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Weighed and Wanting - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah
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March 2, 2020 12:35 pm

Weighed and Wanting - Part 2

Turning Point / David Jeremiah

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March 2, 2020 12:35 pm

Episode Weighed and Wanting - Part 2 - 3 March 2020, Turning Point (David Jeremiah) from Vision Christian Radio - Feed generated by MediaPoint.

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Going tonight. Babylon was a great influential pride and pleasure with the people away from golden lead to its construction is our culture on the same today to Dr. David Jeremiah points out some sobering similarities wanted anything can Christians do to make the conclusion might want return again in our Bibles to the fifth chapter of the book of Daniel and today were going to finish up this incredible drama that took place in the banquet room of Bell Shatzer will get to that in the moment as we open our Bibles to Daniel 510 to 31. This is the last part of that message that we started yesterday. Well let's get started with this second part of Wade and wanting from Daniel chapter 5 as we open our Bibles together is always said no matter what time it is.

But Jill is in proportion to knowledge.

Listen now.

God judges us by what we know. Hebrews chapter 10 verse 29 of how much sore punishment.

Suppose he shall he be thought worthy trodden underfoot the son of God and have the blood of the covenant with which he was sanctified, an unholy thing and have done desk like the spirit race was the first it says that there are gradations of punishment based upon knowledge and is what if I were some of you folks did a bit under the word of God.

Most of your lives in the church so many times the word over and over again that would make me a friend for you are twice guilty before God. Not only because you violated the law because you do it premeditated in the face what you know the first thing that Daniel said to go says was this I charge you with premeditated said secondly he charged him with profane, sacrilege, verse 23 myself against the Lord of heaven may have brought the vessels of his house before the end by Lawrence my why I can't find wine from let me say something quoted him in hearing what the book of Daniel teaches. It teaches this. You don't laugh at God and get away with God and live very long to tell about it. I remember reading a story of an infidel who was a couple of Christian friends and they were outside and I while debating in the boat we were drifting down the river and they neared the Niagara and when they were all awakened to the danger that they had lost control of their vessel. This infidel cried out for help, and ultimately they were saved.

Later on when they were discussing it.

He said that while infidelity was not a bad thing with which to drift down the river. It was a very bad thing with which to go over the falls know that's a pretty good statement of what we believe in it.

Some folks I know are very happy to live by their infidelity latest on what you believe when you tell me the answer than my first question is are you willing to die by what you believe.

Obviously Bell Shatzer was not not only did Daniel charged him with premeditated sin and profane, sacrilege, but certainly he charged him with pagan sacrifice, thou hast praised the gods of silver and gold and bronze and iron.

It would stall which not, nor hear nor know you are taking God's holy vessels and lifted them up and praised God's pagan sacrifice. No, the interesting nature of his charge is brought to bear by what Daniel now says concerning the God gives to all this has been committed.

Notice verse 23. At the end of the verse in whose hand by Brett's and whose are all thy ways, thou hast not glorified his just think about those two phrases God's hand, are all your some passages to write down by way of support.

Joel chapter 12 and verse 10 in whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind. My friend the Bible teaches that your very breath is Mohammed Joel chapter 34 verses 14 and 15 thus saith God, the Lord grant unto the people on the earth and spirit walk. You know we do it. So naturally, just a part of our reflex action read in readout would say something that day, God. Besides you want you to breathe any longer.

It's all over your breath. What a foolish thing to proclaim such a God who has absolute control over the very lifeblood of those has created and then listen to these words concerning our ways. Job 31 four doth not see my ways and all my steps.

Some hundred and 39 verse three thou art acquainted with all my ways. Listen God, but God says this is a God who holds our breath put his hands in our way, using control as it is for any of God's creatures tomorrow. The creator who was in charge become now to understand the king's message after he has finished rebuking his sin. Daniel now reveals the king's message. Verses 25 and 29 this is a very easy part of a tech support self interpret Daniel reveals the message written on the wall. Notice the words are in Aramaic. There are three words in the message written on the wall.

The first word is repeated for emphasis. Many men a tech tell you Farson got his feet undignified for moment and tell you that there was an old Southern preacher down himself, who gave message on this one time, and his interpretation was that money money tickles a parson a great stewardship text for some, not what the words are written in Aramaic. Let's just take it one phrases timing very quickly. Many men, a verse 26 tells us what it means God number. Thy kingdom and finished it today.

Daniel said Nebuchadnezzar. God says your numbers all over for you friend got called your number behind the magnificent walls of Babylon, became the approach of Cyrus, but God had determined the king's number and back tonight. King was slain where's Egypt wears tire where Sodom where's Nineveh wears babbling anywhere they are. They defied God. God called a number God is numbered you numbers second messages tech tell verse 27 and thou art weighed in the balance and found wanting.

Literally means your kingdom has been way it's been found to be to is lacking in value and it does not meet God's standard. The ancient Egyptians have a true idea of this divine judgment, though it's misapplied to their pagan god Osiris. They said the man was taken to the hall of judgment where his heart was removed and weighed on the scales against the father. If his heart was lighter.

He was pure.

If not, it was weighted down with sanity would suffer punishment thing all messed up with their pagan theology, but basically they were close to the true you see the problem that we have in our society today is when we think of justice we get a mental picture of the graphics that are used to describe just as well tell you what they are.

We describe justice today with the scale and with the sword and with a blindfold and we say justice is blind to something God is the God of knowledge and when he acts he acts with full light on each case and each act that he is incorruptible. He God's justice is not blind when he looks at Macy's all there is to see that night.

The kingdom of Bell Shatzer. God looked down at Isabel says you numbers up and I wager kingdom and its two light doesn't way God weighs us his balance. We just give you couple passages to write down in your notes first Samuel chapter 2 in verse three. Listen to this passage talk no more so exceeding proudly. Let not arrogance he come out of your mouth, for the Lord is the God of knowledge and by him. Actions are weighed. The Lord is the God of knowledge and by him.

Actions are way listen to Job 31 six let me be weighed in an even balance that God may know mine integrity. Proverbs 16 seven.

All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes, but our spirits so that interested always in the matter clean in his own eyes what the Lord weighs the spirit our way to the balance all of us every one of us as Christian God is weighing our action, our attitudes and our spirits to kill our weighed and wanting. Now the third word is the word you Farson. Let me just say a word about that when that word is repeated in the interpretation.

In verse 28 is different than when it is spoken earlier on the text in the first place if spoken of as the word arson and in the second place if spoken of as the word.

Melanie explained that in Aramaic you in the front of you.

Farson is the way they said and that means and you take you away. All right at the end of the word BSI and or SIM depending on how it's written is the way that the Aramaic's made something poor like in the Bible say a cherub and then we say the plural of cherub is terribly and we say Sarah and the plural Serapis surfing the IMB I and makes the word plural so take the word you Farson take you off of it, which means and in the I get off of it which makes it plural and what you have left are the same three consonants that make up the word pairings P, R. S. It's the same word and he just uses the root word when he gives the interpretation pairings verse 28. The kingdom was divided and given to the Medes and the Persians. That's all messed that night when God will also send his hand down and wrote on the wall and he said many tech tell weighed in your wanting you Farson your kingdom was divided and given to the that brings us to the last point the fall of Babylon, the fall of verses 30 and 31 knows I study this passage. It suddenly dawned on me that the overwhelming thing of this whole passage is this is to realize that Scripture presents the passing away of the Babylonian kingdom in but to verses Scripture that night was Bill Chavez became a Chaldean slain in various to meet the king about threescore and two years old that is so matter-of-fact, so straight out the night. According to the historian, was the 16th day of Tishri in 539 BC about October 11 or 12. According to our calendar babbling joined that night. The whole post of nations that are forgotten God and fallen as far back as the Hittites and then the Egyptians and the Assyrians in the middle Persians of the Greeks and the Romans in a more modern time Spain and France and Germany and Austria, Great Britain and perhaps America and maybe China and Russia and Japan. Isaiah the prophet says in Isaiah 4015 listen to this. Behold, the nations are as a drop of and are counted as the small dust of the balance we think were so mighty we think were so great, great nation, God said, just like a drop just like the small dust gets on a pallet scale and women. What this teaches us if it doesn't teach us anything else. Is this the wicked shall be turned into hell, and all nations that God Isaiah the prophet in chapter 21 verse nine says it this way is he writes the epitaph for this great nation.

Babylon is fallen, is fallen, and all carb images of her God broke into the ground.

Fall's far as we know, there was never again on occasion when an invisible hand scared God was king by writing on the wall of his back, but I suggested that hand was only making visible what God has been and is doing in the spiritual realm unseen by men, according to Revelation chapter 17 and 18 someday the future babbling of the antichrist will fall just like that in between now and then all the nations that forget God go down one after another. As you read the fifth chapter of the book of Daniel and you see all of the things that were present in the Babylonian kingdom that were the cause of God judging it by bringing the Medes and Persians against if you read your Bible like I remind you read your newspaper, like I remind you will discover that every single element that was present in babbling is right now present in our land, promiscuity among the leadership, the princes and the king all of the aristocracy of the land, drunkenness, sensuality, all under the name lifting up there, why even gods and profaning the God of heaven pleasure matters have ever seen such a world gone crazy over pleasure partying drunkenness, sports events, amusement parks, restaurants, you name it we've got it. If we don't will created pretty soon pleasure madness. That's what was in babbling.

The weight is an American presumption on the night when they were being treated. They didn't know they were partying in the banquet hall thinking the party was all about the fact that their walls were 3/87 feet high and 87 feet was no gentleman. Cyrus and his armies wrapped we my heart cries out for the people of this land who do not understand how the judgment of God stands at the door. The number five pride is not humble myself before God. We are a proud nation. One of these days unless there's a revival in this land. Holiness and righteousness, and spirituality and God fearing morality gods in the right invisible wall man amen a tackle you Farson your numbers up you been weighed and found wanting. Your kingdom is over. I never forget when I first read this how it speaks to my own part about our country as we flicked on what we've learned. Amos chapter 6, I remember picking this up.

Somewhere along the way it's entitled Amos goes to Washington. Amos goes to Washington.

Sometimes we read the profits of the old times as for explanations of their daily say yes but just think with me for a moment of what Amos would say the firebrand probably back in our culture today. Just listen to following your Bibles.

You'll notice that I'm not reading from translation.

This is currently on that text as it relates to us well to them that are ease in Washington entrusting bureaucracy and the power of the dollar chiefs of his most powerful race to whom the people of America look pass over to London, MC and from there go to Moscow, the great and go down the role of the Italians are you better than these lands as you so often bows off the day of reckoning being indifferent toward immorality and lawlessness and creeping anarchy.

Some of your chief religious leaders seem to endorse sexual license. While some are heralding the unit lie upon mattresses which to sleep on is like sleeping on the cloud and grow over time. Too much rich food while you wall and overstuffed chairs hearkening to attribute on therefore show the prices of commodities rise higher and higher with encroaching inflation and your banquets be taken away by reason of the population in the world, the Lord has sworn by himself for trying to get America. Therefore will I deliver backcountry with all of its senators and congressmen and also write on political and it shall come to pass.

The remaining 10 men in one house, they shall all die for the thermal nuclear power of the fall was great as some survivor brings the bodies from the rubble for cremation and cries.

Are there any left alive one shall say no then shall he say let us read silently for we were forbidden to pray in the classroom and now we may not mention God's name. Behold, the Lord commands in the White House will be smitten in the little houses scattered shall Raise over boulders or tractors plowing for you have turned my word into a map and a fruit of righteousness to you rejoicing nothing and say we defeated the Nazis by our own strength and will build the great Society. My own ingenuity by our technocratic know-how.

We will bring peace and plenty in your behold, I will raise up against you nation after nation, O house of Washington, says the Lord God of calls that it Amos chapter 7, the prophet speaks in Messiah verse 10 the far out liberal in Washington who had jettisoned the apostles Creed sent word to the president saying Amos has conspired against you, for he is a dangerous right-winger and extremist in the country is not able to bear his words also Messiah set of Amos old dreamer be off to the Ozarks any cornbread your preaching preach no more in Washington is the seat of the bureaucrats and the headquarters of the nation that answer Amos and set up Amazon. I was not a preacher, not even a seminarian was my father a preacher or seminarian, but I was a sheepherder and a fruit picker without so much as membership in the union. The Lord took me from the flock and he said go and preach against America drop not your word against the house of Washington. Now therefore hear the word of the Lord, you say, do not preach against America drop not your word against the house of Washington.

Therefore thus saith the Lord, your wife shall become immoral in suburbia and your sons and daughters shall be swallowed up in riots. You shall lose your common stock in your preferred holdings in America shuffle captive to dark circumstances beyond her control. Amos probably would say something like that if he were alive today, would you took a look at our land. Say something like that. Well, that brings us to the end of the fifth chapter of Daniel.

Tomorrow we open up chapter 6 and were going to talk about how to pray under pressure.

This is the story of Daniel praying when he's under indictment for doing so were headed toward Daniel in the lives then and then were headed toward the prophetic section of Daniel from chapters 6 and seven all the way through to the today's message originated from Shadow Mountain Community Church and senior pastor Dr. David Jeremiah how was God been using Turning Points to minister to you like to live the snow and Turning Point PO Box 383, San Diego, CA 92163 visit our website at David Jeremiah don't/you a copy of David's helpful and encouraging mutable questions about living in the last things and how to live with.

Susan was forget any of them just the Jeremiah study Bible. The English standard version as well as in the new international version and then standard a large print in the new King James useful links and articles by Dr. Jeremiah to David Jeremiah don't/radio for the times. Join us tomorrow as we continue the handwriting on here on point with Dr. David Jeremiah for taking time to listen to my friend. He's in question

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