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A Prayer For All Believers - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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June 25, 2020 12:00 am

A Prayer For All Believers - Part 2 of 2

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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June 25, 2020 12:00 am

“Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word” (John 17:20).

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In addition, Sherry Bradley Junior welcoming you to another broadcast of the Baptist Bible. Our glad to have you with us today. Hope you tell others about the program that can be heard on this station at the same time each day, Monday through Friday and then if you want to hear our Sunday programs of the same stations carry it, or you can go to our website at Baptist Bible our God or continuing the message today of prayer for all believers. Jesus identifies those for whom he prays as those who believe on him. The word Jesus as we Rachel frequently throughout the gospel of John, are the words being preached by the apostle who is under the direction and leadership of the Holy Spirit being inspired by him when he wrote the greater portion of the New Testament. The message is still the same. Those who believe only have everlasting life. Also that he said they believe on me Mystical Faith of Our People Are Given an Individual May Have Faith and Not Know It. Individual May Have Faith but Come to Realize How the Jesus Didn't Say That This Is Some Mystical Saying That Person Really Cannot a Pedophile. I Have Faith That I Don't Know I Have Faith That I Don't Know in Whom I Believe Know Is That These Believe on Me, Not Belief on a False God Belief in Some Human System of Works, Not Belief in the Church's Old Membership in the Church Is Going to Carry Somebody to Heaven That They Believe on Me Always Strange to Me to See How Hard Some People. We Were Trying to Make out a Case for the Unbeliever, As Though Believing Is Not All That Significant.

And It's a Theme That Permeates New Testament Believing All Lisa's Jesus, Believing on Jesus As the Savior of Sinners, the First Thing We See Is the Duty of Believers That They Might Be One Prayer Did Not Mean That There Was Going to Be Organizational or Denominational Community. If so It Had to Say That His Prayer Was Answered with Confidence That Any Prayer That Jesus Prayed Was in Harmony with the Will of the Father and That Any Prayer That He Prayed It Would Be Answered but This This Prayer Is Sometimes Been Used by Those Who Want to Advance the Idea That There Is a Need for Some Ecumenical Movement That Would Bring Us All Together and That We Can Compromise Some Points for the Sake of Unity.

This Text Does Not Give Any Foundation for the Medical Arguments Is No Place That We Are Told in Scripture That We Are to Compromise Truth for Sacred Principles Just to Bring People Together Did Carson Writes This Is Is This Unity Is Not Achieved by Hunting Enthusiastically for the Lowest Common Denominator, but by Common Adherence to the Apostolic Gospel by Love That Is Joyfully Self-Sacrificing about One Dominant Commitment to the Shared Goals of the Mission with Which Jesus Followers Have Been Charged." Doesn't Mean That in Order Than for Us to Be Warm in Order for Us to Have Unity among Christians That We Seek the Lowest Common Than That We Forget about Principles That Are Vital. There Are Those Today Who Say They Believe in Jesus and That They Are Christian, but When You Ask Some Specific Questions to Say. But Jesus Was Not God's Good Man. He Was a Great Teacher but He Wasn't God. Those Who Hold Such a View Are Not Christian the Christian Faith Believes That God Is the Sovereign Ruler of Heaven and Earth, God the Father Gave His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ Was a God Man, Born of the Virgin Came Here to Do the Important Work That Was Given to the Father Went to the Cross-Linked Daily Life Paying the Price.

Secured Those for Those That Were Given to Give Came Forth from the Grave, Victorious, and That There Is No Salvation Saved through Cultivating Jesus, for He Shall Save His People from Their Sin, nor the Savior No Other Way You Could Possibly Have Unity with Somebody Who Denies the Deity of Christ Denies That He Is the Same. So What What Unity Were Talking about a Spiritual Unity of the Book of Ephesians Chapter 2 Reading, Beginning with the 13th Verse, but Now in Christ Jesus Ye Who Sometimes Were Far off Are Made by the Blood of Christ, for He Is Our Peace, Who Has Made Both One and Has Broken down the Middle Wall of Partition between Us. Having Abolished in His Flesh the Enmity Even the Law of Commandments Contained in Ordinances for the Man Himself of Twain One New Man, so Making Peace of Just One Example Where There Is Unity Where God's Children Are Made One.

There Was Great Animosity between the Jews and the Gentile Jews Looked down on the Gentiles. Consider Them to Be Dogs but Here Paul Is Telling Us That by the Death of Jesus Christ Because of the Shedding of Huge Blood.

He Has Made Peace and Broken down the Middle Wall of Partition That Separated Us. So Now to You As a Believer in Jesus Christ Is As Much Your Brother in the Lord and Magenta No Matter What the Person's Background and Nationality of the Color of Their Skin Issue Is As a Person Having Experience of Grace. Jesus Christ Taken up His Abode in Their Heart. If so, They Are Brother nor Sister in Christ Chapter 4 of the Book of Ephesians Reading of the Third Verse Endeavoring to Keep the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace. This Unity Is the Result of the Working of the Holy Spirit That We Are Endeavoring to Keep That Unity and Able to Do It Best to Do It by the Holy Spirit. There Is One Body and One Spirit, Even As You Are Called in One Hope of Your Calling, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism, One God and Father of All Who Is above All and through All and in You All Every Child of Grace Believer in Jesus Christ. Has the Holy Spirit Abiding.

They Are New Creatures in Christ Jesus May Have Been Born Again. They Are Part of the Family of God, That You Can Have Something to Say about Those Who Are to Be Admitted to Church Membership, but You Know You Don't Have Anything to Say about Those Who Are Admitted to the Family of God. Lord Is Moving by His Grace to Calm into Himself Falling Doing Centers Being Saved Are Being Adopted into His Family and You Have To Say. So by the Company and One Thing about What God Brings His Family Life Grace. You Have No Right to Maintain Any Kind of Prejudice against You Have a Unity with Them Because You Have the Same Father Only Five You Have the Same Savior Jesus Christ. You Have the Same Nature. Those Are Born Again Are New Creatures in Christ Jesus You Have the Same Interest the Same Desire the Same Holy Spirit Continues in Them. Well I Will Struggle with That There Are People Who Profess to Be Christians in Some Things I Don't like I Can't to Develop in a Warm Fuzzy Feelings toward Them. Well, I Certainly Concede the Person Is Displaying an Improper Spirit. The Person Is Demonstrating That They Are Self-Willed and Rebellious at a Given Moment. You're Not Going to Feel a Great Closeness to the If You Been There When Peter Was Cursing and Denying the Lord Would Say God I Love That He Needs to Be Special to Me. I Appreciate Him. Think about That, I Wonder If He's Had Degrees in All but the Fact Is That In Spite Of Those Moments When Any Child of God May Be in a Bad Frame of Mind, or Even Walking the Forbidden past Temporary, Even Those with Whom You May Disagree Have To Understand As Being Part of the Same Family.

The Family of God. There Is a Unity out Your to Do Good to All Men but Especially to Those of the Household of Faith Is Called Placement. Even Those Who Are Not Believers Are to Be Kind and Gracious and Good and Merciful to Them, but There Is a Special Unity to Those Who Are in the Family of God. All the Levers That Are in Christ and Therefore Are United Yes They Differ on a Variety of Points. John We Have To Be Patient, I've Always Appreciated the Writings of John Woody Of These Ladies and I Have To Admit This Is a Paraphrase, but Essentially What He Said That over the Years I've Gone through Some Changes Affecting Describe It This Way since of Five Families of Reason Some of My Battens Have Been Lord. So He Says When I Consider My Own Struggles in the Fact That I'm Going to a Variety of Jaded. I Can't Expect Everybody Else. The Meeting with Me Where I Am at This Given Time When You May Look Back at Your Own Experience and She Said Things That You Believed and Held to Your Early Christian Experience.

Believe Was Able to See the Discrepancy That the Time Came. The Top Question You Saw the Point I'm Making Is Not to Excuse Error Are Tolerated, but to Be Patient with Those Who May Hold a Different View and in Love. Try to Continue for the Truth. This Unity According to the Prayer of Jesus Should Be Evident to the World Is Something That He Uses That Others Might Be Able to Be Convinced Now That Jesus Was Sent from the Father. So the Message of the Gospel Is Confirmed by Love, but It by Dissension Any Child of God, or Give That Some Long Thought and Prayer I Get a Little Upset about Something They Disagree about Something. All Of A Sudden They're Angry and Behaving in a Way That Is Unchristian in Every Detail Dishonoring to God Pitch Sand of the World Is Not Much. Still, This Christian Profession and Brought about Loving One Another When It Gets down to Me Having to Face Some Harder Difficult Issues Goes out the Window. I Know the People Who Had to Be Disciplined by the Church and They Were so Convinced That They Were Right in the Church Was Wrong That They Spent a Considerable Amount of Time Testing Church Doing Everything They Could to Turn People against Spirited If You Have the Spirit of Christ in You and Your Walking As He Would Have You Walk.

If You Were Disciplined by the Church and You Thought Church Was Absolutely Wrong What Should Be Your Response. You Should Be Part Your Lord, If I'm the One That Was Wrong Shortly. If the Church Was Wrong. Show Them but I Want to Pray for Them. Vengeance Is Mine Saith the Lord Is Fast Enough to Take Vengeance out on an Individual but the Taking on the Church of Jesus Christ of Drexel Made to Think about the Experience of the Two Women That Came before Solomon, Each Claiming to Be the Mother of the Same Baby Solomon in His Great Wisdom Said Will Resolve. That Would Cut the Baby in Fact Give Each of You the Real Mother Succumbed to Comply Give up My Claim Is That You Given Evidence Your Real Mother. I Give You the Baby Anybody That Says Let's Cut the Baby in Half and Spend Our Time Trying to Destroy Church Evidence That They Are Not Walking in Obedience to Jesus Christ. What Is the Evidence of This Unity Philippians Chapter 2 the Second Verse Fulfill You My Joy That He Be Like-Minded, Having the Same Love, Being of One Accord, of One Mind Being like Mine I Would Not Agree on Every Point, but We Will Agree on the Basic Truth of Jesus Christ to Use What He Has Accomplished That He Is Our Savior and Our Faith Is in Human Than to Love One Another Not Love Simply in Word but in Deed and Truth to Demonstrate the Fact That There Is a Genuine Love and Concern and Interest.

If Others Not Promoting Seth Not Allowing Ourselves to Give Way to the Weaknesses of the Flesh and Try to Defend Ourselves As Indeed There Is Been a Controversy in Excess of One Accord with the Same Spiritual Goals I Means That Excludes Jealousy and Selfishness. What Is Our Goal. Goal Is to Honor Crimes. Our Goal Is to Advance His Kingdom. Our Goal Is to Preach His Gospel Goal Is to Serve Him in Such a Way That I like Make Shine before Men to Glorify God. To See Our Good Works, Be of One Mind. Philippians 127 Says, with One Mind Striving Together for the Faith of the Gospel.

That's the Unity We Have with Our Concern.

What's Our Interest What Your Mind Even As You Sit Here Today, Listen to This Message As Your Mind Wander. You Think about What You Will Do When Church Is over, You Think about Some of the Difficulties You Had This past Week Rethinking about People Who Have Harmed You Upset You and How You Would like to Get Some Revenge You Think about Some Your Ambitions of the World about Pleasures That You Want to Pursue Material Things You Want to Gain Are You Here Because Worshiping God You Love Jesus Christ Because You Want to Honor Him You're Interested in Striving to Gather with Other Believers for the Faith of the Gospel and Then the Fourth Thing You See in This Text Is Love for Believers. This Is Rather Astounding When You Think about since I Am Them and Thou in Me, That They May Be Made Perfect in One Officer.

That Total Perfection Than That Absolute Final Unity Will Not Come to Work with You in Heaven and That Great Day and That the World May Know That Thou Hast Sent Me. And Here It Is, and Has To Love Them, As Thou Hast Love Me.

We Love to Talk about God's Love Wonderful Thing. We Rejoice to Read about It in His Word to Think about It in Our Feelings but Hadn't Really Given Thought to the Fact of What Jesus Says Here That the Father Love the Believer, Just like He Loves His Son Jesus Overwhelming Really to Think about How Amazing That He Loves Us As He Loves Christ Sugars Godly by Nature Security Letters and All Is the City Like He Loves to Shop. God Is Omniscient, Knows All Things. He Knows about Every Salt You Wouldn't Want Some Your Thoughts to Be Made Public.

God Knows about All He Knows about All Your Desire She Knows about All of Your Actions with Your Believer You Love In Spite Of Your Many Failures or Shortcomings, He Loved His Son. Ephesians Chapter 1 Verse Four Said That We Are Accepted in the Beloved Chosen Us in Him Predestinated Us to Be Conformed to the Image of His Son Jesus Christ. But He Loved Us As He Loves Christ He Loves Jesus Christ As His Only Begotten Son Loved Him from All Ages.

Loves Us First on 31 Behold What Manner of Love the Father Has Been Stowed upon Us That We Should Be Called the Sons of God, Therefore the World. North Is Not Because It No Moses He Loves Christ Eternally Actually Loves Us Eternally.

Jeremiah Chapter 31 Verse 3C with an Ever Lasting Love.

Therefore with Lovingkindness Have I Drawn the Times Couple Stands Here in Front of the Preacher and with the Congregation As Witnesses and When the Question Is Asked, You Take This Individual to Be Your Lawfully Wedded Husband and Wife, Sing before Almighty God Forsake All Others for Them Alone. So Long As You Both Shall Live. The Time Passes and Feelings Get Hurt and Emotions Rise. The Person Who Made before Almighty God Says Love This Marriage for the Tragic God Is Dishonored How Children Have Their Lives Disrupted House but When God Says I Love Everlasting Not Long before Reed Died. It Was This with Said You Know Brother Randy I Just Wonder Sometimes How the Lord Put up with Me so That I Can Think to Ask Where Are We Going to Stop to Think about Your Many Failings and Shortcomings That How How Does the Lord Tolerate Me at All. But Islam Is Not Temporary Reach the Places with You Anymore. Loves Eternally.

Loves Christ Unchangeable. He Malachi Chapter 3 Verse Six for I Am the Lord, I Change Not. Therefore Ye Sons of Jacob Are Not Consumed You Change Change Change in Their Home Because He Doesn't Change His Now If You Really Believe This True Believer in Jesus Christ. You Believe Jesus Christ Died for You at the Cross with Trusting Him for Your Salvation. You Believe That All You Have No Reason to Be Discouraged No Reason to Complain. I Wouldn't Dare Ask for a Show of Hands, but If I Did Some of You Are on the Sebastopol Rain Complainers. Are They A Few of You Would Have To Say Me Tell You We Have No Right to Complain to Be Loved by God, As He Loves His Son Jesus to Have an Inheritance in Heaven. The Hope of Someday Being There with You Being like Him Living with Him for That Reason, the John Day That You Is a Cloud Hanging over Hand but There Is a Bright Sunshine.

Your Loving Preaching in Lubbock, Texas, Went out to the Airport That Day It Was Raining and the Sky Was Dark, with No I Don't Particularly Enjoy Flat. I Have To Periodically.

I Thought This Is Definitely Not the Kind of Day I Will Be Off-Line. Looking at Those Dark Dreadful Clouds. Ginobili Took off. It Didn't Take with Just a Little Bit. We Got above the Clouds and Was Bringing Such a Change Coming from the Darkness below to the Light above. We May Have Dark Times Here When We Will Be with You. Night Because He Is the Light of That City Lived with Forever. Jesus Said That God Loves Believers As He Loves. Loves His Own Shop Where You Stand for.

You Believe Even Believe It's All Some Everlasting Life.

We Brought to the Concluding Portion of a Message Entitled a Prayer for All Believers. If You Would like Information about Receiving the Complete Series on the Gospel of John Requests That When Writing This at the Baptist Bible. Our Box 17 Old, 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 Now to Regret You Next Time the Suit Will Share Bradley Junior Bidding Goodbye and May God Bless You All Day and All and All the All

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