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Attack on America with Dillon Burroughs

Alex McFarland Show / Alex McFarland
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July 20, 2020 8:00 am

Attack on America with Dillon Burroughs

Alex McFarland Show / Alex McFarland

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July 20, 2020 8:00 am

Welcome to Truth For a New Generation with Alex McFarland! This week Alex teaches out of Psalm 39 and talks about the Attack on America. Alex welcomes Dillon Burroughs to the show.

In the midst of a culture obsessed with relativism, Alex is a voice you can trust to speak the timeless truths of Christianity in a timely way.


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This is the Truth Network CNG radio for today's culture and timeless truths come together is reasoned, relevant content, apologetics, worldview and answers to the questions that you need to know need to know from Alex McFarland ministries. This is true for a new generation radio and now the man who preached in 50 states and 50 days speaker, writer, and advocate for Christian apologetics Dr. Alex McFarland in the mid-19th century Hans Christian Anderson wrote a very famous story called the Emperor's new clothes, and many of you have probably read the story earlier, it was moderate was made without worry. By the way Hans Christian Anderson probably was a Christian believer, but he put forth a lot of great moral teachings in his stories and children especially love the story of the Emperor's new clothes because there's an obvious truth being put across and working to get to that in a moment below to give you just a little bit of back story in the Emperor's new clothes. There was an Emperor and he was so vain and he liked fancy clothes and he spent money on close to the point that it endangered the kingdom. So these two people go to see the king and they claim that they are magic waivers and they've got a type of cloth that is just so special and unique that the king would want this. And they say look only ignorant people can't see these clothes only people that are stupid, ignorant or unable to see the cause. So the king allows himself to be dressed in these invisible really nonexistent clothes any parades, probably through town and none of the adults have the courage to call off the king and say the obvious and finally a child, his children are very concrete thinkers, black-and-white, and if you're a hypocrite, or if you don't keep your word a child will call you out on it and the child finally comes out and says he's naked. He doesn't have anything on in the Emperor's new clothes really were just nonexistent. It was invisible and I think about that story because when I think about today and people screaming out for tolerance and their their calling out for justice and yet they're doing things that are unjust in their quest for justice, smashing windows, engaging in vandalism. When people demand the right of law and justice and yet they do things that are law less like pulldown statues and vandalize property that is not theirs and people cry for justice and they try to intimidate and bully their way into the public square.

By doing things that are grossly unjust. It reminds me of the child crying out the obvious.

Hey, this is wrong and we we seem to be living in a time of of almost our own modern rendering of the Emperor's new clothes, but Alex McFarland here were going to get to Psalm 39 in just a moment, but I want to welcome back to the TNG Mike, my friend, colleague of many years, Dylan Burroughs, Dylan thanks for taking some time to be with us on the program today great to be with you Alex folks at Dylan and I are finishing up a book that's going to come out in September and it's it's going to be basically titled the attack on America. What we can do to save the country before it's too late. In a Dylan as we were getting ready to do the recordings today. I just got first renderings of the cover art and in this book. Folks were talking about some of the things that are that are wrong with the country how we got here. Frankly, if some trends aren't turned around how your future in mind. This is endangered our liberties, our freedoms and and let's talk a little bit about that, but what we can do in the context of this radio show for the program. Several were going to give you five things that you must face squarely at this moment in our history and if not only our nation is to be preserved. America our freedoms and liberties, but frankly your own security so were going to give you five points to bear in mind for the show is out but Dylan is in working on this book about America under attack and what we all know have a vested interest in doing and praying about to save the country, met water, but this what you and I were creating some research and putting some things down that were in the news and it's almost like before you and I could even share files back and forth new things would break forth in the news and is on the site. Where do I begin to talk about what we need God to do to save our country. Did you get that feeling of being just a little bit overwhelmed. Yes, I think the average American is in the same situation. They are so overwhelmed by all of the negativity they see in today's headlines whether it's online on radio, on television in the newspaper that they don't even know where to begin to try to make things better and that's one thing I want to encourage people is that just because the nation might seem to be falling apart. It doesn't mean your life has to be followed by God to be doing great things in your life and your community but at the same time we look at what's going on. For example, one of the biggest concerns I see as I look at our culture today is growing intolerance of those who claim to be tolerant when we give you a quick example of this during the George Lloyd as situation Minneapolis where we see this terrible video that is surfacing of a person who is dying unjustly out. Many people respond emotionally and that's understandable. But when people started destroying buildings burning buildings eluding targets suddenly people saw that this had gone too far, but it's one of those situations where you now have Minneapolis decided they want to defund their Police Department which is the very group of people that would and should be stopping the same vandalism that seems to be responding to and unjustly situations of this vicious cycle of let's defund police and yet those are the ones we need the most, to stop the distractions happiness of our American communities today.

You know I'm a Christian.

Dylan Burroughs is Christian love American history in any previous generation.

I mean it.

I think the preachers would've been calling for fasting and prayer, and let's seek God for revival and and were not hearing a lot of that now were not hearing a pleading for spiritual awakening and yet think about this year justice.

The last 1234 months without the covert pandemic. We've got the quarantines and you know people are dying, we've got the riots associated with black lives matter and then questions about are the black lives matter.

Protesters Marxist agitators imported. We've got the erasure of history with the pulling down of monuments in the revision of our history Nancy Pelosi saying quote it would be wise to take down Mount Rushmore. We got the defund the police movement that you mention intolerance and selective tolerance and then really just the rise of socialism to work enough to take a break. Folks were to pull away but when I come back, Alex McFarland here with Dylan Burroughs, truth for a new generation radio going to give you five things to keep in mind when America finds itself on the shaky ground of 2020. How do we move forward solidly securely safely.

With God's favor in the days ahead.

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I will go back to truth for new generation radio Alex McFarland here with our longtime friend and colleague Dylan Burroughs and saw Lola suck a little bit about this before the break we mentioned some of the problems and look at it we don't have to convince you that the world needs Christ right now we all watch the news, but let's just pull back for moment and talk about the mindset of man without God. Dylan, I am older than you and the music I grew up on was a little bit different than a lot of the the music you would hear on the Grammys.

The top 40 today.

The movies that that I grew up on and just the culture and the we were raised to say yes ma'am no ma'am yes sir no sir, and you know I remember what a scandal it was, you know, back in the 70s when the candidate Jimmy Carter when he was running for president, was interviewed by magazine that some people felt like it was not appropriate for presidential candidate to be interviewed by certain magazine today were in when in a in a point where whenever we go to the store. I mean, you're likely to hear horrid curse words. I'm not even gonna try to describe them anywhere you go. You can see things you hear things, things that previous generations would've found shocking absolutely unacceptable profanity, violence and sexuality were were culture that seems to have lost the ability to be embarrassed or be shamed anymore, or we like some 39 sixes walking around in in just a state of vanity, not living for truth, not serving God. We think were large and in charge, but in in a way where were just toxic almost terminal with sin and carnality is America of 2020. Like that dead man walking around in the state of vanity. I think in many ways he described it very well. We live in a culture where so many people who even claim to be Christian. Don't live a Christian lifestyle or hold a Christian worldview.

And so it's very discouraging. In some respects, but at the same time God is calling forth a remnant of those who call upon his name and seek to live for him strongly, and one thing I want to encourage people that when you see a growing level of apostasy and a growing level of sin in our culture. In some ways that's a fulfillment of Bible prophecy itself. So we should be encouraged that we are growing closer to when the Lord comes you look in second Timothy four or for example where verse three says for the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear we can find plenty of examples of that say even within the church, but within our culture at large.

We have people who give the right words but if you look at our world.

There's a lot of work out there left to do. Yeah, I remember. Let's go back a little bit because you know were we watch the black lives matter. Protesters and and a woman who this was in the news this week that was shot and killed because she said, quote all lives matter which is true. All human lives matter because were all made in the image of God and this is one of the things that the Christian worldview brought to humanity. Dylan is is you and are working on the book attack on America, which by the way is any day now a preorder pages going to be online and the book will come out in September and down. I want you to read it. Please before the election, but Dylan I knew this, but I was struck by how the Christian worldview brought human rights to the world up to the very first Nations that were evangelized. One was Syria. The other was Ethiopia and by the way folks on there was a man from Ethiopia called Michael the deacon and he met with Martin Luther during the time of the Reformation in the 1500s. And Luther was surprised and pleased to know that there had been a very robust Christian community in Ethiopia going back to just a few years after the time of Christ. My point being that in a place where life was cheap and there was a lot of violence and and women essentially had no rights. Women and children were earned like property and children. Very often were sold into slavery and human bondage and trafficking that the Christian worldview gaze human rights to humanity. Why because were made in God's image.

Every human being has worth, value and dignity made in the image of God.

If you're a believer your you're a person in whom the Spirit of God dwells in sub went when I read about these people and even some perhaps well-intentioned but misguided denominational leaders say repeat black lives matter they do. But let me say this unborn lives matter.

The baby in the womb of any ethnicity matters. All lives matter at an Dylan. Is it fair to say that selective tolerance is in tolerance and the right note Christians in California are being told that they can't sing songs during their worship services and I think this coven has been a uptime of political leverage for a lot of people just looking at headline I'll say this on a threat to you on the very same news page 1 headline said that the black lives matter. Protesters do not cause an increase in positive covert cases right under it was a story that 6000 people at a Trump rally are responsible for an uptick so Dylan I mean, are we living in a time of selective tolerance.

Yes, he really dressy things. One is selective tolerance where the left that claims to be the most tolerant of all Americans will suddenly if you don't agree with their view of the world will come and tear down your statues or something else that may be opposing tear value so there's this contrast between what they claim as being tolerant and how they will act. If you do not do something that is taller from their perspective that is very selective in that regard, but another thing that you talk about their little bit is that idea that that many times. As believers we see things going on in our world that we don't like and yet we don't do anything about it and there is this a call to us in Scripture to be bold and courageous understand more strongly than we see injustice arising so as to make a distinction between the two when we come back were going to talk about five things that you must not, in order to navigate the dangerous waters of 2020 here in America and the world stay to transfer new generation radio is coming back this Lord is a 100% track record in keeping his promises and he lovingly offers to help everyone prepare for life and for eternity.

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I've been a believer about 30 years and you know I like to think that Angie and I have been blessed to drill down pretty deeply in our relationship with Christ. But even so, the news of the morning.

Kind of a unsettled's my heart so I want to give you some thoughts that I think might be some solid ground to stand on in these days, folks. Number one. Make sure that your saved, make sure you have a relationship with Christ. Number two, but know that your life here is not an accident. Your life matters what you do for Christ is significant and friend. You are here in the world today by God's providential decree number three. Be willing to live a life of Christian service and civic service.

Number four stop caring what anybody thinks and completely care what God thinks and number five pray learn how to fast and pray so Dylan must talk about this for moment right now more than ever.

I mean every person needs to have their house in order and know that they have a relationship with Christ. Well let me remind people, there is no time that it is too late to follow the Lord until your final breath. I think of the thief on the cross. First of all, he was tall today you will be with me in paradise. I had think of and all of a relative in my own family who is 90 years old.

She heard the gospel in a way that made sense to her, and prayed to receive Christ. The age of 90, and then passed away three years later. That was the first time at age 90 that she felt like she really knew the Lord so it's never too late to see many people baptizing their 80s at no matter what stage of life. Fearing God can still change you guy can still use you. We talked about purpose that God is made us all purpose and for a purpose. If you still have breath in your lungs. God has a reason for you to be here. He saved you to serve him and then the next when he mentioned this idea of serving even in the hard tie like can't encourage you to enough to stand firm in the faith. So many people are shying away Eric cowering away. They see the pushback you get any time you post on social media or say anything in society. It is your job stand strong in the truth of God's were not every political opinion on the truth of God, to affirm what is right and culture where so much is wrong and then the spiritual area as well of as serving God and focusing on prayer. These are the essentials that you describe the we must have a living for the Lord today. We talk about being willing to live a life of Christian service, which Paul said in Romans know that's our spiritual servicer are reasonable serviceman when I think about walking as a believer you know it's the least we can do because Christ died for us.

We should live for him.

But let me camp out on point number four for minute and and I guess I I'd love to get up on a mountaintop and shouted folks stop caring what anybody thinks if you're a Trump voter. Don't worry that people publicly are going to be critical, but listen I remember well in late 2015 and all through the spring of 2016 when I began to speak out and I wrote for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

And I said I think Donald Trump is can be the candidate and I think that if he is Christian said about for look I lost probably 20% of all my speaking engagements in 2016 from ministers who said how Alex McFarland, I cannot believe that you are publicly supporting that you know loudmouth Donald Trump. Well, I I'd I travel a lot.

I knew he was can be the candidate and listen folks stop caring what anybody thinks and completely due care what God thinks speak the truth in love, but be vocal on Billy Graham said this Billy Graham said courage is contagious.

So I challenge you to be a person of truth, conviction, courage, and let's speak up about America speak up about our need for Jesus and and let's make a difference, but finally in Dylan I want you to comment on this how important this juncture. How important is prayer for the body of Christ. I think about the book of Nehemiah and it opens up with Nehemiah himself praying and fasting before the Lord, and he didn't know what else to do. He was not in a position to change Jerusalem where he really wanted to be in to see the city restored. It was through a time of prayer and fasting, and a spiritual seeking God opened a unique opportunity for him to not only go back to Jerusalem, but to lead in a spiritual revival in a time when it was badly needed. You may not feel like you have any opportunity to turn things around if you pray and you fast and you seek the Lord, he can open a unique opportunity just for you to make a difference and impact in this important time in our society we have to do the work of prayer. The battle is on our knees to take the time pray and see what God will do.

Hey, let's pick up this conversation again really soon can we do that Dylan would love it. It's always great to be with the Alex folks owner. Thank you for listening and and remember, remember that your labor in the Lord is not in vain. One of my favorite verses first written in 1558.

After talking about the resurrection of Christ and how Christ rose and this confirms our faith in the security we have in Jesus look. Paul concludes for scripting 15 by saying, be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, for you know your labor in the Lord is not in vain, and indeed it's not.

It matters and it matters for all of eternity. Stand strong for Christ.

Speak up for truth was he next time on the truth or new generation broadcast TMG radio is made possible by the friends of Alex McFarland ministry, PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404. That's PO Box 10231, Greensboro, NC 27404 call us at 877 yes God one that's 877 yes, God in the number one or give while you're there, listen the program archives. Read Alex's blog invite Alex to speak at your event, contact Alex with a question or comment, Alex Thanks for listening today and join us again next time. As we bring you more true for a new generation fund TMG radio

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