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SM141130/Israel, Iran, ISIS and Bible Prophecy

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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December 4, 2014 3:55 pm

SM141130/Israel, Iran, ISIS and Bible Prophecy

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions were to become a harvest partner, please visit us Okay, let's grab our Bibles that would turn to Ezekiel 37 that some of you think you will thought we were going to the life of Jesus. That's right you to go back to that next Sunday in my message the nonbelievers favorite verse. But now the word rendering in the Christmas I were talking about the Lord's birth. When Jesus effectively came the first time I thought we would talk a little bit about when Jesus comes back the second time and I believe that can happen at any moment. That is what I want to share with you a message with the title Israel Iran and ISIS in Bible prophecy is a story of a guy that was a salesman on on the road after a long day of selling product. He was exhausted.

Got back to his hotel room really late and he said the side of his bed and pulled off his big heavy shoe and let it drop to the ground and three people just woke up what I did. That little effect on and then he thought oh well it's really late at night and there's someone below me that I probably just woke up.

I'm not going to do that with my next usually took it up very quietly and set it down. When he went to bed. So after about 1/2 hour there was a loud knock at his door and he opens and there's a member. Dark circles under his eyes.

The guy says I'm in the room below you and I can't go to sleep until the other shoe drops and I think the world right now. In many ways is waiting for the other shoe to drop. I mean, it seems like every time we turn around there's a new terrorist attack.

There was one in Afghanistan recently were a suicide bomber exploded himself wounding many people killing other and others been another beheading of an American citizen. This was the first who was a member of the military. This man Peter Cassidy was a former elite farming room for Army Ranger and he was so moved by what he saw over the Middle East. He returned to Syria as an aid worker. He was captured by ISIS. He actually converted to Islam are taking on the name Abdul Reimann.

But despite the pleas of his family. He was beheaded in the video was posted on line. These beheadings have been done by a member of ISIS that is been dug Jean Hardy, John, and the reason for that is because he is a British accent and some of the people who were exposed to was that he sounded like he was one of the Beatles, so hence this nickname John Hardy John this is the fifth beheading by ISIS. Three of them Americans and two were British aid workers. ISIS is now gathering young children as young as nine other training them in terror as activities and they dubbed them cubs of the caliphate and this is gotten so bad that the United Nations say that ISIS is guilty of war crimes within there's another terror group out there called both coherent.

They abducted children in Nigeria. Recently they killed 45 and then they snatch 300 schoolgirls either put them to work as terrorists. They sell the girls as sex slaves. Then there was this attack in Jerusalem recently.

Remember that the two Palestinians came into a synagogue in Jerusalem with meat cleaver's lives in a handgun and they killed three men actually follow Foreman altogether for worshipers and a policeman and three of the men that were murdered were rabbis from America. This was greeted with celebration in dancing in the streets all over on the west bank. Now these attackers all have one thing in common.

This is Islamic terrorism.

I'm not saying that every Muslim is a terrorist, for clearly they are not what it is to say that all of these terror groups have one thing in common they are Islamic there many names. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah will coherent the list goes on with that sore dealing with right now and our world, and it's only getting worse. A new poll reveals that Americans believe that our country has spun off of its access and that America is out of control. We take that a step further. It's un-American. That's out of control.

Folks, it's the whole world and I want to tell you why. Right now we are living in the last days.

That's what it is plain and simple. The Bible tells us in second Timothy chapter 2, usually chapter 3 in the last days. Things will go from bad to worse. You could sort of take the last days event and compare them to Domino's closely stacked together. I don't know if you want to play dominoes. I don't. I just know how to not come over right it's like a lot of the event starting with the emergence of the antichrist. Then there's the tribulation. And then there's the battle of Armageddon. And then there's a second coming of Jesus Christ. And then there's a millennium, and so forth. But these events closely stacked together. Once the first domino goes, the others will fall in rapid succession were getting very close to that because a new world order is going to emerge.

People that are powerful today will not be during that time, strangely, curiously and in for a cause of some concern. We do not find the reigning superpower in the face of the earth in the last days prophetic scenario. Of course, in speaking of the United States, but we do see the emergence of antichrist in this Confederation of tenant nations in this new world order Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel was recently quoted as stating that the world is experiencing quote using historic defining times, though, will result in a new world order while questioning America's role in the emerging world elaborating further, Hagel said, quote this is a time of great global transformation were essentially seen a new world order evolving and being billed.

I don't think we've seen such a time. Since right after World War II." I don't know what a Defense Secretary Hagel meant by that, but I do know this new world order is coming and will be led by the antichrist and interestingly a Defense Secretary Hagel just resign.

Some say he did so under pressure. Maybe it's because he made statements like that. I don't know but here we have a shifting in a changing in global powers right now and it is a reminder that Christ is coming out so Mathilde give me a great regard are further for my whole life. My grandmother believe that affect my grandmother's grandmother believe that is well will I believe there are things in our company right now that we have never seen happen before. So let's start with some of those things.

Let me start by talking about the modern state of Israel, who would've ever thought such a nation would exist especially in the aftermath of World War II because the Bible said that the Jews would regather together in their land again and get after World War II, 6 million Jews were put to death in Nazi death camps, concentration camps with names like Swenson.Cowan ravens broken others who would've ever thought that those people would manage to return to their homeland and form a nation again because the Bible clearly said they would be scattered, and that actually happened in 70 A.D., after the crucifixion of Christ our Lord warned that the temple was going to be dismantled mounted a mantle rather any warned that judgment was coming on the city of Jerusalem and Shirley came in after Titus rolled in to Jerusalem with his forces of Rome in A.D. 70 of the Jews were scattered to the four corners of the world and they never really returned as a nation. Since that time, but after the Holocaust. The Jews began to return in only a few years after the other World War II. They formed the nation on May 14, 1948 and that is when the prophetic timeclock began to detect. Listen to this never is a nation been able to maintain its national unity or identity. 3 to 500 years after being removed from its homeland until Israel. So this is on precedented. This isn't just a sign of the end times.

This is what we would call a super sign but listen to this. Not only did God see Israel would return to their land again but he said that they would have control of the city of Jerusalem because Scripture clearly teaches that Jerusalem is at the epicenter of end times event yet when Israel became a homeland. They did not have control of the city of Jerusalem that was actually under the control of Jordan during the Six-Day War in 1967 the Israeli forces after being attacked within a recaptured Jerusalem again and all they had control of that city that was now under control of the Jewish people for the first time in over 2000 years and this is where the rub comes in because Jerusalem remains at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with many Arab leaders worldwide, insisting that Jerusalem and the West Bank are rightfully Palestinian territory must be ultimately given back as a condition for peace and this is why these peace talks break down because the Palestinian people want the West Bank and they want Jerusalem and another problem is they will not acknowledge the right of Israel to exist do think you could have a meaningful relationship with someone that did not acknowledge a right to exist. Your same to 70 can we be friends. Can we just get along and they said well yeah but the only problem is I don't acknowledge a right to exist on the face of the earth. Okay, that's a little bit of a problem is and it that's what the Jewish people are facing right now. That is why this conflict continues on. Now this is a politically charged thing and people of differing opinions. I'm in a land of what the Bible says okay I would say what the Bible says about this conflict, God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people. This is clear. Deuteronomy 18. God says look I'm giving all the slander you go in and occupy it. It is a land that I the Lord's will to give score to give to your ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all their descendents, so this is a land that God gave to the Jewish people so they returned to their homeland that God gave to them.

No number of significant things have happened. The Bible said that Israel would be scattered as that happened.

Yes, the Bible says Israel would be regather as that happened again.

Yes, the Bible says that Israel will regain Jerusalem is that happened yes 1967. The Bible says Israel will be in the last days isolated from the other nations of the world is that happened will let you say that happening. The Bible says is a role after they been regathered will be attacked by a large force to her, nor is that happened, though it hasn't, but it could happen at any time. So let's consider what the Bible says about Jerusalem for a moment. Isn't it amazing that this tiny little city creates such a star, not Paris and Rome, not London, not LA, not New York, Jerusalem why this hostility because God says in Zechariah 12. I will make Jerusalem and Judah like an intoxicating drink and all the nearby nations that send their armies to besiege Jerusalem on that day I'll make Jerusalem a heavy stone burden for the world. None of the nation to try will be able to lift it is an interesting God says Leslie's Jerusalem will be a burdensome stone that's exactly what it is today. John Wahlberg, a respected expert on Bible prophecy made this statement and I quote the prophecies about Jerusalem, make it clear that the holy city will be in the center of world events in the end time. The conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs will focus more and more attention on Jerusalem and all of these situations Jerusalem as a city to watch is a city of prophetic destiny repairs to doubt her final role." So let's find out where this is in the Bible.

Turn to Ezekiel 37 none and read verses 1 to 6.

This is where God speaks of the nation Israel being scattered and brought back to life. The Lord took hold of me. I was carried away by the spirit of the Lord into a valley filled with bone. He led me around the old dry bones that cover the valley floor. They were scattered everywhere across the ground.

Then he asked me verse three Son of Man can these bones become living people again all sovereign Lord, I replied you alone know the answer to that. Then he said, speak to these bones and say dry bones listen to the word of the Lord. This is what the sovereign Lord says will come in to breathe into you and make you live again upward flexion muscles on you and cover you with skin all put breath in view you'll come alive and you'll know that I am the Lord.

There, God's forgiveness of debt audiences before, but this takes the cake effectively.

God takes Ezekiel to a cemetery.

It says preach to the people in the great but what does this mean go to these bones represent the interpretation is in verse 11 to 14 of Ezekiel 37 he said to me, Son of Man.

These bones represent the people of Israel. 13. We become old dry bones all hope is gone not given this message from the sovereign Lord, O my people, I will open up your graves of exile cause you to rise again I'll bring you back to the land of Israel. When this happens all my people you know that I am the Lord will put my Spirit in you and you live in return home to your own land.

Then you will know that I am the Lord. You'll see I've done everything just as I promised brought the Lord of smoke. Is that clear enough. It is God not breaking this down in a way that we can understand they're going to be scattered there going to be re-gathered and that's exactly what we are's a profound thought of your taking notes.

Write this down after Ezekiel 37 is Ezekiel 38 that is significant actually is. Ezekiel 37 speaks of the Jewish people being scattered abroad back to life but Ezekiel 38 speaks of a large nation to the north of the newly established Jewish homeland along with a number of allies in feeding Israel from every direction and the Bible is very clear in saying that this is a specific event of the latter times or the last day. So let's go to Ezekiel 38 verse two Son of Man, set your face against Gog, the land of Magog, the Prince of Ross music, and tubal prophesy against them if they thus says the Lord. I'm against you.

God, the Prince of Ross Misha and tubal. I'll turn you around all put hooks in your jaws, and lead you well with all of your army, horses, and horsemen, all splendidly clothed, a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords underline verse five Persia, Ethiopia, Libya are with them was shield and helmet now dropped under verse eight of Ezekiel 38 a long time from now you'll be calling the action. So when this statement was given by God. God was saying this is in the future. The distant future. In the last days, God says you will swoop down on the land of Israel, which will be line in peace.

After recovery from war and after the return of her people from many lands you and your allies Avastin also more will roll down on them like a sword and cover the land like a cloud rather like a storm and cover the land like a cloud.

This is what the Lord says at that time evil thoughts will come to your mind. You'll devise a wicked scheme you will say this is an unprotected land filled with unwalled villages.

I will march against her and destroy these people live in such competence.

There interesting phrase, these people who live in such competence really an unthinkable Franks to be used of Israel at any time in our history until now. Certainly you could never said that after the Holocaust, or after they declared their statehood or after the Six-Day War, the Yom Kippur war because there's a real still could have been defeated but the Israel of today is much different than the Israel of yesterday. Today the military of Israel is greatly respected.

In fact, because of her military prowess and intelligence and her possession of nuclear weapons. The other nations know that when Israel says they'll do something, they'll do it so they are living in confidence, relatively speaking, but who is this force known as Magog that marches against her will.

Let's trace the word Magog biblically. Magog was the second son of Japheth, and according to the Jewish historian Josephus, he settled on the north of the Black Sea tubal Amisha Glover. The fifth and six sons of Japheth and their descendents settled south of the Black Sea.

These tribes intermarried and they became known as Magog. They settled to the north of Israel. So Ezekiel 30 and into God says the God I'll turn you and drive you toward the mountains of Israel, bringing you from the distant North circuit on a map of the world find the little sliver of land 9 miles wide, known as Israel and look to her north and who do you find your fine rush is Russia. Magog will you I think you can make a pretty good case for but here's the interesting thing we find allies that marched with Magog. We have Ethiopia to be the modern-day sedan clearly under Islamic control. Libya would Libya be Libya would be Libya and the nurse Persia Persia, one of the allies of Magog is modern day I ran back it wasn't until March 21, 1935 that her name was changed. Persia officially became a rabbit at the point the been known as is Persia, so you'll meet people from I rented in the sale and purchase. That's her heritage. That's who they are. So here's what we know we don't know where the United States of America is the prophetic scenario that concerns me how good a nation of our size not be in the last days events.

While we can offer a number of ideas. One is maybe we would fall in line with other nations and be a part of the Confederacy Confederacy of the antichrist could be because of an economic collapse in our country of some kind could be because were in some kind of a war, even a nuclear conflict.

I don't know my favorite option is if even half of half of the American to say there are Christians really are. That means when the rapture of the church takes place so many Americans who believe in Christ and be counted to meet the Lord, our country would effectively collapse overnight, I think about it with our nation today if it 10 million people meant to be conservative. I disappear caught up to meet the Lord in the year people in government people in the military people in the medical field are people in every field you can think of Hollywood would be largely untouched but in these other areas. All those people disappeared suddenly or whatever. Though our country. You can see how we would diminish as a world power now is Russia Magog. They may be as Israel, Israel, no question about it is Persia. I read absolutely so I know this much. I ran as a role to play. Israel has a role to play and it's most likely that Russia has a role to play fascinating that Iran is identified as an ally of Magog. If Magog is Russia is not worth noting that 2500 years Russia has had no alliance whatsoever with Persia/Iran until now, another officially analyzed Russia recently signed a billion-dollar deal to some missiles and other weapons to Iran. There's a thousand Iranian nuclear scientists have been trained in Russia by senior Russian scientists. This was prophesy 2500 years ago and it just happened to see what I'm saying. These are interesting events that are transpiring. Indeed these are signs of the times right now were negotiating with Iran because we don't want them to develop nuclear weapons.

And we think that maybe there led by people who are more moderate today than in the past. I don't know that I personally believe that because they have some pretty inflammatory rhetoric of that they've used over the years. We all remember Mahmoud Oxman vintage octal Mahmoud Oxman vintage job is elected: mood, whack job is because it is inflammatory rhetoric. He is no longer speaking for. I ran but now we have the so-called moderate leader of Iran, but we still hear these statements about wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the map are they really moderate. Recently, the leader of Iran said Israel must be annihilated nicely. Well, those are just empty threats. Are they the last time the Jewish people were threats like that came from Nazi Germany and had it not been for the intervention of the United States of America and World War II.

Who knows how many more Jewish people. The Nazis would've killed and exterminated. Is he so when the Jewish people hear someone say we want to wipe you off the face of the earth. They take it real seriously and so they should. That's why Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, quote there is no moderation in Iran. It's unrepentant it's unreformed a culture Israel's eradication it promotes international terrorism" Netanyahu also said this and I agree with the statement quote. Make no mistake, Isis must be defeated, but to defeat Isis and Levi ran as a threshold. Nuclear power is to win the battle and lose the war." And now we see Iran forming an alliance with North Korea, of all people, and the North Koreans. Clearly a nation that is a rogue nation and a nation that is been developing nuclear weapons even of fired off missiles but yet the US State Department says Iran declared in September person North Korea was part of their axis of resistance which includes Iran, Syria and Hezbollah in their allies with North Korea. Enter ISIS know what these people even come from initially dismissed as Junior varsity.

What we found that they are ready for prime time Isis is a terrorist army.

We've never faced a terrorist army before and that's what's unusual about them. Armed with incredible hardware. A new and a new UN report reported that they start a massive amount of weapon that captured vehicles, missiles, rockets, rocket launchers, antiaircraft guns to varieties of tanks and ammo sufficient to equip more than three I Rocky conventional army divisions and their well-funded to Isis makes up to check this out $1.6 million a day of crude oil sales from captured territories. They raise this much is $45 million from ransom payments and they produce millions of dollars every month through extortion and also from the profit they make from the people they capture and sell as sex slaves. Originally Isis was what we might call a competitor with Al Qaeda, but now they have recently formed a pact to work together, which is certainly not good news for the rest of the world. Isis is managed to, shall I say it make G hard cool to certain people are from England and some even from the United States have aligned themselves with Isis as well as other people around the world there attracted the use social media. They use Twitter.

They pull people into their cause and does so. We see this kind of a force out there developing and we wonder what is it all mean we wonder where is the United States and all this I mean for years.

We've stood as a staunch ally of Israel. When Israel declared her statehood. 1948 was the United States of America that stepped up to the plate and acknowledge her before any other nation. I believe one of the reasons God is blessed America is because of our continued support for Israel and the Jewish people because God said to Abraham years ago. I will bless those that bless you I will curse those that curse you, you look at the nations of the world, that of raise their hand against Israel and tried to wipe her out list is long Babylon Rome Syria in modern times, Germany how God dealt with them and yet here we have stood by her and I think yes it's true.

Israel needs America.

But maybe America needs Israel more than Israel needs America because we want the blessing of God on our nation, not just because she's the only true democracy in the Middle East, but because these folks this Jewish nation there still God's chosen people and we should stand by her, but here's an interesting twist in the narrative. The Bible actually says in the last days that Israel will not only regather but still be isolated. They won't have an ally like us standing with them so we know that it's only a matter of time until Israel stands alone and why will God allow this because when Magog this large force from her, nor that may indeed be Russia attacks are. God says I'm going to step in Ezekiel 38 this is what will happen when God gets excellent of Israel.

My hot anger will be around since the sovereign Lord, the Lord could decimate the armies of Magog and her allies will take seven years for them to burn the weapons from that conflict. And then God says he's going to pour his spirit out on Israel in Ezekiel 3929 here's where it gets interesting for us as Christians before God will pork his spirit out on the nation Israel and on the Jewish people. His work with the non-Jews must come to a crescendo. Romans 1125 says I want you to understand this mystery friends so you don't feel proud and start bragging some of the Jews have hard hearts with those last until the complete number of Gentiles come to Christ right now, largely across our world. When you share the gospel with Jewish people that there quite resistant. There are Jewish Christians today who love the Lord, who called Jesus the Messiah Yeshua how Mashita though say, but others coming a day when the eyes of many Jewish people will be open and this is going to be sparked by the intervention of God in saving the nation Israel from the attack of Magog.

But before God starts pouring his spirit out on the Jewish people again the full number of Gentiles must commit what is it me, gentle, and not a Jew I been grafted into the promises of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as most of us have.

But when God is done without the were caught up to meet the Lord in the air, then this event will happen. Therefore, as I see things shaping up the way that they are.

I just wonder of the Lord's not waiting for the last person the belief there might be walking the earth somewhere today. The one less person.

God is waiting for for before he calls his church home. Can you imagine if that person was here with us right now or watching online or or there was somewhere out there it can you imagine if you knew this person wants like this is the person that when they believe in Jesus Christ, the church will be rapture. You know which one will apply little pressure on them. Can you imagine we said okay let's just pray it if you want to accept Christ. Pray this the Lord Jesus come into my life and that's it were caught up to meet the Lord in the air that is going to come. We don't know when but we certainly see the signs of the times my friend Skip tried to get a great illustration. One of his messages occurred in the radio so I asked him to send it to me that's an illustration about a city he visited some time ago called wall in the town of wall is a drugstore called wall drug that was started by amending Ted Hostetler note wall is in North Dakota Tuesday South Dakota and does so to tiny little town wall is a population of 300 people so Ted knew he wasn't going to get that much business from the people in town so we decided to publicize as little drugstore all around the country and actually around the world. He put signs up for a store everywhere telling you how far you were from wall drug Prince into Memphis, Tennessee. You'll see the sign wall drug 1192 miles. There's one in Paris, France.

Waldrop 5961 miles. He has signs in Moscow, Kenya and outside the Taj Mahal in India, but as you get on Interstate 90 in South Dakota for the last 45 minutes before wall drug.

There are 53 signs as you dive drive down the road they get bigger and brighter closer you get, Jesus told us to be aware of the signs of his return with those signs get closer together and bigger and brighter.

You know is coming. Is there every time we turn around it seems like there's a new sign.

Jesus said it would be like a woman going into labor.

You girls know about it. You guys don't we don't know and will go go stupid as is closer to the moment of delivering the labor pains are closer together. That's what Jesus said it will be like before his return. These events will be more often happening closer together were certainly seen that now when we close with one final thought that the preacher's way of saying I'm talking to 30 more minutes because we never defined how long I thought it was a thought to belong on a chemical 30 more minutes. Just a few more moments will call this a bonus track.

This is really not about the Lord's return, but it is related in this action is related to Isis again read an article in the newspaper with a headline Isis stones woman caught in adultery to death, and so I read this article currently would happen as a woman was caught in the act of adultery and so Isis militants along with the girls father dug a hole in the ground with a rope tied around her neck and stones are for committing this crime because the girls father was the most quote humiliated." He was given the highest honor of throwing the biggest stone at his daughter as she pled for her life as she begged him for forgiveness. Her father coldly replied, don't call me father in the executor of the tragic story is a reminder of another story about the woman caught in the act of adultery and she was thrown in front of Jesus. No, not by Isis militants, but by religious Pharisees. They said the law says she should be stone what you say in the Jesus to the most amazing thing. He stooped down and began to write on the ground and then he stood up and faced the crowd and said let him that is among you who is without sin cast the first out and then he stooped down again and wrote again.

The Bible says they left from the eldest to the youngest one earth you think he wrote on the ground. The greatest theological minds have wrestled with this for ever and I'm a resolver today non-kidding. I can't say with certainty, but I give you my opinion I think what Jesus wrote on the ground was the names of the accusers, looking up a killer.

Your name here and Mordechai here got your name right here Abraham earnings regular Joshua yeah put your name hereto, and next to their name.

He probably wrote with her secret sin was Mordechai adultery Caleb idolatry in on it with all I know was he cleared the room. The Bible says they left from the older to the younger that's probably because the older guys at more sins to confess right so this woman is left all alone with Jesus. He looks her nieces woman where your accusers. She says I have none.

Lord, he says neither do I accuse you go and sin no more of the story where your accusers go and sin no more, they say, wait a second.

This woman was caught in a sexual sin.

And what Jesus just turns a blind eye to it know she had believed in Jesus. At this point and already turning these are one of the number.

That's when she called him Lord woman he says where your accusers. She says I have none, Lord. That's how long it takes to believe in Jesus like out in an instant she knew she was a sinner. She knew she was guilty where your accusers.

I have none Lord. And here's another interesting thing is what Jesus called her. He says woman, where are your accusers has no one condemned you the word that Jesus used different woman was not a word she was expecting. I'm sure she was called a lot of things in her life but never a woman because his word woman actually is a term of respect can be translated ma'am or lady. It's a way he addressed his own mother as he hung on the cross woman behold your son how you would speak to older woman or a woman you respect. Excuse me ma'am can ask you question. He called her man he called her lady. He called her woman knelt was she behaving like a lady at that point, no. But you see, Jesus didn't just see her for what she was he sorry for what she would become mentally sees us and I look at my life and I see failure I see weakness I see sin. God looks at my life and he sees that to what he sees what he can make you into he sees that he can change you and you will be a different person than you were before. Contrast this to the story of the Isis militants.

The girl cries out to her father.

Father, I'm sorry.

Forgive me, don't call me father. He coldly response.

Now here we are.

We say father forgive us and God hears our prayers and he answers them because of the death of Jesus on the cross knows we are in the Christmas season were going to hear a lot about the birth of the babe in the manger. And so we should. But let's never forget one simple thing. The incarnation was for the purpose of the atonement. In other words, the birth of Jesus was so there would be the death of Jesus and the resurrection of Jesus. He died for our sins so we could be forgiven. So now here we are hearing this message were talking about Christ's return. My question for you is are you ready if Jesus were to come back today. Would you be one of the ones who would be caught up to meet him in the air. Would you be one of the ones you would be left maybe your in some kind of sin right now. Maybe it is the sin of adultery like the woman I mentioned. Or maybe you're a man of that said or maybe it's another sin. I want you to know whatever sin it is.

God will forgive you right now if you'll turn from it and put your faith in him.

Listen. One thing we want to be sure of is that were ready to meet the Lord, are we in the last days. I believe we are.

But even if we are not as far along in the last days as I may think, I know this much in your life as an individual you may be in your last days. Some of you are just old so it's kind of obvious gang during her last days deal with it. But then there are some that are young could be in our last days to the wind 30 minute I got 30 more years minimum maybe 50 yeah maybe and maybe five and maybe two, maybe not. No one knows you don't know the hour of your death. You don't know the day when God's gonna bring your life to an end and that is why the Bible says prepare to meet your God so loved.

You may be in your last days, and this may be one of your lost opportunities to get right with God in a moment I'm in will extend an invitation that normally give you this opportunity to believe in Jesus and of your sin forgiven.

If you've never done this. Do it now, don't put it off till later. Do it now because Jesus is coming in. Life is short so let's make sure were right with God. Our heads right now and father I pray for every person here every person listening, watching, help them to see their need for Jesus and help them to come to you now know what I heads about in her eyes are closed and were praying. How many of you would say right now. I want Jesus Christ to forgive me of my sin. I want to know that when I die I will go to heaven.

I want to be ready for the Lord's return affect your desire. If you want Jesus Christ to come in your life if you want him to forgive you of your sin if you want to know with certainty that you will go to heaven when you die wherever you are watching the stand your feet and Emily Juniper to stand up if you want Christ to come into your life. You want your sin forgiven. You want your guilt taken away. You want to be ready for his return.

Stand your feet and Emily Juniper. By the way, others are standing won't be the only one to stand up wherever your hearing this, wherever you're seeing this stand your feet, lead you in this simple prayer I bless you that are standing anybody else stand.

Now God may be speaking to you, bless you stand your feet when I had just about maybe some of you would say I know it's right and I haven't been doing it. I've been doing things I know are wrong before God and I'm ready to repent of that sin.

I need to re-commit my life to Jesus Christ that your desire.

I want you to stand your feet.

You then need to make that recommitment to Christ. Do it now to pray together stand up wherever you are.

Anybody else, bless you that are standing just a few more moments anybody else stand now to pray together publish. Unless moment stand up now, bless all of you know you that are standing over the lead you in a simple prayer. I'm in as good as I pray this prayer, you would pray it out loud after me. This is where you're asking Jesus Christ to come in your life again as I pray pray this prayer out loud right we stand.

Okay, pray this after me now Lord Jesus, I know I'm a center I'm sorry for my sin and I sure and from that sin I choose to follow you as Savior and Lord is God and friend make me ready for your return.

Thank you for loving me and calling me and forgiving me in Jesus name I pray a

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