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TH150312/Learning How to Walk

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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March 18, 2015 5:21 pm

TH150312/Learning How to Walk

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners receive free email daily devotions were to become a harvest partner, please visit us Ephesians chapter 4. So turn your Bibles to Ephesians 4 in the title of my message is learning how to walk. I don't many of us remember what we took our first steps as a toddler, but you may remember when your children took their first steps I do remember when Jonathan took his and Christopher and that's a big moment in the life of the parent and then once they start walking you wish they would stop because you know that they're just in their trouble everywhere but you know as part of the process of learning to walk is a small toddler you fall quite a few times. You know you make a grab like a you know a table or chair to pull yourself up in the bunker little get Jonathan had bonked to said so many times. Ironically, in the same spot.

It seems like he had a permanent bruise on his head for a year from trying to walk. And so this is what happens which you don't give up. You just keep trying everything a child safe, forget it.

I'm not going to try to walk anymore. They just get up for more than come back for more. Well, that's a little bit like it is in our spiritual life as well. We first come to Christ. Those first steps are heart you may bump your head here and there, you may fall down a few times but you need to get up and walk again in the title of my messages. Learning how to walk because at this point of the book of Ephesians were coming to a new section of Ephesians could be divided into three sections. Under these words wealth walk in warfare wealth walk in warfare.

The first chapters deal with our spiritual riches and wealth in Christ all that God is given to us now or in the walk section and in time will get into the warfare section of especially Ephesians chapter 6 but you know it when you see someone run that there there exercising their on their way somewhere, but a person that is walking it's more of a regular consistent motion. It speaks of movement.

It speaks of progress and this is a phrase that is used many times in the Bible to describe our life in Christ.

Colossians 26 says as you have received Christ Jesus as Lord, so walk in him. Galatians 5 says walk in the spirit you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh for someone seven says if we walk in the light as he is in the light, we will have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse us from all sin. So, no more than that section were going to learn how to walk, learn what God is done for us. You know, I think that before we can walk. We need to know what the Lord is placed in our spiritual account. You know I used to have a Harley-Davidson I still have one, actually, but I had one years ago and this is before they actually put a fuel gauge and and so the way it worked.

Would you fill your tank up and then you add a reserve tank which was much smaller and you fill that up and you sort of had to guesstimate how much cash you had in your take you to pick the top of the Buffalo, but this was crazy because you know you always were wondering about the run.

I guess just basically if your bike started stalling, you switch it over to the reserve a little lever and in then try to keep your bike running and so I just got the bike in word and I run out of gas in the middle of the Ortega Highway nine and if you've ever been over that 1 Be Long Rd.

There's a lot of places to pull over so that was a crazy system. It was a great luxury when I actually was able to look at the fuel gauge know exactly how much fuel I had some of us are like that as believers we don't know how much fuel we have in the tank. We don't know about the resources that God is given to us, but I'm telling you he's given you more than you'll ever need. So at this point in the book of Ephesians now were sort of seeing how it works out in real life because, listen, there's no theology without doxology and repeat that there's no theology without doxology. In other words, learning all these truths is really not of any great value unless we can apply it in our lives. So let's find out what Paul has to say about walking spiritually.

Ephesians 4 verses 1 to 6 will be our text for tonight. Paul writes either for the prisoner of the Lord beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called with all lowliness and gentleness and long-suffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There's one body and one spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling. There's one Lord, there is one faith, one baptism, there's one God and father of all was above all and through all in and you all. There so clearly Paul was from Texas to continue all it's in y'all policy now in light of what God is done for you.

What should you be doing for him and a lot of times that we wanted sort of bask in the glow of of the blessings of God, and that's a wonderful thing but God blesses us so we can prepare us to face the real world you know is we gather here for this Bible study. This is a time for us to be recharged and refreshed and to be taught the word of God that such a great thing to be able to do and something wonderful and something supernatural happens when the church gathers. That's why would a person says I don't need the church.

I just was in the Bible teaching on the radio or watching on television right on the part just as a place for that. But there's nothing like the church.

Every believer needs to be actively involved in a local church because we gather together the Bible promises that when two or more gather together in the name of Jesus. He is there now. That's not to say he's not there when were out and about, because he is omnipresent, which means present everywhere but it is to say God manifest his presence in a special way when his people gathered together for worship, prayer and Bible study right. True, isn't it an.

The Scripture tells us also. The Lord inhabits the praises of his people, and I think will we come to worship and we come to pray and we come to hear God's word.

It helps us see things differently. You can come in the church with problems and probably many of you have tonight. You have your problems and when you leave your problems or effectively still with you, but often in church worshiping and hearing the word of God will cause you to look at your problems differently. You may come in with big problems in a small God, and you may leave with a big garden small problems. The problems are still the same, but you have a new way of looking at them as an interesting passage in Psalm 73, amending Asaph was grappling with the age-old question, why do the wicked prosper and we could expand that in at other questions to why the bad things happen.

Why am I going through this hardship in life. Why am I suffering. Why do my loved one die.

The list goes on just those questions about life in general. Why why why and then C7 says in Psalm 7316. When I tried to understand all of this, it was oppressive to me to listen until I entered the sanctuary of God, then I under stood see so things change when he came to worship with God's people and got in to God's word.

That's why it's wonderful to do these things, but God gives us these blessings to help us to live in the real world.

Ephesians 41. Therefore underline the word therefore whenever you see the word therefore find out what it's therefore in the word. Therefore, whenever it is used is drawing upon what is been previously set so you could just as easily translated in light up or because you and all the gutters and first. Therefore, it's an hour transitioning from positional to practical truth from doctrine to duty, from creed to conduct from exposition to exhortation from practice to principal because right practice is always based on right principal listen to this right living is based on right doctrine willing to work doctrine are not in the doctrine. I just love the Lord well careful no buckaroo because you might end up loving the wrong Lord. Every Christian needs to love doctrine what is doctrine is just another word for teaching I need to know who God is and I need to know what God says so I can worship him intelligently as well as emotionally and were told that God is a spirit and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. Worship is not merely emotional. It is also intellectual as I know more about God. I can worship him more effectively and were told in first Timothy 416 that we should watch our life and doctrine closely persevere in them because if you do, you'll save yourself and your hearers. Listen, it's impossible to have a Christian life without knowing what God is giving you doctrine to run your computer without power. Your ticket trip and forget your power source. Forget your computer or your eye with your phone and it dies in and you don't avoid a rechargeable lunch is pretty much at an object, you can just carry around with you other than to perform. So the same way. We need to know what his word has said. Paul begins by again identifying himself as the prisoner of the Lord. Of course we know that Paul was imprisoned when he wrote this epistle, most likely in Rome I he's not writing these words from a super nice beach in Greece, you know, soaking up raisin sipping iced tea. He's in a place of discomfort, a place of hardship and yet he is writing these words of great comfort and encouragement.

I love how Paul says he's a prisoner of the Lord isn't Caesar prisoner of Rome and and would really Paul is saying is I understand that even though I'm not in a place I want to be in God is allowed it.

Need to understand that everything that happens in your life is, shall we say father filtered my friend ready Alcorn coined the phrase, father filtered, which means God either did it or God allowed it, and we don't know why. Many times, so Paul is in prison. He's just owning it. Hey, I'm a prisoner of the Lord. I'm here because God has allowed it, and now he gives us his message I beseech you, by the way, the word procedures a strong emotional work means to urge her to plead even to bed pulsing. I'm begging you right now this is a message that was burning on his heart. This is the heart of a shepherd for his sheep. He seen it. I'm pleading with you right now that you would walk this life. Walk worthy of the calling with which you were called. You know, this is the heart of a of a spiritual shepherd of Paul wrote elsewhere that my children with whom I again labor over until Christ is formed in you.

And Paul is actually comparing himself to a mom giving birth. I honor that we guys can never completely wrap her mind around that. But tell you he's using that analogy at least and he said II just I don't want to see you just come forward. I want to see you go forward. I want to see you just accept Christ. I want to see you grow in Christ and mature in Christ and develop your gifts from Christ and then change the world for Christ. No friend of mine asked me the other day if I was given the opportunity. What I like to no longer be a pastor become a full-time evangelist and tell my answer was, not really. I mean, I love to evangelize.

And I feel called by God to do it, but fortunately the Lord has allowed me to do both in and though I feel it is my responsibility to preach the gospel and I will when opportunities open up.

I feel great joy in being a pastor. You know what when I teach a Bible study like this ever look forward to really enjoy it.

You don't but I do and you because to me I love to just teach God's word and let it unfold and see people impacted by I received just as much joy as watching a person discover the riches of God and maturing as I do in seen a person come forward to accept Christ.

Actually it's MS that's really all a part of the great commission. Anyway, what is the great commission. According the markets to go into all the world and preach the gospel and according to Matthew, it's to go into all the world and make disciples, teaching them to observe all things that I've commanded you, so the great commission is both proclamation of the gospel and following up and helping people come to maturity in Jesus Christ, and so policy know you need to walk worthy. What does that mean interesting word that he uses are in verse one worthy means to balance the scales on some misunderstand God. I think you need to really work hard at being a super good Christian. So you're worthy to approach God. We've already dealt with that we've already pointed out, you can approach God any time because of the blood of Jesus Christ. That's not what walk worthy me walk worthy means something different altogether. Balancing the scales for another way to put it. What is on one side of the scale should be equal in weight to what is on the other. That's not to say we have to do something to equal with God just done for us, because we never could. But what it is saying is I should give the proper response to God's than these awesome amazing things for us, choosing us loving us for giving us adopting us sealing us empowering us. He's done that all for us. Now there should be an equal response were I'm willing to do everything that I can do in gratitude for him not to merited but it's an equal response and that's the idea that's being conveyed here because for many people there's there's inconsistency in their spiritual life, so policy and hate. There needs to be an appropriate response to what God has done for you. So how do we walk worthy of the Lord, only to share a few principles number one if you're taking notes.

If you want walk worthy of the Lord is much as possible. Keep the peace, is much as possible. Keep the peace. Verse three endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. Paul is not saying make unity, but rather keep her do not break the unity that is already there.

See, when you become a Christian, you become a part of a family. You become a part of the church, the body of Christ at work all in this together. So pulsing don't disrupt it.

A don't cause division units, and there are people that just love to debate. They love to argue, they left there always in a tiff about something I've heard he made a point about how important doctrine is in. I don't have a problem having the doctrinal debate with a person, but at the same time were still supposed to love one another, it's possible to disagree agreeably to the point. God actually says that one of the things he hates are those that sew discord among the brothers, but there are some people that all they do is argue all they do is debate all day to his get into these disputes with others, and all they do is so discord and ironically they think they're doing the work of God when they aren't at all and we had that when I have the opportunity to speak to the pastors in Dallas are one of the things I said to them was a guys, let's join forces because we can get a lot accomplished. By the way were not competing with each other. Our competition is with the world, the flesh and the devil. Let's stop fighting with each other remember who the real enemy is.

Let's start, let's stop arguing about theological minutia to get the big picture the world is in needed needs to hear the gospel, there's a place for us all to do that and there is a place for theological distinctions. I'm not arguing that we have our own theological distinctions during harvest.

But I have many close friendships with other pastors and leaders that I don't agree with completely. I completely respect their right to be wrong but was seriously you might be surprised to know how well some of us were pastors and teachers get along with each other. Even though we have our disagreements are sometimes the people to follow these teachings get a little militant about will begin together in a room will have a great old time and realize that we were never gonna resolve all those things and so you know this is the thing is we want to work together as the body of Christ. Anyone of certain parts of my body decided to do their own thing we would've my hands had their own little mind and they contradicted whatever same time save you I love you so much. Is that what you're shaking your fist at me or or I'm really sorry in my hand this really sorry I said that well my hand just contradicted my word to see.

I need my hands to cooperate with my words and the tonality of my voice to convey a message, or if I were to say I love you and them. My eyes roll. Finally, I love you so you know when you're out and about your doing things you know to pick this Bible up any cooperation they need the fingers to hold one side and need the thumb to hold the other about the wrist supporting everything so this is something that my body does working together will to walk with the Lord means the ideas of a walk-in unity as much as I can. Now, having said that, we need unity. Let me on this caveat I cannot have unity with a person who does not believe that Jesus Christ is the only son of God. I cannot have unity with a person does not believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. I cannot have unity with a person who does not believe in the authority of Scripture.

We believe that God's word is inerrant, it's without air.

We believe that this is read by God so we might have different emphasis in our teaching, but we have to hold these essential things together.

For instance there's different views on eschatology that the study of end times events and we believe that the Lord to come for us at any time and we would be caught up in the rapture and that we will not go through the tribulation.

But then there are some who are definitely believers that believe you gonna go through the tribulation.

I would get a break fellowship with someone over that far as I'm concerned, go ahead and go through it. I'll see you in heaven later. You can tell me all about it, but I would never break fellowship over some like that. Some say when you're baptized, you should be immersed. I happen to believe that since were baptized means immerse but some would think sprinkling would do it. I would never break fellowship over that. There's different approaches to music.

Some like Kim send some like electrified music.

I would never break fellowship over something like that. So there are those theological distinctions, but I love the statement of Augustine. It's often quoted. He says in essentials unity and nonessentials liberty in all things, charity or love so I need to maintain as much as I can unity with my fellow believers look at what don't look I just quoted to actually Romans 1218 a positive it's possible as much as depends on you, live at peace with all men, beloved, don't avenge yourselves would place a wrap for it is written, vengeance is mine, I will repay. So the Lord is a great verse know I like it because pulses as much as it's possible, which means it's not always possible. I'm just telling the other.

Some people you can't make peace with even if they offended you and you go in a way apologizing to make peace with them, though you did nothing wrong. Still, they won't accept it, they won't consider it and you know I feel like once I've done my due diligence thereof. If they don't want to have any relationship or communication. That's up that's their problem and I'm in a move on as much as it's possible at peace with all folks you know some people I think almost like conflict. I think they enjoyed being mad at someone and to them I would quote the great theologian also from frozen politico nonmarket missing.

I should get my granddaughters up there they go all the lyrics maybe send it to me many times in just found out there's going to be a frozen to so you can spend more money to be fun. Dr. pretty from movie power to keep this unity. Verse two with all lowliness and gentleness, with long-suffering, bearing with one another in love.

That brings it a point number two if you want to walk worthy of the Lord, you need to be humble and gentle and need to be humble and gentle. The new living translation translates first to be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other's faults because of your love by the way the Greeks and also the Romans mother with rooms were very influenced by the Greeks. The Greeks influence of Romans for more than the Romans influence the Greeks effectively. The Romans conquered the Greeks installed or culture and so the Greek philosophy really permeated all of Rome and as far as the Greeks believed there was no place in their minds for humility affect humility was a derogatory term affect the way they would translate humility would be low mindedness or groveling servility other words, if you were humble. That's all you're just a little bit stupid and kind of a lightweight because they didn't value the strength to see the Romans were all about strength and force in conquering others, and so when we read the Bible and I talked about humility and meekness.

Many would just dismiss this altogether and they still do in our culture damning. How many movies celebrate forgiveness, not many how many movies celebrate vengeance in payback actually a lot like those taken movies.

I think there's like 15 of them now have the first one started with Liam Neeson's daughters kidnapped on a trip and then the next one. I think his wife is kidnapped and that's 100 over the kidnapper, you know, and in the first film.

There's a statement Liam Neeson makes up for the kidnapped his daughter.

He gets on the cell phone these talking with the guy you kidnapped her nieces. I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I've acquired over a very long career skills that make me a nightmare for someone like you… That that stuff people lack year we want to see those skills but here comes the Bible talking about humility and mercy and forgiveness are some that may surprise you. It takes more strength to forgive than it does to take vengeance a lot more strength. Actually the word that is used in Scripture for meekness would best be translated power under constraint. It was a word that was usually used terrain in wild beasts like a horse. You know you're taking that magnificent powerful creature and getting it to submit to the will of the writer were with pit in bridal that horse will do what you wanted to do and I love horses but you know I've been in a horse here and there that had a mind of its own and ran off and would stop and I wanted to. I prefer horse power over horse, you know, did I like the fact you can hit a breaker turn it off but you know the ideas controlling something powerful powerful under the power under constraint.

Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is power under constraint want to know who the strongest man was who ever lived both a Superman. This is will people who was the strongest man overlooked Jesus Christ or Sampson yeah he had a lot of physical strength given to him by God. But Jesus was the strongest man Jesus was the man's man. My friend Michael Francies. Sue was a made member of the Colombo crime family. A man's man in their whole culture was about being tough and living by certain standards, etc. and would impress Michael as he read the New Testament was the manhood of Christ how Christ kicked the cross up and carried it after being whipped 39 times and even pilot said of Jesus, behold, a man so Jesus was the man's man. Jesus was the strongest man who ever lived. Now you want to know who the most humble man was that ever lived to me. Let me explain. Not kidding. It's clearly not it's Jesus.

He's the strongest men and the most humble effect. Jesus even said he was meek and lowly. He held back. Remember when they arrested him in the garden of Gethsemane.

Both Simon Peter pulls out the sword starts swinging away Jesus, as he put that thing away doing and he says don't you know that I could speak a word, and 12 angels of orbital legions of angels would come of the liver meet Peter to understand who I am one word.

I mean, you could just see the angel swords drawn. See the word see the word see the word no no no no I have to go through this and then when the people came in. He said who do you think you may set Jesus of Nazareth, he said I am in John's gospel says they all fell backwards thinking that soldiers and armor was swords and shields and spears and the torches and one falls on the other like a budget Domino's beginner just said I am and you were by and he was humble and he was meek and it was power under constraint, Caesar, that's fine. That was Jesus shout was Jesus.

And guess what Philippians 2 says let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus is a new living translation puts it, you must have the same attitude that Jesus had the ball goes on to define what this looks like in real life. In Philippians 2 he says make me truly happy.

By agreeing wholeheartedly with each other loving one another. Working together with the same mind and purpose, and don't be selfish. Don't try to impress others be humble.

Think of others as better than yourselves to look out for your own interests, take an interest in others to. Can you imagine if we just apply those words in our life.

Think about your marriage. Don't be selfish. Look up for the interests of your mate above your own think I would change your marriage to God change how you work. Don't be selfish don't always be thinking about yourself. Don't try to impress other people. It would change everything. So yes we are to be meek now, having said that, you can be meek and strong at the same time Moses was described as the meekest man on the face of the earth. Yet he fearlessly confronted Pharaoh in the name of the Lord. He also confronted Israel with their rebellion and sin. Many times, so the meek person is also capable of righteous anger and action when needed, such as when God's name is Mark or a weaker person is being harmed. The forget Jesus who submitted to the cross also drove the moneychangers out of the temple because they were praying on the people instead of praying for the people, and he used a weapon. Guess where he got the whip.

He made it and made his own custom Jesus with any drawing was in some little thinking of is a whip any overturned tables and the tables were heavy and it was a violent act to do that is making a point.

So I'm pointing out meekness has strength as well avert number three to walk worthy of your calling means you need to be long-suffering, you're taking notes it's on the screen to walk worthy of your calling means that you need to be long-suffering first two says long-suffering during went whether one with one another in love.

What is that mean well, long-suffering needs to be long to comfort so you need to be patient with God and God doesn't always move as quickly as we would like to maybe your single and your sink.

Lord, I want to get married and so tired of been singling 18 years old. I waited so long.

Seriously though maybe a little bit older you're wondering okay Lord where is he worried she or maybe you want to serve the Lord in ministry and you don't understand why he hasn't open the door for you here so gifted you are so talented and best of all, your so humble listen God has is is way and goddesses.

Timing and sometimes will be being used by God the Laurel just set you aside for a while because he needs a sort of retooled you a little bit I take the story of Elijah amigos in the court of the king of Israel, Ahab throws down the gauntlet, says a sock, a rain, according to my word. The Lord says that God says okay and I want you to go or by a little brook just hang out there for a while. The brook culture that's where he waited. He probably thought why my sitting by some dried upstream in the middle of nowhere. I am Elijah God was getting them ready for the next step. Moses said to be retrofitted if you will, for the work of God was going to call him to do and he spent 40 years in the desert 40 years in God's college getting his BD BD backside of desert Saul of Tarsus after he was converted three people just got the joke Saul of Tarsus. Every was converted was a brilliant man a great orator schooled under the Jim Daly are one of the greatest teachers of the time, but the Lord had to get him ready for his new work that would go along with this new name. The apostle Paul. So be patient with God, and you know what, be patient with people.

Abbate this is hard because people can try our patient's Thing and it's because were very self-centered. Generally, sin always puts us at the center of everything we wonder why.

How will this affect me what's in it for me.

What can you do for me.

What about my needs. We don't think about the church as a whole or effect on others. We just selflessly do our own thing. If the marriage is a working which dissolve it nevermind what the Bible says never mind the children the get over it. Nevermind the church if you want to be a beautiful, your spouse, go for it you want to have sex before marriage do that to what is a matter what the Bible says what is a matter would damage a good deed or testimony or the church.

Just do it and then you say, I'll just find another church where there not so judgmental. She hears the problem is we don't think of others. We just think of ourselves.

In fact, the church of Corinth was so messed up.

Corinth was a super wicked area known for sexual perversion.

Paul wrote two letters to the Corinthians, which I've often thought to be called first and second Californians to but Tom so Paul was writing to them. Get these crazy Corinthians were boasting about how they live in a moral man stay in their church. The sky was sleeping with his father's wife, not his actual mother, but his father's wife in their same pay. We let the sky stay in the church is not great.

Pulses are you crazy rights of first Corinthians 5. How terrible that you should post about your spirituality. Let this sort of thing. Go on, don't you realize that if one person is allowed to go on sinning. All will be affected. Remove this wicked person from among them from among you, so you can stay pure he same and you guys one person affects another person. So we need to think of others. We need to think of the church as a whole and then we can wrap this up with these powerful words from Paul Ephesians 4. Look at verses 4 to 6 again there's one body. There's one spirit, just as you are called in one hope of your calling one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all was above all and through all and in y'all. So what we learn from this number one there is one body of believers is the church is comprised of different nations, different cultures, different races and different theological distinctions, but we know the church is universal because one day in heaven.

People that are worshiping God will of come from all around the world.

Revelation 79 says after this I looked, there was a great multitude know what you count, from every nation, from every tribe, from every people in every language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. There were wearing white robes and holding palm branches in their hands are worshiping God from everywhere. Everyone will be reached. I don't care but some nation that people tell us is unreachable. God will reach it though be people that will believe in Jesus and that nation is one church number two. There's one spirit that the Holy Spirit that convicts us initially convinces us of our need for Jesus. Then he seals us when we believe and then he empowers us for service. Number three there is one Lord that one Lord is Jesus Christ. Acts 412 says her salvation and no other name. There is no other name given under Kevin among men by which we must be saved. And there's one thing Paul tells us in Jude speaks in Jude 3 of the faith that was once and for all delivered to the same to what is the one faith, it's the Christian faith. That's based on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and by the way, Paul says we are to contend for that faith which is a way of saying defend that faith.

We should be able to defend our faith. The Bible says we should be able to get to every man and answer concerning the hope that lies within us, with meekness and with respect right after I became a Christian I was just growing dramatically in my faith. I made a complete break with all my drug buddies and started going to church and I was going to every service. I could go to his reading the Bible. I was just like a sponge soaking it up. I'd never heard tooth like this before, so I'm about two weeks old, my faith in an amount about talking to people on the street, of all things about what was to know Christ and I was sharing my faith and I do buddy that I grown up with from elementary school. His name is Greg as well. He's building to Jesus and so Greg and I were best friends and and right never accepted Christ. I told Greg Greg.

Don't worry I'm not going to become fanatical you know I'm still going to be your buddy Greg Laurie, the same old cynical weird me don't worry okay enough to become one of them side and see. I hadn't seen Greg and I also see the great you'll never see Greg Laurie walking around carrying a Bible and sing praise the Lord on K so Greg was reassured. So two weeks go by him walking on the street, Newport Beach carrying a Bible and Craig is walking toward me and I see Emma before I could catch was opposite. Praise the Lord of the we we both laughed because it was so ironic I said Greg you know what can I say a high noise of that stuff. But Jesus is real and these change me and let me tell you what he's done for me is a great listing. That's great. Were talking and there's some guy like eavesdropping on our conversation. He was in front of his little stores sort of a drug paraphernalia store, you know, like the Cullen headshot optional.

They were even back Rebecca he's eavesdropping so he walks over and interrupts my conversation because I have a few questions are a few questions for you Christian I'm like okay I'm ready for anything. I'm in the Christian two weeks he pyres about five hard questions.

My mind goes blank. I don't know the answer. Greg look to Mrs. yeah Lori what about that I was humiliated but I went started studying like crazy is that the next a moment to be ready and I went hunting for them and ever since I know I really but we should be able to defend our faith. There's one Lord, there's one faith, there's one baptism and there's one God the father was above all through all and then you won't listen, Christianity is mono theistic Windows ME means that we believe in one God. Deuteronomy 6 forces the Lord our God is one God, but at the same time this one God reveals himself in three persons.

There are not three gods there's one God father son and holy spirit known contrast to other faiths. We believe in one God at Hinduism is polytheistic, they believe in many gods. In fact, they believe in God's and goddesses.

The same is true of those in the Hare Krishna movement Buddhists.

In contrast to that do not worship any god or God. Buddhists believe that a person has countless reapers, which inevitably includes suffering in a Buddhist seeks to end these rebirths than Muslims. They also believe in one God, but it's not the same God. We believe it. They believe in Allah.

We believe in the Lord God we believe in Yahweh.

We believe in Jehovah. It's wrong to say Muslims and Christians worship the same God. No, we don't.

I don't worship Allah and I don't look to the Koran for direction, that's their book, our book is the Bible so there are distinctions and that the various religions is able. Greg why you saying this because when someone says to you, all religions teach the same thing. That's another way of saying I don't know what I'm talking about because all religions do not teach the same thing.

Hindus acknowledge multitudes of gods and goddesses. Buddhists say there is no deity. Muslims believe in a powerful but unknowable God. Christians believe in one God and one father who is normal and approachable is one God and father. So we need to spend our time getting to know him and walking with him again in closing walking implies effort having direction with a destination in mind. So we want to be making progress. As I said recently following Jesus is long obedience in the same direction and I think sometimes people are looking for some emotional experience pick up every time they go to church so they can rededicate their life again. And there's nothing wrong with re-dedicating your life to Christ. But some people feel that they need to be born again again again again again and they come to church waiting for the big breakthrough moment.

Listen, you had your breakthrough moment your conversion. Now it's long obedience in the same direction. Now it's disciplined and just God will fill you with the spirit and just God will cause your faith, the growth stop looking for the emotional experience and just walk with God because the Bible says the just shall live by faith doesn't see the just shall live by feeling or emotional experiences. They come and go, so it's faith and trust in growing in your relationship with the Lord know if you've tried walking and you bumped your head, you have a permanent bump in your head like Jonathan usually up.

I think it's gone now.

Jonathan's cleared up okay. It's good is in the front row now, but if you fall and then get up. You might say in response.

But I've fallen and I can't get up no, that's a commercial. As you push the little button on the thing right. I have one of those by the way, then work out well not getting I've fallen and I can't get up.

Yes, you can you can't get up on your own. You need the Lord to pull you up like when Peter was sinking and he cried out with a Jesus to he immediately reached out and pulled him up to pull you up but you got a call out to Maybe some of you come here tonight and and you know you've got troubles. You made a commitment to Christ at one time but you've totally lapsed and that you been doing things you know you should not be doing.

Maybe some of you are even living a double life, it's time for you to come back to u fallen Doug get up again and get back in this relationship and this walk with Jesus Christ and there are some of you here that have never asked Christ to come into your life. You didn't know that there was a God in heaven who loved you. You didn't know that there was a God that was knowable, you didn't know that there was a God who would forgive you but there is an outcome and take up residence in your heart right now.

Jesus says he stands at the door and he knocks it will hear his voice and open the door he will come in if you've never asked Jesus Christ to come in to your life and forgive you of your sin to close by giving you an opportunity to do that and if you fallen away from him and you do need to come back to him.

This would be the perfect time to do it to you be thinking about what you're going to do as we pray together. Let's all pray father, thank you for your word to us and now I prefer everybody here everybody listening everybody watching. I pray that your Holy Spirit will convict and convince them of their sin and help them to come to you now and believe now that I had about her eyes are closed and were praying together. How many of you would say tonight. Greg, I want Jesus Christ to come in the my life.

I want my sin forgiven. I want to know that when I die I will go to Kevin. I'm ready to say yes to Jesus. Pray for me that your desire.

If you want Jesus Christ to come into your life if you want him to forgive you of your sin if you want your kilt taken away would you raise your hand up or if you are coming up or if you raise your hand up or I can see it all. Pray for you right now. God bless you. God bless you. Anybody else got bless you to.

You want your sin forgiven you want to know God, you want to go to heaven when you die raise your hand up a pray for you. God bless you.

Anybody else raise your hand. God bless you one more moment got bless you anybody else raise your hand accomplish what I had just about maybe some of you would say amen. I've fallen and I don't think I can never get up with the Lord can lift you up at you. You need to reach out to him, which would you like to come back to Christ, you need to make a recommitment to Kim tonight one or two. Raise your hand up right down let me pray for you.

You need to return to the Lord raise or handle pray for you accomplish the bless each one of you. Anybody else raise your current compass dominance and every one of you that is, raise your hand if you would please I want you to stand your feet to stand up wherever you are, stand up, lead you in a prayer of commitment. A recommitment to Christ to stand your feet if you raised your hand in a pray together. Others are standing you will be the only one. Stand up.

Don't be embarrassed here among family and friends are. We love you where we got your back, your rooting for you to stand up. Let me lead you in this simple prayer of commitment, recommitment to Christ anybody else to your feet to pray together even if you did not raise her You want to make this commitment or recommitment to Jesus stand your feet publish on final moment anybody else stand in a pray anybody else stand no are accomplishing you that are standing, lead you in this prayer and I want you to pray it out loud after me right where you are.

Again, as I pray pray this out loud after me right where you are okay. Pray this after me, Lord Jesus, I know I'm a sinner but I know that you are a Savior and I ask you to forgive me of my sin.

Now I turn from that sin and I choose to follow you from this night forward as my Savior and Lord is my God and my friend. Thank you for calling me and accepting me in Jesus name I pray, amen

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