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The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis
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April 21, 2020 12:00 am

The Old Trailblazer Broadcast

The Old Trailblazer / Pastor Albert Pendarvis

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April 21, 2020 12:00 am

Today's broadcast is a continuation of the series Hebrews Chapter 11.

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This is the old broadcasters up after our print all the children later writing out again, although Dan Comeau, Dale Lesko got to get up go together to the logging camp were those folks are standing around waiting for no circuit route of the old trailblazer combined give them a message from God word all he may be down there and to package it would hello not all those fruit and vegetables. There and just so many places old trailblazer used to go when I was when I was a more I remember the old Methodist circuit riders it comes to have church year old son do there an extended stay all night with folk. Those were glorious days.

My friend would listen. This is the old trailblazer pastor Pindar many many years ago pastor Laura Shelton was a pastor here and he but he began this little ministry told trailblazer he depicted himself as a circuit rider right no day and had his and his faithful old distal hourly saddlebag ever known and he would share shoot a snake or some back there.

He had sound effects to make it sound good. I don't have the sign but I do bring you God's word anybody is the same message my friend I do I bring you the same message because it is only one message I tell my folks here on as in our services that only have one message that is in Christ.the center that's what we preacher spoke right in an effort to pastor what he preached. I tell you what you do you write me and I'll send you what we will surely believe here at radio mission about three pages of overall mission statement that we put together send it to you. It will clarify your mind. Maybe let you know the old trailblazer is what we will surely believe we looking at to study and 11 chapter Hebrews now and we come down to the to the death of Joseph old Joseph Barry was suffered, suffered, suffered, his brother sold him into captivity to a butchered traveling hooligans and they carried him down to Egypt and sold them there to Pharaoh's lieutenant. There there you see where this part of his wife, tempted him to lie with her and he would do it so she accused him of it and it put them in jail 13 years. He stayed there 13 years and you not on the way. He is a suffered new. I've never been in jail and they in my life. I don't know about you and but there's a lot of folks in jail now old, my friend the crime in our countries is rampant, rampant, we need we need to build many more jail right now we do. We need to be a minimal jail.

The judges are turning folks out there because you don't have a place to put folk have two and three DWI on the 30 days suspension which ought to be in jail. That's right. And I don't have inattentive or drunk driver.

Do you know what we looking at the death of Joseph and when you see someone dying to faith.

Like Joseph, the inner marvelous thing. I stood by the bedside of several in my time here to minister hand-to-hand while they went out into eternity is about as close as you hold the handle beautifully when his heartbeat stops eco-eco-never to say where word never to say another word strike abused an old friend in the hospital one night in Mobile, Alabama, and he lived in road and not to for little tail fishing town in the eye when there he said brought up in dollars that I want to go home but not to buy a battery that's relieved about a battery and he died that night I had the privilege of standing there talking to them praising the Lord waiting and in the conductor's funeral. Oh my friend listen. Have you ever seen anyone die. Were you going to do in our death or worry what you gonna do (did you know the soul that sin is discovered. I listen if you don't know the Lord. That's reason the Holy Spirit.

One reason for the Holy Spirit selected these closing scenes in Isaacs, Jacob, Joseph, live because if they had faith that die by to rest the phone in our death surely had faith to live by all. That's one that's one reason that the Lord help back and use those same and not many of our folks.

Many of our folks have witnessed Don so in the listen. Talk about the Lord in the dying hours.

I believe I believe is a gracious thing. Listen, and then some of our folks go out in an instant to have no time to discuss anything. Listen may be some real home but I like to hear you talk about that Don Grace Grace is the Lord give you and brother if he gives you Don Grace. You know he's given you living grave. You know, and I wonder how many of you ever been near eternity bordering on eternity sit there lay there look into eternity and faced eternity, then face your calling and election wasn't sure will anchor whole old my friend anchor whole.

Someone told the story of an old man. It was done we come to God. He sipped kept repeating the anchor whole the anchor whole pastor.

The anchor whole. Oh, my friend and I haven't I haven't been there for you but what's happening. But listen, limit, limit, pick up our study is the Lord is that precious. There in the he said I will folks, if they're told I wouldn't trade this for anything in the world all owes years of persecution and no same, and that all those years it. Joseph spent there. The Prime Minister Egypt all the wealth is nothing.

He treated all that honor. He was given nothing. Listen you going back to the land of Canaan brother Lord has spoken. The hearing here is his dying words but once hope of the hypocrite, though we gain the whole world and lose his soul.

What you have left old, my friend.

What you have lived often think of the store. There is a rich man.

The former who sat on his front porch when eating. I believe in. He looked up and he said, what shall I do a born drawl fool bursting at the same and my reapers are coming in with loads of grain, what shall I do he said I know what I'll do Kelly's oval down Vincent big now say to my soul. So eat drink and be merry. Thou has much good stored up for many years that may be your situation at this very moment, my friend old trailblazer might be put his finger right on something in your life you got a four once took away some more IRAs at all owes thing and you you read back in Yahaira high-back rocker and said I just take it easy, maybe do a little fish and maybe do a little gardening will my friend. What about what about the Bible says lay not up treasures here on this earth were malls and not rust laid up in heaven, but this man got through saying that and he and the Lord said that food that flew this night that so this night thy soul shall be required of the though he has gained the whole world when God taketh away of his soul. What you have left old in a godly man who's lived and wrought by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ can speak well of the Lord and command his commanders covenant to others when he comes to die, but the carnal man the fleshly man. The average man getting them the carnal man cannot speak well of the world when he comes to pass through that dark valley. He dare not come in his life to others. How many have I heard say or read their testimony. Young men and young women old preacher tell me, for God sake and don't live and die like I am. Don't live and die like I have a lot of I've heard those reduced stores and it some and said go back go back until go back and tell my family like the like demand that it went out into eternity. He lifted up his eyes, inhaled and asked father Abraham to dip his finger in the cool water and just touch the end of his tone. Any anything any said the sin Lazarus back to my five brothers don't come to this place. Oh my friend not to you some but I sit by the bedside.

Watch those in Christ die like old Joseph, the here there dying testimonies was, I commend to you the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour as old seaman said to his missionary. One day the plank whole the plank whole Christ is all in all, he sufficient brother when you come to die. Christ is all you need. Christ is all unique Christ plus nothing Christ monitors and that's the Holy Spirit has selected just this one act of faith here in Joseph in his dying hour. Always good.

It's good to be able to tell you what the Lord means an old sinner. Listen, I know I know when we have a great responsibility pastor do you bring God's message in total. Are you drawl you true your congregation autofocus do not ever pastor ever preacher ever evangelist so-called if there if they lead those children near Lido congregation at as an unsaved man thinking he saved going off after the world leads at big congregation.

I saw one man has 30,000 members another 10,000 of the 12,000 that man if he leaves those folk down the wrong path. One day he'll stand there. It's a great white throne judgment and those folk will rail all him pastor why you didn't tell me why you didn't, Jim. I'd rather be true to one's soul. Did I had to have 10,000 members had new my friend was your pastor tell you the truth, or you can you follow your pastor and in a word, or is he mostly playing golf on Sunday afternoon, but no puppet shows, put known all of those, saying took to keep the kid's entertainment friend. Did you know small children can understand the gospel. If you bring it down to their level restaurant ivory it's several occasions work children were safe. Brothers. Brother Spurgeon was only 13 or 14 years old when the Lord saved him and became one of the world greatest preachers and my friend Estes don't stop through our kids to the world. This don't throw our children to the doctor to the nightlife.

I know, let me tell you years ago. I recommend don't wait to lay 12 1314 years old to try to tell them what to do go there tell you what goes in, but you start out on a little to improve four years old, bring them to Sunday school, bring them to church if you don't have a church family.

You take the Scriptures and read until midnight before you put them in the bed tell them how much you love them, tell them the Lord loves him and we have all sorts of good sound literature here our devotions and books and we can let you send to you if you is to help you raise your family and in the Bible says, you bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord they won't depart from. I wish I wish I can sit down by your side at their folk with a large family. We had a family drove here from Pennsylvania while back at five children and praise the Lord for him. They were very obedient children, they were headset on this ministry for great time and they come just see that their children were their responsibility, not your children not to schoolteachers responsibility know if if they are if they do that for us would sooner be the warden of the correctional Institute be his responsibility and I see that on Abraham I see. 1112-year-old girls rebelling against their parents rebelling against their those who are who they state, we had a parent may be dead but my friend, we don't have to do that will have to throw them away. Let's not throw out your unit. Did you know some they know when you love not much love in the world today is no doubt.

Much love bowl but listen, could we could do a month study on that we might do it before long on just on the home would you pray for the trailblazer along that line. I know many of Britney and told me best use only source of of truth that we have and that gives me a great responsibility. My friend is not a light thing to preach the gospel. It is a life-and-death situation and I know that I stand between the living and the dead. Often times, my friend bring you the gospel, making sure that you know of that word of God is true, and in no and is no error. There is nowhere in God were we are always different translations of the Bible. Now we sell all of the King James version Bible here.

That's not what we recommend. So much of an then also I recommend a few times. Her book, strange tales by Mr. Ashworth and onto the I tell you one thing you get that mobility will revolutionize your heart and we we got up 50 or more. Order now so you like one it, let me know what those trailblazers gonna keep on keeping on folks.

They will go to give that thing up.

No, not long was Lord give me Brent not long was Lord, you restrict, I'm not going give it up because the Lord called me here gamely graced to take my place. As a pastor and put me here and not everybody knows I'm not very smart know I'm obvious, more obvious, just all old old horror hit old, comfortable with the Lord give me great Rimmer mailing address is so trailblazer PO Box 1810, Walker, LA 70785 in the website radio go there you find out a lot about the old trailblazer voice of truth broadcast in our website. Goodbye God bless you all and in and in and in and in and will

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