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If Bryce Young works for Carolina Panthers, then CJ Stroud won't matter

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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December 1, 2023 2:43 pm

If Bryce Young works for Carolina Panthers, then CJ Stroud won't matter

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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December 1, 2023 2:43 pm

Adam Gold says that comparing Carolina Panthers QB Bryce Young to Houston Texans QB CJ Stroud doesn't matter if Bryce Young works out for Panthers, and that's really all that matters for the Panthers.


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See website for details. Would you rather be the favorite or the underdog in a game between two great teams? Would you rather be the favorite or the underdog? Underdog. Right?

How about Philadelphia is a home underdog to San Francisco this week? Wow. Right?

Philadelphia... I saw that line and went, you're kidding. What's the line? Three. Really? Yeah. So Vegas is essentially saying if this is a neutral field, San Francisco is a six-point favorite. Yes. I literally, I went, excuse you, what?

So yes. I figured it'd be uneven to straight pick them. I thought Philadelphia would be a very small favorite. I did.

I thought they would be a very small favorite, but they happen to be a field goal underdog on their home field. Alright, we have some things we need to get to. Let's do it. We call this take two. There's really, there's really no, we have no produced open for this. We should, we should, we should get a produced open. Let's start with the Carolina Panthers. Chris Tabor is the interim coach.

He's the, I guess he's still the special teams coordinator and he has a plan for Bryce Young. I think he has to be himself. I think that, you know, my, my message to everybody is, is let's, let's go out and play and have some fun. Play loose, not reckless, but play loose. Hey, here's my chips.

I'm all in, you know, so, so let's go. And I think that, I think that can be comforting to players and, and he's going to play well. I just, I just know he will. I hope he does.

I still have incredible faith that Bryce Young is going to be good. I do. I have, I always fall back on my conversations as many as we have had over like a 12-year period with former ECU coach Steve Logan. We, way too often, and it, and honestly, it happens a lot with the national media. If you watch too much ESPN, we fall in love simply with statistics. Right?

We just, we look at the box score or we watch the highlights and we see all of these things happening. Like, oh my gosh, CJ Stroud is the greatest thing. We like people put him in the, in the MVP category in the MVP discussion. That's like slow down here. Mike.

Wait a second. Are you telling me that the starting quarterback for a team that might make the playoffs is go is an MVP candidate. Over Christian McCaffrey, Brock Purdy, Jalen Hurts, AJ Brown, all of these players on great teams and help make them great. Are you telling me that because statistically speaking, CJ Stroud is having a great year, not even denying that, that he's the MVP candidate, get over it. Just because they start talking about it on ESPN because not to be disparaging here as he is about to, but that's like lowest common denominator conversations.

Yeah, every week they do who's ahead in the Heisman race. It ain't a race. I vote. I vote. I pay zero attention to the conversations that they are having. No, no attention at all. I just watch. I just watch games and I watch players. I don't care about your Heisman race. I don't care about these.

This they do it. The MV is has Jalen Hurts past Patrick Mahomes in the MVP race. I'm like. We have a third of the season left. It's not a race when the season is over. We'll figure it out. It's not a race. So but that's the problem is that we we we dumb ourselves down. Oh, yeah, because they dumb it down because. They know you'll watch embrace debate anyway, this these all of these conversations about Bryce Young versus CJ Stroud. They are they are tiring and it all it all stems from the fact that Carolina traded from 9 to 1 and took Bryce Young Mel Kiper the on what we need to stop doing.

You can't all of a sudden audible eyes away. You took who you took. I think any discussion about Young and Stroud to me is unfair to Bryce.

I would even go there. You know, you made your pick. You don't have to address why we did it what we were thinking just shut up and that this is your guy show some respect for your quarterback. Do not bring up in any discussion CJ Stroud. He's in Houston.

He's got a lot of good things happening there. He's done a great job that CJ Stroud. It doesn't matter how good CJ Stroud is. The only thing that matters is how good Bryce Young is did and I use the example of the 1983 NFL Draft. That draft had six quarterbacks taken in the first round the last quarterback taken in the first round is the best one Dan Marino. Yeah, Dan Marino was the last quarterback taken in the first round and in the 83 draft.

There was a 30 for 30 on the 83 draft. Jim Kelly was taken in that draft by the Buffalo Bills middle of the middle of the of the first round. John Elway was the first pick Elway was the first pick Colts. Yeah Colts took him and but he was never going to play there and they traded him for Roy Hinton was a tackle. Hinton was drafted fourth by Denver.

So they made that that swap. Marino is a better quarterback than John Elway. Nobody's saying that Denver lost the draft.

Of course, we didn't have stupid TV back then. So nobody we didn't have to have these conversations. But nobody's saying that dual Denver clearly lost the draft Buffalo clearly lost the draft because they drafted Jim Kelly nah. They both they all won the draft. They got a franchise quarterback. It doesn't matter as long as Bryce Young becomes the quarterback you wanted to draft is if he's your guy. It doesn't matter what CJ Stroud does.

It doesn't we have to be better about that. You can play anywhere. You can play anywhere. To claim your free welcome bonus at Chumba and live the Chumba life talk about disrespect Tampa's only a five-point favorite like really that's how bad Tampa is your only favorite by five over the Panthers. So they give you three for being at home. So you're telling me on a neutral field Tampa's only two points better than Carolina allegedly get out of here.

That just doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway, I guess Baker Mayfield their quarterback, right? So Chris Tabor the interim head coach has a plan.

I like the song. I think he has to be himself. I think that you know, my message to everybody is is let's go out and play and have some fun. Play loose not reckless but play loose.

Hey, here's my chips. I'm all in, you know, so let's go and I think that I think that can be comforting to players and he's going to play. Well, I just I just know he will I happen to think that Bryce Young is going to be an excellent quarterback in this league. I think they have to surround him with players that can help him and players that he can help most of these players. Bryce Young cannot help. I apologize to the DJ sharks of the world, but Bryce Young can't help you.

You are beyond help at this level, right? DJ shark need like think about Ted gin and what Ted gin was to the Panthers back in the heyday, right gin was an outstanding second or third option, right? I wouldn't even say second option. He was a third option. And they and they could run the ball like crazy.

All gin was really was a deep threat. Then DJ chart could be that except he's like a third of the player Ted gin was other than that. And he's not reliable physically Mel Kiper talent evaluator on the Panthers building around their quarterback. I just go to the offensive line, Joe. This is a kid who's is a smallest quarterback you'll ever see playing in the NFL at this level. I mean, we've had quarterbacks in that 510 and change range Russell Wilson started that going right Doug Flutie back in the day, but to have a franchise quarterback be viewed as that at 510 185 the 200 whatever however, it fluctuates during the course of the year.

You better have he can't survive these kind of hits on a week-to-week basis and he has so far give them credit for that. But the offensive lines the pivotal part obviously weapons at wide receiver, it all starts up front. Am I the only one who's kind of over the he's small. Cam Newton was a thousand looks like a God. Yeah, it was a Greek God broke Anthony Richardson looks like Cam Newton broke.

What are we doing? I'm not saying that Bryce Young will never get hurt. Everybody gets hurt every quarterback and you don't even have to be taking a lot of hits. Bryce Young's been playing football his entire life.

He really hasn't broken because he's 5 10, you know Buck 80 whatever he is. He's a smart quarterback. Let him be a quarterback. Let him like you can't think that way about any position on the field. You can't think about that at quarterback. Let him go or just give him an offensive line. So you actually it's time to throw the ball. How about that offensive line is so bad.

It's awful. It is look like so turnstiles on a metro and it's and right now the dress the most pressure is coming right up the middle. Nobody in the middle can pass block like Icky Iquanto isn't even the problem at left tackle and he's a problem at left tackle. The problem is coming straight up the middle.
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