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Squashing the Squatters

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk
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March 20, 2024 6:50 pm

Squashing the Squatters

The Charlie Kirk Show / Charlie Kirk

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March 20, 2024 6:50 pm

Did you realize that a simple trip out of town might make you lose your home to squatters? It's horrifying, but in America's blue states, it's true, and the problem is getting worse. Flash Shelton the ‘Squatter Hunter’ joins Charlie to discuss the scope of the problem and how he has built an unlikely small business helping homeowners get their houses back. Plus, Bernie Moreno discusses his successful primary win in Ohio and his battle plan to get Ohio the country's most MAGA Senate delegation.

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Hey everybody, what is a squatter? What if I told you you could just walk into a home and that home becomes yours? You need to listen carefully to this.

If you are a homeowner, this will blow your mind. Email us as always, freedom at and subscribe to our podcast. Open up your podcast application and type in Charlie Kirk Show. Get involved with Turning Point USA at That is

It's already a high school or college chapter today at We have Bernie Moreno who won in Ohio convincingly. He's going to hopefully take down Sherrod Brown. And finally, we talk about white rural rage. Email us as always, freedom at and subscribe to our podcast.

Buckle up everybody. Here we go. Charlie, what you've done is incredible here. Maybe Charlie Kirk is on the college campus. I want you to know we are lucky to have Charlie Kirk. Charlie Kirk's running the White House folks. I want to thank Charlie. He's an incredible guy. His spirit, his love of this country. He's done an amazing job building one of the most powerful youth organizations ever created, Turning Point USA. We will not embrace the ideas that have destroyed countries, destroyed lives, and we are going to fight for freedom on campuses across the country.

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Go to Really important guest that I've been looking forward to. His name is Flash Shelton, Flash, welcome to the program.

There's so much I want to discuss with you. Flash, this is a growing news story across the country. Explain to our audience what is squatting and why is it becoming so well known across the country right now? Well, in the 1800s, squatting was, you know, settlers settling in on land as they were traveling and being able to take over properties and building homes. But now squatting seems to be the ability to be able to break into someone's house and show and say that you live there and show a fake lease and assume tenant rights. So Flash, can you just tell us how frequent is this?

Is it as blunt as someone can break into somebody else's home and assume that they are the rightful owner? How is this possible in our country? How frequent is it? Yeah, it's extremely frequent. I'm finding that it's, you know, there's, I mean, I'm getting, you know, hundreds of requests a day right now. I mean, it's just crazy. Everyone is going through this. And it's, you know, it's just, it's a growing problem, but it hasn't, you know, it's not new. It's just something we're hearing a lot more of. OK, so let's play cut 61 of an example of this happening, I believe, in New York.

Play cut 61. This guy just forced himself into my house. Yes, he did.

And so did you. You broke through the front door. The man called the police on her. So why is it that I have to leave and he doesn't have to leave? Because technically he can't be kicked out. We need to go to court. They consider this a landlord tenant issue.

And by law, it has to be handled through the housing court, not with police. So Adele, you're getting arrested right now. I'm being arrested.

For what? For being in my own home. And where's your lease? She's fighting the house. It's not her house anymore.

My deed is current and legal. Arrested for unlawful eviction. She changed the locks on a man who claims he lives there. So she changed the locks on a trespasser. So, Flash, how do you remove squatters?

Your website is What is the process that you are able to get squatters out of these homes, these criminals and these trespassers that take over people's homes? Well, the big thing that I want people to understand from this story is that she's the homeowner.

So it is against the law for her to do this. Homeowners are not presumed the residents. And that's why the tenants and the squatters have all the rights. I go in as a leaseholder or a squatter myself.

So I assume the rights that they are trying to claim. So I basically, in switching possession with them, I become the leaseholder. I become the squatter. And I force them to either fight to get back into the property while they're living somewhere else or they just have to find another place to go. So you become a squatter alongside other squatters, essentially. And so can you just add more detail to this?

And I want to make sure audience understands. So if you're a homeowner, you don't actually have rights to your own home? No, because the courts don't, you know, they don't presume you being the tenant because a lot of homeowners will rent out a property. So you can't rent to a tenant and then change your mind and want to kick them out.

So the law protects them. So in a situation with a squatter, it's the same thing because a squatter is always going to be presumed the tenant. So what I do is I basically just use the same rights that they have to help me get them back out. And, you know, when I can switch places with them, you know, it helps. So even if people do not pay rent, is that correct?

So do you just walk into a home then and then you declare yourself a squatter? Well, that's what they're doing. And what, you know, what I do is I go in and I we set up cameras and I sit down and I say, hey, let's have a conversation. And I let them know what their life is going to be like.

And it's going to be, you know, like a reality show. And and I'm going to expose them to the world and and they're going to have trouble leasing a property in the future. And and I'm going to just make them want to leave on their own.

Have you had a fair amount of success doing that? In fact, you were able to successfully evict this alleged celebrity, one of the winners of the Iron Chef, this guy that started Umami Burger. He was squatting in somebody's home. Tell us about that.

Yes. So with him, he you know, I did an intervention video on outside the box with flash with him and and he he talked to me for like an hour and a half and he was basically narcissist, self-entitled, felt that he was a victim and was taking advantage of an elderly woman. With him, it it ended up becoming physical. He assaulted somebody. So I turned up the heat and I got him out with mere threats because he was so afraid that I was going to go lock him out one day.

So I got LAPD to tell him that that I was right, that there's nothing they could do about me going in there. And if I locked him out, that he'd have to fight me in court and he'd have to you know, he would wouldn't be able to get back in the house. Now, does this apply to primary residences as well or mostly rental or second or third homes, for example? Could you just walk into somebody's living room while they're at dinner and declare that home to be your own? Can I or can a squatter? You know, it does apply to. Yeah.

Yeah. So, for example, I have a situation where families on vacation, they come home and there's someone sleeping on their house. I mean, I'm sorry, sleeping on their couch. They call law enforcement. The person says we have a lease. And basically, law enforcement tells them that all they can do now is tell the homeowner what the squatters rights are. And they do not allow the homeowner to go back into their house. So why can't you just use force to get them out of your home?

They're an intruder, aren't they? I'm failing to understand if somebody breaks into your home, why can't you just use force and take care of them? Well, I mean, we know that even if we lose use force on somebody breaking into our house, we still get charges filed against us.

So, in these cases, you know, it will go to civil court in these situations. And unfortunately, a homeowner is not allowed to do anything but civil court or hire me. It's, you know, the laws just protect these people. And unless you have a documented cameras and an alarm that says when they entered, and that's the key. And that's why I tell people, look, I have my prevention videos that explain the easy process to prevent a squatter. It's not that difficult.

If you can prove when they entered the home, then it's trespassing and you can have them arrested. So just having done this now, are there some states that are worse than others? I'd imagine New York and California are some of the worst in the country. Is that correct? Yeah. What I found is New York is by far the worst because they have a 30-day rule.

If you can maintain, if you can basically be in a property for 30 days, you automatically become a legal tenant of that property. California, you know, it's down the list a bit. So far, I've seen a lot more in like Seattle, Washington. And California, you know, is up there.

But I would say by far, New York is the worst. You're going to have a lot of business here, Flash, I got to tell you. And, you know, I was looking at the squatting rules in Arizona. They say you have to live there for two years. But I guess what you're saying, though, is that the squatter will lie to police.

And that's why having cameras and evidence to be able to, you know, kick them out, essentially, is crucial. Under the names of DEI and ESG, the largest asset managers have been using your money, your savings, to push politics into America's corporations. For years, they've implemented an agenda that is anti-American capitalism at your expense without your permission.

There's an alternative. At Strive, the only agenda is maximizing shareholder returns. Pro-capitalism and pro-meritocracy. Shareholders first. Period.

To learn more about Strive's shareholder first investment options, visit now. Flash, some people would believe that most of the squatters are homeless or they are doing this because they don't have a place to go. However, I believe that from your experience, you find out these people have jobs, they have money.

Is that correct? Yeah, I have not found, you know, in the hundreds of cases I've helped, I have not found a direct connection between homeless or destitute or needy. They're regular people. They have jobs. They have money. You know, they just figured out that, hey, the system allows it. Let's live rent and mortgage free.

You know, it's just it's it's been going on forever. And, you know, but it's not it's definitely not homeless. You know, my family, I was homeless. My family was homeless when I was young. So I whenever I run into a situation like that, I will offer resources and help relocate. But the home homeowner shouldn't be the victim regardless of the circumstances of the tenant. And so when you when you encounter some of these squatters, do they have remorse or do they feel entitled to somebody else's home to be able to live there essentially for free? You know, they're they're entitled. If you watch the Adam Fleischman one that, you know, the one of the reasons I posted that is because that's the the average response.

It's it's it's crazy to me. You know, the average person would not would not break into someone's house. They would relocate.

They'd move out of a state if they can't afford to live there. Homeless people. I did a video and I claimed that homeless people have more pride than squatters and would rather live in a tent on the sidewalk than break into your home. Squatters are just they're they're not remorseful and they just believe that they're entitled. So talk more about some of the prevention measures that people can do to prevent these criminals from effectively stealing your home.

Yes. So I would say, you know, make sure you have a locking mailbox or a PO box and just make sure that no one has access to your mailbox. Cameras that you can monitor from your cell phone or, you know, from anywhere. An alarm system with armed response. Something that is going to say this is when somebody trespassed into my house. Trespassing signs.

They work to some extent, but cameras will help them work. But there are other situations where it's just unavoidable. You know, the Fleischmann situation with someone who answered an ad to rent a room goes in with the goes into the house with a backpack full of clothes and then sits on the bed and says, I'm not leaving. By the time the cops arrive, he has his clothes in the closet. And that's all law enforcement needs to basically say, we can't help you because he's a tenant is a squatter.

You have to go through civil court. So literally, you have a guy who won a celebrity chef competition. He's not poor.

He has some skills. He walks into this poor old lady's rental property. By the way, the lady committed suicide because of this. Just so everyone understands the fact pattern here.

And the cops can't do anything because he illegitimately put his clothes in the closet. Yes, that's correct. It's sad. You know, the whole thing is sad.

And bottom line is, you know, something needs to be done to change it because the system is flawed. You can say that again. Flash Hunter, amazing. Thank you so much. And I want everyone to check out the website.

It's just terrific. And if you guys need help removing a squatter, you are building a network of hundreds of people to help alongside of it. Thanks so much, Flash. Thank you. I want to play this piece of tape here. Here is cut 62 of a Venezuelan bragging on social media. Hey, if you come into this country illegally, just go take over homes, because if you go into a home that is vacant, that home could be yours.

Play cut 62. So this illegal from TikTok is back spreading a message that you guys won't believe now he's speaking in Spanish like this. So I'm going to read the subtitles for you. My people have thought about invading a house in the United States because I learned that there is a law that. Says that if a house is not inhabited, we can expropriate it.

And I think that will be my next business. And they abandoned houses. So that is an illegal in this country that is going on social media telling his other illegal friends. Guys, just go take over homes in America. They won't kick you out. This is about to become orchestrated. They are going to flood the zone and make you might go out to dinner, go see a movie and come back to a bunch of illegal sitting in your living room.

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That is 888-596-0155 or visit forward slash Charlie. Huge news last night. Bernie Moreno has won the Ohio Senate primary, and he joins us now. Bernie, welcome to the program. Bernie, I was texting with what we call the Oracle of Ohio, Andy Serabian. He's doing a great job for you there in Ohio.

You won every county last night, is that correct? Congratulations, Bernie. Well, thank you, Charlie, and thank you for your early endorsement. You were with me from the very beginning.

But yeah, let me just run through the tape real quick. We won every single one of the 88 counties in Ohio. We got almost 51% of the vote in a three-way race. We got 100,000 more votes than Sherrod Brown did, and we won by almost 18%. So we feel really good about it. We had a lot of negative ads attacking me, about $35 million worth.

But at the end of the day, the base is there. The America First Patriots understand what's at stake, and we won pretty resoundingly. And now it's on to beat Sherrod Brown. I think it was huge. And so, Bernie, without spending too much time into it, though, you ran a great campaign. You traveled the state, but you were outspent. Can you talk about the grassroots victory? There was a lot of money being spent against you. Oh, yeah, it was $55 million spent in this race.

The vast majority of that was just nasty ads against me from all sides. The reality is, as we know, Charlie, the left, the Democrats, the cabal, control big tech. They control big media.

They control big academia, but they don't control we the people. And we the people made their voices heard last night, and we're going to have that same coalition that absolutely crushes Sherrod Brown. As I like to say, the media doesn't like it when I say this, Charlie. We're going to retire the old commie. So Sherrod Brown is one of the trickier people in the U.S. Senate.

He's been around for a while. He communicates to what once could be called, you know, it's kind of there's there are MAGA Sherrod Brown supporters ish people that are kind of the industrial Rust Belt. What is your plan to win over those traditional Democrats that have supported Donald Trump and are supporting Republicans, but, you know, are going to be bombarded by Chuck Schumer's money to try to support Sherrod Brown?

Well, we're going to expose him. I guess, Charlie, you cannot be an ally of working class Americans when every vote you take undermines those very working class Americans. Let's go through some examples. You can't be for unfettered illegal immigration that lowers the wages of American workers, that causes their car insurance, their health insurance to go up, that causes prices of food to go up, the cost of housing goes up and be on the side of working class Americans. You can't be on the side of working class Americans if you mandate electric vehicles and hand this industry over to China. You can't be on the side of working class Americans if you're for this Green New Deal climate cult programs like getting rid of natural gas, making certain that we stop mining for coal, not drilling for oil. These are all good, high paying union jobs that disappear with the policies of Sherrod Brown. He's a disaster for working class Americans.

It's just that he's created a fake persona around helping working class Americans. That's what we're going to do. That's what I'm going to do in the Senate with J.D. Vance. That's why we're going to win Ohio even more resoundingly in November than we did last night.

I love it. And everyone, by the way, we need to help out Bernie Moreno financially. He is now the nominee.

This is one of the greatest flip opportunities. And Sherrod Brown, he's just kind of been able to live under the surface. He stays out of the spotlight. Have you noticed that, Bernie, as far as the national spotlight focuses on Ohio? He's been very careful on certain things, but his voting record is as left wing as Bernie Sanders on certain issues. Talk about that. He has been he's taken advantage of the people of Ohio for far too long.

Yeah, absolutely. This is a guy who's left of Elizabeth Warren. He is absolutely the hardest core liberal in the United States Senate. Yet the Ohio media covers for him. He comes to Ohio and pretends he's a moderate, a good guy, wants to talk about sports and baseball and football. You know, dresses up in an old suit and doesn't comb his hair. And so people think that he's this working class persona.

The reality is the guy who went to Yale University, majored in Russian studies when Richard Nixon was president, started running for political office the minute he graduated from college and has been there ever since. This is not a guy that's on our side. This is a guy who's on the side of the very wealthy, the elites. You're going to see big Hollywood, big tech, big Wall Street all supporting him.

Charlie, which is why I need your listeners help. If they could go on Bernie Marino dot com and help with even a small financial contribution. We're going to build a great grassroots campaign because we're going to restore freedom and liberty and prosperity in this country.

But I need your help to do that. We have to regain control of the Senate. Have somebody that has President Trump's back there and make certain that we get the agenda implemented. So Sherrod Brown, how long has he been serving in Washington, D.C.? It feels like multiple decades. Is that correct? Charlie, what were you doing when Richard Nixon was president?

I was not alive. So it was like 30 years. That's how long he's been there. He's been there since. Is that right?

That's extraordinary. Well, he's been in D.C. for 30. So D.C. for 30 years and then 20 years before that in state government. This is a lifelong career bureaucrat politician who all he cares about is political power.

This is a guy who didn't study Russian studies because he was curious about Russian history. This is a guy that's a full blown Marxist communist that wants that vision of America here, which is not what we're going to allow him to do. We're going to restore freedom and liberty in this country.

Final thought here. What does this mean nationally for control of the U.S. Senate? West Virginia is looking better and very, very good, obviously, unless Joe Manchin pops up. If you flip this seat, the Senate goes Republican. Talk about that, Bernie.

Yeah, absolutely. This is ground zero. This is the Super Bowl, whatever analogy you want to use. We win this race. I win this race and defeat Sherrod Brown. Republicans control the United States Senate. That's imperative because we're going to have President Trump in the White House.

That's almost pretty much a done deal. Now the question is, do we have a Republican controlled Senate? Without that, it's impossible for President Trump to complete his agenda.

It's extremely important that you go in there and help me get across the finish line. Again, go on Five dollars makes a difference.

Twenty dollars makes a difference because Sherrod Brown is going to have every special interest group, every radical leftist all over the globe is going to be in for Sherrod Brown. I need your help. Bernie, thank you so much. Congratulations. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Charlie.

Email us freedom at Charlie Kirk dot com. Let's get to this clip here. Let's go to Cut 51. Democrats, they are losing black and Hispanic voters. This is from CNN.

Play Cut 51. I want to show you this New York Times, CNN College poll that found that both black and Hispanic voters say that Donald Trump's policies have helped them more than Joe Biden's policies by pretty wide margins, especially when you look at Hispanic voters. Is that alarming to you?

Biden administration has an incredible track record of support and making sure that it is working at all times to build an economy from the middle out and the bottom up as opposed to the top down. If that's going to be their message, game on. You know, I have right here just a little reminder. The book is called White Rural Rage. Remember we talked about this last week?

I bought a copy of it. It's Blake's new homework assignment to read this thing. You hear that scream?

That's Blake screaming. No, I don't have time for this. A searing portrait and damning takedown of America's proudest citizens who are the least likely to defend its core principles. I would love the opportunity to debate or discuss with Tom Shaler and Paul Waldman. What core principles exactly do they reject?

The transing of our kids? They want a restoration of the U.S. Constitution. They call anyone that lives in rural America and is white, you are a threat to democracy.

And this is exactly on point. They write here in White Rural Rage, they have an entire chapter in this book. The greatest political hand ever dealt that you as white rural voters have a disproportionate amount of power in this country. You have essential minority, existential threat. They call you an existential threat to the American project.

But what core principles exactly are they espousing? Our democracy, the threat to American democracy. Now mind you, they're never going to say that corrupt politicians are a threat to American elections. They'll never say that we are borrowing a trillion dollars every 100 days. Do they even mention that white rural voters are the ones that are most concerned about that? We are allowing 15,000 people a day across our southern border. And Tom Shaler and Paul Waldman, who by the way, Tom Shaler is a professor of political silence at the University of Maryland.

Paul Waldman is a journalist and opinion writer. And I have this just as a daily reminder that they will never ever blame the political class, the oligarchy, the academics for the damage that is being done to our homeland. But no, it's the citizens fault. It is a top-down revolution against the people who built this country.

The people that shower before work and shower after work. What we saw in Ohio yesterday was a refutation of that. They are tired in Dayton, Ohio being called the problem. In Columbus, Ohio being called the problem.

They pay their taxes, they go to church, they raise their kids, and they are scolded by their politicians saying that you are a threat to the country. For years, I've been talking about how our nation's public schools have been captured by progressive ideologues, especially true if you're a Christian family. For those of you worried about the best educational path for your kids and grandkids, I want to tell you about how Turning Point Academy is working with the Herzog Foundation, how you at home can also benefit from it. They have an online publication called The Lion, and also Making the Leap, the Herzog Foundation offers a wide range of advice and information for Christian parents to make the best education decisions for your kids. Go to, that is, so check it out right now,

Portions of The Charlie Kirk Show are brought to you in part by the Stanley M. Herzog Foundation, that is Are you happy? Well, there's a lot to be happy about, and your circumstances should not determine your happiness. Happiness is a choice.

One of the most important life lessons. Happiness is a choice. Some people say, you know, I'm not happy because I don't have the job I want, I'm not happy because of the circumstances.

You have to find happiness in everything that you do. The latest survey shows that America is not one of the happiest countries on the planet. In fact, it shows that America has now slipped in the happiness index to about 20 or 22nd of the happiest countries on the planet. Now, there's a lot of reasons for this. We're poisoning our kids with the food that we feed them, the lack of community, the lack of purpose, the lack of culture, unified culture, the lack of national story. And I also think we are being flooded with madness. Now, the methodology isn't perfect.

It just asks people to rate their life out of 10. Sweden ranks highly, but I'll bet a lot of Swedes are kind of like the Stepford Wives. Lots of pressure to say they love Sweden.

Yes, this is great. I love the diversity, even though Sweden is not that diverse. They've had a mass immigration in the last 10 years, but it's still, they're largely homogeneous in Sweden. Why is America self-describing as a unhappier country? Well, it's because we are. You're living in the most depressed, suicidal, anxious country that we've ever seen. I do want your opinions, though.

I want to hear from you, Why do you think America is becoming unhappier? The more important question is not, are you happy? It's are you living a purposeful life? Can you find purpose and meaning in what you do? Viktor Frankl, who wrote Man's Search for Meaning, says we must pursue deep fulfillment. Happiness is a byproduct of living a meaningful life. Sleeping in till 1 p.m., smoking weed all day, watching pornography, being overweight shouldn't be a surprise that people that do that tend to not be happy. There's no purpose in that, and you're not going to be able to get purpose with ease.

In fact, a purposeful life has difficulty, has challenges, has tribulations. So we're really asking the wrong question, but understand, so much of the spiritual disciplines that built the West we have forgotten. We used to have blue laws. We used to honor the Sabbath in this country.

I wish we still would. Church attendance has declined rapidly. You are seeing the excesses of secularism. This generation, the younger generation, will be the first to inherit a more secular America than Christian America.

How's it working for you? Your mascot is Dylan Mulvaney. The flag is the pride flag.

The religion is the cult religion of some sort of combination of anti-racism and earth worship and trans identification. We have deteriorated the idea of loving your neighbor and even looking out for your neighbor. We are flooding our country with illegals. It's demoralizing, but it's not an excuse. Despite everything that is happening to the country, despite seeing your beloved home fall apart on a daily basis, you still have the ability to be happy and to live a purposeful life.

But it should be talked about in Congress. They say, you know, we're building America from the bottom up and the middle out. Why are people so unhappy in this country? They see themselves getting poorer.

They see their kids being trans. You can attract happiness by loving your neighbor as yourself, as it says in Leviticus 19. It's not bad advice.

Maybe we should get back to it. If America would just do a restoration of the Decalogue, the Ten Commandments, we'd be a far happier country. Honor your parents so that you may live long in the land of which you are in. For six days you shall work, for one day you shall rest, to keep the Sabbath day holy. You shall not covet, shall not steal. You shall have no other gods before me. You shall make no craven images. What a wild idea. And maybe this postmodern pile of garbage is making us less happy.
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