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In Touch
Charles Stanley
March 21, 2023
Release your fears and concerns to the One who knows what you're going through [... more]
A New Beginning
Greg Laurie
April 01, 2022
There's a lot we don't know about gravity It's a bit mysterious But we know better than to fight against it or jump off a building claiming it doesn't exist Some people find something mysterious about God and suddenly want to question His motives or even His existence Our finite mind won't always understand the infinite mind of God Today on A NEW BEGINNING Pastor Greg Laurie tackles one of the questions people ask most often It's part of the series called Life from the Gospel of John View and subscribe to Pastor Greg's weekly notes --- Learn more and [... more]
Rob West and Steve Moore
September 17, 2021
Our finite minds can never fully comprehend the mind of God But can we gain some understanding about His views on things like investing On today's MoneyWise Live Rob West will welcome Jason Myhre of Eventide to talk about how to see investing through God's eyes Then Rob will answer your calls and questions on various financial topics See omnystudio com listener for privacy information [... more]
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