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Could we see Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears in primetime week one?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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April 29, 2024 3:10 pm

Could we see Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears in primetime week one?

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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April 29, 2024 3:10 pm

Rich and the guys debate how long we’ll have to wait to see Caleb Williams and the Chicago Bears on a primetime NFL game this season, react to Knicks fans flooding Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center in Game 4 of their NBA Playoffs series, and likens the Falcons drafting Michael Penix Jr. to the Green Bay Packers drafting Jordan Love while Aaron Rodgers was still on their roster.

Rich reacts to the highly entertaining introductory press conference by Buffalo Bills WR Keon Coleman, and breaks down the latest in the Dallas Cowboys’ “All-In” offseason strategy, and Rich lists the players he loved most that were selected in the NFL Draft.

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I'll tell you what. This is the Rich Eisen Show. All about the quarterbacks and the draft did not disappoint on that front. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles.

He said he thought that Michael Penix Jr. was a better choice at quarterback than Drake May, which is saying a lot earlier on the show. NFL Network analyst Daniel Jeremiah, Eagles general manager Howie Roseman, senior writer for Sports Illustrated Chris Mannix. Coming up, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air and it's all for us.

It's all for us. Oh, yes. By the way, at this juncture on Thursday's show, I should mention Jerry Seinfeld will be in our green room. Yeah, that's going to happen on Thursday's show.

Very excited about that. And today's his 70th birthday, by the way. I can't believe that. Our number three of our show so far, we've we've chatted with Daniel Jeremiah and Howie Roseman. Daniel and I spent much time together in Detroit. Howie Roseman showing up on our show, I think is this the second or third straight year he comes on right after the draft? He's been kind enough to do that.

I will call it that from now on. Great chat with him. Chris Mannix was here in studio in our number two. Normally, this is where we do overreaction Monday, the the segment.

But Chris and I came in early today and did the podcast before the show, banged it out. So it's up there. It's out. It's up there. It's out there.

It hopefully will be in there in your phone and your devices and in your ear gate. The post draft edition of the overreaction Monday. And I'd like to start our number three with a conversation we had on the show on the pod and bring it here to the to the flagship flagship flagship show.

Before we get your phone calls at eight four four two oh four rich being the number to dial. You said the first item up for bids involved the Bears and how they're going to be must see television and how the league potentially could throw a. Bears game on the national TV docket to kick off the season in the first weekend. Now, obviously, they're not on the Chiefs radar screen, so that's not happening. Right. They're on the Chiefs schedule.

Correct. Prime time week one, I think, is so easily in play. The Chiefs prime time to kick off the season.

We'll discuss that on future shows. I believe the schedule is coming out next week. It's because I was told to clear my schedule for next Thursday.

So that's a target date right now. And so and then the first Friday of the season is in Brazil. It's the Packers and the Eagles. And then the Sunday night usually involves the Cowboys in some way, shape or form or something like that. I don't know what they I don't know if they put a Bears game on the Sunday night.

That just strikes me as a Monday double. Header right or the Monday game, right? Now they have the double header now in week two and week three, I think, or the two games at once. Yeah, they did the double header last year. Last year was week two. Last year was Jets and Bills. But that was because of something else. It was 9-11. It was Rogers opening game for the Jets. No, no, I mean the double header. Why was it week two? I think it was because of something else. Oh, I don't I don't. I think the league just digs it.

I think they just dig it. We threw a Bears game out there with their schedule. It wouldn't be the one thing would be Bears Packers.

But the Packers were in Brazil, right? And the Bears and Packers opened up last year as well. Bears-Lions would be a really great Monday night game.

You throw it in Soldier Field. It would be kind of unfair for the Lions to have to open on a nationally televised game to start the season. That'd be a good Sunday night game too. You know, I know they love the Cowboys Sunday night, but that'd be a good Sunday night too. To put Caleb's first game and Roma Dunze and the rest of the Bears faithful showing up. Maybe you put them in Detroit. You know, you give a little head nod to Detroit. Hey, great job with the draft and last year's team played well on the road in Kansas City. You actually won it. We're not going to give you another road game to start.

Another one that we threw out though, and I kind of dig this one, this would take some cojones to do because it's not typical. There's no rivalry, okay? It would be Bears and Texans in Houston.

I love that idea. Someone did point out in the comment though, that's the Hall of Fame game this year. So what? Okay, I'm just saying. Just run it back five weeks later. It's not running it back. There's nothing to run back. Caleb Williams isn't going to play in that game, right? Nobody.

They're all just standing there in Wave. I'm just saying. No, his first game will not be in Canton. I don't believe. Maybe they will. Maybe they'll give him a few reps.

I don't know. I really like that. Instead of starting Tyson Bajant.

I really like that as a Monday nighter as well. That's what I'm saying. The first Monday night, I think ESPN... And Houston. Or they might throw... That more sounds like Russell Wilson's first game as a Steeler would be in front of the whole country too. Again, you've got to think about fan bases that show up.

But I just kind of dig it. CJ Stroud versus Caleb Williams. Everybody's going to be very high on the Texans. They finished up so well last year. And then plus, another reason why CJ Stroud is in Houston is because the Bears traded the first overall pick to Carolina. Who chose Bryce Young. And they kicked off a whole domino effect that put Caleb Williams in Chicago. I mean, there's so many different weird ways to have it all start that way. But the Bears are one million percent coming out of this draft with Caleb Williams and Roma Dunze being drafted one and nine.

That they took the same commercial flight to Detroit and then took the same private jet to Chicago to be introduced together. Along with a much improved cast on offense and that line and the fan base being so thirsty. I kind of dig that idea. Yeah, I think we're going to see a lot of Bears this year.

And I think we need to be honest. Caleb Williams has a chance to be one of the most famous players in the NFL here in a couple years. If he does what we all kind of think and what Bears fans are hoping, he is going to be everywhere.

I don't think that's overstating it. Overreaction Monday wherever you get your podcasts. Derek in Missouri has been hanging on for a while. What's up, Derek? How you been? Hey, Rick.

I've been good. In honor of having Jerry Seinfeld on your show on Thursday, let's go around. What's everybody's favorite Seinfeld episode of all time? Oh, gosh.

There's many different ways to go with that. I didn't even know we'd go in that direction. For me, the yada, yada, yada episode is the best one. That's the one with Tim Watley converting to Judaism and then joking, making Jewish jokes. Jerry gets very upset and he's offended as a comedian. And then yada, yada, yada is a phrase that's used forevermore. That's an incredible one. But what's on your mind football-wise, Derek?

You got anything going on on that or no? I'll tell you, Rick. I mean, like you, my head's still scratching from Thursday night with Pinnock's being drafted to Atlanta. You pay all this money to Kirk Cousins and this happens on Thursday night. I was baffled. Probably not the most surprising graphic I've seen since Derek Taylor-Bay many years ago if I had to throw any crazy scenario out there.

But Pinnock's turned 25, I believe, at the start of the season. And who's to say what could happen with Cousins moving forward with his injury if he's even ready? It's a crazy situation down here in Atlanta. And plus, like I said a few months ago, as far as the Broncos are concerned, I said, Rick, give me anybody as far as the quarterback in the draft. And we got Bo Nix.

Is he going to beat a guy? I hope so. But you look at Denver right now, I'd say there's going to be a competition just because of the acquisition to Zach Wilson.

So it's going to be fascinating to see what will transpire. Agreed. And I got half a bowl of TJ really quick, if I may. Okay. TJ, so I got to ask, hypothetically, the Cowboys, yes, they're your team.

But if you had a second favorite team, who would that be if you had to pick one? Thank you for the call, Derek. What up, Derek? First thing, the Briss is my favorite Seinfeld episode.

That's the one that really got me into it. I mean, I grew up in the heart of Steeler country, right? Like they were never my favorite team, but they were always there. There's a team I know as much about their history. I've watched probably more Steeler games than any other team, maybe even Cowboys included. You know, my whole family, all my friends back in Pennsylvania, as well as millions of around the world. Because speaking of fan bases, the travel, Steeler's travel.

So I would definitely have to say the Steelers are the team that I follow most closely after the Cowboys. Interesting. Okay.

Black and gold. Here we go. So speaking of fan bases, the travel, I'm watching the first quarter of Knicks Sixers yesterday. We already went over this.

No, no. I'm watching the first quarter of Knicks Sixers yesterday. And then I had to go to the most important basketball game of the day, which was Taylor's Goldie League rec league action.

How'd they do? The opponent went on a 6-0 run at the end. I'll say it, screw it. Coached by Adrian Gonzalez, by the way. Oh. Sweetheart of a guy. Former Dodger?

Yes, correct. Alright. Any rate, so, and then I would put the game on, you know, I got the Ryan Ruko call on my app, on my phone. Listened to the fourth quarter on the way home. Got home in time for the final three minutes of the game. You couldn't believe, you know, when you're not watching it and you hear the roar of the crowd, you can tell what happens. Not this game.

Because normally for the home game, it's like if they hear the roar of the crowd, something good happened for the home team. Not in this one. Oh, my goodness gracious.

The Amtrak station must have been lit. Oh, yeah. All day on Sunday.

Saturday night as well. I don't know what it is, man. The Knicks fans are rabid and they're feeling it. And the scene after the game with them jumping up and down in the atriums, plural, in Philadelphia.

You know, in Bing Bong. I mean, absolutely nuts. This is insane.

TJ. In Philadelphia. Philadelphia, are they still on a WrestleMania hangover right now? I can't believe that these Philly fans would allow these Knicks fans to come down and just, I don't know what I mean. I guess I guess put their feet on their couch.

I don't know. Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy. Well, that was Rick James put feet on the couch. I mean, did you see that the there was an Embiid fan that was trying to get through, but but couldn't. Was it Embiid?

Because he sounded pissed. Well, he had one point in the fourth quarter, man. And the Knicks kept on hammering the offensive glass. And and and Mitchell Robinson didn't play. I thought that's all she wrote with Embiid coming off of a 50 point game. And Precious Atua played the fourth quarter because Hartenstein went out with foul trouble. And he came in and was dynamite and Oji Ananobi was blocking every shot in front of him and Josh Hart is getting every loose ball off the glass. And this was after Bogdanovich went down with an ankle injury.

Randall's not even there. And this is what Embiid had to say after the game about the. Nick fans turning their home into Madison Square Garden South. Great home court advantage here. How strange was it for you the past two games with a significant amount of Knicks fans in the house? Disappointed. You know, I love our fans. I think it's unfortunate and I'm not calling them out, but it is disappointing. Obviously, you got a lot of Knicks fans and they're down the road that never seen it. And I've been here for 10 years. Yeah, kind of pisses me off, especially because Shirley is considered sports now. So, you know, they've always shown up and I don't think that should happen.

Yeah, it's not OK. So what is it? Did the Sixers not sell out and and Nick fans are just snapping up the other tickets or there's just a ton of six or fans that are just popping their tickets on secondary ticket market? I would not know.

I'd love to know what the DNA of how it happens. Pop on the secondary. We don't really know. I should I should ask people who who are fair weather home team fans like you guys for the Rams.

It's like I'm a frozen caveman, you know, like those guys. I don't know. I heard that is Embiid is done. He's not coming back to Philly. I don't know how that I heard that he gone. Where's he? How? Yeah.

Where? Well, I mean, he could go anywhere, but anywhere I want. I think Miami would love to have him. Sure.

Everybody would love to have him. But I mean, it sounds like he's just what are we doing? He's pissed at the fans. I'm not calling them out.

Yeah, you are calling them out. It's kind of embarrassing. It was really wild game. Again, I was for Philly, listening to the game. I was unable to watch the game. I was listening to it.

It was a game and it was incredible, but I could not tell what was happening just based on the crowd noise. That's for real. And then the reason why I think Nick fans are particularly rabid and I can attest to this for everybody out there that are fans of this show. First of all, thank you. Secondly, you know. How I have felt about the Knicks and what I have said into this microphone about the Knicks ever since. James Dolan, the owner of the Knicks, let Charles Oakley be dragged out of Madison Square Garden and put in lockup. Period.

For however long he stayed there. Once that happened, I'm like, this guy doesn't know about Nick fans. He doesn't know about what Nick fans are asking for. He doesn't know about that.

He doesn't respect the history of it. To heck with this guy. I'm out. And then there was one guy who's brought me back in. And this is why Nick fans are going nuts, because this guy gives you more than hope. He's restored the faith in every possible way.

For those who have kept it. For those like me who have said, I'm out. But he's pulled me back in. It's Jalen Brunson. This guy.

That's all I can say. This guy. He's something else, man. He has taken the opportunity the Knicks gave him with the amount of money. Normally, a guy who gets that amount of money and doesn't have the track record shows up in New York and he is chewed up and spat out.

That happens over and over and over again. The streets of New York's sports streets are littered with guys who get paid and then show up and then have everything that everybody hopes can happen. And he doesn't deliver, doesn't come close to delivering, or he isn't as good as they had hoped.

And he just falls flat. Instead, all he has done is turn himself into a mega superstar. And in this league, this association where he's come in to this playoffs, well, Randall's out, this, that, the other thing. Yesterday, he scored 47 points, 10 rebounds. I mean, 10 assists, but the 47 points are the most ever in the history of the Knicks' playoff history. Their vast playoff history.

That's incredible. And he beat the record of Bernard King, who was the last guy on the Knicks who made me feel about the team the way Jaylen Bronson does. And I never thought I would ever say that about anybody. And yes, Patrick Ewing did not make me feel the way Bernard King did.

I don't know why. You were in sports at that time. You were doing your job. You probably didn't have that fandom, right?

No, no, but no, no. I was not. I was still in college, actually, when Ewing came in. And then I was going through Northwestern.

And I watched, you know, I just, I don't know, man. It just, in a way, you know, Ewing came in completely decorated first overall. And I think the reason why the Knicks didn't do it with him was two reasons. One, I don't think they surrounded him with enough players consistently. And two, Michael Jordan stood in the way.

That should be number one, actually. But again, I don't want to put my finger on it why, but Bernard was just my guy growing up. In the same way, you know, judges come somewhat close or Jeter King was somewhat close to make me feel about the Yankees the way Mattingly did. But I never lost my faith or my belief or my desire to root for him because I hate, you know, again, I felt so disrespected on behalf of Oakley. And you had an owner for the Yankees that a lot of people disliked. Oh, my gosh. But it didn't turn you away the way that, you know. No doubt. But I'll tell you what, man, what Jalen Brunson has done.

I put a lot of people on that Amtrak train, that's for damn sure. And it's put a lot of people in seats and it's put a lot of people hoping because I listen, the Pacers are incredibly young and talented. But I'm sitting here thinking they could win that series and I know they need one more against Philadelphia. And then that would be kind of great old school Knicks Celtics because you want to talk old school. This series between the Knicks and the Sixers has felt old school Eastern Conference basketball. Pretty physical.

Very, very. And and, you know, the gyms are hot. Gyms are hot. And the players are hot about it. But Jalen Brunson, I mean. It's been a long time since Kenny Smith said the Knicks didn't have the best player on the court. They got the best player in the playoffs.

And there's a lot of competition. It's a bargain. He's at a bargain price right now.

Now it seems like it, right? His game is unreal. You can't take him. He's his mid range, the turkey jerky. But I mean, you know, he's something else.

Right. Oh, God, it's amazing. Just watching him. So I'm back. I'm back, baby. I'm back, baby.

Baby. What's up? What's up? OK, let's take a break here. Eight four four two or four rich number two. I've got my top five draft choices.

I love the most. That's coming up. And then there's a new player in the NFL that we need to hear more from after we've just heard from him. It's fun. Hey, folks, it's time for the NFL draft, which means for me, I need a good night's sleep because if I don't have one, just not myself. You know the deal. You know exactly how important it is to have quality sleep.

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Back on the Rich Eisen Show, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk on the Rich Eisen Show radio network. The desk's furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Let me ask you this question, Chris. I'm making you a Green Bay Packer fan as much as you love the New England Patriots.

Please do this for me. Cool. OK. Do I get ownership? You are now the same way. I'm a Packer fan? No, you're you're you're a Packer fan. Yes.

I'm an owner, so I can't be a fan. No. So.

But no. But you are you're you're this ownership. I'm ownership.

This means so much to your one piece of pet rock that you have on your wall. Got it. Exactly. Two and two. You're all Packers fans.

You are excited about the way Jordan Love plays right now as well. You should write. I'm speaking on your behalf. Yeah. Yeah. Pumped. You got it all.

And you got them for. Right. What if I told you? What if I told you? What if I told you? Exactly. What if I told you?

Yeah. The draft choice you used on Jordan Love could have been used for a player to help Aaron Rodgers win a Super Bowl and his two years of being the MVP quarterback that he became. And he was going to be that guy no matter what. It's not like Jordan Love lit the fuse as if Rodgers needed a fuse lit. But let's just say the guy that they used that draft choice on instead of Jordan Love put one in the case because Rodgers did. Would you still be up for it? Jordan Love right now. Yes or no?

Who's my quarterback right now? Not Jordan Love. Mm. That stinks. Yep. So they already won one, right? There's one extra one in the case. An extra one? We already got the winning one. Rodgers won another one. He got his second and he won another one.

You want to answer it while he still sits there and thinks? I'll take one of them thanks. You'd rather that, right? One of them thanks. How do they help them win though? Because I saw them play in the playoffs and they weren't really built to win in the playoffs or play in cold weather, which is weird because they're a cold weather outdoor team.

That is not... I'm telling you. They win one. You're telling me they won? They would have won. And the player that they used the draft choice on was plug and play. He plugged in and was a crucial member of a championship team as opposed to the guy quite the hypothetical. That sat there.

Yeah, this was fun. It's hypothetical, but it's possible. And this is part of the conversation that is germane to the moment. I'm asking you the question. And you don't have the quarterback of the future right now. Winning a Super Bowl is awesome. But that's what it's about.

But you want to feel that as great as possible. But you also don't want to be what New England's been the last five years. And it's just one crappy quarterback after another. And you're like, what are we doing? And then you're picking like six to ten.

That's no fun either. Well, you drafted one who was doing pretty well and then things kind of went a little south. But it's not again, you guys are the king of of hey. When now or rather would get blown out. Rather would get blown out than get my heart ripped out at the end, which is a hypothetical that makes no sense to me. I'm now giving one that clearly doesn't make much sense to you.

But it is the truth. If the Packers chose someone instead of Jordan Love to help Aaron Rodgers and that player did in fact do that, what's the truth to help them put one in the case? All right. Can I give you something? Would you still would you still throw a hypothetical back to you? Would you? No, no, no.

I just need my I just need my answer. Two picks later, the Ravens took Patrick Queen. Let's say the Packers took Patrick Queen, I guess is this what you say instead? So he took Pat, they drafted Patrick Queen instead. Or somebody.

I'm just I know that I know that it's just anybody. I'm just trying to forget. I mean, you always want to win a Super Bowl trophy, but what if Jordan Love wins two Super Bowls?

Then he's better than Rogers. So then it was the right pick. I guess we'll have to find that one out one day.

But I'm just asking you right now. You got one in the case and you have 10 years of hope because that's what the Falcons are talking about. But then the Packers. They're set.

They're set once. Once we're not even going to do what we have to do to win with Kirk Cousins, which is draft someone to help him right now. No, no, no.

We're going to look over the steering wheel. I think it's pretty obvious they fell in love with Pennix after they signed Cousins. Is it?

Well, if it wasn't, then they should be fired. OK, so I don't know when, you know, the same guys. When did you fall in love? That all put their top three coaches on a piece of paper and one of the names wasn't Bill Belichick. Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you want to see?

You know, like when did you fall in love with? Bottom line is you could have somebody to help him now. And that guy could have helped him now.

Roma Dunze certainly could have helped. That's all I'm saying. Yeah.

I mean, it's it's. But you're playing the long game. And your signing says you're not.

That interesting strategy, bold strategy, by the way. Congrats to the Kelsey family, Travis Kelsey to your extension, and he makes him the highest paid tight end in the NFL, which he deserves to be. And Jason Kelsey just signs a deal with ESPN to do Monday Night Countdown. So good day in the new heights. Good day in the new heights.

The new heights to the new heights pod, two of my favorites. Well done. We'll see on Monday night. And obviously there'll be new stories for Jason to tell on his pod working with SVP. Congrats, Scott.

You got a winner. And then congrats to the Chiefs. Does this mean he plays two more years or maybe that second year is to help, you know, salary cap? I don't know. Well, we'll see.

We will see. There's a lot of stuff there. Let's go to Matt and Georgia. You're here on the rich guys.

And sure. What's up, Matt? You there, Matt?

That's line four. Yeah. It's on Matt. That one's on Mike. Yeah. What's up, Matt?

Yeah. I was on the call a few, like a month or two ago, talking about Bill Belichick before the draft and everything. But my reaction as a Falcons fan for the draft, watching it with my friend who's a state fan, especially bless his heart. So I thought Pinix was going to the Raiders for sure.

And was just flabbergasted when we took them. But it really makes me think like, is Kirk Cousins good enough, like health-wise to start week one? Like I wouldn't mind having Pinix maybe for the first four games just to make sure Cousins is a hundred percent healthy.

No, and I totally understand that, Matt. I totally understand that. But the guy that you choose to supplement that usually isn't the eighth overall pick in the draft that needs to play sooner rather than later or is ready to play now. And turns 24 in, I believe, let me do the math in my head, nine days, May 8th.

So in a league where you want to start right away, and the kid also wants to start right away because it gets him closer to his second contract faster. Thanks, Matt. Appreciate that. But again, these awkward moments will go away one day. And if Pinix sits there for the next 10 years and wins multiple championships, happy to take these phone calls all the time from people saying, you didn't see that one coming.

And that was kind of a scenario I threw out to you on the podcast this morning. What if Kirk is not healthy to start and Pinix is 4-0 in September? First class problem I have.

And looks amazing. Rookie of the year. What do you do? I don't know. Let's get Raheem Morris on the show and we'll ask him.

Well, we're going to ride the hot hand. He won't say anything. Good problem to have, Rich.

Of course it's a good problem to have. And he'll figure it out when it happens. There's a new star in the NFL, and he hasn't played a single snap yet. Last time we were on the air in Detroit, a lot of Bills fans, including the one that gets in my ear every now and then, our coordinating producer, Mike Hoskins, was like, what the hell are Bills doing? Trading down in the first round and with the Chiefs? No less?

You know? I was with Hoskins when that happened. He was not happy with the Chiefs. Xavier Worthy is going to score three touchdowns on the Bills in a playoff game. So I mean, that's the way people's minds wind up.

Because it's probably what's going to happen. That's how Bills fans felt. Like, of all the teams to try and help out, hey, Kansas City, here's a better path to getting better through us. And they wound up trading into the final draft choice of the night and then traded out of it. And they watched two wide receivers get taken.

One by Kansas City, one by Carolina, and sure enough, they started off the second night of the draft with a draft choice and they chose Keyon Coleman out of Florida State. And there was a nice cheer in the crowd in Detroit for that because the kid's from Michigan and he played for Michigan State for many years. So there were a lot of Spartan fans, a lot of Sparty there that was cheering for him. And now we're all cheering for him because his introductory press conference that occurred over the weekend is just legend. It's a legend. This kid, I cannot tell you, there should be some sort of a Truman show with him, right? Let's get him on.

Let's get him on. Bill's Hard Knocks? No, no, no.

There should be a personal Hard Knocks based on this sound montage that I do believe Mike Hoskins personally put together with Bill's love. Check it out. How y'all get all the snacks from here? I'm good.

Them cookies lookin' good, though. I ain't lyin' to you. Got you a coat from here. Man, you forgot I went to school in Michigan for two years? Guess where I got this from, though? I'm saying you got to guess. You going to be wrong, though, but guess. Tell me this one.

Nah. Macy's. What you mean? They be on sale on the rack. All the colors. Look, $79, $89. Nice little deal. You can get the trench coat for, like, $100. Nice little.

I'll take it personally. I might go get some more colors. I need a blue one and another red one. There's good Thanksgiving sales, too. That's what I usually do. See, I ain't know nothing about Thanksgiving. I get, you see, I shop like my mom. I get my coats in the summertime.

You got to shop two seasons, a season or two before, just in case, you know, and it be cheaper. You know what I'm saying? You like playing golf and you like playing the guitar, but how good are you at each? I can't play no guitar, man. I could hit.

I could do a few little strings. I don't know what I'm doing. It's just fun. It's just relaxing. I could golf a little bit now. Like I said, I'm tired of what she could. I wish I could golf for real, but I could drive pretty good putting in.

It's all right. Barely something. That's why I'm good at top golf.

I get the ball back to over the net, but if we're on the rear course, once I get to the greens, I might lose. Take you into the stadium and show you around and name on the scoreboard any of that earlier? Yeah, I scored three imaginary touchdowns. It was 30 seconds. That was quick. That's a record.

Nobody's ever did that one yet. Y'all have a great day. Yeah, I can grab some of them. She's now grabbing snacks. Fantastic. Fantastic, and he walks out with a cookie, I think, or some sort of a bar. By the way, he's from Louisiana, played at Michigan State for a couple of years.

Oh, that's a win. Well, he went to Florida State, so I was already a fan, but like that, I need him mic'd up every Sunday. Apparently, Bill's fans are already referring to him as the cookie monster.

He grabbed the cookie. This is great. More personalities in the NFL sold, sold. Yep. Also, there was another guy, Xavier Legette, went to the Panthers. He's from South Carolina, right?

Very southern draw. A lot of people like they couldn't understand him. I understood what he said, and people got to understand there is a huge section of this country that speaks like that. It's nothing to do people are like, oh, you didn't get through school.

No, you idiots. It's just southern draw. I'm here for... Both of those kids mic'd up on Sunday, man. You know who people understood when Legette talked is when he said that the Panthers told him that they were going to draft him with the pick that Bill's used on Keon Coleman because they had the first pick of the second night. And so the Panthers traded in.

They get a 50-year option on him, and they got the guy they wanted. It's kind of funny. Right? All right. We'll take a break. I've got my top five, and then we update. We update the tote board. Oh, I'm ready.

Because the Cowboys have added another. All right. I'm ready. All right.

Many of them. Let's go. Oh, my gosh.

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Get started today at That's T-R-Y-L-I-F-E-M-D dot com. Back here on the Rich Eisen Show. OK. You know, we've had we've had our bit of fun with TJ Jefferson's Dallas Cowboys. You've had your bit of fun. No. No. You know what?

I'm using the Royal Wing. I've had fun, Rich. And also all of us here, we're all in. We're all in.

I'm all in. Because Jerry Jones said at the Senior Bowl, we're going all in for this year. And we thought that meant, just like most people who play Texas Hold'em, there'd be no limit on what he's going to do, shoving his chips to the center of the table and saying, hey, free agent Derrick Henry, here's some chips for you. We got chips for you. Everybody wants a chip with us, right?

Because he's looking for a chip. That's what we thought he meant by all in. Certainly since he's from Texas, he would have an idea of what all in meant collectively to everybody who's played this game.

But no, no, no. All in means he was just going all in on his current roster. And he only added one little drib or drab at a time in signing. So we came up with the idea of like a Jerry telethon from back in the day. Anytime there'd be a signing, we would have the timpani, the drum roll please, right? And we'd show the update.

Last time we saw it, he had six free agents sign, four of his own, two of others, and one first round draft choice. So there it was, seven. There it is.

Fantastic. And that is a shot of Jerry Jones on an actual Jerry Lewis telethon photograph of Jerry. It's not the first blush throws of the Jerry Lewis telethon, where he's got the tie all done. No, this is late night, channel five back in the day in New York.

Like early in the morning. Do you remember what channel you used to watch it on back in the day? No. There in Altoona? It was channel five in New York.

Channel five in New York. Yeah. The reason why we bring it up is, boy, there's a lot of tote board updating that needs to be done. First up, first up, first up, first up is back in the fray. Ezekiel Elliott's back in the fray. Look who's back.

What's old is new again. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congrats. Congratulations.

Congratulations or who know? Team saves. All those, all those, the towers. She and the towering Inferno two. Are you sure about that? I've seen in your unfortunately, you'll really would know? Oh yeah.

That's disaster movies. Okay. So now there's seven of those guys, but on top of it, on top of it, seven more draft choices since we last updated. Look at all those guys. Oh baby.

It was just, Tyler Guyton. We saw it first round and now there's seven more grand total of eight new ones with Zeke plus the six we already had before Timpani hit it Not yet Mike yeah, we're not done yet 15 we're not done Wow no no no huh because there's undrafted free agents They might not eventually make the team a lot of them may wind up in your local supermarket Where is ufl could be oh, that's right like to see them go yeah, but that list is keeping on growing I don't even know how many there have been So now I don't even know what the total is we're about to see right now It's about to be revealed to us Oh Oh Timpani Wow All it that is all the way Not just all that's all the way. I'm like you're and you're trying to get more. It's a rebuy. You're rebuy it Oh, that's that's that's a rebuy rebuy rebuy rebuy rebuy rebuy rebuy This is so much fun this might be my favorite my most favorite bit in a long time I don't know why I don't know. It's it's just great bit.

I like it. It's old school. It's new school It's school. It's school. It's takes a nice little guy on the back.

He's like school You won't respect on Trent Seeg's name. The long story is important. Look at that 28 For a long time it was one for like a day Six forever Slaterson days and confuses quality not quantity. Okay quality not quantity That was fun.

Oh, man. That was great. Oh, okay It's time for a top five to wrap this up. That's it One two three four five All right, I need the music it's my top five NFL draft picks I love the most there are 257 of them, but here's the five I love the most and this one starts with Jim Harbaugh here in Los Angeles, California He let a bunch of wide receivers walk, right? Okay, well traded one and let one walk everyone's wondering what are you gonna do? He drafted lad McConkie in the second round, but that's not the one that I liked. How about pick 225? seventh round 225th overall out of USC here. He took Jerry Rice's kid Brendan rice. Come on now How about Jerry Rice with his 7-eleven pendant gonna be strolling around the sidelines of Los Angeles Chargers games? Guy whose last Super Bowl was in a Raiders uniform Trump's camp, right? I like it Camp Brendan rice is coming to Los Angeles if he was Jerry Rice jr. Do you think he's a second round pick All I know is kid look better than the seventh round talent to me all year long.

Yeah All right number four in the list, you know, it means a lot to me. It means a lot to me When the Chicago Bears decide Caleb Williams is not enough Roma dunes a is not enough. Our defense is still Good, but that's still not enough.

There's a third phase in this game people. It's called special teams And if you're gonna be a special team You go and you draft the best offensive player on Iowa this past year the punter Tori Taylor this guy I'll tell you what the number of times I cursed this guy during the Big Ten championship game because Michigan I thought they'd have a good field and he flipped it need stick the Michigan inside their own five over and over and over again. I I this gets an Aussie punter. He is awesome He's gonna come to Chicago and he's gonna he's gonna flip fields and the best part about it is apparently Caleb Williams Texted him and told him welcome to the team. You're not gonna be punting a lot. I love it this team is so much fun right now and also, there was a Brit who made the pick announcement as an international fan and Hearing a Brit say the word punter google it what it means To folks from the United Kingdom. It was like an extra level cherry on top trolling guys Love that all right number three on this list this one.

I'm on a break. It's the sixth round It's the end of the day. I'm kind of looking like Jerry at the end of the telethon right and I heard this pick over the PA and I'm like, okay this kid What is really good? He's one of those six-year players who? Unfortunately had his season cut short in his national championship. Hope's cut short the Jets drafted Jordan Travis from Florida State in the fifth round and Who knows?

I don't know but I kind of dig it. That's a nice dart throw 171 overall who knows what this kid's gonna do. I mean Daniel Jeremiah thought he's gonna be a good backup in the league Might have said that about Tom Brady picked 199 years ago, right? I just kind of dig it I think that was a nice move by the Jets right there doesn't threaten their quarterback whatsoever Learn from to rod Taylor watch Aaron Rodgers do his thing kid deserves a chance and he's getting it with the Jets number two on This list he was one of the guys who I said was gonna be the biggest steal in the draft and the Steelers got him in the third round 98th overall NC State's Peyton Wilson now the reason why he dropped is apparently he doesn't have an ACL in one of his knees.

Did you know that? Do you know also does have you also went through his career with an ACL in his knee a former still named Heinz Ward? This guy's a tackling machine. He's a butt kiss award winner as you know, we showed wrestling video He's 43 and oh in his career high school wrestling But last one everybody knows that they saw my reaction to it right here in Los Angeles, California third round 83rd overall one of the greatest Michigan Wolverines ever and touchdown makers ever is coming To Sean McVay's offense Blake Coram number one overall. Good lord Do I love this pick and he deserves the opportunity? It's a kid who blew out his knee and ruined his Heisman which ruined his Heisman Trophy year two years ago Those who stay will be champions. He comes back He scores 27 touchdowns and they win the national championship and he's sitting there in the third round and Sean McVay's like I'll take you What's he gonna look like in this system?

Just look at Karen Williams Look what he looked like and he didn't have the same career Blake Coram had when he came out of Notre Dame I can't wait to see it and you guys should be particularly happy. You know why? Because there's a ton of us Michigan fans here in this town They were happy to take your tickets off your hands when you fair weather weak-ass fans Just send them to Michigan Wolverine. That's correct WAF Okay, there's a lot of us that would love to take the tickets off your hands oh you Price now you come away.

So you should be happy. Wow. I mean messed up and those are my top five 2024 NFL Draft picks on the most. All right the kid out of Virginia. I told you about in terms of Biggest draft steals out there Malik Washington. He set records last year at Virginia and the Dolphins got him Sixth round he's fast that he's gonna be it's gonna be a tough wide receiver room to crack, but I like it I don't know about you, but that looked like money good one way to finish up Mike. It's like you're listening Mike Carruthers shares little pieces of Intel and interviews you can use to improve your life on the something you should know podcast The next time you're looking for a job and have to write a cover letter Here's some advice from Skip Freeman author of a book called headhunters hiring secrets add a PS To the bottom of that cover letter that can actually increase the chances of that letter being read by up to 75% Some people actually glance down and read the PS first something you should know search on YouTube or wherever you listen
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