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Horns of Light 7 - The Beam In Jordan

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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May 6, 2024 11:27 am

Horns of Light 7 - The Beam In Jordan

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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May 6, 2024 11:27 am

Peter takes you through the miraculous events in Petra Jordon where we actually hear the story of the Horns of Light.


Welcome to the Horns of Light Chronicles. Peter Berbalis chronicles his family story, prophecy, and testimony.

God's story unfolds, from his grandfather in Lithuania, Nazi Germany, the Russian Revolution, to Ronald Reagan in the fall of the Berlin Wall, the gospel spreading across Eastern Europe, how God called Peter to Petra, Jordan, and so much more as prophecy and testimonies unfold. And now, the Horns of Light Chronicles. Welcome back to Horns of Light.

I apologize we had a bit of a hiatus as we had some conflicts, but the good news is we're back, and boy are we back with an episode that I know you're going to be glad to listen to. We're going to actually get to the beam of light that happened in Jordan, and so as we pick up this story, Pete is in Jordan, and so man, here it comes. Yeah, last time we left off and in Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles, and from there got a rental car and headed to the border of Jordan and got there about evening, and crossed over, and then figured out to take a cab from a lot that that area, all the way to Petra, which is, if I remember correctly, a couple hour ride. It was starting to get dark.

We found a cab driver there right at the border there's a lot of them waiting to take people. And he drove us up there, and a funny story on the way up there. He stopped, and it's dark and we kind of just fell asleep in the cab and, and he said, Get up, come outside. And so I wake my friend and he's asleep and he's like, Oh, we're in trouble. So we didn't know what this was about. And so he takes us and has walk up to this kind of cliff area. And he looks at us and he goes 1 million, 2 million.

And I just started laughing and said well, if you're taking people hostage for money you've chosen the wrong people, and I could never come up with that type of money and then he just kind of chuckled and he said no I'm just messing with you here. I just wanted to show you the city of Jordan or Petra at nighttime. And so was just a neat view of the city so then, then we ended up falling asleep in the next two days, we went to Petra Jordan I believe it was on the second day, if I remember correctly, that just really felt prompted to take in the Bible passages that Arnold Fruchtenbaum, the messianic Jewish believer, doctor, I believe he's a Dallas Theological Seminary graduate, and the verses that he identified felt to take those in to pray. And that was Isaiah 34, 1 through 7, Isaiah 63, 1 through 6, Habakkuk 3, 1 through 19, Micah 2, 12 and 13, Judges 5, 45, Revelation 19, 11 through 16, and Malachi 3 and Joshua 14, 11. And just what was kind of interesting as we started to read and pray those scriptures it was almost like kind of our eyes opening up and beginning to see what the prophet saw in relation to that area. And, and so it was just such a special time of prayer. It was just at the end of our time of prayer, when we just kind of knew it was finished, just went to my friend Chuck and said hey would you mind taking a picture.

It was just such an incredible time with the Lord. And so he was like sure so I just lifted up my hands towards heaven and just started thanking God for what he had allowed us to participate in. And my friend just starts laughing. And, and I didn't understand what he was laughing about he goes, I hope it stays there. If I remember correctly is what he said and then he went to take a picture, and he took a picture, and then he just is still laughing and laughing and he's like I hope the picture captured it, kind of a thing. And he looks at it, and it did and I'm like what's going on what's going on and he showed me the picture. And he said he saw the beam of light come down. And then he went to take the picture and, and it captured it on film, and it's just one of those it lasted.

He said for about a minute, I didn't wasn't aware of it whatsoever. And he said it lasted for about a minute or two, and long enough to get the picture, and then it was gone. And what's just interesting, you kind of brought out a little bit about that, you know, it's wider at the end, and then narrow at the bottom and kind of seems like it should be the opposite and you kind of pointed out a curve now the curve I'm starting to wonder if that was just from the lens of the camera and kind of how that can affect affect a picture but I don't know, I mean it was, it's just one of those mysteries that just really don't understand kind of a sign in a wonder. And, and then, yeah, just just really thankful to have gotten to experience that whole thing and just it's just really neat, what God does and oftentimes what he'll do is kind of just to let you know, he's, he's there and he's in it type of a situation. So then from there, we ended up going up to Madaba and looking at the map floor of Israel the oldest kind of map of Jerusalem. And then from there we went to go pray in Egypt, and that was an experience in and of itself. We went back through the southern border and took a bus through the Arabian Peninsula desert, which I would not recommend anybody doing if you're going to go just pay from a lot for that flight over into Egypt, but that was also an interesting experience we did some praying in an area one of the guys that was with us on that trip to rent, who was part of that rental bus that took us with the tour guide. He was a Muslim so he wanted to see a Muslim section so that area.

Where the other faction of Islam lives and that's the only area that they're allowed to live and we walk through that neighborhood and that was just one of the hardest places to pray. So it was an interesting experience chaos all around the motor guy on a motor motor scooters he hit the guy in front of us and a fight almost broke out and it was getting near dark and the Muslim calls to prayer the. It was all going off and it was just just chaos so we got back from there headed up for our last day and spent it in Israel, and then flew out and back home and just kind of showed my wife the picture and she just said wow that's a good. That's a good Facebook photograph for your cover thing. I kind of left it at there and felt that that was kind of the end of it, but, but it didn't stop there this parable that the Lord had started continued to play out from that point on a couple years later.

And I believe it was July of 2021. I ran into a pastor, and just, you know, started talking to him a little bit and share a little bit of the experience with him. And he said, God's doing a wordplay there, he said, Peter. Peter and Petra, that's big rock Little Rock he said I would look into Peter's confession of Christ, and see if God shows you anything there in that passage and kind of what's interesting to me is when I looked that up again. I was believing, according to Fruchtenbaum that this would will be one of the places that the Jewish people confess Christ as Messiah, and leads to the national or leads to the salvation of Israel, and his return and robe dipped in blood kind of that glass filled on the white carpeting before hearing Micah 2 12 and 13 going to Petra Jordan. And then just even for me, when the Lord had poured out his spirit in the baptism the Holy Spirit it was Matthew three six Matthew three six, and they were baptizing the Jordan as they confess their sins. And I realized it's a bit of a stretch but kind of still a parable all this taking place in Jordan and decades later from this experience in the 80s, ending up in Petra Jordan at a place where likely. The Jewish people, or at least a portion of the Jewish people will someday confess Christ as Messiah.

So, that's kind of one aspect and then another situation that happened back in May of 2022. I went to a prayer gathering in Kansas City and was going to be an all night thing. And there was a tent that was set up specifically to pray for Israel, and my wife and I came out for that.

The first day we just kind of checked out what was going on there were multiple times set up with many countries represented in areas to go in and receive for those countries and peoples and went back to our place that we had rented out and went to sleep. And again, very similar to that night with Micah to 12 and 13. I wake up in the middle of the night, and I hear Petra, and right after I hear Petra, I hear, or Jeremiah 31 two and three plays a was having the Bible again play through the night.

And Jeremiah 31, two and three says in the latter days, if you go back proceeding to Jeremiah 30 the last part portion of verse 24 says in the latter days you will understand this at that time declares the Lord. I will be the God of all my family's Israel may shall be my people, thus says the Lord the people who survived the sword found grace in the wilderness, Israel when it went to find its rest. So after hearing Petra on that verse playing and kind of that highlighter thing happening again just knew that I was supposed to go and pray at that Israel. So, I let my wife know that I was leaving to go pray, and it was kind of uncomfortable, because she just didn't want me leaving in the middle of the night, but in the end, she was okay and went there and there was an IDF soldier there. And he was praying in that tent, and we chatted a little bit, and he's right, he's been now.

This is years later with what's going on in Israel he's been interviewed by Fox News and he's one of the people, one of the soldiers that's leading people in the war that's going on in And just, it was just an interesting time that we had together, and he prayed for me and then went and got my wife and it kind of been up all night and there were some other people at that time and we've had a wonderful time and Lord. And that. One other story related to have it took three that happened. That was just again, one of those strange coincidence type of stories that maybe is a good place to stop and pick up next time.

Right. He can't help but note that those strange coincidences and those prayers line up well with, you know, what's obviously going on in Israel right now, and just a critical part we all play for such a time as this right. Yeah, it's just so I mean I so strange even to run into that guy and, you know, now he's interviewed on Fox News and he's over in Israel fighting a war for the existence of his people and his family.

So it's just, it's just yeah, you just never know and that was back when we had met that was back in 2022 I believe is when that was so yeah had no idea that this was coming. So, it is interesting. It's an interesting thing to watch is God unveils and unfolds more of this kind of parable story that for whatever reason, he's placed in in my life. Absolutely beautiful and then giving you the courage to reach out and share it so thank you so much Pete and thank you all for listening. And as always, know we're just grateful for each and every download so keep listening and share with your friends. Thanks for listening.
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