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Joe Barry's keycard still works, Tim Shea Tuesday

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler
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December 19, 2023 6:00 am

Joe Barry's keycard still works, Tim Shea Tuesday

The Bart Winkler Show / Bart Winkler

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December 19, 2023 6:00 am

'Twas the week before Christmas in frigid Green Bay, folks eagerly wondered if today was the day. But Joe Barry kept his job, LaFleur said all would be fine. For no one is getting fired when coach doesn't have a spine. Ho Ho Ho Happy HondaDays

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You need Indeed. Good morning, everybody. My name is Bart Winkler.

It is the Bart Winkler show. Joe Berry still has a job and I don't think I'm too surprised by that. I think a lot of people thought it might happen.

I'm not saying that there wasn't a chance of it happening, but with Matt Lafleur and his track record of already hanging on to Berry way too long, with the way that this team held on to Dom Capers way too long, with the way that this team held on to Mike Petten way too long, why were we thinking anything different was going to happen? We'll talk about this and more with a very prepared Tim Shea. Got a Tim Shea Tuesday.

You can check that out on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream in a little bit. So the haters should be okay with Tim's appearance, but I'll leave that up for you to judge. It's your call. It's your opinions. It's your preference.

It's your taste. So we'll see what the shaders. That's what I call the Tim Shea haters. We got the shakeaways.

We got the shaders. Joe Berry was not fired. Matt Lafleur spoke at three and he usually speaks around that time on a Monday after a game, but it turned into be like a, it was like Joe Berry trade deadline day where we found out or knew very public knowledge what time Matt Lafleur was going to talk. And then we were thinking, could he get fired? Will he get fired?

And we were waiting for this deadline in the middle of the day to see if the news would break. If he would be fired, Matt Lafleur would talk about it. And if he wasn't fired by the time we heard Matt Lafleur speak, and then even still, we thought maybe he would come out and announce it. Reports came out that Berry had met with the defense, some Eric Stokes quotes about how they need to communicate better and not give up the big explosive plays. So there was some teaching moments, some coaching moments going on. But this, I think what's interesting about this one is it's very similar to like the Brandon Staley firing from last week.

And again, Joe Berry did not get fired, but everybody who is a fan or is not a fan, but has a passing knowledge of the situation saw that game on Thursday night against the Raiders and knew Brandon Staley could not keep his job. And again, the sports disclaimer is you never want anybody to get fired, but again, sports are not real life. You have results more in sports than any other profession, perhaps. Maybe like a day trader, or if someone loses their ass at a company, or if you're a teacher and all your kids are dumb and flunk.

I don't know. There's a lot of jobs, of course, that have results, but sports are very immediate and very quick. And I think we all looked at this situation, and I'm not just saying we all as Packer fans, I'm saying we all, we all, we all looked at this situation and realized that Joe Berry can't be the defensive coordinator anymore. They're not good. This is a defense that has given up career days and has lost to quarterbacks like Daniel Jones, Zach Wilson, Taylor Heinecke, Ryan Tannehill, Desmond Ritter, Kenny Pickett, Tommy DeVito, Baker Mayfield. Some of those guys have talent. Some of those guys were drafted very high. Some of those guys, you never thought you'd ever hear their name.

Some of those guys are already a flash in the pan that is over, Tommy DeVito. That agent, that agent is like Sister Gene. Remember when Horvat hated Sister Gene so much? Everyone's like, well, what do you care? It's a fun story, but Horvat hated Sister Gene.

That's how I feel about that agent. I'm just not into it. I'm offended. I am offended.

And I don't know how my other Italianano buddies and brethren and familia, how are we not offended by this? So Joe Berry not fired and Matt Lafleur saying we're not going to fire him if I thought that was the right decision. It's what I would do essentially saying he's the defensive coordinator the rest of the season and almost leaving the door open that he could be back next year. A lot of articles got written by a lot of people that don't like to be, and this isn't a bad thing, but if you're like on the beat, you don't say something like this until it's safe to say or it's the general opinion. You can't be on the beat.

And like what I was doing earlier in the year, after a few games I wanted Lafleur fired. You can't do that on the beat. It's like you can't have a dissenting opinion that is so alone that it draws attention to yourself. Being on the beat, if you want to draw attention to yourself, you should be a radio host. You should be like a podcaster. You can cover the team in a certain way, maybe with live watch parties.

There's plenty of people that are really good at kind of being like professional Packer fans and making a personality out of it and really making a brand out of it. And that's great. There's a great space to do that.

You should be able to do that. When you're on the beat, you should be there for a love of journalism, for a love of covering, for a love of writing, for a love of, I mean you shouldn't be wearing turtlenecks and trying to create your star branding by doing bad pushups on purpose. I just don't think you should be doing that.

I mean that's me. What do I know? I've never written for a newspaper.

What do I know about the code of ethics? I've only been in the media business for 25 years. Technically like 20 and technically maybe like less than that, but you know you throw it around. But I just think that you saw all these writers, all these people say that and because it's at that point. It's at that point where you're like even if you're a flat earther and you go in a rocket ship and you look down at the earth, you're like oh look it is round after all. I guess I like it's so obvious. Joe Berry is so obviously round that he should be relieved of his duties and Matt Lafleur won't do it.

And so like then you got to think well why? The Onion, the GD Onion was even punking the situation. James Webb telescope finds evidence of Packers secondary lined up 20 million light-years off receivers. I mean for it to be on the Onion, for a sports thing to be mainstream enough to be on the Onion, it's real bad. And again if like where I was about Lafleur earlier in the season, I was mad about a lot of stuff he does. I didn't like that he cried at halftime. I thought that the wheels were kind of being still attached to Jordan Love in terms of the training wheels.

And maybe that was a little premature of me. And can Jordan Love win the Super Bowl with Matt Lafleur? Can Matt Lafleur be a Super Bowl winning coach? He's had opportunities.

He couldn't do it with Aaron Rodgers. I don't know the answer to that yet. I don't know the answer to that yet. But based on how the team has played and the growth of the offense, does Matt Lafleur deserve to be fired after 2023? No. Does Joe Berry deserve to be fired? Yes. Does the guy who won't fire Joe Berry deserve to be fired?

That I think opens up something else. For all of the things that Matt Lafleur is in control of that you can point to and say there's progress and success and a job well done, there's this huge thing that he's also in charge of which is his staff. And he is letting this guy get away with these plays and then almost like he's the one coming up with the excuses for him. Lafleur is the one coming up with excuses for Berry. We're not hearing Joe Berry say communication stuff.

There's plays I'd like back. Lafleur is the one that's making the excuses for him. The theory could be well, the more that we're mad at Joe Berry, then the Sharks don't come for Lafleur. He's acting like a shield. But I don't think that that's truly it. I just think that Lafleur knows that there's something he has to do, but he can't get himself to do it. And I don't know the reason for why. Does he have an affinity to this man?

Does this man have information on him? Does he just not want to fire somebody? I don't want to ever be a boss.

I think I would be a terrific program director of a station. I've done it before. But the boss part of it is like the hiring and firing of people. I don't want to put somebody out of work.

I don't want that on my conscience. And maybe Lafleur is the same way. Maybe he just doesn't want to do that.

And that was kind of the thing with Peton for a while. It's like maybe he just wants the guy to walk away and see it on his own. Like relationships.

Who's been in a relationship where it was time to go and you just didn't want to dump that person because you felt bad, so you got distant and made them dump you? Or you could have been the opposite side of that, but that happens. We don't want to face the obvious that we should face because it's hard. Well, this is kind of harder to let this continue. And then you put yourself in jeopardy.

And then we start to question what you are and what you're doing. So I don't know. Joe Berry not fired. I'm not really that surprised about it. It's just not the way they operate. It's not the way Lafleur operates. But for whatever reason, he seems to be the one going out of his way. It's almost like Matt Lafleur, there's part of him that knows and wants to fire Berry.

But then Matt Lafleur in public is advocating to the subconscious of Matt Lafleur of why he should stay. He knows. You put him up to a lie detector. You ask him 50 years from now, what would you have done differently?

He'd say, I wish I would have fired Joe Berry. But in the moment he will not do it. And I don't understand. I don't understand why.

I do not understand why. Teacher Tom had tweeted me something from Facebook. It says, according to a source close to the organization, Joe Berry is expected to be relieved of his duties in the coming days. My dad also sent me the same thing. It's from something called GM Sports 365. I think the general rule of thumb is when you hear a story for the first time from an outlet that you've never heard of, just keep scrolling. So I wouldn't hold that with any stock, teacher Tom, or pops.

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Make sure you get that in here before the holidays. I do have a voicemail on the Carl's Place voicemail line. Carl of backslash BART. I want to play that for you here.

I actually have a couple of them. Here's one from John in Franklin. So good to hear from John again.

Good morning, John and Franklin. Some comments about the last couple weeks of Packers football. Reality has set in. Can stop this playoff talk.

It was, you know, kind of exciting and fun when they were playing like they had brains. But all that's come crashing down hard. Got hooked up.

Now played by Danny DeVito. Seriously, the guy's a joke. And he made a joke of your defense. All sitting there. You know, most coaches have the card up to hide the lips. So you don't know what plays the running. Watch the game. He's laughing. He's got like a smirk on his face halfway through that game.

Because everything on that card was working. I am sick and damn tired of the awful defense this team has played for years. A couple years ago we went into the season thinking they were going to be top five, top ten at least. I mean, it's just it's inexcusable. And all of them can go. I don't care. You know, I was mad at Alexander for his protest and not playing. Now I understand it.

It's perfectly clear to me. He doesn't want to be associated with the shit stain that is this defense. These idiots.

Fords over there celebrating on second down and getting burned on third down for a touchdown. I mean, seriously, it's an absolute joke. It's an embarrassment. As a Packer fan, I'm embarrassed by this defense.

Superman don't live here anymore. It's time to get serious and do something about it and get some dogs on this defense. I'm out. Yeah, well, we, hot mic, we may even have dogs.

We just don't have like the coach sucks. And the Alexander thing, Lafleur also referenced that, said it was a miscalculation and they should have put him on the IR. So, great stuff. Here's another voicemail I got today. Hey VARs, this is D. Cox and Mash over on X.

Some other people call it Twitter. I think the reason why Joe Berry still has a job today and probably will through the end of the season is Lafleur is reluctant to have an interim DC for a few weeks until Robert Sella loses his job in New York. Take care.

Bye. And that's something I just don't want. Like, can you imagine if Matt Lafleur brought in one of his buddies or his brother in here to run the defense and it was going astray? Like that's how he's protecting Joe Berry. He's protecting Joe Berry as if he's his best man or his son or his brother. And if you're protecting, essentially they knew each other as acquaintances, but these are not like lifelong friends.

We say that they are all the time, but they're just, they're not. If he's protecting Joe Berry this way, how would he protect and shield himself and kind of just like blind himself from if Robert Sella was bad or if his brother was bad or whoever was bad? I mean, you can be loyal. It's good to be loyal.

That's a, that's a good trait to have as a person, but this is, this is messed. Joe Berry, the results just are not there. And you had a team that beat the Lions, that beat the Chiefs and played well against them. And then, and then you lose to the Giants and the Buccaneers. Not like they're like USFL teams here, but Baker Mayfield of all the, of all the quarterbacks that have come in here, Baker Mayfield, Tampa Bay version should not have been the one they have a perfect record for the first time at Lambeau Field. Just unbelievable. It is simply unbelievable. Tim Shea and his shakeaways coming up.

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Experts only available with TurboTax live. Let's get your asses out of your seats for a Tim Shea Tuesday. Everybody, Tim Shea. We're back. We're back. We're back.

Where you been? You were my Ed McMahon. And now, and now it's like, you don't even know the Packers played Monday. And so we couldn't do Tuesday. And then Wednesday and Thursday happened and you just move on. I mean, you used to be on every show.

You're driving around. I know people. It's like, it's like we wrote you off almost. Well, you kind of did too. You know, you told me don't ever come back.

Well, I didn't tell you that, but to protect my public image, pretend that I didn't. Yes. Yes. Oh, we're kidding. Did you see the new menu at Tupelo honey?

I have not. We need, we went there as a date. Yeah, but we need to go back. Well, if you go back between now and Christmas Eve, they have a brunch.

Okay. And you put Bart Winkler show 20% off in the notes. You also get a VIP reservation menu.

Look at that. So you get your choice of an appetizer. Did I see fried pickles? Fried pickles. Nice. Well, you're so hungry.

You can even see words. Fried pickles, spicy cauliflower, cauli. You say cauliflower cauliflower, cauliflower, crispy Brussels sprouts, famous fried green tomatoes. You can get a free appetizer or you can get a free dessert. So you can pick one.

And then, and then I'm going to be like, wow, I'm looking at both. I might as well, you might as well throw that dessert on here too. If I can get that heavenly banana pudding, it's a Tupelo honey, downtown Milwaukee next to the public market.

Well, not next to it's there's a big giant highway spur in between it. Oh, here we go. May I suggest the chicken and waffles? Delicious.

Those did look very good. Last time you were on. Yeah. What's happened? Well, I want to try to get three packer shakeaways from you, but last time I asked you for shakeaways, you were not prepared. Yeah, I guess, you know, I got called out too by Paul was very whoever Paul, whoever he is. Yeah.

Should I pause it? And then you can write some down and then we'll rejoin or could you come up with three packers? I mean, I probably could come up with three packer shakeaways right now. The fact that I'm recording this right now, the fact that Joe Berry was not fired after the game is a very disappointment. He should. If I'm Matt LaFleur, I fire him. It is a very disappointment. Yes, it is a very disappointment. It's and you know what?

I kind of compare it to the I remember when what's his name was fired, Ned Yost, three weeks before. This is kind of like that time period where you're playing for your lives right now. You have three games. You still could make the playoffs. I know it's at a 30 percent chance, but you got to change something now. Well, you got to win out and then you need help. Yeah, you need Detroit to pretty much win out.

I mean, if they let Bryce Young carve us up with Jonathan Mingo, we're fucked. And I know that I said the last time I was on, I kind of hinted at I don't think the Packers are going to beat the Giants. Remember when I said that? And you said, oh, no, don't don't bring the bad juju in. Well, it would have been better almost if we would have lost the Detroit and Kansas City and then when beat in New York and then beat in Tampa.

Is this way? It's like, well, what are we? Because we were thinking we were thinking we were good. Good.

I fell into that trap. Well, the offense, I think the offense, you know, one of the things with this season is it's it's gone pretty much what we thought it would go. It's there's they're they're going to win somewhere in between the seven and 10 range. They're going to be eight and nine again. They're going to be eight and nine again.

Sure. With a quarterback that you're trying to figure out, what is he? You're trying to figure out like the receivers at a great game on Sunday and every week it's somebody new like Tucker Kraft, Octavian Wicks, Jayden Reed. It's a different guy that's showing his worth that he belongs.

And the defense has just been a problem. And I didn't think that the floor would come out and fire Joe Berry right away. And I still don't think he will know until the end of the season.

He won't. But I'm even like I'm even like worried about that because it's like Lafleur looks at this. He looks at this painting and says, this is a shit painting. And then they go, well, is the painter bad? He goes, no, no. The painters, my friend's son-in-law. He can't connect that the work is because the guy stinks.

He's got to get those. He's got to take away the friendship out or else pretty soon he'll be out of a job then. But they really they didn't even really know each other. Right.

That's the problem. Everyone's like, oh, they're best friends or best friends. They weren't friends like together. Right. Like they weren't buddies.

It would be different if this was his brother. Yeah, it really sucks. And then did you see just so annoying? Do you see the big Instagram news? No. Did I miss something? Did I miss something?

Well, maybe on Sunday night, Jair Alexander deleted all of his Packers Instagram. I did not see that. Yeah. And now some are wondering if this whole injury is a protest to not play for Joe Berry.

The conspiracy theories are out. I don't mind it. I mean, Joe Berry had this guy not cover Justin Jefferson for a whole game. Jeez.

Oh, well, yeah. Or put a linebacker on him. Who was the linebacker? What game was that? Well, we had one game where it was Preston Smith lined up on Justin Jefferson, but it was against Tampa where we had Devondra Campbell on Chris Godwin the entire night.

Seen him down the sideline. Couldn't even catch up. So shakeaway one is Joe Berry should be fighting. That should be one, two and three. It shouldn't come down to the end of the season, but it will. Shakeaway number two, Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon. So it was the plan to have one on the bench, one nonactive and one active because the minute Aaron Jones became active, AJ Dillon was out. Yeah. When's the last time they played together?

I couldn't tell you. And Kenny and Drake, whatever. Stop. I like that we get, we pick up these guys like James Robinson and then he has one carry and you're like, get off my team. And then Kenny and Drake had one carry and you're like, nope, get out of here. So the last game that Jones had played before this was against the Chargers and Dillon played.

Did he play in that game? Okay. It just seems like when one's out the other plays and fight other way around. So whatever.

I mean, it'd be nice to have those two. Well then Jones had like 40 yards, Tim, on the first drive and then they, yeah, then he, then he vanished again. Yeah.

It made no sense. All right. So running back, so running back take. That's good. That's good.

That's good for Paul. We got, we got two shakeaways. We got a juicy Joe Berry take and we got a, we got a running back inquisitive conversation.

So we just need from you one more of these Tim Shea takeaways, which we call shakeaways. A little, a little, a little disappointed in the, in the special teams yesterday was, was yeah. Yeah.

There were some kickoffs that, that he could have returned. You want Nixon to take the ball out more? Yes.

Oh, no one's ever said that. I know I do. I think he's, I mean, I thought, I thought he was going to have a return yesterday. I really did.

Where'd you like to return? Good job with the shakeaways. So that's, I'm just a little disappointed in him because I, I, I think that's good. That gets the offensive going, believe it or not. He can get the offensive going.

He can get the offense going with, you know, I know, I know not every, you know, it's like one out of 10 that he has a good return, but, uh, where did I watch the game yesterday in West Dallas? Not at Danny Maguires. He's closed Christmas party on Wednesday, by the way, he's closed. They closed down. He closes.

No, no, no, no, no. He was closed for the Packer game because there's, so it's, it's yeah. He, he doesn't open for noon games because there's a lot of activity right there on the street.

There's a church right across the street. So it takes up all his parking. He doesn't open because there's a church. Well, and he doesn't want to be open for, you know, that.

What did this guy like do this as a hobby? It's a Packer game. You gotta be open. And how many people are spilling out from church that would go right to the bar? That's what I told him. I don't want to be open for noon games.

You live, you live in Wisconsin. You gotta be, the game's gonna be at four in the morning. You better be open. Even if they can't serve alcohol at that time, you gotta be open. Yeah, he's never, he's never opened for noon games.

It's very disappointing. What if it was a playoff game? I don't think he'd be hoping. This is the bar that threw XFL parties that won't be open for a fucking noon game? Yes, but his Christmas party is tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th.

So, so what does that mean? Didn't I go to that last year? I feel like you did her a couple years ago. You meant Holden and me there, I feel like. Yeah, and it was like eight people there? No, he gets a good showing for it, actually.

At the Christmas party? Yeah. So yeah, but I was in West Allis watching the Packer game with all disappointed people at the, when the 56-yard touchdown passed, kind of deflated everybody.

That was brutal. Yep. All right, good shakeaways, good stuff.

What else is new in the world of Tim? I think on the podcast, you haven't been a part of our conversations where, well, yesterday's show, I was just yelling at everybody about the Packers. Yeah, I'm kind of caught up now.

You know, I have to, we're going back a few shows now. I have to agree with Jake on his take on Toby. Just the whole Florida State, he's bashing Florida State.

You know what? Jake was right. Do you remember what he said about Toby? Toby, Toby's teams, all his teams, football, baseball, basketball, they all suck.

So he's just taking it out on other teams, other, other people. No, Toby, was he taking on on, we want Florida State in. Wasn't he, wasn't, didn't he say something to, who's a Florida State fan? God, I can't think of his name right now.

Oh, Matt in the Falls. Yeah, didn't he say something? Didn't he say something? Yeah, but Toby, Toby is, Toby and I have had many discussions. If Toby and I text, it's usually about how we hate Mark Jones, the announcer, and how we think Florida State got fucked. Then why was he bashing on? Oh, because you know, it's the Bart Winkler show. You rib, you take your doo doo doo, you know?

All right, well. I think Florida State should sit out that game. I would not be, I would, I said from the beginning, I said practice all week, go to Florida, have the fun, and then don't show up to the game.

Go back home that morning. Because if they lose, everyone's going to shit on them, and if they win, people are going to discredit them. And if they win, they're going to be like, make us a national champs. We won.

No, you suck. I hope the Michigan Alabama game is one of the worst football games that we ever see. I don't care who wins. I just hope it's a shitty game. The theory would be that you have Michigan win like 56 to nine.

That would be fucking amazing. And then ESPN can, I mean, this is, I do blame ESPN a lot for this. I blame ESPN a lot for the way that college football is. I blame Fox also. Fox, you know, ESPN's doing with the SEC, what Fox is doing with the Big Ten. Yeah, but Fox also shares the Big 12 too.

So they're not fully 100% biased. Where ESPN the other day had a full-on like three-hour schedule release from three-hour schedule release for the SEC. That was sickening. Do you know that did better numbers than the NFL schedule release? Shut up. More people watched.

And there was less information given. It was just like the weeks of the year. In a lot of weeks, we already know when teams play. Yeah. Yeah. Ooh, Alabama's coming to Wisconsin.

You know what? Good. I'm so glad ESPN doesn't get to hatch a game. You know, I like college football a lot.

I like it a great deal. What I don't like is anybody who likes it more than the NFL. True. And I'm talking about SEC country. Yes, because that's all they have. They don't have, Alabama doesn't have an NFL team.

No. Like a show like this, a show like this, if the Packers were in SEC country, a show like this, I would never have to apply for a credential. They would give me five. Like the Falcons and the Saints and Jacksonville, everybody in that area, they're like, please come cover our team.

We will pay for your entire day and give you all the food you own. Very disappointing. You mentioned Jacksonville. Very disappointing showing by them on Sunday night.

I disagree. I had a lot of Ravens draft Kings and I had a bloodbath of a weekend. And so the Ravens bailed me out because there were a couple of things that I knew would happen this weekend. I knew the lions would roll. I knew the Ravens would roll and I knew my Cowboys.

Well, I got that one wrong. Your Cowboys got killed. I also thought the Packers would roll.

I thought they would too, honestly. That's why I'm like this, this one upset me. The Giants one was just frustrating and whatever you move on.

It feels like I had anxiety. It feels like we can't, it feels like we can't beat the giants now. And the Tampa Bay one was just, that was garbage. That was that one.

I'm more mad. What if they lose the Carolina? It's going to be a bad Christmas Eve. Carolina got their win out of the way. Hopefully.

Yes, they did nine to seven, right? But there are, there are some Packer fans who not only want the Packers to lose, to lower themselves in the NFL selection process. Here we go again. But if we beat Carolina, it actually ruins the pick that the bears could get.

Or if Carolina, Carolina beats the Packers. Yes. Yeah.

Yes. So some Packer fans and I, and I say to that, worry about your own house. This is what I always say to Barrett's fans.

You got to worry about your own house. You obsess too much about Packer fans and the Packers in general and for Packer fans to be looking at a game in our, in our yard and think, how can it affect Chicago? I think that we, we are above that. We are the Green Bay Packers. Look, I know some of you are a little older than me and you live through some tougher times and I'm still not like, I'm now spring chicken. Okay.

40 years old soon. So, but in my life, I know the Packers as a team that you know, they're, they're not, they're not shitty and they don't act shitty. They don't, they don't care about draft position. They don't try to lose. They don't rebuild. They don't tank. Okay.

That's what I know. It was this time last year. Maybe I'll go back and look at some old, where I was desperate for the Packers to lose. I wanted them to lose the Miami so bad on Christmas day because of Rogers. I remember that. Oh, I remember watching the game.

I was like, I was with my Bears in-laws and they were like, this is weird. You're rooting for the same thing we are. I go, yeah, cause it fucking ain't Rogers. No, he might play. Yeah. He may play on Sunday.

That'd be crazy. Probably does. My poor sister-in-law tore her Achilles last week. She just had surgery.

So good luck to her and her recovery. Wow. What'd she do?

She was coaching basketball in a practice, just running the wrong way. Took a step while coaching. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Did you hear, um, that I'm, that I went to the gym?

I did. Congratulations. Now it's going to be several days before I go back because I can not walk. Do you, uh, do you get, um, like, you know, free friends to come with you? Maybe I'll come join you.

You and I working out together. Yes. God. The place was shut down.

Maybe we can do a Bart Reichler show from there from anytime fitness. Yes. Yes. The hurry up. I got a dude.

Gyms have changed since I last went to one. I got an app now that tells me how many people are there right now. Uh, one to three. Okay. I also, my pass is no longer, I don't have a fob. It's on my phone. Very nice. Yeah. So well, good for you, Bart. Yeah.

Um, real quickly. I don't think we've talked to the Badgers guy, but new year, new year's day bowl. I know it doesn't, I know it doesn't really mean anything, but Hey, new year's college. I wonder like next year with college, if the bowl game, I don't, I don't think they're really going to matter. Well, they won't, but in the, in the playoff system, I think the season will be better because there will be more games that matter and it will be, it will be fun. But what I'm worried about is, and you saw the backup quarterback Murphy from Texas transfer enter the portal, whatever he's probably not going to play, but still they're in the playoff. But if teams are going to decide that right after the season is done, that's when the transfer portal happens. If you've got these players that, I mean, you like, like a Kyle McCord from Ohio state. So he goes to Syracuse big deal, but if Ohio state's in the playoff is like the eighth seed is McCord going to say, well, I'm going to, I'm going to play. And then if you wanted to transfer, is he going to be like, like, cause then you're not going to, where are you going to be left? Cause all the, all the schools that need quarterbacks are going to get these transfers from the other schools, not in the playoffs.

And then if you do want to transfer, Maybe they have the, maybe they have the open period a little later, slide it. Well, they have to, and I don't, but I don't know how, who changes that. The NCAA. Is there a guy in charge? I mean, I don't know. And right now you have a guy that Wisconsin brought in they, you know, yeah, technically they say it's, it's, it's open for like 50 days and it's, and I don't think they move it.

I don't think you can move it. Cause it opens the day, the re the day after the regular season, the day after the championship games happen, the regular season, the season ends. So he'll have to wait to enter it.

If you're in the playoff. What do you think about Tyler Handyke? He doesn't run. That's why it's an interesting. That's why it's interesting that he wanted to come here. He's not a running quarterback. And I feel like we need someone like a Tanner Mordecai. Why he sucked.

Well, he can run and the running opens the passing game. Last time I checked. What is your most controversial college football take? I should totally go against everything that I said earlier, but Florida state shouldn't be in the playoff.

It was correct. Mine's a little dirtier than that. Georgia should be in the playoff.

I mean like overall, like mine's a little dirtier. That one day this college, whatever, NCA college football, whatever you want to call it, will be the minor leagues for football that the NFL will run it at once. I don't think they want to. They can do all this with no financial cost. It takes zero. Like when you got hired, like it costs the company money to hire you. It costs the NFL nothing to get a free workforce every year to replenish. That's why they won't play on Saturdays. Mine angers people.

And I'm not trying to take away what this means, what the programs mean, what the institutions mean. I just don't think that Army, Navy should have their own day. Oh geez, smart. Seriously? Why?

Why? Why do they get their own day? The game doesn't count in the standings. No, who won, Army? Yes, they would be. They got six wins and they're not in a bowl game. They have five.

This game does, I don't, I believe this, well, technically, who knows. But it doesn't count for the bowl. And then they're in the same conference now.

Okay. But it's going to be a non-conference game. They shouldn't play their own weekend.

Oh Lord. And I don't know what the college football playoffs, if they're going to be able to. Because if you have conference championship weekend and then Army, Navy weekend, then you're playing on like the 12th, the 19th, Christmas and New Year's. Okay. I guess you can, but now, now you're going to add four, some of these schools might have to play four games if you win a title.

Division two, division three, one double A, whatever you want to call it. They do it. Yeah.

So what's wrong with these guys doing it? Give, give Army Navy. I just, I always just wish I'm like, Hey, there's a game on. And then I wish there was another game on. You give me, you give me football for 14 weeks where it's 11 AM to 12 PM, 12 AM. And then I get one game and it's Army Navy.

And it's like, we love how shitty the teams are because they sing at the end. I told you not to take that. I'm taking to the national airways. You should. I did tap dance around it a little bit.

You would give eating a lie. I did tap dance. I'm always waiting. See the callers, the callers, the CBS are very nice and respective. I'm, I'm still waiting for a caller to be like, Hey, fuck you, man. Cause in, in Milwaukee, doing the show for so long, you, you would, I mean, people were, fuck. I, I, I got a lot of scars from that show. I got a lot of scars. People were mean.

People were mean. Just imagine if we were still there right now, like, Oh, I broadcast from the show. Oh, I broadcast from the studio again.

Okay. Oh, I was, I've been broadcasting for a year in one of the production studio, but there was one Friday where it was a big deal because someone needed to voice track. And then I, they set me up in the studio. So now I just broadcast in my old chair. Ah, I should come join you the next time you do that. And I'll just sit in the room across just so you can look at me. You won't do anything, but I would, I would appreciate that. Won't do anything.

Why start? Remember how I would sometimes leave my mic on when I answer the call or. Oh yeah. I loved your shittiness. What else? Do you want to talk bucks or anything? I got it. Yeah, no, the season does get underway on the 25th, by the way.

Christmas starts. Yeah. Bucks have the Knicks twice. Twice.

Twice. Yep. Their final home games coming up in the 2023 year.

Yeah. We'll be live after, who the hell do they play? Um, starting, starting the 22nd, I have off until the 28th. So maybe I'll come hop on some shows. How'd you get all those days off? Christmas.

Well, the 23rd and 24th are Saturday, Sunday. So I have, and then the 25th of this, there's no news casts. Channel 12 still has a newscast. Live. Yep.

Good for them. 4, 58, and 6 all have different programming. I believe. I don't. What are you guys showing a movie? I was looking at the little things.

Uh, the yule log. No, that's Fox six, Tim. Okay. Okay. I don't know what we're showing. Channel four is showing like a spelling bee, I think, or a parade. Yeah.

I wouldn't be surprised if we're showing a movie. What about new year's, new year's day? Do you work?

We're full. Yep. I am working new year's day. Well, new year's morning.

So you gotta be in at two in the morning, new year's day. Why? Well, we got to cover how many dumb answers are driving out there. I suppose. All right. Well, you be safe.

Yes, yes, yes. I will. When I'm off, I will come join you on a couple of live shows. I'll maybe I'll join. Are you going to go live after the bucks game on Christmas?

No, I'm not going to do that. Are you going to go live on Christmas Eve after the Packers game? To be determined. All right. Can we get your, uh, fill in schedule here this week, the rest of the week at CBS? Are you doing anything?

Any fill in? You'll hear the, so the next one will be Thursday night. Okay.

Saturday afternoon. Nice. And then I'm not working for Christmas. So then I work the 28th and 29th.

I will be doing the morning show, which I'm like, just knowing that I have to get up at three 45 in the morning, two weeks from now ruins my whole month. So I feel welcome to my world. Yeah. All right. Well, Tim Shea, everybody, Tim Shea. Goodbye.

I'm glad I could, uh, give you my shakeaways. And I mean, if Paul didn't like your appearance today, he's just a hater. He just hates you.

Yeah, that's fine. Just like flat out fucking hates you. Take it easy, Bart. Have a good week.

Go Brewers. Go. All right. And we'll wrap things up with a voicemail. One more voicemail off the Carl's plays voicemail line, Carl of backslash Bart. Um, I had talked about how I think there's a certain age where you just start to sit down to pee. The Sean O'Connell disagrees with that. The Sean O'Connell. Good day Winklerverse. Uh, just finished watching the most recent show on the Dan Cheney YouTube stream. And as requested, I am weighing in on the band or sit to pee.

Um, I will be 50 this spring. And the only time I sit to pee is if I am peeing in the dark when my bladder wakes me up and I don't want to turn on the bathroom light and wake my wife up. And also too, if I would turn the light on, I have a much harder time falling back to sleep with unnatural light in the middle of the night. So I will sit to pee in the middle of the night bladder waking up situation. But then I stand every other time, mostly because I like the way my pee farts sound. They're much funnier when I'm standing and peeing and pushing on my bladder and those funny sounding farts sneak out. Actually, now that I say that, I will amend that. I will sit down to pee if it's a day where I can't trust my farts and end up, you know, soiling my trousers and underwear.

So yes, two situations. Middle of the night, pees I sit down and days I can't trust my farts. I sit down.

Thank you. Not to get all disgusting. Hot mic. Not to get all disgusting about that. But that does bring me to one other thing I want to put out there. When you go to a urinal, I don't think that gives you the license to make any noise out of your body that you like. If you're standing at a urinal and you have flatulence, you should go into the stall. If I'm standing next to you and you're peeing, you can't just be ripping ass. I know we're in a bathroom, but have some decency for your common man. If there's any noise that you need to make out of your buttocks, that should be in the stall. And that's a hard line for me.

I think it's one of the more rude things a man can do, especially in that room. And with that, I will have a bucket I will have a Bucks postgame show after they take on the Spurs live show. So hope you join us. Have a good one. The Bart Winkler show.
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