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CR130928/The Pursuit of Happin

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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October 9, 2013 1:06 pm

CR130928/The Pursuit of Happin

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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October 9, 2013 1:06 pm

Saturday Night 9-28-13

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partner, please visit us hello to harvest America to be back in Philadelphia again and being an all-around you know that Southern California we've done more of our crusade here in Philadelphia than any other city so I feel like I'm home again.

By the way I used to live in New Jersey when I was a little kid. So I am. Let's pray together right now.

Father, we are so thankful that you are here with us. This is being wants not only here but all around the world. In some places, of a lot of people gathered some places are just a handful of the maybe one hello my dear person, Lord, that is, all are on the verge of taking a line there at the end of the rope hurting their lonely looking for answers and you have the answers they need. I pray Lord that we will hear your voice and that many will believe in Jesus Christ tonight as we open your word. We ask it in Jesus name Amen amen fantastic well since I'm in Philadelphia and this is harvest America.

The title of my messages. The pursuit of happiness heard a story about an older man he was talking about young student about his future plans. Said son tell me what you want to do with your life after you graduate from law school beyond I said well I like to get a job and start making some money. The only guy said that's good then why what I like to get married.

The older gentleman said okay good then what what I'd like to have a family and and raise my kids and put them in good schools. Okay that sounds good. Then one well I hope that I'll make enough money to eventually slow down and maybe get a second home even though limits at all. Wow. Okay. What that well I'd like to going to retirement and hopefully my helper still be good. My wife and I we can travel around the world right then what well then, I hope that All That I've Made to My Children and That They Can Have a Wonderful Life and All Retire.

I Suppose Right Then What Well I Guess Then Alt.the Older Man Said Right Then Why Then What Eternity There's One Thing That Is True about Every Person Were All Going to Die That Two Things Are True, We All Want to Be Happy Overall Going to Die, Listen, That Statistics on Death Are Very Impressive One Out Of Every One Person's Will.No One Can Change That but I Was in the Airport on My Way Here I Saw This Time Magazine Cover 10 Google Small Data.

Are You Ready for the Answer.

No, They Can.

Apparently, This Article Says Google Is Launching the Bencher to Extend the Human Lifespan. Okay, Fine. But Jesus Said I Am the Living One.

I Was Dead and No I'm Alive Forever and Ever.

I Hold the Keys of Death and the Grave. God Decides That There's No Getting around to Listen, Every Thinking Person Gets around to Asking Those Big since in Life, Such As Why Am I Here What Is the Meaning of My Life and What's Going to Happen to Me When I Die, I Started Asking Those Questions at a Very Early Age Was Fascinated to Hear Kirk Franklin's Story of How He Was Raised in the Crazy Story As Well. My Story Parallels There a Little, but There's a Little Bit Why Did I Live in New Jersey When I Was Born in Long Beach. I Live in New Jersey I Lived in the Why I Live in California to That Were All the Husbands Were Then No My Mom Was Married to Married and Divorced Seven Times Raging Alcoholic. I Had to Grow up Quickly.

I Learn to Fend for Myself to Think for Myself Sorted Very Early Age I Was Asking the Questions like What Is the Meaning of My Life. Why Am I Even Care on This Earth. Maybe You Come Here Are Your Watching Tonight One of Our Host Venue and You're Asking Those Same Questions You're Wondering What the Meaning of Your Life. It Heard the Story about a Drunk Guy That Was Done in His Hands and Knees under a Streetlight Early, Looking for Something a Police Officer Approached Him and Said Certitude Lose Something He Said Yes I Lost My Wallet Asserted You Lose Your Wallet Here the Trunk.

I Said No I Lost It across the Street.

The Officer Said Wire to Looking over There and Said If There in the Drunk. I Said, There's No Light There Is a Here's a Problem It's Not Any Good-Looking Virtues That You're Looking in the Wrong Place.

Okay, You're in the Right Place. Then I We've Got Answers from the Bible so All of Your Question Jesus Christ As Those Answered.

Now I'm in Philadelphia and This Was Once the Capital of Our Nation. It Was Here That the Declaration Of Independence Was Written and Signed and You Know That, among Other Things, the Declaration Of Independence Says We Hold These Truth to Be Self Evident That We Have Been Endowed by Our Creator with Certain Inalienable Rights, That among These Are Life, Liberty, and What Students Have. So Here's the Question. Are We a Happy People. Let Me Personalize It.

Are You a Happy Person.

Forbes Magazine Devoted Its 75th Anniversary Issue to a Single Topic.

Why Do We Feel so Bad. But We Have It so Good at the Age of 32 Comedians Dave Chapelle Certainly Had Realized His Dream Being on the Contract Was Hardly Dry When Chapelle Mysteriously Disappeared at Service 8000 Miles Away in South Africa.

Chapelle Literally Walked Away from the Third Season of His TV Show. He Was Asked Why Did You Do It Wanted to Walk Away from All of That Money.

He Was Quoted to Say the Higher up. I Go for Some Reason, the Less Happy I Am." I Read an Article about a Couple in Brooklyn That Had a Radio Show Called the Pursuit of Happiness by This Married Couple Would Offer Callers Advice and How the Lead Happier Lives, Telling Them to Think Positively and Trust Their Intuition, but Apparently They Were the Ones That Needed Help Because They Both Committed Where Is Happiness to Be Found Only Tell You Where It Isn't to Be Found. Being Beautiful or Handsome Will Not Bring Personal Happiness. I Know This from Personal Experience.I Really I Would Seriously See People Today Trying to Create the Perfect Body through Cosmetic Surgery. I Read the 94% of Girls Age 18 and under Which They Were More Beautiful 85% of Women over 40 Say They Are Not As Attractive As the Average Woman That's Probably Why Last Year Americans Spend an Estimated $11.4 Billion on Cosmetic Surgery Fees and Probably 4 Billion More. When You Factor in Facility Fees and Anesthesia and Such. Why Because You Want to Read This Kind of Perfect State You Want to Look like the People in the Magazine. Listen the People in the Magazines Don't Even Look like the People in the Magazine Is Called Photoshop People and You Know People upon Their Faces so Much Botox They Can Even Move Their Face Anymore, so Sarah, I'm Really Happy Right Now but I Can't Move My Face or Maybe You Think You'll Be Cooler If You Get a Bunch of Tattoos You Know That's the Rage Right Now. I Just Want to Warn You against That but That Little You Know Tweety Bird of Today May Become Big Bird Tomorrow to Think about That Know You Might Get a Little Larger That Cute Little Butterfly Might Turn into a Pterodactyl. So Having Possessions Will Not Bring Personal Happiness in an Article from Time Magazine with a Headline the Real Truth about Money. They Said My Quote Clinical Depression Is 3 to 10 Times As Common Today, More Than Two Generations Ago. Money Jingles in Our Wallets and Are Personals like Never before, but Were No Happier for It. And for Many More Money Leads to Depression Was in the Bible Told Us That a Long Time Ago. The Book of Proverbs It Says All and Destruction Are Never Full and so Is the Heart of Man Never Satisfied Author Jack Gibbons Is One of the Most Successful Writers under This over Numbers of Novels of Sold More Than 250 Million Copies in 60 Languages When Esq. Magazine Interviewer What He Knew Now That He Would See Had Known Earlier in Life. The Accomplished Author Responded, Quote I Wish I Had Known When You Get to the Top. There Is Nothing There."

Years Ago, Solomon, When His Day Was the Wealthiest Man around Said All Things Are Wearisome More Than Anyone Can Say the I Have Never of the Eye Never Has Enough of Seeing in the Air Never Has Its Bill of Hearing You Know You're Always Gonna Push the Envelope and Get the Latest Gadget Are the Ultimate Sound System of the Biggest Flat-Panel Making on Your Wall. I Think the Biggest One I Know Is 152 Inches Good to Sit Two Neighborhoods Away to Watch It, You Know Things Are Going to Make You Happy. Even Relationships Will Not Bring Lasting Happiness Because Parents Will Disappoint Children, Children Will Disappoint Parents. Husband Will Disappoint Why Wives Husband's Boyfriend and Girlfriend Will All Disappoint Each Other to Have Her As All This Money and Power, Women Someone Else and What's Messed Missing in Your Life Is That I Want the Words of the Song to Be True.

I Guess Deep down inside. Old Habits Are Romantic Maybe You Should Get Out Of His Pajamas to Know Is the Thought Pursuing Pleasure Will Not Bring Personal Happiness Factor the Matter Is That You Live for Pleasure. You Will Never Find It.

The Bible Says She's a Loser. Pleasure Is Dead Even While She Is Living. You Might Say All but If I Were Famous. If Everyone Knew My Name. Then I Would Be Happy.

Really, Johnny Depp Is One of the Most Successful Actors Living Today Is One of the Few Stars with $2 Billion Worldwide Grid Is Grossing Films or Films That Have Grows That Much in a Recent Interview He Said Quote I Don't Know What I Want to Be There Is a Great Part of Me That Thinks Wouldn't Be so Bad. Discipline for A Few Years.

Thoughts of Retirement Pop-Up Every Day. But He Said He Get Tired of Always Being on the Run, Sneaking into the Kitchen and I When You're Old Enough to Get Some Brain Cells That You Realize You Live the Life of the Fugitive" or Maybe You Thought If Only I Had What He Had about the Rubber Mat. The More That a Number One Hit and He Talked about the Effects of Instant They Is It Shows God Bigger. His Party Became More Extreme. He Says in an Interview. I Got More Messed up Than Ever. All Of A Sudden He Says You're Young You of This Newfound Attention. I'm Hooking up with Random Females and the Drug Started Getting Stronger Is That I I Always Promise I Would Never Do Coke and I Broke That I Started Doing a Little Bit of OxyContin. That Scared Me. His Friends Begin to Worry When He Didn't Respond to Text and Call and Eventually They Figured It out. It Is Too Cool with the Robber Says I Was All Alone Smoking in My Bedroom. It's so Ironic. These People That We Admire These People We Wish We Were There Talking about the Emptiness of Life.

When We Get to Get the Wake-Up Call That Happiness Is Not Found out God Gets Only Found with God.

If There Is No God, There Is No Happiness. But If You Know God 11 Real Lasting Happiness Would Listen to This Even More Than Happiness, Even More Than Personal Peace. If You Put Your Faith in Jesus Christ, You Can of the Hope That You Will Go to Heaven When You Die, and There's Nothing More Important of That Trust. Nothing More Important Than That and You Realize That As You Get Older You Know When You're Young You Don't Think so Much about the Afterlife, but As You Get Older You Think A Lot More about It and Especially When He Was Someone Close to You Go There before You, As It Was Mentioned, Our Son Went to Be with the Lord.

Some Five Years Ago. It Was the Hardest Day of Our Lives Is Something We Still Cry about. We Still Miss Him, but Because We Put Our Faith in Jesus Christ Because My Son Put His Faith in Christ. We Know There Will Be a Great Heavenly Reunion One Day. That's the Hope of the Stress That Is Only the Hope of the Man of the Woman Who Is Put Their Faith in Jesus Christ and As Kirk Franklin Was a You Can Be Raised in the Church and Not Know God, Not to Be a Moment in Your Life for US Price to Come in Your Life, to Give You an Opportunity to Do That in Just A Few Moments, but I Want to Tell You a Bible Story Who Wants Either a Bible Story Razor Hand That's What I Always Ask My Grand I Would Tell You a Story from the Gospel of Matthew, a Story of a Rich Young Man Who Had Everything Going His Way. In Line He Was Powerful. He Seemed to Be a Moral Guy but Something Was Missing in This Life Given Hearing A Lot about Jesus. So We Went in Got a Moment to Be with the Lord an Appointment with Christ, If You Will. Here's What Jesus Said to Him It's in Matthew 19 I'm Reading Now from the Scripture. Someone Came to Jesus with This Question. Teacher, What Good Things Must I Do to Have Eternal Life. Jesus Responded Why Do You Call Me Good, Only One Is Good and That's God, but to Answer Your Question, You Can Receive Eternal Life If You Keep the Commandment Which One the Men at Jesus Replied Don't Murder Don't Commit Adultery.

Don't Steal.

Don't Lie. Honor Your Father and Mother Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. I've Obeyed All of These Commandments Ever since I've Been a Young Man He Said, What Else Must I Do Jesus at All. If You Want to Be Perfect, Go, Sell Everything That She Got Give the Money to the Poor Deal of Treasure in Heaven. Then Come and Follow Me with the Young Man Heard This He Went Sadly Away Because He Had Many Possessions.

Now the Bible Presents As Guide Us in These Really a Picture of People We've Met, or Maybe He's a Picture of You or Someone You Would like to Be Another Gospel Calls Them the Rich Young Ruler Not to Be a Ruler at This Time the Jewish Roller Yard to Be At Least 30 but This Guy Is Young, so These Climbed His Corporate Ladder Quickly. Bobby Had a Cool Trick out Bentley Cherry at Pinot Laudably Designer Clothes Comes up to Jesus. He Told Ms. Latte. They Lord What's Good to See What Good Thing Must I Do to Inherit Eternal Life. Jesus Gives Him a Number of Commandments That He Needs to Keep in This Brash Young Guy Says, Oh I've Kept All Those Commandments You, It's a Funny Thing.

People Say I Live by the 10 Commandments That's All the Religion I Need Really Genuine in the 10 Commandments. Know What I Live by the I Read Survey That Was Done the Reveal That More Participants Knew the Names of the Poor Pedal That Could Recall One Single Commandment, the Beatles, I Know Who Those Are Those Guys Are No John, Paul and George and Ringo. Now Back to Those Commandments. I Can't Remember Any of What Is Jesus Quote the 10 Commandments to This Young Man Quotes and Because Listen to This, No One Can Keep the 10 Command Every One of Us Have Broken Commandments Are Muddy Me Someone Listening Right Now That's Broken All of the Commandments. One of the Commandments Christ Quotes Is You Shall Not Murder. Have You Ever Murdered Anyone. Don't Shout out the Answer Please Make the Person Next to You Very Nervous. If You Have Let Me Say That Even If You Had God Would Forgive You If You Repented of Your Sin There Was in Two Thieves Singing Next to Jesus.

I Need Side Is the Tongue on the Cross.

They Were Probably There for Capital Crimes. They Didn't Usually Crucify Thieves a Week, That They Were Hardened Criminals, Probably Terrorist in Effect.

One of Them Turned to Jesus and Said, Lord, Remember Me When You Come in Your Kingdom. And Jesus Said, Truly, Truly, I Say to You, Today You Will Be with Me in Paradise.

There Is a Man of the Bible Was Hunting down Christian. He Hated All Followers of Jesus. Ironically He Thought He Was Doing the Work of God's Name Was Saul Became from Tarsus.

One Day, That Wicked Man Encountered None Other but the Risen Lord on the Road to Damascus. Jesus Said, Saul, Saul, Why Are You Persecuting Me and Then Then Guilty of Murder Turned from His Sin Was Forgiven and He Became the Great Apostle Paul. God Can Change You and Forgive You No Matter What You Guys Might Save a Great Guy. I've Never Murdered Anybody but Listen to This. Jesus Said Heating Can Be like Murder in the Sermon on the Mount Decision Critic Said Don't Murder and Anyone Who Murders Will Be Subject to Judgment. But I Say to You If You're Angry with Your Brother Will Be Subject to Judgment. Have You Ever Cheated Someone so Much He Wanted to Kill Them. Let Me Restate the Question. Have You Ever Driven on the Freeway, Fiona. So We Broken That Commandment, Jesus Is Also, You Shall Not Commit Adultery but Is Not Even Me about a Little Boy He Was in Sunday School and the Teacher Was Talking about the 10 Commandments, Little Guy Was a Little Confused about What the Teacher Said about the Seventh Commandment Is Also Not Commit Adultery. Tony Was Coming Home from Church. He Asked His Dad Daddy What Is It Mean When the Bible Says Thou Shall Not Commit Agriculture Got Dad Was Smart. He Said Son, That Means You're Not Supposed to Plow the Other Mansfield Again so You Adultery Is Having Sex with Someone besides Your Wife If You're Married Fornication Another Biblical Work Having Sex before You're Married and Those Things Are His Sin before God. The Bible Says in Hebrews 13.

Give Honor to Mary to Be Faithful to One Another in Marriage, and God Will Surely Judge People Who Are Immoral and Those Who Commit Adultery and Then Jesus Took It a Step Further in the Sermon on the Mount. Just like You Did with Murdered.

He Said All You've Heard It Said, You Shall Not Commit Adultery by Save You Vertebrae Have Lost in Your Hearts. It's the Same Thing. We've All Broken. These Commandments Folks Revolve across the Line We've All Said, Why Did Jesus Quote the Commandments so the Guy Would Wake up and Realize He Fell Short out. The Amazing Thing This Crazy Young Guy Says I've Kept All of These since I've Been a Boy. Here's an Amazing Thing. Another Gospel Tells Us at This Point Jesus Looked at Him and Loved Him It Would Be More Sense to Me If We Read in Jesus Looked Ottoman. Samantha You Talking about All These Commandments a Juvenile Boy, There's No Way You Know Your Lien Right Now. What Is This Tommy Jesus Looked at This Rash, Arrogant Young Man, and despite His Sinfulness Loved Him, but I Want You to Know Something, No Matter What Sin You Committed.

God Loves You Tonight.

He Loves Listen to This Though, He Loves You As You Are. He Doesn't Want to Leave You That Way He Wants to Change You First till Forgive You. I Figured Turned from That Sin and Then You Can Start a but Jesus Was Quoting the Commandments so the Young Man Would See Fell Short of the Glory of God Because the Bible Says If You Offend in One Point of the Law, You're Guilty of All of It. Every One of Us Have Broken God's Commandment, but If You Just Broken One.

That's Enough to Keep You Out Of Heaven If They Know I'm a Good Person and Good People Go to Heaven Know That Some of the Bible Teach Good People Don't Go to Heaven Forgiven People Go to Heaven Who Need to Be Forgiven Honey.

Listen, You May Be a Good Person, Relatively but You're Not Good Enough Because You Fallen Short of God's Standard Were God Standards Their Absolute Perfection.

None of Us Are Perfect and Then We Intentionally Cross That Line and Then There Are Those Sins of Omission. Did You Know That Their Sins of Commission and Omission Heard about a Sunday School Teacher That Was Talking about That One Date or Class for Kids.

Today We Want to Talk about the Sins of Commission and Omission. Who Can Tell Me with the Sin of Commission. It a Little Girl Sitting There. The Front of the Class That I Know the Answer.

Teacher: Okay, What's a Set of Commission the Sin of Commission. That's When You Do Something You Should Not Do Just That. That's Exactly Right Now Who Can Tell Me That with the Sin of Omission. It Little Boy in the Back of the Room Was Waving His Hand Back and Forth. Teacher Calls on Him. Okay Son, What's the Sin of Omission.

He Said the Sin of Omission Those of the Things You Want to Do Which You Haven't Got around to yet, but the Sin of Commission Is Doing What You Should Not Do the Sin of Omission Is Not Doing What You Should Do. The Point Is All Sin.

Jesus Was Trying to Point That out to This God but This Guy's Full of Himself. He Said I've Done All of That, Jesus Okay, Check This out Buddy. Why Don't You Take All of Your Possession Seldom Give the Money to the Poor and Come, Follow Me. By the Way, Jesus Never Said That to Any Body Else Why Did You Say It to This Young Man Because This Guy Was Possessed by His Possessed Seagull Was His God. Everybody Is a God. Even the APS Has a God. Everyone Else out Some Altar, They Gobble for Your God Might Be Your Stop, Your God Might Be a Relationship, Your God Might Be Success.

But Here's the Question. Can Your God Save You in the Last Day of Your Life Will I Don't Think Your Credit Cards and the Savior That I Don't Think Your Possessions Are Going to Save You. I Don't Think Any Person Can Save You Only God Can Save You. You See the Problem with This Man Was, He Was Possessed by All of His Stuff so It Was Kind of a Test Hey Man Thing You Really Want to Know Only Got That Stuff Lose What's Holding You Back from Jesus Christ.

This Guy Was Held Back by the Midyear, Held Back by What Others Think You Might Be Thinking, You Know, I Would like to Believe in Jesus, but What Would My Friend Sitting Next to Me Think If I Did, and Then Your Friend Sitting Next to You Is Thinking.

I like to Believe in Jesus but Will My Friend Sitting Next to Me. Think of. I Might Excuse Me Forget about What Your Friend Sitting Next to You Is Thinking What Is God What Do You Think Because One Day One Day You're Going to Stand All Alone before God and These Can Ask You What You Did with His Son Jesus Christ You Think Your Friends Are Born You Want to Find out Who Your Real Friends Are. Make a Commitment to Follow Jesus Christ You Will Find a Real Fat and You Know What You May Realize You Don't Have As Many Friends As You Thought You Had When I Became a Christian. And Trust Me When I Tell You, No One Ever Expected Me to Become a Christian and When I Put My Faith in Christ Pretty Much My Friends Didn't Want to Be a Part of My Life Anymore.

You Know What, I Didn't Really Want to Be a Part of Their Life Because They Were Going in the Direction I Used To Go and That Was Leading to Nowhere Will Back It Was Leading to Misery and Ultimately the Hell Do You Want to Make a Stand.

Don't Let Someone or Something Hold You Back from God. Is It Will Break up by Give My Life to Jesus the Way up to Give Anything. The Answer Is Yes. Let Me Illustrate. Jesus Said, Behold, I Stand at the Door and I Not Know If You Hear My Voice, and Open the Door, I Will Come in and Say Your Home Tomorrow Get a Knock at the Door.

Listen Jesus.

I'm at the Door Knocking You, My Voice and Open the Door. I'll Commit Really You Open the Door. Jesus I've Heard so Much about You.

I've Seen All of Your Movies. I Admire You. I Follow You on Twitter. I Really Don't Have a Twitter Account Crisis but Still You're the Greatest. Will I like to Commend Your Life Right Now Will Really like to Come in Your Home Will Come on in.

So You Invite Jesus You Want Sin till You Get to Send Me a Grandson from the Kitchen You Run in the Kitchen, Opened up the Fridge Again.

All Men I Can Give Them Those Devil's Food Eggs. I Would Just Be Weird and You Are Making a Sandwich and You Hear Some Noise in the Front Room. Jesus Will You Only Invited in like 10 Minutes Ago at Your Front Door Open. He's Picking up Your Furniture Pointed out the Front Door. Excuse Me, Lord, Good to Have You at All, but What Are You Doing Says I'm Just Cleaning House He Rips up Your Carpet Will Lord What Are You Doing Not. I Got Them on Sale over at Target. What Was Why He's Taken the Wallpaper down Taken the Pictures down Thrown It into a Big Key on the Front Lawn Is a Will Is in This Just Great US Jesus to Come into Your Life.

He Throws All Your Stuff Away Jesus and See the Good You Move Aside, Lets out a Loud Whistle and a Big Moving Van That's up in Your Driveway, Father and Son Moving Company, What Would Bring in MRIs Place Them Brand-New Carpet Will That's Very Not Very Nice. He Puts a Brand-New Wallpaper Beautifully Handcrafted Furniture Replaces Your Old John and Then It Dawns on You Jesus Only Got Rid of the Old Stuff to Put Something Better in Its Place, so US a Question Greg Wife to Give Anything up to Follow Jesus Christ.

Yes, You Want to Give up Emptiness. You Have To Give up Misery You Have To Give up the Peer of Death in Its Pl., God will give you fulfillment and happiness, and they guaranteed a hope of heaven, it's God's radiant deal if you live Christ to come into your life. Well, let me bring this message to a close by contrasting the guy we've been focusing on this rich young ruler who went away sad to another wealthy guy who heard the same message. Now this guy came all the way from Ethiopia. He worked for the Queen.

There he was a VIP cabinet member and he had gone to Jerusalem searching for God, but he had not found them and so he was riding home in his chariot with his entourage, wondering where the answer was any happen to be reading from the Scripture that God directed Amanda giving Philip share the gospel with this and from Ethiopia and that men believe right on the spot. The Bible says he went away, rejoicing soul is contrasted to to wealthy to come to Jesus one goes away sad.

The other goes away. Glad here's your choice tonight. You can go away sad. You can go away mad, you can go away. Glad it's your choice what you will do with Jesus Christ. Read the story of a very wealthy man what a passion for collecting fine art, along with the sun. Priceless paintings and other works of art, adorning the walls and the shelves of their massive family estate. While the nation was a war in the young man went to serve his country a few weeks and pass the father received a message that his son had been killed. He died in the line of duty.

The Christmas holidays came in the wealthy old father was heartbroken. The joy of the season Advantis with the death of his son on Christmas morning there was a knock at his door. I woke up the old man you open the door and there stood a soldier with a large package. It is an he said to the father, Sir, I was a friend of your son.

In fact I was the one that he was saving when he was killed in the line of duty and sir I want to come in if I could. The older man invited this young soldier rented the soldier unwrapped the package and it was a teensy of the wealthy man's son is not a great work of art, but this young guy had captured in striking detail of the young man's face. Overcome with emotion the older gentleman took that painting the move just like millions of dollars of other works of art hanging on his wall and hung it over the fireplace in the best position we would just sit there in his chair and stare at them, meaning that he loved so much. A year later, the old man died or the art world was abuzz because everyone was anticipating the upcoming auction.

According to the will of the old man all of his artwork would be auction on Christmas day to day he received the greatest good and that they soon arrived and there were art collectors from all around the world. This was going to Damon's dreams where this would be a day when trains would be fulfilled for the auction began with a painting that was on in anyone's museum lists. It was a painting of the man's son the auction are out for an opening bid for the room was silent, who will open the bidding with $100.

No one spoke. Finally someone yelled out. Who cares about that stupid painting, just a picture of his son, let's get to the real art. The auctioneer responded no, we are to sell this one for all who will take his son. There was a neighbor who knew the boy to give you $50 for an he knew the boy I like to have it. The auctioneer said going once, going twice gone. The gavel fell.

Tears filled the room. Let's get on the real auction now doctrinaire look out to everyone and said the auction is officially over, everyone was stunned.

Someone said what you mean it's all over.

We didn't come here for this stupid painting of this man's son is millions of dollars of art here available what's going on.Jenna replied it's very simple. According to the will of the father. Whoever takes his time gets it all so you can chase after all the things this world offers the promise happiness or you can take the son. If you believe in Jesus friend you get it all you get it all implied that I mean you get wood life is all about you get purpose you get meaning and best of all, you get the guaranteed hope that you will be in heaven one day so if you put your faith in Jesus Christ. Yet, do you know what it is to know him well, let me be very blunt with. I've spoken view of an offer of forgiveness. The Bible says for God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have ever lasting life if you will believe in Jesus, God will forgive you and let me tell you what happens if you don't believe in Jesus.

A lot of times you don't hear people talk about this. I meant to use the H word people tell there is a health I think no joy in telling you that know this. The last thing God wants us to sin. Any man or woman made in his image to this place called hell. Hell wasn't made for people.

How was created for the devil and his angels and Jesus died on the cross.

I took the full judgment of God upon himself so we don't have to go to this is called hell. God is not enough force you to go to heaven. It's an offer.

It's a gift. And if you want think if you need to take it in open it and enjoy it. Have you receive that gift yet. I want to just tell you that the way men and women open gifts is completely different right you give a gift to a woman in your rapid. First of all show under the ribbon very carefully think this is so beautiful to save this ribbon for another time she and that she reads the car.

She reads the card and she's genuinely moved by what's written in the car and then she opens it often hollow day. You that's all woman opens again now minister friend. First of all don't even wrap a gift for a man Ribbentrop a neighbor or a mirror obstacle to a man, and the only reason a man opens a card opposite see if there's any money in it. Okay, he doesn't care if he says he is moved by what the guard says his lien rights of but here's the deal. I don't care how you open the give just open it to the balls in your court. The decision is your this is an either/or proposition. This is heaven or hell.

This is just are noted. Jesus. Jesus did not say admire me, he said, follow me want to make a decision to not Jesus said you're either forming or against me.

By the way, those words are what got my attention when I was a young kid in high school and I heard the gospel for the first time I looked around at all those Christians and I knew they believed in him. There were form when I look at my own life and I thought why not one of them is that mean I'm against him know there has to be a moment where you say Lord, I'm sorry for my sent she might feel to Greg I want this. I want to receive the gift. I want to go to heaven when I die, I want my sins forgiven what I needed it was sent, number one, you need to realize you're a sinner above us as all of us in the fallen short of God's glory. We've already pointed that out. Stop justifying it stop rationalizing it just own it and accept it and admit it. I am a sinner number two recognize that there is a Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sin he voluntarily came to this 2000 years ago on a rescue mission and went to the cross and died in our place. Jesus Christ came to pay a debt he did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay. So you need to realize he died for you. It was in nails and held him to the cross.

2000 years ago. It was love for you. Number three. You must repent of your sin. What is the word repent me me to change your direction you've been going away from God's time to do a U-turn in the road of life and stop start going to God, the Bible says repent and be converted in times of refreshment will come from the presence of the Lord you churn from that sin number four, you need to receive Jesus Christ into your life. Being a Christian is not just knowing about God is knowing God.

It's a relationship I asked to write out Christ.

You might say, well II think so. They listen friend you'll know if he is there and if you don't know, maybe he isn't there yet. You see your mom and dad can't do this for you.

Your parents can are your mom and then turned to be the same thing. So I said then write your husband or wife can do it for you. A friend to do it for you. You have to make that decision for yourself. Only you can make, then he must do it publicly that his mind a few moments Domino invite you to make a public stand to follow Jesus Christ I'm in ask you in a few moments here in this arena to get up out of your seat and walked down here to this open floor and make a public stand say I want to follow Jesus Christ.

Why don't ask you to come publicly because Jesus said if you will acknowledge me before people will acknowledge you before my father and the angels in heaven, for the audit. If you deny me before people of the value for the father you that are in the harvest Americo's venues around the United States and around the world.

I'm in ask you to get up and walk forward in that venue you're at, so wherever you are all ask you is I invite people here in Philadelphia. Walk forward to walk forward and that sure about forward in that theater.

Maybe you're in the front room.

Alaska did just stand your feet wherever you are, and ask you to make a stand to follow Jesus Christ and one last thing folks you need to do it now. The Bible says today is a day of salvation.

Now is your time.

You may never have another opportunity like this one tonight to put your faith in Jesus. Don't miss this, God loves you, you'll forgive you but you must come to him, here's your chance to do that work in a praying. Then I'm going to invite you to make your scan for Jesus Christ. Or maybe you knew the Lord you fallen away from him all ask you to come back to Christ and I so let's all bow our heads and let's pray together. If you would father I pray for every person here every person watching.

I pray that your Holy Spirit will show them their need for Jesus, help them to come to you now and find your forgiveness we commit them to you now in Jesus name we pray. Amen

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