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JR SportBrief Hour 1

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May 23, 2024 7:12 pm

JR SportBrief Hour 1

JR Sports Brief / JR

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May 23, 2024 7:12 pm

Luka & Kyrie carry Mavs to Game 1 win l Cavs fire JB Bickerstaff l Dan Campbell eyes Super Bowl


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Kick off your summer and shop in-store or online at Whole Foods Market today. It is the JR Sport Brief Show here on the Infinity Sports Network. Happy Thursday to you! I'm coming to you live from Atlanta, Georgia. Much love and many thanks to everybody tuned in and locked in all over North America. Super producer and host Ryan Hickey is in New York City holding it down for us on the boards. And I'm happy that you're here because with you there is no show. So if you're going to work, leaving work, starting vacation, whatever the hell you're doing, thank you for locking in.

This is when I get started every single weekday at 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. You can always listen on the free Odyssey app. You can lock in live and local on your Infinity Sports Network affiliate, Sirius XM Channel 158. And if you got a smart speaker, it's simple. Real simple.

You don't have to lift a finger. Just ask that speaker to play the Infinity Sports Network. Basketball's going on. Hockey's going on. OTAs is going on. We got coaches getting fired in the NBA. What else is new? Scotty Shuffler back in the news. We got we got camera footage, not from the cop, but from a streetlight, a pole. OK, great.

Good stuff. Toronto gets a WNBA team. Kaitlyn Clark is telling everybody to relax just a little bit. NBA Max contracts are going through the roof. Dak Prescott is fine with pressure.

He's fine with not making money now. He's also fine with pressure. There's just a lot going on. And we got you covered of all of it. And when we got out of here last night, we had game one of the Western Conference finals between the Wolves and the Mavs. Fun matchup. Great game. Great end to the game. And so we'll talk about it. And then we have some awesome guests who are going to come through and join us as well.

How about this? Bill Ryder. You're familiar with Bill. He's right here on the Infinity Sports Network. He's going to come through and join us in an hour.

Also, Chris Fador. He's going to join us in about two hours. He covers the Cavs. We can talk to him about J.B. Bickerstaff and he knows everything about the NBA. And so we got some great guests that are going to join us.

This is the last show for the week. OK, we'll be back on Tuesday before we do anything like start off with these Dallas Mavericks who had an amazing comeback victory against the Wolves. Hickey, how you doing, man? You good? J.R., I am good.

I am good. A great game last night. This is going to be just a banger of a series.

I can't wait. And I'm very fascinated to see what Celtics team comes out today. They got lucky in game one. Are they going to just continue to sleepwalk or are we going to get maybe a little energized?

You never know. You never know what the Celtics, the Celtics and the Pacers game two of the Eastern Conference Finals gets going in two hours from now. Hickey, that's the ESPN game. So is that a real two hours from now? Is that two thirty?

So it's two and a half hours budget. All right. Here we go. So I got to remember, I always forget ESPN lies to us about the start times and TNT starts on time.

And who is the NBA rewarding with a new contract? The liars. Oh, my God. Yeah. It shows Adam Silver like lying. Interesting. Charles Barkley calling his bosses idiots stupid for losing the right. So there you have it anyway.

Yeah, we talked about that yesterday. Nobody knows what's going to happen with the NBA on TNT, but at least they could start a game on time without hustling me to sit down and watch a garbage pregame like ESPN. Thank you, ESPN. Anyway, last night on TNT, the Western Conference Finals, as Hickey said, it was a banger. This is going to be a back and forth. This series is why we have a lot of folks who look at it and go, I can't make up my mind. You know, it took me a couple of days of wavering and going back and forth. I'm rocking with the Dallas Mavericks. I said that before the game. So give me a break here, OK? I think they're going to go seven games for exactly why you saw last night.

And it's a Hickey's point that he made days ago. The series might be determined because Minnesota was coming off of a high because the Minnesota Timberwolves were coming off of a high, a game seven this past Sunday against the Denver Nuggets. And then what happens when you get high, like in a plane? You got to come down.

Of course, I'm talking about a plane. And so they reached the highest peak and they had to come back down to earth. And so at the end of the game, by the time I got settled in my house and started watching after I left the studio, Luca Doncic was just like, he's a three in your face. Here's a pull up, Jay. Here's another pull up, Jay. I turned on the television. Luca Doncic is like, here's seven points.

And they couldn't do anything about it. Luca Doncic. Well, first of all, the Mavs beat the Wolves last night, 108 to 105. It looked like the the Wolves ran out of gas. Anthony Edwards looked tired as hell. Reggie Miller.

That's if he's good for anything. That's all he pointed out was how tired he looked. And he was right. Luca Doncic had 33 points. He had 15 points total in the fourth. Kyrie Irving. He had 30 points.

He had 24 of those points in the first half. Kyrie Irving got busy early and Luca Doncic finished them like this was Mortal Kombat. Hickey, you like Mortal Kombat?

Can't say I've. Is it play? Watch? Both? Excuse me? I don't know. Honestly, if it's a movie or a video game. Video game?

Scorpion Sub-Zero Raiden. You got that's all gibberish to me. Oh, my God.

Finish him. No, you never heard that. I've heard that. It's for Mortal Kombat. But still, is it? It's the video game. It's one of the most influential violent video games that drove people in Congress crazy because it helped America go into the toilet because people were playing Mortal Kombat. It was terrible.

America sucks because of Mortal Kombat. Wow. Interesting. OK, that's a little lesson I learned. Thank you. You did.

1992. What I'll do is I'll send you the trailer in the break and you can learn more about Mortal Kombat. I can't wait. Let's go.

Looking forward to it. You got it. But last night, Luka Doncic was Scorpion and he just said he let the guys on fire. He finished them. Luka, at the end of the game, dropping those 15 points in the fourth quarter.

He talked about how he approached finishing them. I just said to myself, you know, we got to win this game. I got to be way better because three quarters, I didn't play good. So I just came in the fourth, get to my spot and let the team to win. It's not how you start. It's how you finish. Kyrie Irving got off to a hot start.

I told you about that. Twenty four points in the first half. Pretty hilarious because, you know, Anthony Edwards loves to talk trash. Only had 19 points yesterday. Didn't score a point in the third quarter. He did a lot of yapping, saying, hey, I'm ready for Kyrie Irving.

I'm ready to go out there and challenge this man. And Kyrie Irving, he talked about his strong start to the game. We just had to start off the game with an aggressiveness and just make sure we bring Rudy away from the basket as much as possible. We understand that's defensive player of the year. They got first team, second team, all defensive guys. So as much as we can attack them in transition before they set their defense, which I got a few opportunities to do. Got a few and ones to go. So I was feeling good in the first quarter and just settling, you know, where we are in this Western Conference Finals.

A lot of anxiety, some nerves. I've been here before, so a little bit more poise on my end, just being able to start the game with the confidence and that aggression. Oh, yeah, Kyrie's been here before. I mean, he's been to the finals before. He had one of the biggest shots in the NBA finals. He up LeBron James won a championship. He's not new to this. He's used to this. And he was on TNT after the game. And they pretty much asked him, hey, did those words by Anthony Edwards motivate you? This is what Kyrie said.

You with your beautiful family, just chilling, probably having a nice meal. And then the young fellow says, I got Kyrie. And you said, excuse me. And he said it again.

He said, I got Kyrie. That's the most aggressive you've been in a long time. I know that had to irk you a little bit.

Use it as a motivation. When I was sitting at home and I saw it, I was like, just a nod of respect. And then also I knew what type of game was going to be. Game one and also for the rest of the series. So you're right.

I was at home with my family watching game seven. You just minding your own business. And then Ant comes out and says, I got Kyrie. But but also that's that's a no fear mentality.

And that's why we love Ant. No. Yeah. He said, I got Kyrie. Kyrie ran him around. For 24 points, 30 points total. I told you, Anthony Edwards only finished with 19 points. Karl-Anthony Towns finished with 16. Hit some big shots at the end of the game, but he also missed some big ones. He shot six of 20 from the field. And what happens when you run after Kyrie Irving?

I don't know, 24 minutes. What happens after you play in a game seven against one of the best basketball players in the world and Luka Doncic and the defending champs? Anthony Edwards says, man, we were tired. We came out flat today. I mean, and then we found our energy. Then we went back to being flat. So I think it was just on us. Everything was on us today. I didn't get downhill as much.

Yeah, just stuff like that. We was just a little tired, probably. Was it just you? You keep saying we. You stunk.

What about everybody else? I don't think we played our best basketball tonight, one through 15. I think Jayden was the only one that came ready to play tonight.

And I think everybody else let him down. So I think if we bring our best brand of basketball to whenever when is it Friday? I think we'll see what type of game it'll be Friday. Everybody bring their best brand of basketball from the Timberwolves and we'll see how it go. Yes. Game game two is tomorrow, Friday.

And I guess with a day of rest. I'm supposed to think they're going to be different. They can't be any worse than what they were, right? Head coach. Busted up knee man, Chris Finch. He said we sucked at the end of the game.

Terrible offense down the stretch, bad shots, turnovers, no composure. You know, and thought for the same at the end of the first half. Hickey, man, we we knew this, bro. We said this. We're basketball geniuses.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist. And who knows? It's only one game tomorrow night may come. And Luca and Kyrie suck. And Anthony Edwards and Karl Anthony towns are hot.

But we said, if you got to trust the two dudes who are leading each respective team, who do you trust more? And granted, the Wolves were tired. Like Luca and Kyrie are the better. And dare I say more? Even though Luca has been around less than Karl Anthony towns, they are the more accomplished players, man.

Absolutely. I mean, this is for Luca, right? His second Western Conference finals in three years for the Wolves young duo. This is only the third class series they've ever played in. So it's like, yeah, you're right. That stage, it is different.

And the pressure is different. I think you saw it a little bit in Game one. Just the elevated play of guys that have been there for both Kyrie and Luca and guys that haven't in Ant-Man and Karl Anthony towns. Yeah, this this is going to be a close one. It was close yesterday. At the end, the Mavs were able to hand them and give them the business in Game two should be just as fun tomorrow night. I mean, tonight should be fun as well. We got the Pacers, we got the Boston Celtics and downtown Boston TD Bank Garden.

That should be fun. I'm enjoying this and we got playoffs all weekend long. Hickey, is the weather good up there in New York? Better than it's been in previous years, which is not saying much like low 70s and some clouds. I heard there was a big storm this morning.

Is that true? It at like 10 a.m. looked like it was midnight. It was so dark for like a half hour. Crazy. Oh, flashstorm thunderstorm.

We're back. I heard there's a rally today in New York. Is that true? A rally? Yeah. There's a rally in the Bronx.

For what? I heard the former president is up there, right? Oh, I did not know that. I didn't know. Maybe that's why there was a storm. I don't know.

I mean, it did seem like kind of, you know, that would explain a lot. OK. Ominous. Very, very. There you go. Storm clouds wiping things out. We'll see. Anyway, speaking of wiping things out and finishing people. J.B. Brickerstaff is done in Cleveland.

What else is new, right? You happen to be a coach in professional sports. You get hired to be fired.

It doesn't matter how much success you had. Ultimately, everybody gets the boot. It's the J.R. Sportbree show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. We are just getting started.

We are just getting wound up. We got Bill Ryder. He's coming through to join us from the Infinity Sports Network. NBA insider.

He'll be here with us in about 45 minutes. Chris Fador is going to join us in about two hours to talk about everything. Cavs and everything. NBA.

And you know what? We're going to take a break. We got some NFL talk as well. All these quarterbacks and coaches talking.

Dan Campbell, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott. We got a lot to do. But let's talk about the man who just got fired on the other side of the break. What a way to start the Memorial Day weekend with J.B. Bickerstaff. We'll talk about it on the other side. It's the J.R. Sportbree show.

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That's slash odyssey. You're listening to the J.R. sport brief, the J.R. sport brief show here on the Infinity Sports Network. 855-212-4227. I'm going to say it again a little slower for the people in the back.

855-212-4227. It is the J.R. sport brief show on the Infinity Sports Network. We just talked about the Minnesota Timberwolves blowing it at home yesterday against the Dallas Mavericks in a few seconds.

I want to tell you about the latest NBA head coach who just got the boot. Yeah, that's what happens, right? It doesn't matter if you're good. You go to the playoffs. You have success. You're above 500. It doesn't matter.

You don't win. You get fired. What a world the NBA coaches live in.

They making five and ten million dollars a year. But so I guess it's OK, right? I guess it is. 855-212-4227. I'll tell you who that is in a minute.

But let's go to New York. Let's talk to Dave. Hey, Dave, how are you? You're on the J.R. sport brief show Coast to Coast. J.R., an honor. I just finished listening to last night's show.

OK, that's why I'm calling in about the topic being your list last night. Your great top six. I just want to put mine out there for the announcers. My favorite, my number one announcer. Who's my favorite? Who's your favorite announcer of all time?

Who is it? Well, I love to go sell, but I'll put it up with Dickie V right up there. Dickie V on college basketball. He made a difference.

Now, it wasn't like Madden like breaks down the game, nothing. But he knew the game, obviously, Dickie V. But just at the excitement, it was similar to Costello in a little smaller way. He blew it away every game I ever saw.

I even go back on YouTube all the time and watch Dickie V yelling, you know, all his dipsy doodles and dandies and all that. And I wanted to just put his name out there. He's still around. And he was he was the best.

You know, I enjoyed him. And I love your top six list. I love your show. I'm going to listen to the show live tonight.

I just finished last night and I'm on to this one with you. Thank you so much, Dave. Appreciate you, man. Have a good weekend. OK, thank you.

Thank you. Shout outs to Dave from New York. And yes, Dick Vitale is still here. He's going to be 85 years old in a couple of weeks.

He's going to be 85 years old. Anyone who's been keeping keeping up with Dickie V knows that unfortunately he's been dealing with bouts of cancer off and on. And Hickey, the last time I looked, he was he was doing OK. He wasn't back in the booth.

I feel like he goes back and forth. But I haven't heard any real bad or negative news. Have you heard anything? No, which I think at this point, no news for the most part is good news. Right. So hopefully that continues. And I thought he was somewhat close to returning at some point last year. So maybe, you know, another summer of rest can help get him back for this upcoming year of college hoops, which would be just tremendous for everyone, including himself.

Absolutely. And we know with Dickie V, he has, as Dave from New York just said, Dick Vitale is is one of the greatest announcers ever. He's coach first and then became an announcer. I think most people know him from that.

Is he mentioned the diaper dandies and yeah, baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I've had the chance and opportunity to chat with Coach Vitale and he's fun. He's a fun guy. Real fun guy.

Thank you. Thank you, Dave, for reminding us about Dick Vitale. And speaking of coaches, Dick Vitale, we know he's fighting the good fight right now. The guy that got fired today is J.B. Bickerstaff.

And this is just how it goes. And just coaching in general. It doesn't matter. You know what league. It doesn't matter who you're coaching. If you don't win, they give you the boot. J.B. Bickerstaff just took the Cleveland Cavaliers further than they've ever been since LeBron James decided to exit.

And go to Los Angeles. LeBron James said, I came back. I gave you a title.

You got a ring. Cleveland, this one is for you. I'm out. I'm gone.

I'm going to L.A., OK? J.B. Bickerstaff led a team without a busted up Jared Allen at the end. No Donovan Mitchell at the end.

This team sucked at the end. And the Boston Celtics beat him in the second round, four to one, after they had to go through seven games against the Magic. And there's nothing worse than a coach who was just eliminated from the postseason, who knows his job is on the line. He's sitting there in front of the media, having his closing press conference, and they're asking him about his job security. And he basically has to do a song, a dance, a tap dance. He has to tell jokes. He has to write a screenplay. He has to juggle balls on his head.

He has to do all of these things just to let everybody know I should keep my job. This is J.B. Bickerstaff from last week saying, I want to stay as the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. We've continued to build this thing the right way every single year. We've improved, you know, continue to get better, you know, play in playoffs, went around. Players have gotten better.

Guys have had great years. You know, this is definitely a place I want to be. Damn. Hickey, it must suck to say you want to be somewhere and then they get rid of you, right? Yeah. Not great. Not great at all. Still gets paid. I guess that's OK. That's true. And that is a bright side.

You get paid to do nothing, which is not bad. Not bad. He continued on. Whether he was there or not, he thinks things are going to look nice in Cleveland. Unfortunately for him, he won't participate. We've got a good team. We've got good individual players with a high character players, you know, that are concerned about winning. And, you know, anytime you have that, you're going to give yourself an opportunity. You know, I would love to see what we look like when we're whole, you know, for an entire season of pressure we can put on the league from that standpoint. But we've got a good basketball team of guys who want to win and guys who want to get better. Yeah, he's just not going to be around to see it.

It's also pretty. And this is the world. What are you going to do? You get paid all this money. You can't get mad at anybody who reports the news like five minutes or maybe 30 minutes after the season was over. There was an entire article out about how the team didn't respect him, about how the guys didn't didn't like how he ran the squad and didn't like some of his plays. And at the Cleveland Cavaliers, who, let's be real, what the hell have they accomplished?

The answer is nothing. They didn't appreciate his coaching style. They lost confidence in J.B. Bickerstad. And so it's just like, damn, I didn't even end my season 30 minutes ago. And you've been sitting on an article about how much the players can't stand me.

And so what happens if they magically beat the Celtics and go to the the Eastern finals? You've got to scrap the article now, don't you? Damn.

People are always ready to write something bad about you. And here's the deal. The general manager is Mike Ganze. Kobe Altman used to be downstairs. Now he's the boss. He runs the whole show for these Cavaliers. And Brian Windhorst, who made his money following LeBron James around for most of his life. He said they didn't really want to fire J.B. Bickerstaff. He said that they were really thinking hard about it.

This is courtesy of ESPN Cleveland. I'm not sure that Kobe really wanted to fire him. I think he just realized kind of as he's saying there, he just kind of felt like he had to, because he felt like he wasn't sure the team could get to the next level under the current situation.

And that's that's uncomfortable. And it could end up, you know, backfiring. There is a risk when you fire a head coach who's been successful.

There is a risk. This will be a move that gets criticized by by a lot of people, especially coaches in the NBA, because they'll say, wait a minute, this guy, you know, won 50 games or whatever they won the last two years on average. And he took him to the second round of the playoffs. And and that's why I think, you know, the Cavs will have to articulate Kobe. Altman is at some point going to have to come out and articulate why they made this move and what they're thinking is going forward.

Wow. The rumor is they want to get somebody like. Kenny Atkinson. Kenny Atkinson didn't even get a chance, didn't even get an opportunity to coach the Brooklyn Nets when Kyrie and Durant showed up. He's an he's an assistant with Golden State.

He's turned down quite a few jobs in the NBA. James Borrego, who used to coach the Hornets. And I mean, when you got LaMelo Ball, is that the right one?

Picky, is that the right? Is it LaMelo? You got it. Lonzo's the other one that doesn't play for Chicago. That's right.

Le'Angelo is out of the league or has never made the league. That's the one in Mexico. Right. Right. That was formerly in China.

Stealing sunglasses. Right. Making sure. Yeah. LeVar Ball's kids. Yeah.

Uh huh. James Borrego was the former head coach of the Hornets. Let's let's be real here, people. It does not matter who is going to coach the Cleveland Cavaliers. Unless they got players, unless they got somebody outside of Donovan Mitchell, the team is a wreck. OK. The only reason that JB Bickerstaff is probably gone is because Donovan Mitchell wasn't a fan. That's it. That's what it boils down to.

Cut, dry and simple. And it also rumors that Darius Garland doesn't want to be back if Donovan Mitchell is going to sign his extension. And why not? Darius Garland was an all star. Donovan Mitchell showed up and Darius Garland is like carrying his bags and washing his shoes. Cavaliers. They're mediocre.

They're in the middle. It's not exciting about them. I mean, the best that they can hope for. Is that they have been developing Evan Mobley, maybe he can develop into an all star.

That would be the best case scenario. But wake me up when the Cavaliers are actually worth a damn. At least JB Bickerstaff still gets paid. And he doesn't have to deal with any of these whiny ass players. Good for him.

It's the JR Sport Show here with you on the Infinity Sports Network. Speaking of coaches getting fired, this man almost got fired about a year and a half ago. And now he is one of the best head coaches, one of the most well respected head coaches in the entire league. His name is Dan Campbell. He was asked about this upcoming season. His expectations and whether this year for the Lions is a boom or bust. Is it championship or bust? You'll hear it from Dan Campbell on the other side of the break.

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See site for details. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief. Hey, there's a guy that knows how to get somebody fired. Hey, I mean, well, he's on television now. Rex Ryan is on television now.

Picky man, when Mark Sanchez was done with the Jets. Where did he go after that? He was on another team, wasn't he? Cowboys or something like that?

That is a great trivia question. He was a backup somewhere, right? The, oh, was it the Eagles? I think it was. He didn't, he never played. Never played. Was it any other team?

It had to be. Let's see. Where'd he go? Wow, that's tremendous. He was, yeah, Eagles backup for two years. Wow.

Let's see if he threw a pass. All the wonderful people in Philadelphia probably remember this. Oh, my God. Wow.

Uh, wow. He started eight games for the Eagles in 2014. He didn't throw a pass in 2013. He started eight games for the Eagles in 2014. This was under Chip Kelly. What a disaster that was. Oh, my God. Yeah, Nick Foles.

Wow. Mark Sanchez. It's hard to believe he had a 10-year career. I remember he was drafted in 2009. 2018 was his last year, man. I'm just looking at his stats now. I have zero recollection whatsoever of him playing for Dallas in 2016. He threw 18 total passes. Yeah. And I have no memory at all of him in Washington. And he started a game?

It's probably in, like, December, December 21st or something like that for Washington. You know what? You're probably right. Like, them and the Giants, like, week, I guess at that point, 17.

And they're both, like, four wins combined. Yeah, week, nothing. Season is over. People are giving away their tickets. It's just like, oh, I'm getting ready for the holidays. It's like, you want to go see the Washington commanders or whatever the hell they were called at that time?

You're like, yeah, give me the tickets. Like, who's Mark's playing quarterback? Yeah, Mark Sanchez.

Like, I thought Mark Sanchez was on the Jets. It's one of those things. That's the beautiful thing about sports.

Maybe not beautiful if you know it. There's so many professional athletes. You know, Roger Goodell yesterday, as he talked about, you know, NFL 18 game season using technology. You know, he was also asked about Harrison Butgers comments. And he's just like, yeah, we got 3000 players in the NFL. And everybody has their own opinions and perspectives on things.

It's like, yeah, everybody does. And I'm just saying to myself, damn, 3000. Hickey, how many players actually matter? 200 of them, maybe 150, 200. Yeah, probably honestly, probably 150. NBA has about 450 players.

150 matter, right? Oh, I was gonna say like 50. 50 NBA players?

Oh, come on. Between the first team and the second team, you're full of all-stars. You know, it's like 25, 30 guys already.

But like, okay, so like define, I guess, matter. The bench guys, you know, in the regular season, you got the bench dude who comes off. He gets hot. So there's another 30 bench guys who are worth a damn, right? You probably have two bench guys that matter on each team. So that's 60 guys. You know, 60 plus 60 is 120. And, you know, just for rounding purposes, maybe 130 guys that matter. Wow, so 130 out of 450? All right.

Yeah, right. No. Okay, 30% matter?

35%? Here we go. Let's name some San Antonio Spurs. You ready? You want to go spur for spur? Sure. Can I go first? Let's go. I'll give you one.

Go. Victor Wemenyama. Devin Vassal. Honestly, I got no one. Okay. This is really bad. I should know at least one more.

No. I think every team except for the Spurs, man. Jeremy Sohan. And then you have Trey Jones. And then I saw the Spurs play this year.

Hickey. Man, sometimes I see these teams and I go, who is that guy? I said, I feel like I know basketball. I feel like I know a lot of the guys.

I'm like, who is that guy? I feel like they shuffle so many players between the G League and I don't know. It makes sense, right? When you have Victor Wemenyama, who, rookie of the year, all the defense first team was just tremendous.

And you still were what? Bottom three record, I think it was? That makes sense.

It does. They sucked. Yeah, everybody on the team doesn't matter. I've had the benefit of also seeing Memphis this year with no John Moran. And this is before Gigi was Gigi Jackson Gigi.

Yeah. Before him. Imagine what that roster looked like. John Moran was hurt. Who's the strong guy with the muscles? The shooting guard. The short one. Oh, Desmond Bain. Yeah, Desmond. Yeah, he wasn't playing. Imagine what I said when I looked on the court and I'm like, who is this guy?

I feel like the what are they? The Grizzlies. I feel like the Grizzlies had a Middle Eastern guy out there. I swear. I did. I said, I've never seen this man in my life. Who is he? Fan appreciation. I just picked him out of the crowd. All right, here you go. Here in Atlanta, they tore it.

The Memphis Grizzlies were looking for fans walking into the arena. You want to give us 10 minutes? Yeah.

What do you got? Why not? Why not?

Why not? Yeah. There's only but so many guys that matter in the league.

So, hey, you got 3,000 of them. It's tough. Anyway, Dan Campbell, he got a lot of guys.

I can name a lot of dudes on the Detroit Lions. Right before we went to break, we talked about an NBA coach who got fired because pretty much his team is hurt and they suck. Not his fault. Not his problem.

They just didn't like him. Dan Campbell doesn't have that issue. People love Dan Campbell.

Dan Campbell is a man's man. He looks like he eats, what does he eat for breakfast? Like venison? Nails. Venison too. Nails. Venison. With the bone, he eats the bone too.

Oh my God, eats the bone. Looks like he's pushing, I don't know, he's bench pressing 250, 300 every morning. I know he's strong. He's stronger than his kicker. I bet he is, right? Oh, I mean he's probably stronger than, I'm trying to think, maybe half the receivers, half the DBs, definitely kicker and punter.

Probably at least a third of the roster I bet you he benches more than them. Dan Campbell is not to be played with. Dan Campbell has helped bring the Detroit Lions out of the doldrums.

Grit. I don't know another slogan for another team. I know the Lions slogan grit. Jets don't have a slogan. Cowboys don't have one. Dolphins don't have a slogan.

I know here in Atlanta, typically it's less rise, rise up. I don't know, it seems like they're always in a coffin. I don't know where they're going. Broncos used to have one. Russell, you just want to say it on behalf of Russell Wilson?

Go for it. Broncos country. Let's ride. Now I'm assuming that's going to die, right, with him leaving, right? It has to. I think everything in Denver with that team is going to be dead. How long before Sean Payton is just like, I ain't got time for this. It takes his miserable ass back to TV. How long we got to wait?

This year does not go well. Could he just suddenly retire again? Do you think the Walmart people will give him the boot? They're going to give him two years.

Two years. Walmart people. Got a lot of money to fire a coach, pay him, and hire someone else, right? Listen, Walmart people, they do. They helped get, what's his name, John Calipari down in Arkansas, so why not?

Walmart people. Anyway, Dan Campbell not getting fired. Almost got fired a couple of seasons ago, started one in six, turned things around, almost made the playoffs this past season, went to the NFC championship game. He did all that gambling and lost. And so their actual expectations now for the Detroit Lions.

Think about that. The Lions are expected to be one of the best teams in the NFL. They're giving away these big old contracts to folks like Jared Goff, now the second highest paid quarterback in the NFL at $53 million a year. Penay Sewell gets big money to protect him, a four-year contract. Amon Ra, St. Brown, is now one of the highest paid receivers, 30-plus mill, to go out there and catch passes from Jared Goff. The Lions are a big deal.

So what next? Hey, they got to get out of the NFC North. We know that. Bears got better with Caleb Williams. Vikings hope that they are.

Not trash. We certainly would hope so. We know the Green Bay Packers are going to be out there with Jordan Love. He'll be one of the next big quarterbacks making major bank.

So it's not going to be easy to escape their own division, but the expectations are that they go to the Super Bowl. And Dan Campbell was asked about that during OTAs. He's like, hey, is it a boom or bust season?

Like what do you all do after this? I don't see bust. I see Super Bowl.

I don't know what the bust is. So it's, you know, here's what I know, man. We all know what the – every team ought to have that, right? Every team ought to be like, man, what are you playing for? You're playing for a Super Bowl. So we're no different than that.

But I think, yeah, we know that now. We work backwards from there. And so you've got to set yourself up no different than last year. Certain things you've got to do to really make that valid, you know, make that a reality. And so that's, yeah, ultimately that's what we want to do. Now to do that, you better win the division. You've got to give yourself the best odds you can, right? You need to win the division.

You need the best seating you can possibly do. Come on now, let's be real. Let's really think about this. Every team is not thinking about winning the Super Bowl, okay? We just talked about the Denver Broncos. They ain't thinking about winning the Super Bowl. They're thinking about player development. They're hoping that Bo Nix turns into a decent at minimum starting quarterback in the NFL. That's what they're looking for. Broncos ain't thinking about no Super Bowl. The New England Patriots, the most successful team in the NFL over the past 20 years, they're not thinking about a Super Bowl.

They're hoping that Drake May can develop. That's it. And so I get it. It sounds nice to say every team's goal is a Super Bowl. And no, no, no, it's not. Different teams are in different phases of what they're doing.

It's legitimate. Some teams are rebuilding. Some teams are mediocre. And if you're mediocre, you might as well be rebuilding. And then some teams are legitimate contenders. The Lions happen to be in that top category. Historically, they've been in the bottom. They've been a joke, a laughingstock, a bottom feeder.

I can go on and on and on. But the bottom line is the Lions are to be respected right now. Dan Campbell, he's just fun to watch. I'm less interested in the Lions as a football team and more interested in what that man is going to do at the end of a game.

Because I'll tell you this. It's cool to be aggressive when you get there the first time. But if you keep playing the odds and they don't work out at the end of games, there comes a point in time where people start going, hey, this guy's screwing us up. Hey, if we had a more conventional coach, maybe we'd win.

I'd love to see the all or nothing balls to the wall head coach win a championship. But that only takes you but so far. I mean, you're just going to go to Vegas and gamble and throw all your chips down every single time.

There comes a point where you just end up broke and you go home to your wife and she don't want to be your wife no more. I'm not speaking from personal experience. I'm not. Trust me. But Dan Campbell, I appreciate him. He's fun.

They'll be competing for a Super Bowl again. I just Hickey, I don't trust him. You trust that man.

I don't trust him. He does this to earn it after last year's decision making that I wasn't. I mean, I didn't think it was that egregious and a lot of people say he was too aggressive, but I think definitely now what he's got to prove is that he can, you know, learn from the mistakes and change a little bit of a style for sure going forward. If he can learn that, I think you could feel good about him going forward. If it's kind of the same old. I don't say again, I like the aggressiveness. I don't want to call it recklessness, but some people can view that as recklessness.

If that doesn't change, then I think your logic of thought is accurate. Yeah, he got you got to make an adjustment every now and then. You got to know when to hold them. You got to know when to fold them. You got to know when to walk away. You got to know when to run. Dan Campbell doesn't know how to do anything, but go. Relax, man, please.

Lions will be good. Hopefully he doesn't destroy them at the end by staying at the table too long. The JR sport show here on the Infinity Sports Network. When we come back, we're going to talk to CBS Sports NBA insider, also host here on the Infinity Sports Network. His name, Bill Ryder. Yeah, he's brighter than you. He's coming up next.

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