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Dave McMenamin: Denver Is Capable Of Winning Four Out Of Five

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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May 9, 2024 2:52 pm

Dave McMenamin: Denver Is Capable Of Winning Four Out Of Five

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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May 9, 2024 2:52 pm

5/9/24 - Hour 1

Rich recaps the New York Knicks taking a 2-0 series lead on the Indiana Pacers in a game that was marred (again) by questionable officiating.

ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and Rich discuss how panicked the Denver Nuggets should be, the questionable officiating in the NBA Playoffs this season, if the Minnesota Timberwolves or Oklahoma City Thunder have the best chance to reach the NBA Finals, and which person could emerge (with LeBron’s approval??) as the Los Angeles Lakers’ next head coach.

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See I can take 30 players right now in the NBA and throw them in the NFL. You cannot take 30 NFL players and put them in the NBA. This is the Rich Eisen Show. All lies will be exposed. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. Good luck going from your sport to the ultimate contact sport.

Good luck going to a sport where you can't get out of your contract just because you say you want to. Today's guest ESPN NBA reporter Dave McMenamin. Host of the Greenlight Podcast, Chris Long. From Netflix's Unfrosted, actor Thomas Lennon. And now it's Rich Eisen.

Yes it is. Welcome this edition to the Rich Eisen Show. All three hours right here on the Roku Channel. This Rich Eisen Show terrestrial radio affiliate Sirius XM Odyssey. The podcast version of this show. All three hours due to the Cumulus Podcast Network.

Thank you very much to that. And to all you who listen and watch this program call us 844-204-RICH is the number to dial on this show. Dave McMenamin who's covering the Timberwolves and the Nuggets where uh the in Minneapolis where the uh the MVP of the league found out he's the MVP of the league. Won't that be a fascinating moment. A tip-off of game three. Prior to tip-off of game three in Minnesota when um I'm assuming what always happens the MVP trophy will be awarded to the defending champ who's down 0-2 and trying to avoid an 0-3 hole with a teammate who's active despite throwing a heat pack onto the floor.

That'll be wild when the Timberwolves fans rain booze down on that moment. Dave McMenamin will be joining us in Minneapolis. Not for that but to discuss that series and all the other series going on in the NBA playoffs.

Lots to discuss and we will in a second. Chris Long will be joining us in the middle of hour number two our weekly Monday guest during the regular season. We haven't spoken to him since before the draft. He had quite a bit to say about the concept of NBA players easily slipping into the NFL fold and being successful rather than the other way around.

Something that Austin Rivers. Hey man thank you for the content on behalf of everybody who does this job right in week two of May. We appreciate that and so we'll discuss that with him. In an hour number three Thomas Lennon who we adore from Reno 911 and so many other fun tv shows and movies including Unfrosted on Netflix which Jerry Seinfeld came in to promote a couple of weeks ago and the same thing with Jim Gaffigan. He'll be in studio on hour number three and we'll have a good time with him.

Good to see you over there Chris Brockman. How are you? Great what's up man?

DJ Mikey D's and D's Nuts. Hello. Good morning Rich. TJ Jefferson how are you sir?

Great how you guys doing? Well listen I'll be straight up with you. You know I always say things into this microphone and if I start backpedaling or wanna you know say that my beliefs and opinions I have a second thought for a split second always admit it.

You do that's what I like about you. You know you guys saying superstition is not a thing or I did pardon me you said superstition is a thing that's that whole thing with the NBA it's not a thing it's not a thing it's a thing. Hey listen we had the Larry O'Brien trophy here and I'm like why the hell aren't you taking a picture with it right now?

I'm like the number one of my power rankings list of my favorite Larry's is the Larry O'Brien trophy in Madison Square Garden. I'm like I want to take photographs I'm going to say this stuff out loud and then Jalen Brunton takes some step and suddenly calls for a trainer. I'm like wait a minute was it me taking a picture with that damn thing?

I mean you never know. I got a few tweets about that and I was just like uh-oh. And then I thought to myself you know what you know what no that's not it that's not it because it looked to me like what the hell did something pop in there? In all of a sudden the middle of the first quarter he's gone second quarter he doesn't show up he's not there where is he what's going on?

I'm like I've never begged for more Chris Haynes in my life. Where's the report? What do we got here? Questionable to return while the Pacers just go off and the the other issue was is man the defense was just not there for the Knicks at all in that second quarter. I understand you're missing Brunson in your MVP but to me I thought they were missing Mitchell Robinson just as much at that point in time because the the Pacers were doing whatever the hell they wanted. I mean Obie Toppins just driving like crazy and everybody else is making three-point shots. TJ McConnell's doing TJ McConnell things. He's everywhere. Right and and Halliburton who hardly did anything in in the second half of game one he's going off and I'm like uh-oh thank goodness OGN and Obie was was doing mad work and it's a 10-point deficit for the Knicks 10-point lead for the Pacers in in Madison Square Garden at halftime and I'm just sitting there half-time like give me something give me something and then I thought to myself oh yeah it's the 54-year anniversary of Willis Reed coming back on Madison Square Garden before game seven of the NBA Finals.

Oh wow. And guess who comes out to a thunderous ovation to warm up? Willis?

Or the 21st century version of him. Jalen Brunson and Brunson comes out and warms up and then the Pacers score the first points of the second half and that's when things began to change. Knicks wound up dominating that third quarter dominating 36 to 18 they dominated that third quarter Brunson had a three-pointer in a 14-0 run and things began to switch and change and the Pacers and the Knicks played another highly entertaining playoff game in Madison Square Garden Reggie Miller was there was getting serenaded by Mike Deltufo will know this term because it's no longer the term because the old Madison Square Garden used to be sectioned off tier by tier by colored seats yes and the upper deck of Madison Square Garden were called the blue seats the blue seats they're not blue anymore no no there's chase it's the chase lounge I've actually there's no there's no blue seats yeah it's a different thing blue seats are the upper the upper echelons of Madison Square Garden is where you know they used to have those chants about Dennis Potvan and how he sucked yes do you ever heard that one yeah they Rangers fans would always would you know that that all that old-fashioned you know saw and then you would pause and then people would scream pot van sucks even during the games yes it didn't matter what was going on during or whatever exactly if the Westminster dog show played that people from up top would go pot van sucks at some poor golden retriever yes poor dog show yes that was Madison Square Garden so from up there they were telling Reggie Miller how he felt and Josh Hart a new Nick favorite mr 48 minutes mr damn near triple doubling the the as you T.J. Jefferson referred to as the 21st century Dennis Rodman with a three-point shot right my another minus the hair and huge performance 1915 and 7 in 48 minutes the big ragu 28 points 10 and 20 shooting 6 and 12 6 12 3 6 rebounds 4 assists 44 minutes for Dante DiVincenzo I love that day and even though he missed the second quarter of this game Jalen Brunson had 29 points in 32 minutes with five assists and three steals including some big points in the fourth quarter when the Knicks were doing their offensive rebound thing so the Knicks come out with a 2-0 win I'm sure Pacers fans are sitting there thinking well where do we bring in the officiating now we will now we will because there was an offensive foul called on Indianapolis and on Indiana at the end of the first game that was backed up by the two-minute report whether that matters or not it was an odd call because you know I guess other than the what UConn Iowa national semifinal we don't see those calls right very much in big moments and on the closing seconds that's for sure okay and um and there was a kicked ball called on Indiana that I didn't know you can't review those things personally I think the NBA should allow that in some sort of review it's as obvious whether something's been kicked or not yeah we can't we can't look at that and just rack it back real quick that's one of those things that maybe you don't even have to ask another team to use as a challenge on we could just do it we'll just do it we'll do it real fast you call a kick ball we're going to stop this for 10 seconds if we can't tell them 10 seconds we we stand as called or whatever the hell you want to say but Indiana had some some gripe and Rick Carlisle apparently did not do the official griping because he didn't apparently send in any questionable calls apparently you can put together your own mixtape in the NBA of of plays and send them in just like you do in the NFL you send them into the front the front office of the league and or the association in this case and say we have a problem with these we want answers didn't do it but now he's doing it after last night when there was a double dribble called on Isaiah Hartenstein and the officials got together and said um no it's not a double dribble which by the way was the right call but they said it was an inadvertent whistle which is odd because you you advertently whistled this thing and made an actual double dribble call you even heard Madison Square Garden's PA dress uh PA announcer go double dribble you heard all of it so how do you now say call it inadvertent because I guess that's the only way through reversing a call to make it right which is the point of officiating when you all get together and make a call but if overturning a kicked ball isn't reviewable then I sure as hell know that a double dribble isn't overturned either but listen so they have to cover up by saying it's an inadvertent whistle when we all saw that's what happened but I think the point is is is not if a kicked ball is not reviewable a double dribble is not reviewable either the question is is why didn't they if they to use a football term pick up the flag on the double dribble why did they do that and not do it for the kicked ball right now the answer could be all the officials didn't get together or all the officials got together and said I didn't see it yeah we'll go with the call but that said that's just one of the that was the latest issue and Rick Carlisle got his money's worth certainly because it was already out of hand that the game was already nearing a double digit Nick lead with such little time left on the clock Carlisle's like I'll just get kicked out of here and set myself up to pull a Phil Jackson in the postgame press conference going face to face with the officials by the way one of the officials on the court last night was Mark Davis who Michael Malone went in the face of in Denver's game two loss to Minnesota and again we'll talk to Dave McMenamin in a second from Minneapolis but Carlisle got his money's worth not just by getting ejected but after the game had this to say about the officiating and boy I mean this is the max fine coming hit it there were 29 plays in game one that we thought were clearly called the wrong way I decided not not to submit them because I just felt like you know we get a more balanced whistle tonight it didn't feel that way a couple examples 508 of the third it's going to time you know the whole world knows that Halliburton's got a bad back let's give you the time comes up and shoves him in the back and it's all over twitter right now because a couple people a few people have showed it to me and JB DeRosa is looking right at it you can see him he's got he's got vision of the play name checking he's shoved tie right in the corner and there's no whistle right in the back and so that was that was shocking you know and there there are many others but I can promise you that we're going to submit these tonight New York and get ready they'll see them too you know you I'm always talking to our guys about not making it about the officials and but you know we we just we deserve a fair shot you know and and it's just it's just not it's the it's just there's not there's not a consistent balance and that's disappointing you know small market teams deserve an equal shot they deserve they deserve a fair shot no matter where no matter where they're playing he went there he went there small market big market in case you might be wondering what he possibly could be referring to who could possibly put their finger on who could take the hammer and hit the nail directly on top of it filled with tinfoil hat conspiracy talk who could possibly do that let me see let me go to twitter on that one you got it on the screen you want to put it on the screen there it is Chris Brockman can do it League not even hiding that they want Nick Celtics he tweets out last night I mean tell me I'm wrong well I guess they didn't the first official called a double dribble on Isaiah Hartenstein to in a two possession game to give the ball to the Pacers didn't get the memo and the other two is like well don't you remember the memo from the league office saying we've got to get the Knicks through whatever listen he's you're doing the tinfoil hat thing I am okay but the league doesn't deserve benefit of the doubt now again Tim Donaghy's not walking through that door this said though what Carlisle's doing is the Phil Jackson thing it's great so it's while you're well you got the gamblers tinfoil hat on over there pal to the extreme okay well you got that set the line for me on what the over-under of what the over-under of foul disparity will be in game three oh I'm sure over under a lot 16 17 I would imagine 30 free throws and that's to cover up that the league really wants the association really wants Nick Celtics is that is that what that's in benefit for yeah no no no no it can't be too obvious for extending the series because the association wants more money you know they want they want it they want game seven before they finally just stick it on the Pacers yes through their officiating absolutely okay that's one way to put it by the way do you know what the foul disparity in last night's game was you want to order this three three 17 fouls on Indiana what about the free throw 14 on the Knicks 14 on the Knicks 17 17 free throws for Indiana 22 for the Knicks okay it's not it's not out of the realm it's not crazy it's just again end of the game a double dribbles called and then taken away after further review and they call it an inadvertent whistle which is you know telling us it's raining when something else is happening and then at the end of game one there's a kick ball that they're not going to change when they could and an offensive foul gets called instead but Rick Carlisle is an outstanding coach this is what you do in the NBA to set things up for yourself and obviously he's an outstanding coach because Tyrese Halliburton has received the coaching about don't make it about the officiating because the officials didn't allow the Knicks to shoot over 60 from the floor when Jalen Brunson's hobbling and OG Ananobi suddenly goes out with a hamstring injury that's probably going to keep him out for a while you know officiating didn't do that they also didn't keep TJ McConnell nailed to the bench at the end of the game either did they bingo that said this is what Halliburton had to say after the game I mean that's not my job you know I don't really I mean at the end of the day we got outplayed we were right there to win the game um but I like consistency more consistency yeah but let's not pretend like that's the only reason we lost we just didn't play good enough um you know but at the end of the day it's too well we're going back to Indy and uh you know I like us in any matchup so I'm not I'm not I'm not worried but yeah we like consistency just you know the I don't think he double dribbled but if you can overturn that call why can't you overturn the kick ball um I don't really understand that but like I said they they outplayed us so let's not pretend like the refs are the reason we lost we just got to be better two things first of all I if I'm an Indiana fan if I'm a Pacer fan I am concerned that Halliburton's off because he did that entire sound bite in one voice the Yanny Laurel of the NBA where you just you hear one thing and he sounds like another um and but number two he's spot on and a nice way of basically putting in the point of you changed one call why didn't you do the other that's kind of weird but yep it's really on us yeah but it's our fault really on us Laurel yeah that's that's that's that's the Tyrese Halliburton of the NBA how many people just heard Yanny did you hear Yanny I heard Laurel okay Laurel okay good thing but do it again wait do it again do it again do it again no no don't don't do that on him no don't worry about it don't Laurel I heard that too Laurel again I heard Halliburton no I heard double dribble wait a minute no kick ball okay kick pushing back what a game man what a game in Madison Square Garden it's just intense and the thing is Indiana they've had all these chances it's playing at a pace that they want they do they want to play up tempo high scoring a game in the 240s and over and they just can't get it done at the end too much Brunson man too much Brunson thank god who would have ever thought he's so good he's so he's so unbelievable uh let's take a break Dave McMenamin will join us from Minneapolis to talk about that series there obviously what we just unpacked about last night and then the other two series going on in the Lakers head coaching update this guy's as locked in with the Lakers as anybody that's next this is the Rich Eisen Show with Chris Long an hour two what's up everyone it's reality steve your number one source for all things bachelor nation and reality tv every day i'm giving you the behind the scenes juice and your info on all your bachelor nation stories and also interviewing some of your favorite reality stars my name has been synonymous with spoilers but i'm so much more than that give me a listen the reality steve podcast part of the believe network just search b-l-e-a-v on youtube or wherever you listen super tight it was a hundred percent you need to make more money make smarter choices and build a better life afford anything wherever you listen so jokic learned he's the mvp again last night by uh watching it on turner just like everyone else watching on tnt uh and the nuggets um posted the video of the moment and he's really moved by it i think um you'll see take a look that's the 2024 mvp from the dimmer that that's very moving what is he i won what does he do so if that's the way he feels about winning it maybe this is how the commissioner should feel about uh giving him well congratulations there you go exactly exactly they need to fix they need to fix this they need it needs to be like a few days off before the season starts let's have an award show yeah the nfl does it you can't give a guy a trophy when they're about to get swept or you're gonna give it to them because on the road you can't what are we doing they're gonna give it to them in minnesota are they really gonna do that no that's not how that works although they'll wait they'll wait till that but it might not wait till game five but it might not be a game five ah come on they're gonna give it to them at their yeah i guess what if there's no game five then what i don't know doesn't get it in front of a crowd fix this this has to be fair i just don't of all the sports leagues that that should have a an award show of the nba yes wouldn't they get everybody on the planet to present there and it's all about coming into stadiums you know coming into the arenas each night like it'd be all about the fashion and the awards figure this out arias consulting listen we're on it we're on it i'll make a mission we're good we're on it we've got a direct pipeline back on the rich isin show radio network sitting at the rich isin show desk furnished by granger with supplies and solutions for every industry granger has the right product for you call click or just stop by been a while since he has stopped by from the worldwide leader in sports joining us from minneapolis game three of timber wolves hosting the nuggets is on espn on friday night joining us here is dave mcmenamin how are you dave great to see you risk glad to be with you guys so where where are the nuggets right now in in your uh on a scale of one to ten on the in panic mode what do you think here dave i i mean the best way i can describe my face watching game two in denver and seeing that carnage unfold at the hands of the wolves was kind of like the cutaways to you during the tom brady rose and watching the carnage unfold okay what's going on what's going on in the series it's completely shocking i think that game too with all the elements in play rudy go bears out you know you got to come back and bounce back after losing game one at home it's in denver uh all those elements in play and it's never competitive it was one of the more shocking games i've ever covered quite frankly reminded me of second round in 2022 where the sun's lost at home in the second round of game seven the dallas mavericks and it completely blown up blown out never had a chance in that game and right now of course denver is capable of winning four out of five they're defending nba champions but every bit of momentum in this series is going in the wolves favor it's gonna be friday night in minneapolis 8 30 local tip uh first time in 20 years they've had a second round playoff game at home it's gonna be a wild atmosphere at target center and if denver is going to win that game they're gonna have to deal with that constant kind of wall of energy uh to try to make it you know a series i quite frankly i don't see it happening i i would almost be surprised if this thing goes back to denver at this point wow that's that would be quite something if if the timberwolves just complete another sweep um this one of the defending nba champs but at least they have jamal murray available to them on friday night i mean you mentioned the roast i think it's they're lucky that uh nikki glazer isn't going to make a heat pack joke um you know at the expense of the the nuggets but uh what what's your reporting on the nba's thinking to leave murray active for this game well after we requested the pool report with mark davis on uh the night of game two i had a pretty strong indication this would be the direction it went in because that was the kind of a rich original judification a judification by the league mark davis saying to a pool reporter that we didn't throw him out uh and had we even seen what happened we only would have assessed him a technical foul because in their opinion he did not try to hit anybody by throwing the heat pack it was more out of frustration in their interpretation obviously the league did its investigation and they didn't find any different information uh than that original interpretation now 100,000 fine it's hefty it's about as big as you're going to see from the league against the player i mean the only time you see a larger fine than that is basically a player coach questioning the integrity of the officiating um but certainly there are some people um that i've spoken to on the wolf side of things that not again they want to be able to beat the nuggets at full strength i thought about that but there was you know a feeling that that something like that is quite frankly dangerous and if you watch the play the way the pad slides across the court a player could have tripped on it a player could have stepped on it and slid and then all of a sudden you're dealing with maybe a knee or a groin injury um but ultimately i think the initial judgment from mark davis is what the league went by and carried that on and interestingly enough i mean mark davis uh had michael malone in his face literally uh earlier uh in that game decided not to tee him up at all and last night uh rick carlisle was the coach in the face of mark davis and davis did in fact tee him up but it looked like carlisle was looking for it um so he could just put an exclamation point on what he was going to say after the game and uh we we played that soundbite to start the show where he feels that small market teams aren't given uh any credence against large market teams and things of that nature what do you believe is the echoes of the regular season complaints about officiating in these playoffs and how it is playing out right now dave listen i covered phil jackson in a large market market in los angeles i remember before the lakers were went into a series against the oklahoma city thunder uh one year phil had the initial salvo uh to try to get olympic towers attention in new york saying that kevin durant um has too much artificial scoring and his numbers are boosted by a friendly whistle getting to the free-throw line bill was fined the lakers went on to win that series uh and it to him i'm sure it was a worthy investment because he just wanted to have his standpoint uh registered by the league by the referees going into the series and rick carlisle bit his tongue after game one and i think anyone who watched game one would be on his side uh you know there were several plays that the officials got wrong down the stretch a costly kick ball that should not have been called that should have been a steal that went the Pacers way they would have most likely scored in a transition opportunity meanwhile the dicks end up scoring a three on the possession that's a five or six point swing and then of course the the screen illegal screen called a miles turner upheld during a replay review i understand the last two minute report upheld that call as well but even if you're playing playground hoops no one's calling that um that's as legal as a screen gets in terms of uh we are humans uh executing these plays we're not robots and and so the fact that he did not choose to go nuclear after game one to me only led to this explosion for him after game two that does he have a point i don't know i think you could say that you had a 12-point lead uh through the first couple minutes of the third quarter where the refs you know punishing you for being a small market team for the first 26 minutes of the game i don't think so you still have to execute um to win these things uh but but certainly a carryover effect because i i there was a golden opportunity that they missed in game one and now they're staring down the face of a 2-0 deficit going back to indiana and it could easily have been 1-1 if they got a better whistle in game one. Dave McMenamin here on the Rich Eisen Show from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Game three is going to be on the worldwide leader in sports family of networks on Friday night um with the Timberwolves and the Nuggets. Your personal opinion or thoughts as you're watching Anthony Edwards do what Anthony Edwards is doing in the conversation it is engendering with the name Michael Jordan being bandied about thrown around these days, Dave? Well, first of all, I haven't been around this team a ton uh but being around them being in the locker room and seeing the way his teammates respond to him quite frankly is so refreshing i've seen him have conversations with really the 1 through 15 type of type of deal he's talking to the guys who doesn't play he's razzing uh the uh the starters that he shares the court with and there's just an easy way about him there's an infectiousness to his presence and i think that's a big part of why this team is enjoying its success right now that yes Anthony Edwards getting the spotlight the biggest he's ever gotten in his life but he's bringing the wolves along with him and there was a moment after game two where he was being asked something about you know what he was doing uh in order to impact the series and he stopped his answer he might even stop Karl Anthony Townes answer to say hey let's give a shout out to Jayden McDaniels uh who he's not up at the podium he's not getting all the press but he recognizes the importance of what his perimeter defense is allowing the wolves defense to do as a whole and putting clamps down on the defending champs and and the reigning MVP and Nicole Jokic that part to me is almost as impressive as the on-court stuff because we've seen plenty of guys with a ton of talent but if you can't get that talent to translate to wanting guys to play with you you're not going to be able to accomplish everything that you can accomplish in this league right now Anthony David Anthony Edwards is the complete and total package and I mean you think about him being 22 Minnesota could be a place that wins multiple championships over the next five to ten years I mean they're they're they're six wins into this they haven't lost one yet um that said the Thunder looked pretty damn good in their their game one performance against the Mavericks um so I guess two questions coming out of that one let's let's hit the Thunder first on that that one Dave are you surprised how quickly they're kind of putting their marker down on the western conference regular season and now so far in the playoffs seems like they're arriving a little bit ahead of schedule perhaps absolutely absolutely ahead of schedule and and a lot of that credit goes to Shay Gilsers-Alexander and just getting a completely different level there's a reason why Shaquille O'Neal is upset on inside the NBA uh last night and then saying to Nicole Jokers face because he believed that uh he was unworthy of the MVP because SGA was worthy I mean he led the team to the best record in the western conference his numbers were through the roof and just like that spiel I gave about Edwards he looks like a guy seems like a guy that guys like playing with and they just have they come at you in waves you know um Jalen Williams and Chet Holmgren and um Lou Dort they are guys who play with an edge defensively who have skills offensively and that's what you need in the modern NBA and and that's a group right now now I I picked Dallas going into the series to win I believe in seven games because I'm going to default to Luka Doncic and his ability to perform uh in big moments but if you watch game one he did not look like the Luka Doncic we're all used to seeing I mean seeing his frustration dealing with that wrap on his left knee late in the game he had no lift whatsoever even though he was getting to his spots he wasn't making his shots and and to me it's because there was not you know he doesn't have normal shooting for him because he can't push off that that leg right now and so Dallas looks like a team that's in some trouble which is interesting because they look so good against the Clippers it's kind of like what I'm realizing as I cover this Wolves Denver series right now is maybe the Clippers were really in disarray even more so than we thought and it made Dallas look that good and maybe the same goes to the Lakers where you know we thought that was a really close series in the first round um but perhaps Denver was just feasting on a Lakers team that wasn't all that great all that up the snuff uh and so they looked better than they were actually playing because a Wolves team and an OKC team right now those team look like the class of the west well I mean you answered my Mavericks question about Luka's um health so uh I guess let me let me just hit the the big uh enchilada here the sense is that maybe we're just rearranging deck chairs for the NBA Finals for the Celtics because you know in the same way that the Celtics watched Tatum on fumes in their last NBA Finals kind of run now he's just kicking back like red our back watching Derek White make threes like crazy and the rest of the team handle their business to win by 25 so which team do you think that's still out there uh is best equipped to upset the Celtics apple cart when it's all said and done Dave I think it's Minnesota they had the number one ranked defense in the regular season they had as of game five uh or game their fifth game of the playoff run to game one of the second round the number one ranked offense in the postseason I mean so they're given to you both ways they have the defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert just the way they played with force and physicality and it seems like this is what the NBA is going to allow you to do and I have no complaints with about it uh I think it's great for us covering the game and watching the games uh they can throw um NWA you and they can throw Jade McDaniels at you and you know even Carl Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards are giving plus defensive performances and not allowing their games just to be credit predicated by their offense and then you throw in you know a seven foot four guy or seven foot three guy in the middle and go bear you can funnel everything to him it's remarkable uh I they don't see a hole in their game and they have a wonderful coach in Chris Finch who I think could match wits or maybe even run circles around in some respects Joe Mazzola with the Boston Celtics so I think they are equipped right now um I wouldn't say they'd be the favorite uh Boston was the number one team in the regular season for a reason but I don't think they are going to have any sense of dread or fear factor going at the Celtics teams should they get I guess what the six more wins they need to get to the NBA finals and Lanfant Gobert has been born correct you can confirm that is correct I can I can I can confirm okay it's a boy it's a masculine child for Rudy Gobert is that who it is it's a baby boy it's a baby boy okay he said he was he was so uh he didn't know it was exhausted or excitement but he was was so uh overcome watching game two uh holding his baby boy that he got a little emotional seeing how play they how well they played without him remarkable uh last one for you so the uh Charlotte Hornets have named a new head coach it is Charles Lee the lead assistant for Joe Mazzola for the Celtics and he's going to finish out the Celtics playoff season where are the Lakers sir down the street we're just we're just down the road or up the road depending on where you're standing from the Lakers facility here in El Segundo what's going on with their coach search Dave yeah I mean the only two candidates I've reported or I guess I've reported on three but one just got an extension for the Mavericks and Jason Kidd but the only two I've reported on um and I stand fast as the the two I guess I don't know if I would say top names but certainly names that the Lakers clearly have interest in are Terron Lou and JJ Redick now Terron Lou there's been reports from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski the Clippers intend to extend him um until that happens uh he will remain a person of interest for the Lakers head coaching job uh we shall see what will happen we know that Steve Ballmer has the deepest pockets out of any NBA owner and he could present a number to Terron Lou and it's a moot conversation and the Lakers will have to look elsewhere but there remains interest in Terron Lou and in JJ Redick's it's someone who the team views as an intriguing young smart prospect someone who could grow in the job um and obviously has established a rapport with Lebron James and the Lakers intend to have Lebron James come back on any term that he wants to whether that be a one-year deal two-year deal three-year deal whatever they'd love to continue to have Lebron James in the purple and gold until he called the quits whenever that may be and so those are the names right now I've seen other reporting by other outlets listing a bunch of candidates of course the Lakers are aware of every potential person they could hire and at some point the list could expand but they are staying relatively focused there um they intend to talk to experienced candidates I know I said JJ Redick he's not experienced um he would be the exception um there's a preference to find an experienced candidate and as they expand if they need to um look to for them to add experienced candidates to that list but right now those are the two names I have heard uh with real genuine interest that the Lakers have it and would giving Lebron what he wants anything that he wants uh include drafting his son do you think Dave I don't think so you look at the Lakers they have the number 17 pick in the first round the number 55 pick in the second round if Ronnie James stays in the NBA draft he's not going to be drafted in the range of 17 and he's going to be off the board by 55 and with the value of that 17 pick true I guess the true value I should say being a potential trade asset for the Lakers being able to to move three first round picks on draft night potentially to acquire a big name ready to perform um you know someone on the level of a DeJounte Murray or a Trae Young or a Donovan Mitchell um that pick will certainly not be used on on anyone anyone if they had their druthers and and it wouldn't be used on Ronnie James and quite frankly if you listen to Lebron's messaging really over about the last year and a half it hasn't been I need to play with my son it's I need to share the NBA court with my son and that can happen as opponent Dave appreciate the time brother always appreciate following you on on twitter at mc10 and and everything else that you're doing appreciate the time here sir thanks rich thanks for having me on you gotta that's Dave McManaman um he's gonna open the curtains behind him uh and we'll see what's behind you know what's behind the curtain number one game three of the Timberwolves and the Nuggets good to see you Dave appreciate it see you guys there's Dave McManaman all right was he reaching for the the hang-up button right there did I hope I didn't keep him too long he's reaching for it like he was quick trigger finger he's like never never dealt like cage on facetime he just loves to hit the red button does he really does he really he hey buddy I'll see you and it's gone you know you know who's the quickest hang-up trigger I know is Dan Patrick like when he's done when we're done like sometimes you know when I'll say he'll I only hear the good and goodbye honestly ask any I bet she does it to the Danettes too all right he goes all right very good soup you don't get the goodbye yeah that's that's better than in person because Dan will just leave all right we'll take a break eight four four two oh four rich number two dial phone calls phone calls when we come back eight four four two oh four rich I cannot believe you you watched Charles Oakley get dragged out of Madison Square Garden with your own two eyes I mean I could not like Lee was there you couldn't believe it did everyone just like it during the time was there that's that next thing you're gonna tell me Jack Nicholson was at the Lakers game McEnroe McEnroe was there I know he was right there he was like practically in Oakley's lap yeah was Woody Allen there he was not I don't know why that's funny John Lithcomb was John there Steve Earl was there so Steve earlier okay this is the new Madison Square Garden Leon was there yeah oh sure yeah what about uh Bob Costas told you Costas now oh yeah can you tell this story you gotta tell the cost tell the story when I was like 21 years old I went to the um I went to the uh what was it the Heisman Trophy at the downtown athletic yeah I managed to get invited like I had an extra ticket somebody gave me a ticket and I went through the thing and I went to the bathroom and uh Bob Costas was in the next urinal and I was like 21 so this was 1990 91 and I said and I was peeing and I went I'm a big fan of yours and he told and he went don't you know the rule you're not supposed to talk when you're in the urinal and I was like oh god I didn't that's how I learned the rule anyway I saw him at the Knicks game at the Knicks game and I was I never met him before but since then and I said to him hey Costas Bobby Cannavale I just wanted to introduce myself and say uh when I was 21 I told him the story and he went it doesn't sound like something I'd say shot me down just complete shoot down twice well he was also sitting on the toilet when you told me the second time he was he was yeah like hey so what did you shut the door dude I don't care that you have two Emmys shut the door chip chip it's so funny man I love it game time tickets make sure you get this mobile app on your mobile device and start buying tickets certainly to basketball playoff games or entering the midst of round number two go check it out wherever you are in the area of a basketball game in particular prices go down the closer gets to tip off when you use the game time app it's awesome killer last-minute deals all in prices views from your seat lowest price guarantee game time takes the guesswork completely out of buying tickets last minute tickets I mentioned flash deals a zone deal what you should do is download the game time app create an account and use my code rich you get twenty dollars off your first purchase restrictions apply visit game for terms again create an account redeem my code r ich twenty dollars off download game time today last minute tickets lowest price guaranteed. Turzone Iowa all rise everybody what's up Turzone how are you what's up guys what's going on uh rich I don't know if I think Brockman said this kind of earlier in the week but just talk about how great all of the sports have been here in the past few weeks and kind of going forward like the NBA playoffs have been fantastic NHL's been great uh you know the photo finish with um the Kentucky Derby just it's been it's been a lot of fun and baseball's just picking up and just having a ball watch and everything so I think it's a little underrated for the start of May for sports but right now it's it's been great especially getting close to the Olympics I'm just having a having a ball and the NBA playoffs are just blowing me away how about that man and uh how was your trip down to uh what would you go to Wrigley is that what you said yeah we're up in Wrigley man I'm happy that we all we all survived you know we all made it back in one piece and so did both of the vans so that's always uh that's always a positive did the Brewers win did the Brewers the Brewers did not win I might have got a beer tossed at me because I was egging on the crowd because I was kind of rooting for the Brewers because I needed some runs because I had to over and so there might have been a there might have been a beer that came came my way okay we had a ball okay uh does it affect your law license though does it Turso oh no not not in the state of Illinois because I don't practice there but we're all good thank you very much appreciate the call brother speaking of the Brewers so they're in Kansas City and uh Willie Thomas is chatting up the fans some Royals fans behind home plate if you've ever sat close to um a player you know you can chirp a little bit sometimes you just start striking up a conversation everything yes you know and if it's good-natured gotta love it so um the Brewers are down by two runs in the ninth and it's a couple runners on board couple ducks on the pond and Adamus is about to go to the plate and some fans start you know going to the plate and some fans start you know good-naturedly ribbing them saying basically go ahead and hit a three-run homer like taunting them right yeah go ahead hit the three-run homer and put us down right by one run so Adamus steps to the plate and Bill Levering at the microphone for the Milwaukee Jeff Levering part of me at the mic for the Milwaukee Brewers fly ball left field it is back it is gone a three-run home run for Willie Thomas what a shot in the arm for the brew crew so there he is high-fiving the guy high-fiving he goes back to the fans and high-fives them and the Royals fans who are now who taunted him go ahead and hit a three-run home run just spoke it into existence and Adamus goes back and there was this mind blown that he went ahead and did it because Adamus said all right I'll do it and he confirmed that after the game okay mom they were talking uh they were they were being friendly and you know I was just having a good time with them and they were like oh we want Willie we want Willie and I and I went close to them and I was like are you sure you want me and they were like yeah we want you to hit a three-run homer and I was like I bet I'm gonna let me do it if Gotti take a wall I'm going and I hit it I was like oh my god that was the coolest thing I ever done like I ever experienced in my life and you know we had a good time then I signed a couple balls for them and you know we had a great time yeah that's awesome Pat Murphy the Brewers manager said after the game he was listening to the bi-play and he said uh it was really priceless called it really cool that's so awesome I just love stuff like this this is what baseball is about too you know yeah absolutely I love it just good-natured fun if you can have it sometimes it gets a little bit uh rabid a little too rabid and that happened a couple nights ago I mean that's sportsmanship that spirit of the game that's all the fun stuff that we love about sports also just don't taunt the opposition into hitting the game-winning go-ahead three-run home run against you because he might just do it and he did it after saying all right you want me to do it I'll do it sure yeah see you I bet fine yeah well don't use that phrase peace um that's yeah good point good point I assume you would like to see it like something like that it's a little wordier but you know Chris Long coming up hour two I'm sure that is the result you were again it's a little bit too calm it's more cumbersome yeah but you don't want to get that mixed up no love it love it you know fun stuff my best to accommodate your wish indeed EJ Pittsburgh he's getting called up oh yeah Paul Skeet Paul Skeet I've been stashing him for like six weeks yeah I was sitting around I was around 4 30 eastern 1 30 our time yeah uh the the alert came in on my fires put out a cool video too immediately picked him up in the league I'm with coop and I texted coop well done I texted guess who's got Paul Skeens he's like we do like yeah Saturday home game Saturday making the debut yeah are they at home uh I don't know good question yeah good question and more importantly the question that millions of young American men want to know is Libby Dunn going to be at the game I think that yeah they're home against the Cubs okay that I think more I think Saturday I think it's the last day for of classes at LSU so okay so I know and all the other teenagers uh you know 15 16 17 18 they're gonna want to know that but I can feel it but coop was not uh at very impressed with dad's work because he's the one who told dad first week of the season we should pick up this pitcher named Shota Imanaga oh and I'm like okay sure and um so every single time I'm like how do you like how's that working out I'm like how do you like that pickup he's just like uh Shota literally like a 0.3 ERA right now he's spectacular for the Cubs hour one in the books John brings his skewed sense of humor Jeff brings tips to cut strokes off your next round together it's those weekend golf guys they'll pay a lot of money to PXG and Tylus and Callaway and on and on and on right how many yards you think you're gonna pick up with that extra I think I can get an extra five to ten what if I give you 15 to 20 you pay me more Jeff Smith teaches on a sliding scale those weekend golf guys the podcast part of the Believe Network just search B-L-E-A-V on YouTube or wherever you listen
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