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TH120920/God's Answers to Man's Excuses/Exodus 2

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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September 27, 2012 11:12 am

TH120920/God's Answers to Man's Excuses/Exodus 2

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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September 27, 2012 11:12 am

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Let's all pray together. Father, we want to give you thanks for what you did in this crusade and the part that you let each of us play but ultimately Lord you did it you get the glory. And you work through us and now we pray as we open your word that we will get a better understanding of how every one of us can be used by you with no exceptions really if we will simply respond to your call so we ask you to speak to our hearts as we open your word.

We ask all of this in Jesus name, amen. RI well grab your Bible and turning it to the book of Exodus. Let me just say that I'm really happy to be back teaching again here on Thursdays and of course on Sundays.

You know I love to do the crusade evangelism is very exciting. But my greatest love is pastoring and teaching the Bible so I'm glad we can get together on a Thursday night and just open up God's word. Nowhere in the series right now, on Thursday night that were calling the greatest stories ever told.

It's sort of like a flyover of the Bible the Bible from 30,000 feet and that we look at the mountain peaks I don't want to see the greatest gifts of the Bible, but in a way were sort of looking at those significant Bible stories that stand out. Now we have already looked together up to the book of Genesis that the story of Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel Abraham a lot and of course the exciting adventures of Joseph so we close the book of Genesis and now we come to the book of Exodus and by the way next Thursday. I want to read ahead for next Thursday. Read Exodus chapters 5 to 10 that is your homework assignment. Okay and you will be tested know you want. But really had little be a lot more meaningful to you. As we read the follow-up to the story that will get to be looking at now, but that's it is obviously picks up where Genesis leaves often sort of one continuing story about the very word exit. This means our departure or going out, and that certainly is the theme of this book, the author of Exodus is the same as the author of Genesis, and that is Moses. Now he is a human instrument that wrote these words down but it was the Holy Spirit. Obviously, directing him and we think of Moses. A lot of things come to mind.

We think for some of Charlton Heston.

If you go back that far.

He portrayed Moses and the 10 Commandments but you think of Moses, the great lawgiver, Moses, the man whose personal integrity and godliness. 3 million people plus from fulltilt idolatry, and probably the best thing you could say about Moses is he was Moses, the man of God that toyed with, described Moses, the man of God. If someone were to sum up your life, could they say that about you is a will, I'm a woman. Okay, let's let's change that.

Then when they call you the woman of God, or the man of God would not be an accurate summation of your character and who you are as a person. What was an accurate description of Moses yet he was also a human being and that means that he had flaws, just like the rest of us ever going to see he had some serious setbacks and made some gross mistakes.

In fact, it should be pointed out that Moses is one of the two people in the Bible that was used by God that was actually guilty of this sin, and the crime of murder so you could see that God can use a very flawed person.

The life of Moses is a great paradox Bible commentator HI Haldeman said this of Moses, and I quote the life of Moses presents a series of antithesis. He was a child of a slave, yet he was a son of a Queen.

He was born in a heart that he lived in a palace inherited poverty.

Yet he lived in royalty.

He was a leader of armies in the keeper of flocks. He was the mightiest of warriors in the meekest of men. He was educated in the court and he dwelt in the desert." But one thing that you learn from the life of Moses as God can use anyone ever wondered if God could use someone like you I member when I came to faith at the age of 17. If that wasn't enough to know that God love me and forgive me or my sin when I started fearing that God could use a person like me at that, but how I don't really have any skills to offer to God. My aspiration up to that point my life was to be a graphic artist. Specifically, a cartoonist, that's pretty much I spent most of my time in school drawing when I should've been studying and I got a decent art not very good grades in any other class and I had a backup plan that the graphic art thing didn't work out. I wanted to own a pet shop of all things, so there was there was my career path, at least at the age of 17 and does light come to Christ and I think you will. How did God use me will back in those days in the early days of the Jesus movement happening that Calvary Chapel in other places around the world. All these Christian bands were forming every time you turn around. There was another Christian bands. So one night I was over to Bible study and there were a few talented musicians there. One guy could play guitar another guy who is a great flute player. I think you call them up front. This design right but anyway so the more guys playing the song and and then the flautist was playing along and and we were all canna singing it and I started pounding the tabletop and someone said let's form a band.

We actually had a name for our band and we went to the church, chaplain said we have a Christian bank and we played tonight. Unbelievably, they said sure.

So knowing that a Christian band with no musical skills whatsoever. It was kind of awkward to carry an entire tabletop up to the platform so they gave me a conga drum so I stood up there and the guy who could really play guitar was playing and he could sing and the guy could really play the flute with plaintiff and I was hitting a conga drum out of rhythm and I was thinking I don't think this is my calling, sometimes finding out which are called to do. Start with first finding out which are not called to do and is okay I'm not gifted in this area, but I can draw these little cartoons and at that time of the tracks that would be handed out were really bizarre. There all hellfire and brimstone in fact I can read a few before I was a Christian and laughed at them. So I did my own little track based on the sermon, the pastor, Chuck gave from John Forney called living water and I showed it to Chuck and he liked it and we printed it often those went out quickly. We printed up more was all said and done, there were like. I don't know two or 3 million of those things circulating around and I thought this is what I wanted to be a graphic designer for God.

This is great, but I had this thought in my mind what if God calls me to preach and I was terrified of the idea because like most Americans I was deathly afraid of public speaking dinner whenever they take up all announced people with the most afraid of public speaking is always on the top of the list. Sometimes even higher than death, which I find interesting. Would you like to entire speak publicly. Shoot me now.

The reason I bring this up as I was in a public speaker before I I was in a person like to get up in front of people and talk, but God directed me differently than I wanted to go in one little opportunity led to another and next thing I knew the Lord was using me in that way in my point to you is God wants to use you to know were not all called to be public speakers that were not all called to be musicians were not all called to do the same thing for all called to do something, let me say that again were not all called to do the same thing for all called to do something because we are a part of what the Bible calls the body of Christ. Just like we have a human body in every part of my body plays a role in you think some things are not as important as other things, unless there's a problem unity. Why don't really know how important toes are unto you, break your foot suddenly guy, like having the toes there giving me stability.

You don't think of certain parts of your body as the most significant but maybe they're more significant. For instance, I will think of a hand as important are our face, but yet if we don't have a heart pumping blood all these other things are secondary. I don't know what your role is in the church but God is called all of us and gifted us to serve him that were told in Romans 12, just as our bodies of many parts, each one is a special function so it is with Christ body were all part of that body everyone to visit the different work to do were all part of this body, we belong to each other. God is given each of us and ability to do a certain thing.

Well, so God is working to see in a moment was going to call a man named Moses and he comes up with a litany of excuses as to why God could not use him and I want to underline the word excuses that the title of my message is God's answer to man's excuses. What is the difference between a reason and excuse answer are reason is legit and excuse it said trust up why in excuses what you make up when you don't want to admit the truth, and one person to find an excuse as the skin of a reason. Stop with a lot now before you tell me that God could never use someone like you.

Let me point out some of the amazing people in Scripture that were called upon by the Lord, you would think all of them would've been disqualified with each one was used powerfully by God. For instance, Noah.

He got drunk. Abraham was old Jacob was a liar Gideon. He was afraid Rahab my she was a prostitute. Jeremiah and Timothy.

They were too young. David had an affair and was a murderer. Elijah was suicidal. Jonah ran from God. Naomi was a widow. Job went bankrupt and John the Baptist will be a box. Peter denied Christ, the disciples fell asleep while praying the Samaritan woman was divorce more than once that key is was too small. Timothy had an ulcer, and Lazarus was dead. So what's your excuse. Nine not condoning what many of these people did. But I think we have to all agree and noting that God used every one of them. So what's your excuse as to why you could not be used of God willing, getting a little bit ahead of myself. Let's backtrack and let's have an overview of the life of Moses. Remember, as we came to the end of the book of Genesis we look at this incredible story of Joseph and remember how he was able to interpret for the Pharaoh's dreams and he was exalted to position of prominence in the Pharaoh invited Joseph's family to join him. And so here was the Jewish family of Joseph living safely under the protection of Pharaoh who really loved this young man and now we fast forward many many years and Joseph is God and so has the Pharaoh who favored him in another Pharaoh has risen in this place. He knew not Joseph or his people and turned against them because now there's handful of Jews has turned into millions and they have become slaves to the Egyptians and the Israelites, the Jews are crying out to God for someone to deliver him.

They cried out to the Lord day and night's enter Moses, the man of God. But first he would be Moses the baby protected by God. Well, the way that works out as the Pharaoh had sent out an order that he wanted all of the Jewish baby boys kill so when those midwives were assisting in the delivery process that they thought was a boy. They were told to take that little boy and drown in the Nile River.

Don't let that boy live you can spare the girls but kill the boy reminds us almost of a precursor to the final solution so-called of Adolf Hitler. We he wanted to eradicate all Jewish people.

So here is the narrow probably the first anti-Semites who wants to eradicate the Jews from the face of the earth.

Well among those Jewish families over the couple named Cameron and joke a bed and Doug joke a bad gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and she knew he was special. From the very beginning and she named him Moses and actually the word that is used to describe this little baby is a word that could be translated.

He was not only beautiful, but he was favorable, bountiful, and cheerful.

You know there's happy babies right and there's unhappy babies there are beautiful babies in the be delicate. There are babies that are not quite as beautiful right. Let's be honest, not all babies are beautiful you look this is a beautiful baby you look at others noodle creature while that's a baby. Maybe he'll grow out of it know you don't ever say that but Moses was not only physically attractive as a baby, but there was something special about him later in acts chapter 7 Stephen is telling the history of Israel in he uses the word to describe Moses that could be translated exceedingly fair and that's a word that means any other special purpose in life. So from the very beginning just looking at this. Maybe they knew God has his hand on this baby will they're not going to kill him.

So they want him to live and God had a plan for this baby, as he has for every baby and every baby has a right to be carried to term and be born, and maybe that baby was in plant, by the way, if you ever have a child that you were planning don't tell the child you weren't plant that's a good thing to say to a kid some maybe some of you were conceived out of wedlock. I was and so you know you when you realize that it sort of affects the way that you look at things but here's what you need to realize or you may not of been planned by your parents. You always were planned by God and he is always had a special plan for your life and someone 39 says you saw me before I was born every day of my life was recorded in your book.

Every moment was laid up for a single day and task. How precious are your thoughts about me all God. They are innumerable and so Moses mother joke a bit put her beautiful baby in a little basket sort of like a little boat you've heard of Noah's Ark.

This was Moses Sartre a little watertight basket and she had a plan. She knew that the Pharaoh's daughter would come down to a certain area of the river and so she knew once she laid her eyes on the beautiful little Moses, she might have mercy upon him, and and perhaps take him into her home so she put Moses in this little basket inserted came a little push any sort of floating down the Nile River in and then almost on cue Moses cry's and Pharaoh's daughter is aware of it and she looks and sees this gorgeous little child and decides to adopt her will meanwhile adopt him rather meanwhile Moses sister Miriam asserted standing around checking things out so she goes up to the Pharaoh's daughter who wants to adopt the baby take the baby and she says you know I your neck to be able to nurse his childhood.

I know this other woman that could nurse him what would you like her dinners.

If yes, let's have another woman nurse the baby will pay her for its sweet deal so joke about Moses mom gets her baby back and she's able to nurse him and care form, and raised them at least four a few months and get paid for it as well. This was very very hard to let them go again, but here's the thing I want to point out about this is we see the practical in the spiritual working hand in hand to joke about the mother of Moses had a plan, but she also pray, and you know sometimes we see something blessed by God. We forget that there was a plan we did these Crusades this year and harvest American. All the rest of it. There was a carefully orchestrated plan that we followed we adopted it as we went. We bathed in prayer but we had a plan and sometimes we don't have a plan. We just randomly walk through life expecting God to do everything. But there's God's part. Others are part and God will often work through some kind of a plan that we might make when God directed Nehemiah to go back and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. First he went around the city multiple times and he came up with a battle plan. If you will, and said here's what we all need to do together knowledge to do it and pray as we do it. Sometimes people will be. I don't is a two spiritual because it's not spirituality at all. Maybe the better word would be to mystical. Maybe they're out of work and there's I'm just praying for a job okay good pray for a job. Have you played anywhere. No have you submitted a resume know some I just think that's all they don't know why not.

I'm just praying about it man at II think that's like leaning on the flesh to send in a resume.

I'm just trusting God, we better get ready for an unexpected facets coming your way as you anchor the eBuddy to practical put out your resume put out your application and then pray that God will God see there's a place for the practical as well as the spiritual joke about how to plan the plan works. Moses was taken into the court of Pharaoh himself finally have the letting go. His mother and Stephen fills in some gases is a fascinating thing we think of Stephen. You remember him as the first martyr of the church. Don't forget that before he was executed.

He gave a sermon and he was a young guy, but man he knew his Bible and he knew his history and really, as we get a lot of insights in the life of Moses. They came from the sermon of Stephen delivered of the Sanhedrin. Here's what Stephen said about Moses in acts 720 at the time Moses was born a beautiful child in God's eyes. His parents cared for him for three months when I lastly had to abandon him. Pharaoh's daughter found him and raised him as her own son Moses was taught all the wisdom of the Egyptians and he became mighty in both speech and action. The Jewish historian Josephus tells us that Moses is actually being groomed to be the next Pharaoh of Egypt because the Pharaoh had no son or hair so here he was being raised in the way of the Egyptians.

Now, at that time.

Unlike today, Egypt was a highly developed civilization.

They were renowned for their knowledge in the areas of engineering, mathematics and astronomy.

In fact, thanks to their knowledge of astronomy, they developed an amazingly accurate calendar and their engineers plan and supervise the construction of edifices that are still standing today. So for Moses to be taught the wisdom of the Egyptians meant that he would have been taught military tactics arts, music, training, philosophy, philosophy, law, as well as their religion. The Egyptians would school be elite and something known as the temple of the sun.

It was sort of the Oxford of the ancient world. So here was Moses being school I and the finest university in the world. There was Moses being raised in the palace of the Pharaoh care was Moses being groomed to become the most powerful man on the face of the earth, but underneath the roles of royalty be thought hard of a Jew, a man who believed in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and he somehow his fellow Jews were being mistreated, how the women are slaves and you can visit while you know that stuck with them but have got it made in the shade. I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my position but no Moses heart went out to the Jewish people and he wanted to do something for them now. What he did with the wrong thing, but I think we can safely say is heart was in the right place.

Why did he want to help them while Hebrews 11 gives us an answer. It was by faith Moses when he grew up refused to be treated as a son of Pharaoh's daughter.

He chose to suffer the oppression of God's people is that of enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin. He thought it was better to suffer for the sake of the Messiah and on the treasures of Egypt. Bree was looking he had to the great reward that God would give him a Benson amazing statement he thought a better to suffer then to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin, think about this God's worst is better than the world's best what is God's worst one of the hardest things about being a Christian. Well resisting temptation made, not caving in and do what everybody else does be persecuted. Being harassed for your faith, being rejected because of what you believe those are the worst things about being a Christian. I suppose what it that's better than the world's best what is the best the world has to offer but I guess it would be success may be feigned, maybe fortune maybe all the pleasures that can be experienced. But for those of a set of limbs on both sides of the fence would see the words the Christian life has to offer is better than the world has to offer. Now let's flip that around. What about the best that the Bible and God's word offers us. What about the best of the Christian life.

We have meaning and purpose in the forgiveness of our sins. What about the promise of reward later in life. What about the promised of heaven. See that's the whole point of the passage.

It seemed he would rather suffer and get that final reward then to enjoy the fleeting pleasures of sin, yes there is pleasure in sin, maybe one of the mistakes we made in the church is telling people sin is never any fun and stay away from it.

It's miserable will of God tell you to stay away from you but I won't tell you it's never any fun defense of the matter is sometimes sin is fun. My right. How many of you have ever sin critical review sin. While this is a sinful craft. How many of you have had fun sitting team adventure. I how many of you been miserable. After sitting reasonably heavy on that's right that's good so you know both sides of it, there is that Ron says that excitement then there are the repercussion was a thought you know it all take the hardest thing rather than the best of all Egypt can offer so that brings us to our story that was the ramp up our executor feet exit this to verse 11 it came to pass in those days when Moses was grown he went up to his brothers and look at their burden is on Egyptian beating a Hebrew, one of his brothers. He looked this way and they look that way, you might want to underline that phrase will come back to it when he saw no one. He killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand when he went out the second they behold two Hebrew men were fighting and he said to the one who did the wrong wire you striking your companion and he said who made you a prince and a ruler over us you intend to kill me as you killed the Egyptian Moses was afraid and said surely this thing is known verse 15 when he Pharaoh heard of this matter. He sought to kill Moses, but Moses fled from the base of barrel and dwelt in the land of Midian, and he sat down by a well now. God did not tell Moses to do this, verse 12.

He looked this way any look that way.

Too bad he didn't look up to the BHAG. I would sit don't you even think about yours ago at our church in Riverside. We were having sort of a cleanup day will we were doing some gardening and some painting and things like that. I went to the no I have no skills whatsoever in any of these areas. My wife and she sees a walk to the house with a hammer. She's a lot. What are you going to break because I try to fix something I always make it worse. I'm the opposite of a handyman I'm and unhand the man and but I wanted to help out, and so I decided to trim the hedge and there was one of these electric kids, tremors, and so I plugged it in and I was trimming these chemical others can fun I like this and I trimmed and somehow I went to porn. I cut the core and the thing to stop and I can look over this way looked at when I set it down and walked off a friend of mine named Dennis Davenport who pastors a church up in the high desert.

Years later told me he saw me do that. I mean it was like 20 years later and ending anyone's life. I remember I was up on the roof nearly done some shingle. I saw you and I don't what is without God steadily getting when saw he saw now you know Moses okay nobody is looking just chill the sky but that didn't work out so well for it wasn't even a clever sinner after he kills him.

What is he hiding in the sand. This send is not a good place to hide a body, especially when the wind is blowing because he's hidden now and he is exposed in three minutes and sure enough there was a body laying out there many eyewitnesses and seen it was reported. The Pharaoh effectively put a contract out on the life of Moses.

Now Moses is on the run is a fugitive. He's lost his home. He's lost his position he's lost his people. He's lost his reputation. But the good news is he had not lost his God. This was a huge mess, Moses said sin he had committed a crime.

What he did was wrong but God was not done with Moses he seek care was a problem he had the right idea but he went about it in the wrong way and sometimes we try to do God's work in the Wrong Way, God wants to do his work in his way.

Listen to this in the kids timing just as important as the will of God is so is the timing of God and sometimes the Lord will give you a sense of what he wants to do in your life. But the time is not quite right, and we get impatient.

How many of you are by nature inpatient okay, how many of you are very patient to patient. Just don't it's good I think it's wonderful.

I don't understand you that I see I admire you, but I'm I'm one of the impatient people and I'm the guy who gets a pizza and ate half of it before I'm home I just can't wait and I burn the roof out of my mouth multiple times to prove it.

I like to wait for something.

I've actually been known to eat my dessert before my dinner I going to the back of a book and read the last few pages without reading the whole book so I understand what it is to be impulsive by nature. But I've learned of the passing of time to slow down and wait on the Lord. I've learned that it's a lot better to hit the delete key on that email you wrote in anger than the hit the send key in on them, saying, have you ever been upset by something else. And even as your technic when you get to the sending you get the cursor there to what I done to know your googling how do I get an email back that I just sent Google answer. You don't, you idiot who know sometimes I'll write the letter also wait till tomorrow to send.

I get up in the morning reason I'm not send them the crazy thing was I thinking last night is slow down a little bit and wait on the Lord God says in Scripture.

He makes all things beautiful in his time. Moses didn't wait. He acted impulsively and foolishly now is running for his life and he sets off to the wilderness. You know it's interesting you can take the life of Moses and divided into three forty-year segment.

Moses spent 40 years in the court of Pharaoh finding out he was a somebody. Then he spent 40 years in the backside of the desert finding out he was a nobody. Then he spent another 40 years finding I would God to be with a person with a somebody that realizes there are no I can about that but you get the gist of it and now this is the first forty-year segment is completed he he's out of the palace now is headed to the wilderness for 40 years. He finds a family takes a job with them married one of the daughters and he becomes a shepherd.

Ironically, one of the very things that was despised and checked and Moses fades in the complete obscurity, once and heir to the throne of all of Egypt, now is a common shepherd to someone else's sheet is lost his self-confidence.

No more visions of grandeur. Yes, he is fail, but his defense appears he is failed forward because God is not going to re-commission him at this moment Moses said abandon all hope of doing anything except probably just living out his life. Maybe he was even relatively comfortable.

Many even found a degree of contentment. I don't know one day the Lord came to him and spoke. That brings us to Exodus 3 turn over there if you would Exodus 3 verse one now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian. He led the flock to the backside of the desert, he came to Horeb, the mountain of God. And the angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush and he looked, and behold, the bush was burning with fire, but the bush was not consumed. Moses said I must find this comical. Sorry. I will now turn aside and see this great sight, why the bush does not burn any negative your purses burning for keeps running is like I'm not going to look and see why this is happening, but it's freaking me out and so he turns aside and God called to him from the midst of the bush, Moses, Moses, and he said here I am the Lord said don't draw near this place, take your sandals up your feet for the place where you are standing. It's holy ground. God goes from this point he begins to tell Moses he is seeing the suffering of his people. He says Moses I want you to go back to Egypt and I wanted to go to the Pharaoh and I want to the demand. There release. Now think about this Moses hasn't heard from God that we know for 40 years 40 years there hasn't been a peep from heaven, and God is speaking to him and calling him and how did he do it through a burning bush now was not an uncommon thing for Bush to catch fire bolt of lightning could cause that to happen, but he had never seen a bush that perpetually burn so what was that it wasn't ordinary thing doing something extraordinary. In other words God was doing something out of the ordinary that got the attention of Moses and then the Lord spoke. I have discovered in life that often the way the Lord speaks is when something out of the ordinary happened in those your plans don't go as you would hope all of a sudden the door shuts us doesn't work that doesn't open up only week everything is wrong. No way. Actually, everything may be perfectly right. Often, God closes one door to open another leveler to pay attention to that and not freak out about it. Okay Lord, what are you doing here.

This is unusual since out of the ordinary. Nothing about Moses. She's 80 years old scan is weathered and 10 from the blazing sun the season, and unbeknownst to him, he's ready to rumble guardsmen whipping this boy in the shape but who does anything and Idi Amin. That past retirement age lords and you're just where I wanted you to be. I you're just the man that I want want to the notice of God says to Moses in verse six of chapter 3 I am the God of your father the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob know we hear those three names. We think of them as great patriarchs of the faith, and indeed they were.

Let's just for a moment consider each one. Abraham almost certainly a man of God, but he had serious lapses of faith and Isaac.

He was blessed but he often did not doesn't listen to the Lord and Jacob's full pause are legendary, yet they were powerfully used by gods or tears would go to St. Moses, I am the God of men who have failed.

I am the God of ordinary men who have accomplished extraordinary thing Moses, I'm coming to you and I'm saying if I can use Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I can surely use you. Are you up for that.

Are you ready to go. As I'm aware what's happening. Lord says in verse seven.

I've seen the oppression of my people were in Egypt I've heard their cry. I know their sorrows or to say I know I've heard.

I am aware know this God is aware of what you are going through. Maybe your suffering maybe urine P maybe urine sorrow. God is aware Hebrews 415 says this high priest of ours understands her weaknesses. He faced all the stem to the same temptations we do, yet he did not to go to say Moses had come to deliver Israel and you are my man just as that old bushes, burning going to burn old man with my fire, so are you ready to go now. The appropriate answer would've been the Lord and arguable. But yes, I'm ready. That's not what Moses did. Moses started throwing out a bunch of excuses. I can't do this, you got the wrong guy with the examiner's excuses number one, he effectively said I don't deserve to be used by God. Exodus 311 Moses said to God, who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and that I should bring the children of Israel out of Egypt and we did have a point.

Who was he, I mean if you were God, would you pick Moses to be the guy to do this. Seems like God always goes out of his way to pick the most unlikely candidate about Jonah. Here's a man who hated the people that God would call him to. I hate those people you're the perfect guy you go and preach the Excel sent hello Jillian were first introduced over the book of Judges, he seems like he's afraid of his own shadow hiding from his enemy and the angel comes and says hey Gideon you mighty men of valor. It's always a good joke, what are you mocking me know he was a mocking, the angel looked at him and didn't see him for what he was. He some for what he could become God sees your potential. Maybe you don't. God sees you for what you will be in the days ahead. You just see yourself what you are in the moment. It's a God thing. I know Moses you don't feel ready for this, but you are indeed ready you were the one that I have chosen in the Lord always goes out of his way to pick unlikely people number two Moses says will I don't have all the answers.

Verse 13 of Exodus 3 Moses said to God. Indeed, when I come to the children of Israel, and say the God of your fathers or send me and they say to me what's his name, what shall I say dots of the Moses I am who I am. They said does. So you say to the children of Israel.

I am has sent me to you.

Moses says: my God says I am that I am son about you Moses, who are you urine instrument. I'm the one who will use you for my glory but one of they asked me something I don't know the answer, so water would've sometimes were afraid to share our faith because someone might ask us a hard question will actually that hard question will just drive you back to the Scripture. Don't be afraid to say to someone you don't know if you don't know.

Definitely make stuff up there to question such a great question. I've never thought of.

And I don't know the answer to, and I'd like to get back to you and that if I could. That's all right that's honest but then go back to what you do know what if the person I'm talking to. Does Eva believe that there is a God shall even quote Scripture to them what they say they don't believe the Bible is the word of God, shall I still quote the Bible absolutely let's say you are in a battle with someone in your pullout is sort of a several I don't believe that sword is real really sticking with it. See what half the react like any other person in the word of God is alive and powerful. If the person who is hearing it claims to believe it or not, because God says it's sharper than any two-edged sword, and he says in Isaiah 55 it will prosper worries sends it and achieve the purpose that God has for it. That's excuses number two here's excuses number three that people won't believe me flip over to Exodus for now verse one then Moses answered and said, but suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice.

Suppose they say, for the Lord is not a peer review Lord said to him once in your hair.

Moses said Arad, an instrument for separate boards to throw it on the ground. He threw it on the ground and it turned into a snake and Moses ran from it.

Again, this is funny to me.

I needed this what Jenny and Rocco don't to run to know turns into a snake, though probably a cobra tell you why in a moment.

Now God says reach out and take it by the tail and he reached out and caught it and became Arad again in the sand.

Lord says now though believe that the Lord God of your father the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is a peer to you now the ball you never pick up a snake by the tail. If you're going to go snake hunting you know and we used to hunt snakes years ago where kids you you get them behind the net and you use your foot or you there's actually little device you can use assertive tennis take out, but we would cheesy snakes and and we would put our foot on them and not crush them and hold them in place and he reached down and get them right behind the head and you hold them firmly.

There then they wrap their coils around your arm but as long as you got them by the net right behind the head.

You're okay you grandma snake by the tail. He can turn around and bite you.

So this was a step of faith to take probably a cobra by the tail and pick it up at Moses did it, and that this is shows that God was calling him to face his fears. Now the reason I say it was a cobra is. That was the symbol of Egypt so I presume it was this kind of a serpent, which was common that part of the world and also as a venomous bite are you are. If your bit by a cobra yield a serious problem in your hand but I here's what God was saying he was taking the symbol of Egypt needs to know what you grab it by the tail, and I don't want you to be afraid of it because I wanted to beat the serpent I'm going to overpower the Pharaoh phenomena do it through you so overcome your fears and step forward and go for and done later on when Moses was in the court of Pharaoh. He did the miracle of the rod turning into a snake. Interestingly, the Pharaoh had some magicians I could duplicate certain things and they were able to duplicate this miracle, but Mose Estrada became a snake ate there snakes will get to that later. That's a fascinating message that will look at but the here's the point I want to bring to each of us. We have to face our fears and have confidence in our message. We have been given authority by Jesus Christ to represent him a Jesus said in Matthew 20 in the great commission. I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore go and make disciples of all the nation.

You see, Moses is called to represent God to the PG pagan culture of Pharaoh in Egypt and we have been called by God to do the same. By the way, we too are living in a pagan culture, the idea of a Christian country is something we need to realize is not a reality. At least at present. Could America ever turn back to God. I believe we could for right now we are becoming increasingly pagan when I see pagan.

I don't mean that in a derogative sense.

I mean it in a descriptive sense pagan meaning. We believe in false gods. We believe in many gods. It seems like we believe in every God, but the right God but the Lord has called us as believers to represent us a represent him. Rather, he's given this authority we are his ambassador and as ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

We are to bring the message to this world we live in second Corinthians 518 says God is given us the task of reconciling people to him. We are Christ's ambassadors, and God is using us to speak to you now we come to the next excuse of Moses. I'm not a good speaker of verse 10.

This is from the new living translation.

Moses pleaded with the Lord.

Oh Lord, I'm not a good speaker. I've never been one and I'm not one now I'm clumsy with word for some of this, God doesn't need good speakers he needs obedient servants wing of the apostle Paul who was a great orator a great communicator. Listen to what Paul said in first Corinthians 2 brothers and sisters when it first came you. I didn't use lofty words or brilliant ideas to tell you, God's message for back to came you in weakness, timid and trembling how my message and my preaching were very plain. I did not use wise and persuasive speeches, but the Holy Spirit was powerful among you, I don't consider myself a great preacher but I do have a great message and thus when I stepped into a pulpit. I preach with confidence, not self-confidence but confidence in the truth of what I am saying. I know it's true.

I know it's right and I know it's powerful. So what I try to do is stay out of the way and just deliver the message and let God work as he will know another excuse for Moses I'm not qualified excuse number five verse 13 oh Lord, send, by the hand of whomever else you may say another translation puts it this way: Lord, please send anyone else of your he felt that way.

It's interesting uses the word Lord and then he effectively says no no Lord cycling. Peter had that vision on the house top of Simon the tanner and in this great sheet that was Lord from heaven.

There were all these creatures that were forbidden in the Mosaic law.

God said kill and eat. And Peter said not so, Lord's words don't go together. You don't think not. So Lord know it's yes Lord will know Laura. I don't want to do this I can't do this time not the right guy send someone else. By the way, this angered God. Moses comes up with an idea when she is my brother Aaron. You know he's got the gift of I don't really like to speak in front of people and I use him in a husk and hang out with them and go along and let Aaron do the talking. God condescends to the request of Moses and allows Aaron to be the spokesman huge mistake is will find out later because Aaron was the guys with the bright idea of forming the golden calf and worshiping at Moses should've just done what God called him to do. He was saying get someone else to do it here I am Lord send him the here's something to consider. If God is calling you in some way shape or form to not respond can actually be sinful, sinful, I just thought it was an option. I can just live my life the way I want to live in the number one is from God again. Wait, that's kind of true God has given your free will and you can live your life I suppose is you want to live it for the most part. But if God calls you and says I want you to do thus and so if you say no that is disobedient and that is a sin. I'm just doing what God called me to do and willing to just do what God is called us to do and to not obey him is to sin against the Scriptures as in James 417. The him that knows the good it does not do it to him it is sin, but I'm not qualified won't really who is in fact the one to think they are usually are disqualified because are so full of themselves, God will use God likes to use people that don't think they're worth.

God likes to use people that don't think you can ever be used by God. God likes to use ordinary people in extraordinary ways. So he gets the glory. And then when something wonderful happens. The people that actually knew the person safe will it couldn't be him must be God is exactly the here's my challenge to you. In closing, probably the best word some of you for tonight he said in closing, thank you, my closing words to you are God wants to use you got is a place for you. God's gifts he has instilled in you and once you to put in to action. So here's what you need to do. You need to pray about and then say Lord, what am I called to do civil Greg hello I find out what I'm called to do. My suggestion to a bunch of stuff and if it doesn't work do something else.

But times were praying for you know some sign from heaven, but I heard a sign from heaven earlier that service. Maybe when someone said we need help in the Sunday school are not called in Sunday school, when you called and one called to preach the thousands.

Listen up, you can hold the attention of a classroom full of five-year-olds. Indeed, you have a gift. My friend wanted to just go help because they need help. We need help setting this up her tearing this out. We need help over here wanted to just get out there and help you can. And a lot of times the process of elimination will discover which are not so good at with tenant on you'll start discovering what you are good at, which are gifted at and it might be something you never thought of you never thought of it before.

See, I wanted to be one thing God said will you you know you set somewhat, but I'm in a call you to this other thing we will have no personal skill set, so you're completely dependent upon me for it to work in God might be gifting you in a way in an area you never even dreamed up. So here's what you need to do is all right Lord I'm available I will do what you want me to do. I'm willing to take a step up baseball in his defense. Moses did obey course, God used him in a powerful way. Now in our next study will you look at Exodus 5 to 10 arugula see his confrontation with the Pharaoh organ a look at the plagues that came upon Egypt's ever going to see how the Pharaoh trying to trick Moses through a series of compromises and it's a perfect picture for us of how the devil will try to sidetrack us ever so subtly from what God is called us to do.

That's the really had again. Exodus chapters 5 to 10 let's close with the site and noise of the other thing was a close.

But now this is the closing close maybe you have failed in life. Maybe you've messed up in life, you haven't done anything as horrible as Moses you haven't murdered a person, but you done some pretty bad things that you're very ashamed and when you think about being used by God. You have a hard time wrapping your mind about Iran being forgiven by God, but I want you to know that your failures come as no surprise to God. He knew you were going to do before you did it and he made provision for you, through Jesus Christ who died for you on the cross and paid for all of your sin and then rose again from the dead. And if you turn from your sin and ask for his forgiveness. He will pardon you tonight let's for you that have never believed in Jesus before no matter what you've done, God will forgive you of your sin, but this is also for some of you that have walk with the Lord give normal Lord but then you turned away from them in a way, it's not unlike Moses situation you send in the appeal. I disqualified forever. God would never forgive me know he will forgive you if you will come back to soak in the closing prayer now and if you need to make a commitment or recommitment to Jesus wanted to do that right now. Let's all bow our heads and everyone pray father, thank you for your word to us tonight.

Thank you for loving every one of us and thank you for purchasing our salvation and forgiveness at the cross of Calvary were Jesus die in our place and now I pray for those that are here in our listening. I pray if they don't know you that you will help them to come to you now and believe and be forgiven of their foreheads about her eyes are closed and refrained.

If you need God's forgiveness tonight if you want to be certain when you die you will go to heaven if you want your guilt removed. If you want to put your past behind you, you just raise up your hand the money pray for you tonight. You want Christ to come in your life you want him to forgive you of your sin, you want to go to heaven when you die.

Just raise your hand up help for a few look to the pyrite can see it please God bless each one of you accomplish accomplish publish it there in the back care toward the middle just slipped her hand.

You want Jesus Christ to come in your life tonight.bless you in the back corner accomplish what I heads are still valid.

Maybe some of you would say hey I'm a Christian, but I've been compromising. I've been doing things I know I should not be doing and I need to get right with God tonight. I need to come back to him tonight. I need a second chance tonight. Pray for me that your desire. If you want to recommit your life to Jesus. Raise your hand if and when we pray for you compass each one accomplish father and thinking up for each one of these. I pray you give them the strength to stand up and follow you and receive all that you have for them, we commit them to you now in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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