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TUE HR 2 013024

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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January 31, 2024 12:09 am

TUE HR 2 013024

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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January 31, 2024 12:09 am

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Alrighty, we are back. And you know it's an interesting thing because President Trump is starting to win some big cases there. Did you see, Joe, in Illinois, where their Supreme Court voted 9 to nothing to keep Trump on the ballot there. 9 to nothing. That was amazing for a liberal state, for a blue state, wasn't it?

It was. Every once in a while something good does happen. There are some people who still apparently realize the law has got, you know, they can't push it. They're pushing it too far and the people are going to rebel.

I think that's all it is. They're backing off a little because they're afraid of the backlash. You know, Joe, we're watching, we keep seeing the invasion. We see all of these militants coming in.

Obama, Joe Obama, bringing his militants, bringing these people into the country to overthrow, to try to overthrow our country. But on the southern border, but you know, on the northern border, crossings in the last three months have smashed figures for all the previous years. Illegal immigrant crossing at the U.S.-Canadian border in the last three months exceeded the total number of crossings in both fiscal years 21 and 22, combined according to federal data update. Border patrol recorded, these are the ones they found, 3,846 encounters of migrants crossing the U.S. illegally from Canada between October and December, according to data. They were a total of 3,154 encounters of illegal migrants at the border, northern border, and so in both those two years. So in other words, just in three months there were 3,846, but prior to that in the last two years there was only 3,154. So they're coming in, they're really coming in fast and furious right now. And it'll get faster as the weather warms up. All right.

Better weather will bring a lot more from the north. I've got one story that every parent and grandparent out there has to hear. It's by Jim Hoff, Hoff the gateway pundit. And it's a heart wrenching story where Child Protective Services in Montana have been accused of forcibly transporting a 14-year-old girl from her family there in Montana, sent her to Wyoming for gender transition treatment, leading basically to a complete revocation of the parents' custody. The family's media, the family is the Kolstad's, Todd and Krista Kolstad. They're a media representative that disclosed this story to the gateway pundit.

And it started this real simply. Montana passed a state bill, 99, which banned the medical transitioning of minors. So how could this happen in Wyoming, I mean in Montana? And what it was, was this girl was taken to a hospital because there was something claimed that she was suicidal. And the police were notified, the parents were notified by the police that their daughter had ingested drain cleaner and had taken an overdose of ibuprofen. Well, no, that was false. There was the hospital that they sent her to, no evidence of drain cleaner, no ibuprofen, nothing, negative toxicology report.

So it was a fake setup. But anyway, once you got to the hospital, the hospital, to make a long story short, did everything they could to promote the girl, say, yes, you want to be a boy and we're for you and everything happened real quickly. And so they tried to argue with the hospital that they're the parents, they didn't want her called by this other name, they didn't want, you know. And what happened is the girl, somebody talked to the girl quite a bit that was a pro-trans person. And she claimed that she was going to commit suicide again, so they whisk her off to Wyoming. And there in Wyoming, the daughter of the girl was subject to the transition like chest binding and given birth control to stop her menstrual periods and started the whole process. And then the case even got worse where they sent, the parents were putting up a legal fight, so they sent her to live with her biological mother in Canada that she hadn't seen for, what was it, seven, nine years or something.

She'd been an absent parent seven years. And there she was placed in the care of Dr. Wallace Wong, a psychiatrist with a controversial stance on treating trans kids in foster care. And he promotes this drastic measures to shorten wait time for all the treatment. In other words, young, get them in, get them out, get them transed early.

You know, the operation's everything early. So they are asking for help. They are trying to get a lawyer. They're asking for a lawyer that would help them pro bono. They're not a wealthy family.

They've already spent all the money they have trying to get their child back. And they have a give, send, go. It's GBMG9, to anybody that's interested,

And GBMG9 is the number I guess assigned to their give, send, go. But as I go through this, the system taught the little girl how to fight the parents, how to weaponize this hospital system. It wasn't the state that did it. It was the hospital staff. And it was all about, you know, they taught her, well, every time you want something, you know, you cry, you want to commit suicide, and you'll get what you want. So this is medical kidnapping. And their family said they only have a public defender. And his says, well, play nice with these people. You know, the family, the CPS, the, you know, children's services are real dangerous. You know, play nice to them, go along with them. If this is happening in states like Wyoming and Montana, folks, it's going to be happening in your state, your backyard.

And next month or next year could be one of your children, one of your grandchildren. They get brainwashed at school. They get brainwashed on the Internet. And then they teach them how to use the system to what?

Get away from you, the parent, and get what they want. It's kind of like the people crossing the border. The cartel gives them the list of all the things they're supposed to say when they get across. This is what you say so you can get in.

This is what you say to get in to claim, you know, what is it, you're a refugee. And so they're training the children how to beat the parents. It's sickening that this is our society today, and we better be aware how bad it is, how dangerous it is. And it's time, folks, that we really start putting our foot down. This is totally out of control. This is child abuse. It's kidnapping.

This is big government taking over, and God help us if it really gets control. Well, the good Lord has given us the opportunity right now to place up crowns in Heaven by pushing hard back. Remember, he gave us three main missions. One, the first. First and foremost, the Great Commission, top one.

Right. Going out there preaching the Gospel, teaching the Gospel, baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Two, from Genesis to Revelation, Joe, from starting with Noah and then going to Shiphrah and Pua, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Daniel, Jeremiah, all of these, the heroes of the faith, Isaiah, they always obeyed God over the corrupt government. And Shiphrah and Pua, those two, they worked for.

They were employed by the government there in Egypt. And yet they obeyed God. And God blessed them. Disobedience there was a death sentence, wasn't it?

Yeah, it was. And you saw Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, they ended up in a fiery furnace. But they stood their ground. And so, here today, you know, God has called upon us. You know, the corruption is so bad. And you've got these prescient preachers that don't have courage. They're totally without any courage. And they tell you, well, you're not supposed to resist the government. That's what Romans 13 says.

No. Romans 13 says exactly what it means. And, you know, Joe, for 25 years, you know, because I challenged any three neo-evangelicals to debate me on that. Because they're afraid.

They don't have the courage. But what Romans 13 teaches that legitimate government, we are to obey legitimate government. And it qualifies it. Right. Very good. It qualifies it very clearly there.

There's no stuttering taking place. And so, this is our opportunity. Listen, God has placed us here. This is our opportunity to place some crowns in heaven. We're living in a time where the corruption is growing. And, of course, our righteousness needs to grow every bit as fast.

And so, this is why, excuse me, one of the reasons I like tactical civics so much. And hold on a second. I've got to.

While you do that, I've got one more story for the parents and grandkids that I need to tell you. It's out of World News Daily.

I'm posting you nude. U.S. kids killing themselves due to sex torsion. American children are committing suicide because of sex torsion scams, according to a new documented study by Breitbart. And it's called the fastest growing crime targeting kids in Western civilization. And the study was by the Network Contagion Research Institute. And it described a cyber criminal organization in West Africa.

Remember now the world is, you know, right next door to you. Known as the Yahoo Boys. And the members pose as young girls online. Then they coerce young boys or girls into sending them explicit images of themselves. And they demand payoffs under the threat of widely distributing those images online to the victim's parents, family, friends, school. And it's shocking. This has been reported on Instagram, Snapchat, other places. But it's increasing. The damage is getting worse. And certain analysis said that this transactional crime threat is causing a number of deaths. They don't have solid figures, but they've got several cases of people being arrested. And the Yahoo Boys were posting online training videos teaching others how to target and victimize teens and other vulnerable people. And one sent this one, a young boy sent some pictures to this girl in Rebecca. How much do you have? If you're thinking of $200, forget it.

I'm posting you're nude and going to make you die in pain if you don't. And it went on to describe how much they wanted from this teenager far more than he had. He would have had to steal and do all kinds of things to get the money to pay these people. And if they couldn't get it, a lot of these kids are committing suicide. It's getting to be a dangerous, dangerous world for children. You need to limit contact on the Internet. These places like Snapchat and places are full of dangerous folks. And now with artificial intelligence out there, there are going to be more and more scams, more and more fake things. And it's going to get worse, not better.

Parental control, the only answer is parental control and talking to your children. And we're going to have to realize how dangerous this darn world has become. Well, you know, it's what's happening, Joe, because of these smartphones. And all of these young kids have these smartphones in them. And it's so easy not just to send pictures but actual video. And they're doing that thinking that the only people that are going to see it is who they're sending it to.

And it don't work that way. Apparently the parents have not warned them, taught them, made it clear anything put on the Internet is forever. And all kinds of people will see it all over the world. There is no more privacy, period. And it's not just these kids. This has evolved in a lot of these divorce cases because these women, married women, are sending pictures and video of themselves and thinking... I'm the man too, pastor. I hate to tell you, the men are sending what they call D pictures all over to other potential dates, they call it. Men are sending nudes of themselves? Yep.

Married men even sending pictures of their sex organs to potential partners that want to cheat. Yep. So the same thing is happening there. It's all over. It's gone crazy out there from what I've been able to research. It's insane. Well, the thing of it is, is it's causing... not only is it causing divorce, but they're being blackmailed. That's the other part.

Crime increases, and I'm sure divorces and all kinds of pain and anguish. And is it really worth it, folks? All this too much freedom, too much access. I hardly use my phone. I have one for emergencies, important calls, you know. But I sure don't use it for all these just crazy sites. Joe, don't ever send a nude to anybody, Joe. Unless, unless you wanted to really make them sick and scare them.

Well, I can do that with just, you know, I have the face for radio, so all I can do is send a headshot and I can scare people. So, you know, we don't need to go there. We're living in an amazing world, aren't we, Joe? And as Pope Francis says, Africans are a special case in their fierce rejection of same-sex blessings, okay?

Blessings, oh, yeah. Labels other opponents of small groups that must be ignored. Okay, so, globalist Pope Francis is trying to normalize his train wreck document, fiducia supplicans that prompted negative reactions from hundreds of conservative bishops all over the world. While in Central and Eastern Europe, the idea of priests blessing sodomite unions was met with fierce rejection. Nothing compares with the earthquake that shook the Catholic Church in Africa, being forever preoccupied with the political correctness of his every move. Francis decided to give African prelates some special consideration in the controversy that he created. In an interview published yesterday, the Pope said that Africans were a special case in regards to the opposition of bishops and laypeople to homosexuality. Except for the Africans, critics of fiducia supplicans will eventually understand it. He believes, in other words, they'll condone sodomy. He goes on to say, those who protest vehemently belong to a small ideological group. No, those that protest vehemently are called Christians, Pope, okay?

Francis told the Italian newspaper, La Stampa, a special case are Africans. For them, homosexuality is something bad. Hey, Pope, you want to read this thing called the Bible here?

The Bible calls... Maybe he can't read it in Latin. I don't know, but the Bible calls it an abomination, doesn't he? And that's not a good thing. But in general... Abomination is the smell of rotting flesh in the nostrils of a holy God.

No, that doesn't sound real good to me. So he goes on to say, from a culture point of view, they don't tolerate it. But in general, I trust that gradually everyone will be assured by the spirit of the fiducia supplicans declaration by the dicastery for the doctrine of the faith. It aims to include, not divide, the Pope said.

Well, to be inclusive, you mean like Islam, where they don't have problems with sodomy. They throw them off roofs, do other things. They generally kind of get rid of the problem that way. So they don't have much of a problem with it. Right.

They just kill them. Remember, he's the one that said, this Pope is the one that said that, humanly speaking, Christ failed at Calvary. If Christ failed at Calvary, then nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. Nothing matters. It's all over.

He's about as wrong as that one person that's writing these books about Jesus wasn't a Jew and there were no Jews in the world and all this stuff. So they ought to get together and have a party. You're telling me.

Alright. Maybe they went to Ohio State. You know what they're doing just a little bit? February 11th through the 17th.

That's this year. They're having a sex week there at OSU. And one of the events that they're going to ask the students to send Valentine cards to local abortion providers. They have a complete class on warning students about going to pregnancy centers because those are horrible, dangerous places.

Those pregnancy centers, they call them dangerous anti-abortion centers. And they're having their student group, the Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness, took their student fees. And they're hosting bondage and S&M, sadism, masochism, kink, gender ideology, and all kinds of other fun stuff there at Ohio State. They have classes on how to use sex toys and special kink activities and queer history and one class, Good Vibes, Introduction to Sex Toys on the 15th and on and on and on.

It just gets worse as the week goes. And then they're having special events and bondage and rope will be provided at the class. There you go, folks. Your tax dollars, they work for you.

Work, yep. And it's not just there, folks. I've got stuff on the Harvard University, has had one in October, November. Anal Sex 101, all kinds of stuff. The university, Louisville, had the Anal 101 events there in November, 2023. As well as a class on Christianity and sexuality, how they don't go together. That's what the Progressive Democratic Communist Party is all about. That is what they are. Now, we want to praise the good Lord because you have colleges like Hillsdale.

You've got Liberty, you've got LaSalle. More and more Christian colleges are opening. And more and more people are refusing. Even some of the major donors that in the past, the big bucks boys, they're pulling their money away from Harvard. There's another one that came out this week that makes about six billionaires that have stopped donating and wanted to go back to just teaching, you know, and teaching knowledge and truth. Maybe it'll catch on that they'll actually teach real STEM issues and facts, not narratives, huh? I'll never forget watching Nikita Khrushchev pull off his shoe, beat the top of the podium, and said, We will defeat you from within. We'll do it through your youth, through your schools, your colleges, your universities.

We will give you dose after dose after socialism until one day you awake to find out you are communist. And that was back in the days when the Jane Fondas, the Hillary Clintons, the Jerry Rubins, and all of these people, I remember very clearly, that was our day, Joe. And here, they've done it. They've gotten into the universities. Now, the good news is, as far as the schools, we're seeing more and more parents are taking the school boards back. That is happening more and more across the country, and that is some good news there.

People are pulling their children. Registration at Harvard is way down there. A lot of people are choosing not to go there. There are a lot of people that planned on going to Harvard, and they backed down and went somewhere else. So, they're voting with their feet, like Americans should.

And I hope, I'd like to see it where almost nobody wants to go to Harvard and watch the place fold for lack of interest. Here in Ohio, these liberals have won to introduce legislation to pay children to go to school, see. And to justify this, one of them stated...

It tried to years ago, and it failed years ago, didn't it? Yeah, to justify this, one of them said, how are we going to teach them what gender they are or what bathrooms to use if they don't even come to school? Okay, right? But you see, to these liberals, Joe, they're clueless. The reason that so many people have pulled their kids out of the public school is for that very reason. And so, there you go.

Oh, wow. Now, do you think the economy is that good? Because, see, the Biden regime keeps telling us the economy is good. Therefore, he puts a freeze on all the natural gas projects, citing alleged climate change crisis and recent catastrophic weather events.

And so, of course, he blames it all on Trump. And so, on Friday, Joe Biden put a temporary hold on the approval of both pending and upcoming requests to export liquefied natural gas from new projects, reporters reported. Do you think our economy is so good that we can afford to turn down business?

No, it isn't that good. And the other thing that's stopping this natural gas, Europe was starting to rely on us for natural gas because, one, ours is much cleaner than the gas coming from Russia. And, you know, with Russia attacking Ukraine, they were trying to wean off of buying natural gas from the Soviet Union. So now, if he cuts off our gas supply to Europe, it's being paused for review. They've said now it's causing global warming, transporting it. Europe's going to not be able to buy our gas.

And they might have to go back to relying on Russia, which means they might not take a very strong stance against Russia. You see, this whole thing has implications all over the world, not just here in the U.S. And, actually, to add to that story, remember, Biden rolled out all those gas stove regulations and insisted that they weren't trying to ban the gas stoves? Well, if you read down through the information...

He's trying to walk that back now and said he never set it up. Well, yeah, he's trying to say that, but he did, and what it is, they've made the restrictions so severe that the manufacturers claim they can't do it. The gas stoves have to use 7% less energy, and gas ovens have to achieve a 4% reduction in the energy use. And the manufacturers are going, these gas stoves, we've got these gas heaters now, like with zero, you can put them in the house, you know? Don't have to have them ventless heaters.

I mean, they've gotten just about as down as far as they can go. And so what he's trying to do is regulate them out of business. He's not banning them. He's just going to make it impossible to have all the appliances meet the standards. So you can't buy a new appliance, because they won't be able to meet the government standards. Well, that'll be about as successful as the electric cars, electric vehicles. Yeah, exactly.

I think it might even be a bigger bus than the electric cars, if that's humanly possible. But, anyway, I've got one, oops, we've only got a couple of minutes right before break. I've got one big story. Hang on to your story.

We'll be back right after this with more. He said, I am the way and the truth and the life. So they hung him from a tree till he was crucified. Then they carried him and buried him in a tomb three days and three nights long.

And with a bang and a clang and a great big boom, the angel removed the stone from the tomb. And when they all went looking inside, well, Jesus, he was gone. And now you know there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. The Father calls it for the Son to be redeemed.

When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Now as the Spirit moved and the church caught fire and the Gospel spread through the Roman Empire, that old devil's old world order was turned upside down. It seemed the more that he martyred and he crucified, the more the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ was multiplied, until the Gospel of the saving grace of Christ was finally spread the world around. All because there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. The Father calls it for the Son to be redeemed. When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit.

Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Now the Muslims say it's down to all you bow. The Hindus pray they'll come back as a cow.

The Orient will say only boot is the way. But what are they going to say on resurrection day? Now the world's got leaders that are trying to lead, but the truth of the matter is they're all deceived, because they've all got secrets in their past they're trying to hide. So when Satan steps up to make his deals, he threatens to tell all the other big wheels, so they all conspire together to save their own hands. But you know there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet.

The Father calls it for the Son to be redeemed. When you're resurrected from the grave, you leave no deposit. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. Yes, there ain't no skeleton in Jesus' closet. And that is for sure. I tell you what. Hey Joe, do you know who Ray Lautenschlager is?

No bills are going off, no. He wrote the Family Involvement Act. And he's going to be Lord's willing.

He's going to be here tomorrow with maybe a Michael Meschic. And you know, because Joe, listen, I was in the prison ministry for 50 years, remember, well we're still in it, I'm just not making business like I did for 45 years on a regular basis, but one of the things that I ministered to hundreds and hundreds of inmates in those times, and we did death row for 45 years. And one of the things, Joe, that all of these inmates had, there were two things that they all had in common mainly. One, fatherless. No fathers in the homes.

No fathers in the home. And two, when they committed their crimes, they were either on alcohol or drugs or both. And so those two things were common with all of these inmates there. But again, like I said, the main thing, and that's what he's going to be talking about tomorrow, because the Communist Party, one of the main things they have, and I have a recording here talking about these feminists, and she is saying how that is their goal to destroy the American family, to destroy the family unit, and turn children over to be raised by the state. Remember what Hillary said? It takes a village to raise a child. We were talking about cultural Marxism. I was teaching it 25-plus years ago that that was what they were doing to attack the family.

They wanted to break down the family. And they said the quickest way was introducing sex to the children in the public school system. Absolutely. And remember... And they sure have been doing that, haven't they?

They certainly have. Alrighty, folks, I'm going to open the phone lines, Joe, and before we take a call... Can I do one quick story? Yeah, let me give the number. 888-677-9673.

That's 888-677-9673. So go for it, Joe. For those of you, this came from It's a British newspaper,, 29 January, and it's called Brutal Trials. Horror pics show inside America's COVID lab where monkeys and pigs are giving deadly diseases in Wuhan-like experiments. The lab is in Montana, and they are... This lab has ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The photos and footage were obtained by the watchdog White Coat Waste.

White Coat Waste, you can look it up. And they show the pictures. They actually show them sedating the monkeys and the pigs. They're carrying out... They're infecting piglets with Ebola. They're infecting the monkeys with other pathogens. They describe the lab as a bioagent super lab. And Lassa fever, Nipah plague, all kinds. And the facility is run by the National Institute of Health. Last year, the White Coat Waste Project, I think we did this on the radio, revealed the lab was experimenting with a SARS-like virus just before the COVID outbreak as part of collaboration with the, you'd never believe, the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

There's some more in here, but I thought I would wait and ask Wednesday night. But, folks, we've got a big bio lab here in America, in Montana, playing with things they shouldn't be playing as ties to the Wuhan lab. They were working, they claimed they're not anymore, but they were experimenting with COVID viruses before the COVID outbreak here in the US of A. And this is one of those little things they do not want you to know. Joe, do you know what gain of function is?

I sure do. They try and make it more infectious. They try and make it hit people so that the people are more susceptible to getting it.

It's to take two or more viruses and combining their genetics to create something even more dangerous, even more lethal, even more dangerous. And that's exactly what they did. And Fauci, Fauci instructed them to do that. And he lied, he lied under oath to Congress. And he funded it, and he gave your taxpayer dollars to help kill you. And Rand Paul went after him big times.

I mean, Rand Paul was right on the money he had him. Now, we know thanks to the release of the Twitter fire that was following Elon Musk's purchase of the company, the mainstream media and big tech did not act alone in covering this up. In fact, many of their efforts to censor speech about the lab leak theory, lockdowns, the masks, the vaccines, the school closers, and a host of pandemic-related topics were directed by the FBI and the other intelligence agencies. In other words, the First Amendment was thrown out the window. That was the rule of law, and it was the Democrat Party, the deep state, and they used your own taxpayer dollars to fund Wuhan and the other research in America and other labs like in Ukraine. There were two or three of these bio labs that we were funding in Ukraine that are in the middle of a war zone right now. Hmm.

I wonder what could go wrong there. Yeah, you wonder, huh? Okay, here you go. This is an article, Joe, by the Daily Mail. It says, bumbling Joe Biden says Donald Trump is the sitting president as a confused 81-year-old stumbles through an economic speech in South Carolina trying to shore up support for another term.

During his speech, he ripped into Donald Trump and claimed his rival is the sitting president who wants to see the economy crash. And he's in the White House. We have a mentally deranged evil. We have some callers, too. Evil is bad enough that when you have evil and dementia together, I've never seen anything like this in history.

Well, we have some callers, and I don't think they've got dementia. Who do we have? Amber in California.

Let's go out to California. We have Amber. Hey, Amber. Oh, hi, Pastor. I wanted to speak about what Joe had mentioned regarding the pulling out of the suitcases in Georgia. But first I want to, I do need to mention that I consider you, Pastor, a national treasure, you know, especially for the Christians, you know, and I mean, you're just so valuable. And also, Joe, your knowledge and especially on everyday events is just priceless and you two together are such a dynamo duo.

I just wish I had a friendship like that in my life. But I wanted to speak on the pulling out of the suitcases. I believe that was that mother and daughter, Ruby Freeman, I believe the ones that just sued Rudy Giuliani for millions for defamation. And then also, I believe right after the election, Biden, the Biden administration gave them both the Medal of Honor. So I think that was all they were all in cahoots and supposedly they have a connection with the Fannie Willis.

And, you know, they have all the Democrat lawyers defending them and they sued poor Rudy Giuliani into bankruptcy. Yeah, I know. Here's the thing in your taxpayer dollars to commit crime. Right. Right. Biden has actually said I heard him say that he would stop Trump from becoming president again.

He would stop him. In other words, here, what this guy has done is unbelievable. It's like third world country out there. It's just it's right out in your face. And the reason for this Trump derangement syndrome again is they know they have committed high treason. Joe Biden has committed high treason against America. He has opened the borders and everything and let the enemy in and preplanned. I mean, even like the the bombs, you know, that were supposedly planted on J6. Those bombs, that bomb that was planted there, you know, Dan Bongino has been talking about that and how that was all staged. It was the Democrats that, you know, planted the bombs there.

The whole January 6th thing was staged. Yes, exactly. But yes, thank you so much. And God bless you both.

And, you know, your whole team there wouldn't know what to do if anything happened to you all. Thank you so much. You just made the day for these two old preachers, right, Joe?

Yeah, you sure did. Keep this going. Keep us going. God bless you. Thank you so much.

All right. Who do we have next? Vince and St. Paul. Let's go out to St. Paul, Minnesota. Hey, Vince, you're in the air. Good evening.

How are you? Yesterday yesterday you shared some Bible verses and revelations about the seven spirits of God. And then you aligned there with being the Holy Spirit. And I've heard that before from other pastors and preachers. And I have to say that it's not correct. Okay. Well, that's a whole message. And I've preached on that message several times.

Okay. The seven spirits are contained within the Holy Spirit. But that's an entire message apart from what we were preaching. If you have an original King James with a apocrypha in it, like you did 100 years ago, it tells you who the seven spirits are. Okay.

Well, it tells you in Isaiah, too, and different places in Scripture. But that's a whole other message. So we don't have time to get into a whole message tonight. Okay. Very well.

But someday I will probably preach on that again. Okay. All right.

Then you can call in and we'll spend more time on it. Very well. Very well. Thank you. All right. Thank you.

All righty. There you go. We got Brian in Texas. Let's go out to Texas with Brian. Hey, Brian. Hey, Pat.

You're Arnie. How you doing, guys? We're doing okay. How are you? Good.

Good. I just want to tell you, I'm so happy the gentleman before me mentioned some Bible verses, and you've mentioned Matthew 22.14. That's a really powerful statement, Pastor Arnie and Joel. The reason I called is this recent attack on U.S. soldiers that killed the three young kids.

And I was looking at something a couple of weeks ago over in California, Los Angeles. These pro-Palestinians, they terrorized a national Vietnam veteran, World War I, World War II, World War Vietnam. And there's over several hundreds of thousands of soldiers buried there, and the Palestinians defaced our flag, they spray-painted the cemetery there, and it's a federal cemetery, National World War I, World War II cemetery, and now we've got these soldiers that have been killed. And something else, Arnie, is the border.

Our governor here, Greg Abbott, is fighting tooth and nail, him and Ted Cruz, and God bless them. And we've got all these people trying to oust him out, and you look at the situation that happened under this administration, and you look and you wonder, this would have happened under Trump, and now the federal government's got to go to these three families' home and knock on their door and tell them that they lost their children, you know, due to... Well, you know, here's the bad thing, Brian. First of all, our daughters were never meant to go and fight in combat. Our daughters were never meant to be soldiers. And here, you know, two of those three were women, and that is just wrong. People, it's just not common sense. But I mean, it's a shame that any of them got killed.

And our, you know, again, the country has lost its mind, it's had a nervous breakdown. There's no common sense left in this government, and the same thing goes for the military, okay? When I was in the military and Joe was in the military, you did not see women in combat. They didn't belong in combat. They belonged doing what they do best, as nursing and whatever. That's common sense. They weren't meant to be warriors. And it's really bad to see them, what happens to them, it's, you know, and especially when they get captured by the enemy, it's even worse.

But we've lost common sense. One quick note for Joe is I wanted to ask you guys real quick, have you guys ever heard of JALOSCO, the new generation drug cartel down there in Mexico? Yeah, I heard the name, yeah.

It's a new cartel, and it's trying to stake out its territory, and it's using some high-tech weapons, and they've got, it's a pretty nasty group, yeah. Yeah, is that correct? Is that the correct name, Joe? Is it JALOSCO? How do you pronounce that? Yeah, I didn't know.

I've never heard it pronounced. I've seen it in writing. It's something like that, yeah.

I'm not sure exactly. Yeah, but this is, once again, you know, with the combination of events that are happening, and why, we don't know who these people are that are, this Biden administration is allowing in our country, and it's, I'm going to let you go, because you guys are tied up on everything, but once again, I appreciate you bringing up Matthew 22, 14, guys, and it's very important. We repent and turn away from our sins, because we're in those times, and we're the anti-Christ. He's going to take over, and he wants to rock everybody in his rocking chair, and that's where he wants them, and you've got to put on the armor of God and defeat this, and stand up and fight. All right, my friend. Thank you, Joe. Thanks for being here. All right, we're out of time for tonight, and folks, we're at that time.

Well, how much time do we have there? Okay, so we get to this time, and you know, Joe, we started out talking about God's Word, the Bible, how one, how it was purified seven times, how it was purified seven times, two, he makes the point that he is going, that it would be preserved, how eternally, and then how also that for generations, and then forever, ever, oh Lord, the Word is settled in heaven, that it's already been settled, that God's Word would stand, that his people would get his Word undefiled exactly the way he wanted them to, and then Jesus made it clear that heaven and earth will pass before his Word, his Word will never pass. So in that, this is what we base the message that we give on salvation every week on. Look, when you turn around, Joe, and you look at the entire universe, you look at this planet we live upon, you see how everything is set in motion, and how everything is held together, and that's, we're held together in Christ, and this is what we base our belief on the Word of God, the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And so there was only one person there in the very beginning, and Joe, he has given us a complete history, an accurate history of the beginning, of creation. He has told us exactly down through the centuries what would happen, how this world would continue, and it's happened exactly, everything, 1,800, over 1,800 prophecies, Joe, over 1,800, and right now we're at the very end of all of those, those have all been fulfilled.

There's a few left that have to be fulfilled with Israel, too, but that's it. And guess what, Joe, this is what we base the salvation message on. So you folks out there listening to us, when we're talking about this, this is reality, God's Word is reality, okay?

The world out there, that world out there, NBC, ABC, CBS, the media, Hollywood, that, okay, is not reality. That is symbolism. The Word of God is substance. And so what I'm telling you tonight is if you're listening to us, then if you're listening to us out there tonight, and we're given this invitation, again, remember that we're just the messengers, I want to read you Luke 21, 24, he says, and they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive to all nations, and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the non-Jews until the times of the non-Jews be fulfilled in Jesus Christ.

Well, we saw that happen, okay? And here now they've come back, and Israel has, Israel has fulfilled the prophecies, they've come back, they have their land, and everything that God's Word, the Bible said would happen, happened, exactly, and is happening, and we know what is going to happen, okay? And God has said it's appointed to all men who wants to die and then the judgment, wants to die and then the judgment. And when you die, you're going to end up, you see, you're a triune being, you have a body, soul, and a spirit, you'll be, you're an eternal being, and you will live and dwell either eternally in hell, where it'll be torment, or you will live in paradise in heaven.

Now, God has said that, that is reality, and then the Lord Jesus gave you the opportunity to get out of hell free by praying to the Father, asking for forgiveness of your sins, asking the Lord Jesus Christ to be the Lord of your life, all of your life, without any reservations, and becoming a new creature, born again believer, in the early kingdom, and then dwelt with the Holy Spirit. I would, if I were you tonight, go to the Gospel of John, chapter 3, and read it and do it. And, well, we're at that time that we get to, Joe, every night at this time, that's when we say, good night, okay, then we say, God bless, right, then we get down to it when we say, always, always, always, always, always, keep fighting, the fight. Thanks for listening to the voice of the Christian resistance. What's right, what's left, hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. To learn more about our ministry, please visit us online at Please tune in next time for another edition of What's Right, What's Left. The preceding program is sponsored by What's Right, What's Left Ministries, and is responsible for its content.
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