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More Absolute Truth

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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March 18, 2010 5:30 am

More Absolute Truth

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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March 18, 2010 5:30 am

More Absolute Truth (Message 5)

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Harvest podcasts between Pastor Greg Laurie are brought to you by harvest partners to receive pastor Greg free online daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us, let's turn our Bibles to Exodus chapter 20 Exodus chapter 20 were in our new theories that were calling worldview in the title of this message is more absolute truth are final message on the 10 Commandments are the story of a little boy he was hearing the message of the Sunday school teacher on the 10 Commandments he got a little confused about the seven Commandments we decided asked his dad about it. So there were driving home from church and he said daddy one of the Sunday school teacher mean when she said, thou shall not commit agriculture while the father knew exactly what the boy was asking about.

He was referring to the commandment that says you shall not commit adultery, and the father said agriculture will in season. That means that you're not supposed to plow the other Mansfield is pretty good at, you know, there still is confusion about the 10 Commandments. There's a great movement afoot to have the Commandments posted in classrooms and on the walls of courtrooms and of course I endorse that but a lot of the people were so passionate about the 10 Commandments don't even know the do you know the 10 Commandments. Do you know them and their proper order will it's important to know them because they were written by the finger of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai written on the front and the back of the tablet stone and we often group them in five and five but in reality they would better be grouped in categories of four and six. The first four commandments have to do with our relationship with God. And so I've written them up here in this board here ahead of time. At least the first four commandments I: God's top 10 we have a commitment number one and the reason I'm writing these down for you is I figure of God took the time to write them down.

We can to. There's not that many occasions in the Bible we read that God wrote something. Therefore, I encourage you to write these down because I want you to know all of the Commandments in their proper order.

So if you brought a pin pulled out and a piece of paper.

If you don't have one. See if the neighbor will loan one to you in and write these down to the will help you remember them so commandment number one have no other gods before him. Exodus 20 verses 1 to 3 commandment number two no graven images no image that we feel we need to help her enhance our worship of God. This is that separate commandment from commandment number one commandment number one just deals with idols in general other gods, but graven images is very specific.

Number three.

Don't take the Lord's name in vain. Remember that we pointed out that that speaks of bull using his name and an insincere or frivolous way is one way he could take his name in vain.

Of course, using his name occurs or something like that. There's many ways this is done keeping the Sabbath day holy rebel. We explained that what that means to New Testament believers today, but there six more Commandments to go is a select uses high-tech device here. Check that know we already dealt with these stop low-tech right so we go with these already there. We'll honor your father met mother commandment number one of the second tablet if you will a commitment number two. The second tablet. Thou shall not murder. This is commandment number six.

Let's do the rest of them now is minimum. I am writing will be as legible as it is here that good Exodus ligament commitment number seven you shall not commit adultery skews me.

Do not commit adultery. 01 and tier 2 and one right there would have been a debt then quelling the spell potato that I saw the okay that's commandment number seven commandment number eight you shall not steal load here how to make commandment number nine do not line and number 10. Do not covet Tina remember these commandments write them all down so we can know what they mean written by the finger of God given to us as absolute truth. Let's start now with commandment number seven for a message today thou shall not commit adultery when you sent me basically committing adultery is having sex with someone besides your spouse is speaking of immorality. In general, not merely unfaithfulness on the part of a marital partner.

Remember these are God's top 10 is a lot of things he could've identified as big issues. Again, these are not all the things we need to know these are 10 things that God broke out and said I want you to know this stuff. These things matter to me and I don't want you to do these things because if you do, it's going to be spiritually harmful and destructive in your life that God broke out the subject of sexual purity. Adultery is when you have sex with someone beside her bowels. Fornication is when you have sex before marriage and God says these are sins that I don't want you to do them now just imagine how different our world would be today if we This commandment alone.

Imagine how many divorces would've been avoided if adultery was never committed.

How many families would still be together. How many fathers would still be at home in this case today. Even mothers to raise their children don't do this thing to hear the we need to know about section. A lot of times sexes misrepresented in the church and I think it's like our secular culture is taken.

The topic of sexy poured their own meaning into what it is and what it isn't and then they have redefined how we view it and we lost control of the subject. So let's take it back again without embarrassment to say okay what about sex.

Sex is not sinful or evil in and of itself. There's nothing wrong with that at that sex is a good thing we wouldn't be here today without sex. I guess you created it. God did this needs to be no shame connected to it. No embarrassment about it.

If it is done. God's way, what is God's way in a marriage relationship. What about for just living together know that's not God's way, what were just wanting to see were compatible and that her know that's not God's way. It's in a marriage commitment. When a man and a woman, not any other variation of that come together and plugs her love one to another, and then within the confines within the safety within the protection of the marriage. Listen God can bless. Sex did you know that's possible he can bless that you don't have to feel guilty or bad about it. You can feel quite good about it is a matter of fact, Proverbs 515 says drink water from your own well share your love only with your wife. However, if it's taken out of God's order.

Yes it can be destructive, spiritually. Sometimes people say we love the Christian view on sexes that is only for procreation and childbearing.

Let's not.

The Christian view. One. Sex that someone else's definition.

No clear.

Clearly it is the process through which childbearing takes place, but at the same time there something special that happens when two people come together sexually. Oneness takes place at all defined in a moment.

But guess what else sex can be pleasurable and fulfilling God made it that way about were told in first Timothy 16 that we are to put our hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment. And guess what. That includes sex in a marriage between a man and a woman and if you don't believe even read the book of Solomon of the rhythmic of the song of Solomon. Rather, it is a book that is certainly allegorical and we can draw many parallels between our relationship with the Lord.

But at the same time read it at face value.

That's a love story between a man and a woman for finding fulfillment and leisure in a sexual union and so they should. Sex is not the issue.

It's the place of in marriage. It was enjoyable and fulfilling outside of marriage is harmful, damaging and destructive were told in Hebrews 13 for marriage should be honored by all in the marriage bed should be Your that is why there is no such thing as a quote one night stand only didn't mean anything Osborne says to the wife who finds out he's been a people. It was a quick one night stand. It was just a little fling. It didn't mean anything contrary little friends that escargot more friends. I basically just said to the contrary, snails with garlic I don't know why I said that that would be the literal definition it means a lot.

Sex is not some casual toy. It's a gift from God to be safe for the person you want to become one with when you engage in sexual contact with another person you become one with them. That's what the Bible says. First Corinthians 615 says don't you realize your bodies are actually parts of Christ. Should a man take his body which belongs to Christ. They join into a prostitute. Never. Don't you know that even if a man joins himself to a prostitute, he becomes one body with her for the Scripture say that you are united in the one to run away from sexual sin. No other sin so clearly affects the body as this one does sexual immorality is a sin against your own body you become one with the person knowing the marriage that's great you want to become one with the person you want to express your affection, your love and so forth to that person and then ultimately children most likely will come from that as well.

An expression of your oneness. Someone might say, well you know what having sex doesn't hurt anyone really.

I think it hurts a lot of people. It hurt you. It damages you spiritually. It can even cause depression. According to University of Tennessee study among young women. It was discovered there seems to be direct correlations between illicit sexual behavior and serious emotional problems that doesn't hurt anyone. What about teenage pregnancies every year, 1 million teens become pregnant.

Many of these pregnancies never make it to term because one out of every five abortions is performed on a woman under the age of 20 and four out of every teenage pregnancies end in abortion. In other words 400,000 of the 1.6 million abortions occurring annually are done on teenage mother's doesn't hurt anyone. What about the mother that carries the shame through her life of a boarding or taking the life of her baby doesn't hurt anyone. What about the baby that is never given the privilege of living out there like a God in his grace. I believe would welcome every one of those aborted children into heaven. But sadly they never were able to live the life and those with some of these children could have done in our world today. The difference they could have made.

That's why the Bible warns against the sin because it does hurt and it does bring spiritual devastation and Jesus of course took it to another level. Because, you know, we might hear. I should not commit adultery, and will save all, I've never committed adultery.

Okay, let's just concede the point you, but let me ask this.

Have you ever looked on a woman with lust in your heart. Have you look to the man with lust in your heart. The answer by the way, is yes you will okay so here's the bottom line. Jesus said, you've heard that it has been said, you shall not commit adultery but I say you if you look at a woman with lust in your heart you have committed adultery with her in effect on credit. It's worse to commit adultery in the loop lustfully, but at the same time looking lustfully is a violation of this commandment as well. And by the way, the word that Jesus uses their for lot does not refer to a casual glance, but in the Greek it refers to the continuous act of looking in this usage. The idea is not that it's incidental or involuntary, but it's an intentional and repeated gazing. Jesus is not saying that it's wrong.

If we are just exposed to an image.

We didn't want to be exposed to. You know in our twisted culture today. It's pretty hard to not see some things you wish you had not seen you don't have even called looking for you can just be standing in line at the supermarket to no one in there on the cover of the magazine there it is, or you're driving on the street and there it is on the Billboard there is splicing on the video screen there. It is emblazoned in someone's T-shirt there.

It is somewhere else is there, which I hadn't seen that but I thought that they give all while I saw that which I hadn't seen it. Don't want to look at that big imagery to another person who goes out of their way to look at this sort of thing and obviously one of the ways that you would violate that particular commandment of the Lord is through pornography and other was a day when it wasn't as easy to be exposed to these things, but nowadays wickedness is just a mouse click away. Click click click and you open up a Pandora's box of perversion. According to an Internet filter review which analyzes and rates web content filters revenues of pornography exceed those of all professional football, baseball and back basketball franchises combine. There are 4.2 million porn site that's 12% of all websites in the world totaling 372 million pornographic pages pornographic search engine requests total 68 million a day. That's what we need to guard our minds and we need to put safeguards in place and by the way it an Internet filter is a good idea, especially when small children are around. It is possible to Google a word in and go to website that turns out to be something you're not fixed, acting in these people that promote this kind of stuff take full advantage of that and but we want to be careful of what we see what we expose our taught self to because you don't want to commit adultery now. I just know by virtue of statistics that there is someone listening to this message that is either in the midst of an adulterous relationship or they are considering an adulterous relationship or at the very least they're just plain little mind games and fantasizing about what it would be like to be with this or that person so I want to just give you quick some quick reasons why you should not commit adultery them and give you six reasons I could give you many more course but in the interest of time I give you six reasons why you should not commit adultery.

Number one you do incredible damage to your spouse, you do incredible damage dear South I've already pointed out the oneness that takes place between a man and a woman, unified, sexually, but when you have sexual relations with someone besides your spouse you violate that oneness and that is why the Lord actually gave a release clause to the marriage. When there is been sexual unfaithfulness, because it's a big deal to God, and it should be a big deal to us as well. But having said that, let me also say this adultery is not only grounds for divorce. It's also grounds for forgiveness, but I would hope that that would take place in the marriage. If there has been unfaithfulness but let me warn you, even this even if forgiveness is extended by the offended spouse. The trust factor is almost distraught and it's can it take years to get that back again. Don't go there. Number two, you do incredible damage to yourself to the cases of adultery.

It's not usually just a one night stand.

It's usually an ongoing relationship people end up in adulterous affairs, most often with coworkers people that they are in close proximity to on a regular basis and it's not usually just a little fling so-called it's an ongoing thing, which requires habitual deception and lying in the hardening of one's heart.

Listen when you're in an adulterous relationship you are in a backslidden state okay. You may go to church every Sunday. You may read your devotions. Every morning you may pray regularly, though, I seriously doubt a person was an adult would do those things.

But just for the sake of a point you might be doing all these things.

But here's the reality you're in a backslidden state because somehow your mind you have to learn to live with yourself so probably what you've done as you compartmentalize this sin.

Well this is this and I know this is wrong, but now I'm over here with my family and everything is good I'm in church and I know I should have these things all neatly divided but that is not the way it is in life, you are damaging your soul your damaging your heart because you're living in opening hypocrisy.

Number three. Listen, you do incredible damage to your children, your position as spiritual leader in your home is undermined by your own hand their trust in you is shattered as it is with your wife and I will take years to regain and they may even repeat your sin later on. My kids forgive me, while I forgive me dodge the bullet hold on buckaroo life is still unfolding.

The chickens may come home to roost 10 years from today when your children engage in the same activity and then when you wave your anger at them and tell them it's from the civic dad or mom, you did it, didn't you, David, saw his own sins repeated in the lives of his children.

He committed adultery try to cover it up. Basically, with the murder of the husband of Bathsheba and he saw his own to do the same thing son and then raped his half-sister Taymor and then his son Absalom killed and and so he sought repeated in this case number four. You do great damage to the church, you damage the church, the Scripture teaches one. One member of the body of Christ suffers, we all suffer. Listen, as Christians, we are all interconnected, and the victory of one is the victory of all of us. When the Lord blesses one of us are using them in a special way. We all rejoice together, one of his crashes and burns.

We all feel it as well.

You damage the church when you do it.

Number five. You do great damage to your witness in the cause of Christ is great damage to your witness in the cause of Christ. Nonbelievers will call you for your hypocrisy to hitch a have to take. Remember that the prophet Nathan came to David after he had fallen into sin with Bathsheba and he said because of what you've done you, given the enemies of God opportunity to blaspheme and finally six and lastly, you sin against the Lord himself. This should be the primary reason we avoid this sin. Remember when Joseph was a good looking kid Bible actually goes out of its way to say he was handsome he was like well built.

He was you know this kid had a going on. He was attractive and part of her Zweifel no doubt was very attractive as well was hitting on Joseph day in and day out, and he resisted her advances in. Here's what he said. How can I do this great wickedness and sin against God's motive for resisting her advances, was he did not want to sin against God. That usually the last thing people think of all sin against God, God will forgive me know you sin against the Lord.

Do not commit adultery, commandment number eight you shall not steal.

You know, stealing is so widespread in our culture today. I don't even know for aware of how bad it's become a were just so used to locking everything all that I need, when you going get gas and you're giving your credit card to the guy behind bulletproof glass that your first clue something is not right and is a sign in behind the bulletproof glass and says no money and say PS don't shoot me, please.

Well of car alarms don't know if anyone really cares. When a car alarm goes off anymore, but we all have them. We have those little signs in our frontlines. It says we have a security system.

Even if we don't have one.

We we warn people of our guard God that will kill them when reality is probably Chihuahua, but still you know were so used to theft and stealing. And in this sort of thing in our culture today usually get a cover story called the thrill of that and I pointed out that $13 billion worth of merchandise stolen every year event. One retailer who manages a jewelry and accessories store in a mall and LA said that they now use shoplifting as a guide to take quote. We know what part among teams by seeing what they steal.

She said how crazy is that. But then, here's an interesting statistic. Resale retail stores lose more to employee theft than the shoplifting. According to University of Florida survey most employee theft goes unreported but employee screening company guards Mark estimates it as $120 billion a year employee theft like a credit card company was someone working supposedly for you get your card and makes charges it just everywhere we look.

Stealing is rampant and a pole was done among people, and they were asked why do you not steal the number one reason was why they don't steal I might get caught. Number two, the other person I stole from my try to get even. Number three.

You might not need the item.

What how about you don't steal because it's wrong. Better yet, how come you don't steal because it's a sin and God thought enough about it to break it out in the top 10 you shall not steal. Fortunately, for many of us a lot of people out there who do steal our bullet to say there are a few clowns short of the circuits take the true story of nature and follow who tried to rob a Miami deli, but the owner broke fumbles nose by killing them with a giant salami. I'm not making this up bubble fled, climbed into the open trunk of a parked car. The car however belong to an undercover police team.

They were trailing the different criminal after five days, the officers heard bubble whimpering in the trunk and they arrested him in New Hampshire a teenager rob the local convenience store getting away with a pocket full of change. The boy walked home. He did not, however, realize that both of us pocket had holes in them in a trail of quarters and dimes. The police officers directly to itself and then of course is the story of one guy who was counterfeiting money a 22-year-old man in Kansas was passing counterfeit bills a problem as they work $16 counterfeit bill. Good thing when you counterfeit try to counterfeit something that actually exists. What God says about stealing Ephesians 428. He was been stealing was still no longer, but must work doing something useful with his own hands me of something to share with those in the so here's three simple principles about how to live our lives as Christians number one if you stolen steel no longer verse 28.

Don't ever take anything that belongs to another person, company, whatever is wrong before God.

And if you've taken something, if at all possible, given that jagged steal something from someone all God forgive me of the sin of stealing payment and enjoy what I stole. No, that's not yours.

Given back. It's called making restitution member. The story of the kids who lived in Jericho is a tax collector. Back in those days the way that they would take advantage of the people they would charge taxes for Rome. Then they went out on top of it more and they would pocket that money personally.

That's exactly as did he was. He did despise. So one day Jesus comes into town he's making his way through a crowd all around him a lot of excitement and that key is kind of a small guy so he shimmies up a tree to get a birds eye view of Christ and as easy to get over there branch watching Jesus.

Jesus walking with this drug. He stops and he looks up, makes eye contact was that you says I'm coming over to your house for lunch today is Atticus is pretty excited so I ran home, made a meal for the Lord to disappear behind the closed door reemerged a bit later and Zacchaeus was a changed man and he stood up and said, look, Lord, for five taken anything from anyone.

I'll get back four times what I have taken and Jesus said, salvation is come to this house because this man to the son of Abraham. So if you've stolen, give it back number two do something useful. Verse 28 of Ephesians 4 says a man must work renew your commitment to work for everything you have. Like it or not part of the curse is that we must earn our bread by the sweat of our brow were told over and Thessalonians 310.

Whoever does not work should not eat. We hear that some of you are living idolize refusing to work and wasting time meddling in other people's business in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we appeal to such people know we command them settle down and get to work. Earn your own living news flash, the world does not owe you a living.

Get a job were car, the government doesn't owe you a living. Your parents and owe you a living.

Get out there and work hard for what you have and finally share what you have again never says that he may have something to share with those in need.

Sharing is the opposite of stealing. God wants us to help others who are in need and we need to work to do that one little footnote on this one way that we steal we take things from God you like breaking into the church and taking money out of the offering box. Yeah that would be one way to do it. But here's another way we steal from God, according to Malachi 381 man rob God. Yet the Lord says you rob me. We asked how do we rob you, God says, and ties and offerings. The Bible teaches that everything that you have comes from God and that you are to take a percentage of your income and give it to the Lord for the work of his kingdom.

When we fail to do that we can in effect be robbing God, thou shall not steal the commandment number rate, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Simplify it. You shall not lie that I think a member number 89 commandment number nine you shall not lie.

Strictly speaking, this commandment was originally focused about on perjuring oneself in a judicial trial but yet in principle applies to all lying in general. God hates line he said so over in Proverbs 616 to 19.

He says he detests a lying tongue, and a false witness who pours out lies. Why because it's so destructive and when your behaving more like a child of the devil than the child of God to God think so much of truth. He uses every word to describe his character. Jesus said I am the way the what the true and the life and there were told in Scripture it's impossible for God to lie, it's not in this nature. So God cares a lot about truth, yet the devil is described as the father of lies. So when we are engaged in habitual lying and deception were behaving like a child of the devil.

Here's an interesting thing we all may lie a little bit more than we think.

There was a study that was done in the question was asked why people lie in 98% said the reason they lie was to keep from offending someone else. I do understand that to some degree, you know, telling the truth is not always an easy thing as it may be someone to invite you over for a meal and an you take two bites and you throw up inside of your mouth. Sorry, I really grow society here has little to graph to get the idea to all the law I can eat this so you said love Kaylee's comment 10, you fitted to their dog who went over to the corner and died on the spot. Then after the meal was done.

The hostess said well how did you like dinner and you said I've never had another meal like that anywhere ever you want to tell him the truth that was vile and horrific, or someone saying fortunately I believe the Lord given me a gift of singing really old. Yeah will sing something they thing whole their off kitchen and they can hold to the melody and the obviously have no skills whatsoever, and so they say what you think what you want to say is what Simon would say in American Idol.

It was rubbish was a very bad attempted an Anglo-Saxon crevice but instead you say wow I you know, I've never heard anyone sing quite that way.

That was one of the most fascinating performances I've ever heard. You know, we don't tell them the truth. The form of line with those little white lies that we may tell Bridget someone calls your house.

You don't want to talk to them. So you tell your child the state tell them all and you know what that is. It's some measure about them is a heart for God, but you did good to see you when it isn't. I love your outfit when you don't say no I don't I ever know where the second the checks in the mail when it isn't.

I was just getting ready to call you when you words. I had no idea when you did all be praying for you are worse. I've been praying for you when you won't and you haven't. Those are lies is another way we live. Number one through gossip and backbiting gossip and backbiting. Proverbs 2019 says it gossip tell secret so don't hang around with someone who talks too much, you know, there are certain people that I know who can keep a competent and as a pastor I am asked to keep confidence and when someone says to me don't share this with someone else. I try to the best of my ability to not share with someone else. But there are some people you think.

Please don't share this with anyone right now and it's on CNN that you know NCP sake don't share those shirt with more people you know why all men. We love a juicy tidbit of information. That is why in Proverbs gossip is described as a tasty morsel you know when you're at a party and they come over the appetizer tray and there's these little yummy things in the week them and they don't totally put them at all.

You know, try it gossip like all check this out. Who are why do I need to know that I don't what all of you heard the latest. We love the dispense it and unfortunately, far too often we love to hear it now, as Christians, we will of course bail gossip in an acceptable way.

I will say this is only for a matter of prayer everywhere been praying and had someone pray for someone else and you just found out a juicy bit of information you did not know the Lord, we pray for so-and-so and you know their situation which is an you stop radio what well text that right now.

This pleaded with us gossip. Basically gossip is happy.

Truth mixed with the line, with some spinner so gossip may contain truth.

That's why it works so well so it's it's partially true but then it's mixed with the allies throughout my life little bit of truth spin out if you like when you're playing tennis and someone serves and they put a little English on the server when the ball comes a lens in your side of the court that shoots off another direction.

Well, what happened you know little spin little English. Put on it and people love to take things and just add a little something to it that makes it look a certain way and will the one thing they said is true. So maybe the rent will maybe it's all wrong. Maybe it's gossip. Maybe it's a lot of you have ever had the one gossip about you lie about you and you know what it feels like that's the way that we break this commandment. Another way we lie is through flattery. This one is some flattery is one of the most subtle forms of deceit. One definition of flattery is saying things to a certain person space you would never say behind his back, Contessa, backbiting, backbiting. This same behind her back which you would never see their face. So flattery is what I see it ago. You are so smart you are so clever you are so funny and they tell a joke. I was loving at all men.

You are just so intelligent to even know there really was not a joke. You know you're just hire. It is flattering we do that with people that we want to impress a boss kiss up to the boss or someone that is something we want, that can be a form of why not telling the truth when they do need to hear it another way we lie is to exaggeration's is very easy to do. You know you make something sound bigger than it is better than it is another way we live by keeping silence by keeping silence. How could say nothing be a law that can be on those occasions when you hear something said about someone you know that is not true. When you hear a fact stated so-called that you know is not a fact that all but you don't say a word because you know that the person believes it that you want to flatter them by agreeing with them and it becomes slander by silence complicity by passive another final commandment of God's top 10 you shall not covet. This is a tricky one because all these other commandments are outward, you know to have another God is they have any other deity in your life you give your person a place I think graven image very obviously any object we feel we need to worship taking the Lord's name in vain that that's very clear what that means in and we can stop herself from doing that not murdering committing adultery not feeling these are outward things like companies different event.

The apostle Paul said that she was able to a large degree to keep these other commandments, but he really struggled with commandment number 10 because it's an action of the heart may not even realize you're actually doing it. When you are doing it and it's a big enough field to God that he breaks out as one of the 10 things he wants us to know thou shalt not cut but what does it mean to cover what here's what it does, doesn't mean it's wrong to see some you like it was you had. That's not necessarily covet you might be walking through the mall with your friend and you see a nice outfit in the windowing and you say to her all well that's a cute outfit. I like to get that. She says Thank You for That Reminder but I Don't Know If I Was Really Coveting I Was Just Admiring It's Not Wrong to Admire Something Is Not Even Wrong to Want Something.

What Is It That Look at Verse 17 of Exodus 20. Don't Covet Your Neighbor's House.

Don't Covet His Wife or His Servant or His Author's Donkey, or Anything That Belongs to Your Neighbor Now. I Don't Know If You've Covet Anyone's Oxford Donkey Lately. Probably Not, but I Bet You Covet Something Else to Notice.

It's in the Context of Something That Belongs to Someone Else. That's the Key. The New Testament Translate the Hebrew Word for Coveting As the Greek Word Loss or We Get the Word English Word Lots from the Greek Word to Lust after Something and It's the Idea of Parenting after Something.

Let's Think of Animals for a Monolithic of Dogs Ligament Dog That Is Panting for Something like His Food in the First Thing That God Thinks of in the Morning Is through Hundreds Whole Food Food and You Get the Bag and You Open It up When You Reported to the Dinner so Excited It's Food and Will Eat That Food You Know That May Be the Friendliest Dog on Earth Don't You Dare Put Your Hand in That Dogs That God Is Having Its Food and by the Way This Applies to Men As Well Were Not All That Much Different Than Dogs on a Number of Levels. Let Me Just Tell You Something about Men Maybe Didn't Know You Know When Were Eating Our Food Girls You Come over with You Little Fork into Our Plate and You Take a Little by Can I Just Speak for All Men and Say We Don't like That All Right Guys so I Will like We May Tolerate It. We May Smile at You and Say I Love You Will like It. That's Our Food, We Don't Do That to You Because We Generally Don't like What You Order to You Hereunder He Likes to Who Orders Super Meal or Salad.

We Want Things That You Sink Your Teeth into Salad That's Warm up for Real Food That Was Nice.

The Job of Moving Those Get a Burger Here and When a Guy Splits Booted Only Because They Were Trying to Save a Little Money, but Even When We Say Split Food.

It's Always like to Put That in the Kitchen Door to Him.

He Have an on the Way That I'll Have Mine on My Plate and If They Bring in, and We Let Santa Burger Will Cut in the Nurturers Deleted Delete Line We Don't Share Okay with Just Doesn't Work for Girls like to Do That Well That That's the Idea What's Been Commuted Panting My Don't Touch It. Leave It Alone. I Was Coveting Work the Eyes Look at an Object. The Mind Admires It the Will Goes over to the Body Moves in the Possession That's Coveting Let's Not Misunderstand.

Let's Say Your Your Friend Has a Car and You Just Bought Lots Cool Car.

Then You Go out the Next Day and by the Same Car in the Same Color That Serve Coveting That's Copy See He Still Has His Car Now Think the Same Picture.

Your Friend Gets a New Cargo Lots of Really Cool Carmel of That Money Thinks It Knows What You Said and It Wafted to Turn It over Here and Sealed Farthest Edge of Goliad, Florida My Bike Take a Spin around the Block. Go Ahead, You Never Come Back Again. That's Actually Grand Theft Auto's without That's Coveting That's Obviously Given Way the Stealing That That's Coveting That's Led to Action. You See, Coveting, Is the Idea of Wanting Something That Belongs to Someone Else Commonly Get It from You, No Matter What.

I Don't Care What Price I Have To Pay I Don't Care What Harm Comes from It. I Want What You Have and I'm Going to Get It and It Could Destroy Lives Happens All the Time.

Marriages Are Destroyed. You Covet Someone Else's Wife Someone Else's Husband. Hey, It Can Even Happen in Ministry Covet Someone Else's Ministry Walmart As Their Ministry More Effective Than My Ministry. Why Do They Have Those Gifts and I Don't Have the Mom and Undermine Them. So All Better. You See Other Sin Can Infiltrate so Many Areas Listen for 30 Pieces of Silver.

Judas Iscariot Effectively Sold His Soul to Hades IN the Old Testament Coveted Something in Became a Leper. As a Result, Adam and Eve Could Not Resist the Forbidden Fruit Is Made of It Ever Still Paying the Price for That Coveting It's a Very Real Sense Ptolemy Asking Closing of Your Committed Adultery. Let Me Ask Another Question Be Overlooked. A Woman Remember Lust after Them Ever Stolen.

If Ever Lie. Have You Ever Coveted or Taken the Lord's Name in Vain. Of Course You Have the Ball Broken. These Command the Commandments Were Not Given the Make Us Righteous.

They Are Absolute Truth. They Show Us What Is Unshakable but at the Same Time, the Commandments Were Given to Send Us into the Open Arms of Jesus Because Every One of Us Breaks These Commandments in Some Way Shape or Fork Live Only Broken One.

Whatever Might Be the Bible Says If You Offend in One Point of the Law, You're Guilty of All of the Story of a Woman Was Caught in the Act of Adultery. She's Brought before Jesus Thrown at His Feet Arm Is Probably Bruised Mascara Running Lipstick Smeared Enough Though the Law Says She Should Be Stoned What You Say Is This Poor Woman Told Was Shane. Does He Want to Look up at Jesus Course, the Question Arises Worse. The Guy You Caught Her in the Act of Adultery Seems a Good Guy Would Be around Somewhere. What Happened to Him.

They Probably Let Him Go.

Maybe He Was Even One of Her Accusers.

We Don't Know What We Know That the Scripture Says This, They Said to Test Him. This Was Not All about Dealing Justly with Us in This Was about Putting Jesus on the Horns of a Dilemma. This Is about Setting a Trap for Christ Jesus Assess the Situation Well over the Bible Says It Says Jesus Stooped down and Wrote on the Grounds Right Writing What These Guys Are Challenging You and What He's Doodling in the Sand.

No Know He Was Writing Something and Then He Stands up and He Says Let Him That Is without Sin among You Cast the First Stone. Then He Stooped down Again and Wrote Again. The Bible Says They Left from the Oldest of the Young, Okay Not Really Wonder What on Earth Did He Write You Were Talking about God Writing down the 10 Commandments with His Own Finger on Tablets of Stone, Jesus Christ, God Incarnate, Wrote of This and What He Write. I Wonder This Is My Opinion I Have No Way of Knowing If This Is True or Not, We Can All Ask Jesus We Get to Heaven. My Opinion Is Jesus. Maybe the First Time He Rode in the Sand Just Wrote a Commandment Number 123. In a Way That They Would Recognize Him and Then When He Got down on the Ground Again. I Think You Might've Written Names of People That Are Broken That Commandment.

Let's See Commandment Number Six and He Looked up and Wrote His Name down, Looked up, Wrote His Name down. That's Why They Left from the Eldest of the Youngest and Broken the Commandments and Then This Woman She so Ashamed She Just Is Not to Do. He Says Woman and by the Way, the Word User for Woman Was a Respectful Term Was like Hey You, You Know Ship Was like Man Lady Where Your Accusers. She Says I Don't Have an Says Neither Do I Accuse You Go and Sin No More to the Law Brings Us to Jesus. That's Our Only Hope Everyone Must Break These Commandments Everyone of Us Need His Forgiveness and We Will Turn from Our Sin He Will Forgive. Now You Might Say What I Wanted to Become a Believer. She's Currently Active Adultery. How Can He Say There Your Accusers Are Gone. Gone. Sin No More, Because She Said in Response to His Question.

Were Your Accusers.

There Is None Lord to Use the Word Lord Izzy That's How Fast Believe Happened Happens Instantaneously in a Flash and a Nano Second.

It Doesn't Take Years or Months or Weeks or Days or Hours Just like That. I Believe in Jesus and He Can Forgive You, on That Basis Basis Don't Deliver This Way Anymore Living Maybe As You for This Message. Your Phone That I Broken Some of These Commandments That I've Fallen Short of the Standards and and I Have Sinned, Wonder, Why Do You Come to Jesus. Just like That Woman Did You Turn from That Sin and Ask for His Forgiveness Because You See 2000 Years Ago Jesus Went to the Cross and Paid the Price for Everything We've Ever Committed. The Bible Tells Us That the Cross He Took These Commandments That Were against Us Nailing Them to the Cross. He Paid the Penalty for the Wrongs That We've Done It Will Turn from Our Sin and Put Our Faith in Jesus We Can Be Forgiven Today.

So As We Close on Prayer on the No Extend an Invitation for Anybody That Needs Forgiveness. Anybody That Needs Pardon Anybody That Needs to Be Refreshed by God As He Gets That Restart Button Gives You the Power to Live This New Life Is Called to Live. This Is an Opportunity to Get Right with God.

Let's Forehead, Her Prayer Now and Father I Pray for Every Person Here Listening to This Message. We Know Your Word Is True. We Know You Offer Forgiveness and Pardon.

I Pray Now for Any Person Here Who Does Not yet Know You Hope the Lord to See Their Need for You and Help Them to Come to You This Day.

We Pray What I Had Their Powder Eyes Are Closed.

How Many of You Would Say Right Now. Greg Pray for Me. I Want Jesus Christ to Come in the My Life. I Want Jim to Forgive Me of My Sin. I Want to Know That When I Die I Will Go to Heaven. I'm Ready to Say Yes to Jesus. I Broken His Commandment.

I've Fallen Short of the Standards, but I Want to Be Forgiven Today That Your Desire.

Wherever You're Sitting If You Want God to Forgive You If You Want Christ to Come into Your Life. You Lift Your Hand up and I'll Pray for You Now, Bless You Just Love to Have the Pregnancy Accomplished. You Decide the Middle to Hand Publish You Have It up in the Balcony. You Want God's Forgiveness Today Lift Your Head up a Prayer for You. God Bless Each One of You outside in the Amphitheater. I Can See You. Of Course Here, but the Lord Sees You and Would You Take a Little Step of Faith and Raise Your Hand to Say and I Need God's Forgiveness Today up in the Court Building Watching on the Video Screen I Can See You Either. But the Lord Does Would You Lift Your Hand up There As Well Say I Want God's Forgiveness Right Now. Anybody Else Have You Made a Commitment to Christ. What You Been Living in Sin. One of the Things We've Even Talked about, and You're Ready to Repent of It and Come Back to Jesus Today. Lift Your Hand up and I'll Pray for You, Bless You.

Anybody Else Publish Each One of Your Father Think Enough of These That Have Taken the Step of Faith Know How to Take the Receive All That You Have for Them, for We Ask It in Jesus Name, Amen

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