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He Cares For You - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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April 23, 2020 12:00 am

He Cares For You - Part 1 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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April 23, 2020 12:00 am

“Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

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This is Sarah Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible.

Our know that these are challenging and difficult times for everyone. One of the great concerns is uncertainty, which, if I just knew what the outcomes will be how long this was going to last.

I could deal with it better. Well, it just drives us once more to the Lord to know that we are weak, frail creatures and that we need his support, his strength, his blessing every day that we live so will be bringing the first part of the message today entitled, he cares for you and that indeed is reassuring.

I hope that you write and let us know that you have listened. Our address is the Baptist Bible Auerbach 17 oh 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 GD and E and D and think about this text in the book of first Peter chapter 5 verse seven casting all your care upon him or he ^ or you he care he care seems terribly difficult for us to cast our care on the Lord doesn't we may do it by lipservice. We go through the motions we say Lord here my burdens here.

My trials are my heart aches I'm casting all these things upon the and then we pick those burdens up and we take them back on our shoulders and we worry and we threatened were full of anxiety. We failed to rejoice in his goodness and mercy casting all your care upon him get the burden off your own back, put it on him, for he ^ for you as a surely all of God's children believe that that's in the inspired record and there's many many scriptures that concur with this thought, this is not an isolated expression is much evidence revealed to us in the word of God that he care but you have times it is difficult for you to believe that I do not times when it seems that everything is going wrong that you have days when you feel like nobody cared. I don't have a loved one. I don't have a friend that really care about what I'm experiencing about the distress. The trouble, the Hardy even the despair that I feel old heart certain at that moment. It's extremely difficult to believe that he care because from a human standpoint we reason if the Lord really cared about me he would change things and make them more agreeable and more suitable the Lord would immediately heal my body of its sickness and relieve me of my pain.

He would immediately heal my loved ones and make everything right. He would answer my prayer and spare those that are facing death it would cause all the wars and turmoils that exist in the world around us ceased and all would be happiness and beauty to say God has promised to do all that we get the idea that God would have to do that to genuinely prove that he care but he says he care even when from our vantage point doesn't seem to be much indication of it. Everything seems to be going wrong. He still says he care and then I do not times that we doubt that he cares because we see ourselves in such a light that we say why would God ever care about me anyway. It's not that I'm feeling any upset that he doesn't, I just say, surely he can't. How could he care about me when you see your own wretchedness you look at your own sin you see how many times you've come short. How many times you promised God I'm going to do better. I'm going to serve the more faithfully I am going to overcome the temptations of the flesh, and walk in a godly manner. I'm going to avoid even the appearance of evil than you see yourself altering see the many sins in your own life and you say truly God doesn't care about me. Whatever thoughts I may have had initially that I was one of his don't mean much at the moment. I must've been deceived and the doll. How could he care for me but he says, casting all your care upon him, for he ^ or you if God cares for you today.

He didn't just start caring when you got up this morning or last night when you went to bed.

He has cared for you all your life you cannot remember the day of your birth, others may have prescribed it for you. They've told you the date of it. They may have told you what the weather was like. In May of told you about the happiness that was experienced in your family when you were brought into the world, or other circumstances that surrounded your birth but you can't remember that but he cared for you then.

And not only so, he cared for you before you were born before you were in your mother's womb. He cared for you from before the foundation of the world because before time began, God made choice of the people and gave them to his son.

What manner of love is this, that we should be called the sons of God. We love him because he first loved us.

When did he first loved us. He loved us from ever lasting from all he just passed, we can't really fathom that because everything that we know has a beginning, God is always been in God's purpose and design has always been in God is always loved his people from all ages pass to put it into the terminology so we can understand that he speaks of a time in which he made the choice when he elected his people and predestinated them to be conformed to the image of his son. But his loved us from all eternity. That's hard to grasp.

That's the kind of love that's revealed in the word of God.

The names of his people are great on the palms of his hands are affable for him. He knows he knows the my name your child of God. He knows you. He knows all about is nonuniform before the time that he created heaven and earth. Jesus Christ. What about you when he went to Calvary the spirit of God has sought you out moved in your heart before the miracle of grace planted God's love within. That's why you fear God, that's why you seek God.

That's why you despise the sin that you see in your own nature.

That's why you hunger and thirst after righteousness. That's why when you go for days and failed to commune with the Lord in prayer. You begin to feel so frustrated you feel such an emptiness, say nothing's right. Unless I'm in fellowship with him because he's done something for none of us can imagine the times when the Lord has intervened in providentially watched out for us when we weren't even aware of it. We may be able to think of some sicknesses from which we been delivered. We maybe seen some places where we knew we were in danger and say the Lord miraculously spared us, but how many times do you suppose there were those situations we knew, not about and he cared for us.

Nevertheless cared for us in the covenant of grace before time began the cared forest by giving the greatest of all gifts his son Jesus Christ and the Savior cared for us in giving himself at the cross he cares for us because he's taken up his abode in our hearts, there is Christ in you the hope of glory is cared for you through all your wanderings all of your wavering all of your sin.

He still cared these a holy God. Sin is an offense to him by CN.

We can grieve the Holy Spirit of God, whereby resealing the day of redemption. But even sin cannot disrupt his love ice grace. He cares why we may have those moments along the way. When we begin to wonder as I view my present circumstances was evidence that he care we ultimately are able to see it very clearly to know that when Moses was on the backside of the desert. He must've had days when he concluded God doesn't care about me anymore.

I haven't heard anything from the Lord recently. I thought at one time he had a special work for me to do, but I destroyed that opportunity in my anger I feel that Egyptian and the Shannon therefore my own brethren had no confidence in me when I was ready to leave them out. You must not care why would I be here what I thought there was such a great work to do and now I'm tending sheep out here in this isolated desolate lights Moses, it may well appeared. He doesn't care. But God did care and God cared enough about Moses to send him to school for 40 years. I Moses did know he was in school but he was the Lord was training him. The Lord was preparing him. The Lord was teaching him some things he could not learn any other way.

Some of us are very slow learners, and it evidently took Moses a long time to learn this big lesson.

He had to learn that lesson was nothing save money had been brought up in Pharaoh's house. He probably felt well. I am something. I got little influence on the little Plaut. I think I'm the man for the job.

Moses needed to learn I am nothing. God is everything took them four years to learn how long do you suppose the Lord's been working with some of us to teach us. That lesson is difficult for us to learn all we care clairs in the publicly say yes. I believe that we really believe it. Do we really act like so we may have concluded the Lord's forgotten about me. I thought my life would be more meaningful.

I thought I would've accomplish more, but this time I've wasted so much of my talent. I wasted so much of my time. What's the use. Anyway, why should I care. God doesn't really care about me, but he still cares and while you may not see right now. Why some things are not unfolding as you would like for them to unfold some of your plans are not working out what you had in vision for your life is just not realistic.

But God is at work and he's teaching you and he's weaning you from the world and is bringing you to the place that you're more dependent upon him, and your thoughts are directed more toward heavenly things and you see that the temporary temporal material things of this world are not nearly so important as you once thought they were you to think more about that better country and what is going to be like on the other side. You realize how really weak and frail you are and how great God one day, when Moses decided just a matter of time I pass off the scene will not accomplish what I had in view the hot appeared to him in a burning bush. Bush was on fire, but it was not consumed. All sometimes in the fiery furnace of affliction. We feel like we're going to be consumed, but we are not in God spoke to Moses and said, take your shoes off the ground where you stand is holy ground the Lord said now Moses go down and appear before Pharaoh and say let my people go all now Moses began to make excuses, Lord, not me. I can't do it why I'm a slow speed jacket. I can't make in a presentation like that.

Lord it's it's too late for me to Moses was 80 years old, seem to be saying I was ready 40 years ago when I was a relatively young man and I thought I could handle the situation. I was ready, but it's all over for me. I am 80 years old this in the most exciting part of Moses's life are still ahead of at 80 years of age. The Lord will get ready use that man to lead his people on their wanderings in this cares, even when we think he doesn't. When we can't see any indication of it cares time come will reach the end of our journey here so will reach it in the days of their youth summoned middle-age soma liberal long life. Death is certain we have some indications of how the Lord cares for his own in the moment of their departure is not always that clear record left.

We don't always have a recorded comment by that one who suddenly departs this life, but basing the carrying of God upon those that are recorded. We know he care when Jacobs getting ready to die. He called his sons to his bedside and began to pronounce certain blessings upon them spoke of that right prospect of the life on the other shore. Yet his feet up in the bed and his spirit was carried home to be with his father's Stephen in the New Testament was stoned to death.

The preaching of the gospel say if the Lord cared but any spare Stephen's life cared those men from hurling stones at him and taken his life.

See, we always look at it from a human point of view. God is the sovereign of the universe omniscient, all wise, knowing all things and by his sovereign pleasure working his way. Also, the state has had a syndicate. What does that the Lord manifest his love and his caring for Stephen, not by subduing his enemies, but by blessing Stephen in that dying hour to leave behind a beautiful testimony because Stephen prayed for those that stone Lord forgive them a bright and he looked straight into heaven and saw Jesus standing on the places we read of Jesus sitting at the right hand of God. Here he was standing up, ready to welcome his faithful servant home. He cares he cares enough to go with us in our death cares enough to transport our soul immediately into his presence to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, and he cares nothing is coming back Sunday evening to claim the body itself was admitted to practice by his own precious blood and you bring it out of the grave and glorified informant is with me old scope of that love that caring from everlasting to everlasting, sometimes amidst the trials of life. Satan will instill the phone from our mind that maybe nobody cares.

Maybe even God's forgotten about this book we have repeated the assurance in his word that he cares for us about what our circumstances maybe you'd like to get this complete message on CD requested when writing us. We greet you next time. This is Sarah Bradley Junior bidding goodbye and may God bless you all day and all all and all the in all and all

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