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SM130721/The Hard-to-Swallow Truth about Obedience

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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July 23, 2013 2:14 pm

SM130721/The Hard-to-Swallow Truth about Obedience

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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The title of my message is a hard swallow truth about obedience Jonah chapter 1, when we start with a word of prayer father as we look once again at this great book. Help us to see its essential message.

Help us to realize more than no matter what we've done. You are a God that gives second chances and third, once important ones.

So speak to us from your word, we would pray in Jesus name, amen Jonah and the whale, there's probably no story in the Bible more ridiculed than this one right. I told the story before that young girl was out on the street corner sharing your faith one day in a little crowd gathered to listen to Erin as he was talking about what Christ had done for her men approached. He was a intellectual atheist and he thought he would humiliate her make her look silly and foolish out there, so is she went on for a while.

He interrupted her and thinks he is a young lady I have a question for you yes or I do believe the Bible is true will of course she said. I believe the Bible I believe every word of it all is that so do you believe that all the miracles in the Bible are true. Again, she says yes all of the Americas. I believe the drip always said so then you must believe in the story of Jonah and the whale and then was swallowed by a whale and survived to tell the story believe that she said well yes it there in the Bible. I believe it all will tell me how is it possible everyone looks at her he says will I don't know when I get to heaven I'll ask him. He refundable would appearance up in hell she said will maybe you can ask him how many of you heard that story reading it you were to start humoring me word to you know, here's the problem with the way the story is viewed as we focus so much on the whale and I think we missed the forest for the trees because the essential message of Jonah is not about a whale fact of the matter is three verses deal with the whale really this is a story about a man that was given a job to do and he refused. But because God loves Jonah he would not let him off the so the Lord God's intention. Jonah finally obeyed in a massive revival took place. The message of the book of Jonah's God gives second chances. So let's pick up a we lots of remember the Lord came to Jonah going freeze to the great city of Nineveh and Jonah effectively said no. They pointed out last time God said go Jonah said no, God said all and so Jonah got in the boat going in the opposite direction to a place called Tarsus instead of Nineveh, and know this, the devil will always open the doors for disobedience.

God is not the only one he can open doors and Jonah went down. He went down to Joppa.

Then he went down to the ship the bottom of the ship. Then he ultimately went down to the stomach of the whale a great fish and finally down into the depths of the study see reminding us at any step away from God is always a step down now. Why did Jonah not want to go bring to the Ninevites very simple answer. He didn't want God the spirit you think God said go and preach that the city Jonah knew judgment was coming in the way he sought to be didn't preach judgment would come in the Ninevites would be wiped out.

Nineveh was the capital of Assyria and they were the up down enemies of the Jewish people. Not only that but the Ninevites were written down for their wickedness and their atrocities.

In fact, God himself said their wickedness is come up before me. In other words, the sins of Nineveh were stinking to high heaven and historical records. In addition to biblical history tell us that the Ninevites would boast of their horrific things that they would do the people they would be head captives they would stacker's goals. They would take the skin off of their bodies and mount them on the city walls they would build monuments boasting of these horrible things God says go to those people. Jonah says there's no way that I know your nature.

Lord, your loving and forgiving and he would even forgive a bunch of cretins like that paraphrase their so I'm not going figuring he could forward the purposes of God, so he found a ship he paid the fare we went down the Tarsus listen. Sin will always take you further than you want to go. It'll keep you longer than you want to stay and will cost you more than you want to spend then repeat that sin will always take you further than you want to go.

It'll keep you longer than you want to stay and it will cost you more than you want to spend but know this, God will always have the last word.

Jonah 1 verse four, but the Lord sent out a great wind on the sea and there was a mighty tempest on the sea, so the ship was about to be broken up and the Mariners are sailors were afraid and Everyman cried out to his God and to the cargo that was in the ship into the see the light in the low Johnna Jonah had gone down to the lowest parts of the ship and leaned down was fast asleep verse four tells us God's in the great wind. The Lord sends a mighty storm to get the attention of the prodigal profit and in the world and against storms in life that something that we cannot escape Jesus said in this world you will tribulation funeral mind is don't be surprised when a hardship comes your way. When trials come your way, and there are different kinds of storms, so to speak, we will face as Christians. I think there are three kinds there are protecting storms perfecting storms and correcting start first. There are what we would call protecting storms. Example of this is when Jesus form probably is most popular miracle the feeding of the 5000 of the loaves and fishes, plus women and children.

After that the people were so excited they wanted to make Jesus King whether he wanted to be or not. The disciples are super excited and Jesus said all right boys get on the boat around here and he took them across the Sea of Galilee and a great storm came why he was protecting them from what those people were about to do that would not of been a good thing for his disciples.

And then there are what we might call perfecting storms. These are storms that come in our life that are often inexplicable. A Joseph face one of those storms when he was betrayed by his brothers and he was falsely accused of rate and he was wrongly imprisoned, but God was whipping Joseph in the shade to be the man that God wanted them to be, because ultimately Joseph would become the second most powerful man in all of the world and shows the would find it in this heart to forgive his brothers were done this horrible thing to them.

Maybe you're in one of those storms right now. Got perfecting you goddess retching you got is deepening. You then there's 1/3 kind is going we would call it a correcting storm and that's a canister of Jonah found himself in contrast to a perfecting storm that comes to us. Perhaps because were living a godly life.

Jonah got all those calamities come on him, not because he was God bless, but because he was godly nor a correcting storm comes because we probably did something to bring it upon ourselves.

This is also known as reaping what you sow. This was sent to get the attention of Jonah because Jonah was God's child, he was being chastened. It was a reminder to Jonah that the Lord loved him. How do we know God loves us because we feel it all the time.

No list many ways God shows his love toward us when we clearly the most significant is by sending his son Jesus Christ to die in the cross for our sin, but another way, the Lord shows us he loves us is by disciplining us all.

I don't know if I agree all know it's true that the Lord says to me loves he disciplines, Hebrews 12 six. If you endure this divine discipline.

God's treating you as his own children.

Whoever heard of a child was never disciplined that God doesn't discipline you as he does all of his children.

It means your illegitimate and not really his child after all. See if you go through life without discipline. Then you have parents that are feeling and what they're called to do, which is pretty much the story of my childhood and sadly the story of far too many children in America today. I grew up without a father, and my mom was gone all the time so I had no rules. I had no curfews.

I had no expectation of good grades I might add.

There was no discipline there was no bedtime word.

No home-cooked meals, and there was no parenting so every night for my dinner. I would go out get my own dinner, go to a little restaurant cocoas and everything hamburger and a vanilla shake and fries and I getting hamburger a vanilla shake and price the next night hamburger vanilla shake and I was really got every night and my friends all but you're so lucky man, we have to go home and sit down at the table with my parents and in need of food they serve as we wish we could live your life.

But guess what, I wish I could live there long after a while I got tired of it. Hamburger, fries and a vanilla shake so I started going over to my friends house and sitting down at a family meal with them. Mom and dad present eating food. I didn't even like because I wanted structure. I wanted family because I didn't have it and because Jonah was God's love child. He was discipline the Lord was sending this to remind him that he was love this great storm God will save I'm not finished with you yet. Maybe God is allowed a storm in your life to get your attention. Sometimes we go astray alerts is now.

I'm telling you to come on back and you don't listen Dominique, I'm giving you a warning and after this morning there's going to be a punishment. You do it again once is all right. I love you so much. I'm going to enforce what I just said to get you where you need to be. David said before I was afflicted, I want astray. But now I have Your word. Maybe the Lord has done something to get your attention lately to bring you to your senses and bring you back to him.

That's what he was about to do with Jonah. So everybody gets in this boat and this great storm comes a list of these are season sailors under the people ever been at sea when there was a bad storm I have and I like not. I don't get seasick quickly, but I get to a point where I can't take it anymore. You know in your nauseated and the boats pitching back and forth to cure Cisco in this tumultuous weather and Jonah somehow is sleeping below deck that is not a picture of the church today. I don't know what it the world is afraid and the church is asleep. The world is asking questions the church often does not have answers. People are dying and their sins and the church is asleep effectively were asleep at the wheel is so I resent that.

I don't think that I am what people were asleep usually will deny they don't even know their asleep never sat down on the couch and that I'm just gonna chill herein. Watch some TV and and next thing you know you open your eyes and you look at your watch and you fall asleep for an hour you turn to your spouse and safe was I silly you. You were asleep for an hour and you were snoring to didn't even know they got to think you can be asleep and not even be aware of it.

I don't know why that is what we always deny it when were sleeping so and causes at 3 o'clock in the morning that I wake you. By the way, this is the poem.

You're right that I wake you all know I was up at three in the morning you were really.

I wasn't sleeping like it's a bad thing or something to that something you can be asleep and you may not even know it. And then you may deny it, but you can be spiritually asleep. It's a great what are you talking about I mean lethargic when it comes to doing the job God has called you to do what it God tell Jonah to do go and preach to the Ninevites. What was Jonah doing sleeping in a boat going in the opposite direction. What is the Lord told the church to do personalize it.

One of the Lord told our church to do personalize it even more.

What is Lord told you what is Lord told me to do.

He told us to go to all the world and preach the gospel if you're not doing that, you're effectively like Jonah asleep were told in Romans 13. Knowing the critical strategic period of time.

It's time to awake out of our asleep for our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent the day is in hand.

So let's cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light. So we need to wake up and we need to suit up and do the job called us God is called us to do this is not an option were commanded to do this but I feel so many are not doing it today. For many, the great commission is tragically become the great omission I want to to notice here all the sailors cry out to their God. Verse five now cried out to their God. None of them have the right, God, but they cried out to the various deities and a man is invariably a religious creature. Theirs was an emergency. Religion is a say there's no atheists in foxholes sure there's a few but not too many because in crisis six. It's almost like a knee-jerk reaction was a follow God, oh my God, and that's a good thing if you're calling out to the right, God.

But none of them have the right God so they cast lots. We might call it drawing straws. They determine the culprit because of the storm was Jonah CD sailors knew storms like this never happened. This was not a normal storm. This was unusual.

This was bizarre. Why is this happening. They found out the culprit. It was Jonah verse eight, and they brought him up on deck, waking him safe. Telus Ruth causes of trouble. Come upon us what your occupation where you come from, what is your country and abroad. People are you a member planet are you from, how can the storm come because of you show this as well. Verse nine Hebrew I'm Jewish. I fear the Lord God of heaven who made the sea and the dry land of it heard of this, God this is Yahweh. This is Jehovah. This is the God who part, seasons, rounds, armies. This is a God who raises the dead and effectively there wondering why would you run from a God.

This powerful is in question can be asked of us.

Why would we run from God, but sometimes we do, and here's a sad thing. Jonah had lost his testimony. It's like what's wrong with you. I mean I got this somewhere to following him and doing what he wants you to do. You know he had lost his power. Jesus said if salt is no longer salty what is good for it's sort of like someone going in and ordering a decaf solely latte that to me is disturbing.

Okay, don't go with me in order that this is just it's not right.

I mean first of all, decaf, whatever, but solely to your Google soy.

I mean, are you and I want to go restaurant the other day with a friend in and everything was made out of tofu and they re-created things like they had a hamburger that was like tofu and I took one bite and I ran not in Rome but I left. I think go repeat a real hamburger you can eat your steak, hamburgers, and drink your weird latte. I think sometimes we have some decaf disciples, if you will you work were losing our power were losing authenticity for a cheap imitation of what we really ought to be. And these guys are calling Jonah out on a ghetto. Sometimes nonbelievers have a better idea of how a believer should behave in the believer have me think about this or saying you're nuts to run from a God like this.

Remember that Jesus said he would rise again from the dead after he was crucified. Some would perceive that is a warning. Others are perceived that is a promise to his believers are to his disciples like to think that was a promise to guide you to crucify me for three days later, on a rise again, but to the nonbelievers guys listen to me. I'm in a rise again three days later and the funny thing is, after he was crucified. His own followers were devastated. They lost all they scatter they were disappointed, disoriented, disorganized, yet the nonbelievers remembered what Jesus said for a guy in Matthew 27 we read the nonbelievers think we remember that when he was still alive. The deceivers said after three days all rise again so we better post the guard by that to an interesting nonbelievers, the believers forgot nonbelievers remembered again that deceiver Jesus, we better post agar interesting. They remembered his words arising when the disciples apparently forgot read the story about a bar that was being built in Texas so local church started a campaign with petitions and prayers to try and stop the bar from being built.

Work progressed on the bar was a week from completion, and a bolt of lightning struck it and it burned to the ground. The bar owners sued the church saying they were responsible because of their prayer. However, the church denied any responsibility in any connection between their prayers and the fire so it actually went to court. This is a true story and the judge read this over read the plaintiff's complaint and the defendant's reply. Here's what he said and I quote I don't know how I'm going to decide this, but it appears from the paperwork that we have a bar owner who believes in the power of prayer and an entire church congregation that now does not again.

Sometimes nonbelievers of a better idea of how believers should behave than the believer has Jonah was being called out for his hypocrisy. See they were already scared from the start over.

They found out that the God of Israel was behind the storm really scared. Numbers 10 they were exceedingly afraid seen wind have you done this for them and knew that he had fled from the presence of the Lord because he had told them you know they were afraid the feared God, and sometimes I think this is lacking in our churches today. You know I think were so concerned about relating and being relevant and we have forgotten to tell people about the awesome God we serve is not a bad thing for God for people to have respect for God. I fear today in some churches. We traded reverence for relevance is what I mean. There was a day when the church would be a very staid place when you would come and you are expected to dress in a certain way behave in a certain way and speak in hushed tones because this is the sanctuary and and you need to have respect for God.

Well, we swung a long ways from that today. Now we have churches today were were Terry W.

Pham for Pretty Casual Right Most of You Are and Our Music Is Change. Our Stylists Change Our Approach Is Changed, but in Some Churches It's Almost More about Having Fun. You Know, Let Have Fun and Let's Make Church a Welcoming Place and We Wouldn't Want to Make Anybody Uncomfortable and We Actually Want to Entertain Them in.

I'm Not Here to Entertain You. I Think We Need to Have a Reverence for God and We Need to Worship a Holy God. And We Need to Open Our Hearts to the Teaching of the Word of God.

And If That's Missing in the Church. That's a Big Mistake. Listen of a Nonbeliever Comes in This Church Nears Me Preach One or Two Times in Thanks My Sermons Are Wonderful and Think There's Not One Thing I Said That Bother Them. I Don't Think I'm Doing My Job. My Job Is to Comfort the Afflicted and to Afflict the Comfortable. II Want to See Change. I Want the Nonbeliever to Say Yeah You Know I like to Do a Certain Point When You Said That It Really Bothered Me Good Because It's a Word of God.

Maybe I Struck a Nerve and Maybe a Needed Change in That Area.

That's What I'm Supposed to Do. You See, but Jonah Is You Know You Sort of Relating These Understanding by the Holy God. The Following Set of Running from Successor to Guys Listen You Want to Get Rid of the Storm Is a Way to Do It. Verse 12 Throw Me into the Sea and the Sea Will Become Calm for You Right Know This Great Tempest Is Because of Me. Nevertheless the Men Rode Hard to Return the Land, but They Could Not This He Continued to Grow More Tempestuous Again Some They Wanted to Get to Shore, but They Could Not. They Were Trying to Do It in Their Own Way. They Could Not. They Prayed to the Room God with Their Own Gods Cannot Help Them.

Jonah Was in Guys You Really Want This to Stop.

Here It Is, There Needs to Be a Sacrifice Going to Throw Me in and I Don't Know the Jonah Had Any Hope or Expectation He Would Be Swallowed by a Whale or a Great Fish I Think Was Impeccably Thing Throwing Overboard. God Will Be Satisfied and You Will Be Spared.

This Is Not a Picture of What Jesus Did for Us.

You Know We Want to Get Right with God. There Had to Be a Sacrifice, and Jesus Was That Final Sacrifice, Acceptable to God and As a Matter of Fact, Jesus Took the Story of Jonah in Used It to Illustrate What He Would Do on the Cross. He Said No Sign Will Be Given the Youth but Out Of the Prophet Jonah.

As Jonah Was Three Days and Three Nights in the Belly of the Fish, so Will the Son Of Man Be Three Days and Three Nights in the Heart of the Earth, the Pharisees, the Religious Leaders Were Pressing Jesus. We Want to See a Miracle We Want to File Jesus Said No Soup for You. We Did Say That Exactly but He Said Here's Your Sign Guys As Jonah Was in the Fish's Belly, I Would Die and Rise Again from the Dead That Your Sign.

Jonah the Final Sacrifice and They Threw Jonah in the Storm Stop. The Men Believe Verse 16.

The Men Fear the Lord Exceedingly Inoperative Sacrifice to the Lord to Notice to the Lord, Not to Their False Gods Know It's to the Lord in the Believe It Shows God Can Still Work Log. Y'all Know My Wife Kathy.

It's Hard to Believe She's Ever Sin, but She Has an Shortly after Her Conversion Few Months after Jesus the Young Girl, Probably around 15 or 16 Years Old. She Went Back to Her Old Ways. Again, and Was Smoking Pot with Her Friends and and Walked Away from the Lord Was Going to Church Anymore. So One Day She Was down in Laguna Beach with One of Her Friends Was Not a Believer in That Kathy Had Gone to the Point Where She Was Actually Mocking Christians Though She Had Committed Her Life to Christ. But As He Was Talking to Her Friend Wendy She Saw Someone Walked by with the Bible and It Reminded Her of Her Old Life As a Christian and She Said Your Friend. You Know I Used To Be a Christian. I Used To Walk with the Lord and She Started Talking about How Wonderful It Wasn't the Peace of God That She Is Experienced and in the Joy of the Lord and How They Would Go to Church and Worship and That the Friendless in the Printed. I Want What You Used To Have. How Can I Have a Relationship with God. So Kathy Ended up Leaving Her Nonbelieving Friend of the Lord and Recommitting Her Life to the Lord That Day That It Just Seems like Jonah Coming Here He Is Running from God. Those Testimony Was Flawed yet All These Guys Believe That the Results of God Work through Them's Good News to Know the God Can Use Flawed People so over the Side.

He Goes the Storm Is Gone and God Had a Custom Design Watercraft Moving in His Direction Were 17 the Lord Prepared a Great Fish to Swallow Jonah. And Jonah Was in the Belly of the Fish Three Days and Three Nights of the Way the Word Prepared Means or Danger Call Know What Was This Great Fish or Whale Well Again, We Don't Know That I Was Away. The Bible Doesn't Say That. In Particular, Some Speculate It Was the Sperm Whale They Found That 50 Foot Sperm Whale and Recover the Content from Its Dominican Found a 40 Foot Long Giant Squid Wing 440 Pounds and It Never Been Chewed Because Sperm Whales, Open Their Mouth and Just Pull It in. You Know so Hey Big Well Can Handle up Squid That Large Small Hebrew Prophet Would Be Just Fine Amir Appetizer. This Is Sort of like Sushi Eating the Reverse Is in It Said a Man Eating Fish Fish Eats Man. Maybe the Well Would've Appreciated Little Soy Sauce and Was Sobbing to Go with Joan. I Don't Know Very What Actually When Jesus Mentions a Story.

Members Already Quoted in Matthew 12 and Speaks of the Great Bridge the Word Can Be Translated Sea Monster, so It May Have Been If This It May Have Been a Whale. Frankly, It Doesn't Matter Whether There Is a Fish Nonexistence Large Enough to Hold a Man for Three Days.

We Only Need to Know There Was One.

Maybe There Was Only One Maybe God Created This Piece to Swallow Jonah. And That Beast Is Now State.

Maybe It Was a Whale Who Care and Have To and Jonah Now Was inside of This Well in His Joy, or the Fish to Show You How Stubborn He Was a Call Long It Took before He Prayed Were 17 Jonah Was in the Belly of the Fish Three Days and 39 before He Prayed That Stubborn British Slap Him in the Face. Seaweed Wrapped All around Them Humanity like You Can't Believe This Stands Prayed, but He Was a Child of God, We Finally Broke down. This Is a Good Thing to Remember.

Sometimes People Will Make a Profession of Faith and Then the Following MLS Will They Lose Their Salvation and I Would Answer a Question with a Question. Not That They Lose Their Salvation. What Were They Saying to Begin with. See If Somebody Commits Her Life to Christ and They Walk Away and Never Come Back. I Suggest You Do You They Were Never Christian, but If Someone Commits Her Life to the Lord and They Walked Away and They Come Back I Suggest You They Were Simply a Prodigal, It Comes down to This to Test Is Worthy Wind up a True Believer Will Always Come Home. Eventually a Person Was Not a True Believer Will Not First John 219 Says They Went up from Us, but They Did Not Really Belong to Us Really Belong to Us They Would've Remained with Us, but They're Going out Showed They Never Really Belong to Us.

My Mother Spent Most of Her Life Running from God Raise in the Church Raise Believing She Ran from It. God Got Her Attention and Shortly before She Died. She Recommitted Her Life to the Lord.

She Was a Prodigal, so Here's Jonah the Prodigal Prophet Frame from the Fish's Belly, Reminding Us, You Can Call out to God Ever Heard You Are Conveying Any Position Anytime and Anywhere. Privately You Can Pray Publicly. You Can Pray Verbally. You Can Pray Silently, You Can Be Kneeling, Standing, Sitting or Lying down or Even Driving, but Always Keep Your Eyes Open for Anything We Bow Our Heads and Close Arise. We Pray Right, Which Is What We Usually Do That Ever Been Praying with a Group of People in Your Eyes Are Closing in the Maybe the Burglars Overall so You Open Your Eyes from a Look around You See Somebody Else of Their Eyes Open and It's Almost like You're Cheating Sexy Okay You Know We Pray for Me I Will Tell Her Granddaughters. Okay, Close Your Eyes Bulge Again.

Let's Praying the Other Day I Looked in My Granddaughter Stella Was Praying.

Her Eyes Were Closed, but She Was Eating French I Just Will Have Doesn't Matter Really. You Can Pray Anywhere. Daniel Prayed in the Lion's Den. David Prayed in the Field. Peter Prayed on Top of and under the Water. And Here's Jonah's Prayer in the Belly of a Whale, Amending It, Just Pray. Ephesians 618 Says Pray at All Times. On Every Occasion in the Power of the Spirit.

Now Let's Look at That Firm. Jonah Drop down to Jonah Chapter 2 Verses 1 to 9 Reading from the New Living Translation.

By the Way.

Then Jonah Prayed to the Lord Is God from inside the Fish and He Said I Cried the Lord of My Great Trouble and He Answered Me. I Called You from the World of the Dead Lord You Heard Me You Threw Me beneath the Ocean Depths. I Sink down to the Heart of the Scene I Was Buried beneath Your Wild and Stormy Way. Then I Said, Oh Lord, You've Driven Me from Your Presence. I Think beneath the Waves Was Very near the Waters Closed in around Me and Seaweed Wrapped Itself around My Head.

I Sink down to the Very Roots of the Mountains. I Was like Out Of Life and Imprison the Land of the Dead, but You Will. Lord Have Snatched Me from the Yawning Jaws of Death. When I Lost All Hope. I Turn My Thoughts Once More to the Lord My Earnest Prayer Went out to Your Holy Temple.

Those Who Worship False Gods Turn Their Backs on God's Mercies, but I Will Offer Sacrifices to You with Songs of Praise and Help Fulfill All of My Valves for My Salvation Comes from the Lord Alone.

This Is an Amazing Prayer Back in the Matter Is Eight Times in These Verses the Quotes from the Book of Saul Fact Is Most of His Prayer Was Simply Scripture That He Clearly Had Committed to Memory, You Know, When I Pray I like to Quote Scripture Not to Remind God, but to Remind Me of. For Instance, a Binding Praying for Wisdom I Might See No Lord You Told Me in Genes That If Any Man Lack Wisdom, Let Him Ask of God Will Give Generously Not Hold Back in.

Lord, I Need That Wisdom Which You Provided for Me Right Now. Or Maybe I Praying for Healing for Someone Else It Would You Pray for Me to Be Healed of the Lord, You Promised in Your Word Again from James.

If There Is Any Sick among You Call for the Elders of the Church Will Pray for This Person and Anointing with Oil and the Effectual Firm Forever Righteous Man Will Avail Much, so We Cite the Promise of God. We Stand on It and Then We Pray That's What Jonah Was Doing. He Was Quoting Scripture and by the Way He Was Beginning to Lose Hope in Verse 77 I Lost All Hope. I Turn My Thoughts Once More to the Lord of My Earnest Prayer Went out to Your Holy Temple but Notice Jonah Did Not Ask to Be Delivered. He Just Started Giving Praise to God. Verse Nine. I I Will Offer Sacrifices.

He Was Songs of Praise. Maybe You're in a Situation Right Now Is a I Can't Get Things Rolling. Jonah Could and He Was Wrapped in Seaweed with a Bunch of Stinking Fish around You Think up. Felt Good, but He Praise the Lord and to Give Thanks to God. The Bible Does Not Say Give Thanks to the Lord. When You Feel Good. It Says Give Thanks to the Lord Because He Is Good.

This Give Thanks Because God Is in Control Now Look What Happened. Jonah Chapter 2 Verse 10 a Read over to Verse Two of Chapter 3. Lord Spoke to the Fish and It Vomited Jonah on the Dry Land.

Now the Word of the Lord Came to Jonah the Second Time, Saying, Arise, and Go to Nineveh, the Great City and Preach to It to the Message.

I Will Tell You, You Probably Wondered If God Would Ever Use Him Again Lord Was Certainly under No Obligation to Do so. But Remember This All Happened to Jonah Because He Was Loved by God and the Bible Is Filled with Stories of People That God Gave the Second Chances to You Need a Second Chance God Gave a Second Sense Adam and E They Were Strictly Warned to Not Eat of the Forbidden Fruit but Ate They Didn't Sin Entered the World, God Telephoned up His Hands and Said That Said, I'm Done.

I'm Starting over Again. No One Said We Read That after Adam and Eve Cover Themselves with Fig Leaves Hiding from the Presence of the Lord That Toured the Evening Make Sure the Lord God Walking about in the Garden As a Kid Themselves. The Lord Called Adam Where Are You That's Called a Second Chance God That I Know What You've Done, but I Love You. Where Are You God Gave a Second Chance to King David. After His Adultery and Murder He Was Confronted by the Prophet Nathan and He Repented Anyone Out Of the Most Effective Years of His Life, Samson Was Given a Second Chance to. He Was Known for That Supernatural Strength of This Long Flowing Locks and Is Ability to Vanquish His Enemy, but He Was the He-Man. With This She Weakness and One Thing Led to Another and He Ended up Having His Hair Shaved off in His Eyes Gouged out and Look like It Was Curtains for Samson but One of the Great Verses in the Bible Says I'll Be at the Hair of His Head Began to Grow Again. By the Way, That's a Light Burst of Every Bald Man. I'll Be at the Hair of His Head Began to Grow Again. Lord B on the Knee Eyesight Diverse and It Did Grow Again. He Was Given a Second Chance. Simon Peter Failed Miserably.

He Denied the Lord When Jesus Needed Them the Most. Yet, When Christ Was Risen. The Message Went out. Tell the Disciples and Peter Is Risen.

Notice That Not Tell the Disciples Then James and John Know Tell the Disciples and Peter Why Because Peter Needed Hope and He Was Given a Second Chance and on the Shore of Galilee, Peter Was Recommissioned.

So Here's Jonah Repentance and Regurgitated Believing and Bar Righteous and Ralph Blease and Beach Probably That Will Stomach the Gastric Juices Would've Taken All of the Color Out Of His Skin and Hear the Ninevites Just Sitting There One Day and All Of A Sudden This Massive Piece Comes Cruising up to This Sort Opens His Mouth. Barb Saud, Jonah. I Will Find That with That Message Was That Jonah Preached, and What the Result of What Was in Her Next Time Together, but I Find It Interesting Were God Sent Jonah Were Packed and Then about It Was Nineveh or Bost Got Synergy Buddy Going Back to Where I Wanted to Go in the First Place. You're Not Getting This and There He Was, so Maybe We Need a Second Chance. Maybe We've Gone Astray. What We Need to Do As St. Paul Said We Need to Get That Get Back Get Back to Where We Once Belonged That Say Paul McCartney Note.

Here's What Jesus Said to the Church about the Six Remember from Where You Will Call in Repent and Do the First Works Quick You Get Someone up This Way. Remember, Repent, Repeat First to Remember I Mentioned My Wife Kathy, a Young Girl Now This.

Connie Gone Astray from the Lord. And As You Talk to Her Friend. She Remembered She Remembered How Was All Man My Life Was with God Was so Great and I Remember It, and Then She Repented with Her Friend and She Got Back to What She Needed to Do. That's What You Need to Do Some Minute Puke on the Street You Come Back You Come Back and Do Those Things That Brings Us to Repeat to the First Works Quickly Kept Track of the Word of God, Get Back in a Regular Fellowship Get Back into Our Prayer Life to Practice Sharing Your Faith Get Back into Those First Words Quickly. Maybe You're in a Storm Today. Maybe It's a Correcting Storm, You've Effectively Brought on Yourself.

You Been Doing Things You Should Not Be Doing and You Just Got Busted. You Were Found out and Using the Worst Day of My Life. Maybe It Is a Maybe It's the Best Day of Your Life Because It Says to You, It's Time to Turn Back to God.

Again, Quoting David in the Psalms before I Was Afflicted, I Want to Spray Now.

I Have Kept Your Work God Thing. Come Back to Me.

I Love You. I'll Forgive You and Give You a Second Chance. There Might Be Some of You Here That Haven't Even Believed in Jesus yet Listen. Here's What Jonah Said That the Sailors Throw Me Overboard in the Storm.

There Needs to Be a Sacrifice in Jesus Christ without Sacrifice for You. He Died on the Cross in Your Place in You Absorb God's Wrath in Your Place, and Rose Again from the Dead and Now Stands at the Door of Your Life in the Not Says If You Hear His Voice and Open the Door Will Come in. Would You like in the Coming to Your Life. Would You like Him to Forgive You of Your Sin. Review Fallen Away from Him. Need to Come Back to Him, to Give You a Chance to Do That Right Now. Let's All Bow Our Heads for Word of Prayer.

Everybody Prayed Father I Pray Not for Everyone, Hearing, Seeing This Message. Help Them to See Lord How Much You Love Them. This Message Is for Them. Help Them to Come to You Now Our Heads about Riser Closing Were Praying Together.

How Many of You Would Say Today Greg, I Need Jesus Christ in My Life. I Want to Know That When I Die I Will Go to Heaven. I Want My Sin Forgiven. Pray for Me. I'm Ready to Say Yes to Jesus at That Your Desire. If You Want Christ to Come in Your Life Right Now If You Want to Go to Heaven When You Die, Would You Just Stand Your Feet Wherever You Are Just in Your Feet Nominally Join a Prayer Stand up Wherever You Are, Wherever You Are You Watching the Screen Stand up. It Doesn't Matter. This Is a Commitment You're Making to Jesus Christ Nominally Join a Simple Prayer to Stand up. God Bless You and Understand You Are Standup You Pray Together.

Anybody Else or Might Be A Few More Stand Your Feet Nominally Join This Prayer of Commitment to Jesus Christ. I Bless You That Are Standing What I Had to Go Still about Maybe Some of You Would Say Man I Need a Second Chance.

I've Messed up Five I Wondered off but I Want to Come Back to the Lord Again. I Need to Make This Recommitment Affect Your Desire. You Want to Come Back to the Lord.

You Stand Your Feet Right Now, Lead You in This Prayer to Stand Your Feet, You Did Need to Make This Recommitment to Christ Stand up Right Now. God Bless You. People Are Standing. Are You One of Them You Need to Be Stand out Anybody Else Knowledge in This Prayer, Stand up Wherever You Are. One Final Moment. Stand Your Feet Will Pray Together a Bless You Do That Are Standing Nominally Join This Prayer Much of the Fred out Loud after Me and This Is What You're Asking Jesus Christ to Come in Your Life so Good. As I Pray Pray This out Loud after Me for This after Me Know Right You Stand, Lord Jesus, I Know in the Center.

But You Died on the Cross for My Sin. I'm Sorry for That Sin. I Turned from, and Now I Choose to Follow You from This Moment Forward Be My Savior Be My Lord and My God, Thank You for Loving Me and Calling Me and Accepting. In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen. God Bless Each One of You Could Just Pray

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