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Facing the Unfinished Task - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 27, 2020 12:00 am

Facing the Unfinished Task - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 27, 2020 12:00 am

As long as there are unbelievers, we face the unfinished task of leading them to Christ.

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Welcome to the intense podcast entire family for Tuesday, May 26 need a doctor to visit often begins with a quick check of your vital signs today will be challenged to run a check on our spiritual heart and part two effacing the unfinished task. What is this on these terms that we have as a church, not just our church but is the whole church. The whole body of Christ and what we call the unfinished Harrison was it unfinished.

Let's clarify what the task is the task is sharing the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That is the task is almost a look at it and do it properly for a few moments and think about it in the way our heavenly father thinks about it because this task bolster category of several things.

First of all, it is a divine task.

Notice what he says. He says as the father sent me, so send I you. And if you think for a moment why Jesus came.

The Scripture says that he came first of all to reveal the problem.

Secondly, he came to die a sacrificial atoning death at Calvary to pay for our sins.

Thirdly, he came the sink in the save that which is lost and fourthly he came.

The Scripture says to give is an abundant life, so he came for very specific reasons the altar but most important one of course was to die on the cross so this task that we have is a task that Jesus certainly has done his part. In fact, he did what we could not do.

He finished his task became the reveal the father down the cross for our sins seek in the save that which is lost and then to give us an abundant life is also in brethren, a redemptive task so that all of those who become involved in this task become involved in God's redemptive plan for mankind, but redemptive task are submitting this that he came for the purpose of dying on the cross of sacrificial substitutionary vicarious death. The pay descendent of the whole world, and when the father placed upon him. Your sin and mine. And Jesus died, he paid our sin debt so that you and I could be pardoned of all of our sin have a personal relationship with God the father be sealed by his Holy Spirit for all eternity. A redemptive task which means that every single one of us who become involved become involved with him in the very purpose for which he came, but it is also his task that demands far more than you not have to give is a task that is supernatural in his very nature because you know I don't have the wisdom nor the strength nor the knowledge nor the understanding to carry out the task he's given us apart from the Holy Spirit. And this is what he said to his disciples. He said Terry and the city of Jerusalem until you are endued with power from on high. Why, because he knew that you and I for example we can open blind eyes we can convict people of sin. We cannot forgive them of their sin, we cannot save them, but we can share the true, but even that is to be done in the power of the Holy Spirit. So it is a supernatural task all the work of the church all the work of sharing the gospel is a supernatural task demanding and requiring that the power of the Holy Spirit be evident and that he's doing the work. So what is he done, he came with a divine task a redemptive task, a task that demands supernatural intervention, the Holy Spirit, but he also gave us a task.

It is a shared task. I think about it for moment, one of the first things that Jesus didn't remember who is this is God walking among men. He didn't need anyone. He didn't have to have anyone. But here's what he did.

One of the first things he did was to share the task of the father had given him with 12 others, well if he were God could not have done the whole thing is that while it's possible, but he chose to share that has with others. He chose 12 men different types of people. Different types of personalities different backgrounds and what he did.

He spent those three years instructing them, teaching them and training them because he wanted them to share what he was teaching them with others, and so our task is a task that is to be shared that no loan ranges in the preaching. The proclamation of the gospel that no loan ranges in the church is what we do together interdependently upon each other and depended upon the Holy Spirit, but it is also an unfinished task somebody says what I want to know is what is he going to get finished. When you know what, that's not a good question. The reason I know is not a good question is because Jesus said to his disciples on one occasion when they were asking him that one of these things only come about. He was talking about his return and all the things we don't happen. They said a lot of what is this going to happen. He said it's not for you to know the times of the season. He says, but what you to do is you to do what I've called you to do so. People sometimes will say to me will say as if they thought our new Kosmos. I don't know they'll say that Dr. Stennett would you tell us the you think Jesus is coming soon and my answer is they expect me to say yes and my answer is I don't know. I don't know what is coming. It's none of my business.

When he comes my business is to teach the word of God proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit until he does come on, till he calls me home and so the idea of wind is not the issue. The issue is. It is an unfinished task.

He finished his part.

Our partisan thing to somebody says role. When will it be finished when he says so when he says so it'll be finished until then, you and I have a responsibility, a divine responsibility a redemptive responsibility listen and impossible responsibility apart from the Holy Spirit, a responsibility that is to be shared with each other and everywhere all over this world. This is a very important thing that God's call us to do and if we don't understand what it is and we'll understand that we have a responsibility we have a share in this will try to shirk responsibility is what happens. Many people go to church Sunday after Sunday after Sunday and they are heroes. Watch this now their heroes, but their detached hearers. They listen as long as they hear something that will help them maybe Bill will better our help them in some situations, some circumstance in life.

But when it comes to responsibility when it comes to commitment.

All of a sudden, they become detached and it's easy to listen to the gospel and become detached, not even realizing that's what you doing becoming detached when it requires something of you do what you have to ask is this MRI and involved interested integrated listener do I hear because I want the Lord to change my life.

Do I want God to change me so he can use me to impact other people's lives or do I just want to remain detached. So let's look for a moment how people respond to this unfinished task we sensitive on task. It's a redemptive task, listen. It's a supernatural task.

It is a shared task, but it's unfinished. Jesus parts finished our part is unfinished that this is the moment in most sermons where you detach some asking you for God sake and your sake, and the people whom you love, and people you don't love yet because you don't know, don't get detach right now because you see if I understand what the mission is and understand the nature the task which we've explained very clearly. Therefore, questions I have to face and you have to face. What can I do what should I do what is God telling me to do and what am I willing to do the yard run down. What can I do the task is very simple on the share the gospel. What cannot. What should I do what is God telling me to do what am I willing to do is see nowhere does it say that you are to save anybody. Forgive them of their sins.

You can figure people are wrong, but forgiveness of sin between them and God.

You can't do that is what you can do you can share your faith, you can say to someone else. I know you're going through a difficult time. I've been through difficult times in my life. I want to tell you what made the difference. I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and he made all the difference in the world in my life. And if you let me. I'd like to share with you how that happened in my life. I'm here to tell you, people are more open to hear you explain what Jesus is done in your life than they have ever been. Listen, this nation is wide open and many other parts of the world wide open to the truth of the gospel. What can you do, you can tell it like God's work that into your life. What should you do on the basis of the fact that people without Christ gonna die and be lost in eternal separated from him.

Rowley turned what should you do should you pass by people that you know a lost and never mentioned Jesus does not a single one of us would say is what Ronald Byrum is let somebody else, you know that you should not do that. What is God telling you to do is God telling you don't tell anybody religion and politics not to be discussed. I've heard that so many times and I want to say religion and politics.

Maybe so. But Jesus is to be shouted Jesus is to be talked about everywhere we go, stop keeping quiet about the most important thing in all of life about the message that changes people's eternal destiny about the message that keeps them out of hell and get some in the heaven about the message that will absolutely transform their life.

You cannot afford to keep quiet.

He would never tell you to keep quiet. He would never tell you there was anything else about that. What are you willing to do. Are you willing to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are you willing to tell someone else you say what what will they think did Jesus ever send a check. Their attitude is say that it's not about of what they think you know what happened. If you and I share the gospel somebody and they don't like it. Mark this down. The day will come when they will wish to God they had heard you listen to you and on exactly what you told them they needed to do that day will come, so you know what we plant the seed. Maybe they listen at that time. Maybe they don't. Maybe they believe maybe they don't.

That's not our responsibility. Your responsibility is to tell it your responsibility is to share it. So let's think about this question number one what can I do question number two what should I do question number three what is God telling me to do and question number four. What am I willing to do that.

Here's the big question what are you willing to do.

You can't say will I didn't know what to do. Nobody ever told me what to do.

You can't say I should know by God.

What you have to ask is this what is God telling you to do the listen carefully. I would never tell someone exactly what there to do in a given situation. I can say is what God says, but you have to make the choice.

I tell you this.

According to this word, you and I are to share the truth of the gospel to people around us and he will give you a sense of spirit he will move you. He will stir your heart especially when he want you deal with some specific person that what you think about it. He sorta brought somebody near Manuel I been talking. I know he has somebody that you know is not a Christian, somebody you know that unsaved they may be rough and hearty omitted may be very gentle and very nice, very kind, you know, they're not saved. What can you do. What should you do what's God telling you to do what you willing to do is what's going to happen the way you not respond to those for question is going to reveal something about us that we can all make mistakes and we can all falter. At times and miss our opportunities but we should absolutely repent before Almighty God the listen. It's one thing to make a mistake it has to do with money or material things. It's something else entirely different. To make a mistake to overlook the disobey something that causes someone else to miss out on what God has for the way I answer those questions will reveal four things about me and about you number one you reveal whether I love him, Jesus my Lord about just paying lip service in reveal whether I am walking in the spirit or in the flesh in reveal what the am a true servant of his.

A genuine servant or if I just pay lip service to it. Just talk about it in my doer and my servant, or just a hero. It also revealed something about what I'm living for myself or I'm living for him.

It will also revealed it from a true follower of Jesus, or just simply a name dropper, Christian. He's not looking.

The name dropper's he's looking for people who willing to ask the question what can I do what should I do love what are you telling me to do and not whatever it is I'm willing to do it. We claim him as our Lord year with the Lord is the Lord means he's our boss that he's the boss. He has a right to tell me what to do when the do and how to do it in one thing I know for certain. He doesn't want me listening, disconnected, he doesn't want me hearing and disobeying. He doesn't want me hearing and ignoring he doesn't want me hearing and rationalizing. He doesn't want me hearing and shifting responsibility. He wants me to hear and obey me ask a question you've heard the four questions at this point in your life as a believer knowing according to Scripture, that each one of us has a personal responsibility the sheriff. What can you do, you can share what should you do share it. Was he telling you do share what are you willing to do that is the big question what can I do what should I do, what is he telling me to do what am I willing you answer those questions honestly and you know will happen. Your lives can take on a whole new meaning and the people around you going to know something has happened to you.

That is very good.

Thank you for listening to part two facing the unfinished task if you like to know more about Charles Stanley are in touch ministries that my Internet started writing this fantastic presentation in touch ministries Atlanta, Georgia

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