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God's Answer to Fear, Anxiety & Worry, Part 3 - II

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie
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April 23, 2020 2:51 pm

God's Answer to Fear, Anxiety & Worry, Part 3 - II

A New Beginning / Greg Laurie

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April 23, 2020 2:51 pm

If we’re plagued with big worries, that may be the sign of small faith. Thursday on A NEW BEGINNING, Pastor Greg Laurie helps us see how we can trust in the dependable promises of God’s Word … even in times of trial … especially in times of trial!

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The following message from Pastor Greg Laurie is made possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God, to find out how to know God personally go to know K NOW know he would you do me a favor sure this message was someone who needs to hear it.

You don't want to live in anxiety and worry about her dogs today. Pastor Greg Laurie points out that God invites us to cast your cares on more than capable of handling and he assures us that he cares is the Lord versus problem there's a problem there's five more to go home go to sleep.

I'll talk to you in the morning. That's exactly what you should do burn through our minds like it consumes. Or, since these will be our emotional equilibrium and passion. Our entire outlook on the day what extinguishes the fire burned through our surrender today on a new beginning.

Pastor Greg Laurie answers the question was a prayer can keep us from worry we have to have perseverance because worry, prayer Roger long wanted to grab your Bibles and turn to 2000. Just today they're going to be Matthew chapter 6 in Philippians chapter 4 Matthew six Philippians 4 this is part three of a three-part series recalling God's answer to fear, worry and anxiety. No worries does not make life longer. It just makes it more miserable.

Worry the stomach like Margaret just makes it more miserable and I would have this worry does not resolve problems. It simply creates new ones.

Matthew six.

Look at verse 27 to all your worries about a single moment to your life. How many of you through worry and anxiety can extend the length of your life answer. No one in fact worry, may actually shorten your life, or at least make it more miserable. I have a friend who's a doctor who heard my message last Sunday and came up to me and said you know Greg you are talking about how medical scientists and others have said that worry and anxiety and shorten your life. And he said there's actually a condition for that and it's called broken heart syndrome that I've never heard about that before. That's also known as octopus heart of all things, because it affects the shape of the heart. What happens is sudden bad news can cause fear, fright, or anxiety. It takes hold of you and the tip of your heart enlarges immediately in a results in chest pain, depression, heart failure, and even that so sudden bad news to be the sudden death of a loved one, maybe a car accident. Maybe some other traumatic event that happened to you. Interestingly, I read that one of the things that can also cause this is public speaking. So for some it could be a terrifying thing, but whatever it is it frightens you it overwhelms you. At that very moment, and so worry does not LinkedIn your life they can actually shorten your life. Worry is an indication of a lack of faith look here at Matthew chapter 6 verse 30 and of God care so wonderfully for wildflowers that are here today the throne of the fire tomorrow he will certainly care for you, why do you have so little faith. Notice Jesus did not say you I don't think you said you of little faith because some are weak, spiritually or of little faith there prone to worry and anxiety. There always stressed out.

There always worried there always defeated the sort of like those little Chihuahua's have you ever seen a chill Chihuahua.

There always seeking shaking shaking you know it is dreadfully nervous.

Why because they know I just look like a rat and no one loves me even though cats are better than me. I like always shaking but some people are that way everything all what if Elizabeth would've that I was aware that I've adapted is evident that they worked themselves up in these frenzies and you can control that. You don't have to live that way. It's because your faith is small, so make your faith big make your faith stronger example, how do you do that you grow in faith by what you're doing right now studying and believing the word of God.

Your faith grows by hearing God's word and acting on it.

Romans 1017 says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

When I listen to God's word.

It puts everything in perspective I see God for who he is. I see life with all of its challenges for what it is I see everything as I ought to see okay so don't worry I got that. What should I do, instead of worry trade your worry for worship, but God in his word first in your life and here's a very familiar verse. Matthew 633 seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. What is that mean to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness to seek first means to seek it, principally above everything else. Given priority ever lost something. Let me put it another way, if you misplace your cell phone that's kind of a big deal is that it so the other day I was driving with my wife. I said where's my cell phone. She said I don't know, and said, for that matter worth my while. Oh no, I want my cell phone and my wallet. Well we called my wallet which I can do because I have a little device and it called tile by the women to try to attach it to my brain later but anyway my child's battery is low, so it wasn't working, so we symbol.

Let's try to find the phone so we use the find my phone feature boy sure LiPuma just showed up at a certain spot so were driving along its along the road like almost a highway and were driving longevity. Since it's a little further. It's a little further stop right now.

Look their lives. It bounced a few times my phone right next to it. My wallet with my credit cards laying on the ground. We scooped them all up, gave thanks to God and in and on we went.

But you know we sought it out what you know we're going to find it. No matter what.

And this is the idea put God's kingdom first. Don't give up on this secret above all things. Listen if you don't want to live in anxiety, fear and worry, put the matter in God's hands like what Martin Luther said, quote pray and let God worry that's good estimate. Do you think God worries.

I don't so tonight when you going to bed is a warlord.

Here's this problem is that problem and there's five more here you go. I'm going to sleep. I'll talk to you in the morning. That's exactly what you should do.

It's in God's hands, place it in God's hand see. Often we turn to people for help and we forget that we need to turn to the Lord for help.

None notice. As Paul says that we should turn these things over to God because he is in control and he is the one that wants to help us with these issues. Alex: over to Philippians chapter 4 in our next point is turn your panic in the prayer, turn your panic in the press or the next time you're tempted to worry. Pray instead look at Philippians 46. Don't worry about anything but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, maybe underline that let your requests be made known the God of the peace of God that surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds through Christ Jesus.

So you put it in God's hands. Notice he says in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving. He doesn't say that only the big scary things he says and everything to discuss what little things become big things. How many of you have children ranging how many of you have children under the age of eight. Raise your hand.

How many of you have children over the age of 12. Raise your hand up. Okay you guys really need to be praying a lot right know when you have a teenager or young adult a lot of new problems develop. They face a lot of temptations a lot of challenges and you do as well as apparent. Let me say a word to you. Parents of younger children start praying for your children when they're small because one day when they're older, you will have laid a foundation in their life. Pray for them when they're young and though pray for them when they're older pray for little things. Pray for big things. Pray for everything the Bible says in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Notice he says Thanksgiving. We need to spend more time in our prayer in Thanksgiving and maybe not as much in petition I'm not suggesting you not pray for things. What I'm saying is spend time giving glory to God first and might even affect the things you pray for after the fact.

I'm sure it will.

Mr. Greg Laurie will have the second half of this message just a moment we send these daily studies out via the radio, satellite and over the Internet.

We don't always know how these messages are touching lives. But when we hear the stories of her listeners and reassures us that these lessons are helping people. Thank you so much Pastor Greg prayer encouraging grounding God's answer to prayer and wearing it has helped Mrs. Elmer as I grow older I find myself getting more and more anxious about just anything.

It's a great reminder to pray for childlike faith and trust that God is truly in control. Yes, he is in control.

Do you have a story to tell of how Pastor Greg studies it made an impact on your life. If so, would you share that with us. Just call 1-866-871-1144 is 866-871-1144 now.

Pastor Greg continues his message called God's answer to fear, anxiety and worry.

Part three here's my last point, replace thoughts of anxiety, worry and panic with godly thoughts replace thoughts of anxiety, worry and panic with godly thoughts.

Look at Philippians 4 verse eight finally, brothers, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are noble, whatsoever things are just impure lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, if there is anything praiseworthy. Meditate on these things.

Listen, maintaining personal peace involves both the heart and the mind. Isaiah 26 three says you will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

Why the thoughts matter, because what we think about ultimately affects what we do. Proverbs 23, seven says as a man thinks so is he. Guard your mind. People protect your mind. Think about what you're going to put in their think about this thing that I'm in a watch right now on Netflix.

Think about this thing that I want to download and listen to think about this place.

I'm going to go think about this thing. I'm about to do this is going to build me up or tear me down spiritually. Think about that thing that I'm in a put in my mind because this going to affect me. Ultimately, in my action and so we need to think about godly things more and we need to think biblically in second Corinthians 10 five says bring every thought into captivity of the obedience of Jesus Christ memorize Scripture. Fill your mind with the word of God and it will be there to strengthen you in your time of need. These promises are amazing.

Everybody has trouble in life. The rain falls.

The Bible says on the just and the unjust nonbelievers have tragedies happen to them and tragedies happen to Christians as well. Christians get cancer. Christians die in automobile accidents, Christians lose loved ones unexpectedly.

Christians face every kind of hardship.

But here's the difference.

The nonbeliever water they have to turn to. We have God to turn to and he wants to hear our prayer and will help us in our time of need. So wonderful to know my doctor friend who told me about the broken heart and drove that I was a senior message today and I just thought I was a good see, the more of my patients when bad news comes when a hardship comes call out to God. See that's what we could do.

We can call out to God, Lord. Here's my problem. It's bigger than me. I don't know what to do.

It's scary. I'm afraid, which are greater in your bigger than you love me. So here I throw right up to heaven and he takes it from because what did Jesus say come to me all of you who are laboring and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest you want to take your problem. I don't know about you but when I travel I always overpack and I don't like to check my luggage. I like to go carry out which means I am that obnoxious guy trying to cram my back into the overhead of the plane right. I always put too much in it. It's always a little too big so sometimes about walking along with some heavy bag of cement says let me give you a hand with that all say will thank you very much to hear we are in life. Pulling all these problems, why all of these burdens. Then along comes Jesus and says let me help you with that God could do it myself really all carry the whole lot for you. Give it to. What are you facing right now. What burden of you come in with today.

What is troubling to some things concerning you some anxiety, some fear committed to the Lord and listen. If you're not a Christian, you need to be why because these promises are for believers only. Only the man of the woman is put their faith in Jesus. Is there one is that even me.

I think I'm a Christian. I come from a Christian family doesn't make you a Christian has to be a moment in your life or you realize you're a sinner in need of a Savior. Let me put it another way, talking about the beach.

If you're out of the ocean in your drowning. If you see a lifeguard you need to cry out for help, and Jesus is ready to rescue you. He's ready to save you and I love the fact that the Bible uses the word save the law by grace we been saved through faith, not of works lest any man should boast. Say that's a God wants to do. He wants to save you from your sin forgive you of all the awful things you've done, and wipe your slate clean and give you a fresh life, a new life but you must come to him and admit your sin be sorry for and then put your faith in Jesus and throw all of your burdens on him.

I'll close with this. I remember as a young man when I came to Christ. I was 17 years old. This was 10 years ago and a few more years.

I went forward in a meeting and I prayed a prayer with Christensen as Jesus in the my life.

I really didn't know what I was doing but I do remember this very distinctly I remember I felt as though a huge weight had been lifted off of me. No one could've awakened a 17-year-old BK well, I guess, a pretty heavy one because it was like lifted off of me. It was my guilt. It was my sin was all the things that I done wrong but I guess I'd grown so accustomed to. I didn't even know it was there I just carried it around every day that weight of sin. When I prayed it was like relief, the pressure was lifted. The sin was removed and God can do that for you today. Jesus died on the cross and he rose again from the dead, the stands now at the door of your life, and he knocks and if you will hear his voice and open the door to commit. Do you need Jesus in your life in a moment will get a prayer and I'll extend an invitation for anyone here that once or sin forgiven that once the burdens of life lifted that once a fresh start. They can happen for you right here right now. Let's all bow our heads and pray father speak to every person here and every person that is watching and listening wherever they are.

Show them their need for Jesus and help them become to you and believe today we pray.

Amen to Greg Lord with an important prayer about coming to the Lord to find forgiveness of sins. And if you like to do that.

Pastor Greg will help you in just a moment before today's addition of a new beginning. Concludes but listen, if you missed any part of today's insight you can catch up by hearing the program again stream it while you're online or download an MP3 or to have a CD copy sent right to your door.

Call us at 1-800-821-3300 1-800-821-3300, the title to look for is God's answer to fear, anxiety and worry. Part three and let me point out Pastor Greg has a book on the same subject. For information to search for the title God's answer to fear, anxiety and worry when you go to What we're currently making available a picture book shed called found and love by children's author Sally Lloyd Jones and she's our guest in the studio today along with Kathy Lori now one of the bookshelves.

Kids understand the 23rd Psalm. The other explores the Lord's prayer, but I Pastor Greg. What if somebody listening doesn't have kids at home. Let's great question Sally would an adult benefit from reading what is found in these two books I well I love the idea that if you write for children with be treated with dignity and respect.

I need to as great a job as you can. You will reach the child and the adult, and I think that might be why sometimes you get ambushed by the book. He went to coming Benvenuto speak to you through a children spec and I think part of it. As he didn't have your defenses out. It's illustrated that also.

We children what God's children and the lyrical language.

I think it bypasses those defenses in us and go straight to a hot and that's how God speaks to us. So I think that's great that even just I now picture books.

I mean I collect them so and I I'm I'm never gonna grow up enough to know what Kathy would you think you could take this book and give it to children may be in your neighborhood or donated to a library. There's a lot of uses of this book as well. Besides just having it for yourself or your own children is in there okay I just have to say I was in the hospital and I was facing a scary diagnosis and something or I was in a state of grief, I was to read the word since they are written, caring, and not the book found I think this would speak to aces inside my heart is very client's client is lying still in soft green grass in a meadow by a stream even when I walked through the dark scary lonely places.

I won't be afraid because my Shepherd knows where I am and he is here with me as I read those words I don't care if you're speaking them to a child more reading them for yourself. You can't help but find something resonating inside of you that if we are truly God's children that he is with us when we walked to this high places so I can imagine someone buying this book that maybe doesn't have a child that would love to read this to children in their neighborhood or bringing it with 10 to a hospital or donating it to the library a lot of libraries don't have books at this level and quality. It is such a gorgeous the illustrations are equally matched by the beautiful words the Gerhard cover their beautifully packaged in a box that comes with a print that you can frame and I just can see this book being used in so many different situations. Keep on your coffee table, set it on your desk at work.

I think it's going to be a book that will open doors of ministry for you and also opened your hiding and speak to you as the light speaks to you through his word. That's right, you don't have to buy it because were offering it to you right now for your gift of any size.

Some can only give a little bit will send you a set beautifully boxed set two books with a original keepsake print.

But then others can give a little bit more.

Some could even give a lot more but we offer these resources. Do you each month because we want to help you have quality spiritual items in your home, books and other things that we offer, and this is going to be a great addition to your collection and a great tool to use with any children in your family and also will speak to your heart as well so this month were offering here in a new beginning this box set of two books called found and loved.

Written by Sally Lloyd Jones.

That's right, and will be glad to send this at your way. Just as soon as we hear from you and thank you for being a partner in this ministry.

In fact, if you feel led to partner with us on a regular basis. Ask about becoming a harvest partner, just try to set a new beginning.

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That's 1-800-821-3300 or go online to and before we go any further I Pastor Greg wants to help you make a change in your relationship with the Lord. Listen if you would like Jesus Christ to come in your life right now. If you would like your sin forgiven if you would like a new start in life. I like to lead you in a prayer when you would ask for God's forgiveness. Someone ask you to just stop what you're doing right now and bow your head and pray this prayer with me if you want to make a commitment or recommitment to Jesus Christ. Let's pray together, Lord Jesus, come in the my life. I know that I'm a sinner and I think you for dying on the cross for my sin and paying the price for it and rising again from the dead. I turn from that sin. Now I make a choice to follow you as my Savior and Lord, thank you for calling me and for giving me and receiving me and loving me in Jesus name I pray, amen man listen. If you have just prayed their prayer with Pastor Greg had a made a commitment to the Lord today would like to help you would like to send you our new believers growth packet to help you get started living for the Lord just asked for the new believers growth packet when you contact us. You can write a new beginning. Box 4000, Riverside, CA 92514 or call 1-800-821-3300. That's 1-800-821-3300 and even make the arrangements online. When you go to and click on know God when next I Pastor Greg brings a timely look at the importance of seeing revival in our time, and more importantly the part we can play in making it a reality sure to join us next time you begin possible by harvest partners, helping people everywhere know God sign up for pastor grades free daily email,

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