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How to Walk with God in 2020 - II

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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April 14, 2020 2:55 pm

How to Walk with God in 2020 - II

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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April 14, 2020 2:55 pm

It’s a unique time in history. How should believers be conducting themselves … and how can we walk more closely with the Lord in these trying times? Pastor Greg Laurie answers those relevant questions Tuesday on A NEW BEGINNING.

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The following message from Pastor Greg Laurie is made possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God. If you would like to know how you can become a harvest partner, just go to that's when you let your light shine right wing pastor Greg Laurie shows people around you will notice that your opportunity to spring rain's, lives and can be paid to a Christian believer and says why are you so why are you such a caring person why are you so compassionate to lose your job more often. Were you the way that you are.

That is the perfect moment for you to say. Let me tell you about my relationship with God and nonbeliever. We may notice how they behave differently than we do. There's a question they notice how we behave differently than they do if they don't, that may mean it's not to let our light shine brighter if they do notice maybe to Cyprus to share what makes us different today on a new beginning pastor Greg Laurie helps us learn how to walk with God in a way that others will say I want what they have must be prepared to tell.

So we took a look at a guy in the Old Testament whose name is and he had what you might describe as a solo rapture will by that I mean he personally was caught up to meet the Lord be with the Lord in there's no other illustration of this. In Scripture, and he was kind of living in his version of the end times because it was the days before the flood before God judge the earth. The first time in years we read about them to come to Hebrews 11 in the moment but Genesis 521, says a V-neck live 65 years. He begot Methuselah and after he begot Methuselah even walk with God. 300 years yet sons and daughters of all of his days were 365 years. Here's the big verse unit walk with God and was not for God took it so the Lord caught him up to be with him in their sport. Take away truths from a life of V-neck that are relevant for believers living in the last days number one we need to walk with God.

Number two. We need to live lives that are well pleasing to God. Number three. We should be a witness for God because number four.

One day we will go to be with God.

So let's quickly review what we looked at last time unit walk with God and was not remember we elected Amos chapter 3 verse three which says can two walk together, unless they be agreed. Remember one thing that we pointed out is to be agreed needs to be in sync with. So the idea is that we walk with God were in sync with God that brings us to our second point unit live the life that pleased God. He lived a life that please God to get Hebrews 11 five unit CAD underline these two words. This testimony this testimony that he please God, what an amazing statement won't how do we know if I'm pleasing the father. Let me give you two biblical points to Versed that specifically tell us what pleases God. One is in second Peter two and here it is one thing that pleases God is when you're treated unfairly. You hang in there again. One thing that pleases God is when you're treated unfairly. You hang in there.

We've all been misrepresented. We've all been mistreated. You had people tell lies about you right, you know what that's like. But listen, if you sort of rolled with it that pleases God because first Peter two says God is pleased with you when you for the sake of your conscience patiently endure unfair treatment and you get no credit for being patient if you're being for doing wrong, but if you suffer for doing right in our patient beneath the blows. God is pleased with you. So if you've been misrepresented, mistreated and you've hung in there and you haven't struck that pleases God. Another thing that pleases God is when we worship you because Hebrews 1315 says by him, let us continually offer the sacrifice of praise that is the fruit of our lives, giving thanks to his name and don't forget to do good and to share listen with such sacrifices God is well pleased. So what you were just doing in worship that please God.

When you reach out to someone who is in need you help somebody out in the name of the Lord that pleases God as well so number one we need to walk with God. Number two. We want to live a life that's what pleasing for God, and now the third thing about unit is. He was a witness for God. He was a witness for God to get Hebrews 11 again. Look at verse five unit CAD this testimony that he pleased God.

So that was a testimony where he lived. It earned him the right to talk about one of the greatest compliments that can be paid to a Christian was in a nonbeliever comes up to you and says why are you so happy. Why are you such a caring person why are you so compassionate, why don't you lose your temper more often wire you the way that you are and that is the perfect moment for you to say. Let me tell you about my relationship with God, but sometimes we don't do that will say well also living our family values. What was that even being know that is an opportunity for you to talk about your faith in Christ, you've effectively earned the right to share your faith, so we want to be a witness for the Lord that something we should be focusing on looking for opportunities to share the gospel. Listen to this. Every Christian should be able to share the gospel in three minutes or less. The German I said every Christian should be able to share the gospel in three minutes or less. You sitting Greg, are you preacher 40 minutes of the harvester say, good question, but you can do it in three minutes or less. It's called cutting to the chase. Let's just say you are in the play God for bid and all the engines were out and you are on your way to the ground So you're going to crash you in a moment to maybe share the gospel of the person you're right or left that matter full plate any one of the ghetto. Do you know so you can't do that or will have beer Marshall's note don't work crushing total get. Let's see what you know for the five minutes.

Hopefully, you would say something to people and hopefully you could just simply articulate the gospel yet. I am amazed by how some people cannot seem to explain this message. The gospel is simple. It's not simplistic but it is simple, if simple enough for a child to understand.

So everyone of us should do anything. Well, if you're so hot wanted to do it. Okay well I'm not hot but thank you for that thought like I just set it but anyway it's it's very simple. It is basically say here's the bottom line. God loves you which are separated from God because of your sin you broken this commitment you fallen short of the standards. But here's the good news 2000 years ago God sent his son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for your sins and then he rose again from the dead, if you will turn from your sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ, you can be forgiven and you can go to heaven.

That wasn't even three minutes that could I have added to that Osher could I have illustrated a document on that guy brought in some verses to quote I could have but my point is, it's just Christ and him crucified.

That is your message and so we need to look for those opportunities.

Ina was a witness for God to chapter 1 is only one chapter in June so Jude 1 verse 14 says Enid to lived in the seven generation after Adam, prophesied about these people and he said listen, the Lord is coming with countless thousands of his holy ones to execute judgment on the people of the world will convict every person of all the ungodly things they've done the unsold said ungodly sinners have spoken against him.

So unit prophesy the unit preached. He spoke up about his faith. He was a witness for God, we too should be a witness for God. Mr. Greg Moore will have the second half of this message just a moment we send these daily studies out via the radio, satellite and over the Internet. We don't always know how these messages are touching lives when we hear the stories of her listeners and reassures us that these lessons are helping people. Thank you so much Pastor Greg Strayer encouraging grounding God's answer to Larry has helped me so as I grow older I find myself getting more and more anxious. Just as a great reminder to pray for childlike faith and trust that God is truly in control.

Yes, he is in control.

Do you have a story to tell of how Pastor Greg studies it made an impact on your life. If so, would you share that with us. Just call 1-866-871-1144 is 866-871-1144 Pastor Greg is presenting a message today titled how to walk with God. In 2024, two, and our thanks to our harvest partners for their consistent support that helps make today study possible final point, Enid, went to be with God, so he walked with God. He was well pleasing to God.

He was a witness for God and he went to be with God. How should we live as believers, knowing that Christ could come back at any moment. We should walk with God. We should live lives of the will. Pleasing to God. We should be a witness for God because one day we'll go to be with God. No matter what that's going up. You know you really get to have by taxi or over doesn't matter.

You get there so it could be the rapture in our lifetime to be awesome. Or it might just be death. You might live to be an old person, and you might not live as long as you thought you would.

But you will go to heaven if you put your faith in Christ. Go back to verse five in Hebrews 11, by faith in it was taken away. So we did not see death, and he was not dumb because God had taken him God took This phrase took him to be translated carried him over or across unit did not.normally people.Bible says it's appointed indoor men once to die, and then comes the judgment unit was the rare exception to the rule. He did not die. He was taken straight to Kevin. He was picked up from one sure he was put on another, but Farina this transferred to Kevin was not in interruption.

He went from walking with God one day to waking with God.

The next day that's so cool you're walking with God, and next thing you know you're waking up in heaven. By the way, when the rapture comes.

It's in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye. You know how fast the twinkling of an eye is it's faster than the blinking of an eye. It just it is. You can even measure it in time. The word that is used in the Greek is outermost to get a word out from it it it suggests something that is so quick to Yuki. You would name be able to measure it in any way shape or form that just feel like you blink your eyes and yearning to have just suddenly you're in the presence of loved ones that are proceeded you and you are in the presence of the Lord so I don't know how this works but Lord, I mean it would take walks. I guess every day.

Maybe one day the Lord said you know what buddy were closer to my house than yours wanted to come home with me and he did and he was in heaven and one day if we put our faith in Christ, we will be to why was he that taken a habit because he walked with God because he believed in God.

He was 11. Five says it was by faith that Enid was taken up to heaven without dying using UNIX. Walking with God came as a result of that the things I do for God. Don't get me to have it. Would God is done for me that makes me want to do things for him is he doing all these wonderful things and hopefully God will let me of the governor take me in the rapture but because I've churned for my sin and I believed in Jesus and receive them as my Savior and Lord, and nine walking with him. I will go to heaven because of my faith that I put in the Lord unit walk with God. He was well pleasing to God. He was a witness for God and he went to be with God. What a great thing to have said, if you if it was said to me one day after I'm gone, you know, Greg walk with God you please God. He witness for God noise with God. I would feel like. Mission accomplished.

And that's really all I want and I know you want the same because were in a spiritual race in the spiritual race speed does not matter as much as distance. The idea is to finish this race. Don't forget unit walk with God for 300 years after he was 65 years old, he made a commitment to the Lord and I asked you in closing, are you walking with God. Are you in harmony with God. Do you know God does it all comes down to starting this relationship with him and I wonder if I'm talking to someone right now in the room someone watching and we talked about these things about the end times in the imminent return of Christ in your thinking yourself and I don't know if I'm ready I don't know if I would be taken to be with the Lord, because Jesus said, one will be taken and the other left.

There will be people that would be caught up to heaven there will be people left on earth the face horrible time known as the great tribulation.

That will begin with the emergence of the antichrist will end with the second coming of Jesus Christ and by the way, will be with the Lord when he returns because there's unit reminded us in that statement from Jude. The Lord comes with 10,000s of his saints. So when Christ returns, you're going to return with Christ to the earth, but you'll be in heaven because you'll be up and caught up with him in the rapture but I wonder if the Lord came back tonight.

Would you be taken or would you be left here's your choice. Get right or get left get right with God.

You will be left behind ever get a pray in the moment and I'm in a way to send an opportunity for you to be sure you're ready for the larger church an opportunity for you to be certain that your sin is forgiven.

You know Christ is living inside of you and you know you're ready to go to heaven. This is a very important decision.

Let me restate that this is the most important decision you'll ever make far more important than what you can eat for dinner tonight far more important than what career path you're going to choose far more important than even we are going to marry is important is that is the important decision of what are you going to do with Jesus Christ who died on the cross for your sin paid for every wrong you've never committed rose again from the dead know he stands at the door of your life in the Knox and he says if you hear his voice and open the door but comment say what you mean open the doors are little bones in my heart I haven't noticed while it's obviously a picture to metaphor the ideas of someone's knocking at the door of your house and you want that person to come and you might even open the door before they're done nothing to the liking of knocking on it commit and waiting for you.

I was watching you with my little camera. I knew you're coming.

Welcome to my home. Please come and make yourself at home. So Jesus is talking to you can open the door.

Are you to pretend that you don't see the problem is you have a glass door he's looking at you a job so it's got a hard act like you don't see if he sees you. You see him so did not open the door when he's clearly there knocking at the door is a rejection, isn't it is no other way to put it.

So you either open the door and asked Christ to come in, you leave the door close and effectively say I don't want you in my life so much want to do because Jesus said your for me or against me your with me or you're opposed to me. Here's your choice tonight yes or no to Jesus, here's a result of your choice. To be blunt, heaven or hell are you Hells real. The last thing God wants is for any man or woman made in his image to spend eternity in this horrible place created for the devil and his angels, and if you end up in hell you love no one to blame but yourself in the final day you have to practically climb over Jesus to get there but if you're going to determine the Lord will allow you to pursue the course you want, but what he wants is for you to be forgiven what he wants is for you to go to have it what he wants is for you to be ready for his return. What he wants is a relationship with you friendship with you.

He wants to take long walks with you. He wants to talk with you. He wants to show his love to you. He wanted to start now.

If you cannot ask him to come into your life. You can do it right here right now to Moberg in a pray in.

I'm going to extend an opportunity for anybody here that wants to accept Jesus into their life. Anybody here that wants to be ready for the return of the Lord. Maybe somebody here that needs to make a recommitment to the Lord. Here's your opportunity to do it. Don't miss this opportunity.

Let's break other think you so much for sending Jesus to die on the cross for our sin, Lord Jesus, thank you for coming and laying your life down for us letting them calm those spikes to your hands and feet died for the sins of the world and specifically dying for our sins, then rising again from the dead. Now here you are standing at the door of our life and knocking and just seeing if you hear my voice, and open the door all commitment I prefer every person here every person listening every person watching wherever they are.

If they don't know Jesus, let this be the moment they believe that this be the moment that their sin is forgiven in Jesus name I pray, amen from Pastor Greg Laurie and if you'd like to make a change in your relationship with the Lord. Pastor Greg wants to help you do that and he'll do so before today's addition of a new beginning wraps up at if you want to preserve this insight for the future or just get an instant replay to hear something you missed.

You can go online to The title of today's message how to walk with God. In 2024, two, or get a CD copy by calling 1-800-821-3300.

That's 1-800-821-3300 by the way, if you like some great insights in the area of personal evangelism.

Pastor Greg has a very helpful online study course you can take free of charge is called tell someone get the details that courses start and I were so happy to make available found and loved a picture book shed from noted children's author Sally Lloyd Jones and Pastor Greg and his wife Kathy are here to talk about it yesterday, a big portion of this great books that deals with the Lord's prayer, Jesus model for effective prayer for us as disciples. And you know what a great thing to teach our kids do you think his parents.

Maybe we do our kids a disservice by only teaching our kids how to say grace or or only teaching that now I lay me down to sleep prayer. Well I think it's good to teach children prayers but it's more important to teach them how to pray and the Lord's prayer.

That's actually what it is, the disciples came to Jesus and didn't say Lord teaches a really good prayer. They said, Lord, teach us how to pray and then he said our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come that will be done and on it goes. In this powerful prayer that is a great prayer to pray. But even more, it's a template for prayer. But what a great thing to commit to memory and I don't think you could start too early by getting that prayer in the hearts and minds of little children, and we happen to have that very prayer in the special book written by the fantastic author Sally Lloyd Jones and illustrated by John Goh is an amazing artist and she's taken the Lord's prayer and she's written it in a way that a child can understand, but also in a way that an adult can appreciate, and Sally does take the words of the Lord's prayer and she brings them in a fresh and just a beautiful simple way that expresses exactly what the essence of this prayer is all about. It covers the facets of prayer adoration of confession of hope and brings it in such a way that will guarantee that you as a parent or grandparent will be equally ministered to by tell you how many times I thinned ministered to by the words that Sally has written for children and they have spoken of my life to my situation as an adult and so you're going to love these beautiful full color on every page illustrated books hardcover in this set comes in eight special jacket.

It's going to be a treasure that you going to keep forever and ever and pull those books down and read over and over again because these are the words of Scripture. And they're going to land and you're going to hear them with new ears because the language it Sally has chosen in the words that she has selected her so beautifully simple and powerful tribe were talking about the two picture book shed called found and love and would like to send it your way to thank you for your investment in this outreach is an investment that touches lives every single day that we read a social media post that said Pastor Greg, I just watched your webcast. I reached out myself and started a Bible study online. I want to thank you for having the webcast because of these I found my way back to God and finally at peace in my life is great. Yeah so we hope you might invest so others can be touched in that same way and when you do will be glad to send you found and loved by Sally Lloyd Jones writer set a new beginning. Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call 1-800-821-3300. That's 1-800-821-3300 or simply go online to Pastor Greg to talk today about the importance of coming to the Lord are coming back to the Lord and you know Dr. somebody listening right now would like to do that. Can you help them take the next step. Yes, I would be delighted to you that want to make this commitment or recommitment to Christ. I want you to pray right now and if you mean this prayer from your heart. God will hear you.

The Bible says draw near to God and he'll draw near to you. And that's a step you be taking out pray this after me God.

I know that I'm a sinner and I'm sorry for my sin but I thank you for sending Jesus Christ your son to die on the cross in my place. Now I turn from my sin and I choose to follow you this day forward as your disciple.

Thank you for accepting me. Thank you for forgiving me in Jesus name I pray, amen. If you prayed that prayer in minute from your heart. God is hurt you and he is forgiven you. We have some materials that we would like to send to you at no charge that will encourage you in this commitment you've made to Jesus Christ and try to materials are all assembled and what we call our new believers growth packet will be glad to send it your way. If you get in touch with us right away. It's free of charge.

Just write a new beginning. Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call 1-800-821-3300. That's 1-800-821-3300 or go online to and click know God. What next time a special program as we listen in on the broadcast of Dr. James Dobson's family time where he Pastor Greg and businessman Barry McGuire talk about the unprecedented opportunities.

The coronavirus is presenting to give people hope in Jesus Christ.

That's next time beginning possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God sign up for pastor grades free daily email devotions and

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