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Family Life Interview - Part 1 of 1

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.
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June 17, 2020 12:00 am

Family Life Interview - Part 1 of 1

Baptist Bible Hour / Lasserre Bradley, Jr.

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June 17, 2020 12:00 am

In this episode of the Baptist Bible Hour Timothy Guess interviews Lasserre Bradley, Jr. regarding current events and how Christians should respond to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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In a fire, and hello and welcome to this edition of the Baptist Bible hour. I'm Timothy.

Guess I joined over the phone with the speaker and director of this ministry.

Mr. Bradley Junior hello brother Bradley how are you today and after the online with well I'm so thankful for this ministry. When the Lord is blessed you in it for many years, you know, we live in times where there is great need for God's word course, there's always great need for God's word but I'm so thankful for the word of God coming alongside local churches in this ministry and God blessing you to be faithful and it just really quickly before we get to our our subject matter brother Bradley. How can folks pray for the ministry of the Baptist Bible hour these days. So many people or unusual challenges we face as well. People past regular contributors to this ministry that because of the current crisis are not able to do what they want. So we appreciate those who are trying to fill in the gap make it possible for us to keep the program on the air and showing a contribution could be sent will be used for the spread of God's word addresses the Baptist Bible hour box 17 old, 37, Cincinnati, OH 45217 can also donate so a couple months ago during the early days of the cave in 19 crisis. You and I had a conversation that was that was aired, which we talked about how to navigate as believers biblically through this strange and odd time that were living in and wanted to come back again today and talk about some other challenges that this time has presented specifically wanted to talk about how it's affected family life so early on there were many families and maybe still to some degree now, but especially in those early weeks. There were many families who were forced to spend many many many more hours than usual together which is a good thing for families to spend time together but more than usual, and that could present some challenges and then there was the stress for families of managing school responsibilities with their children that they just had not faced before my family and I homeschool our children but still we had to navigate some things with their co-op classes and figuring out how Zeman video classes, working than others that do not homeschool their children had an even bigger leap. During this time so there's been some some real strains on families finances, perhaps from those who've lost jobs so if you would just talk about this dynamic of this, the season that were in on families challenging time in many ways were all aware of the fact that life is fragile and were subject to change. The Scripture say we don't know what a day may bring forth something of this magnitude occurs jarring for some people it while in the background. They know that you can't understand what happened tomorrow or next week could still decide well…… Oh Lord Chiltern men have ever been anticipated. So first of all, it brings us back to appreciate the truth of God's sovereignty. To know God's on the throne, no matter how chaotic things may appear to us not in chaos as far as God's cancer patient who lived in writing and when it comes down to how we navigate every day work through the problems of life. I have to come back once more to know that every detail of life our first and primary concern must be to bring honor to Jesus Christ in order to do that we have to have abundance of his grace and strength to stay on the right track, and that's available to us.

According to him, rather than to turn depend on our own wisdom and schemes, whatever they might be a love that basic principles that apply even during a what he said a very jarring and unusual time.

God's sovereignty and then doing all all things to please the Lord, depending on his grace. One thing that I've always frequently try to remind myself is that following Jesus starts at home so it's it's one thing to to put on a Christian attitude and witness out there, but then you come home to people who know you the best and see you at your best moments and at your worst moment.

So how how can families will love each other when they are for lack of better term cooped up more than often when they maybe get on their nerves more frequently than other times.

What are some key scriptural principles that that help us continue to love each other well during the realistic assessment of the situation. I had no particular some of the large family stalemated as much as we love each other love to be together. This is been a challenge because back in some instances where some of the older children are better way to school.

They come back home and so somebody who had now had more space as last days seven dollars adjustment and interaction that has to happen but it brings to mind, but I'm the oldest of eight children and one text that my father was constantly insisting that we registered Plowman quote you can imagine that with eight children.

Every once in a while, even if mealtime were to be a little tension and strife develop about something so I can imagine how many in Europe, one of 11 so they are well acquainted and that my father just stop everything is all right by merely texting Malad to say it together EE kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake of forgiving about his basic attacks. The basic place to start as I know will you know families love each other would never be anything but conflict in human nature goes a little off. They had once allowed inaptly reminded well it's it's basic but it also its right to are very hard doesn't that by nature.

We are selfish creatures, and when some pressure gets put on that selfishness. Some ugly thing can be revealed in our hearts that we might not have realized were there absolutely well so those are some challenges that folks face but also I think that it's also good to note that some of these challenges can be capitalized on for good by families there. There can be some really good things that come from these times would you would you comment on that. I think that since there is more time reading some of these cases for father who would normally be off work somewhere is working from home so the whole family is there throughout the day. It's good to utilize some time that might not been available and check on her big sale weekly keep intending to do family devotions more regularly but are maybe this is a good time to do that and in doing that you want to do it right. I remember plan to buy to me years ago to come to his home is that I want you to sit in on family devotion and tell me what's wrong because my kids don't enjoy could see one reason I would enjoy.

Didn't last much too long. It was just terrible. If they were having to do that on a daily basis so you want to plan ahead want to have something to say. I member and tell me what I want to preach an appointment set. I – I do struggle with this. I know how to do family devotions, but I'm not enjoying it much it will do you prepare which I never thought of that. I just select Scripture start trying to talk to him about it so you would want me to go in the pulpit and deliver a message about being prepared so don't try to do a family devotion. If you haven't prepared to study and then you're excited about the subject and you got something to share with the family went back sometime later he set up in doing that. It is said outlet. It's exciting Start going to the devotion knowing got something that's wonderful that St. and I want to share that with my family so family devotion singing to get etc. can be a great experience for families enjoy singing, praising God to get what a great great privilege for us to experience.

It seems so simple, but it's so powerful to teach our children the precious word of God. I think it was reading a biography one time about William Tyndale who lost his life in the service of translating the Bible into the English language in one of the things that was going on during that time was that families there were some families who had illegally taught their children to quote the Lord's prayer and because of that, those they were punished.

I came of it was death or just imprisonment but can you imagine that great precious Lord's prayer being taught to your children. The word of God in it and it being a penalty. So what a great privilege that we have as parents to teach our children the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is there anything more important than that we would teach them not the responsibility of parents teach their children bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord shone article recently where a professor from Harvard expressed dismay that the children are now all people are being forced into homeschooling. It never done before and she said this is such a dangerous thing because now children are going to be under the absolute control of their parents, and that's not our estimation. Of course, God requires the children be under control of her parents. Such a principal just reveals how the culture in which were living today certainly doesn't contribute anything in a positive vein to encourage families and parents to continue on the course of feet, to the glory of God. But all of these ideas and opinions that come from the world have to be resisted.

Parents need to know God expects them to be in charge there to maintain discipline, teach their children to be done in a respectful kind way.

I know one time when I was talking to some parents in the play had some conflict going on in the family and civil.

It sounds like to me the way you talk to your children, and some of the hard router laying down causes them to be resent published federal limitation. You need to respect your children. They said wait a minute I thought they were supposed to respect God's will. They are, but you respect them to so you talk to them respectfully and when they made to consider how to reason with about something here what's on their mind and show the true name that you're going to let them rule the house about to give the endeavor when they have but you're going to hear about.

Listen to and showing that respect for them helps to create the bond against the between parent and child, your closing of the you're referencing the Harvard professor, one he would be esteemed in the culture size as a source of wisdom just reminds me of first Corinthians 1 were God's.

Paul says that God is bringing the, the wisdom of this world to nothing. It's it's God's wisdom that has great value, but you this new professor statements and really the I God's idea of the family has been under great assault in recent years heavily under assault in our culture. And really, and in most of the world's culture, but really it has been since the temptation of Eve and in the garden of Eden discussed how important is the family in God's eyes it was God. Adam and Eve together and told them to multiply. So the family was designed by a few thinkers and they put together a structure that can't last. I read sometime back where somebody was saying that the family on its way out.

It's not going to be viable in years to come. Well, it will be always viable because it's God's plan.

God's one that originated. This structure that God's plan is honored last see how families can grow and mature in spiritual things support each other be encouraging to one another. Good testimony and exampled on God's word is rejected and people start listening to the wisdom of the world going after what they think themselves what they feel comfortable with ascetical public works as its disastrous. So certainly we we want to recognize that since God himself designed the family marriage between one man and one woman, and for them to multiply and have children as God's plan.

So it's one the way we want to respect and follow and says it's God's plan. It's a great blessing is absolutely great blessing not only to the family itself but to the whole society at large and when that is rejected all of society is affected in a very negative way.

What what are some motives that because we as parents and I'm I'm a parent of a five and 10, two teenagers and three younger one so I was very much on my mind these days and very much see my need of the Lord's grace and strength.

What are what are motives that we is is parent should have in raising our children since we still have a sinful nature that is prone to again the selfishness into pride. Some of us could have motives that that we want our kids to to this do well as a quote unquote behave well so that we can look look good to others look respectable to others, but is there a higher and more lofty motive that we should be having children behave well so on. As a good motive, but the underlying thing ought to believe that I want to do this for the glory of God. I'm just trying to do it so I'm like in a name for myself and hopefully the flesh gets in the way the parent become selfish to determine every detail has to be to my satisfaction incentive sank. I want this child to grow and develop reach the place where they can make good decisions because they been instructed biblically and thinking biblically from the Psalms were backing up my heart that I might not sin against the you're trying to instruct them so that they may banner also motivate. I want to live in this way, to the glory of God at all to be always say underlying belief of the parents to praying for God's blessing and guidance as they tried to correct their children and the ultimate goal was to name of Jesus Christ to be exalted so it's really not so much about us is the clearances is about to write the glory of God and the role that he's given to us. That reminds him. My dad tells that his mother when she would be disciplining them and getting on, they would tell tell her children that that you're not really mine. God gave you to me to to train you a right way and that's why I'm going up to guide you and Lee Jean said okay great thought will one person and you want to lose this in some and something you just said I want to talk about some specific long-term goals, that parent should have in training their children because luscious face it in the in the. The daily grind. The grind of daily life. It can be easy in the gist of the diligence distress.

The exertion of raising a family and living in this world that we can be kind of in the moment thing okay as long as my kids are fed their clothes.

There they there's no blood there is sufficient emergency room visits were doing okay.

It can become a easy to lose sight of the big picture.

So one thing you just said is is training our children to make biblical decisions like that because one day the kids will be under our roof any longer so common on that or some other long-term goals that we as parents should be trying to have been training our children and our human nature. There is a tendency to be greedy and self-centered course of philosophy, the world is that you try to help your child build self-esteem problem is that because of the depravity of our sinful nature is generally enough self-esteem already there to learn to esteem others just first of all, those being Jesus Christ above all else, and then to come to respect others recognize that life is not all about them that they are to be interested in other people. They want to be thinking in terms of how it some point in life that they're going be pursuing a career to know how they can best do that, to the glory of God when they reach that place of having to make those important decisions that affect all of life to know that it's something that has to be approached prayerfully, biblically, and to make young people aware and have had some people say well you know my kids are really distraught because in some case so I didn't get to have a graduation ceremony or this event was postponed or that this is a good time to teach children the reality of life as much as you like them always to have their plans fulfill the reality of life is nothing ever works as a person might want it to happen so people that the trials of life are beneficial to this limitation, this chapter it says it's good for a man to bear legal youth.

We find examples in Scripture where some young men that placed great trials like Joseph, David and Daniel were greatly used for the glory of God so jumpy and part of the list of their child's frustrations and disappointments have self-control to be surrendered themselves to the sovereignty of God the lordship of Jesus Christ. So you're saying that even during this is a 19 situation with with like you said, disappointments and cancellations that this is an opportunity for us as parents to do yes to sympathize with our children in their disappointment and sadness, but even to point them beyond the moment to God in his glory and his plan that's a that's a big siding fall not matter that a person has to wait over 21 years old start learning to learn a very young age and parents need to be loving as they try to teach some of these principles, but the child? Thanks, but plans are not always work out thing that I could always go the way I want to so I need to have the right attitude. Even the apostle Paul said that he had learned in whatsoever state he was in there with the be content people is what the contented spirit, but he learned that all of us can learn it as we rely on God and his word to give us the direction that we so desperately needs. Well Isaac. Him and being stimulated is encouraged and convicted by this conversation but this is a big question.

How does God's sovereignty fit into all this can is this we think about her parents if their diligent is this an automatic guarantee that God will save your children and if there have been Christian parents who have thought they were being diligent thought they were trying to be faithful in their children turned out to not follow Christ. Does this mean that they were automatic failures.

That's a that's a heavy topic. Now I've seen parents really shows up over that area and the Lord hadn't given us that guarantee. Fact of God's saving sinners is in his sovereign control and while parents are to teach their children bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord they can't they can't change their hearts they Produce the part that's the work of the Holy Spirit. But like I can give them the guidance they can pray for them and some children the best sex I become rebellious and ghostwrite some of the century repent and come back. Some don't put all of that we have progressed in the hands of the sovereign God, knowing that he's occasionally want to can give a person undo heart so it's not salvation by the diligent parent, but it salvation by by God sovereign grace absolutely, and we as parents we sow the seed of the gospel.

We point our children to to their sentence in and then to Christ we we show them our sins and tell them that were trusting in Christ, not our own righteousness, not our churchgoing knots are all of those things is important as they are trust ultimately is in the righteousness of the Lord Jesus will in talking about just a few minutes we have left. You're just talking about seeking to raise young people in the kingdom of God.

Young people are of great importance in God's kingdom. Sad to see in our culture these days in use theirs seems to be very little belief and following of Jesus Christ. So there some young people probably listing who I have been greatly affected by this crisis maybe maybe there's a sophomore in college. She was saying okay I just sent home in March and headed to classes. The rest of the semester online. Imagine you have another semester to have online classes or maybe someone just graduated there saying the job market is a disaster. What would you speak to folks in the situation like that to encourage them in the Lord, all the errors work computer and not able to see a clear picture of what what to expect (the words of David, this is what time I'm afraid I will trust in date so all of us no matter what their station or level in life have moments when we tend to be fearful, but also the Scripture were revived not to fear but to trust in the Lord and enters the promise in all thy ways acknowledge him and he shall direct our steps so it's a matter of being willing to submit surrendered saying 05. I will be donating her thin layers of earth and vessel class. It is in heaven. I won't but I will be doing whatever it maybe help me to be able to cope with whatever disappointment comes but no luck and claim the promise in all things work together for good to them that love God, but them who are the called according to his purpose may not be able to understand how it's working it out. The event itself. My part may not be good but God is working things together for good, and by faith I need to trust him to see me through these difficult times. Amen.

Well, may God bless young people here in these situations. Right now, and in my prayers that God will will raise up a generation.

In this time that knows the Lord in the book of Judges says there came up a generation that did not know the Lord and I'm praying for for the opposite of that. In May God so so do that rather badly, you have a number of resources on parenting at the Baptist Bible. Our store online Baptist Bible a number of thoughts of good books there that thugs could not purchase one that got Mike recommend for semi-divorced or something. This concise. We have won their Christian home study God put that out.

About 20 years ago when I did a series from the book of Colossians on the Christian home and then there are others books by Jay Adams and other biblical counselors there so you might want to go to our go to the store and you'll find several books available ready.

Thank you for this great conversation today.

Thank you, Timothy. It's always good to visit with you will folks I would encourage you to support and pray for this ministry again Baptist Bible you can donate theory can find blogs and articles sermons to listen to and resources that will be a blessing to you, encourage you to follow Baptist Bible hour on Twitter and Facebook and I thank you for listing today.

May God richly bless you and bless his kingdom is our prayer as a will and in and in and a and all and in a and and and

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