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Peace in a Pandemic, His Eye in the Storm [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright
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May 27, 2020 1:00 am

Peace in a Pandemic, His Eye in the Storm [Part 2]

Alan Wright Ministries / Alan Wright

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May 27, 2020 1:00 am

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Calming the storm outside the boat was not as important to Jesus is addressing the storm of the hearts of the disciples inside pastor also read Bible teacher Alan Wright. Welcome to sharing the life were also to hear Ellen's message from an old church in central North Carolina in a series we've titled piece in a pandemic, the power of seeing the crisis through the eyes of Jesus. Obviously situation that this whole is going through churches had to admit in general and especially with the way we worship together in most cases quite virtually swear bring you this very timely series reached just weeks ago by Pastor Alan to his home congregation.

We trust it will be a blessing and encouragement to you to give you strength to endure. If you're not able to stay with us throughout the entire program I want to make sure you know how to get our special resource available to you right now. Again, very timely for our current situation. It's a CD audio album called growing deep in times of stress and these are stressful times it can be yours for your donation this month to sharing the life as you listen to today's message on the pandemic go deeper as we send you today's special offer. Contact or call 877-544-4860 that's 877-544-4860.

More on that later in the program but now let's get started with today's teaching piece in the pandemic here is Pastor Alan Wright causes them to see the storm in a way that is just not accurate. They think the storms go to get worse.

We are going to die and Jesus doesn't care Jesus is awake now speaks in Matthews telling of this to the disciples first wire afraid but then uses this phrase you of little faith, and in Greek is one word that means well, it just means little faith once little fights it's it's in your mother say what is he really condemning them here. Judging them is is why afraid little faiths.

But as Charles Spurgeon's shares in another instance where he references them as little faith ones. There's another way of looking at it and that is the Savior did not say oh you have no faith or you of pretended faith but oh you of little faith. If we could.

Spurgeon says only have our Masters assurance that we have even a little faith. If he does, but acknowledge that it is faith in the root of the matter is MS I'd rather have great faith that little faith, but I'd rather have a little faith, then a great presumption, why afraid you have little faith. What is going on with Jesus's question is he is he condemning them or is there something else going on. I can't say this for sure, but Jesus is fully God and fully human in my reading of the Gospels. It seems like to me that there are clearly times were Jesus is just surprised as I human heat. He didn't know everything is God is omniscient, but as a human. He didn't know everything and I think there were times that he realized ministry was to be easier than he thought. I think there are times I realize it is to be more difficult and this is one of those moments where I think he said why are you afraid I think it was because he was generally surprised you know how could that be why have you ever had something in your life where you're really good at it and maybe other people aren't so good at it, some skill, some ability. I mean just got me a little thing like ever since I was a kid I I'm a pretty good speller.

I never want to and I wouldn't want to championship spelling bee or something like that. I'm not saying was incredible Stella but I just always, I see words and if they're misspelled on pretty quickly so that words misspelled or not. A lot of times I'll misspell a word when I'm I'm writing a document and so it surprises me when people intelligent people misspell things. I look at ago. How, what, why, why, why can't you recognize that that's misspelled. It was so funny. We we homeschool our kids and when our son Bennett was coming along through elementary school specially but maybe a little bit even in the middle school is just a just he was such a bright kitty such a bright guy you graduate from law school.

This this weekend and he so bright there is such market, but that he just but negative spelling and I worried about it.

My wife, who was elementary school to so don't worry about it, it'll improve them. We had tested me was actually Col. grade level, but compared to other abilities.

Spelling was bad. I remember a particular paper he wrote on the Civil War and all throughout that paper he smelled civil about three or four different ways or just how I rewrite it where he came to a just like he felt like stone it with in a right hero's belt with a fist, but with an EMS belt with a neat, it is whatever whatever mood he was that I get up. As I dismissed misspell a word that I got other things in my life was like I was terrible at it and what is like jigsaw puzzles. We go on family vacations and other family members want to set up a jigsaw puzzle and work the work the puzzle on vacation. I succumb over help as I know I'm on vacation. I don't have to try to work a puzzle. I can literally stand over the puzzle and stare at it for 15 minutes and get nothing. Nothing that other people come on theirs out here for that reason, and they look at me ago.

Why can't you architects all punch so you can imagine. Maybe Jesus when he saw a storm knowing that he the creator of the earth was gonna call the store of all the things he could understand the Bible said he was tempted in every way that were attempted maybe in a real way. He didn't understand this didn't understand what it feels like to have very little faith, why are you afraid little face who Jesus looked at the storm so differently. How did Jesus see the storm summing up this way as an opportunity to take an and maybe more than that an opportunity to gain glory and to build faith. People asked me over and over how have I been throughout this whole pandemic and what is it been like and honestly the first couple weeks I like to say I didn't worry but I worried I lost some sleep and then I moved into a phase. I'd say was just working hard. Still working hard but just like okay will just work extra hard will make it all happen. Saw, worried, and then I worked but in the last week or two. It's finally begun to Donald me despite all of that horrible suffering God, who didn't send this disease is nonetheless gaining glory through it. I guess it partly dawned on me when Easter week and we put our worship service on video and that morning, nearly 5000 households watched our Easter service and worshiped which is remarkable given that when we are meeting together in person physically, we may only have a thousand, and we had five times me, but then we also made this available through social media and through our platform that has a radio ministry sharing light ministries through Pastor Chris's podcast platform.

Everyday exiles would put it all out there by the end of Easter week.

Listen to this by the end of Easter week 85,000 households had viewed the worship service and I've been reading.

There have been some congregations.

Large congregations I read one this week had a million views of a recent worship service. There is a very real chance. I wish somebody could could do the study on this and find the facts to make sure it's right. I imagine that more people heard the gospel this Easter and that week than ever have in any given week in the history of the world is Alan Wright you are listening to sharing the light will have more teaching in a moment from today's importance your stressing out his option on the stresses of life will always stressful season. Busy season spiritual life can be hostile to be stressed stressful times. Trust in the morning during stressful times is no better place to turn to Psalms some during stressful times. Some preseason seasons come and go strong today and stressful times when you give today. We will send you today's special offer and were happy to send this to you is our thanks for sharing light ministries call us at 877-544-4860 877-544-4860 or come to our website sharing sharing the line. He's teaching now continue you once again is Alan Wright, God cares about every bit of the suffering God's a healer, and he cares. But I'm beginning to understand that storms if seen from Jesus's perspective or an opportunity opportunity for the glory of God and opportunity for us to grow opportunity for miracles to take place when you look to Jesus eyes.

You also see that the storm is something he knew was temporary. He knew that he was going to calm the storm. I think a problem for us so often as we feel like the storm is something that is here and is going to stay here but Jesus is is quite aware that in a moment, which is a spoken word with just just a word from his mouth. A word of authority to come forth and just going to be a word of puke to that storm and it's the same word Matthews is speaking of rebuke that Jesus used it was spoken up to cast out a spirit, just that powerful.

Just a moment as soon as it arrived. As soon as it is. Jesus spoke it was going to be gone to complete authority. I think he invites us to get his eyes to see his authority over all the storms and I like to see the authority of God, and in no just a word from Jesus is all it takes to grant somebody stand up for you when you are afraid ever had somebody speak to your storm who had authority to do so, and this is one of why some of you heard me tell this I'm so embarrassed to tell it but when I was a kid and I was old enough that I should not have gotten afraid, but I did get afraid. So I was embarrassed that I was getting afraid and I don't know why I had gone because I hate these things and and and don't ever go to but we don't all haunted houses. Some Halloween thing and I was going to the hothouse with my big brother David and he is kind of dig limits different stuff, but for some reason Frankenstein decide to follow me around. I cannot know how old I was out I was I was… I wouldn't five or six MM older I should have like I remember thinking I shouldn't be afraid. And I know Frankenstein is not real but thanks I Follow me around every corner. He jumped out the bottom eight and until finally I just was really afraid that I love my brother this day David Delevan. To this day for doing this finally is a day was tall and tolerant Reichstag, and I bear file.

He just saw the Friday to start a friend sent me said little brother alone and can see scared if I decide back.I have really did that for me. Just one word. I was my frankest was God. Jesus understands that storms are temporary because he's got authority over the storms just like a word in school. This storm will and whatever storms you face. They will and is 1/3 and really important way that Jesus viewed the storm and this is clear from the story. It's of secondary importance. Calming the storm outside the boat was not as important to Jesus is addressing the storm of the hearts of the disciples inside the boat. That's what he cared about what really mattered, ultimately, was the state of their souls.

They the real storm was one brewing inside their fearful hearts in this weight is for us to when Jesus arose, having slept in the lower part of this boat. One thing is for sure, Jesus knew that this was a reenactment and a fulfillment of a story in the Old Testament that the disciples also knew in the Scriptures you have Old Testament stories and prophecies that are pointing ahead to the coming of Jesus and Jesus looks back on those stories often and describes himself as the fulfillment. The story of Jonah has amazing similarities. Let me give you a quick recap. Jonah was running away from the Lord as a prophet is running with the Lord. It was on a boat and there's a mighty tempest on the sea so that the ship threatened to break up and then the once he was sailing with the mariners were afraid, and each cried out but Jonah had gone down into the inner part of the ship and laying down and was fast asleep uncanny. The comparison is an adverse six. The captain came and said to him, what do you mean you sleeper. So there even coming to Jonah the way the disciples come to Jesus arising call out to your God. And then at verse 12 Jonah said to them, pick me up and hurled me into the sea in the sea will quiet down for you and so they do, they throw them into the sea and the sea ceased from its raging following this, of course, the Lord appointed this great fish that swallowed up Jonah and Joni was in the phone was in the belly of the fish for three days and three nights in Jesus references Jonah and incense in his life and said in Matthew, Trevor, just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. And Jesus said these exact words. Behold, something greater than Jonah is here.

He was saying.

I am the new Jonah the real Jonah has arrived, because everything in these stories is the same Jonah and the storm modality, even to the point of Jonah sleeping in the belly of the ship, the boat, and Jesus sleeping and the fear and the waves, but the one thing that doesn't happen in Jesus's story on the Sea of Galilee is they don't throw him overboard in order to calm the sea and Tim Keller speaks about this and says it's because Jesus came to calm the true storm the real storm with which none of us can deal. And that is the storm of impending judgment because justice must be done.

If this is a just world and God is a just God. Sin must be punished. And so the real storm is the guilt of our hearts. The shame of our lives and the feeling of condemnation that we will forever live under knowing all of our flaws in failing. Knowing that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God going to. There's no way that we can get ourselves into right relationship with God by any of our own righteousness, knowing that there is no way that any religion could build a ladder tall enough to reach God knowing that we are forever separated from God unless he does something that's the real storm past the storm. No one could save us from so Jesus wasn't thrown overboard on the Sea of Galilee. Instead he went across and was buried into the tomb for three days to die for us. The secondary issue is the storm on the Sea of Galilee. The primary issue is the love of God for these human beings and his desire that their hearts be not afraid, but that they know that they know that they know he loves them and that he is the master of the wind and the waves that all things are possible that he has come to save them in a greater way than they had come to know yet when they were in a storm at sea. So in the storms of life. If you would just asked Jesus how do you see it. I think he'll show you and it can correct your vision. I want to show you our little optical illusion again because I couldn't believe it. I will bet you I couldn't believe that I had actually get out some rulers and and and I'll do it for you rulers to prove that these lines that line that line that they're actually perfectly parallel die. Me, I Had to do it are Emma prove it to you. Okay, here goes. First yardstick the bottom of funds. It's hard to get it right there at the bottom of the image and then I'll put another right here at the bottom of this one. Once you do that is are going wait a minute. They are parallel, it just it just was a trick of thy it just inches when the complications all around it, make it such that you can't see the reality. It reminds me of the way life is that storms can skew our vision and yet Jesus is in the boat with us, he'll never leave you will never forsake you. Jesus looks at the storm he sees it very very differently than we do, is an opportunity is just temporary and it is secondary to the most important matters of life and that the gospel Alan Wright here listening to shearing like in today's teaching is a in the store.

It's from our series piece in a pandemic, the power of seeing the crisis through the eyes of Jesus most recently preached, virtually in his own congregation. Pastor Alan is back with his hearing just about with our final closing thought for today stick with this stress and stressed out his option on the stresses of life will always bring stressful season very busy season's difficult spiritual and life can be hostile to be stressed stressful times. Trust in the morning during stressful times is no better place to turn the psalmist, some for thinking during stressful times for every season season is coming down strong today and stressful times when you give today.

We will send you today's special offer and were happy to send this to you is our things from shearing like ministries. Call us at 877-544-4860 877-544-4860 or come to our website. Shearing back with Pastor Alan now in this series piece in a pandemic, and we have scrambled to get this on the year. This is either very recent messages that you have preached in the middle of the pandemic virtually to an empty room and this one is I in the storm. I mean, if we've ever faced a storm, especially together in the same boat. It's with. If we all are in right now is certainly this was timely. We are in the same boat on 20 and here's the good news. Jesus is right in the boat with us so you lead and you have a perspective I have a perspective we all have our perspective. But what we are learning about is getting Jesus's perspective. Some things we see, we think we see it accurately and we don't and I think Jesus sometimes Daniel maybe was genuinely surprised.

Maybe he is a human being didn't know everything and maybe was a surprise when he said why are you afraid my maybes wonder why why don't don't don't just didn't understand maybe how could they not trust that the creator of the universe is here in the boat with them but he is in the boat and he sleeping because he's not worried. The fear of the disciples seems to be more on Jesus's heart within the storm. He speaks to them and then he speaks to the storm and I think Jesus wants to speak to our own hearts. However, this storm is affecting you, whether it's affecting your health or your business or even in the status of cases is caused you grief and loss of someone you love, whatever it might be want to know Jesus cares is in the middle of the storm with you and will never leave you, and in a and in and in a blink of an eye, and just a whisper of his voice. He can silence any storm.

So praying the knowledge of Jesus being with you will sustain you in the waters. This is been sharing the listener supported production of sharing the

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