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Authentic - One Little Word that will Change Your Life, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram
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May 8, 2019 6:00 am

Authentic - One Little Word that will Change Your Life, Part 1

Living on the Edge / Chip Ingram

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May 8, 2019 6:00 am

How do you know if you’re an authentic Christian or just a very religious person? Chip begins this series tackling that question - and the answers might surprise you.

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Imagine if there was one thing just one thing you could do to improve just about every area of your life, what would that be worth to you well to get you started. How about a 30 minute investment of your time.

Sound fair. I mean right now for the next 30 minutes I'm going to share one word change your life statement welcome to this Wednesday vision of losing all the kids with chip serves as our Bible teacher of his daily international discipleship program February venture continues our current series authentic how to be a Christian without being religious write about in the middle of the series. So if you missed any of the previous programs suggest downloading the chip will have free access to these messages message notes and all the special offers know if you have a Bible open it now to Proverbs chapter 10 let's join chip for his message. One little word will change your life tell you about one word that I believe can change your whole life and that's not an overstatement. I believe there is one word that not if you intellectually understand it, or even get emotionally caught up in but there is one word that you begin to put it into practice and it becomes a characteristic of who you are, it will change your whole life. In order for you to get that word down deep in your heart. Give a little free Hebrew wisdom out read and memorize a verse together. It's in a axiomatic wisdom principle and first of all and gives a positive axiom. He who walks in integrity walks securely then it gives the negative axiom, but he who perverts his way will be found out's time-tested he who walks in integrity, honesty, being blameless, authentic, real sincere.

The word means what you say and how you live. Tell the same story. When you walk in integrity. You walks securely. That word means safe, protective, by contrast, it says, but he who perverts his way in the word pervert literally means to take a bend in the road to get off the tracks to know what you need to do, but not do it to know what you shouldn't do and go ahead and do it to begin to present one thing but no inwardly. It's really different when you take a bend in the road when you move off of a life of integrity. You will be found out. The problem is we don't get found out soon enough. And so we think we can get away with it and then we lived double lives. So I ready the side of the room.

He who walks in integrity walks securely. You get to be the positive side you get to be the negative side, and that but will get to swap in a minute okay okay I'll say it in the next round you say with do not look at the notes.

I know it's on their cheating, no, no, no, okay. He who walks in integrity walks securely one more time. He who walks in integrity walks securely.

This is can be a challenge.

A very intellectual group over here. They picked up very quickly okay but he who perverts his way will be found out, ready, but he who perverts his way will be found out he who walks in integrity walks securely.

He who walks by Uganda. Now everybody wants to change right I mean I've never met someone as I do not got a pretty good marriage and like it to get a little worse there. I'm a bad golfer.

I would be terrible, or I'm a pretty good parent and another five years.

I think I can mess up my kids, you know you everyone wants to change for the better.

I think it's in the in the in the DNA believer or unbeliever. It's it's it's in us, made after God's image to want to improve and grow and become better mentors and multibillion-dollar industry called the self-help industry and there's infomercials and you read this book take this pill use this machine for six minutes a day and you have a body like whoever so we all want to change. But what we do know is, it would be a multi-multibillion-dollar industry if it really work because people would change and get better. But since they don't they try this and they try this in the tribe at the neck try that and I want to suggest that the fundamental reason, whether it's spiritual or relational or financial or in your work that real, lasting change doesn't occur is because it's like dealing with above the waterline of an iceberg and and you're only dealing with sort of the visible part and I want to suggest that underneath the water line at the very foundation of the iceberg of change is the issue of integrity is that until you really get honest with yourself honest with God and learn progressively to be honest with other people. You'll spend most of your energy trying to project that you're better than you are. A lot of your energy if you're like me lying to yourself, telling yourself things are better than they really are and then spending even a moderate amount of time trying to con God. Integrity is the prerequisite for lasting change in my time tonight. I like to define integrity and I'm going to try and try and sell you on something. Okay, so if you think I'm trying to persuade you, and I think he trying to persuade me. You're absolutely right under the try and give you three reasons why being a person of integrity is the greatest thing you ever do for you and be the greatest thing you ever do for your relationship with God and a be the greatest thing you do in your relationships with other people because what you all know is that when you walk in integrity.

You will walk securely. But if you take a bend in the road, if you prefer, pervert your way, you will be found out. So open the teaching notes if you have them, let's define what integrity is an endless jump in here together and let me give you three specific reasons why the greatest smartest thing you ever do in your life is to commit to being a person of integrity.

The Hebrew word for integrity means complete moral innocence. Webster states it's a state or quality of being complete, undivided broken moral soundness, honesty, or being upright. It's being real, genuine and sincere. It comes from the root word to integrate or to bring things into wholeness with no division and as I said before, in essence, it's when what you say and who you really are. Tell the same story. Now this side of heaven. No one gets it 1 to 1, but integrity is as a general rule, were not talk about perfection when I talk about never messing up were talking about on a consistent basis.

Your life and your words what you project are telling the same story instead of this is what I say but this is how I live. That's what integrity is all about.

It's about bringing your life into wholeness about being exactly who you say it's when you say something I can look in your eyes and I know that's coming from your heart is when you give your word you keep it. It's being a person of honesty, but more than honesty. A person that's authentic. A person that's real and I grew up as a Christian like a token I can tell US unbelievers when I watch Christians. I'm expecting to be perfect, but when they said this and live like this. I couldn't put up with hypocrisy. You know if they messed up. I don't mind if someone messes up at the site. Excuse me, I'm a Christian and you know the customer that just came out of my mouth when the hammer hit my thumb.

That's really not what God is looking for in my life. I've already asked God to forgive me and I'm sorry that's not a very good testimony. I can live with that and you guys only been a Christian six weeks and I would expect Melanie to be three reasons that three reasons why you can't afford to live a life apart from integrity. Reason number one is that relationships are impossible without integrity there. Not hard there impossible, first with God. Remember the story about the woman at the well and Jesus stays behind.

He has his conversation and he tells you the truth about him and then they get into the spiritual conversation and she waxes eloquent about this mountain or that mountain, the Jews versus Samaritans. Remember what Jesus said when he talked about a authentic true worshiper. It's interesting, a little study on the word. The father is seeking literally. He is pursuing a certain kind of person.

Those who worship him in spirit and in truth. See you can't have a relationship with God until your honest with him and a lot of the spent all, time trying to con God all do this if you'll do this if I do this for you will never do this anymore which we play all these games that's not what God is looking for God's looking for is authenticity. He's looking for honesty he's looking for people who will be straight up and be really honest, even when they're angry, even when they're hurt with Psalm 15 I put it in your notes. Classic passage is only about five versus but it opens with a question and ends with the promise in verse one of Psalm 15 says, oh Lord, who may come into your holy dwelling for your sanctuary who may abide in your tent, your holy tent and it begins to answer the question he who walks righteously, who lives with integrity who speaks truth in his heart who doesn't slander his neighbor who doesn't put out his money at interest. He's the kind of person that swears to his own hurt gives his word and doesn't change, and then the ending verse of verse chapter 15 says the person who does these things will never be shaken. God is looking for. First and foremost people to be honest I came to Christ at about let's see. 18. I was at the Fellowship of Christian athletes can't.

I've never heard the Bible taught in my life. I went to a social church that didn't believe in the Bible and they read a few Bible stories, but I came to Christ and then I met a bricklayer who is trained by the navigators.

It's a parachurch ministry like campus Crusader University in Tuesday mornings he would come and he taught me out of the quiet time that he taught me how to memorize a couple verses and then pretty soon a year or so later, I am seeking to lead some other fellows to Christ and and I got involved in a campus ministry, but I was also went to school on a basketball scholarship and so there was a little different culture and environment on the basketball team. Then there was on the Thursday night Bible study and brand-new in price and I spent the first 18 years of my life learning how to relate to girls and guys in the locker room in one way and now I have this new spirit living in.

And so I live like a lot of people on Thursday night I went to Bible study.

I prayed. I tried to look at act right and I was sincere, and on Friday night. I hit every bar willing and I can tell you it brought dissonance to my soul. And then I would tell God after you know my Friday night I never want to be rattled under the got please please please am so sorry.

I felt really guilty and back. At one point I thought you know maybe I'm not really a Christian as one dear brother, said he said now when you used to go out and send before you feel real bad I said no I didn't feel bad. Actually a lot of fun and it was wrong. The boy now when I do what I knew was wrong.

Something deep inside he says that the Holy Spirit you grieve the Holy Spirit and I spent the next year year and 1/2. 1 foot walking with God and 1 foot walking in the world and my testimony is the most miserable people on the planet are people that are living a double life of hypocrisy. You know, I couldn't enjoy sin anymore because the spirit that sealed me that adopted me to place me in the body of Christ. You know what first Timothy is pretty clear second Timothy is pretty clear I may deny him, but he won't deny me he might withhold blessing you bring consequences. But when he knocked on the door of my heart. I said come in and he came in and he came in this day and I was miserable now struggling to find. I decided to forget it. You know what this Christian life. I had one little poster. I took it off the wall. I took my Bible.

I stuck it in my drawer wrapped the final poster and I said you know if I can't little better Christian life list. I'm out.

I quit and a member of just thinking okay that's it. I mean I'm sorry God, but sorry that's it, but the conviction delete. It was like I wanted to get out of the Army. God said no it a second.

You made a commitment you can renege on years. I made a commitment. I live in you and I live in you forever and literally my Lordship decision you and how spiritual I was my Lordship decision with God was well and and take this reverently can't looking to get to join me to live a miserable life and I just realized I got down on my knees I member telling him you know this one besetting sin that was struggling to much. Oh God oh God oh God please help me is like the 94th time over the same issue I was asking for help in the still small voice of the Spirit said chant. Would you be honest you don't want help you like this and don't you yeah why don't you just get honest and tell me that you really like the sin you know what's wrong and asked me to change your mind in your hearts, you can see it from my perspective.

Okay, I began to see that the reason God prohibited certain things was that he loved me so much he didn't want the destruction they would bring in my life and I want you know that there is a barrier between you and your relationship with God when you're not honest when you know what's right to do and you don't do it when you know this is true, but your living this way and you can excuse it and say other Christians do it and you can come up with all kind of rationale and action expert at this if you want some help and how to go into denial and rationalize sinful behavior. You look at a guy who I masterful at it. I give you in a close on but I want to tell you absolutely will destroy your life. He who walks in integrity walks securely but you perverts his way will be found out. Relationships aren't hard there impossible. The first prerequisite with God is that your honestly ready for this summer. Your body language tells me you're struggling with a few things. I'm not the only person who's lived a bit of a double life, jot down, it's not your note. Psalm one 4518 six and amazing passage, the Lord is near to those who call upon him, to those who call upon him in truth, what I want you to know what ever you're involved in whatever struggle what ever since whatever lustful thought. Whatever unforgiving spirit.

Whatever issue and work whatever's come out of your mouth and say negative things about other people from the second you get absolutely honest absolutely honest and own it and bring it to God.

The Lord is near to those who call upon and you don't have to feel bad independence for six or eight or 10 days or six or seven or eight hours. The moment you come the blood of Christ is open available and keeps on cleansing if you confess your sin he will do what he will forgive you of your sin and then cleanse you of all unrighteousness.

The second thing is, is not only does it break a relationship with God.

You can have a good relationship with yourself. Psalm 51 member David is praying descend with the sheep.

Here's a guy that really knows God. He loves God what to do. A good man at a bad moment a great man at the wrong place at the wrong time. He ends up committing adultery and then later murder and then Psalm 51 literally get the memoirs we get to overhear his prayers as he's coming back and getting back in fellowship with God and he owns a sin God against you and you only if I sin member that and he looks at the historical roots is my mother's womb. This this this problem doing what I was wrong.

This didn't just happen with the she but this is been in the heart of me and all mankind and then in verse five or six.

He says some very interesting. Oh God, what you desire is truth where in the innermost parts you know I have a an observation is that dishonesty is the father of self-hatred and unwillingness to see my sin and turn from it.

I will learn to fabricate, deny, rationalize and inwardly hate myself because you know what I learned.

We all hate phonies. Don't we.

We all hate hypocrites. Even if the person who's the hypocrite is the person in the mirror and in other some people that live with a lack of the peace in their heart and a self image that is so negative because they adhere to mentally and verbally. I believe this and yet their lifestyles are going this direction and it produces this incredible internal turmoil young man came to me just a few years ago very, very close friend came from a tremendous home godly young man involved in ministry leading worship, teaching the Bible just led a portion of one of the sports teams to Christ. Three or four or five guys in this guys that you know every mom every dad would say I would want this kid to be my son coming. He is a picture of quote a young person in their early 20s really walking with God. They started to struggle his countenance, changed it was always filled with such confidence that you can kinda see it happening.

I wanted you what's going on with this kid make a very long story short, he was studying one day and they a quick blurb came across his computer screen and invited him via the Internet to just come to a little site just soft porn. No danger that big and that led them on a journey led them on a journey deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into the Internet to ever increasing hard-core pornography and I got a young man getting up and playing a guitar and talking about Jesus on Sunday and an addiction forming where he told me he would come home and look around and try and figure out when the times when his parents wouldn't be around so we can get on it and he said it was the only thing he could think about all day and then the shame and the guilt were overwhelming and all of a sudden this kid is getting major psychological problem. Why, he knows what's right and true. He's living in a way that is not just producing intellectual dissonance and emotional dissonance but spiritual dissonance.

This pulling apart of your soul.

I want to tell you that you know we done research and I've read research on some of our quote Christian campuses as many as 30 and 45% of the young men are regular Internet users on porn sites in India understand what it does to try and sit down at the table" have family devotions and have the secret hidden in the back and you know what it can be that porn over here or can be an addiction to soap operas, overhear or romance novels overhear it can be vicariously always looking at something or someone but when you know what is right to do in your life is moving a different direction. Cute. You don't like yourself and when you don't like yourself, you know what you do, you do what I do you eat in your thinking well you must like yourself pretty good know I have a very high metabolism and some of us eat and then did you notice why when you get in the car if the turn on the radio real quickly.

When you come in the house you turn on the TV. There always has to be noise. Why is it that in America, food food, you get depressed ready to go to movie. Don't feel good. Go out to eat well, if it gets really bad. Take a vacation you can afford.

You can charge it. Why because it for 1/2 hour or less. 1/2 a day you sit quietly with no noise and you see striping and you be still. What starts to bubble up for bubbles up the conversations that are this direction in the truth.

It's this direction. The dissonance in a relationship. The unforgiveness that's unaddressed the little lustful thought that goes by and we keep pressing it down.

He who walks in integrity walks securely but Hugh perverts his way will be found out to see how one little word can change your life. The basis of your relationship with God.

Integrity, honesty, the basis of a healthy relationship with yourself. You don't have to be perfect, but you gotta be real and authentic.

You got a look in the mirror and say you know something I don't have it together but I'm making progress in I'm accepted in the beloved in Christ. The third relationship it's impossible is with others.

What's the command after were told who we are in Christ in the first three chapters but speaking the truth in love.

What were to grow up and all aspects who is the head, even Christ, by that which every joint supplies, according the proper working of each individual part right, how can you love other people unless there is trust and how can there be trust if what you purport to be and what they purport to be isn't true. The commodity of relationships and relationships that give you and give me the greatest thing on the earth. There are people that have all the money and all the homes and all the stuff and what are they looking for someone to love them unconditionally. That's what I long for. That's what you long for me, but I'm not honest that I don't have any real relationship should end with some additional thoughts about today's teaching but if you're just joining us, you're listening to Living on the Edge with Chip Ingram's message today. One little word that will change your life is from his series authentic how to be a Christian without being religious, being a Christian who lived like a Christian. One person, one family, one church, one community at a time is how you can make an authentic difference in your world. This powerful series is available in a couple of audio formats and for limited time. The MP3s are absolutely free. When I get a set for yourself or send them to a friend who could benefit from a fresh perspective on how to live the Christian life without getting caught up in all kinds of religious activity for complete pricing and ordering information, go to or we'd be happy to have you call us at 1-888-333-6003. Thanks Dave before we wrap up today I want to take just a minute and say something about the word integrity. You know, comes from the Latin word integer, meaning whole or complete and the fact of the matter is, were not whole or complete without authentic relationships in integrity. As we talked about is the basis of trust in relationships and we are Living on the Edge were really not complete without you, I mean whether your new Christian, or whether you been sort of on this journey for us for a long time. Our goal is to serve you a we believe that were called by God to help you be a authentic follower of Jesus that you would walk according to his word that you would walk in integrity that you would love people in a way that would make a huge difference in it.

Living on the Edge we do three things to help you do that we teach the multitudes weathers by radio or TV or Internet or you do it on the app we develop tools for leaders and we do training for small groups. We do all those things for one simple reason. We want to help Christians live like Christians and if you listen to me today if you been impacted by Living on the Edge or influence by the teaching I'm asking you to sort of make a step of integration or to be an integer to bring about wholeness with us, you know, we provide many of those resources.

Many of the things we do, we do absolutely free to help people and the only way were able to do that is when people partner with this financially and what I would ask you sort of as a matter of integrity is if in fact were ministering to you that God is using Living on the Edge in your personal life your small group church, your family, would you take the step and begin to partner with us financially. Mother 10 $20 a month.

Whatever God leads you to do. Here's what I'm asking today. Would you join us if Living on the Edges ministering to you.

If not yet partnered with us financially. Would you prayerfully consider doing that today. It takes a team to do what God's called us to do and were inviting you to help us help Christians live like Christians who can give a gift online that or if you prefer, give us a call at 1-888-333-6003 on behalf of Chip and the staff here Living on the Edge. Thank you for your prayers and your financial support will be sure to join us again tomorrow as Chip continues his series authentic how to be a Christian without being religious.

Until then, this is the same.

Thanks for joining us for this Edition of Living on the Edge

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