing him as your Savior. Philippians chapter 2 verse nine wherefore God hath highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name, the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven and things in earth, and things on the earth and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, what the glory of God the father. One confesses that Jesus Christ is Lord is to the glory of God where you stand today you believe the claims of Jesus Christ we learn of the first epistle of John that if we don't embrace that we don't believe what God has testified concerning his you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, that he is the God man that he is the Savior of sinners. I do confess that I confessed openly and publicly.

Yes, I see myself as a sinner is one who is unaware of it, but I confess Jesus Christ as my Savior. He says to me, and David every tongue confess the Gospel of John chapter 5 verse 23 Jesus said that all men should honor the son even as they honor the father he that on earth, not the sun on earth, not the father, which had sent him some have us believe today that as long as a person believes in some kind of a God some kind of a supreme being that God will accept that sincerity. Jesus said that's not the case.

All men should honor the son is a part of the father. If you do not honor the son you haven't honored the father so to confessed him is a way to give him the glory that is due his name and then to live because glory. Jesus says that they son on the mount Matthew chapter 5 verse 16. Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and do what glorify your Father which is in heaven but works not to be done so you can be admired and appreciated some sort of a brag on you and talk about what a dedicated Christian you are, and what sacrifices you have made your works are to be rendered for the purpose of bringing glory to your Father which is in heaven. Somebody traced her footsteps for a week so the activities in which are involved, what would their conclusion be with the neighbor to say there is a person who is dedicated to serving God.

Their good works are being displayed with glory for scripting. Chapter 10 verse 31 says that we are to give him glory in everything that we visited in every detail of life, whether therefore ye eat, or drink whatever you do, do all the glory of God. For the more you can give glory to God by believing him all you might say certain. I believe God and it's easy to say that in general terms.

I know God cannot lies. I believe what he says but the text comes when everything is blown up in your face got troubles on Riverside things are just not going right. That is still believing you still believe it's good is to believe his promises is to believe that he says I will not leave you nor forsake tenant.

I feel very much alone not talk about how you feel would talk about the faithfulness of God is that I will not leave underneath are the everlasting arms. Hebrews 11 six and without faith it is impossible to please him, for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. No way to please him like you believing must believe his word embrace his promises and then by placing Hebrews chapter 13 verse 15 by him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his backing without a sacrifice that we offer. We don't bring lambs and birds.

The did an old covenant times we bring we bring the sacrifice of praise to God continually to be a regular thing, not just when we have several different public worship on Sundays, but in our walk on a daily basis to be continually praising him. This is the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his happen.

I glorify God protect says four of him and through him and to him are all things of whom be glory for ever, not only to believe he's glorious but to praise him for his glory confessing Jesus Christ as your hope is the salvation of your soul to live to his glory that whatever sacrifice you may make that your never complaining, but that you are thankful to have the privilege of living in his kingdom and serving him believing his promises praising his name and and all and we want to be faithful in giving glory to God in all that we do. But our best efforts here are imperfect yet there's coming a day when we will give him perfect praise with the perfect voice and a perfect place for ever old.

The anticipation of that glorious time should stir our hearts with joy and move us to sing his praise's Revelation chapter 19 verse one and after these things I heard a great voice much people in heaven, saying, salvation and glory and honor and power under the Lord our God sale singing that song in heaven. Their singing it up there today as a song will participate in if you're going there. That little bit about Iran and heaven are trying to rearrange the places and this wasn't quite what I anticipated, not like to have it this way and that every soul that will be perfectly satisfied with what they discover because I will be no CNW, no discontent there be no self-will. Every one of them, giving glory and praise to the Lamb that was slain.

Chapter 21, toward the end of the Bible. This is a theme that goes all the way through election. Chapter 21 reading in the 22nd verse and I saw on the Temple Marion for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of the city had no need of the sun. Neither of the moon to shine in it for the glory of God did like night and the Lamb is the light that the glory of God seems the place it lightens the city asked what you have the father to you may be going through a dark time right now you may be carrying a heavy burden. You may be having struggles and difficulties. But if you are a child of God, something glory should have had 40 become that day that you be in a city where there is no need for the sun. No nightmare tears a bit wiped away and the glory of the Lamb is the hair and the light there and in today we choose special anniversary broadcasters. We celebrate the completion of 67 years on the air. Hope you will write the snow that you listen we will send you our packet to Cindy one a message on the glory of God and the other with 14.

Her dress is Baptist Bible power box 17 old, 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 until next week. At the same time I the Lord richly bless you and and Baptist Bible hour has come to you under the direction of Sarah Bradley Junior, pastor of the Cincinnati primitive Baptist Church address all mailed to the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217.

That's the Baptist Bible hour Cincinnati, OH 45217 and

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