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I Declare War

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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August 6, 2019 8:02 pm

I Declare War

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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Harvest messages are brought to you by harvest partners to receive free email daily devotions or to become a harvest partners, please visit us the privilege to be here this week.

Speaking into the series than what it what a great thing separating out it's really cool because it offers the world try to figure out like good book recommendations, and second of all, so many of us don't read it all. So it's good to have the encouragement to read. I read I came across the statistic that the average American, did not complete one book last year. It's crazy. I'll take your silence is deep conviction but you don't really I just want to encourage you that this is really cool because readers are leaders and leaders are readers and where knowledge increases opportunities exponentially increase of reading interview recently with Elon musk, who is pretty successful guy you probably just chill on an island somewhere if you wanted to, but is that he's trying to get humankind to Mars so we also would like is doing flamethrowers and trying to you know put a tunnel to San Francisco and stuff but is also in his spare time trying to get us to Mars not enough.

That is like completely pioneering new no new vehicles and all that but but the interviewer said Whitewater you what got you interested in space and he is on.

I read a book on rockets and so I got interested in it were knowledge increases opportunities unlocked and so I just think in in your life.

In my we just should constantly be reading and sharpening our minds and and II know I know it's easy just to be on Netflix all the time I with you but but but that do to be in a book. It's it's important so just that's just me saying you should read school costs really say there is one last thing that I gotta address before we move on and that is that my whole church rushed life is low are our whole church, our family archers reflect says hello.

We bring our love we feel linked up as churches good report what God is doing there. It's been amazing this year we opened up our 13th fresh life church and yet location and get this Dragon leader. It's inside of reason, we open a church in a process itself like a full-fledged church in prison and.meets every Tuesday night in Montana state prison Deer Lodge and we have since we opened the doors to the Springsteen, 522 decisions for Christ in the prison made an two weeks ago on a Sunday had the chance to baptize for the first time someone got saved in the prison and was released out of the prison came to one of our churches there in Butte Montana and got plugged in and got baptize on that Sunday and so it's just been remarkable loving that church is doing well.

We finished our new broadcast campus and opened it up the springs been in the works for years. It took 10 years off my life. I'm since I swear that whole project and this was the worst winter. The slushy was the worst winter we've had in the 12 years we lived there.

There were 21 days in a row in the state of Montana where the temperature never got above zero for 21 days in a wall. We are building and and it's just it was gnarly in all kind of craziness happened. Of course, as does when you're doing a building project in bought this old hotel and bought an old theater then link them up the bill and infill building between them and it's super cool and just the church is growing.

People come to know Jesus is been a struggle and a fire like the best of times and the worst of times.

Seems happen all the time right-click simultaneously is amazing and awful and it's great and his partners to just the self-assessment life lately and what word were seeing people coming across all cross church in a church in Wyoming wanted Selleck city, Utah, Portland, Oregon, and then of course the nine Montana location. So God's building is churches that he would actually be surprised we could be a part of it is awesome and this fall were opening up a leadership college freshman college is accredited through southeastern so people can get marketplace degrees and ministry degrees wall being a part of the community of what's happening at fresh life so all kind of good stuff happening. If you're a young person wondering what's next and real men who take your education can Montana you fight a grizzly bear and and you know you some do some studies and be pretty good, but so yes, all that to say I'm grateful to be here. My wife Jenny and our three dollars Clover Daisy and Olivia and then our son Lennix Lennix Alexander there there with us on this trip it's been a lot of fun and I'm excited about the summer reading series and a chance to speak out of our thought it was here bye-bye had a copy of it is gone. Tough neighborhood high crime pulpit neighborhood just book just got lifted and hold up. I declare war for keys to winning the battle with yourself you want. That's it. That's my girl right there and get the skin you have 10 I signed up for you WK firing calculus. So for keys to winning the battle with yourself. Here's why ready life is a battle whether you choose to admit it or not we all know that because we know that we have an enemy of Satan who opposes us at every turn.

Want to destroy us. We also know that we face difficulty from the world.

The world brings battles into our lives every day. But did you know that the most difficult opponent you face is not the devil and is not the world it's actually an enemy within yourself. That's why Paul the apostle said he saith Roman seven. What I want to do. I don't do and what I do. I don't want to do in the passion translation of the Bible.

It's rendered this way. I am a mystery to myself converse. I'm a mystery to myself for what I want to do it's right. I don't do it. I end up doing what my own instincts can the guy is torture. The guys like all induced up as notice of value so I don't want to do what I do that again.

Me and my back your been there me. My big fat mouth, me, me.

My big thought into what what I put my my foot down my throat so many times it it it has up a second home there in understand like what I want to do it on him a mystery to myself. For me the battle with myself has been a struggle and a journey that really began in middle school where I first started struggling with moodiness anybody start with moodiness, honesty in church and if you would admit that what you're in a bad mood right now so you won't. Why is it that they being in a bad mood. To me it feels like writing on a moving sidewalk toward a bad mood is easy to get into a bad mood it's like you just use, move their I sometimes see it coming on like animals like this is little flickering like hey you do something good is going to be ugly. I go see it coming all see the clouds showing up now. Now I can look over here to see where I want to be happy life, life-giving leader not a jerk at work that is your to work but but it's so easy to come to come into work on a boat out, come in spoiling for a fight, and likewise of why you are so as I am a leader on the on the one who should be see myself as the keeper of the greenhouse leader should be. I heard I heard this was on an interview with Tony Shea who started Zappos. He said a leader.

A leader should be is the biggest tree in the greenhouse salute leaders to be the keeper of the greenhouse want to try to cultivate and grow the plants within the leadership if you're the smartest person in the room smartest person in the conversation using a different room. You should see yourself as a leader is the one who is there to unlock the greatness and others to to not be a genius but to be a genius maker my goal. My best days work is to believe that the team around me has genius inside of and it my job is to help unlock it not to be the Yoda seminar come to me in the dig of assistant on withdrawing your brother know. I can't believe you did know that a limit to leave my wisdom. What you should be doing with everything that's stupid is fixed annual signal promised if you're in charge of your team will let you lead like that set off user minded author work does come to you in its run the computer for China, here's what your neck feel secluded ego element tell you what you need to do a number on the play. The problem is you're not unlocking the greatness in them. But when you lead in such a way where you're constantly saying hey here's Mark figured out what you think we should do for a multiplier type leader you you get a lot more out of people to the high standard but there's opportunity for people to make tough calls to develop grid to flex their own leadership muscles but why don't we do that. A lot of times we don't do because of insecurities and because we feel like if someone under me starts to outshine me. Maybe in this organization there will be a place for me and so so what we do we try and keep people down around us right we will job security. After all me tell you something. There will always be high demand for someone who can unlock the greatness and those around them is much more valuable to accompany a genius or genius maker. So if you sort of person who can develop a type of typological release other people and are calling their little be so much more demand on your life then then to someone who's good at making a widget or pushing a button or whatever so so II this vision to me in my head of what the current leader I want to be.

I see myself life-giving. I see myself but that often times I find myself falling into a funk run just like this isn't good. Why needed is an and I'm I'm just coming here I see I see happening home I I I am a pastor I am a mother been married 15 years is beautiful woman who loves Jesus and yeah I I find myself at times touchy, so getting my buttons pushed myself reacting out like I want to I promise of wanting to be a good dad to my kids, but then on my phone all the time and I now realize I am like I would wake up I snap atomic with my with my kids. I could be other got her to be out of the house in the 10 seconds enough to cause her to be on their own right. This is my chance to be limited. Look at the little thing they made and another thing is great honey, but also on my phone and I getting up at him, my gosh, I did. I did a version of me. I want to be and then often times I get held hostage by the version of me that I don't want to be.

I find myself struggling to manage myself struggling to exercise emotional intelligence. Now they say as much is 58% of your success in any career will come not from your eye Cuba from your EQ your emotional intelligence quotient. They actually have done studies. They found that if you can raise your EQ that you can for every point you raise and expect to see a difference in $1300 in your salary from their level of emotional intelligence. We focus on how smart are you, the issue is how good you are. Are you at leading yourself, managing yourself because basically they define emotional intelligence as the ability to feel strongly without acting instantly before you process it analytically, and the more you can choose to decide how Juergen acts when you feel like acting in a certain way because it is easy just to feel, and do feel and do, but often times we listen Susan when we feel and do.

Often times we do things that take us further away from where we actually want to go. Example Friday night pop and that every restaurant you got the reservation you're there in the lobby. You don't get seated and you're waiting in your waiting and waiting and you see someone who just rolls in a second ago and they get whisked to their table and you been waiting forever. So what do you want to do lace into that poor unsuspecting hostess. Do you know how long I've been due.out of the and then it ended up but right right you you want to do that. Why do you want to do that because it will feel really good for a minute, at least bless your question, do you want to feel good or do you want to get seated is what you want to do is actually to take you further away from the place where you want to be. I have never once in my life wanted to get into a fight with my wife. Unlike you and I want to I want to fight with my wife.

You'll be great is if it was frosty all evening.

You'll be awesome is if we didn't make love. Virtually no be great is if this like stalemate went off like two or three days. It was really awkward for kids. I would be letting meaningful for them. I wanted it but I wanted to feel right, but the satisfying sizzle of that well-timed come back feels good for like a second or two with and takes me away from our want to be emotionally intelligent people realize it's not feeling good that that's my victory it's getting to where I want to go so I can sink about how I'm feeling and processing go what I want to do is actually not what I should do. So I'm going to choose what I will do based on what is right and if you can put that hinge that pivot in between.

Feel and do and that is called think maybe even dare I say pray right your your your life will will just completely change us, the struggle that I talk about this book, I declare war for keys to winning the battle yourself as God began to speak to me that you don't have to allow yourself to just stay stuck where you are. You really can win this war with yourself.

Second Corinthians 10 Paul Paul of the I am a mystery to myself all, he tells us this look at on the screen.

He says, for though we live in the world. We do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds.

Notice we demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

I love that we elect in our house and we have heard lock the front door and was she would also like to do play music. Set a timer for making coffee. We also used Alexa this Christmas to turn off our Christmas tree little plugs you can get and I you anything you plug into Alexa can can turn off Lex's weirdo right me because she's really good really good like you like man.

Alexa your little too good.

You know when you sent to Tom Alexa you think men seriously sorry for you like what are you not pay attention series like an idiot compared to Alexa series like a drunk Alexa now.

But do you ever feel like you're cheating on Siri with Alexa your call her own name. I am so sorry that you been with her again. Your job sorry you're the only digital system for me, so we use a laxative to turn off our Christmas tree. Christmas is awesome. You cannot get allergic Christmas tree touches me, so I like to reach around the tree personal problems.

I know, and so I got this will plug in the plug programmed it called the Christmas tree electronic is so so so so the Christmas tree went away after Christmas course and we plug a lamp into it some point the lamp but no one change the name in a Lex's little directory and so to this day in our house. If you want to lamp off in the corner dining room you say, let's turn off the Christmas tree and I realize how weird that was until Wheatley set it in his babysitter in the room and really listen throughout the Christmas tree and knowing my family flinched like it just plainly goes right. Why because they want to ruin my life with his Lego sets up on me several Lego you lose your salvation likes. Second slide I've seen my soul come out of my body is not backing and the kids don't even flinch there to do nothing and Lennix my two-year-old's favorite thing in the whole world always toys we bought them all these things if everything is this a standalone stool in the Philip cups of water from the sink. We had this really this is great is all he likes to do is fill cups water and we had this scatter church recently Scott Harrison started a charity called charity water and Scott stories radical. Jim heard it looks called thirst amazing. He was a nightclub promoter New York City and got paid to drink vodka on you know take selfies with the gist there was wild rockstar rockstar crazy life miserable insight comes in a Jesus and ends up starting a charity to give water to people, and he's given water to over 10 million people around the world is raised hundreds of millions of dollars so to help you were on the road to clean drinking water and so since who's his life hasn't changed too much is everything revolves run a clear liquid which is not vodka anymore is now no water and so anyhow. Scott was talking about how they have all these hydrologist on staff at the organizational afternoon each other accused of the hydrologist a little guidance we can be hydrologist. So what would letting people the water.

He doesn't link Alexa turn the Christmas or for the babysitter looks really wears the Christmas tree in your home, and why did you just ask you to turn on and none of you think it's weird that you don't even have a Christmas tree, but that lamp just turned on I noticed here's here's the deal we become blind to our dysfunction because we get used to it.

Over time, so my question to you is where is your Christmas tree.

What in your life is actually unhealthy is unprofitable is holding you back, what in your letter you brought into your life. Maybe it's maybe it's your social media screen time Netflix viewing patterns. Maybe it's spending habits you usually spend more than you make, every single month. It's the darndest thing right and you wonder you wonder why things are going well for you, write you tomorrow. Perhaps it's how you know we can know with all sorts of things we can we can number the course drugs and alcohol.

We can him with with posts on Facebook and Instagram looking for the validations like they've actually proven that the same centers of your brain light up when your posting on unsocial mirror or refreshing to see if you got the likes as when you're pulling a Las Vegas slot machine identical on your brain the same stimulus and that by the way, is why there's such a thing as phantom vibration sensation or that you get a text message. They didn't get weaker sworn you. Have you heard it at your brain craving the release that is going to get when it knows you start scroll. That's why the and infinite scroll.

Can you ever reach the end of your Instagram no, it'll never end is infinite scroll no beginning and no end. Also in 40 minutes goes by like was I even believe in doing right you bring those got a text I didn't buy something on Amazon in arms, which also can be a form of numbing even call that retail therapy. I feel good because when I'm blue. I go by my when I'm blue. I go by now I know it's coming.

In fact, coming, and I don't like coming ice pasta stuff do you do need that.

Can you afford that is Oprah know but I feel so better. I feel so much better until I don't anymore and so I don't I don't know what your Christmas tree is by now I got I got some of my life and I and I'm sick and tired of and that's why chose to declare war and I think you should join me now to my war know she declare want me. I want you to declare war on the version of you that you don't want to be.

I want you to think about in the book is actually exercised were actually encourage you to name that version of you that you don't want to be you got your name. That version of you before I can claim you. You got a name that version of you so you can take it off the guest list.

I name the version of me that I don't want to be evil. Levi is on Levi so the data I don't want to be the husband I don't want to be the boss that I will be. He's evil. Levi and NSS of that and when I find myself slipping into it.

That's what I have to take every thought captive that's black like Paul did sit, I declare and if you do when you do whatever your struggle is the Wolf will rise. The Wolf will rise. I like now he lost me lost me because I don't know if I want the Wolf to rise you mean by that. It's an illusion to something Teddy Roosevelt said Teddy Roosevelt. My second favorite US president dies amazing first American to receive the Nobel Peace Prize first American to receive the medal of honor first American to ever leave the United States of America while in the office as president he went to Panama to check in on the Panama Canal would like a side hustle right. He does make you talk about reading. He read a book a day, even while he was in the Oval Office, a book every everything a baby on the busiest days, he managed to read an entire book in a day. How did he do that because he didn't have Netflix. That's how that's how he didn't do that got guys amazing, but my favorite is that he volunteered to go to Cuba to fight this benchmark or the rough rider of the Roughriders is this it is ridiculous you government. They were this group of cowboys and Indians and his buddies from Harvard like what a motley crew how to meet all these cowboys and Indians are probably wondering that's a great question. He threw himself into the Badlands of North Dakota after his wife and mother died on the same day in the same house of two completely unrelated diseases.

Oh and by the way was Valentine's Day so he wrote in his journal. One sentence that day.

The light has gone out of my life but I have you noticed that he still wrote in his journal that day. You see, there was a day when it was a foregone conclusion that you kept a record of your day. You kept a record of your life is funny. They say anything you track improves anything, you keep track of automatically improves simply by writing down what you eat simply by writing down whether you went to the gym simply by writing down whether you read your scriptures before you start your day. Did your prayer time went through your best more Nonie seven Gert seven days to being the girl you go girl girl that you want to be. Whatever delivered it if you just write that down you automatically develop tracking having about all that stuff and there was a day when it was a foregone conclusion. John Wilkes Booth who killed him him Lincoln and then jumped onto the stage at the Ford Playhouse and then jumped on a horse and and then rode out to the middle of nowhere and hid in the barn.

He pulled his diary out of his saddlebags and wrote in his journal the day he killed Abraham Lincoln the president today as it was just ingrained in the life I here's here's the problem hundred years from now when they go to write a story of you as were reading biographies of people write brothers, you have the read these things because they there was records are to wrote stuff down.

It was part of their there there there the rhythms of their life and so good for the soul to do so. We have these biographies rich with information because of the.

The records of her What what are your kids can build every one day about your life when your grandkids going to be able to pour over.

I see what you wrestle with in prayer what you were going through. Let me encourage you to believe that your living history. Who wants to read my life on the arm. I'm nobody special really really the most important person who ever lived, died to save you. You were made in the image of God, the Margo day trusted with his life. He's had you on his mind from before the foundation of the world and you been given the Holy Spirit and a part to play in the greatest mission that's ever been undertaken. The great commission, a mission to go fishing. It's more important than protozoan and all the rest of his gang try to get the ring into the volcano. This is literally save the world level stuff and you have a part to play in. You are really big deal. Your living history. So why not keep a record of it. Well, so hero stuck out a small that story ended up in North Dakota where where he sort of dealt with his grief by being outside. He talked about the romantic temperament in his heart coming to life when he was out there on the ranch. It was so crazy that because so much snow fell in North Dakota.

Sometimes his cows would die because they faced the wrong direction for too long and the blisters would would send snow up their noses and plugged of the noses of the cows so they went to got there and turn them to face themselves so they would survive the winter. But he loved it. He toughened up and he became this macho guy made all these crazy friends and he invited them all to go to Cuba and fighting the Spanish-American war. He idealize being a soldier, his whole life until he got to the battle and realize her bullet should not like that's problem and and and as you as you read about it basically came down to this moment when they were trying to take this Hill and kettle Hill in San Juan and and and and he was separated from the battle by a barbed wire fence and on the side of the fence was sort of safety and on the side of the fence was commitment to be going out across no man's land. Take the hill and in crossing the barb wire fence and committing himself to the battle that day. He talks about how a wolf rose up in his heart the moment he gave himself over to the battle all wolf rose up in his heart. That's why he got to be president because every my journal and data to say I went to a spin class and had a smoothie.

No one's going to make me president no and and yet this meant the power of the wolf and his is so his coat. His other soldiers. They said from that moment on he became the most glorious soldier they had ever seen and he did not stop rushing them, urging them on until the battle was one that day and he forever the rest of his life refer to that day, July 1, 1898 as the single greatest day of his life, is that day he won a victory over himself. And so whatever your battle is that you need to declare war on.

I believe if you engage with all your heart. There will be that kind of power ready to rise up in your breast Leica like a wolf now if you view I can see want to raise your hand, you're doing so because you respectful but you want to say on pastor guy Levi Powell that is your real name.

You should not be using that wolf analogy because in the Bible on trust you notice in the Bible will serve bad and sheep are good. We are on team sheep up here at harvest not seen. Don't you even some 23 bro you know I'm saying and and and I get you I get your get you there.

There is a lot said to be held up in the Bible is negative about the wolf that the enemy the devil seems to Leica. He's a wolf in hell me know. Sheep's clothing. So where to just completely write off the wolf. Just because the devil likes so I suppose we should write off lines to as the devil prowls about like a roaring lion or a snake's snakes are complicated because snakes are a picture of the devil, for sure because he shows up in Genesis 3. Slithering around like a snake and in the end of the Bible. He's a Dragon which is kind of like a snake with legs me think about it and he's called that serpent of old also.

Jesus told his followers that is crazy in this world so we need to be a little bit like a bird in a little bit like a snake. He did BS cunning as a serpent and harmless as a dove. So there you have a straightened method Jesus, you need to be a sacred RX so the point is just because the devil likes an animal doesn't mean were to completely write them off. In fact I would say that his interest in them, tells us something or something very powerful about them.

And so it is when it comes to the wolves. I looked into it and they're just one of the most magnificent creatures God has ever made.

Of course they're strong. Of course there powerful the wolf throughout civilization and history has been revered as a symbol of the warrior spirit.

But did you know they are also tender. There's a softer side of the wolf. It doesn't get advertised very much. In fact, there one of the only animals that's known to practice adoption apex predators that practice adoption. That is to say that if they find out a wolf that's not there's something in their heart says I'll take care of you.

Something in the hearts is welcoming us why we even had an expression knowing what were you raised by because they're willing to do that the whole Mobley thing. It's based on something that actually takes place. If a lien I got a lot of off-line jaw trust me Mike totally line got a whole book about lines. But if a lien finds a little baby line from another family. They don't go hey come on in here to get their scar on that little symbol him saying like there like a figurehead because they see it as a threat to the bloodline that they're trying to protect, but wolves have pity wolves have compassion and wolves will bring a little wolf in and raise it as though it were there alone is beautiful. There also highly impasto creatures.

They read each other very well. They communicate nonverbally.

They understand the power of your posture and how I love it in in in in the in Bozeman.

There's Yellowstone National Park where we have a church and and down there. There's in in in this park some amazing wolf studies that have taken place and and there's the big guy was reading this account of how wolves get ready for Hunt's cousins. Wolf packs you know they're there. The family creatures which we should be as well. Small groups the ability to have each other.

Positioned there's they don't interfere authority. There's alpha wolf male and female.

There's also Omega wolves. There's also beta wolves. There's Lieut. Wolf. It's incredible and one book I read said that the no matter what position you are they all bow low in the presence of the alpha. Oh, somebody Jesus on the Alpha and the Omega and we all bow low in the present: are getting ready for a hot they think they pump each other up one person describe what they do and they like jump on each other wagon sales itself is a flying pile of furry bodies there like getting each other. Sica did not. The Bible say we should not forsake the gathering of ourselves together right we can encourage each other were saying you got this, live for God, one life is soon going to be past, your microphone you got. That's what small group should be. That's what church should be an innocent heart. My present fella that's what is what church should be like and and and I don't best moments.

That's what were doing work being like wolves in the book is about to be a wolf is to be a brave warrior but a loving nurture and embracing the tension therein. But Jesus did that masterfully.

He was rigid and the ways in any rigid but also soft in the ways that you need to be soft, he could stand fearlessly with a bullwhip and drive out the money changers in the temple. One minute but then have kids like hanging out with him the next. So for some of us the application today is to be softer for me Mike not sure my natural temperament and disposition is strong is unyielding, roaring to go you like it, get out here you're wrong right so so for me it's it's learning to listen more and to be kind working on the empathy were working on social awareness. What is my mood due to you how to how do I impact the room. I like where is Laura going on vacation, lifelike you're being mean again.

We've actually identified the version of me that my family has agreed is pleasant to travel with right as I see it is like strategy and and and and you know, go to the bathroom in the 40 minutes before they start boarding the airplane ghost. Go figure is like another boarding zone three and was an article about the this is not the time for that and so we call him relaxed daddy. The diversion of Levi. I want to be traveling so for me it's learning to be softer others of you promise you too soft to learn to be strong is learned to be tough in the ways you need to be tough so I talk a lot about the wolf rising up in your heart and how that is most definitely a good thing declaring war on the version of you that you don't want to be. I think of a contract in the books.

You can write that out and sign it and dated and tell someone about it and really engage in the struggle because you cannot win a war you won't admit that you're in is give you just a few principles as we sort of right wind this time down, and I hope you got these down if you want.

When the war you gotta control the high ground. That's why Paul said what he did about taking every thought captive. He said I take every thought captive because he wanted to win the war within, to begin to take the thought captive.

Listen to me you can't live right. If you won't think right and I know I know that there's a lot out there on the power of positive thinking that we write off completely as being secular say I don't want that positivity stuff I mended Jesus her height rights going to miss Isaac, wouldn't you not like the Bible because in the Bible. There's a lot of positivity stuff is a lot of stuff about bleeding all things are to work together for good for those who love God and are called court's purposes. This whole crazy thing about God causing your cup to overflow and having plans for you that are good enough for evil and how were supposed to set our mind on things that are above there's there's a whole lot in scriptural loving God, not just with our heart and our strength but also with our mind and so it's engaging me such a question. Are your thoughts chronically negative and if so just know this where your head goes your body will follow. And that's why the tax. Paul said if him and to win this war. Gotta take my thoughts captive. He said that we should analyze our thoughts and say look, are these thoughts good are they selfish are they lovely, are they gonna lead to things that are praiseworthy a lot of times. Honestly, if we think about our thoughts are just narcissistic I was and I invited and why do they do this I can't believe that it and and and andnoticed that this was stinking thinking and rotten feeling is gonna lead us once again to shifting in the moat and doing the things that we ourselves would admit we don't want to do so. Not saying every solution. The solution to every problem in your life is mind over matter what I am saying is how you think what happens in your mind.

It really does matter because what you look for, you will find what you look for, you will find ex-wife when your car shopping right you do this look in a Honda Accord you're watching YouTube videos of a Honda Accord is comment 777 I'm a lucky three 2006 on nuclear right thing 93 minutes. Like watching for scar shopping.

I know about that on Argonaut audio owe you a Google and you spell his time on Kelly's bluebook and arbitrator and then what happens. That week there Honda Accord slip and everywhere like everywhere. What in the heck there's one there's one there's one because your brain is been focusing on so it's bringing them out is the exact same amount of Honda Accord. There were always there. But what you are looking for. You're now finding here's here's here's our intrinsic will see more of what you stare at and so when you're always thinking about the party you didn't get invited to the post. You didn't get tagged in text me back.

Hey notice you post that picture didn't tag me and it broke.

I just thought myself. I quit I quit everything I cannot live in that world. But that's where we live with the photo we don't look at the rails. How do we look at that picture. Why was not I tagged in that post in the Bible says that God will cause our cup to overflow.

But it's hard to see that when you're staring at someone else's mug and so often were looking at other people's cops and and that's where our thoughts are. So you're to see more of that. Now all of a sudden you're waiting to get wounded and you're hoping to get her you're getting mad about the incident that hasn't even happened yet because of your negativity you're filling in the thought bubbles over other people's heads and instead of actually talking them. Hey this hat is the what live and when you said this is how I felt the self that they feel were just getting mad already without them even having the chance to have a say in the matter.

So we need to control the high ground. You can't live right.

You won't think right secondly justice down raise your voice raise your voice yell. You can't be a wolf if you won't tip your head back and how they raise your voice went what I what I mean when I say raise your voice. I mean, realize that words create atmosphere they create atmosphere around you. The Bible says that God treated the world by saying, let there be light and all the sudden there was light and he made you in his image. So you have the power of creation in your tongue, and every morning when you get up you have the choice to speak words of faith that will get your words out in front of you and move out into your day in a way that you want to go. Jesus talked about words being what will move mountains, he said, if you have a mustard seed of faith, you could say to this mountain, move, and all move into the sea. That's impossible, it's impossible to move a mountain. He's what he was saying is, the impossible things can be done if you speak in a way that's filled with face so when you wake up in the morning you damn funny you did you wake up late again.

Did you sleep with your ponytail and now it's your hair is messy. Do you do you sleep on your arm your arms asleep. You have overflowing baskets of laundry do you have so many things to do in your already feeling behind you right now just to just start speaking about your dad's already hopeless as it is note chance now she can be rose all day right right whatever whatever I do you have a chance to speak in such a way as to shift into a mode where you're going to feel more behind or get your words out in front of you and speak over your day… Plans for this day he loves me. Today I was born for this. I'm filled with the spirit you got this, must do this I chose fire myself as I started to listen to some of things I would say to me, it was mean, I spoke to me like I wouldn't speak to anybody you idiot like you do that drive hard berating myself for my mistakes. From that day watching the game film and I realized how much I said whose side are you even on to me and saw fire myself is my personal critic I chose to rehire myself as a coach to encourage myself, you got this, let's go, Levi trust Jesus: don't say that Kaman apologize, be a man, suck it up on is what I want.

This is what God wants for us, why you so disquieted within me.

David said trust in God let his countenance because your face to shine and then you will not be ashamed or Teddy Roosevelt story before close WK, would you mind where you knew I the microphone.

He was nearly assassinated at the age of 54, died at 60 in asleep at his desk, the sitting VP at the time said, course death would have to take Roosevelt sleeping as if he would've been awake. There would've been a fight.

Come on girl love that the the this to the man who shot him was was was angering. He was campaigning to be reelected as president Roosevelt was and going by train all over the country giving speeches get shot in the chest and they want to rush off the hospital.

He says no take me to my speech casual right goes to a speech bleeding from the gunshot wound and gives a 90 minute long speech and then says now you may take me to the hospital when they take him to the hospital they can to get the old bull moose his jacket off and when they do they will. Here's a shot is a picture of the shirt with a bloodstain that is for the bulletin they found out the reason he didn't die from this wound was the bullet was slowed as it passed through his folded manuscript and his spectacles the case of backup spectacles.

He always kept in his chest pocket and was so slow coming through those two things.

His speech get along. Typed that made Henry manuscript for that for the rest of that day and that his gossip was so slowed about time it went into him. It was slow down to nearly do as much damage as he thought it would. Moral of the story is how you speak and how you see can change your life in Jesus name. Father, thank you, thank you so much for this time just talking through these important issues. How we self sabotage how we holding ourselves back. How are we falling short of the freedom that you died for us to have an thank you most of all, Jesus that when we consider ourselves. I'm a mystery to myself like Paul that we can say why would I do this right say that Wernick ought to be inviting this addiction and wipe what I allow the stronghold why my comfortable with this dysfunction why my okay with a lie from talking to the Christmas tree, six hours of screen time all the shows and watching what will my creating what happened to my health we have in my dreams I used to have we set out to Mr. myself like torpedo relationships. Why am I so mean I'm a mystery to me as though I want is not is not who I want to be the harlotry people only kind I want to be selfless. I want to only be present on be a greenhouse. Thank you that in those moments of frustration were just so disillusioned we don't give up.

We can instead. And like Paul did, said who's going to help me up such a wretched man that he said but thanks be to God through Jesus Christ.

Thank you God that we are the ultimate ace card to throw down, looking to you, knowing you love us of receiving the power of your spirit.

That's the true wolf power in our hearts it's your spirit turbocharging our efforts as we do the hard things to win. Not just the battle but the war thank you that we fight not for victory, but from a place of victory.

For we all are.

We are already conquerors in Christ.

I pray for that victory for each and every one of us here today is as were praying you just say what I want to engage in about I realize events were going through this message. Some of your coming up to the service us Lord speaking to your heart. Bubbling things up in your heart to say this is that right near here for you showing you like a mere part of your life that is in need of kissed his touch and change if if he spoken something to you that you want to engage in in this war man versus himself guys SU does raise up a hand all across the church every location church online and listen. I was numb raising my hand blessing victory in some ways but not gods open my eyes to new things that are dysfunctional. So if you're saying I want to change in some area just your hand raised to heaven. You're saying got. I need your help.

I need your touch, but I choose to engage. I see Claire thank you father for the way your power slowing of these harts who are raising up humble hands cleanse them because your face to shine upon them. Give them peace and give them power. I pray you put your hands down on a now ask if there's anybody here today. You've never given your life to Jesus. You've come to church you been religious, but you're not saved.

The reality is you can't do anything to get saved yet to receive salvation.

If you're here and you would like to trust Christ who died for you on the cross and rose from the dead to save you, give you space to do that when I do some of pray a prayer if you're ready to trust Jesus who said, if you confess me before men, I will confess you before my father and the angels in heaven give you space to confess that to say this prayer out loud after me amassed the church to stay with us to have your back as you pray this prayer to accept you into the Wolfpack as a strength of the pack is the Wolf and strength of the Wolf is the pack replay with you as you give your heart to Jesus say this with us. Dear God, I know I'm a sinner. I can't fix myself but I believe you can come into my life and make me new. I give myself to you. Thank you for new life. I give you mine.

In Jesus name, amen, let's congratulate those who made that decision, harvest,

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