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Where Our Needs Are Met - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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May 22, 2020 4:00 am

Where Our Needs Are Met - Part 2

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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May 22, 2020 4:00 am

Our spiritual, physical, and material needs are wrapped up in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Welcome to the intent podcast the child family for Friday, May 22.

The Bible explained that the only way we can find a sense of wholeness and a personal connection with Jesus Christ today will see how important it is to nurture and close friendship with the Lord.

In part two of where our needs are met, that when you think about the circles around your life. Do you have and are you aware that the innermost circle is reserved only for you and God. I think the first time that every dog in the of had being able to have some kind of an intimate relationship with him though I didn't understand it very well at the time it was a pretty good while before it ever became a living reality.

In my own life.

I remember driving down the expressway exactly where I was going on the particular bridge know exactly where I was. Do exactly what I was driving at that time God spoke to my heart so clearly out of the blue not the only thing about anything like this like God said to be I made you for myself. That was so real to me. I turned and looked under God wasn't in the human body. It was so real to me that you know what it's like one of those things that God wants while dropping the bomb on it, shut it down and then it was a long time before I understood what that was about.

Probably my fault if I had been listening carefully and if I had several Lord and what does that mean how you gonna do that.

Probably what happened in my life would've happened a whole lot quicker. But you know I heard that is just like somebody drove a stake in my soul. I knew what God said. But I did not know what to do about it at the time God has a desire to have an intimate relationship with you. So what is an intimate relationship intimacy is a close relationship that is confidential and deeply personal and motivated by genuine love for each other.

That's what intimacy is all about intimacy is a relationship, deeply personal, very confidential and motivated by genuine love alone. That is what God desires for every single one of us. And when you and I are able to walk into that relationship. We don't have to worry about our needs are longer because we know that we have such a close relationship with someone who did lights in meeting our needs, his promise to do it and has will to do it and have the power to do it but did lights in meeting every single day rehab is a loving father who desires to have his intimate relation. He's taken all the initiative to do it now. How do we develop that kind of relationship with think about how do you build intimacy with another person you build excitement with God and the first thing that's important is this and that is time you don't spend time with God you never have an intimate relationship with, if I want to build an intimate relationship with him.

I can spend time with you several we didn't know non-tongue, but just you and God.

How many of you husbands or wives want someone else around. When you when God has worked in both of your hearts. You have a genuine intimate strong desire to express your genuine love for each other in an intimate physical what you know about else around God wants you and me, but time by ourselves. So the master question. When's the last time you just got alone just a little of what you speak to my heart.

Show me yourself Lord just lets us talk together you sale sent some went by myself talking outlet. They think that's crazy you know what it is making is what about thanks you and God alone time is absolutely essential. Second, listening hello I listen to God.

99.99% of what you not hear from God's will be let out of his word. So what is that mean that means that I must spend time in his word time in his word.

Listening to what he has to say to me, the master question. Is he worthy of my attention. Yes, if I'm going to heaven. Intimacy with him not only to give him my attention. I need to listen carefully and then not only having listen to him. I need to be willing to share with him telling what I'm feeling Kelly what I'm thinking what's this next. This is where it all shuts down if I'm going to have an intimate relationship with him.

Must be willing to be transparent. Absolutely transparent, open honesty with him and this is where most relationship shut down because the truth is you see if I'm going to have an intimate relationship with someone I must be run over my heart and center here my weaknesses and hear my failures and you know this will I try to do it. Sometimes I don't do very well in you know I have my fears and my self-esteem hurts over here in our self-image is damage there and sometimes I feel so rejected. Sometimes I feel so hurt and sometime up in numbers. If I'm going to be transparent.

I gotta tell it like it is when somebody says well with God's Internet all his wisdom than he knows everything you want to tell a molten that doesn't work because the unit I can say will God not know that you know all things in Jesus name and totally avoid what's going on in my life. Transparency says I'm willing to be open and honest in telling Rafael God. You see if you got to have an intimate relationship with someone else. You can't keep secrets. You can't hold it in. You got to be open and transparent. But that's where most relationships shut down they so you know what we can be friends but I can't let you in. Been so close, because if you knew about me. What I know about me you would like me at all will remember this, he knows it all. He knows it all to my hotel. He knows it all. Another one of those words that you might want to jot down his acceptance. You know what you can have an intimate relationship with somebody reject it, except in the way they are and trust God to make changes.

Somebody says want to marry so-and-so but and I'm gonna change him you don't marry somebody to change them you know what God saved you and me because he loves us and you know what I except the Lord of the way he is and I want to know more about him and he's accepted you to accept me the way we are and so intimacy is that it speaks of acceptance. Likewise is giving.

If I'm going to be intimately related to my father. I'm going to be giving him because he's always giving to me if you have a relationship with someone, and the giving is always one way that you have a reason to question what do they really love you. Intimacy says I'm always looking for something I can give you to express my genuine loving desire for I'm always looking for something it is not to be Christmas, birthday, are a Valentine, always looking for something I want to give you because I love you.

That's what intimacy is all about.

Think about is God always giving to us. To me this is the most preposterous thing I can think of that anybody would be saved and come to church and not tied their income to a God who gave it to them 24 hours a day seven days a week every single moment before you were born from your mother's womb, God was giving to you in your mother's womb, and you can't tell me that you can afford to give your time I'm not telling you because we need money.

I'm saying it's absolutely ridiculous. And the truth is you have if you don't talk. You should feel real guilt. It is your God is giving you 24 hours a day when you giving him in return is a real intimacy is giving another word that I think is so very important here in the lots of them here. Forgiveness. I can't have intimacy with anybody. If I can forgive them for their faults and their failures. And you know what I think about how you forgiving let me ask you something. If you have asked God to forgive you for something he said no, absolutely not know he's always forgiving if I'm going to be relationship with him. I'm going to be accepting his forgiveness is about what it meant. Now God doesn't.

Since I gotta forgive him. You don't have to forgive him.

Here's what I have to do I have to forgive others whom he loves, whom he has forgiven, whom he desires to forgive. That's the way our bill intimacy with him when it comes to forgiveness and then there is trust. You will never bill an intimate relationship with someone you don't trust you cannot.

There is a barrier between the two of you if you listen to that barrier of this trust is down, you will never be able to bill intimacy where there is no trust. There is no intimacy cannot be is like all-in-one you can you can have intimacy and distrust. You can have intimacy and rejection. You can have those things that they don't they don't fit.

Likewise, there is understanding God understands is absolute perfect. You know what he desires up.

He wants us to understand him. He understands us privately. He wants us to understand if he wants us to know his ways. He wants us to know why he does what he does. He wants us to know his attributes.

He wants us to apply the principles of Scripture in our life. In so doing, is what we do we discover what is like when we apply the principles of Scripture to our life we say oh yes yes yes yes that's how God's operate.

God delights in our application is principles.

That's how we become understanding of who is in a course a caring love that is a love that's that's reaching out a love that's caring a love that sensitive to the person's needs of the present desires God. Listen he's sensitive to every single need every desire. We have and are you still how you relate that to God because I want to be sensitive to what he wants in my life. I want to be caring about his work on earth I want to be caring about those he loves, only caring about those whom he loves who do not love him, who persecuted him who are absolutely living in rebellion. I want to be caring about them.

Also, then there is approval.

You see, you can have a relationship with someone you absolute disapproval.

You know what amazing thing to me is that God can approve of us sinful. As we are.

He approves of us. He accepts his way we are, because he knows what is going to do an outline.

We certainly approve of him. He certainly approves of us. And then there is respect and respect simply says that you know I honor you as a person I respect you. That is, I give you the dignity of being who you are and what you do in life and if I respect the person listen I don't respect them on the basis of that notoriety or how much they have a what they wear, or what they drive out where they live. I respect them because they are the creations of God's sons and daughters of the living God.

That's the reason we respectfully is not because of who they are. It's because God created and they have a soul. The spirit they go down these days and spend eternity somewhere there persons whom God has created and certainly if I respect God. What that means is our reverence him and honor him as my heavenly father and I want to do what he says do likewise is comfort. God is always comforting us always comforting us and you know what, I can't comfort Almighty God because he does need to be. Here's what I can do I can comfort those whom God loves. I can comfort those who are hurting, by the power of the Holy Spirit living on inset I can use either some things we'll get back to him. But we give them back to him because he give those men what he said. He says inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these my brothers you've done it unto me at all to serve God serving you. How cannot comfort God comforting someone else and so all these things are so perfect and related and then of course there's touching solenoid ailment and you can't touch God yes can does God touch as yes he does, for example, when you just absolutely worn out and tired, and amen you just hit rock bottom you think I don't going on, put 1 foot above the other. And you say Lord I just on this need you to strengthen may help will how do you explain the surge of energy had to explain this burst of energy. How do you think how you explain that God has touched you say will you say well I didn't feel it. Yes, you did you wouldn't have the energy you say well, but he just thinks the thought every single thing you and I need in our life is going to provide now, but I think about that. Also think about what is it that hinders my intimacy with him Sony before things great and I watch this first thing that hinders my relationship my intimacy with him his sin. If I listen if I am rebelling against God choosing to be disobedient to him violating his principles. How can I expect to have an intimate relationship with him. I'm not going to have it is not going to work just like that all of what you shake him up all you want to, but they going to separate you cannot have an intimate relationship with Almighty God, living in sin, it will not work. The second hindrance is this, go back to a lot of things that we've said before about our childhood and and things that we've said about abuse and rejection is the unmet childhood needs are a tremendous hindrance or intimacy with God. Know why because wet as a child get there first image of the father from their earthly father is see these things that happen in our childhood have a far greater effect on others than we realize. You take the average kid who mistreat you say will we know about God is 90 minutes about God or what about intimate relationship to have an idea what that means intimacy with God. That is absolutely totally foreign. So first of all this in second. The unmet needs of the child and third an unforgiving spirit you cannot have an intimate relationship with the heavenly father when you have an unforgiving spirit toward someone else is samosas that mean I'm supposed to forget it. No listen, you can forgive some things you'll never forget.

You just don't know how you'll feel the pain used to feel when you have to forgive the fourth thing is fear of transparency that will absolutely shut it down when it comes to relationship with him because you got to be willing to be open.

God blew it bad for the truth is I'm scared to death. Lord, the truth is, I'm just full of doubt. That has to be open and transparent to now. One last thing I want to say, with whom does God desire interrelationship with every single one of his children with whom will God develop an intimate relationship. Eternity will to Proverbs chapter 3 Proverbs chapter 3 and this very familiar chapter. Listen to what he says. Proverbs chapter 3, with whom will God have an intimate relationship with you this, verse 32, says for the crooked man is an abomination to the Lord, but he is intimate with the upright. That does not mean sinless.

The upright of those who have been saved with the grace of God and have a deep yearning desire to walk in obedience to him.

And even though they stumble and fall because they still have their human weaknesses. They get up confess and repent of it. Move on, longing to have a relationship with the father. Listen carefully. I don't know what your innermost circle looks like Dante it needs to look you in God what he wants in your life above every single thing possible say the abiding loving closeness that is so confidential unless you tell it, God's not due until it just between you and him and you know what all these needs that you had back in your life about your self-esteem.

You been abused and given her. You've been rejected and cast out and ignored and avoided all the rest you know what can happen when he went you allow him to draw you to himself. He's going to so satisfy you in your relationship to him.

You know what's going happen people making a difference what somebody else thinks it will making a difference to somebody else except you and ask you this.

Who cares whether somebody rejects you when the father has accepted you.

I mean, when you accepted by the best. Does it matter who rejects you and somebody accuses you are criticizes you, that's okay because you know you have a relationship with someone who's not going criticizing. He's only going to love you I needs get men and needs get meant best and absolutely, totally, fully in an intimate, loving relationship with our heavenly father and that invitation is extended to everyone. Thank you for listening to part two of Dr. Stanley's methods where our needs are not and the conclusion of the series, God has an answer for resources to help you study God's word is that her last night data writing is not The presentation of ministry in Atlanta, Georgia

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