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Answers to Prayers

If Not For God / Mike Zwick
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February 22, 2020 9:00 am

Answers to Prayers

If Not For God / Mike Zwick

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February 22, 2020 9:00 am

Mike Zwick and guest host Robby Dilmore (The Christian Car Guy Radio Show) talk with special guest Todd Harrison about times they've seen God answer their prayers.

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If not for God's glory is earned.

Euros will have fun today if not for God. We have back with Todd Harrison who as you may know his real estate agent there in the Raleigh area. We talked little bit about his testimony last time. But Mike this time. If not for God answers to prayer, really, and that will don't, absolutely. I've known Todd for quite a while now and you know Todd is not the kind of person to yelling your face or anything like that with his faith, but it it's it's a quiet faith, but he will talk about it but it was interesting, i.e. an offer, talking with Todd for a while he started telling me the stories of where God absolutely showed up in his life and where if it was not for God. You know really mean from Todd. What you told me the bills wouldn't even have been paid.

Is that right Todd.

A number of times in my life and for God show up and answer prayer. I love examples of God.

Through the prayer of our law.

To build the gods in my life. I think about a birth it's really important to me in my personal life. Market Psalm 23 performed live is my shepherd, I shall not want. And this level God shows up absolutely and so you you grew up in Tennessee that right. The trunk and you can repair okay and you went to the University of Tennessee and you said that when you were at the University of Tennessee. I think he said a friend of yours and you had kind of decided that she wanted to find God. Is that right you had a commitment together that we rented. The God we can discover God experience him personally and we just prayed and read the Bible together. I would say that God became very real to the during those that okay and when you were in school did you was this geek had you planned on going in the ministry or was it sort of 184. You know, definitely not in the plan of mine, I would think about business that was though the direction of that again.

But as I began to experience God in the day. I just kind of kept giving myself to him ministering to people and I kept progressing into a calling to ministry shortly after college and so I did that for many years, 23, 24 years. We did that and loved it and all that we minister to college students on campuses around felt the and enjoyed that very much and just as we continue to follow God, called us back into the business world a few years ago we level redoing the that's awesome sent you a lot of and I know a lot of listeners out there. They want to be able to talk to people about Jesus and they want to share the good news and spread the faith will if you worked on the college campuses for over 20 years Todd and you really sort of did that directly was was there is I guess with what was the best way for you to be able to reach people. Would you just go walking up to people and say hey I'm totter with was it and how would I do that will make you meet people all the time and I do not meet people and get the systems that we had in place with the beginning of the year we would camp the third day that we talk to people and we have the interest forms that people would fill out we would try to go back and visit with them yet that clear pond of people that were opened are interested in spiritual things that I'll try to connect with them when they were in line do you continue think of the story of where you met somebody and they were just completely going the wrong direction and maybe through the ministry work where you work on the college campuses were there just stays really trust God turn them around her. Yeah, I think about one of the first accident we met on when it'd be reversed in the penalty, is really one of the very first people we met with Pettit in a very different direction towards God and he became a really good friend of mine and through reading the Bible and prayer together in your walk with God.

He and his family are walking with God today and now two added that play out in his life. It was kind of slow charity, but really, through home playing sports together we get to know each other, and then over the course of that year he really became interested in meeting Bible and to the elitist, all that is evidence of God's work at life and that was not a real dramatic conversion all my but it was the slow turning towards God, Ashley, and you know it's interesting, I think a lot of people try to do it the other way around. Thought they they meet somebody they don't have any relationship with them and they're just, you know, pushing the whole hey Jesus think Jesus which is great and we need to tell people about that but what I heard you say is you started playing he started playing sports with the guy you got to know him. He got you got to trust each other and then from there from that relationship you were able to maybe preach the gospel to him or encourage him to read the Bible and he was a little bit more alert I guess you could say that's on you screw found that method to be pretty effective on live for God thing to work that way through the building relationships with people and being involved in their life. No, gaining on the opportunity they can. And then there was another time that God used just sharing the gospel with people with overseas for a while and called Southeast Asia and Hollywood going to camp there share the gospel reply million people responded that with another good way to do it.

I we did that drinking different campus launch eventually I traveled to other campuses that will give ministry on the balcony I we had great experiences for sharing the gospel with people and frequently recall. People come to Christ through that God very creative works in a variety of ways that it is always good to connect with him and whatever he's doing yet.

Will Todd and Anna and I talked to a lot of people now and they say well on the businessman and I go out and I talk I may sell cars or IAI's selling source. I do this in a safe will.

I'm not a preacher, I can't really talk to people about Jesus. But I know I've talked to you about this a little bit and you said that your you know you being in the ministry for all those years. Now that you're in business. I'm sure that that you know just being able to talk to people helped you out a little bit as well and I couldn't deprive the numbers, but I get to pray with people. My current occupation and for met with the family left crowded and we just grade math. God help us build out or left. It was really I find it. Here is what God is doing in your life interesting how other people are open to hearing about that as well.

Yet in height, sometimes I'll pray with people as well, and in one of the reactions that I'll get was kind of the reaction that I got I think that I gave you went when you had told me Mike one day. Hey, I want to pray for you because my son had locked me out of my house. It was freezing outside and I was on the phone with you and all of a sudden you said Mike you know you mind if I pray with you, and I was like after month after I shut my mouth. I was kind of surprised because you don't hear that a lot from a realtor I said absolutely and in when you prayed for me.

It was, I just I had felt so much better so that you know just because you're a realtor or just because you're not necessarily a preacher using doesn't mean you can't pray with the you IP even more importantly, we engage with God in the everyday aspects of who we are, I think that that is even more valid and similar people want hundreds going on the rest of the audience is wondering like me. If not for God. Did you get the house. Eventually I got in the house after Todd prayed for me. I had a neighbor who was behind me. She came over and she said you look so cold and I know you can't get in him to give you a coat so she gave me a coat to wear a lot of my and then my wife came home and she let me in. So like Romans 828 we know that all things work together for good. It all worked out. You got it with the bigger thing was just that I was touched by the fact that my real estate agent, you know, we were just talking about business and he cared enough to ask me if I wanted to know if if if I needed for or not I thought that was really good. The other thing taught in you had mentioned this before, when you first started off in the ministry out of college, you weren't making a whole lot of money right and I remember right, Mike, and making about $600 a month, still not a lot of money evenly and that's not a week. That's okay so you know the monthly absolutely, but you had told me some examples of where if not for God and where you prayed and if God didn't show up. You don't know how you wouldn't can you tell me a little bit about that matter politically minded. Early on in my walk with God.

There were no than the ministry we we're paid very much on commission. So whatever came in that lot that was reflected in what came out in court expensive and other ministry costs were taken out first and for one month.

Mike actually got a check for $11.47 and I did kinda remember thinking oh man, when do this immediately, praying and asking God to fill you in a note that you can take care of me and I pray that you would and so you practically you had to figure out how to get a pay rent that month and Mike in the same understaffed) without going through the same stack of letters and there was a letter in there from a friend that I knew and they said that they had written a note instead God was speaking to me and I think he asked me to send you somatic is that there is a check in their extra hundred and $50 which was the exact amount that I needed to pay rent and soon I was able to take that money and pay rent with it the next day and throughout that month.

Even though I only got $11.27 in my paycheck. I I found folded money that was had been lost somewhere. I I received other checks that month from other people that I live and typically in those checks before saying things like, hey I think God wanted me to send it or I hope you find it encouraging that God touched my heart. I wanted to get to see.

He's really amazing how God met my new hi Ray you all this thing thinking about if not for God in your life to fit.

I wondered, and all of a sudden your father. More on that if you're trying to sell your home and your sick of your realtor telling you the king in your prize. Think Todd Harrison call me to sell your house for more money and less time with no hassles. Call 91927455325. This is Todd Harrison this is a great time to find out what your house is worth. Call me at 919-274-5532 together, we can sell your house for more money and less time with no hassles. Todd Harrison teams affiliated telling welcome back to if not for God with wicked today we have Todd Harrison sponsor/real estate agent there in the Raleigh area extraordinaire and at one of the stories that just tickles me. Mike is your own bike out of the wanted you to get to know each other well. It was completely random money just there were there was no way that we would have ever met, and what I did was one day as I was looking to sell a home, and I said I ask God is a God show me somebody who's gonna help me sell this home and I literally googled all of the real estate agents that I could find and I went through all of them and I was looking at the and said Todd Todd Harrison my middle name is Todd. I'm to call Todd and we'll see what happens. And so I called Todd Harrison. Do you remember the phone call. When I called to talk yeah very well limit what you remember what I remember it was the you are pretty excited. You need to fill out how and you mentioned one that I had sold the family that way that you Monday and there we just talked about the addresses been talking a bit about what you think. Indent. Are you going to meet in person and I thought that was pretty good there. We did that thing like God wanted me to help you, we diligently got your property sold very quickly.

I think I'm arrived about 105% or something like that and and it was a really good deal and it was just enjoy working with you on yeah and and ever everything that needed to be done. Todd, you did it on the you said there was another story. If not for God real estate story of one that ended up closing in December that Rick yeah that's right we did here a few weeks ago and Mike we had the you have been on the market for a while.

It was a little bit of her chronic and I was praying and praying that God would bring the right buyer to this property, clients work not very interested in lowering the product but I had run the more the numbers and market analysis really tell us we need to come down about 3%. They finally listen to what we had stayed there and that we make that adjustment and marketplace. We did that we had three buyer coming same weekend London bidding up and actually went well over less private much closer to their original product.

The competition of those three people was really interesting. In the scenario that you couldn't put together. Love God and demand that but it was amazing how that all came together and disclosed a few weeks ago and just just walked out the you've been married to your wife Kelly for how long now.

Talk about 20 years think I just yesterday, but you have been 20 or and you have a story about you knew you wanted to marry her. But there was a story about an engagement ring that is good question yeah Mike I was the kind I had been dating for a little while.

I was really feeling like God was leading me towards marriage that I really wanted to know God within the and that will resign, and I did have been peppers the night before and the day I just prayed. I had actually gone to a jewelry store and picked out a ring I felt with good but I didn't have that much money necessarily in the bank and that I I just prayed and kind of God in your Lord if you want me to do this.

Would you please provide for for this and that the be a real symbol and to be something that we know is that you and Mike. It was really interesting.

Within a week, unsolicited through the mail we received the gift of the church that was for the exact amount of the ring and I had picked out an advance and so marriage is filled with a lot of ups and downs that need the board everyday aspects of our lives and that investors one of the stories that we give back to we remember God called us together and one half will be faithful to him and absolutely why you think about what you think about one of these things happening.

Todd, like you know you needed some money for an engagement ring in and you know it happen and that have wanted, but you but it happens time and time and time again you get a check for $11.47.

Then somebody says God wanted me to send you $150 for your for your to to help you out in its time and time and time again I heard a pastor say one time thought he said he said there was a time when I believed in God, he said.

Now I know now why you can you think about a time to look at a time in your life where you went from believing or thinking to knowing that God was there. Yeah Mike and I think that old time but think of that I knew when when my wife within college. She had met with some doctors and they told her that she would probably never be up to become pregnant and so we did the like okay were going to lay that before the Lord and trust him with it and she did become pregnant and while with our first child.

We had a couple of cars and one of the cars we were driving I like that we defend one car, Kelly's pregnant and they didn't know what we're going to do and we talked about it thought about it that we could talk to her parents good appeal to people to give the car and then we did came to the conclusion between ourselves that all that was good but we were good appeal to our heavenly father.

And so we did. We just took it to prayer and prayed and likely as I remembered it was probably about three weeks. We are praying every day that God would bring us the car he wanted. And we received a call from some friends of ours, that word Philadelphia eight.

This might think that is strange, but we think God that give you our car that the okay and by the way, if inaccurate, and we love it due to plan to give the make sense to you.

We just really strongly feelů Wow. And so you know time again we see God answer prayers Mike that he can do it. I love this verse is just really gets to knowing that about God in Romans 418. It fit against all hope, Abraham, and hopefully the father of many nations that have been said to him, so shall your offspring be without weakening in his faith he faced the fact that his body would be dead if you hundred years old. Lopez also did yet he Abraham did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God that was strengthening his faith and give glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he promised and I just love that Bertha love how God has power to do what he promised and I love her and the promises of God to the left in him show up and answered prayer and God is very much alive and well today, yes and able to answer our prayers. Yes, the when we understand that the one of the verses that comes to mind is Hebrews chapter 11 now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen and really we we have to have faith if we if we want to come to God and then finally there is one other thing that I was in a mention to you because Todd I've seen something in you that I don't see a lot of other Christians or or or business people are really either one but you work your tail off and and there was a while in in in my life where I died. I thought that we think somethings are really big to God and then something's art is important, but as I look through the Bible, you know, I look through it. Second Thessalonians 310 it says we told you this from the beginning that if anyone there were among you who would not work, neither shall they eat was also looking in Romans 1211 it says being not slothful in business. Romans second Thessalonians 37. We were not idle whenever we were with you and then Colossians 323 it says whatsoever you do whatsoever.

Your hand funded to do you remember that you're working for Christ, not for me. How does how does knowing those verses. How does that motivate you every day to give your best and to do your best for the Lord when I can really honor the you believe that about me that I make that I do think that I love this Russian proverb that the restaurant that this would we should pray, and wrote a short that all he thought about it as we pray that all dependent upon God work is that that all dependent upon the and though I know that God undergirds all of my success everything that is brought about all my failure that all of them to, but I trust and believe him within that, but I I just believe in praying and trusting God and then going to work and seeing how he works it out in our lot that makes any sense. I think the thing I think we can rely on the Lord to accomplish greatly. Absolutely.

And then you know and I don't know if you've kind of gotten this this way, but when I was younger and when I first started working a lot of times when I thought about working hard. I said all this is a pain.

This is this. It's that eventually have kinda gotten to the point now where when I've had a little good long day of work. I actually enjoy the work, so it's no longer this thing that you have to do that you hate but you can actually enjoy it DDU do you see that as well. I do. Got an award enjoy getting to the flow of working in and ruin your experience been in their that's awesome that's awesome on and Robbie, did you have something you wanted and I'm curious you know when you were there in ministry and in on the colleges was ever a time where there was just a tough nut to crack like I Lord, would you just give me the words to speak to this guy because it is feel like you're in a you want to bring him in your kingdom and I can't figure a way to connect with them.

Would you give me the words would you give me the words, is there a story along those lines, yeah that is a great question. You want to think of my mind it. There is a mention that when we were on the campus that we were left on our very first year on that can't. I we were doing some surveys which we have experienced before another camp of the and through this one guy that was particularly difficult and I just felt like God really want me to go and talk and for no I did when we share the gospel with him and made an appointment to go back to him. Answer any questions that he might have about that and when we got there, he wasn't there, but his roommate was there and so his roommate went and wound up doing with that becoming one of the first people to really get involved in our group really became an evidence of a and we thought God work through his life repeatedly throughout, Bennett, and said I think it was just that earnestness the following output of being what got it at the do with that first person and seeing how God worked out of the roommate. I really became incarnate in his faith in God work through him to calm too many people knowing him. I got taught.

If people want to get in touch with you whether they want to sell their home or buy a home or whatever, or even just talk to you and ask you some questions about this. What's the best way for them to get in touch with you, sure. Thanks, Mike.

Big give us a call 919-274-5532. We got a new website out there no place like the there's certainly welcome to engage their and get to think that if you want to speak directly welcome to call or text in the world is happy to talk to people and if we can't help of Michael usually know someone can be glad Todd Sure Have Had on Just Stories Inspire Me and I Have Been Smart Thank You for Listening to God My Shows Arrive on ITunes If Not for God. More Information on Life Contact You. If Not, God Can't Lie


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